Devil’s Pact Update 2-28-14

Hey everyone

February sure flew by. I’m hoping to have the next chapter out tomorrow. No promises, but my editor thinks he’ll be done. RL interfered, but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. It’s a long chapter, the longest of the last few.

I finished writing the last side-story and the last sex scene with Mark and Mary. All the tales of the best buy incident are written, and I have two and half chapters of the Ghost of Paris. It’s up to ten chapters and an epilogue. Earlier this week an idea came to me and it required an additional chapter to implement.

After that I have the Slave Chronicles to write, each one would focus on a different sex slave Mark and Mary gave to their friends and family and then there’s a church camp summer fun story to write. Follows the auburn haired girl Mark followed into the locker room back in Mark Goes Back to School as she explores her burgeoning sexuality at church camp.

There maybe one last mini series involving a preacher that makes a pact with the demon Dagon and forms a cult in West Virgina and the young, married couple that gets caught up in it. And then the Devil’s Pact Universe will be finished unless inspiration strikes me.

If you’re wonder what’s after the DPU, I have one word for you: Genies.

Take care everyone


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4 thoughts on “Devil’s Pact Update 2-28-14

  1. Peter

    Sounds epic! I’m excited to hear you’re going to go into more detail with the sex slaves, because I was always wanting to hear about Mrs. Corra and Dawn and their adventures in and out of school. Also what ever happened to those two girls that Mark played with when he went to school, the girl he turned into a piss slut and her black friend? I always thought those two made a pretty interesting pair. Anyway, keep up all the good work and I’m massively excited for the next chapter! Cheers!

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      In Ms. Blythe is Hot for her Students, one of the girls from the bathroom, Maya Spooner (Not the black girl) shows up. She’s the reason the chapter will have a watersport tag.

      Yeah, there will be a chapter with Mrs. Corra and Dawn. Mrs. Corra defintely takes place at school. Here are my notes for what I was thinking about for their stories.

      Dawn – ‘Day in the Boys Bathroom’ Forced to spend the day in the boy’s bathroom as a fuck toy
      Mrs. Corra – ‘Detention’ Gets rented out by Damien by keeping boys in detention

      1. Peter

        Those both sound like excellent ideas! Not sure if you’re planning on it, but Dawn being “forced” to spend all day in the boys bathroom makes feel like some light/medium bondage is going to occur – which seems fitting considering the setting. Also I really hope Mrs. Corra is made to wear a little butt plug under her clothes while she’s at school, with the knowledge that no one else knows keeping her on edge. Can’t wait for these next chapters!

        1. mypenname3000 Post author

          I’ve written four and a half chapters of the slave chronicles, with each one focusing on a different girl, and it’s turning into a lot bondage in some of them, and some humiliation (though the slave gets off on the humiliation). I haven’t written Dawn or Corra’s, and I like the butt plug idea. Dawn’s is turning into a gloryhole story now, still set in the bathroom.


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