The Devil’s Pact Side-Story: Isabella Wins the Lotto


The Devil’s Pact

Side-Story: Isabella Wins the Lotto

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Male/Female/Teen female, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Virgin

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Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this! This story takes during Chapter 53.

Wednesday, May 27th, 2054 – Isabel Floracita – Davis, CA

I trembled as I sat on the floor staring at our TV. My father, my mother, their wife, and my brothers and sisters crowded the floor waiting for the results of the lotto. Three days I ago I had turned sixteen. I was finally eligible.

Keeping my virginity in tact until I was sixteen was so hard. All my friends were enjoying the freedom of sex. At school, I had a hard time resisting the urge to join in on the stress relief between classes. But I had dedicated myself to pleasuring the God. When I turned twelve, the priest gave me the blessing, judging me worthy to attempt the lottery at sixteen.

“You are beautiful, child,” the priest had said. “You would greatly please the God.”

So I dedicated myself to remaining pure. On my sixteenth birthday, I marched down to the temple where a priestess verified my hymen was intact. She had a beautiful smile on her face as she approved me for the lottery.

All around the world, other virgins who just turned sixteen eagerly entered. They wanted to be chosen to be the God’s lover for the day. There were far more girls that dreamed of the Living God taking their virginities than he had time to service, so only the most beautiful were chosen. But even then, there were still too many of us.

So the Lottery had been created. One girl a day was honored to lie with the Living God, sacrificing her virginity to the God that saved the world from the Demons. My parents were children during the Demon Wars, and they knew first hand how amazing our Gods were.

The nightly news was drawing to its close. All that was left was the lottery. I tensed, hoping I was one of the seven girls chosen for next week.

“You’ll make it, sweetpea,” Daddy said. “Oh, my baby girl is going to please the God.”

My pussy clenched in anticipation. I itched so bad. I masturbated all the time, but I was so careful not to tear my hymen. The Living God deserved only the freshest cherries. I know you will be satisfied with my body, Great God, I prayed, squeezing my eyes shut. So please pick me so that I may pleasure you with my nubile body. Let me repay all the love and kindness you give mankind with my virgin flesh.

“It’s time,” gasped Rosasita, my half-sister. She was fourteen and also a virgin, hoping to be chosen herself in two years. “You’ll be chosen. I just know it.”

“I’m sure there are a few thousand virgins out there excited for the weekly draft,” the announcer said, a busty woman, her naked breasts jiggling as she clapped her hands. “I remember how excited I was when my name was picked.”

I nodded my head. A virgin could go so far in life. Doors were opened. And if I bore the God a child, I might even find a place in the priesthood. I bit my lip, my nerves rising. “Come on and say it!” I blurted out.

My mother laughed, her hands landing on my shoulders and massaging me. “Relax, dear. It’s an honor just to enter the lotto.”

“But I want him, mom,” I moaned. “So bad.”

“What women doesn’t?” she laughed.

The announcer’s naked breasts jiggled with each name: “Beatrycze of the District of Europe.”

“That’s okay,” Rosalita clapped.

“Tién of the District of the Far East.”

My stomach knotted.

“Shadiya of the District of North Africa.”

“Still four,” my dad encouraged.

“Toma of the District of Russia.”

I trembled. I wasn’t going to be picked.

“Marma of the District of Oceania”

Two left. I squeezed my eyes shut.

“Telma of the District of South America.

My heart sank. There was only one left. It wouldn’t be me. A shuddering sob wracked my body and—

“Isabella of the the District of North America!”

My entire family and I erupted into applause. I was chosen. I won the lotto. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I trembled as everyone wrapped me up in a big hug. I was going to be taken to the Living God. I was going to be his virgin sacrifice. I had never been so happy.

In a week, I would be in his bed. I was the sixth name pulled. I would be his Saturday lover.

My dad grabbed a box of wine, pouring everyone a glass of wine. When the priestesses knocked on the door a half-hour later, I was buzzed on my first glass of wine, giggling with my sisters as they all enviously hugged me, my older sisters whispering naughty suggestions in my ears.

When Dad opened the door. We all fell silent at the sight of the priestesses in their gauzy, white robes, their nubile bodies enticing shadows through their vestments. I stared at their white robes, trembling in delight. They swept in without a word, clasped hands on me, and lead me from the house. I waved at my family as my excitement grew.

