The Devil’s Pact Ghost of Paris Update

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You may have noticed that the next Ghost of Paris story hasn’t been posted yet. That’s my bad. I had added two chapters to the storry over the summer and when I was getting them ready for publication, I got it in my head that the Ghost, the Bride, and Her sister was the final chapter when it wasn’t. So i sent my editor chapter 11 instead of chapter 10. He has chapter 10 now and I have the edited version of chapter 11. So when I get chapter 10 back, I’ll be releasing back-to-back chapters of the Ghost of Paris which will bring us to having only 1 chapter and the epilogue to go.

I’m also getting closer to releasing the first Devil’s Pact publication. It covers chapter 1, but they’re is a new Sister Mariam (Mary’s mom) story arc where she deals with a Warlock in Phoenix, as well as a prologue, and a new introduction to Mark and Mary. They meet before Mark makes his wish. I’m halfway through editing it. I hope to have it out on Smashword, B&N (which don’t have a problem with incest or mind control, which are both no-no on Amazon these days), and a few other small sites.

I’ve revised up to Chapter 10 so for. I’ve added many new scenes. Desiree gets a new intro where I make it clear she’s been a lesbian from the start and that she really did just marry Brandon for the money as well as how her relationship with Alison developed, which happened beneath Mark’s nose. There’s a scene with Violet and her Mother expanding on their dysfunctional relationship, an intro scene of Alison, Mark meeting Mary’s ex-boyfriend Mike (Something I always wanted to do in the early chapters), and a new plot line with Dough Allard (the PI turned Monk) where he investigates Mark for Brandon.

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