The Battered Lamp Chapter 8: The Dream of the Genie



The Battered Lamp

Chapter Eight: The Dream of the Genie

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2014

Story Codes: Teen male/Teen females, Teen female/Teen females, Magic, Domination/Submission, Oral Sex, Watersports, Virgin, Lesdom, Rimming

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Tuesday, January 19th – South Hill, Washington

Kyle, his three wives, and three concubines piled into his mom’s SUV. The school had called his mother at work, and she had been furious last night when she had returned home. Kyle had been set down on the couch, Aaliyah on his right, Christy on his left, Fatima on his lap, and his three concubines—Alexina, Chyna, and Shannon—sat on the floor.

“What were you thinking, Kyle?” his mother had demanded, her dusky face dark with anger. “Fooling around with a girl at school. Even if she is your concubine.”

“It’s my fault…” Alexina had started to say.

“I very much doubt that, dear.” There was no anger when she addressed the blonde concubine.

“Sorry, Mom,” Kyle answered. It had been a long time since he had been in trouble, and he felt like a mouse before the owl, trying to cower into the couch.

“Just sorry?”

“I… I let myself get carried away.”

“And has there been any other messing around at school?”

Kyle and his harem all claimed no, shaking their heads emphatically. She frowned at their attempts at innocence. “I don’t want to hear about any more hanky-panky. You keep that stuff to the privacy of your bedroom.”

“Yes, mom.”

“No car or allowance for two months.” She fixed her eyes on the women. “And none of you give him any of your allowances.”

“But…” Aaliyah started to say, then shrank back. “Yes, Mother.”

“He needs money to pay concubine dowries,” Fatima pointed out.

“Don’t you have enough concubines, Kyle?” Her eyes had flickered to the three sitting on the floor. “I’m mean, Shannon’s my age. Isn’t this a little much? How many women do you need?”

Kyle had shrugged, not sure how to answer his mom and tell her about the desires Aaliyah had unleashed in him.

“Your son is a great man,” Aaliyah had stated. “And great men need lots of women.”

“Great men don’t think with their cocks! They don’t break the school rules and almost get in real trouble! You could have messed up your enitre future, Kyle! How great would you be if you don’t get into college?”

“Your son will be great regardless of college.” Aaliyah had reached over and had squeezed his hand.

“Well you can be a great man without allowance or a car. So I guess you won’t be getting any more concubines for a while.”

“He has enough money,” Shannon had piped in. “He has my savings now, that should be more than enough to cover any new concubines.”

“Fine.” His mom had eyed everyone. “You will all be in trouble if I hear there’s any hanky-panky going on at school. I was a teenage girl once, and I know just how much your hormones are raging. Kyle is not the only one guilty in this mess.”

Her lecture had gone on for another fifteen minutes, and then she let them stew while she cooked dinner. After dinner, Kyle and his harem had retired to his room, and that had quickly devolved into an orgy. His bed had grown large enough to fit Kyle and his three wives, and a group of pillows covered the floor for the concubines to lounge on.

When he had come down for breakfast this morning, his mom was still mad, moving stiffly around the kitchen, and not saying much. She had confiscated his car keys, and ushered them out to her SUV, leaving Shannon to get ready for her own job.

It was silent in the car ride. Britney showed no reaction when they pulled up at her house and she climbed into the passenger seat, calm as always. “Hello, Mrs. Unmei.”

“Hi,” his mom smiled. “Kyle has lost his car privileges and will be taking the bus home tonight. Sorry.”

“I understand. Kyle needs to be more discriminating about where he sticks his penis.” Britney glanced back and Kyle thought her gaze lingered on Christy for a moment.

“I want you to keep a close watch on him. Keep him out of trouble.”

“I will, Mrs. Unmei.” His best friend looked Kyle in the eyes and, for a moment, her eyes seemed to reflect light like a cat, glowing green. “I will see that no harm comes to him.”

“I knew I could count on you,” his mom cheerfully said. “Unlike some girls in this car. And I’m talking about you, Fatima.”

“Hey,” his sister-wife protested with mock indignity. “I’m a perfect saint.”

“As perfect as me,” purred Chyna, who pulled her skirt up to flash Kyle her naked pussy.

“Exactly,” Fatima nodded, grinning—she had gotten an eyeful of concubine snatch, too.

When they arrived at the school, his mom dragged him off to the schools office. “I want you to apologize to the Principal and thank him for not suspending you.”

“Yes, mom,” he muttered.

He felt like every one of his classmates was smirking at him as he followed his mom through the hallways. It was humiliating, he felt like a child instead of a nearly grown man. All his wives and concubines had abandoned him, claiming the need to get to class. It was probably true, but it still felt like he was being abandoned.

“What’s your mom doing here?” Braiden sneered as he walked by. “And where are all your concubines? Did your mom take them away.”

Kyle’s fist clenched and he wanted to just deck the asshole.

“If you’re grounded, I bet Christy is going to need someone to date.”

“That’s quite rude, young man,” his mom snapped. “That’s my daughter-in-law you’re talking about.”

Kyle groaned. “Come on, mom. Just drop it.”

“You used to be a nice, young man, Braiden.”

“Geez, need your mom to defend you.”

“Come on, let’s go see the principal,” Kyle said, grabbing his hand. “Braiden’s just jealous because no girl will date him while I got more women than he could ever handle.”

Braiden’s face turned red as Kyle and his mom walked off.