“You are such a lucky girl,” purred one of the priestesses as we climbed into the back of a limo. I had never been fortunate to ride in a car before, let alone something as luxurious as a limo. “Ooh, I wish I had won my lotto.”

“You had to give your cherry to the Bishop instead,” another priestess giggled.

“The Living God has chosen you,” a third said, bending over and kissing me on the lips. “I can taste his Divine choice upon you.”

I giggled in delight, my blood still burning with the wine and the excitement. “He must have seen how badly I desire him.”

“Your prayers must have been quite fervent.” A wicked grin split the priestess’s lips, her hand pressing between her thighs, rubbing her pussy as she moaned, “Oh, yes, my Lord! I need you so bad! My nubile body craves your touch. Choose me and I will satisfy you!”

The other priestesses all giggled.

My cheeks reddened, but I nodded my head. “Many times I prayed with such fervor.”

“Good girl.”

“How will I get to him?” I asked.

“His servants are flying planes to pick up all you girls.” The woman leaned over and whispered in my ear. “You were actually picked two days earlier, so the God’s servants have this all worked out. You’ll be whisked up to the Mansion and spend your time there waiting for your turn in His bed.”

“You will be pampered by the Maids,” another Priestess added, sighing with envy. “Only the most beautiful women serve the Gods. You are so lucky to be chosen.”

The limo drove for hours and my excitement began to wane. I nodded off, falling to sleep with my head piled on a priestess’s lap. My dreams were full of the Living God, His piercing blue eyes, His smile, His muscular body. I would part my legs and offer up all my treasurers for Him to delight in.

When I woke up, I was in a silken bed, two priestesses attending to my wants. They bathed me, their hands sliding over my nubile body. I moaned as their touches brushed my nipples and pussy, but they were quite careful not to give me an orgasm.

“You must remain pure,” they giggled. “On the return journey, I’m sure you’ll be used by everyone. We will all want a piece of you and your sweet, God-touched snatch.”

“I can’t wait,” I breathed. “I’m going to have so much sex.”

“With women,” the priestess reminded. “The God will need you to abstain from men until your next period. So you can be sure you bear His child if your womb quickens.”

“Oh, yes,” I beamed as they dressed me in blue silks and combed my long, brown hair. I hoped I did conceive. What an honor that would be to give birth to a demigod.

“The plane will arrive in a few hours,” the added. “You can wander about the airport and see the sights.”

“An airport?” I goggled. “Where are we?”

“We drove down to San Francisco while you slept. I’m afraid it’s the nearest airport.”

“There are planes here?” My excitement mounted.

“A few,” she smiled. “Mostly cargo planes.”

I loved watching history documentary, and shots of planes flying back and forth always amazed me. But the world was different now. Everyone knew where their place was. The Theocracy assigned every man or woman to a job, and it was always the job that made you the most happy. Only the leaders of the Theocracy and the Gods needed to travel for pleasure. As the Gods’ weekly announcements always said, “You are happy with the jobs We chose for you. All the pleasures you need are found in your community. You have no desire to travel the world.”

The Gods were so wise. So much strife had been solved by their Theocracy. Mankind was entirely harmonious. The brutality of the past had been swept clean. I gave a prayer in thanks to the Living God and Goddess for their love and mercy as I awaited the plane.

Then I goggled at the planes landing and taking-off, carrying goods and supplies around the world. The planes were so amazing, these big, heavy metal hunks that could fly with as much grace as a bird. And I would get to fly on one.

The Gods’ plane was so obvious when it landed. All the other planes were boring, unpainted silver, but this one had color, a white belly with a blue top. I squealed in excitement. The door opened as it stood on the center of the tarmac. A stair truck was driven up, and then the most beautiful women in navy-blue uniforms stepped out.

The Bodyguards.

My mouth dropped as I saw servants of the Gods. They were all beautiful, moving with a deadly grace. Their blue uniforms had short skirts to show off their sexy legs, and the blouses were so low-cut, their tits were practically spilling out. Black, thick belts encircled their waists, and each had a gun in a holster.

“Wow,” I whispered. I had only seen guns in movies, and they were always in the hands of villains. Only the Bodyguards should be armed. Only the Gods’ servants could be trusted with weapons.

Each bodyguard had a choker about her neck, a number inscribed on a gold plate. They strode up to me. The priestesses all bowed, murmuring, “Holy Bodyguards.”

