The Devil’s Pact Side-Story: Forbidden Fruit

I have published a brand new Devil’s Pact Side-Story. This one has never been published on my blog or any other site.

You can pick it up here! And, of course, I offer it free to my fans if you choose!

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100% off with HT24L coupon at checkout.

Mark turned Melody and her mother Laura into an incestuous duo. Now Melody’s looking to add her step-father to the mix. If you missed out on Part 3 you can get some coupons for it here!

thedevilspactsidestory2coverTony loves his wife, but he can’t help but notice how hot eighteen-year-old Melody is as she prances about the house in her skimpy clothing. He knows it would be wrong for him to act on his desire for the teasing brat.

When an amorous night with his wife is cut short by an emergency at her work, a horny Tony puts on some barely-legal porn to finish the job. But when Melody comes home early, taboo passion burns as the young woman sets about seducing the man of the house.

Tony can’t resist her nubile body and gives in to his forbidden lust. But when Laura comes home and finds youthful Melody writhing on Tony, he learns that some changes have happened to his wife and Melody after they encountered Mark and succumbed to his mind control powers.

Forbidden Fruit is a 3700 word taboo, older man/younger woman, menage erotica that is not for the faint at heart!

A side-story of the Devil’s Pact Universe

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4 thoughts on “The Devil’s Pact Side-Story: Forbidden Fruit

  1. anonymous

    Hey! First of all I’d just like to thank you for releasing your work for free for everyone! But the coupon codes from this release back to part 1 have all expired. Would it be possible for you to regenerate them?

      1. not that anon

        Wow!! <3
        It seems like all of them work except for this one story. Could you maybe check again?
        What a great Christmas surprise 😀


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