His mom marched him into the office and past the secretary, knocking on the Principal’s open door. “Come in,” he called. “Mrs. Unmei?” he asked, stepping up from his desk and walking around. “It’s so nice to see you.”

Kyle didn’t like the smile on his lips. Then the Principal took his hand and crushed it as he shook. The man was a fit looking guy in his fifties, and his hand had the strength to prove it.

“What can I do for you today, Mrs. Unmei?”

“You can call me Faiza.”

“What a lovely name.” Kyle was surprised to see his mom blush. “Is this about the incident yesterday?”

His mom nudged him. “I just wanted to apologize for my behavior yesterday,” Kyle muttered. “And thank you for not suspending me.”

“You’re a good, young man,” Principal Burke answered. “You just let your hormones get the best of you. And it isn’t like a…sexual relationship isn’t to be expected between you and Miss Alexina. Just use better judgment in the future about where you two…express your love.”

“I will, sir.” I’ll make my wish with Aaliyah better next time.

“Good lad.” The Principal flicked his eyes back to Kyle’s mother. “Why don’t you head to class while I have a few words with your mother.”

Kyle glanced at his mom, her cheeks still flushed, and she nodded. “I’ll see you after school. And no hanky-panky!”

“Yeah,” he muttered, giving her a quick peck on the cheek. “Love ya, mom.”

“You, too,” she smiled. It seemed her anger had finally burned out. He didn’t like the look she flashed the principal one bit.

He arrived at his first period class, Math, and took his seat beside Christy. He didn’t hesitate to give her a kiss on the mouth. Everyone in the school knew she was one of his wives now, and though many snickered, Aleah Buckley had a dreamy look in her eyes—her aura was a bright pink, easy to dominate.

“Okay, settle down class,” busty Mrs. Skinner said, giving Kyle an amused smile. “Let’s try and save that for after class. I know your wife is cute, but let’s not distract your classmates.”

“Yes, Mrs. Skinner,” Christy answered, flushing. “You know how being a newlywed is.”

A fond smile crossed the teachers lips. “I do.” Last year, Mrs. Skinner had been Ms. Simmons, but then she married the computer science teacher over the summer break.

Kyle focused on math and not on Aleah and her oh-so-pink aura. He decided hanky-panky could wait for breaks, and he and his harem should focus on their schoolwork. In fact, after kendo practice tonight, he’d insist that they spend the night studying and doing homework, and not let another orgy develop. Those could wait for the weekend. As it was, Kyle had to copy Christy’s math homework before breakfast this morning because he didn’t get it done yesterday.

Kyle’s new-found resolve didn’t last one period. It was his friend Corey’s fault. “Who are you gonna take for your next concubine,” his friend asked, running his hand through his shaggy, red hair.

Sexy Carla Tyler was in his gym class, and she had a pink aura. The Sophomore had coppery-brown hair and a nice pair of tits that bounced beneath her tight, gray sweatshirt. And her ass filled out her blue sweatpants wonderfully.
Corey grinned. “You going for her?”

“I think so.”

“You dog, Kyle.”

“You’ll get in trouble,” Braiden sneered. “Your mommy’s not here to hold your hand and keep you out of danger.”

“Fuck off, Braiden,” Corey shouted.

Braiden’s words were almost a challenge as he turned his attention back to sweet Carla’s rear as she bent over to stretch. Aaliyah sidled up to him. Gym was the first class he shared with his Genie, and she followed his stare.

“She is quite beautiful, my love.” Her voice was smoky and full of desire.

“Yeah,” he nodded, his cock tenting his gym sweats.

“Kyle’s gonna make her his concubine,” Corey laughed.

It wouldn’t hurt to mess around in gym class, right? It’s not an academic class, and we will be getting plenty of strenuous activity. “Aaliyah,” he whispered, leaning over to her, “I wish that no one would care if I took Carla behind the bleachers and fucked her brains out and that there could be no bad consequences for me, her, or any other party.”

Her grin grew. “You have covered your bases well, my love.” Approval danced in her dark eyes. “Done.”

“Time to have some fun, Corey.”

“Right now? You dog.”

He walked over to Carla and seized her arm. “What’s going on?” she asked as he pulled her back to the bleachers, walking past Braiden, smirking at the asshole. His former friend didn’t object, but Kyle could see the jealousy burning.

So satisfying.

“Kyle?” She didn’t resist much. “What are we doing, Kyle?”

He turned, grinning at her as he led them deeper behind the bleachers, his eyes admiring her hot body.

She blushed. “Are you going to…like with Alexina?”

He didn’t answer, only smiled more.

“She told everyone last period that you took her in the hallway and made her yours.” Color spotted her fair cheeks. “Are you going to do that to me?”

Kyle stopped when they were deep enough, reaching out to stroke her cheek, his cock at full mast, pressing against his sweatpants.

Her brown, does eyes glanced down at his cock and her blush brightened. “Do you want me to be your concubine?”

He grinned at her, and she shivered.

“I’ll be yours,” she whispered. “You’re making me so wet. Make me yours, Kyle. I’ve been thinking about it all night. I want to be one of your women.”

She knelt, and pulled his sweats down. She looked up at him, trembling, then pulled his boxers down. His hard cock popped out and smacked her in the face. She flinched and let out a squeak. She stared at his throbbing dick for a moment, a drop of precum beading at the tip, then she engulfed him. Her technique was sloppy, unsure, but enthusiastic.

Kyle wondered if it was her first time. It didn’t matter. It may not have been the best blowjob, but it still was a girl sucking his cock.

