The Futa Fairy-Futa’s Hot Boss Wish Chapter Two: Ms. Kim’s Futa Motivation


The Futa Fairy

Futa’s Hot Boss Wish

Chapter Two: Ms. Kim’s Futa Motivation

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

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I stood trembling, staring at the face of my fourteen-year-old daughter standing in the doorway of the conference room. Normally, this wasn’t a big deal. Yunjin often dropped in after school. The warehouse I’d converted into the office space for my business, Mizzytique, wasn’t too far from Washington High where she attended.

However, today wasn’t the usual office meeting.

The twenty-five employees, all female, of my company were in various states of undress as they openly masturbated, squeezed their round breasts, or were even fingering each other’s pussies or pinching each other’s nipples. Lusts burned out of control, the air filled with the yummy scent of hot pussies.

Britney Rakes, her brassy hair spilled across the conference room table, was still bent over, her ass reddened from my discipline. My head of sales had been such a bitch lately, bad-talking me behind my back, lowering morale among the other workers as my company headed straight for bankruptcy.

It was why I had made my wish and the futa-fairy had answered. B, which was not as strange as her real name, had appeared in my dreams, fucked me with her girl-cock, and transformed me into a futanari. My clit became a huge dick.

And said dick was buried into the pussy of my secretary, Natti.

Natti, the Korean beauty, looked so much like my daughter. She squealed and groaned, her pussy still cumming, milking the last of the girl-jizz from my dick. I had been demonstrating to my employees how they would be rewarded for good work from now on, giving them the motivation to work hard, to set the company right, to make sales and keep bankruptcy from destroying my company. Because by the end of December, less than two months away, it would all be over.

“Yunjin,” I said, struggling to think. I had made a wish that made my employees horny for my dick. But would it work on others? Like my daughter?

Part of me hoped it would. I had been ashamed of my growing attraction to my daughter as she blossomed. She was so slim and doll-like her face so beautiful. She wore these yummy outfits, looking like such an innocent schoolgirl that made me so horny for her, made my pussy clenched. I had hired Natti because she looked so much like Yunjin.

I had been working up the courage to seduce my secretary, to use her as a proxy for my incestuous lusts. So now, I hoped Yunjin would understand.

“This wasn’t how I wanted to tell you about my new…attribute,” I said, my pussy clenching as I slid my still-hard futa-dick out of Natti’s snatch, my secretary still whimpering.

The other women were all frozen, blushing, not sure what to do.

Yunjin’s slanted eyes were fixed on my girl-dick. She licked her lips, color dotting the pale-olive skin of her cheeks. We were both Korean, short and petite. I was the shortest woman in the office. But I had a huge cock. Far bigger than Yunjin’s father.

“You’re a futanari, Mother,” Yunjin said in her sweet dulcet tones. Her eyes were smoldering. “The futa-fairy visited you!”

My jaw dropped. “How do you know about that?”

“Oh, that’s so awesome. You’re just like Ms. Marcie and Officer Cindy and the futa-cheerleaders. That’s so hot! And Pattie says her mother is a futa-doctor now and cures people with her cum. How amazing is that?”

“There are… Your teacher?” My eyes narrowed. “Your teacher’s fucked you, hasn’t she?”

“Yes, Mother,” she said, moving around the table, not at all abashed by the naked woman watching her. Her skirt swirled about her slim thighs covered in dark tights. She stopped beside me then reached out and swiped her finger through Natti’s pussy, gathering my cum. “Hi, Natti.”

“Hey, Yunjin,” my secretary said, groaning as my daughter scooped up a big gob of my incestuous futa-cum from her pussy.

Then my daughter popped her finger into her mouth. The fourteen-year-old groaned, her lips sealing tight, her cheeks hollowing as she savored the forbidden flavor of my girl-cum. Her mother’s girl-cum.

“Oh, that’s yummy, Mother,” she purred after pulling her finger out of her mouth. Then she fell to her knees and, before my watching employees, grabbed my girl-dick. With a purr, she brought it to her mouth.

“I’m your Mother,” I gasped, shocked at how…at ease she was with incest. I had birthed. She had come out of my body. And now she sucked on my futa-dick.

“Mmm, Natti tastes so good on your dick, Mother,” she purred. “You have a yummy pussy, Natti.”
“Thanks,” my secretary said, her voice a little strained.

I groaned again as my daughter’s tongue swirled across the crown of my dick. She bathed it, making my pussy clench. Such delight rippled through me. I couldn’t believe how amazing this was. My little girl stroked my pussy-soaked cock before engulfing it into her mouth.

