Boarding School Encounter Chapter 9: Henrietta Molested by the Nanites


Boarding School Encounter

Chapter Nine: Henrietta Molested by the Nanites

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

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My heart beat in fear as Peony, one of my new friends, had a metallic tentacle jutting from beneath her gray skirt of her school uniform. It was similar to the purple tentacles undulating from my pussy, except it was made of segmented metal, the end bulbous and smooth. It lunged for me while Merita, the alien possessing me, screamed a warning in my mouth.

“Connect,” all the women who had invaded the classroom said in unison, their feminine voices curiously flat, reminding me of the voice in Merita’s crashed spaceship, her computer.

Nanites, I gasped to Merita. What are they doing in Peony?

I didn’t understand what was going on. I barely understood what nanites were. They were inside of me, repairing my broken neck. It was why Merita had to possess my body, to keep me from rejecting the nanites or something. They were supposed to be smaller than a speck of pepper and yet were little automatons. It didn’t make much sense to me.

I was still recovering from my wonderful orgasms at the end of Nurse Paige’s wonderful, mechanical vibrator. The huge machine had made a dildo hum in my asshole, driving me wild with pleasure as I devoured Nurse Paige’s delicious snatch. The rest of the class watched on in delight, masturbating, curing their hysterics, embracing the wonderful things we were taught at the Kensington Boarding School—sapphic pleasure.

And then a group of women flooded into our classroom.. They all had metal tentacles jutting from beneath their skirts. More of those shiny appendages appeared to connect each woman together. They moved in unison, spoke in unison, and sent their tentacles seizing my classmates in unison. Tabitha, my lover and new friend, was wrapped up by Tansy, Tabitha’s red hair flying about her head as she shuddered, being fucked by the tentacle. Nurse Paige, her blonde hair dancing about her face, groaned as Adrianne’s tentacle reamed her cunny. Christine, another of my new friends, was seized by Darcy, an older girl.

And Peony came for me. The small, petite, shy girl. The delicious doll whose cherry I popped in the bath this morning now had a tentacle. We parted not long ago, maybe a quarter of an hour. She went to her next class with Tansy, while Christine, Tabitha, Leonora, and I came to this one.

Leonora gasped, her crimson hair sweeping behind her, as she was seized by Miss Maurine’s, the arithmetic teacher’s, tentacle. It rammed beneath Leonora’s skirt, and my friend let out a moan of pure delight as she was fucked.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Tabitha gasped, her freckled face twisting in delight.

My small, naked breasts heaved. My pigtails trailed before me as I backpedaled, Peony’s tentacle writhing and undulating through the air towards me. I acted with instinct, knocking her tentacle away with my own, deflecting it into a desk.

Peony cocked her head. “Don’t you want to connect with me, Henrietta?”

“Yes, yes, yes, Etta,” gasped Tabitha, her fingers clenching on her desk, her ass humping back into Tansy’s thrusting tentacle. The brunette moved behind my friend, lifting her skirt up to stroke Tabitha’s rear directly. “Connect with her.”

Don’t, Merita shouted in my mind. My alien lover trembled in my thoughts. The women are all connected serially. The nanites are infecting them and turning them into processing units. This is what I was afraid of.

I didn’t understand what any of that meant. Merita’s civilization was so far beyond 1890s England’s technology But I heard the urgency in her voice as every girl in the classroom was seized by the tentacles, connecting, being fucked, gasping and moaning.

I wrapped my purple tentacles around Peony’s. I shuddered, the metal warm as it slid through my appendage’s grip. My tentacles were sexual organs, as sensitive as my nipples. Pleasure coursed through my body, flooding down the appendages and into my pussy.

I moaned.

“Just connect with me, Henrietta,” Peony said in her sweet voice, her fingers squeezing at her small breasts through her white blouse.

“Connect,” the other women linked together said in unison.

“Oh, Lord almighty, yes,” Nurse Paige moaned, lying on her back on her desk, her breasts, popped out of her corset by my tentacles, jiggling. They were large, delicious.

Focus, hissed Merita.

I blinked, nodding my head. I strained against Peony’s tentacle. It slid through the grip of my tentacles, trying to get to my pussy. Peony let out a soft sigh, pinching nipples through blouse and her camisole, twisting her nubs. My own nipples ached.

…connect… a feminine, mechanical voice whispered in my thoughts. It wasn’t from Merita, and it wasn’t from Peony. I could read minds, especially those I was close to. I caught bits of Tabitha’s mind screaming her passion as the tentacle fucking her cunt brought her closer and closer to her orgasm. But this voice was strange. And it came from Peony.

