The Devil’s Pact, The Ghost of Paris Interlude Chapter 4: The Goddess


The Devil’s Pact

The Ghost of Paris Interlude Chapter Four: The Goddess

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2014, 2015

Story Codes: Males/Teen female, Female/Teen female, Watersports, Magic, Mind Control, Humiliation, Public Sex

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Friday, September 20th, 2013 – Astarte – Paris, Texas

“We shall find such worship there,” I told my handsome guard as we stood in the vestibule of the tattoo parlor.

Now that I had sampled the Police Officer’s life, his death was written across his face—in four months he would be claimed by Wormwood, though I had no idea what that was. I glanced at my first Handmaiden, the dance instructor, and saw her death coming in little more than thirteen months, fighting in army, avenging the Police Officer, and slain by one of Lilith’s spawn in the streets of Seattle.

And my other Handmaidens, the twins, would imbibe poison together in a place called Cassia, Idaho in a mere nine months, both their heads besotted with the foolish emotion—love. I walked to the door, enjoying the light glinting off my silver piercings, and the knowledge that the man who had pierced Darleen’s nipples would be dead in three days, stabbed in the back in a prison cell. A dispute over a pack of cigarettes.

So tragic.

The night air was cool on my vessel’s naked skin, the cement still warm from the sun. There were always such amazing sensations to discover outside of the Abyss. The feel of a needle piercing my nipple while a thick shaft reamed my pussy was one I would savor once consigned back to the Abyss at dawn.

And Darleen would always have my stars and that would be conceived this night to remember her time as my honored vessel. I always delighted in leaving permanent reminders to the women that they had been blessed to host my divine spirit.

I strode naked down the street, bathing in the attention of all those who saw my naked, tattooed, and pierced body, inciting their lust and adoration. How I missed those days when I could stride the world before I had been castigated to the Abyss. And if Lucifer had his way, those times would again be upon us.

His plan had merit, though I had sense the possibility of failure. Mortals could always be surprising. I touched Darleen’s belly absently, sliding across her silky skin.

I walked into the Cowgirl Salon adjacent to the tattoo parlor, pushing through the swinging door into a packed room that reeked of intoxicants and lust. Men and women all stared at me first with shock, then desire, and finally worship. Such strong men, muscular arms bare, wild beards, scarred fists, and broken nose.

“Worship me!” I commanded. “Love me! Give me all your passion.”

A big man with ebony skin towered before me, staring with undisguised lust at my youthful, naked body. His dark hand grabbed my budding breast, squeezing hard and sending such wonderful sensations through me.

“You want to go for a ride on my big, Black cock, little White girl?” he rumbled; such power. My pussy dampened in anticipation.

“Give me your love,” I purred. “Right here, right now.”

Worship filled his eyes and he hastened to obey. He roughly pushed me across a table, my ass presented for him, and his big hands stroking my cheeks, kneading her pliant flesh and I savored the degrading feel of it. He spanked me; stinging pain. So wonderful.

“What a naughty, little whore,” he growled, his belt rattling as he unbuckled it. “Walkin’ in here as naked as a jaybird. Gonna show you what happens to little whores!”

“Fuck her hard, Jake,” a guy yelled. “Give that little slut what’s comin’ to her!”

“Gonna tear her cooch up!”

He drove into my cunt, spreading me so wide open it hurt. Darleen had been a virgin when I possessed her, and now she had the largest cock yet shoved roughly inside her. He pumped hard, heavy balls slapping my clit, staccato rapture to the pain-pleasure radiating out of my pussy. I loved it.

“Worship me!” I moaned. “Harder! Hurt me!”

“Dirty whore!” he laughed, driving into my vessel’s sweet pussy harder. “So tight! I never thought the mayor’s daughter would be such a whore!”

“What?” someone yelled.

“Don’t you all recognize the pride of Paris,” Jake chuckled, pumping inside me faster. “She’s the Mayor’s precious daughter. What a fuckin’ slut she is!”

“Yes, yes!” Another man stood on the other side of the table, and I reached out, stroking his throbbing cock.

“Give it to me!” I moaned, licking my lips. “I need your worship!”

“Fuck, yeah!” he exclaimed.

“The fuck you doin’, Marv!” a shrill woman demanded as he pulled out his cock.

“Gonna get my dick sucked,” he shouted back. “Watch, and maybe you’ll learn how!”


I opened my mouth wide and he drove it in deep, gripping the side of my head and fucking my mouth hard. Darleen would remember how he had used her body. The cock drove down my throat, almost choking me. So wonderful. His balls slapped my chin, while Jake’s slapped my clit. It was so degrading. His cock was sour and salty, and I forced my tongue to explore it, tasting every new flavor.

“Gonna bust my nut!” panted Jake.”So goddamn tight! Like fuckin’ a virgin!”

I squeezed Darleen’s cunt around his cock, milking him, burning to experience another cock cumming in me, another future laid out before me. The Black man’s thrust grew harder, more frantic, his growling loud and powerful.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

His cum spurted into my vessel, sloshing into her womb, heading for that fertile little egg. So much sperm filled her, and one would find its home in her. The future opened up before me as pleasure crashed through my vessel’s body.

His future was clouded. Something was coming, so significant, so uncertain, that even my powers could not gaze past it. Lucifer’s victory was not as assured as he seemed to think, but then pride has ever been the Morning Star’s flaw.

That is why I made my own plans and seized my own fate.

Jake’s cock pulled out of my cunt, leaking cum that tickled down my thighs. Even such small sensations were worth reveling in and remembering. The cock fucking my vessel’s mouth drove harder, hissing and grunting like a wild beast, choking the girl every time he buried into her throat.