She had no problem with incest. She just wanted to love her mother’s cock. Her eyes stared up at me, burning with such lust and warmth. I groaned, her cheeks hollowing, the suction reaching down my cock into my pussy. My snatch clenched so hard.

“Oh, god, this is amazing,” I groaned. “I’ve wanted to do things with you for so long, Yunjin.”

“You… But she’s your daughter, Ms. Kim,” the busty June said. My head of HR was groping those pillowy tits, smearing pussy juices across the right one, her fingers sticky from masturbating.

“She is,” I groaned.

“That is so hot,” purred Florina Santos from the sales department. The curvy Hispanic woman licked her lips. “Ms. Kim, you’re going to cum in your daughter’s mouth.”

“Yes, that is so hot,” moaned Britney, still bent over the table. My rebellious head of sales wiggled her well-spanked ass. “Oh, Ms. Kim, this is wild. Incest… Wow. I love it.”

“Yes,” groaned Miley, another saleswoman. She squirmed in her chair, her short, black hair swirling about her round face as she masturbated.

The other employees moaned, their bodies moving again, getting into the motivating spirit of the meeting. I stared back down at my daughter, my hands smoothing her silky, black hair as she worked her mouth up and down my cock.

She was so skilled at sucking cock. “Oh, did Ms. Marcie teach you how to blow a futa? Huh, did she turn you and your classmates into little sluts for her futa-cock?”

Yunjin moaned and enthusiastic yes about my dick, the sound of her passion vibrating around the sensitive crown. I shuddered, juices running down my thighs. My small breasts jiggled before my hips began pumping away, sliding my girl-cock in and out of her mouth.

Such a sweet, hot mouth. My daughter was so amazing. This was so awesome. I loved incest. It was so naughty, so wrong, to feel my daughter’s mouth sucking so hard on my futa-dick. My fingers tightened in her hair, pumping away.

“I should thank this Ms. Marcie for molding you into such a cock-sucking whore. Mmm, my daughter is so good at it.”

“She looks so good at it,” moaned Natti, rubbing at her cum-filled cunt, scooping out my jizz and eating it as she watched.

“Your daughter’s a cock-sucking champ,” moaned my HR director. She kneaded those huge tits, shuddering. I grinned. Florina had vanished. The Hispanic woman had been sitting beside June.

It was so hot knowing she was now eating June’s pussy beneath the table.

My dick throbbed in my daughter’s hot mouth. The pressure swelled in my ovaries, her sucking mouth hungry for my cum. It boiled in my ovaries, eager to unleash and flood my daughter’s mouth with so much futa-jizz.

I couldn’t wait for the incestuous flood.

My daughter sucked harder and harder. My body shuddered, tits jiggling. So many hungry eyes watched me. At least, those who weren’t busy sucking on nipples or licking hot pussies. Vivian, from research, was on her hands and knees while Tonya, my product tester, ate her ass from behind.

I shuddered, my hips pumping faster and faster, pumping my new girl-dick in and out of Yunjin’s mouth. She had such an innocent face so it only made her more whorish that she could take my huge dick with such ease. My hands tightened in her hair.

“I bet that slutty futa-teacher taught you little schoolgirl-whores to deep-throat her big dick, didn’t she?” I hissed.

Yunjin moaned, her eyes begging me to do it.

I rammed my cock into her mouth. She sucked so hard, moaning out her pleasure, as I reached the back of her throat. She swallowed my futa-dick. I shuddered, more and more of my shaft vanishing into her hungry mouth. Her gullet engulfed my sensitive dick. She swallowed, massaging it.

And then her sweet lips were pressed into my silky bush. A groan burst from my mouth. A violent shudder ran through my body. My Yunjin, my baby girl, took every inch of my futa-dick. My daughter was such a whore.

And I loved her.

“Yes, yes, yes, your mother is proud of you,” I groaned. “My little whore did such an amazing job.”

Yunjin moaned so loudly about my cock. The vibrations rippled around my dick. I shuddered, my eyes bulging. It was so much pleasure racing down my shaft and through my body. I couldn’t believe it. This was so intense. I shuddered, my eyes bulging, my moans echoing through the conferences room.

“So good! Such a good schoolgirl-whore!” I panted, drawing my cock out of the depths of her throat. She sucked the entire way. My pussy clenched. “Your mother’s going to give you such a salty reward.”

“Cum in your daughter’s mouth, Ms. Kim,” moaned Britney. “Flood her! This is so hot!”

“So hot,” Miley moaned, her body shuddering in orgasmic delight. “Cum in her mouth, Ms. Kim.”

“Do it!” moaned June. “It’ll be so hot, Ms. Kim!”

My entire body shuddered. The suction was so incredible. Only the tip of my futa-dick remained in my daughter’s mouth. Her tongue swirled about it while her eyes stared up at me. They begged me for my futa-cum.