It’s the nanites, Merita supplied.


…must connect…

…need more processing power…

…must find the voice…

They’re searching for the ship’s computer, Merita gasped. We need to get to my ship. You have to escape.

“How?” I blurted out loud. I wrenched the tentacle from me, tossing it to the side while shuddering, pleasure racing up to my pussy.

Peony stumbled and caught herself on the desk. I darted away from her, racing towards the wall opposite the room’s entrance. The only door into the room was crowded with the linked women. This was as far away as I could get. I pressed up against the large window that overlooked onto the ground, twilight falling, the window cold on my naked skin. It was the last class of the day, and in an hour or so, darkness would fall. Already, fog gathered on the distant moor.

Peony’s tentacle darted at me again. I seized it with two of mine and twisted it up. The metal appendage slid across my stomach and reached my small breasts. It contracted about my mound, pulling it tight, the bulbous end nudging my nipple, sending more delicious pleasure through me.

“Connection is so wonderful,” Peony murmured.

“Wonderful,” the other women said in unison, their voices excited.

Gasps and moans echoed through the room. All the other girls were writhing on their desks, tentacles reaming beneath their skirt. Tabitha had her blouse opened, squeezing her breasts through the thin fabric of her camisole, her nipples fat and hard. They all moaned and shuddered, the room smelling of hot cunny.

My pussy clenched about my four tentacles thrusting from the depths of my sex. My clitoris ached. The stroke of the metallic tentacle on my nipple sent pleasure through me. Peony stepped up to me. Her hands reached out, stroking my sides, moving in, her lips so wet.

“Connect with me,” Peony moaned.

I had to find a way out. My back squeaked against the window pane as Peony leaned in and kissed me. Her tongue pressed into my mouth as the tentacle struggled in my appendages’ grip. It wanted to enter my pussy. She teased me, stroking my sides with her deft fingers, her lips so wet. I wanted to feel her tentacle fucking me. It was so wonderful. So delicious.

She tasted so sweet. Smelled so amazing. Juices trickled down my thighs and tentacles. One of her hands slid across my hip, tracing down to my pubic mound. She touched my golden curls, stroking through them, and then found my clitoris.


I jumped. Despite the wonderful pleasure Peony’s delicate finger stirred on my clitoris, rubbing it in slow circles, I couldn’t surrender. The alien voice whispering through her mind, controlling her, wanted to enslave me, too. To hook me into the serial processing.

Slaving your mind to the nanites so they can understand more. We have to get to my ship.

I planted my hands and two of my tentacles on Peony and heaved her back. It caught her by surprise. She stumbled back, tripping on her skirt. She fell on her backside with a low grunt as I turned around, staring at the window. I found the pewter latch holding it shut. I flicked it with one tentacle while the others pushed the windows outward. It grated. The cold, evening air rushed into the warm room, shooting across my body. The scent of grass and clammy rain swirled around me.

I gasped in shock.

Go! Merita shuddered in my mind, frightened.

I planted my foot on the casement and hauled myself up. It was a short drop to the grass below. Luckily, Miss Marilynn’s classroom was on the first floor. I took a deep breath and went to leap.

But before I could, Peony’s metallic tentacle pressed between the cheeks of my butt and pressed into my sphincter. My eyes widened as the slick metal pressed my asshole open, burning pleasure shooting to my pussy. My eyes rolled back into my head as the metallic tentacle rammed deep into my bowels.


“Connect,” Peony moaned in unison with the voice.

“Peony,” I gasped, pleasure rippling through my body. The tentacle reamed me, the small gaps between the segments providing stimulating ridges as it pumped in and out of me, teasing my sphincter and bowels. My tentacles writhed and twitched as the heat roared through me.


“Yes,” I shouted back at Merita, tensed my legs, and—

Peony seized me by the waist and yanked me out of the window. I gasped, my bare feet hit the floor, my torso still hanging out the window. My pigtails dangled past my head as I groaned, hips moving, the tentacle sliding in and out of my bowels. It felt so good.

No, no, you have to fight, Henrietta. Don’t surrender.

My eyes fluttered. My hips undulated. The tentacle reaming me felt wonderful. Stupendous. I groaned, arching my back, my bowels clenching down on it. Peony’s hand reached underneath me, stroking to my clitoris, rubbing the little nub.

I gasped as the pleasure flooded me. It was so good. So delicious. The hot pleasure surged through me. I let out a panting moan. The tentacle drove in and out of me faster and faster, the ridges teasing me, building my pleasure.