Stinging pain shot through my body; a strong hand had spanked me hard.

“You givin’ the slut a ride, Big Hoss?”

“I reckon so,” rumbled a gravely voice. “Though I ain’t too keen on sloppy seconds, so I reckon I’ll just use her cornhole. A girl this wanton must’ve had a cock reamin’ her backdoor before.”

A thick cock’s head—not as thick as the Black man’s, but still plenty thick—searched for my asshole. He slid around and then found it, pressing against my tight sphincter. I couldn’t wait for the surge of burning pain and tingling pleasure.

“Here I come, slut!” Big Hoss whooped, then drove his dick deep into my ass.

I moaned in joy at the mix of sensations, making Darleen wiggle her sweet hips, pushing back against the invading shaft. Such wonderful pain and such glorious pleasure.

“Fuck, the little slut loves it!” moaned the man reaming my mouth, his fingers tightening on my face. “She’s moaning like a bitch in heat! Hot damn, if that doesn’t feel nice on my pecker. You’re gonna get a huge load of my cum, slut!”

I groaned in anticipation, forcing Darleen to suck harder, delighting in degrading the girl. She’d remember every second of this night, baffled by her behavior, and forever stained by it. The cock in her mouth swelled, and then coated her tasted buds with salty cream.

“Yes, yes, yes!” groaned the guy.

His cum was so thick as I swallowed. Then my mouth was free and the man stumbled back, shoving his cock back into his pants. The outraged woman stepped up, lifting her skirt and shoving her panties to the side. Her pussy was adorned with a thick bush, and they felt like silk on my cheeks.

“Lick me, slut!” she groaned. “If you can pleasure my asshole boyfriend, then you can give me a nice cum!”

“God, that’s hot,” her boyfriend laughed.

“You enjoyin’ this?”

“Hell, yeah, babe!”

“Well you ain’t gonna see it again, I’m kickin’ your ass to the curb!”

She tasted tart. I dug Darleen’s tongue deep through her folds, swallowing her juices as Big Hoss pumped his wide cock in and out of my ass. Such delicious, wicked, depraved sensations rolled through me. I drank in all their adoration.

Big Hoss and the lady humping her pussy into my face kissed over me, and the boyfriend cried out in protest. “Stop kissin’ my girl.”

“She kicked you to the curb,” rumbled Big Hoss. “Can’t blame me for scoopin’ her up now that she’s free.”

“That’s right,” she purred. “You got a thick cock. I wouldn’t mind giving it a try!”

Big Hoss pumped faster. “Let me just finish up in this slut’s ass, and we’ll head on outta here!”

“Umm, that sound’s nice!” she purred, her fingers stroking my hair. “Let me get off. This slut knows how to eat pussy. Better than some assholes I know!”

“Fuck you!” her former boyfriend sulked.

“Not anymore!” she moaned. “Umm, eat me slut. Give me a nice, big cum! Ain’t had a good one in a while. Had me a limp dick!”

She humped her pussy into my lips, using my vessel as a masturbation aide. She just wanted to cum, and didn’t care if the teen enjoyed it. So degrading, so amazing! I loved rolling in the depraved filth of the Mortal World.

“Eat me, bitch! Oh, fuck! Oh, yes!”

“Cum on her purtee face!” laughed Big Hoss. “And I’ll cum on her purtee ass!”

“Yes, yes, fuck yes!”

She shuddered, flooding my mouth with her tasty pussy juices. Big Hoss grunted, ripping his cock out her ass, then basted it with thick, ropy cum, grunting every time another squirt landed on my pert ass.

The moment he stepped out of the way, another cock buried in my vessel’s cunt. The woman stepped away and another cock was waiting for my hungry mouth. Man after man, and a few women, used and abused my vessel, and I savored every, wonderful, depraved moment. They treated Darleen’s body without any care, throwing my light body about.

I savored the feeling of being fucked in the ass and pussy, I reveled in the cum being shot all across my vessel’s body, and I enjoyed it when a man fucked my face and shoved his cock down my throat. I swallowed cum, bathed in cum, wallowed in cum. I was covered in all their filth and worship, lying on the dirty floor.

“This little slut needs to be cleaned off,” slurred a drunk guy, whipping out his cock, and he pissed on my vessel.

So degrading! An orgasm ripped through me as I forced Darleen to open up her mouth and drink his acrid fluid. It stung my eyes, dripping warm and wet down her body, mixing with the drying cum. Another guy whipped out his cock and showered her hair, mixing in more filthy.
“Yes! Give me all your offering!” I moaned through her lips. The pleasure kept rippling through her, and I savored her youth and vitality.

One of the women squatted over me, her pussy hairy, and her piss added to the men. I forced Darleen to drink and drink until her belly was full. My vessel reeked of urine. I glanced at the corner where my bodyguard sat, my handmaiden across his lap, their mouths pressed together.

“Attend me,” I moaned, shuddering on the pee-drenched floor as my wonderful orgasm ran its course.

“Yes, Goddess,” my bodyguard said, pushing my handmaiden off his lap and walking over, his hand on his gun.

“I have broken many laws of your community,” I purred. “It is time you arrested me. And you should also alert your comrades of the illegal activity going on in the tattoo parlor. A grown man and a pair of innocent teens.”

“Yes, Goddess.”

I smiled as he pulled out his handcuffs, ratcheting my arms behind my back. He read off my rights, all part of their ritual. My vessel would always remember this night. It would haunt her forever.

I couldn’t wait for one of those millions of sperm wiggling around inside her to find a fertile egg.

To be continued…

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