Hey everyone,

I’ve been hard at work on the Knight and the Acolyte. Angela and Sophia are having naughty adventures on their quest. Gangbangs, monster sex, magical sex toys, hermaphroditic elves, and more! I completed the first arc. I’m also writing the first of the Triad stories, little shorts involving a paladin and his two wives, a slutty thief and an uptight witch. It’s a more light-hearted series of adventures, only a few chapters each. Their first case is against an evil warlock kidnapping virgins (the paladin is eager to save the virgins and his uptight witch wife isn’t happy about his reasons).

The Hell Chronicle has started coming out. How are you guys liking it? I’ve only gotten one email on the story and no comments? Are you guys disappointed? Is the story too slow?

Well, we’re nearing the end of the Slave Chronicle. Only a few more stories to tell. I’m looking forward to releasing Chase’s story once the Hell Chronicles wraps up.

Take care,


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