The Devil’s Pact Side-Story: Mary’s Admirer


The Devil’s Pact

Side-Story: Mary’s Admirer

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Male/Female, Mind Control, Magic, BDSM, Female Domination, Cock and Ball Torture, Spanking, Water Sports

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Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this! This story takes place between Chapter 49 and Chapter 50.

Thursday, September 11th, 2014 – Theodore Mitchel – Colorado

She was the most beautiful creature in the world. Those lovely, red curls. Eyes the color of emeralds. I had fallen in love with her the first time I had seen her, wreathed in flames. A Goddess. My muse. The woman that would be my queen.


Was any name more sublime?

For the last year, I had watched her on my television, drinking in her every appearance. My DVR was filled with recordings of her beauty. I needed her to be mine. I burned with passion for her.
But how could a lowly mortal like me tame a Goddess?

In the back corners of the internet I found the way. The Magicks of the Witch of Endor. A book condemned by the Theocracy, illegal in any corner of the world. But I didn’t care. I could become a God myself. I could be worthy of her.

I lit the fire and butchered one of my heifers, throwing the cow’s flank on the flames to greet the sun rising over the Rocky Mountains. I spoke, hoping he could understand my lisp. Lucifer appeared, stepping out of the sunlight, smartly dressed in a charcoal suit, a red gleam in his eyes, a friendly smile on his face.

His lips moved; I read them. “Hello, Theodore.” He knew my name. I don’t know why I was surprised.

“Three wishes for my soul?” I signed.

“Or course.”

“I want Mary to be mine.”


“I want her to never leave my house.”


“I want her to love me.”


I blinked, then rapidly signed, “What? I thought you can grant anything.”

“Not that. She is bound too tight to her husband for anyone to break their love. Even me.”

That was a set back. How could she be my Goddess if she didn’t love me?

“Love can always form,” Lucifer smiled. “Given time. It’s not like she’s going anywhere.”

“Then…” I hesitated in mid-sign, trying to think. “Then I wish that she lust for me.” Love could grow from lust. She’d come around and love me.


In a cloud of bitter sulfur, Lucifer produced a contract. I signed. My heart thudded.

“She’s waiting inside,” he signed, a smile on his face, just curling the corners of his lips. “Have fun.”

I glanced back at my house, built like a log cabin on my fifty acres in the depths of the Rockies, an hours drive from the nearest town. My refuge from the world. And now my Goddess was here. I turned back to thank Lucifer, but he was gone, vanished back into the Æther that spawned him.

I burned to find out if my Goddess was really in my house. My stomach twisted in knots and sweat broke out across my forehead. Did I really just sell my soul to possess her? Such a small price to pay to have such a radiant creature.

My front door opened. Mary appeared in the doorway, wearing only her auburn hair. She was yelling, pushing against an invisible barrier. I couldn’t hear her, I hadn’t heard anything since I was nine. My deafness had insulated me from Mark’s powers. I wasn’t his slave like everyone else. And now I’ve liberated Mary from him and made her my Goddess. Mark could have the world, all I needed was my Mary. She was trying to leave, and I smiled fondly as I walked towards the house. It was cute that she was trying to escape her home.

She’d learn to love it as much as I did.

Her green eyes fixed on me, burning with intensity. My cock stirred. She would be such a fiery lover. Her chest heaved, freckled breasts jiggling, topped with dark-red nipples. She crossed her arms as I approached, her hips cocking.

“My Goddess,” I spoke, hoping my words were intelligible to her. Her eyes narrowed. “I’m so happy to finally have you.” I reached out to touch her cheek.

I read her lips. “Warlock, what did you wish for?”

“For you to never leave our home. For you to be mine forever. For you to desire me always.”

She stepped back, a smile curling her lips.

I entered my house, my eyes locked on her beauty. She was standing close to me. I could smell the unguents that perfumed her body, a hint of salty sweat beneath, and the spicy-sweet musk of her arousal as she lusted after me. My Goddess. I reached out to touch her perfection.

Her hand was a blur.