“Yunjin!” I groaned, my pussy spasming.

My futa-dick unloaded my incestuous jizz into her mouth.

The pleasure burned so hot through me. I shuddered, my eyes rolling back into my head as my cum pumped over and over into my daughter’s hungry mouth. The little schoolgirl-slut swallowed it all with such noisy gulps.

I howled out my pleasure, swaying, loving my new futa-dick. I shuddered, holding tight to her head, my fingers sliding through her hair. She nursed so hard on my cock, drawing out every drop of my cum out of my ovaries while I savored the incestuous passion.

“Oh, honey, yes. You are such a good cock-sucker. You made your mother cum so hard.”

Yunjin pulled her mouth off my dick, beaming up at me. “I am so glad I pleased you, Mother.”

She rose with such grace and, before I realized what she was doing, she was kissing me. Her arms went around my neck, clinging on tight. Her tongue probed my mouth, shoveling my own cum into my mouth.

Not much, but enough to let me taste that delicious, salty treat. It was amazing. It made my dick throb against her stomach. I was still hard. I had cum three times with my futa-dick in the last half-hour. Did it ever go soft?

That was amazing.

Her kisses stirred such passion. I couldn’t help sliding my hands up her tights, feeling the heat of her legs beneath. I lifted her skirt to grab her ass, turning her, pushing her up against the conference room table beside Natti. She sat down on it, her thighs spreading wide, going about my waist.

“Oh, you are going to fuck your daughter,” moaned Natti. “That’s so hot, Ji-Woo.” She was the only one who could call me by my first name. Everyone had to use my last name, Kim.

“Fuck her, Ms. Kim,” moaned Britney. “Fuck your daughter!”

I broke the kiss, staring into my daughter’s eyes. They were so glossy with lust. “Yes, Mother, satiate your futa-cock in my slutty pussy. I will make you cum so hard. Ms. Marcie taught me how to use my pussy and my asshole and my mouth.”

“Damn,” moaned June, shuddering, cumming on Florina’s mouth. “That is so naughty, Ms. Kim.”

“What type of high school do you attend?” panted Miley. “I didn’t have a futa-teacher to fuck me.”

“Washington High!” she shouted. “Go Pussycats!”

“Wish I went there,” Miley said.

“I did,” June moaned. “But we didn’t have futas back then.”

I slid my hands down her body, reaching her skirt bunched about her waist. I pushed it up higher, finding the hem of her dark tights. I tugged those off, licking my lips. I hungered for another thing to do with my daughter.

Yunjin smiled at me, lifting her ass so I could pull of her tights. She wasn’t wearing panties beneath, her dark bush, matted with her juices and spunk. The unmistakable sight of ropy spunk coated her pubic hair while more dribbled out of her snatch.

“Ms. Marcie fucked me right at the end of school,” Yunjin grinned. “I love walking home with a twat full of futa-jizz!”

A hungry groan went through me as I stared at Ms. Marcie’s seed. I ripped my daughter’s tights down her legs, leaving them bunched around her ankles. Then I leaned forward, buried my face into her incestuous snatch, and ate my first creampie.

It wasn’t my first pussy I had eaten. Not by a long-shot. I was a lesbian. But it had been five-years since my last relationship. Since the last time I had eaten hair pie. And I hadn’t forgotten a thing. I lapped my tongue through her spicy pussy, gathering up the salty cum anointing her cunt. I shuddered, the two flavors melting in my mouth.

“Amazing,” I groaned between hot licks.

“Yes, yes, yes, Mother, eat all of Ms. Marcie’s cum out of my pussy!”

“Do it, Ms. Kim,” moaned my secretary. She nuzzled up next to my daughter, unbuttoning her white blouse.

Of course my daughter wasn’t wearing a bra. She was a little schoolgirl-slut. Her breasts were firm cones of pale-olive, topped by dusky-brown nipples. They were so cute. Especially when Natti leaned over and engulfed one.

“Natti,” my daughter squealed, her pussy clenching about my probing tongue. “Oh, Mother, this is so wonderful!”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned before plunging my tongue back into my daughter’s snatch, scooping out more pussy cream and futa-jizz.

I was drunk on the combination, feasting on my daughter’s pussy with such a taboo hunger. Her silky pubic hair rubbed on my face. I loved eating a hairy pussy, of feeling pubic hairs tickling my lips and chin and cheeks. It was so delicious. My tongue flailed through her folds, licking up spicy cream and salty spunk.

