World of Erasthay – Character

The World of Erasthay

Characters – The Knight and the Acolyte

Angela: A young knight-errant on a Quest to fully join the Knights Deut.

Atharilesia: The pregnant, elvish wife of Xerathalasia.

Aurora: An avian shaman.

Bruk: The brother of Thrak and new leader of the Red Eye Tribe.

Chaun: A changeling and wandering minstrel.

Dominari: A dangerous dragon marauding the Despeir Mountains for the last few hundred years.

Faoril: A Journeyman Mage studying at the Collegiate Tower preparing to take the test become a Master Mage.

Fireeyes: A warlock under death sentence by the Magery Council for his research into life and death resulting in countless, horrible deaths.

Holy Virgin Vivian: The head priestess of the Church of Saphique.

Kevin: A Knight Deut romantically involved with Angela.

King Edward IV: The new king of Secare who was given a troubling prophecy.

Lady Delilah: A Knight Deut and close adviser of King Edward.

Nyonthilasara: The sister of Elvish.

The Oracle of Lesbius: A demigoddess that dwells in the depths of the Deorc Forest.

The Oracle of Sekar: A demigoddess that dwells upon the Lone Mountain and advises the Kings of Secare.

Queen Lavinia: A Zeutchian princess married to King Edward and pregnant with his heir.

Minx: A halfling thief.

Saoria: A Journeyman Mage and friend of Faoril.

Serisia: The dead human wife of Thrak.

Sophia: A young acolyte of the temple of Saphique chosen to accompany Angela on her Quest.

Thrak: An orc and former leader of the Red Eye Tribe grieving the death of his wife Serisia.

Xerathalasia: A skilled elvish hunter who guards the Deorc Forest.

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