“Well, she’s a tasty morsel,” the lead bodyguard laughed, the number 95 printed on her collar. She had coppery-red hair and freckled breasts, her voice lilting with a pleasant accent. “Let’s go, poppy, before we have any problems.”

“Problems?” I blinked.

“Never you mind your pretty, little head,” the Bodyguard said as the women surrounded me. “I guarded Mark and Mary since the Wormwood Plague, so I’ll keep you safe.”

My eyes widened. “But that was so long ago.”

“And I still look hot, right?” she laughed as we strode out of the airport. “Serving Mark and Mary have their perks.”

“You call the Gods by Their real names?” That seemed so blasphemous.

“Don’t you worry about that either, poppy. We’re their servants. I fought and bled at his side during the Demon Wars. I watched Lucifer himself shred the Bodyguard to ribbons during the duel. The Gods don’t care what we call them.”

“Wow,” I nodded, my eyes shining wide. “Maybe…I could be a servant.”

“Maybe,” she shrugged. “The Bodyguards are recruiting. I have three new girls with me. Maybe you’ll toughen up in a few years. I think we’re gonna need strong girls like you.”

“I can be strong,” I boasted. “For the Gods.”

“Good, poppy.”

“But, um, why would you need more.”

She furrowed her forehead. “Well, evil is stirring again. The nuns are back, slinking in the shadows. The faithful need to be ready to fight it.”

“The Sisters of Mary Magdalene?” I asked, my eyes widening.

“Yes. So be faithful and remember that the Gods love you.”

I nodded my head. “I’ll always be faithful.”

“Of course you will, poppy.”

We reached the airplane, climbing up the ladder. A new shiver passed through me. I would be flying soon. The airplane was huge inside, filled with plush seats. A few other girls dozed in their seats, other lottery winners. Women in stewardess outfits, their naked breasts exposed, moved about. Each had their choker.

“Come with me, sweetie,” a dusky-skinned stewardess purred, grabbing my hand and leading me to a seat. Her choker named her Aaliyah. I sat on my seat, a round window next to my head. “Buckle up, we’ll be taking off soon. In a few hours, we’ll be landing at the Theocracy.”

With my face pressed against the window, I watched with excitement as the plane taxied through the airport. The engines roared real loud, the entire airplane shaking. I gripped the armrest, my heart thudding loud. I was about to fly.

The engines screamed. The plane shot forward, pressing me back into my seat.

I giggled as the plane left the ground, climbing into the blue sky and taking me to see the Living God.


Saturday, June 5th, 2054 – The Mansion

My morning dawned and I woke up with excitement.

Today I was going to lose my virginity. All week long, girls had gone to the mansion and became women in his bed. They were all so lucky. For over a week, the sexy maids had waited on me hand and foot, letting me explore the grounds of the Mansion and providing anything I desired. The virgins and I were even taken to the Grand Temple down in the city of Puyallup where the High Priestesses, Daisy and Rose, blessed us.

And then an entire congregation of worshipers prayed to us, their hands reaching out to touch or virginal flesh. Everyone was so happy that the God would lie with us. News crews interviewed us and we even met a few of the Holy Sluts. Alison was such a laugh. She was so different than the stories of her fearless leadership during the Demon Wars.

“Good morning, Isabella,” Sakura bowed, the petite, Japanese maid had a big smile on her face. Though she was older than me, she appeared only fifteen. Her mother, Tomoyo, was one of the original maids, and Sakura had been raised from birth to serve the Gods.

“He took my virginity, too,” Sakura had whispered the day we met. “And then he bound me to his service.”

I envied her. I wanted to serve the Gods, praying every time I masturbated, rubbing my virgin pussy and crying out my desire as my orgasm poured through me.

“Let’s get you dressed,” Sakura smiled. “I found this sexy, lavender nightie for you to wear. Your dusky nipples will shine through perfectly.”

I let Sakura attend me. She combed my hair, carefully applied my makeup, and then dressed me in the gorgeous nightie, the gauzy fabric not hiding any of my virgin flesh. Then Sakura dabbed perfume on my neck, my wrists, and my inner thigh.

“Ooh, you are just gorgeous,” she beamed. “Master will love you.”

None of the women who served Them called Them Gods. And I was even more shocked to find out that men served the Gods. There weren’t that many, and they were gardeners and laborers who were married to Bodyguards or Maids, more than willing to share their wives with the Gods in exchange for eternal life and youth.