My daughter squirmed, her thighs squeezing tight about my face as she moaned. Natti, her face as doll-like and innocent as my daughter’s, sucked so hard on Yunjin’s nipples. Hot shivers raced through my body, ending at my pussy and cock. This was all so hot.

Women moaned around us. The conference table shuddered, other women bent over it, getting their pussies and asses eaten out. My employees savored their motivation, writhing in lesbian passion. Most of them were straight.

Not any more.

My daughter’s pussy juices dribbled down my chin and neck as I devoured her. She squirmed and gasped, her hips humping, grinding hot schoolgirl-cunt on my face. I shuddered, grasping my dick, stroking it slowly, pleasure rippling through my body.

“Mother,” she squealed, squirming, undulating. “Oh, you’re so good at eating pussy! Oh, Mother, yes!”

“Cum on your mother’s face,” moaned Britney. “Do it, you naughty slut!”

“Yes, Ms. Rakes,” gasped my daughter. “I’m going to… Cum!”

Hot, incestuous pussy juices flooded past my lips. I opened my mouth wide, sealing it over my daughter’s spasming cunt. I drank down her orgasming delight, loving every drop of spicy cream that filled my mouth.

I made my daughter cum.

I took such maternal pride in that. I had birthed her, cared for her, and now I pleasured her. I gave her such delight. My dick ached, throbbed. I had to feel her spasming flesh about my girl-dick. I rose, licking my lips.

And plunged my futa-dick into my daughter’s convulsing depths.

“Mother!” she howled in throaty rapture as I buried into her forbidden depths.

I savored my daughter’s pussy wrapped around my girl-cock. Her orgasm intensified, her cunt spasming so hard as I drew back through her hot flesh. I shuddered, my small breasts jiggling. Her face twisted in rapture while Natti kept sucking on her nipple.

Women writhed around us, licking, sucking, fingering. I loved it. We were bonding. Britney was actually kissing June, their feud over a man forgotten in the tied of lesbian passion. Florina was now on the table, Miley devouring her pussy, the Latina’s round, golden-brown tits heaving as she writhed in rapture.

“Oh, Mother, yes!” Yunjin moaned. “You’re girl-cock! It’s amazing! Pattie, Amber, and Belinda are so lucky to have futa-mothers. And now I have one, too!”

“You do,” I panted, thrusting so hard, pounding her taboo cunt.

The pleasure rippled through my body. My eyes rolled back into my head. Such rapture surged through me. Her flesh spasmed about my dick. I kept thrusting, enjoying the incestuous contact between us.

I was such a naughty mother!

Natti licked over to my daughter’s other nipple, sucking on it. She climbed onto the table, shifting around, bringing her own small breast to Yunjin’s nipple. My daughter’s pussy clenched so hard as she sucked on my secretary’s nub.

It was beyond my wildest fantasies when I hired Natti. I groaned, the pressure building so much in my pussy. My cunt kept clenching as I pounded my daughter. The hot friction of her pussy brought me closer and closer to my eruption.

My daughter let out a muffled squeal. Her pussy writhed about my cock, another orgasm burning through her body.

“Oh, you are such a slut for your Mother,” I hissed, savoring the hot pussy about my dick. The best pussy. “Yes, you are!”

She squeezed her knees about my hips, her ankles still bound together by her tights. She wiggled and humped, thrashing in rapture. I understood. Every stroke in my daughter’s pussy brought me closer and closer to exploding.

I rammed my girl-cock into her spasming depths. Her flesh caressed my cock’s sensitive tip. It was the final bit of rapture I needed. My back arched. My ass clenched as my cum burst out of my dick and flooded my daughter’s pussy.

I was cumming in my daughter.

“Yes!” I howled. “Thank you, B!”

This was beyond my wildest wishes. My daughter’s pussy spasmed about my futa-cock, milking out every drop of my cum. Juices flooded down my thighs. My spicy musk filled my nose, mixing with the similar delight from my daughter’s cumming snatch.

Incestuous rapture boiled my mind. I would fuck my daughter so much. I would ram my girl-cock over and over into her. I would make her howl in pure delight. She would scream out at the top of her lungs.

She would love her mother fucking her day and night!

“Yunjin,” I groaned. “Oh, my sweet child, your pussy was amazing.”

“Mmm,” she purred, Natti pulling back from her. “And your cock was amazing, Mother. You filled me with so much cum.”

Natti giggled. “You should have seen your mother earlier when she was mumbling in this trance. Her cock grew and i pulled it out. She came all over my face before waking up. Just coated me in jizz.”

“Oh, Ms. Marcie does that,” sighed Yunjin. “And the two futa-cheerleaders love to do it at their games. Sometimes they take lucky girls out of the stands and just hose them with jizz. A real bukakke party.”