Pain exploded in my wrist, shooting up my arm.

The world spun about me.

The breath burst out of my lungs.

I was on my back. She stood above me. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Her eyes smoldered in anger. Her foot came down on my throat as I struggled to get up, pinning me like a bug. Even angry, she was perfect.

Her lips moved. Red light flared around me. My ears tingled, a low roar grew in my head. Sound crashed into me, stabbing into my head. I could hear her breath and my ragged gasp, the floor creaking beneath me as I squirmed beneath her foot.

“What?” I gasped. “What happened?”

“You are free to ignore my commands, Warlock,” she hissed. I could hear her.

“You’re supposed…to love…me,” I heaved.

Her foot pressed harder into my throat as she laughed. It was such a dismissive laugh, her lip curling in disgust. This isn’t supposed to be happening.

“How could I ever love a disgusting worm like you?”

“But…but we’re meant to be. I lo—”

Her foot dug deeper. My lungs burned; I struggled to breath, grabbing her foot and pushing her weight off of me. She pushed down once then moved her foot from my throat. I coughed and gagged while the love of my life stared down at me with terrible disgust.

“You’re…supposed…to…desire me.”

“Oh, I desire you,” she purred, her voice smoky. It was so beautiful. “I do so love abusing worms. And trust me, you’ll enjoy my treatment far more than my husband’s.”

“He doesn’t know where we are,” I groaned, fear growing inside me.

“He’s a God. Now strip.

“No. You’re mine. You need to treat me with—”

“Did I tell you to speak, worm?”

Her eyes bore into me. “Sorry,” I muttered.

“Mistress.” She pressed her bare foot against my chest. “I am your Mistress, filth.”

“Sorry, Mistress.”

My cock strained my pants. Why? This isn’t what was supposed to happen. She was supposed to love me, not abuse me. My hands went to my short buttons, working down my denim shirt. She lifted an eyebrow as I peeled it off.

“That’s it?”

Her disdain hurt. I flushed, my skin pale and my chest sagging a bit, my stomach a little flabby. “Sorry, Mistress.”

Her foot pressed into the crotch of my jeans; I winced as she mashed my hard cock. “So small.” She rubbed harder and a groan escaped my lips. “Do you like that, worm? Do you like the feel of my foot crushing your small dick?”

“No,” I groaned, pleasure radiating out from my cock as she crushed the tip, grinding it against my underwear.

“Are you sure?” she smiled, then pressed down again. I groaned. “I think you love it.”

“I just want to love you,” I told her, reaching out to touch her leg. She yanked back.

“Not yet, worm.” Her grin deepened. “But you’ll get plenty of time to love me. Take off your belt. Now!”

My hands fell to my belt, undoing it, pulling it through the loops. She held out her hand, taking it between both hands, then pulled taunt, the looped belt snapping together with a meaty thwack; I flinched.

“This will do,” she purred. “I love to discipline naughty sluts and assholes. I get off on it.” She snapped the belt again, her smile turning dangerous. “I so rarely indulge my passion of dominating men. When I do, I prefer a…stronger specimen, but…” She squeezed her thighs together. “Well, you are all I have access to.”

I stood up. This couldn’t continue. “Listen. We’re going to be in this house forever, so—”

Pain exploded as the belt lashed my chest. “Did I tell you to stand, worm?”

“You have to stop—”


“I can do whatever I want!” she hissed. Crack! “Now get on your knees.

Her eyes were so intense. I fell to my knees, my cock painfully hard. She stood over me. So powerful. I felt like a child looking up at my angry mother. A beautiful mother. “Sorry, Mistress.”

Her foot lifted up, tweaking my hard cock. I groaned as my cock bounced up and down, a shudder running through my body. “Do you enjoy my blows?” she asked.



My back burned.

“Do not lie to me!”


“Sorry, Mistress!”


“Answer my question, worm!”


“Yes! I do, Mistress!” I felt so weak and helpless before this Goddess, a lowly worm not worthy of her attention. And yet she gave it to me. The belt snapped down, laying across my back. The pain burned. I was such a bad boy for stealing her and locking her away. She could whip me all she wanted just so long as she was here with me. My sun. My Goddess. My everything.