My heart beat faster as we walked across the grounds from the Virgin Temple, the small house that I had lived in for the last week, to the Mansion itself. We passed through the magnificent doors into the richly appointed walls. Maids bustled about as they cleaned, each pausing to give me a kiss on the lips and a whispered, “Satisfy our Master,” as they pinched my ass.

We walked past paintings, many created by the Goddess herself. As we moved deeper, we passed Holy Sluts striding about, their faces looking set and agitated. I had heard rumors of trouble in the world, of citizens rebelling against the Gods.

It seemed impossible to believe that anyone would rebel, but the demonic Sisters of Mary Magdalene were a devious breed.

Finally, we reached the Gods’ suite, a pair of bodyguards flanked the door, backs straight, rigid as beautiful statues. Sakura paid them no head, opening the door and pulling me in. The Gods lounged on a couch watching the TV, while documents were spread out on the desk before them. They looked so normal.

“One of us should go to Hawaii,” the Goddess said as I trembled at the sight of them.

She was so beautiful. Her hair was auburn, falling in curls about Her naked shoulders. My heart beat faster. I couldn’t peel my eyes off the perfection of Her figure. An itch formed between my legs, fires ignited by being in Her very presence.

I barely even noticed the God next to Her. He was handsome, but Her presence just shone with a breath-taking radiance.

“You get used to that,” Sakura giggled in my ear.

The Gods turned, Their eyes falling on me. “Hawaii can wait,” He said, standing up. The God was naked, His body muscled. My eyes trailed down His powerful body to the cock jutting hard before Him. I squeezed my thighs together. That cock was about to take my virginity.

“Isn’t she delicious?” the Goddess purred. “I’ll head to Hawaii after we’re finished.”

“Good,” He nodded, His eyes tightening.

I didn’t care what They were talking about. The Gods were lusting after my body.

The Goddess strolled to me, putting an arm around my shoulders. She leaned in, a flowery scent filled my nose, and whispered, “Are you going to please my husband with your virgin cunt, whore?”

“Y-yes,” I squeaked out, trembling as Her hand stroked my cheek.

“Relax,” She purred.

And I did. All at once the tension melted out of my body, banished by Her divine words.

Then Her lips kissed mine.

My heart stopped beating. The Goddess’s sweet mouth kissed me. I closed my eyes, tilted my head, and let Her tongue explore my mouth. She swirled it about my mouth. I copied Her, letting my tongue brush Hers.

“That is so hot, Mare,” He groaned. “I never get tired of watching you kiss a girl.”

The Goddess broke the kiss, giggling in a girlish manner. “You ready to break her in?”

“Uh-huh. I can’t wait.”

“Horny stallion.” The way the Goddess spoke had such a familiar fondness. These two shared such a profound love. I had been raised on the stories of Their passion, how it had overcome so many attacks by the evil Sisters of Mary Magdalene and the vile Lilith. I was so honored to witness it.

The God took my hand, pulling me into a bedroom, His blue eyes staring at my nubile body only partially concealed by the nightie. My nipples were hard, poking at the translucent fabric, dark shadows. Their bedroom was so ordinary, a large bed dominating the room decorated with dressers and knickknacks. On the night table was a picture of Their daughter, the roaming Goddess Chasity.

The God led me to Their bed, pushing me down onto the soft mattress.

“Have you ever sucked a cock?” The Goddess asked, sitting beside me and stroking my black hair.

“No, Goddess,” I said. “I’m a virgin in every way.”

“Then suck his cock into your mouth and let Him sully you, slut,” She hissed.

“Gladly,” I moaned as the God stretched out on the bed, His cock jutting up.

I rolled onto my hands and knees, crawling to Him, my nightie slipping up my ass. I reached His body, touching the hard muscles of His thighs as I slid up to grasp my first cock. His shaft was warm and hard, and yet soft and throbbing. I stroked up Him once, a smear of precum beading the tip.

I leaned over, licking it, shuddering as the salty flavor ignited my tongue. “So good,” I moaned.

“You’ll love it more when you suck his cock into your lips,” the Goddess purred.

I nodded, opening wide and engulfing His cock. He groaned as my mouth slid down His shaft, my tongue exploring. I remembered my lessons from school, sucking as I bobbed my head, moaning my enjoyment as He stroked my hair. I stroked His shaft with one hand, and the other cupped His balls.