“We’re connecting,” Peony moaned.

…connection forming…

“Yes, yes, yes,” I panted, her finger driving me wild. I looked over my shoulder at her, Peony’s face twisting in rapture as she, too, enjoyed sodomizing me with her tentacle as much as I enjoyed being buggered. My own tentacles surged out, ripping at her dress. Cloth tore, her small breasts bared to me, nipples hard, pink buttons. Her black hair fell about rosy cheeks.

She moaned as my purple tentacles assaulted her nipples, rubbing over them, savoring the feel of her silky skin and hard nub. The sensations ran down my tentacles into my pussy’s depths, joining the burning bliss of her tentacle reaming me. Pleasure crashed across her face. She moaned, shuddering in delight.

We both were. I rocked back into her tentacle’s thrusts, ignoring the window’s casement digging into my stomach. My small breasts jiggled beneath me. I sent my other two tentacles to play with them, wrapping about my small breasts, massaging my nubs.

“Oh, Lord, Merita. So good.”

They’re trying to connect to you. You can’t let them, Henrietta. Please, fight.

“Can’t! So good!”

“Yes,” gasped Peony. “Connecting is wonderful.”

Her finger danced on my clitoris. Her tentacle pumped so fast. I could feel her orgasm building in her, hear it dancing in her thoughts We were both driving to our release. I bit my lip as my cunny clenched tight about my tentacles. All the wonderful sensations mixed, churned inside of me. I was lost to the bliss. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t fight the wonderful bliss of her tentacle fucking my asshole.

We’re lost, wailed Merita.

I came.

“Yes!” I moaned, my bowels clenching down hard on the reaming tentacle. “Yes, yes, yes, Peony. Oh, your finger… You’re so wonderful. Oh, wow. You’re driving me wild. Yes, yes, yes. Oh, wow. Oh, Lord, yes!”

Motes of light swam before my vision as I trembled while leaning out the window, pigtails swaying like pendulums. I screamed out across the school’s grounds. The hot, juicy pleasure shuddered through me. Waves lapped at the shores of my mind with wonderful bliss. I trembled.


“Yes,” Peony moaned, her finger pressing hard on my clitoris.

…connection forming…

Peony moaned as she came. Something squirted from her tentacle into my bowels, invading me. I gasped, my body bucking. The pleasure burned so hot through me as the feminine, monotone voice whispered directly to my mind.

The nanites were in me.


Merita shuddered in her host’s mind, writhing with Henrietta as the girl orgasmed. Then she felt the nanites squirt into Henrietta’s ass, flooding in from Peony’s tentacle. The computerized voice invaded Merita’s thoughts.

“…connection forming…”

Panic seized the alien. The nanites spread through Henrietta’s body, programed to change her, transform her mind into a processing unit and her body into a physical connector. Merita couldn’t let that happen. She had to do something.

“End routine,” she shouted at the nanites’ voices. “Authorization Merita. Password: LatthosaHove91*.”

The nanites invading Henrietta’s body hesitated, processing her command. Would it work? They weren’t connected to the rest of the network of women. Yet.

“Routine ended. Connection process halted.”

It worked. The nanites recognized her command password. A plan formed.


Peony let out a shriek and the tentacle ripped out of my asshole. “Connection failed,” she shouted as she stumbled back, her tentacle writhing and waving before her. “Connection failed.”

“Reestablish connection,” the other women said. And it just wasn’t them. But my lover Tabitha, her eyes staring at me, Nurse Paige, Christine, Leonora, all the girls of my classroom spoke, too. They were united now like I almost had been.

Jump! Now! We have to get to the ship!

Trembling, my body buzzing from my orgasms, I obeyed. I scrambled up onto the casement and leaped out. I flew through the cold air and swallowed. I was so high up, floating at the apex of my leap. The window was maybe five feet from the ground. But then I went and jumped hard and…

Pain flared in my ankle as I hit the cool grass. I rolled forward, my tentacles retracting inside me as the pain and cold shocked the buzzing pleasure out of me. I tumbled onto my back, groaning, my ankle throbbing.

Get up and run, Henrietta.

I twisted my ankle, I panted back.

I’m sending the nanites to heal you.

Warmth flooded in my ankle. I groaned, forcing myself to stand. It hurt, and I limped forward. Behind me, Peony jumped out of the window, her ruined blouse and camisole hanging about her shoulders, her naked breasts jiggling. A silver tentacle connected her to Adrianne and the teacher with the dirty, green dress who both followed Peony. Girls clustered at the window.

