Hey everyone,

Thanks for the feedback on the polls. Always enjoy interacting with you guys and gals!

So here are the stories I have settled on for the next few weeks or months. So the replacement for Boarding School Encounter was split between a futa story and a bimbo story. So I have an opening in my writing slots on the weekend and I’ve been wondering what to write in that time. So in addition to the writing slot I penned the Boarding School Encounter, I have decided to write both stories.

Haunted by the Futa Ghost will be a (probably) weekly series like the incest story. I’m still hashing out the plot, which I’ll do this weekend and start writing the following weekend.

The Bimbo story will be a continuation of The Bimbo Treatment involving a challenge to the beginning of Frank and Alice’s company. Plot’s coming together right now.

Lastly, the incest story had a clear winner–the harem story. The final chapter of the Preacher’s Sinful Chapter will be uploaded this weekend (probably Sunday) and I will pen the first part of the series. Haven’t quite settled on the title, but here are the characters:

Clint: 16, father died six months ago

Cheryl: Mother, 36, works as a secretary for a lawyer

Zoey: Older Sister, 18

Alicia: Younger Sister, 14, nerdy

Melody Samuels: Kissing Cousin 16, lives next door with her mother and sister

Leann “Lee”: Cousin 15, energetic

Vicky: Aunt, 34 (mother younger sister), works as a history teacher at school

Stefani Armstrong: 18, friend of Zoey

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    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      Just wrote the rough draft of Incestuous Harem 1: Popping Kissing Cousin’s Cherry. It was fun to write.


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