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Haven’t done one of these for a while. I’ve been busy writing away. I hope you all enjoy the first part of The Battered Lamp. I’m going to work on Chapter 13 today. This story will be a bit more focused than the Devil’s Pact started out and comprises three arcs. I’ve written the first arc and I’m writing the second arc.

And if you seen my WIPs page on my forum, you may have seen a title called My Fallen Angel. This is a supernatural, erotica thriller. It will be five novella’s. I finished the rough draft for the fourth one today and we’ll start the fifth one probably next week. It’s about Bill who’s in love with four women and constantly daydreaming about the sexy things he would like to do with them. One of the girls, Cynthia, seems to like him back but refuses to date him. When Bill dreams of a Succuba dominating her, he’s surprised when it happens in real life and Cynthia turns form a virginal Christian into a nymphomaniac. With the aide of Sophia, an angel appearing in his dreams, and Rochelle, a submissive woman looking for a Master, Bill sets out to save Cynthia.

Hot sex, action, and heart dominates the pages as love and lust war for the fate of mankind.

The first of the Slave Chronicles will be released on Saturday, and there is a poll up that will end on Saturday, so get voting if you want a say in the next release. Currently Ghost of Paris and Servant Chronicles are tied. Click here to vote.

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