“I’m yours,” I moaned. “Just let me touch you. Worship you. No man will ever be more devoted to you.”

Her eyebrow raised. “You think I want something so pathetic forever?”

“Please,” I begged. “A touch.”

“Oh, you’ll touch me.” She stepped forward. “You’ll get to taste me. Drink from me.” Her smile twisted. “I have to pee.”


Her fingers grasped my hair, pulling towards her shaved pussy, a fiery heart above it shaped from pubic hair. I could smell her sweet-spicy musk, an enticing bouquet. I didn’t fight, eager to taste her.



I obeyed my Mistress.

She tasted wonderful, a delightful feast that I was starving for. I worshiped my Mistress, putting all my love for her as my tongue swept through her silky folds. I inhaled her musk and drank her womanhood. A low moan escaped her lips, her perky breasts heaved faster, white milk leaking from her dark-red nipples.

Her hands tightened in my hair, pulling me tight against her. She looked down, that contemptible smile on her face. “Are you read to accept my gift?”

I nodded, wondering what it could be? Would she let me drink her divine milk, nourishing me like a mother nursing the son she loved so much? I sucked harder at her pussy, swiping my tongue faster. Her smile broadened, her stomach tensed and trembled.

Acrid urine sprayed into my mouth. The bitter taste stung my lips, running down my whiskered cheeks. I could smell the strong odor, assaulting my nose and burning my eyes. I tried to pull away, revolted, but her hands were tight, pulling me in.

“Don’t you like your gift?” she cooed, her hips shifting. “I love pissing in the mouths of worms! Drink it all down!”


Pain flared, mixing with the humiliation of drinking her urine. Her eyes burned with disdain.


I swallowed her gift.


I was unworthy of her love.


I should be grateful for whatever gifts she would give.


I was a worm!


I wasn’t worthy of her love!


But if I was good!


I would earn her love.


I would earn her love!


The stream of urine died, and my tongue flicked out, gathering the drops of the nasty fluid that soiled her pussy, cleaning her. The belt kept falling as I drove my tongue through her, and her moans grew louder, her hips writhing as she ground her sex into my hungry lips. My cock ached to be touched, begging me to stroke it, but my Goddess demanded my full attention. I ignored the fire burning in my back and put all my love into her pussy.

I would earn her!

“That’s it!” she purred, her voice husky with passion. “Eat my pussy, worm! That’s all your mouth is good for! You will never talk unless I tell you to! Your lips existed to worship me!”


I moaned my yes into her pussy, my lips finding her clitoris. I wanted to feel more of her. My hands reached out, touching her thighs, sliding around to grab her plump ass and pull her even tighter against my hungry lips.


“Do not touch me, worm!” she hissed. “Put your hands behind your back!”


I shot them behind me, clutching them at the small of my back as I devoured her.

She laughed, “So pathetic.”

I was pathetic. That’s why I needed to earn her love. I flicked and battered her clitoris with my tongue, her pants growing louder. Her passion growing. I could feel it. Her stomach quivered, her voice grew high-pitched, gasping and moaning.

She screamed when she came.

A flood of wonderful juices poured into my hungry mouth, running sticky down my cheeks, joining the urine staining my neck and matting my chest hairs. Her fingers pulled on my hair, new pain flaring as her pussy engulfed my face. My nose was buried into her sweet-spicy musk. I was earning her love.


“Adequate,” she panted, pulling away, her body shining with her sweat. “Do you have rope?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Get it!”

I scurried to obey, heading down into my basement and finding the rough, orange rope coiled in a box, and hurrying back up to my Mistress. I couldn’t keep her waiting. She was waiting for me. She sat on a chair like a queen, back straight, milk leaking out of her nipples and running down her body. I so wanted to tasted her bounty, my gaze stuck on those magnificent breasts.

“Do you want to taste my milk?” she asked, smiling.

“Yes, Mistress,” I gasped as I knelt.