“Enjoying yourself, my husband.”

“Yes,” he answered, grinning at her. His wife looked sexy in her gray sweater and blue sweatpants. Instead of being baggy, the garments fit the Genie like a second skin—she had read his thoughts again. “Shouldn’t you be out there with the others?” His wish hadn’t covered Aaliyah.

“I am,” she giggled. “Or, at least, my illusion is.”

He held out his arm and pulled his wife to him and kissed her on the lips. She grabbed a handful of Carla’s hair and forced the girl to bob faster. Kyle kissed Aaliyah again, slipping his tongue into her mouth, while he slipped a hand under her sweatshirt and groped her bare breast below. Aaliyah didn’t like bras, so she didn’t wear them. Kyle didn’t mind; those sweet melons looked so delicious as they swayed and jiggled beneath her tight top.

Aaliyah purred into his lips as he played with her hard nipple. His hips started thrusting, his balls boiling with lust. His wife held Carla’s head, and he fucked her mouth harder and harder. She didn’t resist. His balls tightened, his body tensed, and then that mind-numbing moment when all his pleasure erupted out of him.

He panted. Carla sucked a few times, then popped his dick out of her mouth. “Am I yours, Kyle.”

“Yes,” he answered. “Aaliyah, I’ll need you to visit her parents during lunch and deal with all the paperwork. I’m grounded, after all.”

Aaliyah grinned, “My illusion is taking care of it as we speak.”

“That is a handy ability,” Kyle groaned.

Aaliyah nodded, then grabbed Carla’s head. “You seem to know how to handle a cock, so let’s see what you can do with a pussy.”

“I’ve done that a few times,” Carla admitted.

“Really?” Kyle asked. “With whom?”

“Maricruz,” she answered. “She likes to make it with girls at her slumber parties.”

The Spanish beauty was in Kyle’s drama class, and he never knew she was a lesbian. She also had a dark-red aura, one of the strongest he’s ever seen. I bet she’s like me, seducing the submissive girls. The thought of Maricruz going down on her friends at a slumber party made his cock hard. He was glad he made that wish for sexual stamina, and knelt behind Carla and yanked her sweatpants and pink panties down. Her cunt was surrounded by a thick bush of red hair matted with her passion.

Carla groaned into his wife’s pussy as he fucked her cunt. She was tight. No hymen, but Kyle would bet she’s had nothing bigger than a pencil inside her. He enjoyed her tight sheath for the rest of gym class. Gym wasn’t math; fucking was a form of physical activity after all.

She made Aaliyah cum twice. Then his Genie wife got on all fours and had Carla eat her ass out and came a third time. Carla popped off twice like a firework, and enjoyed eating his wife’s ass out as much as her pussy.

Then Aaliyah grabbed Carla’s copper-brown hair, and the Genie shoved Carla’s face into her pussy. Carla’s cunt tightened on Kyle as his wife pissed into her mouth. Kyle fucked his new concubine harder, enjoying the depraved sounds of a woman drinking pee. Carla didn’t try to pull away, just drank her piss down.

“Dirty bitch!” Kyle grunted, his passion gathering in his balls, then he erupted into her sweet cunt. “Dirty…fucking…bitch!”

“Is that what I am now?” Carla asked after he pulled out, her pussy dripping with his cum.

“You wanted to be my concubine, right?”

She nodded her head. “I’ve always fantasized about being treated this way. I just…”

“Never thought it would happen?”

“Yeah.” She swallowed, licking her piss and pussy stained lips. “I’m your dirty bitch.”

“I want you to tell everyone of your friends how I treated you behind the bleachers and how much you loved it!”


Fatima found third period gym to be her new favorite subject. Aaliyah had turned her on to girls in a big way, and she had quite the feast when she walked in and saw her fellow Freshmen undressing. Every girl was different. Some had the tiniest breasts, and others were developing quite nicely, jiggling as they moved about. And their nipples! None were the same. Small, pink ones. Thick, dark ones. Fat, dusky ones.

Her mouth watered.

“What are you looking at?” Ann asked her. Ann was one of her many friends. Fatima had grown a clique of girls since starting high school. Some, like strawberry-blonde Ann, were her friends from Stahl Junior High, and others she had met at the beginning of the school year.

“Girls,” Fatima grinned, then fixed her eyes on Ann’s bare tits. They were so cute, perky, and topped with mauve nipples. They were bigger than her own little mosquito bites.

Ann blushed almost as red as her strawberry-blonde hair, and she quickly pulled on her sports bra. Niomi, another friend, threw back her head and laughed at blushing Ann. She didn’t flinch as Fatima fixed her eyes on the Black girl’s budding tits.

“I thought you were married, Fatima,” Niomi grinned. “Why you checkin’ out the girls.”

“Kyle’s the only man for me. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have all the hot chicks I want.”

Ann’s blush grew.

“You’ve been with girls?” Ann asked.

Is that curiosity I hear in her voice? “I have!” Fatima pulled her blouse off. She didn’t bother with a bra; her breasts had barely sprouted. Niomi’s dark eyes flashed down, and a tingle passed through Fatima’s pussy. “My husband has two wives and three concubines, and I’ve sampled all of their juicy pussies.”

Ann’s mouthed “wow.”

“You little slut,” giggled Niomi. “I wish I could get my boyfriend to go down on me. He begs and begs for me to suck him off, but will he return the favor? Nope!”

“You should hold out,” Fatima declared. “Trust me! Getting your pussy licked is wonderful.”

