The Devil’s Pact Update – 2-16-14

Hey everyone,

Chapter 37 off with my editor. I added two new pics to the Characters Pictures Page: Fiona and 51.

I started a tumblr and twitter account, links are on the sidebar if you want to follow. Expect beautiful, naked women on the tumblr account. There are also buttons to share to social media if you want found at the bottom of posts.

There is a new poll on what to release after Chapter 38. Currently a four-way tie.

Alison and Desiree Get Married, a lovely chapter that includes an appearance by Alison’s father, as well as some information on the Living Church. Mf, FF Ff, MFf, incest, strap-on fun Currently 1 vote for this story.

The Lesbian Cuckold, a fun take on the cuckold story involving two lesbians. A Tale of the Best Buy Incidents. Contains FF, MF, cheating, cuckold.

“The Number One Rule of Retail Chapter 3”, How will Kevin respond when he finds out what his new girlfriend has been doing in the Best Buy bathroom. Contains MF, anal, prostitution. Currently 1 vote for this story.

“The Ghost of Paris Chapter 3: The Lionesses”, The weekend is over, and the Ghost’s favorite girls to watch, the Boone High Varsity Cheerleaders, are about to have a practice they will not forget. I wrote dirty parodies of cheerleader cheers for this chapter. Contains Mf, Mff, and ff. Currently 1 vote for this story.

“Tiffany Wants a Nooner”, back in Chapter 35, Tiffany mentioned visiting her husband at work and finding him in middle of a very intimate student-teacher conference. Contains a MFf threesome, anal rimming, and creampie.

“Jonathon’s New Wife”, this is a story I meant to write for months. Way back in Chapter 10, Mark robbed his first bank, and ordered the teller he fucked to be a good, submissive wife to her husband; Jonathon is about to have all his fantasies fulfilled. Contains bondage, MFF threesome, and Noel makes a pre-sex slave cameo.

“Ms. Blythe is Hot for Her Students”, last year, when Mark visited the high school in Mark Goes Back to School, he had Ms. Blythe bend over her desk and let all the virgin boys in her class fuck her. Now it’s the start of the new year, and getting fucked by her male students is all this hot teacher can think of. Contains mF, Ff, and watersports. Currently 1 vote for this story.

Take care everyone


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2 thoughts on “The Devil’s Pact Update – 2-16-14

  1. kokuorei

    Hmmm…well, as I can’t vote “All of them”, I guess I’ll have to go with Ghost first, then Alison and Desiree Get Married, then Tiffany wants a Nooner.

    This has been an amazing book, and while I’ve told you that before, this last chapter has been just great. Seeing Mark get hurt makes me wonder what’s going to happen to the Church of the Living Gods, if it’ll continue when/if he gets freed or not.

    Also, I wonder what Satan thinks of what’s going on right now.

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      Glad you liked it

      Ghosts is great, I really like Chapter 3. I just finished writing my rough draft of Ghost 5 an hour ago, it’s short but hot.

      Can’t really answer other questions without spoiling things, but there’s another Devil POV coming up in a few chapters.


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