Hey guys,

Ghost of Paris Chapter Six was sent to my editor this morning. Hopefully only a few days away from being posted!

I have a new blog post on my other blog. Read about my frustrating experiences with flat tires on my bike. I also have a new erotica review, ‘Ella’s First Exam’ by Caelia Portia. It’s a hot story!

I’m working on a new published work, more in line with what I’ve been writing here. Sex, suspense, action. ‘My Fallen Angel’ is a mind control, harem story. Bill’s dreams seem to be coming to life as he watches the girl he has a crush on, Cynthia, gets dominated by a demon and turned from a virginal innocent into a wanton whore. Bill’s determined to find out what happened to Cynthia, with the help of a sexy redhead that’s looking for a strong man to seize her and dominate her.

We’re nearing the end of the main Devil’s Pact story. Really excited! Five chapters left, and a short epilogue.

Take care


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