Good, that will slow them down, Merita said. They can’t all come through. They’re a branching serial connection. I’d say up to four women connected to a single port.

You mean a person?


I limped faster. It was slow going. I hobbled across the lawn as the girls slowly trickled out the window, moving in a specific order as they fanned out across the ground. The heat swelled in my foot, driving back the pain, letting me move faster.

Stone groaned and grated. Glass shattered. I threw a look over my shoulder. The other windows in the classroom were broken, shards of glass glistening on the grass below. Metallic tentacles wrapped about the sections of stone wall between the windows. Girls pressed into the windows, adding more tentacles.

“What are they doing?” Henrietta gasped out loud as her heart hammered in fear. She didn’t feel the cold air on her naked body as she forced herself to limp faster, moving to almost a jog.

I think they’re—

A great, horrendous groan filled the night. Masonry cracked, crumbled. The tentacles pulled the wall inward. The stone wall of the school crumbled, chunks falling down, dust billowing. I blinked in shock as the rest of the girls and teachers flooded out the shattered opening, my friend Tabitha’s red hair near the front.

They ran at me.

I gave a frightened squeak and discovered I could ignore the pain in my ankle as I ran across the grass.


…must reconnect…

“Reconnect,” Tabitha said with the other girls and teachers united through the tentacles. She could feel all their minds, knew all their experiences. She had sampled the lesbian passions of the teachers, their years of enjoying the young sixteen-, seventeen-, and eighteen-year-old girls who passed through their school, showing them sapphic delights under the guise of curing their hysterics.

She longed to have that same experience with Etta, to share all. She loved her blonde friend. Tabitha was so glad the blonde had pricked her cherry with those wonderful tentacles, and she wanted to return the favor. Squirming in her pussy a new tentacle grew, sprouting, eager to connect like the other fifty units wired together.

And Etta had rejected them.

That confused everyone. She shouldn’t have rejected connection. Peony had achieved her orgasm and injected the nanites. Etta should be united with them. Tabitha raced across the grass, moving in unison with the other units, staring at Etta as she darted ahead of them, her blonde pigtails flapping.

Her gorgeous rump shaking.

“Connect with her,” Tabitha said, her nipples and clitoris aching.


“Reconnect,” all fifty-one of them shouted.


I let out a shriek as all the girls chasing me spoke in unison. Every time I glanced behind me, they were still racing after me, connected by their tentacles, the ones at the front, including Tabitha and Peony, had their metallic tentacles undulating before them, eager to grab me and fuck me.

The pain in my ankle faded as I ran. But soon my side hurt. I sucked in breaths. My throat ached and my chest heaved. My legs burned. I wasn’t a runner. I had never raced so far in my life, and my stamina flagged.

Keep going, Merita urged.

Getting tired. Need to rest.

They’ll catch you.

“Reconnect,” the women and girls said in unison, their voices booming behind me.

I know.

I forced myself to keep running, but the split in my side hurt worse and worse. My leg muscles burned so hard. They were rubbery. I couldn’t keep this up. And we were only halfway to the crashed ship.

Not going to make it, Merita.

You will.

And then something happened inside of me. The pain in my legs faded. My lungs no longer burned. I could breathe and run and keep moving, all my exhaustion banished from me. I stretched out my legs, running faster and faster, drawing away from the mob chasing me.

What did you do?

Used the nanites to banish the lactic acid build up in your muscles and stimulated your adrenal gland to send a rush of stimulant through your body.

I blinked. What?

I gave you more energy. Keep running.

I did. I flew across the grass, pumping my arms, reaching towards the crater where her ship crashed. I could see the hole it made in the grassy field, but not the ship. She made it invisible, hiding it from other humans.


They were close behind me, their nanites keeping them running as fast as I was. But I was at the ship. I reached the crater and scrambled down the side, small stones cascading down before me and then hitting the side of the invisible craft and bouncing.

Images flashed through my mind, showing me where to touch to deactivate the cloak and open the ship. I reached the ship. My hands moved, brushing the smooth surface, sliding along until I found the control panel. I did it by touch, pressing a button combination.

The egg shape ship rippled into sight just like I remembered it. I pressed another button and it opened, revealing the seat where Merita had first made love to me and merged into my body. I hopped in, more instruction visions flashing through my mind.

Understand? Merita asked.

No, but I’ll do it.