Bukakke? That sounded Japanese.

Natti must have understood, because she gave a wicked giggle. “Yum!”

I pulled my futa-dick out of my daughter’s pussy with a regretful groan. It was so wonderful to be in her. Breathing heavily, I surveyed the room. The orgy was petering out. My employees were collecting themselves. Some traded lingering kisses, lips stained with pussy juices. Others were patting their hair and putting their tits back into their bras. Miley was on her hands and knees, searching for something.

“What are you looking for, Miley?” I asked, her skirt still hiked up, her pussy pointed right at me, covered in a soft down of black hair.

“My panties,” she said.

“Are these them?” asked Tonya from product testing. She held up a pair of skimpy, yellow lace.

“No,” Miley said.

“Those are mine,” Casey from customer support said. She snagged them out of Tonya’s hands and pulled them up her legs.

“Oh, here they are,” Miley said.

Her hips wiggled as she reached beneath the conference table. I had to fight the urge to fall to my knees and plow into that hot cunt. My dick was a reward. If I just gave into my lusts and fucked my employees all willy nilly, then they wouldn’t be motivated.

“Okay, ladies,” I said, folding my arms beneath my small tits. Even though I was the shortest woman, I felt the tallest right now. They all stared at me with such hungry respect. “Let’s get to work. I want you ladies making sales. Customer service, touch back with our clients we’ve lost, see what you can do to assuage them. Shipping, I want you on the asses of our warehouse service. Make sure our products are moving. Sales, burn up the phones!”

“Yes, Ms. Kim,” Britney moaned, her hand rubbing her reddened ass. “I won’t fail you again.”

“You better not. Next time, I’ll use a belt and then fuck every other woman in the office before your eyes. You won’t even get to touch that hot, slutty cunt of yours.”

“Yes, Ms. Kim,” she said, shuddering. Then she scurried from the room, her skirt still hiked up over her crimson ass.

I watched her through the window make a beeline for her desk. I smiled, the other women hurrying out of the office, leaving me alone with my daughter and Natti. Yunjin held a hand over her bush, trapping my cum in there.

“I’ll help out, too, Mother,” Yunjin said.

“How?” I asked.

“Why, encouragement,” she beamed. Then she dashed out of the room, leaving behind her tights and panties.

“Damn, she has a cute ass,” Natti moaned, standing beside me. “You are lucky to have that cutie for a daughter.”

I nodded my head in complete agreement.

I strolled out of the office, walking through the cubicles, my cock out and bouncing. My women stared at that dick with such hungry passion. They salivated for it as they spoke on the phones or typed up furious emails to send out.

Yunjin moved through the room, too, her left hand firmly planted over her pussy. The young girl had a huge smile on her doll-like face. She would visit a cubicle and say, “Keep working. You are so going to want your reward. Here, have a taste.”

She’d wiggle a finger past her left hand and it would reemerge moments later with a glob of my futa-cum on it mixed with my daughter’s spicy musk. She’d pop the finger into the woman’s mouth. They would always shudder, moaning. Some hadn’t bothered covering up their tits, their breasts jiggling.

“See, keep working and you’ll get more of that,” Yunjin would purr. Then she’d flounce off to the next cubicle.

It was so hot. I followed her around the office, watching her spread my futa-cum out like it was candy. My women worked even harder after she passed, so focus on their jobs. On saving my company. It was so inspiring.

And it made me so horny.

My dick ached before me. I gripped it as I walked, nodding my head to my women, lightly stroking my shaft. My pussy burned. Juices soaked into my panties. They were still bunched around the base of my cock along with my pantyhose.

“Hi, Florina,” said my daughter brightly, finger wiggling past her hand. “I hope you’re working hard.”

“I am,” the Latina woman said, lifting her gaze and freezing as Yunjin pulled out her finger. The woman licked her lips.

“Good,” Yunjin said, “because you’ll get so much more of this if you do a good job.”

She shoved her finger into Florina’s mouth. The Latina woman shuddered, her tits heaving in her bra. She hadn’t bothered to close her blouse. Her cheeks hollowed. I bet her tongue swirled around my daughter’s finger, gathering my jizz.

My dick ached so badly.

Damn, it was so hard being the boss. I so wanted to fuck someone. I could always fuck my daughter. Or Natti.

Then Yunjin headed to the next cubicle. “Hi, June!”

June was one of the women who hadn’t put her tits away. I stared at those lush mounds, swaying as she turned to smile at my daughter. That smile became predatory as Yunjin’s finger appeared, coated in creamy jizz.

I licked my lips, my cock throbbing, naughty ideas swimming through my mind as June sucked on my daughter’s finger. I had heard of something. What would it feel like? June was the best woman for the job.