Niomi shuddered, squeezing her thighs. “You are so lucky!” A sly smile appeared on her ebony face. “Is it true your brother fucked Alexina at school and gave her a facial?”

“A facial?” Ann asked.

“He shot his cum all over her face,” Niomi answered. “So, is it true?”

“Oh, yeah,” I giggled. “And mom freaked out when she found out.”

“Alexina just let him…do that to her?” Ann’s blue eyes were wide.

“She’s a submissive slut. My husband dominated her and made her beg to be his.” She threw her arm around Ann’s neck. “Do you want to be his little slut.”

“We need to get going or we’ll get in trouble,” whispered Ann, looking down.

“Would you like me to lick your little cunny?” she whispered in her friend’s ear.

“That sounds fun,” Niomi grinned. “My pussy is so wet. I need a nice cum.”

“Come on girls!” Mr. Benjaminson, their gym teacher, yelled from the entrance.

Fatima pulled on her gray sweatshirt and grinned at her friends. “I think we’re going to have some fun!”

Today was indoor volleyball. *Hey, Aaliyah!*

*What are you up to?* Aaliyah asked in her mind, amusement tinging her thoughts.

*Me and my friends are going to go have fun in the storeroom. I wish that Mr. Benjaminson doesn’t care!*

*I can’t do that.*

“What?” she screamed out loud, bringing a startled glance from Ann.

*That’s not part of the hearth or harem. I don’t have the power to help you.*

*If it was Kyle, you’d do it!*

*That’s why I’m here, Fatima. I’m from the twelfth century. They were not nearly so progressive. I can only help Kyle out or you if will benefit him in some way. Is he with you?*

*No.* Fatima sulked.

She stewed as the class went through their stretches, not even taking the time to admire Kayleah’s cute ass as it wiggled in her face as the blonde girl did her stretches. It is not fair! I’m Kyle’s wife! What’s his is mine!

The weather was nasty, so the class had to jog around the perimeter of the gym instead of the track outside. Fatima barely paid attention as she jogged, her thoughts burning with an idea. What’s his is mine, and what’s mine is his. If I phrased my request to benefit Kyle…

*Aaliyah! I need to fool around with my friends in the mat room because I’m testing out if they would make good concubines for Kyle. And I need Mr. Benjaminson not to care.*

Aaliyah didn’t respond right away; Fatima took that as a good sign.

*Hmm. Yes. I think that satisfies the requirements nicely. Have fun! I want to hear all the dirty details later!*

She let out a whoop of joy, and half the class stared at her. She didn’t care. *Oh, thank you, thank you! I love you, Aaliyah!*

*You’re welcome. You and Kyle sure have a lot in common.*


*Kyle and I had gym last period, and he decided he’d rather entertain a new concubine than participate in gym class!*

*That’s our husband!*

Fatima, giggling, broke out of the ranks and found her two friends. Ann was lagging behind. She wasn’t the most athletic girl despite her petite figure. And Niomi hated to run, so she paced Ann. Fatima grabbed both their hands and started leading them across the gym towards the store room where the gymnastic mats were housed.

“What are we doing?” Ann asked.

“I’m going to lick your pussy, Ann.”

“We’ll get in trouble!” the strawberry-blonde girl gasped.

“Mr. Benjaminson, we’ll be fooling around in the storeroom!”

“Sure, sure,” the short man answered, waving a wrinkled hand. He blew his whistle. “Okay. Volleyball. Divide up into groups of six.”

“See. We’ll be fine.”

Niomi gaped at Fatima. “How did you do that?”

She winked back. “I have my ways. Now let’s have some fun!”

The moment the door was closed, Fatima peeled out of her sweats. Niomi shrugged at Ann, and striped as well. She had a curvy body and a rich, dark skin that looked so yummy. Ann just blushed, leaning against the wall.

“C’mon, Ann,” Fatima cajoled. “Let’s see that cute cunny!”

She shook her head.

Fatima walked over to her, stroking her cheek. “You’re so beautiful. I just want to see you in all your naked glory. I want to kiss every inch of your body, until you cream all over my face.”

Ann stiffened as she kissed her lips. Fatima fluttered her tongue against her friend’s lips, gently teasing. Ann parted, and Fatima darted in, exploring every inch of her friend’s mouth. When she broke the kiss, Ann breathed heavily, her blue eyes shining with awakened passion.

“See, wasn’t that nice? Why don’t you get naked so we can see your cute body.”

“I can’t,” she whispered. “This is too much, Fatima.”

“Fine,” Fatima smiled. “You can watch while I make Niomi scream my name.”

“Ohh, that sounds like fun!” Niomi purred, stretching out on a blue gym mat. Her legs spread; her pussy a pink gash surrounded by her dark skin and neatly trimmed, black pubes.

“Doesn’t she look yummy, Ann?” Ann didn’t answer, so Fatima shrugged and fell to her knees, ready to feast.

“Holy shit!” Niomi gasped as Fatima dove right into her spicy snatch. “Oh, my god, that feels so much better than my fingers!”

Fatima laughed, then ran her tongue around Niomi’s fat clit. Her friend’s hips jerked as she swirled around the pink nub, then her new lover’s hips really jerked when she sucked Niomi’s clit into her hungry lips.

“Keep doing that! Oh, my god! I’m going to cum! Don’t stop! Oh, fuck! Please don’t stop!”