“You never will. Only those I love taste my breast milk.”

I would earn her love.

“Where’s your bedroom? I need more satisfaction than your pathetic tongue can give me.”

Shame flushed through me. I had tried my best to pleasure her. I needed to try harder. How could she love me if I couldn’t satisfy her properly? Well, I would do my best. She wouldn’t be disappointed. I knew how to use my cock to please a woman. I’d make her forget all about her husband. She would be mine fully. My naughty mother. My Mistress.

She smacked my ass with the belt as I led her to my bedroom, my cock aching and bouncing before me. I needed to cum so bad. It took all my control not to reach down and stroke my cock, jerking it hard until my offering of love spurted on my Goddess’s toes.

“Lie down, spread eagle,” she commanded, uncoiling the rope and smiling as she saw the sturdy posts of my bed.

“Yes, Mistress.”

My cock throbbed at the excitement of being restrained, completely at my Goddess’s mercy. This would prove just how much I love her, that I would do anything for her. What other man in her life would possibly allow her to abuse and humiliate him. I would be a good boy, and then she’d let me nurse from her breasts.

She tied the knots tight, the rough rope digging into my flesh, pulling my arms tight above my shoulders. I smiled at her, my belt draped over her shoulder, her hips rolling as she walked around the bed to my foot, tying me tight and pulling my leg straight. Finally, I was fully bound and helpless, the rope biting into my flesh as I tested the bonds.

“Do you know what I am?” she asked, shoving her fingers deep into her pussy.

“A Goddess.”

“No. Not really. I’m just a woman. I made my own Pact with the Devil.” Her fingers came out, sticky with her juices.

“I don’t care. You’re a Goddess to me.”

“You’ve read the Magicks of the Witch of Endor?”


“Then you know what a Shaman is. I have a Priestess’s powers.” My eyes widened. I had read about Priestesses, women who dealt with Warlocks. She drew something on my forehead with her pussy juices. My eyes widened—the Mark of Qayin. “I’m going to exorcise your Pact and strip away every wish you made.”

“Please don’t,” I begged, my eyes widening. “You’re mine! I can’t lose you.”

“You never had me,” she hissed. The belt cracked across my chest. “I’m going to ride your small cock, and when you cum, I’ll take it all away from you.”

“No,” I cried, tears running down my cheeks. “Please. You’re mine. We’re meant to be together. I love you.”

She laughed, the belt cracked across my stomach. I winced. “How can I love a worm? You’re so disgusting.” She grabbed my cock, squeezing hard. “Look at how hard you are! How could I love any man that would let himself be bound and tormented? A real man would stop me!”


“But what man loves you enough to submit to you?” I pleaded. “I’m your slave!”


“What woman wants to love a creature weaker than her?” A smile crossed her face.


“My stallion took me the first time.”


“He could take me whenever he wants.”


“I’m his filly!”


“His companion!”


“He has given me the world!”


“Please don’t leave me, Mistress! Let me earn your love.”

She straddled me, grasping my cock. My chest and belly were striped with flames, but my cock was still hard. If I pleased her, she would keep me. I can see how much she enjoys hurting me. I could be her whipping boy. Her hand brought me to the entrance of her paradise, brushing my tip against her soft petals.

I was going to be inside her. Finally.


I could take all the pain.


Just to be inside her.


She slid down. I groaned, arching my back as her wet, hot flesh engulfed me, an embrace of passion. She buried my length into her, settling down, shifting, her milk-laden breasts swaying and jiggling. I fought against the rope, straining to reach up and touch her. The ropes were too tight, my wrist screamed in protest.

“Is that it?” she asked, shifting again. “So small.”

“Sorry, Mistress,” I groaned. “But you don’t have to steal my wish.”

“Oh, I do.”

“Then keep me. I’ll be your slave. Your little boy you can whip! I’ll drink your piss! I’ll worship your feet! I’ll kiss every part of your perfect body.”

Her hands reached behind her, down between my legs. She found my balls. The pain burst inside me as she squeezed. Her hips rose, pleasure burning in my cock as my nuts burned in agony. I screamed and moaned, pain and pleasure fight inside me, mixing together.