And it really wasn’t a reward since she wasn’t getting fucked. At least, not in the traditional sense.

Yunjin moved off to bring more joy, leaving a panting and flushed June behind. My head of HR struggled to gather herself as I entered her cubicle. I leaned against the wall, feeling the temporary barrier shift, and grinned at her.

“Ms. Kim,” she panted. “I’m working hard. I’m helping out sales, but I’m not very good at it.”

“I think you need to be in charge of tracking rewards and punishments,” I told her. “That is, after all, HR’s responsibility.”

“Yes, Ms. Kim.” She licked her lips, her eyes locking on my girl-dick. “But…how am I supposed to earn my own reward?”

“By doing a good job at it.” Then I smiled. “But…I’ll give you a little taste. Kneel on the floor.”

It was so hot how fast she was to obey. She slipped out of her chair in a flesh, leaving it creaking around, the back of the chair bumping into her rump. She stared up at me, her big tits still swaying from her movement.

I reached past her, sliding her chair around her body. She frowned at me as I sat down, my small tits jiggling. I shifted to get comfortable—her chair was more comfortable than mine—and spread my legs.

“Ever given a titty fuck?” I asked.

Her cheeks blushed. She nodded. “Most guys…ask with a girl that has tits as big as mine.”

“Good,” I said, precum dribbling down my cock, slicking it. “Impress me.”

“Yes, Ms. Kim!”

I would never grow tired of hearing a woman purr my name with such a breathless enthusiasm. It made me quiver to hear it. And then she crawled forward on her knees, her hands cradling her tits. She piled them around my dick, pressing her breasts together.

And slid them up and down.

“Yes,” I groaned, feeling her pillowy flesh pump up and down my dick. She caressed the spongy tip of my girl-cock over and over. “Mmm, that’s good.”

“Thank you, Ms. Kim,” she said, cheeks growing crimson. “Your cock’s so big. I really have to work my tits to do this.”

She squeezed them harder on my dick, forming a delicious sheath. Her nipples rubbed on my belly, so hard. They tickled me, making me squirm as she fucked her big titties up and down my cock. Over and over, my crown throbbing. The pressure built in me.

I groaned, the chair creaking as I squirmed. It was delicious. Not as intense as fucking ass or cunt, but…relaxing. Just to feel these soft tits caressing my cock. And it was hot watching my tip pop out of her tits before vanishing again.

“Now you’re really going to like this part, Ms. Kim,” she purred.

Before I could ask, her tits slid down. My cock appeared. Her tongue swirled around the crown. My eyes widened. Pleasure rippled down my futa-dick. That teasing delight had me shuddering. It was so wonderful.

The slide of pillowy tits followed by the flick of her tongue was incredible. I leaned back father in the chair and just enjoyed the rapture. I didn’t have to do anything but be pleasured. I felt like a queen before my kneeling slave.

“Oh, yes, Ms. Kim, you’re going to cum so hard,” she moaned.

“So hard,” I purred in absolute agreement. “Faster.”

“Yes, Ms. Kim.”

Pleasure rippled down my shaft. My cock vanished over and over into her pillowy tits. Her tongue flicked it. Sometimes, her lips would even suck, giving me a heartbeat of twitching rapture. My pussy clenched. The heat built and built in me.

Stars fluttered across my vision. My hands found my small breasts. I cupped them, fingering dark-brown nipples. Her fat nubs rubbed faster and faster on my belly. The ticklish sensation had faded, but they still felt nice, adding more delight.

I squirmed. The chair groaned. My cock throbbed.

“June, you wonderful employee!” I gasped. The pressure built. My body tensed. “Oh, god, I’m going to cum!”

“Cum all over my tits, Ms. Kim!” she panted. She worked her tits so fast up and down my dick, hardly having time to lick my cock.

Heaven rippled through me. My cock pulsed. Cum fired.

Hot jizz splattered her motherly face. It spilled across her flushed cheeks and landed in her open mouth. She moaned, squeezing her tits tighter about my shaft. She milked out the cum. More spurted. Gobs dripped from her face to land on her pillowy mounds. Pearly rivulets ran across her flesh as I shuddered and groaned.

“Oh, June, yes!” I panted. “Enjoy your little treat.”

“I will, Ms. Kim,” she moaned, lifting her large tit to her mouth, licking a drop of cum that had ran down to her pink nipple. Then she engulfed it in her mouth.

I was so envious of her. I wished I could do that with my breasts.

I left her happily sucking her nipple and made another round of my office. Yunjin had finished dropping off her encouragements. All my women were working so hard. I nodded, then headed to my office to do my part.

