The Virgin Possessed

I have talked about a story I was entering in a short story contest. Well, it’s finally posted. Check it out at The contest starts on June 19th, and I hope you all will support me! Click the link, read the story. It is hot. Already gotten some great responses from the site.

Kelly is a nineteen, a virgin, and about to get married to her high school sweetheart. She didn’t count on an escaped demon possessing her and leading her on a journey of sexual discovery. This story has girl-on-girl, first time, blowjobs, anal sex, exhibitionism, and so much more!

The Flash Sale ended, a lot of people picked up free copies of my work. If you did, could you take a few minutes to leave a review once you’ve finished reading. It helps me out a lot! Also, I know there was a snag and a couple of you posted that it wasn’t free. That was my mistake, I know understand how the sales work, shoot me an email in the next few days, say by Sunday, and I’ll arrange for you to get a free copy of what you missed out on.

I hope to have the next chapter of the Devil’s Pact posted soon. The first edit is complete, just waiting on the final edit.

Take care everyone,


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