Fatima hadn’t planned on it, and kept feasting on her friend’s tasty snatch. She slipped a finger inside her friend, probing in deep. There was no hymen, and Fatima wondered if Niomi had let her boyfriend fuck her. She nibbled at her clit. Niomi erupted. Her pussy convulsed about Fatima’s probing finger, and she screamed Fatima’s name as her body writhed on the gym mat.

Movement flashed in the corner of Fatima’s eye. Ann knelt down beside her, and Fatima was pleased to see Ann’s hand shoved down her sweatpants, diddling her pussy.

“Do you want to taste?” she asked Ann with a big grin. Pussy juices dripped off her chin, landing with a splat on the vinyl gym mat.

Ann nodded, her cheeks red. Fatima took her hand and pulled her between Niomi’s legs.

“Oh, eat me, Ann!” Niomi begged. “I need to feel that again! It was wonderful!”

The shy girl licked her lips—Fatima thought she looked so adorable, her cute face framed by strawberry-blonde curls—and looked down at Niomi’s juicy twat. Taking a deep breath, she knelt down and took a hesitant lick.

“Umm, that felt nice! Do it again, Ann.”

“You liked it?” Ann hesitantly asked.

“Hell yeah, I did! Keep licking me! Please, please, please!”

Ann’s smile grew more confident, and so did her tongue. Fatima beamed like a proud mother hen watching her chick. Her gaze slid down Ann’s body to her tight ass wiggling in the air as she knelt down and feasted on Niomi’s cunt.

Fatima slid around her friend, and hooked her fingers into the waistband of her blue sweatpants, and yanked them and her white panties down with a single pull. Fatima gasped; Ann had a beautiful cunny. Wisps of red hair sprouted around the tight, wet slit. Not a hint of her inner pink could be seen. Fatima licked her lips, and spread open Ann’s, and shoved her tongue deep into her sweet depths.

“Oh, wow!” Ann gasped. “Oh, my Lord!”

“Right?” grinned Niomi.

“Yeah! Oh, stars, yes!”

Fatima burned with happiness as she shared her newfound passion for pussy with two of her friends. And she had so many others to share it with. I’ll go home with Marjorie after kendo practice, and sex her up!

Humming happily, she found Ann’s tiny clit and sucked the little bud into her lips. Ann’s slit was tight and her hymen was still intact. She pressed her finger against it, feeling the thin membrane stretch. Ann squirmed, and Fatima swiped her tongue through Ann’s pussy.

“Oh, fuck, Ann!” gasped Niomi. “Your tongue is fucking amazing!”

“I can’t wait for my turn!” Fatima giggled.

“If you taste as great as Niomi does, I’ll be happy to.”

Fatima gave Ann’s pale ass a slap. “I taste heavenly! You’ll love it!”

“Oh, keep licking me, Ann! I need to cum again! Your tongue feel so sweet on me!”

Fatima buried her face back into Ann’s delicious cunny, licking furiously. Ann moaned into Niomi. The room echoed with youthful pants, sucking lips, and girlish sighs. A symphony to Fatima’s ears. She sucked every little crevice of her friend’s slit. Ann’s moans grew louder and louder, and then she screamed her orgasm into Niomi. Juices flooded Fatima’s mouth, and she relished their creamy texture and sweet flavor.

“You little slut!” moaned Niomi. “Keep moaning into me! You’re vibrating my clit! Oh, yes, oh, fuck yes!”

Fatima licked her lips, and watched her ebony friend writhe and buck. She was so beautiful, her dark face twisted in passion. She was thrilled to introduce her two friends to the fun girls could have, and couldn’t wait to share this with all the others in her clique.

“Who wants to eat me out?”

Ann looked up at her, face sticky. “Umm, I would—”

The door banged open. “Look at all the dykes!” sneered Kayleah. “Wait until the school gets a look at this.”

A light flashed; Kayleah pointed her smart phone at them.

Ann covered her face and scrunched up into a ball. Fire burned in Fatima, and she rose up, facing the older girl. Kayleah snapped another pic, grinning like a vindictive bitch.

“The boys are going to love jerking off to you dykes!”

“Do you like what you see?” Fatima demanded. “Did you sneak in here because you really want to get a peek at my cunt?”

“That’s disgusting!” Kayleah’s pretty face twisted in outrage, quickly turning red, contrasting with her bleach-blonde hair.

Fatima stepped up to her. “Then why do you keep looking at my snatch? I bet you’re just salivating to get a taste.”

“Fuck you, bitch!”

She reached out, and stroked Kayleah’s face. “Just get down on your knees and lick my pussy. I can see the lust in your eyes.”

“Get away from me!” Uncertainty had crept into the girl’s voice. She took a step back, bumping into the closed door.

Fatima grinned, boldly stepping up and grasping the taller girl’s hair, yanking her face down; their lips were inches a part. “Beg me, and I’ll let you eat my juicy, delicious cunt.”

“No,” Kayleah whimpered.

“Beg to be my little, dyke bitch!” She twisted her harder and pulled her just a little closer to her lips. “Just give in to your desires and be mine.”

“Please, I’m sorry. I’ll delete the pics.”

Fatima kissed her lips, thrusting her tongue in roughly. Kayleah tried to pull away, but Fatima would have none of that. Kayleah was her bitch now. Fatima pressed her body against the older girl, grinding her damp pussy against her sweatpants.

“Please,” the older teen begged when Fatima broke the kiss.

“Beg to be my dyke bitch!”


“Please, what?”

The older girl trembled against Fatima. “I can’t.”