I found my daughter sitting on Natti’s desk, my secretary’s face buried between her thighs. She beamed at me as I walked by, looking like a cat who had found the juiciest sparrow. Her small tits jiggled as she shuddered.

“She has to work, too,” I told my daughter. “Don’t have her lick your pussy all day.”

“I won’t, Mother,” she chirped.

I sat down to work. I wrote emails, checked sales figures, looked at the company’s depressing finances. I called a few clients, making sure they were happy. About a half-hour into it, my daughter sauntered in.

She moved with that bored-and-trying-to-attract-my-mother’s-attention sway. Her hands behind her back, shifting around in my line-of-sight while pretending to examine anything. My pen holder, my coffee mug, my diploma on the wall, her hips wiggling.

It was quite distracting and made my cock ache.

I was about to say something, perhaps suggesting she suck my cock while I worked, when my phone rang. I picked it up. “Ms. Kim speaking.”

“It’s June. Miley has made a sale. Thirty boxes to start out with.”

A shudder ran through me.

“She has more than earned her reward,” June added. “If you have time, Ms. Kim?”

“Of course,” I purred, glancing at my daughter as she bent over to examine my potted ficus, her naked ass and thick bush pointed at me.

Natti had done an excellent job of cleaning her up of all my spunk.

“You look bored.”

“Oh, no, Mother,” she said, straightening up.

“Come on,” I said. “Let’s go hand out a reward. You can help.”

She beamed at me.

Miley was quivering in excitement, the black-haired woman already naked and sitting on her computer chair, her round breast quivering. She fingered a dark-red nipple as she stared up at me, her eyes so wide.

“Well, thirty boxes,” I purred. “Good work.”

“Thank you, Ms. Kim,” she moaned, licking her lips. “I’m sorry for not being this motivated before.”

Anger at her gossiping with Britney earlier shot through me. “On your knees and receive your reward. You get a bonus. You get to eat out my daughter’s cunt while I fuck your ass.”

“Yes, Ms. Kim,” she moaned, giving no objection to anal sex.

I just wanted to fuck her ass so hard, to give her a little bit of punishment while also rewarding her good work.

She was on her hands and knees in moments, wiggling her pale ass at me. My daughter was already moving around her. She lowered herself with grace, spreading her thighs before my employee. Miley buried her face into underage cunt, licking so hard.

“Miley!” squealed my daughter. “Yes, yes, yes, eat my pussy! Oh, you’re such an office slut for my mother’s futa-dick!”

“She is,” I groaned, parting Miley’s asscheeks after kneeling. My cock smacked her butt-cheek. Then I moved into position.

A puckered asshole felt nice on my girl-cock. My precum leaked out, smearing across the tight hole. Miley moaned, wiggling her ass as she feasted on my daughter’s pussy. She had no problem with being sodomized by her boss.

I loved this.

My pussy clenched as I thrust as I hard as I could. Her asshole resisted for a moment, but then stretched and stretched about my futa-dick. Her bowels engulfed my dick. She groaned, low and throaty, as I buried to the hilt in her.

Fucking an asshole was a rougher pleasure than a pussy. Still hot, but not as wet or silky. But it was delicious.

My pussy clenched again as I drew back out, my small tits jiggling. I stared at my daughter’s face, twisting in pleasure, and beamed at her. Then I rammed my cock buck into my employee’s tight bowels. The friction burned along my cock, reaching into the depths of my pussy.

“Oh, Mother, she’s devouring my pussy. Oh, yes, she is!”

“Good,” I groaned. “I want all my employees to love pussy!”

“It’s so good,” grunted Miley as my cock rammed over and over into her bowels. “Oh, yes, just the best.”

“Good,” I hissed.

I pumped faster and faster. I reamed her bowels hard, plunging so deep into her. Every thrust sent ripples of delight surging through my body. I groaned, drinking in the pleasure. My crotch smacked over and over into asscheeks.

They rippled. I grinned, savoring her plump rump jiggling with each thrust. I gripped her hips, thrusting even harder. Our flesh smacked together. Her bowels clenched down on my dick as I savored the sight of her rump heaving.

“Oh, Ms. Kim,” she moaned. “Oh, my god, that’s so hot. You’re making my pussy so hot by fucking my ass.”

“Are you going to cum on my mother’s futa-dick?” Yunjin moaned, grinding her hot pussy on my employee’s mouth. “Huh?”

“Yes!” Miley’s asshole clenched so hard on my thrusting dick. “Her every thrust brings me closer and closer! Ms. Kim, yes! I love this reward.”

Yunjin flashed me such a grin, her small tits heaving. She arched her back and cried out, her face twisting. Unmistakable rapture moaned out of her. I envied Miley as she lapped up my daughter’s spicy cream.