“That’s it, slut,” the Goddess purred behind me. “Worship his cock. I want you to make my husband cum so hard.”

“You’re always looking out for me, Mare,” the God laughed.

The Goddess purred, Her hands stroking my ass. “Lick the slut’s twat,” the God groaned. “I love watching you lick a virgin cunt.”

“They taste so sweet,” the Goddess answered. The bed shifted behind me, Her fingers spreading my thighs apart.

And then I felt Her breath on my pussy lips. I gasped in joy as Her tongue licked up my slit. The Goddess pleasured my pussy. I moaned, sucking harder on the God’s cock as She licked and nuzzled my pussy folds, Her tongue sliding across my hymen.

It was wonderful. Pleasure gathered quickly in my core, so much more intense than my own fumbling. Her tongue stroked up and down, nudging my clit before sliding through my petals. I shuddered and trembled, forcing myself to keep sucking the God’s cock.

“She sucks so hard when you lick her, Mare,” groaned the God. “Damn! This virgin’s mouth is incredible.”

The Gods words encouraged me to suck harder, bobbing my head and taking more and more of His cock into my lips. He brushed the back of my throat. I made my decision to deep-throat Him. I remembered my lessons from school, relaxed my throat, and swallowed.

“Fuck, Mare!” the God groaned. “She’s a natural whore.”

The Goddess made a purring sound, nibbling harder as She nuzzled at my folds. I groaned, shuddering on Her lips as She nuzzled and sucked. My back arched, pressing back into Her hips as my pleasure grew.

And then I exploded.

I moaned around the God’s cock lodged in my throat as waves of pleasure washed through my body.

“Shit!” the God groaned. “Oh, fuck! That’s it slut! Keep moaning. Shit! Your mouth is amazing. I’m gonna cum!”

I wanted to taste Him. I slid up His shaft until only the tip remained in my mouth. I swirled my tongue, moaning loud as the waves of pleasure still washed through me. His cock throbbed and He grunted, flooding my mouth with His salty cum.

It was delicious. I swallowed His blasts as fast as I could, drinking them down with a mighty gulp, His creamy semen coating my throat.

“That’s it, slut,” He panted. “Damn, that was good.”

He released my head, and I popped my lips off His cock. “I’m glad I pleased you, my Lord.”

“That you did, slut,” He grinned, stroking my cheek.

The Goddess slid up, pulling me down to the bed and rolling me on my back. She undid the lace of my nightie, my breasts spilling out. I gasped as Her tongue swirled about my hard nub as the God stretched out beside me, His strong hand pushing between my thighs and rubbing on my dripping pussy.

“You got Her nice and ready for me, Mare.”

“I just want my horny stallion to enjoy His ride.”

“Yes, my Lord,” I gasped, His fingers stirring me up. “Please ride me. My pussy needs you so bad.”

“You’re just a horny, little slut,” He laughed, settling between my thighs.

“I am, my Lord,” I panted. “I’ve been dreaming of this moment for years.”

The Goddess licked my ear. “You’ll remember this moment until the day you die. When my horny stallion’s cock breaks your cherry, it’ll be the happiest moment of your life.”

“I know it will, my Lady.”

The God’s cock rubbed on my pussy. I shuddered, humping my hip as the God settled down atop me. My lips found His neck and cheeks, kissing Him as I waited. My pussy itched so bad. I needed to be filled.

“Please, my Lord. I need it.”

“You need my big, fat cock to bury into your cunt?” He asked.

“Yes!” I moaned, holding Him tight.

His cock thrust. My hymen tore. Pain flared for a moment, and then His cock entered me, spreading my tight sheath open. I shuddered in delight. A flood of happiness burst inside me. The Goddess was right—this was the happiest moment of my life.

“Yes, my Lord!” I howled as I came around His cock, my virgin pussy massaging Him as He drew back and slammed back in. “You are so wonderful inside me.”

“And you have a tight cunt!” He growled, fucking me harder and harder. “I love virgin, teenage cunt.”

The Goddess giggled. “Oh, I know how much you do. Now fuck her good. Make the little whore cream your cock again.”

“Yes, my Lord!” I gasped, humping my hips into His thrusts. “Oh, please, yes! I need it so bad! I need to cum!”

The bed creaked as He fucked me. I gasped and squirmed, my hips bucking away. He grunted and growled. He held me tight, my hard nipples rubbing on His strong muscles. I shuddered, my head tossing back and forth as His cock stabbed into my depths.