Fatima gave her a second kiss. This time Kayleah kissed her back. Fatima squeezed the older teen’s round tit through her sweatshirt and bra. I can’t wait to see these puppies. They feel amazing!


“Are you begging to leave, or begging to be my dyke bitch?”

“Imbaygintobeyurdykbeetch,” Kayleah mumbled.

Fatima dug her fingers into the teen’s tit as hard as she could. “What was that?”

“I’m begging to be your dyke bitch!” she screamed, then dropped to her knees. “Oh, my god! I can’t fight it any longer! You’re so beautiful! I’ve dreamed of you for weeks!”

Kayleah’s mouth glued to her pussy. Fatima gripped her bleached-blonde hair, and moaned as her delightful tongue wiggled up inside her. There was such fire inside Kayleah, burning as hot as Fatima’s own passion. Pleasure blazed inside her, her back arching as an orgasm crashed through her. She leaned back, losing her balance, her body out of control with pleasure.

Ann grabbed her arm, stopping her fall. Fatima grabbed her strawberry-blonde hair and pulled her friend in for a passionate kiss. Ann’s body pressed against her side, her hot, little cunny pressing against Fatima’s hip, wet with passion. Ann humped, rubbing her hard bead across Fatima’s skin.

“Fuck that is hot!” gasped Niomi.

Fatima laughed, “I have two sexy, dyke bitches! Of course it’s hot.”

Ann whispered, “Am I your dyke bitch now?”

“Do you want to be?”

“I think so,” she answered. “I’ve kinda been masturbating for months to lesbian porn. Particularly stories about girls being forced to eat other girls’ pussies.”

“I knew you were a little submissive slut!” Fatima grinned.

Ann nodded shyly.

“Then get down on your knees, spread my ass open, and tongue my asshole!”

“Y-yes!” Ann moaned.

Having two submissive sluts tonguing her was amazing. Ann wiggled her tongue deep into Fatima’s ass, while Kayleah sucked on her clit and worked two fingers in and out of her cunt. Her pleasure burned hot and fast, an inferno that burst through her, wiping away any thought, leaving only searing rapture. Fatima gasped and moaned and screamed both of their names as she came.

Class was almost over as Fatima fell onto the gym mats, her two submissive sluts cuddling with her. Niomi sat nearby, furiously masturbating. Fatima’s orgasm slowly fading away. She took turns kissing her sluts, savoring the tart flavor on Kayleah’s lips and the sour on Ann’s.

“So what now?” Ann asked.

“You’re my concubines,” Fatima declared.

Ann blushed and Kayleah giggled, while Niomi came in the background.


Kyle blinked in surprise when Fatima showed up at lunch, a pretty girl on each of her arms. One was her shy friend, Ann, and the other was a Sophomore with bleached-blonde hair that Kyle had seen walking the halls. Both had pink auras.

He had been introducing Christy and the other concubines to Carla when Fatima walked up, grinning broadly and bouncing excitedly between her two friends, her arms around their waists and her friends’ nubile bodies pressed against Fatima’s.

“Look at what I own!” she declared. Ann blushed, and the blonde girl giggled.

“What?” Kyle asked.

“That’s hot!” blurted Corey while Britney kept calmly reading from her text book.

“These are my concubines! Aaliyah, I need you to make the arrangements so it’s official.”

Kyle gaped and Aaliyah was startled so much she fell from her seat. “You can’t have concubines,” Aaliyah protested, getting to her feet. “You’re a woman. Only a man can have concubines!”

Fatima dark eyes flared. “This isn’t the dark ages! Women can marry women! So I can have concubines!”

“But…but…” spluttered Aaliyah.

“She is definitely your sister,” Alexina giggled.

“That’s interesting,” Christy said, looking at Fatima, her eyes growing distant and Kyle wondered what she was thinking about.

“That’s right!” Fatima hotly declared. “Whatever important blood flowing through Kyle’s veins flows through mine! I will have them!”

“Well, I can’t help you!” Aaliyah huffed. “I’m Kyle’s Djinn, not yours!”

“Well, I’m Kyle’s wife, so what’s his is mine, and what’s mine is his. Ann and Kayleah will be more than happy to spread their legs for our husband.”

“Really?” Kayleah asked, raising her eyebrows. “But he’s a guy.”

“You’re my dyke bitch, right?”

Kayleah sighed, and nodded. “Okay. I will for you.” Then she gave a smile. “I’ll do anything for you, Mistress.”


“Not good!” The Genie’s face was dark with anger. “I only helped you fool around with your friends so you could find concubines for our husband, not for yourself!”

“Oh, let her have them,” Christy smiled, patting Aaliyah on the wrist. “It’s perfect. They’re so cute together. And it’s important that Fatima’s allowed to explore her sexuality.”

Fatima fixed her eyes on Kyle, almost daring him to deny her. He stood up, cupped her face. “How can I deny you anything?”

An impish grin appeared on her lips and she enthusiastically, and noisily, kissed her husband. Aaliyah stewed, giving Fatima dirty looks. Fatima ignored the Genie, and took great delight in kissing one of her new concubines whenever she felt Aaliyah’s eyes on hers. Kyle sighed, hoping his wives would get along better.

After school, their bus was crowded on the way home. Kyle, his three wives, his three concubines, and Fatima’s two took up the entire rear of the bus. The bus driver kept yelling at them to be quiet. It was embarrassing to have to ride the bus again. He had owned his car for a year, and only Freshmen and Sophomores were riding. Most Juniors and Seniors had cars or friends with cars. And everyone gawked. The guys with envious looks, and the girls with judging eyes. He heard a few “sluts” muttered.