I settled into the seat, reaching and—


Tentacles seized me. I turned. Tabitha was at the edge of the ship. Her tentacle, leading from her pussy, rammed into my cunny. I gasped, my hot flesh clenching down on it, the end of my friend’s tentacle brushing mine as they squirmed in my depths.

“We’re connecting, Etta,” Tabitha said, her green eyes smiling. Then she kissed me hard on the lips as the tentacle pumped in and out of my cunny.

Pleasure rippled through me. I moaned, my eyes fluttering.



Yes, reconnecting. Tabitha shuddered as she kissed her friend and lover. She stroked Etta’s smooth cheeks as they kissed, tongues playing with each other.

It was so wonderful to fuck her tentacle in and out of Etta’s pussy. Hot, tight, wet flesh wrapped about Tabitha’s appendage. She was thrilled to experience the same pleasure that Etta had enjoyed with her alien tentacles. Now Tabitha could fuck her lover and cure her hysterics.

Fluttering, effervescent bliss writhed in her pussy. Her cunny clamped about the two tentacles stretching out her hole, one connecting her to Tansy the other to Etta. Tabitha kissed her friend harder then broke the kiss, letting out moans of pleasure.

“No, no, no, stop, Tabitha,” moaned Etta, her face constricting, her cunny clenching so hard about Etta’s tentacle. “I have to…fix you.”

“Can’t stop,” Tabitha moaned. “Love you. Must connect with you.”

“Connect,” Peony moaned. Her tentacle pressed beneath Etta’s body and rammed into her asshole.

Tabitha felt both sensations, experiencing Peony’s pleasure along with her own. Tabitha sucked hard on Etta’s right nipple, loving the little bud and how it felt between her lips while experiencing Etta’s tight bowels and hot pussy wrapped about the tentacles. Tabitha trembled, moaning in delight, sucking harder as the pleasure rippled through her body.

The two tentacles reamed as one, working in and out of Etta’s body, fucking her so hard, driving her wild. Her friend spasmed, her hands clenching Tabitha’s shoulders. For a moment, they tried to push Tabitha away.

And then Etta shuddered, surrendering.

“No, Tabitha,” she moaned weekly. “No… Oh, that’s good… Your tentacle…”

“Reconnect,” the other women said in unison. Tabitha moaned it about her lover’s nipple.

“Yes, yes, yes,” gasped Etta as she squirmed on the seat.

Tentacles writhed in the depths of Etta’s pussy. They pushed out around Tabitha’s appendage. The redhead shuddered in delight, tentacles caressing tentacles wrapped up in the depths of Etta’s pussy. The pleasure rippled through her body, driving Tabitha wild. She moaned about the nipple in her mouth, her body trembling.

Tansy bent down behind Tabitha, lifting the redhead’s skirt and petticoats. Tabitha shuddered in delight as Tansy’s hands squeezed her ass, pulling butt-cheeks apart. A hot, licking tongue ran between her crack, flicking at Tabitha’s sphincter.


The tongue wormed into Tabitha’s asshole, fucking in and out, giving her more and more stimulation. The redhead moaned, her lips popping off of Etta’s nipple, her butt-cheeks clenching as the pleasure rippled through her. She loved having her sphincter licked.

“Yes, yes, yes, Tansy,” Tabitha moaned. “Make me cum. I need to reconnect with Etta.”

“Yes,” gasped Peony. “Oh, Henrietta, connect with us this time.”

“I will,” Etta moaned, her face flushed, her blue eyes twinkling.

Her hands cupped Tabitha’s face, so gentle and sweet. Etta pulled Tabitha’s lips close. The lovers kissed. A shudder ran through Tabitha’s body. She moaned into Etta’s sweet lips as her pussy clenched so hard, her sphincter aching beneath Tansy’s assault. All the sweet sensations, her tentacle reaming Etta’s pussy, Peony’s appendage reaming Etta’s asshole, the tongue licking at Tabitha’s own sphincter. All of it combined.

And exploded.

She moaned into Etta’s mouth. Every woman connected together, all fifty-one of them, came at the same moment, experiencing the bliss Tabitha experienced. Tabitha shuddered, her pleasure rippling out of her as her tentacle shot deep into Etta’s cunt.

The nanites flowed into Etta. Every pulse sent a ripple of electric delight through Tabitha’s body as she connected with her friend.


I moaned into my lover’s kiss. The nanites flooded into my asshole and pussy. And I felt Tabitha. I felt our thoughts merge, touch. I experienced her. I felt how much she loved me, and I shared with her how much I loved her.