“That’s it, honey, cum on my slut’s mouth!” I panted, ramming so hard. “Oh, Miley, you made my daughter feel so good.”

“She did!” squeaked my daughter. “Oh, she’s amazing!”

My daughter spasmed again, her little titties bouncing. They were so cute. I wanted to bend over and suck on them. But she was too far away. I had become such a wicked mother thanks to this futa-cock.

Then Miley’s bowels writhed about my dick. A massaging ripple engulfing my cock in amazing, velvety delight. I shuddered, savoring the sensations as my hips pumped away. The woman moaned her pleasure into my daughter’s pussy, her ass begging for my cum.

So I gave it to her.

I buried into her bowels. From the depths of my pussy, my rapture detonated. Cum pumped hot out of my futa-cock. I shuddered with each spurt, my body spasming. I loved it. Thoughts melted in my brain. Sparks exploded across my vision.

“Ms. Kim, you’re the best boss!” howled my employee.

“The best, Mother!” mewled my daughter.

It was so wonderful to hear. The last months of mounting despair were all banished. All washed away on a tide of orgasmic ecstasy rising out of my pussy and surging for my spurting futa-dick. I loved it.

I was the futa-boss!

“Ms. Kim,” June said from behind me. “When you are finished, Florina is waiting in her cubicle. She just closed a twenty box sale.”

“Good,” I panted. “I’ll be right with her. Coming, Yunjin?”

“Oh, yes, Mother.” My daughter bounded to her feet with all the spry energy of a fourteen-year-old schoolgirl.

I groaned, sliding my cock out of Miley’s ass and gave her a parting smack. “You did good.”

Her reply was breathless as I walked away, my futa-dick bobbing before me. I shivered. Maybe I’d have Florina suck me clean of Miley’s ass before I fucked her. What a wicked thought that was. Or, maybe, I should have Britney do it.

In fact, I liked that better. Another way to punish her. As I passed her cubicle, I said, “Britney, follow along.”

“Yes, Ms. Kim.”

The woman’s enthusiasm to bound to her feet after me was so inspiring. I grinned as I reached Florina’s cubicle just two more down. The Hispanic woman, sitting on her chair, grinned as I walked in.

“Miley sounded like she loved her reward,” Florina purred.

“She did.” I glanced at Britney. “My cock’s dirty with her ass. Suck me clean.”

“Yes, Ms. Kim,” she groaned.

As she was falling to her knees, I felt the world change. A ripple of energy washed through me. And then, to my horror, my clit began to shrink. Britney grabbed my cock, opening her mouth to engulf it, but ended up chasing my shrinking futa-dick.

“What’s happening?” she asked.

“I don’t know!” I gasped, panic surging through me.

“Oh, is it already sunset?” asked my daughter. “The days are getting shorter and shorter.”

“What?” I asked, my cock shrunk all the way into a clit. Britney pressed her face into my pussy anyways, sucking on the nub.

“Some futas, like Ms. Marcie and Officer Cindy, only have cocks during the day, and others like the futa-cheerleaders and Pattie’s mother have them at night.”

“Why?” I asked, shuddering, Britney sucking at my clit.

My daughter shrugged. “No idea. But it’ll come back at sunrise.”

I glanced at Florina, suddenly so afraid. But she shrugged. “Well, guess I’ll be here bright and early. Maybe we should change working hours to maximize your cock’s time.”

Relief flooded through me. “Maybe,” I nodded, Britney’s tongue swirling around my nub. Nothing else had changed. They were still eager to please me. “June, send out a memo. Let’s have work start tomorrow at…sunrise. Figure that out.”

“I will, Ms. Kim.”

Florina turned back to her computer. I stared at her, loving Britney’s sucking on my clit, when I noticed the picture. It was Florina with her daughter, who looked Yunjin’s age or maybe a year older. They both wore bikinis and were on the beach somewhere looking so bright and warm. Clearly not Washington. “You too look great together.”

“Oh, thank you,” Florina said. “That’s just from the summer when we went down to Florida to visit my mother.”

“She’s blossoming into quite the beauty,” I said, a throaty purr rising in my voice. “Any…incestuous thoughts?”

Florina shivered, glancing at my daughter. “Well, I kinda am now. My daughter is a cutie.”

“She is,” I purred.

Britney suddenly let out a moan of delight, muttering something about tomorrow.

I smiled. Tomorrow would be great. I would have an entire day with my futa-cock to reward my workers. It was a shame Yunjin had school, but I was sure there would still be plenty of fun on the weekend. And with the way sales were happening today, my company would get back into the black.

The futa-fairy worked miracles.

To be continued…

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