“And proud of it,” Chyna had called back once, then promptly began kissing Carla. If the bus ride was longer, Kyle would have made a wish or two and had some fun

When they got home, Kyle pulled his sister aside. “Did Aaliyah grant you a wish?”

She shrugged. He gave her a rocky stare. She tried to look innocent, then began shifting. “Yeah.”

“You need to apologize to her. You hurt her. She thinks you took advantage of her.”

“I didn’t mean to,” she mumbled. “I was only planning on having fun with Ann and Niobe. But then Kayleah burst in on us and…” She shrugged again.

“Apologize and make things right.”

“I guess…” She screwed up her face. “It was so much easier to ignore you when you were just my dorky older brother.”

“I love you, too,” he grinned.

Fatima darted upstairs, pulling Ann along behind her. Kyle followed them into the extra-dimensional suite’s master bedroom where Aaliyah was curled up on the bed. Fatima led her slim concubine over to the Genie, pushing Ann forward. “Ann is still a virgin. I would like you to have her cherry.”

Aaliyah frowned. “That should be Kyle’s.”

“Look, I’m really sorry, okay. I didn’t mean to take advantage of your wishes. I just got carried away.” She beamed then stroked her concubine’s strawberry-blonde hair. “Besides, look at her. Isn’t she just gorgeous? How can you pass up the opportunity to pop her cherry?”

Aaliyah bit her lip then looked at Kyle. “Do it,” he grinned, his cock hardening. “I want to see that.”

“Then I accept your apology.” A smile crossed Aaliyah’s dusky face. “She is so cute.”

“I know. How could I resist making her my concubine?”

Aaliyah nodded, pulling the trembling girl to her, their lips meeting. Kyle’s cock was at full mast and he looked around, wondering which woman he should use to satisfy himself. Christy sat in the corner, clutching something dark in her hand, maybe a pencil box, her eyes distant. What’s wrong with her?

“Kayleah, this is the perfect time for you to get acquainted with Kyle’s cock.” Fatima pushed the bleached blonde towards him, her round breasts jiggling.

“Yes, Mistress,” she smiled, falling to her knees and pushing down his pants. Her mouth was warm and Kyle forgot all about Christy’s problem.

Aaliyah maneuvered Ann over to the bed, yellow dust swirling around her naked form, coalescing into a slim dildo strapped about her hips. Ann swallowed, her blue eyes wide as Aaliyah crawled between her thighs.

“I’ll be gentle,” the Genie whispered, stroking Ann’s face, then she leaned in and kissed her, dusky flesh pressing against pale.

“Take her cherry,” Kyle grinned, holding Kayleah’s head as he slowly fucked her mouth.

“Let’s make her a woman!” clapped Fatima. “Come on and watch, Christy.”

“Oh, yeah.” Christy put the object away, and smiled. Fatima snuggled into her lap and gave Christy a kiss.

“I’m ready, Mistress,” Ann purred as Aaliyah rubbed her dildo up and down her tight slit. “Take me fully.”

The young teen gasped as Aaliyah buried the dildo in to her virgin snatch. Kyle’s dick throbbed, and he almost shot his wad into Kayleah’s hungry mouth. Aaliyah kissed Ann, not moving for a minute until Ann began moaning, her hips twisting, and then Aaliyah’s thrusts were slow and gentle, working up her speed and depth.

“Oh, yes!” Ann gasped. “Oh, wow! That’s so wonderful!”

“Wait until you feel the real thing!” Fatima laughed. “You’ll love it!”

“It’s better?”

“Definitely,” Aaliyah purred, her ass clenching as she fucked Ann harder, her breasts brushing against the younger teen’s pale flesh. “You’ll cum so hard the first time Kyle fucks you.”

“I’m going to cum hard from you,” Ann moaned. “That’s it!” Her pale hands reached down to Aaliyah’s dusky ass, pulling the Genie in deeper. “Oh, wow! I’m gonna cum! Fuck me harder!”

“She’s a hot, little slut!” groaned Kyle, pounding Kayleah’s mouth as hard as Aaliyah fucked the former virgin. His cock pressed down Kayleah’s throat, his balls slapping her chin. “Make her scream.”

“I will, my love!” Aaliyah flashed him a smile. “And you flood that slut’s mouth!”

His cum boiled and he listened to his wife’s suggestion. His cum flooded Kayleah’s mouth. The concubine swallowed his thick load and panted when he pulled his cock out of her, his cum staining her teeth. Carla fell on the girl, kissing her, eager to get a taste of his cum, as Chyna pouted.

“I wanted some.”

Alexina grabbed his cock, licking the drop beading at the tip. “You should have been quicker,” she laughed.

“Fuck me! Yes, yes! I, wow! That’s it! I’m cumming!” screeched Ann.

Everyone applauded. Aaliyah joined her a moment later. Kyle’s cock hardened again as Alexina sucked the tip into her lips. Despite his wishes at working on schoolwork, another orgy was breaking out in the bedroom.

“It’s almost time for your dojo lesson,” Christy reminded, pushing Fatima off her lap. “Your uncle will be picking you and Fatima up. You two should go shower.”

“Together!” piped in Fatima. “Sounds fun!”

“No hanky-panky!” warned Christy. “Twenty minutes!”