At the same moment, as I connected to Tabitha and then to the fifty other women, Merita fled my body. I felt my alien lover wiggle out of me. I felt my four pussy tentacles fade away. Suddenly, Merita’s purple body was on top of me, our breasts pressed together, our clitorides touching, grinding in shared bliss.

Merita, I thought, but she didn’t answer in my mind.

…connection formed…

And then Merita broke the kiss as I felt Tabitha’s feelings, her love. Though Merita spoke her alien tongue, I understood it. “Computer, connect with the core.”

Electric current shot from the chair into me. Another orgasm burst in my cunny. My flesh convulsed about Tabitha’s tentacle merging us together. I moaned and gasped along with all other fifty-one women.

“Yes, yes, yes,” all fifty-two of us screamed together.

I clutched at Tabitha’s hand, holding her tight as my lover, the other women, and I writhed in ecstasy. The electric pleasure shot through me. Bliss rippled out of my cunny and inundated my mind. Words spoke through me so fast, so swift. I didn’t understand them. I didn’t care. I bucked and heaved into Merita’s body, her tentacles stroking me, her purple face staring down at mine.

“Yes, yes, that’s it, Henrietta,” Merita said and kissed me again.

I savored the kiss, sharing the sensation with all the other women. Ecstasy boiled my mind. There were no thoughts, just the joy of cumming. The effervescent paroxysms bursting over and over in my cunny, bathing my body in rapture. I kissed Merita so hard, savoring the feel of her as I gripped Tabitha’s hand and—

I disconnected.


Henrietta’s eyes rolled back in her head. She shuddered beneath Merita and then slumped, her orgasm dissipating. Merita lifted herself up from her human lover’s body. Around the ship, the other women all collapsed, their tentacles coming out of each other’s pussies, no longer united together into one processing unit.

Merita had set them free.

Her tentacle caressed Henrietta’s face. The human didn’t need the alien in her any longer. The nanites from the core had figured out how to exist in humans without guidance. Even now, the nanites squirted into Henrietta went to work, changing her body, repairing her spine fully. Instead of a week or more, she was healed in an instant.

Merita nuzzled her nose against Henrietta’s. The alien found it wonderful to have her body again, her four tentacles writhing, her clitoris throbbing against Henrietta’s. Merita undulated her hips, savoring the hot press of flesh, and tribbed Henrietta. The purple alien’s ass flexed as she ground on the human, Merita loving the hot feel of tribbing with sweet Henrietta.

“I love you so much, Henrietta,” Merita purred between kisses.

“Merita,” Henrietta moaned, her blue eyes fluttering open. She smiled. “You’re not any me any longer.”

“You don’t need me.”

“I do,” Henrietta purred, undulating writhing, pressing her pussy up into Merita’s. “I really do. Can’t you feel how wet I am? How excited?”

“Oh, yes, I can,” Merita giggled and kissed her again, their tongues dueling.

And then Merita felt something metallic brush her pussy. A tentacle wiggled against it, caressing her folds. Merita moaned, her eyes widening as the metallic, segmented tentacle wormed into her pussy, pressing deep.

Merita broke the kiss, and Henrietta giggled, the tentacle fucking deeper. “You grew a tentacle before I disconnected you.”

“I guess those naughty nanites gave it to me,” Henrietta said, “when the voice spoke through me.”

“My ship’s computer,” Merita moaned, her cunny clenching down on the tentacle. “Oh, this is wonderful, Henrietta. You get to fuck me with your tentacle.”

“Uh-huh,” she smiled. “And your cunny feel so hot and nice. I love it.”

Merita’s nipples ached, rubbing the human’s. She leaned down, kissing her lover hard, hot, grinding her clitoris on Henrietta’s. Merita’s tentacles caressed her lover’s body, stroking silky skin as they writhed together in shared passion.

“Merita,” Tabitha squealed.

Another tentacle touched Merita. The alien broke the kiss, smiling at the redheaded Tabitha. She had a tentacle thrusting out from beneath her skirt, the end pressing between Merita’s round buttocks and rubbing against her sphincter.

“It’s so wonderful to meet you, Merita,” Tabitha said, squeezing in beside them.

“Isn’t it?” Henrietta smiled.

“Yes,” Merita moaned as Tabitha’s tentacle reamed into her asshole. The alien shuddered, her bowels clenching down on Tabitha’s appendage, her pussy on Henrietta’s.

The fiery redhead seized Merita and kissed her hard on the mouth. Merita sighed into the kiss, the two tentacles plunging over and over into her body. The alien trembled, her tentacles writhing. Two lashed out, ripping open Tabitha’s bodice.