“There are so many strong men with big dicks out there I can make into my slave,” she laughed. “I hardly need to soil myself with you ever again.”


“Please!” I howled, the pleasure churning inside me.

“Savor the minuscule pleasure I’m forced to give you to be free of your damned wish!” Her hands squeezed even harder. I pulled against the ropes.

“Let me love you!”


“I do not want your love! I want my freedom!”


Despite the pain in my balls, or maybe because of it, my climax neared. I couldn’t stop it. It built and built, growing at the tip of my cock. Her pussy felt too amazing to resist. And her hands were squeezing the cum out of my balls.

“That’s it! Cum in me! Let me rid you of your powers!”

Her hips twisted as she rose, stirring my cock around inside her. My body tensed, pulling on the ropes. My dreams were about to end. I couldn’t stop myself. My Mistress wanted me to cum. Her hand squeezed harder, a sharp pain stabbed right to the end of my cock.

I erupted inside her.

“Shalak!” she screamed.

I felt my Pact rush out of me with my cum, spewing into her pussy. “No!” I howled. “No! Please!”

She shot off me in the blink of an eye, shuddering. “You are disgusting,” she hissed. “I feel dirty just touching you.”

“Please! Let me be your slave!”

She laughed. “Why? All the desire I felt for you vanished when I exorcised you.” She leaned against the wall. “My husband is almost here. It takes time to cross the world, even through the Shadows.”


“You are such an idiot to think this would have ever worked,” my Mistress laughed. “You dabbled at the Magicks of the Witch of Endor, but we have gone so much farther. We have delved into powers not even discussed in there.”

A line of white appeared, cut into the very air, slowly drawing into a circle. She straightened, a smile on her face, her eyes full of longing, softening into love. The gaze she had never shown me. She no longer seemed like the harsh mistress. She had transformed into the expectant schoolgirl wanting for her lover. The circle completed and a hole appeared, cut into reality, gray fog billowing through the portal.

A man stepped through, naked, muscular, a bronze dagger in his hand. “Mare!” he exclaimed and enfolded my Goddess in his arms, their lips meeting with such a passionate kiss, their bodies melting together. She would never let me touch her like that.

“No!” I sobbed.

A Black woman dressed like a slutty cop stepped through, followed by more bodyguards streaming into the room and out into the house. She stopped over me, a choker about her neck inscribed with the number 51.

“Looks like Mary took care of the Warlock,” laughed a Middle-Eastern bodyguard. “She turned you into her balim.”

“Have your squad secure the perimeter, 24,” the Black woman ordered the Middle-Easter woman.

24 nodded and barked orders.

“My stallion!” moaned Mary and I gaped. She was pressed against my bedroom wall, her legs wrapped around Mark’s waist, his hips thrusting away. I could see her face over his shoulder twisted in pleasure, her fingernails digging into his back. “That’s it! Take me! Fuck me! I need a real man to make me cum!”

My heart twisted in pain. “Please, Mistress.”

“Gag him!” moaned Mary.

“Yes, ma’am,” 51 nodded and shoved a pair of my underwear into my mouth.

“Fuck me, Mark! Ride your filly!”

Her eyes fixed on me, and a smile crossed her lips. Shame flushed me. She was being pleasured the way I never could. I had failed to win her love; my cock hardened. I could only watch as she was fucked, writhing against her stallion. Tears leaked down my face. I just wanted to be happy with her. Lucifer promised me that.

51 flicked my cock. “What are we doing with him?”

“Take him to the barracks!” gasped my Goddess. “The bodyguards can use him how they please.”

“We’ll see he’s punished,” 51 laughed. “He’ll howl for touching a goddess.”

I was dragged away by the bodyguards, leaving my Mistress behind to be pleasured by her stallion, her cries of passion following me all through the house. The bodyguards’ eyes were all hard as they looked at me, and I knew I would suffer at their hands.

I was a bad boy.

My cock throbbed.

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