Uncle Ethan had a huge grin on his round face, almond-shaped eyes twinkling with mirth when he and Fatima walked out, smiles on their faces. There had been a little hanky-panky in the shower. “So I hear you’ve been fooling around at school,” their uncle grinned, clasping Kyle on the shoulder as they walked out to his car.

Kyle flushed and Fatima let out a wicked laugh. “Kyle’s turning into a horndog!”

“Your dad got caught messing around at school once.”

Brother and sister both stopped dead in their tracks, glancing at their uncle. “Really?” Kyle had a hard time imagining his father as anything but straitlaced and by the books before he died over in Afghanistan a few years ago.

“With whom?” Fatima asked. “Mom?”

Uncle Ethan grinned. “Yeah.”

“Wow.” Her eyes burned with mirth. “I never thought mom would ever do anything wrong.”

“You have no idea.”

Fatima pestered their uncle the entire drive, her mind aflame with speculation on what sort of trouble their parents had gotten up to in High School. Kyle had a hard time imaging his parents as anything other than responsible adults. To him, it was like they had just been tinier adults as children, and didn’t do any of the stupid, fun, or reckless things teenagers do.

Fumi was at practice. She looked as beautiful as ever, and her kiss fanned the passion in him, like a wind driving a firestorm. He wanted to fuck her so bad. Her scent was intoxicating. And she was so beautiful: pale-olive skin; dark, almond-shaped eyes with thick lashes; a lithe body that pressed against him. She smiled at him, and gave a shy wave.

Practice can wait! he decided. *Aaliyah. I want to fuck Fumi without being noticed.*

She didn’t respond.

He frowned, and tried again.


His heart beat faster. She’s probably just sleeping.

“Come on, Kyle!” his uncle shouted. “It’s time for warm ups.”



“I have something for you,” Christy said, stepping up to the Djinn as Aaliyah watched Kyle and Fatima drive off with their uncle.

“What?” Aaliyah asked, turning from the living room window to look at her wife, curiosity stirring within her.

Christy smiled, a thin, tight expression. “A thank you gift for what you’ve done to Kyle.”

The pale-faced teen pulled out a narrow box from her pocket covered in some sort of black felt. It looked like a pencil case, but the Djinn’s instincts told her something more valuable was inside. Aaliyah took the box eagerly; it felt heavy—jewelry.

She opened it. Silver and gold glinted inside. A necklace of a serpent biting its own tale. Half-gold and half-silver, hanging from a delicate chain, the links alternating gold and silver. She held it up, admiring the details of the serpent’s scales. Delight filled her; it was such a beautiful gift.

“Thank you!” the Djinn gushed, bringing it up to her throat. The metal was cold against her skin. She glanced at Christy and saw hunger burning in her eyes. Her smile twisted, becoming vindictive and triumphant.

The clasps clicked as she fastened. Her body felt heavy, her limbs felt like they were made of sand. She fell down, landing half on the couch, bouncing, and rolling onto the carpeted floor. What’s going on! Panic seized her. She couldn’t move, her body below the neck—below the amulet—wouldn’t respond to her commands.

“What’s going on, Christy?” she asked, staring up at her wife. “The amulet…” Her words trailed off as she saw the look in Christy’s eyes.

“Is working perfectly.”

“Help!” she screamed. “Someone help me! Christy’s attacked me!”

“What’s wrong?” Alexina shouted bursting into the living room. “Aaliyah!”

“Goddess Hecate, let sleep fall upon the mortals of this house,” chanted Christy. Alexina fell on the floor next to Aaliyah, eyes closed, slumbering.

“What are you doing, Christy?” Aaliyah asked. “What’s going on?”

Christy flipped the Djinn onto her back, then pulled out a cell phone. “I’m sorry,” she answered. “But you tried to take Kyle from me.” Christy sent one of those magical, instant messages. A text, this strange, calm part of her mind realized as the rest of her struggled with the fear and hurt that twisted through her thoughts. She’s texting someone.

“I don’t understand Christy. How could I take him from you? We’re sharing him.”

“He was all mine until you came along!” the teen ranted, her pale face reddening. “We were happy! We had each other! We didn’t need anyone else. Then you appeared and poisoned his mind with all these perverted thoughts! You ruined everything!”

“W-what are you going to do to me?” Betrayal and fear filled the Genie’s heart. One of the people the Djinn loved was going to hurt her. She didn’t understand. Christy had seemed like she had been enjoying everything. It’s not supposed to be like this. She concentrated on Kyle and sent out her thoughts. *Kyle, I need you!* slammed into a barrier—the amulet did more than affect her body.

The front door opened. Aaliyah blinked as her biology teacher walked in. “Very good, Amber.”

“She’s all yours, Celestite,” Christy whispered, bowing. “You won’t hurt her, right?”

The grin on Ms. Franklin’s face chilled the Djinn’s blood. She screamed and screamed until the gag was forced into her mouth. Aaliyah’s dream had come true—she had been betrayed by someone close.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 9.

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  1. Daniel

    What Christy did was unforgivable.I hope Kyle break up with her.Also, didnt like it the way Fatima used the genie for her own agenda.Kyle forgive her too easily.If hes this future powerful man,he shouldnt let his sister wrap him in her little finger.

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      What Christy did was terrible and she’ll have to face the consequences of her actions.

      Fatima is a spoiled brat and didn’t really think things through. She wanted to have fun like her brother did. But like a lot of people, her thoughtlessness hurt someone. Kyle will have soft spots for his women.

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