“Oh, yes, play with my titties,” Tabitha moaned, breaking their kiss. Merita wrapped her tentacles about both round mounds, squeezing hard, loving how they felt. “Etta, your alien is molesting me.”

“And you love it,” Henrietta moaned, humping up into Merita’s clitoris.

The blonde human leaned out, sucking on Tabitha’s fat nipple. Merita smiled, her body trembling in pleasure. The two tentacles reaming her drove her wild. She humped and writhed, her orgasm building in her depths.

Oh, yes, I love fucking her cunny, thought Henrietta, her desires pouring into the alien.

Yes, yes, yes, play with my titties. Oh, her ass is so tight. So velvety. I love having a tentacle.

“It’s the best,” grinned Merita at Tabitha, the redhead’s green eyes glossy.

“Going to cum,” Henrietta moaned. “Your clitoris feels amazing. Oh, yes, Merita.”

The three of them writhed, sharing their pleasure, humping in the ship. Around them, the other girls gasped and moaned, fucking each other with their tentacles, enjoying the changes to their bodies. Some of them had multiple tentacles. As the fog rolled in, their sapphic orgy echoed through the night.

Merita shuddered, her orgasm rippling through her as she was held and fucked by her two human lovers. Her moans gasped out of her mouth as the pleasure rippled out of her body. Her pussy and asshole convulsed on the tentacles. She kissed back and forth between Tabitha and Henrietta, their tongues flailing.


Miss Marilynn Gully, philosophy teacher, licked at Daisy Brown’s pussy stretched wide by the maid’s three tentacles. Two were wrapped about the auburn-haired teacher’s large breasts, the third reaming her asshole. Miss Marilynn moaned in delight, sucking on Daisy’s clitoris, savoring the maid like she meant to last night when they wandered into the dark and found the core.

“Oh, Miss Marilynn, yes,” Daisy moaned, the eighteen year old’s head tossing back and forth as her orgasm exploded, juices gushing out and bathing Marilynn’s face with spicy passion.


Peony, Christine, Leonora, and Tansy all gasped and moaned. They lay on the ground in a circle like a chain made of beautiful daisies. Peony had her lips nuzzling at Christine’s pussy while her tentacle fucked the girl’s bowels. At the same time, Leonora’s tentacle reamed Peony’s asshole and tongue licked at her clitoris. The four girls moaned and gasped, pleasuring each other.

Peony loved it. She was so glad she had a tentacle. She didn’t know what had happened, but she savored the hot, tight feel of Christine’s bowels wrapped about her tentacle and the wonderful sensation of Leonora’s appendage reaming deep inside her.

They came together, Peony drinking tangy delight.


It was tight in the confines of Merita’s space ship, but that didn’t stop Tabitha and I from pressing the purple alien down onto her seat. Merita wiggled, her tentacles writhing from her sides, two each, her round breasts heaving. She looked so beautiful.

“I think we need to lick her all over, Etta,” Tabitha beamed.

“I think you’re right,” I told her. I leaned over, kissing my redheaded lover on the lips, our naked breasts pressing together. Hers were so soft and round.

Then I leaned down and nuzzled at Merita’s thighs, pressing my face between them. My tentacle writhed out of my pussy. I only had one now, but that was okay. It was longer. I reached it around, entwining it with Tabitha’s. Electric current shot through us as our tentacles caressed. Pleasure hardened my nipples.

“Oh, Etta, that’s nice,” Tabitha moaned before she leaned down and sucked on Merita’s dark-purple nipple.

“Uh-huh,” I panted, my body twitching at the electric bliss.

I lowered my mouth between Merita’s thighs. I stroked her flesh, caressing her thighs and breathing in the flowery scent of her pussy. It was so unlike a human’s cunt, not salty and earthy, but light. I loved it.

I took a long, slow lick up Merita’s slit. Her juices coated my tongue. I had discovered a lot about licking cunny today. I wanted to show my alien lover everything I learned. My tongue slid through her folds and brushed her hard clitoris. Her purple flesh was hot on my lips as I nuzzled into her depths.

Merita’s thighs tightened about my head. She gasped and moaned, shuddering, rubbing her lips against my flesh. Excited flutters raced out of my pussy, partly from the electric current flowing between me and Tabitha, but mostly because I was pleasing my lover.

Tabitha moaned about her nipple, making Merita squirm. The alien humped against me, her tentacles writhing. A pair seized my pigtails, holding them, guiding my mouth as I licked at her pussy, devouring her flowery juices.

