The World of Erasthay – Monster

The World of Erasthay


Banshee: Banshee are the spirits of slain women. Their anger leads them to violently attack all those who encounter them. They can be exorcised by a priest, the ritual involving sex.

Barguest: A race of monsters that superficially resembled dogs. They have no fur but midnight-black skin, razor sharp teeth, longer snouts, and yellow eyes. Their cocks are red and knot a woman. They can change into a human appearance, but they still have the black skin. They like to eat children. Created by a fairy queen that cursed a human and his dog, forming the first barguest. They can be of either sex and can breed with any duel sex humanoid, though rarely. They are not a fecund species.

Basilisk: Basilisk are a lizard-like creature with the beak and comb of a rooster. Their yellow eyes cause petrification and their bites are venomous. They are a dull green, but can change their scales to blend in. They are quick and vicious. They were created by the Biomancer Verthan in his dark experiments.

Bogart: A vicious race of creatures that feed off of fear. They are shapechangers and appear as what scares their victims, reducing them into a catatonic state so they can mate with them. Bogarts can be either male or female depending on the sex of their victim. They are thought to be descended from either incubi or succubi.

Bugbear: Vicious creatures that prowl dark woods. They are little more than balls of fur, claws, and teeth. They are indiscriminate with their appetites, but are often hunted. Thought to be creations of the Biomancer Verthan.

Coautl: Feathered, intelligent serpent monsters that live in jungles. They range in colors from vibrant green to dark browns, with complimentary feathers of yellow, red, blue, purple, or other colors. The feathers form a collar around the serpent-like head. They have long, flickering tongues and can both breathe lightning and discharge it through their skin. Use it to stun their prey, which they prefer to eat or molest alive. Couatl’s origins are thought to be created by avian shamans. There aeries often have tame ones as pets.

Drake: Similar to dragons, but they cannot breath fire and do not have four legs. They are more akin to giant, hairless bats than dragons and were created by the Biomancer Verthan as a flying monts but they proved too untamable. They haunt hills and mountains, preying on livestock or children.

Ghoul: Created by warlocks. They are made from humans who have their vitality removed and replaced by materials created through dark rituals that transform the human into a creature. Their skin grows tough and emaciated. They gain claws and teeth. Their smell grows stronger and their vision seems muted colors and sharp contrasts. They have the need to feast on human flesh and, while remembering their lives, they will be unable to resist their urges. Most are made to serve warlocks, but a few seek it out deliberately. The Warlocks of Chevsa are famous for doing this.

Giants: Giants are animated land conjured by a powerful mage. They can be made of earth, stone, wood, air, magma, ice, water, or storms. Their size and abilities vary based on their size. On the frozen island Skellmokk, a spell went wrong, leaving glaciers that are always birthing new Ice Giants. The Valkyrie and the Einherjer wage a constant war to keep these Ice Giants trapped, protecting the rest of the world.

Giganraneae: A race of giant spiders birthed by Las when he slept with a beguiling werespider. They don’t transform, but still require humans for reproduction. The female deposits her eggs with an ovapositor into a human’s body. Her offspring hatch and feast on the human to grow big. They have human-like hands and face

Gorgon: A monstrous race birthed in the Biomancer Verthan’s labs. They appear as beautiful women that can transform into serpents. When a man cums within them, he is turned to stone. Gorgons keep stone phallus of victims as dildos. There are magics to restore flesh turned to stone.

Hippogriff: Las, in a fit of lust, transformed himself into an eagle and took a beguiling mare that belonged to Lagu. The race of Hippogriffs were born. The like to live in mountains. Color varies depending on subspecies.

Hydra: Hydras are foul monsters born in the blackest swamps. It was said the black dragon Analaconia was slain in the swamp and her blood saturated the brackish water. The first hydra was born. They are vicious and large, and nearly impossible to kill. They can grow from any severed bits. Only fire can destroy their flesh. Inevitably, a small bit of flesh is missed and a new hydra is grows. They tend to stay in swamps since their hides are covered by a slime that can dry out and leave them vulnerable to sunlight hardening their skin.

Karabasan: A male spirit, obsessed with sex, that attacks women. They first have sex and possess the woman, then grow a spectral cock to fuck other women with. They can be exorcised and are very rare. As a spirit, they are black, spectral bodies that are barely visible except in the brightest of lights. Same with the cocks they conjure. Includes heavy balls. The spirit absorbs energy from every woman it fucks once it possesses the girl. The spirit would grow stronger and stronger, slowly transforming the girl into a man and consuming her soul.

Lemure: A type of spirit that can have shadowy, gangly forms. Can be male or female and summoned and controlled through life magic by a mage. They need to inscribe a magic circle with a five pointed star. Runes need to be written around the edge for the five elements. The point of the star has to point south.

Lilin: A succubus-like spirit. They can manifest the object of their victim’s desires while they feed, often lurking in the corners invisible. They are the spirits of lusty women whose amorous desires kept them rooted to the real world. They can be killed by blessed blades or by an exorcism right (like all undead).

Naglooshi: A terrible spirit of unknown origin. It prowls the world, feasting on fear. It has never been killed, but always driven away for a time by brave warriors.

Nidhogg: A black-scaled serpent with small, claw-like protrusion down its long body it can grip with. It breathes a frigid breath. It is found in Skellmokk and often acts as pets to the frost giants.

Panthopus: A monster created by crossing a panther and an octopus. Created by Biomancer Verthan. They can displace their location by a foot, making them hard to spot.

Phantom: A spirit that can manifest corporeal form thanks to an offering of cum or pussy dew. They can be very dangerous, particularly if they keep ingesting sexual fluids. Come among tribal cultures where they are considered taboo.

Poltergeist: A spirit of an angry mortal, usually killed by violence. They can interact with objects, moving them around and causing havoc. They lash out at any they can.

Shade: The soul of someone killed by betrayal. They cling to their past and therefore are masters of reshaping reality to fit their desires. They can form new objects out of shadows. They appear as black/gray versions of themselves. Blessed blades can slay them.

Vampire: A type of undead whose origins are unknown. Only duel-sex virgins can be made vampires and new vampires are thralls to the one who made them. They have seductive gazes that most mortals are incapable of resisting. Vampires take days to slowly bleed their victims drinking and fucking them to death.

Warg: Intelligent, wolf-like monsters. Their fur is dirty-yellow and they have blood-red eyes and the pointed ears of a kobold. Created by shamanistic powers, merging a kobold with a warg.

Wraith: A spirit drowning in rage who was killed through dark magic, usually a ritual gone wrong. They can steal souls to grow larger and larger.

Wyvern: The flying lizards are a natural species unlike most other monstrous races. They have two legs, their forelimbs forming bat-like, leathery wings. They are green to gray, with scaly hides. On the ground, they walk on their hinds legs and knuckles of their wings, their long fingers forming the spans their wings grow across. The have tails with stingers that drip a poison that can deliver pain, paralyzation, or lust. They have dragon-like snouts and hiss like lizards with pink, forked tongue that flick out..

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