The God used my body for pleasure. Every girl in the world dreamed of His Divine embrace, and I was lucky enough to experience Him. I shuddered, my pussy convulsing about His cock as another orgasm rippled through me.

“Yes! Fuck my pussy, my Lord! Cum in me! Breed me!”

“Do it!” hissed the Goddess. “Cum in the little whore and knock her up.”

“Yes! I want your child! Please, my Lord! Give me a child! Cum in me and breed me!”

“Yes,” He growled, slamming into me. “Oh, fuck! I want that.”

The bed creaked as He pounded me. I shuddered and gasped, the pleasure burning through my body. His cock stabbed so deep. Every inch of His thick shaft reaming my tight pussy sent a surge of electric bliss through me.

“Take my cum, whore!” He growled. “Shit! Take it!”

“Yes!” I gasped as He buried into me.

My pussy writhed about His cock, milking Him, eager for every drop. His cum squirted into my depths. I shivered in delight, bucking into His thrust as my virgin, fertile pussy drank up every last drop of my God’s cum.

“Oh, yes!” I gasped. “Oh, thank you, my Lord! Thank you for cumming in my pussy! You were amazing.”

The God rolled off of me, His cum leaking out of my pussy. The Goddess cuddled up to me. “Did you love every second of it?”

“Uh-huh,” I beamed. “I’m not a virgin anymore. I can fuck all I want now.”

“But no men until you’ve had a period or know you’re pregnant,” the Goddess added.

“Of course,” I agreed, Her words echoing in my soul. I would never disobey Her.

“Good,” She purred. “Now you get to eat my pussy.”

My eyes widened and I nodded eagerly, diving between Her thigh. Her pussy tasted divine—sweet and spicy all mixed together. My fingers played with Her fiery pubic hair trimmed into a heart as my tongue plunged into Her depths. She gripped my brown hair, humping my face as She gasped and came on my lips.

I was so happy to please Them both.


Tuesday, December 22nd, 2054 – Davis, CA

I laid my head on my pillow, stroking my pregnant belly. The God’s two children grew inside me. I didn’t care what the apostates said—Mark and Mary were Gods.

But the world was ash since Their death. Grief gripped me. I was the last virgin to ever make love to Them. The very next day, They had been killed by Their own daughter. I witnessed Chasity stabbing the God from the Virgin Temple. Everyone died. The Sluts, the Goddess, the Maids, and the Bodyguards.

I watched as Their bodies were despoiled and violated by the apostates, led by the foul Doug and Tina. It was two weeks before the new Christians shipped me home to my family. What I found disgusted me. So many of the faithful abandoned Them, setting fire to Their beautiful churches and burning Their holy book.

I had to hide my own bible beneath the floor boards of my bedroom.

Even my own family began to turn against Them.

The Gods gave the world everything, and this is how mankind repaid Them. Humans were just as evil as the priests always claimed. Without the Living Gods, murder and death ran rampant. The new Christians tried to keep order, but they failed, and the world fell into chaos.

I heard rumors the Christians were burning the faithful now, trying to stamp out all traces of the Living Gods.

But I would always be faithful.

I whispered my prayer to the Gods. I knew They watched me. My eyes closed and I drifted off to sleep.

And then They appeared in my dreams. The Living Gods shining with Their purity and love. “My Lord and Lady,” I gasped, falling to my knees in my dream.

“Have faith,” the God declared. “We are not gone forever. It was merely time for us to leave this world, departing for a better one. But we still watch you, we still love you, and all you have to do is call upon us and we shall answer.”

“We need you, Isabella,” the Goddess smiled.

“Anything,” I breathed. “I’m your faithful servant.”

The Gods explained everything to me, and I agreed, submitting to Their will and making my Pact with Them. When I woke up, I wrote down my dream and more. The Faithful needed to be told most of what was revealed to me. I penned my letter and snuck out of my house to share the good news with the other Faithful I knew.

The Faithful could make their own Pacts as well, pledging their immortal souls to the Living Gods.

Because the Gods needed our help to save Chasity from the evil of Doug and Tina. The leaders of the Christians were demons that had twisted the Innocent Chasity, tricking Her into killing Her parents.

Now Chasity’s soul was shattered, but the Gods loved Her. With my help, They would save Her.

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