“Oh, Henrietta, yes. You’re so good. Mmm, lick that tongue in and out of my flesh. You’re driving me wild.”

“Good,” I purred between licks. “That’s the plan. I want you panting. I want you shuddering. I want you to explode. I love you, Merita.”

“I love you, too,” she gasped and pulled on my pigtails, forcing my lip back to her flowery folds.

I licked and sucked and nibbled at my alien lover’s cunny. Her juices coated my face. I moaned as I licked her, the excitement building between me and Tabitha. I felt her thoughts, her excitement. It was like we were connected again, feeling each other’s love and pleasure.

We both wanted to make Merita cum. I could feel Tabitha’s desire as she sucked and nibbled, kissing back and forth between Merita’s heaving breasts. I licked harder, my tongue finding the alien’s clitoris, circling it, teasing it.

I drove Merita wild. She bucked and gasped. Wordless moans escaped her lips. Her tentacles played with Tabitha’s breasts and entwined about my pigtails. I caught glimpses of her purple face twisted in passion.

“Henrietta,” she moaned. “Oh, yes. Give me my release. Cure my hysterics.”

“Gladly,” I moaned and sucked so hard on her clitoris, my chin pressing into her folds.

Her body shuddered. She spasmed. Her hips arched.

And she came.

“Henrietta! Tabitha!”

Moaning our names, her pussy juices flooded my hungry mouth. I made her cum. We made her cum. Tabitha and I pleasured our alien lover. I drank her juices as a surge of electricity shot out of my pussy, raced down my tentacle, and crackled into Tabitha’s.

My lover threw back her head, red hair flying, as she moaned my name. We came together, sharing our crackling lust, electricity arching between our tentacles and driving us wild with delight. My eyes rolled back in pleasure, ecstasy flooded through me.

“Tabitha! Merita! Yes, yes! I love you both!” I moved up their bodies, the three of us hugging, kissing, sharing Merita’s juices, our naked flesh pressed tight, tits caressing tits, hard nipples brushing.

“You’re both so wonderful,” Merita sighed. “I’m glad I’m stranded with such wonderful humans.

“Stranded?” I gasped through my fluttering pleasure.

Merita gave me a sad smile. “The core was destroyed The nanites are spread throughout your bodies. They changed you all too much to be removed. So I’m stuck here.”

“I’m sorry,” I gasped.

She shook her head. “Don’t be. I messed up. It’s my own fault.” Her tentacles caressed Tabitha’s and my faces. “But I have you two. And the school. I think things will be interesting.”

I giggled and nodded, then the three of us kissed.


Things changed at Kensington Boarding School. Merita began teaching science Everyone loved her class, and her tentacles. The fifty-two of us changed by the nanites were also very popular with the other half of the student body, teachers, and maids who weren’t transformed. We couldn’t spread our nanites, but we could let them enjoy our tentacles.

The years passed. Tabitha and I mentored the new girls who arrived, guiding them into sapphic pleasure, sharing with them the joys of tentacles, pussies, asses, tribbing, licking, fingering, and dildos. It was so much fun.

When our time as students was over, we stayed on as teachers. Tabitha and I taught the new physical education curriculum, which involved much naked wrestling and strenuous love-making. We had our own apartment on the ground which contained a large bed with which we shared with Merita.

Peony, Christine, Leonora, and Tansy founded a business in town making toys. The four of them were quite taken with each other. Their bed was even bigger than ours, the four of them writhing in delight.

Nurse Paige and the Headmistress both found much joy in their tentacles. A girl’s first medical exam and then trip to the Headmistress’s office were exciting and full of much gasping on metallic tentacles. But the most lucky teacher was Miss Marilynn. She was the only one to end up with four tentacles, being the original host of the nanites.

Prefect Geneva stayed on as a teacher, too. She taught astronomy and would reward her students with her three tentacles when they did well.

Of course, Tabitha’s and my families were disappointed with our decisions not to return home but to work at the school. All their hopes that we would marry well, make connections for our fathers’ businesses, and join genteel society were dashed. But we had what we wanted, to love each other in our own triune marriage, wedded to our alien lover in our hearts.

Maybe one day we would repair Merita’s spaceship and travel the universe. But for now we were happy, the three of us together, and that was all that mattered. We had our students and each other. What more did a girl with a pussy tentacle need?


I have released a part 29 of the revamped Devil’s Pact on Smashwords. Read this post for more information if you’re interested!

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