The Futa Fairy-Futa’s Hot Boss Wish Chapter Three: Ms. Kim’s Futa Reward


The Futa Fairy

Futa’s Hot Boss Wish

Chapter Three: Ms. Kim’s Futa Reward

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

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My fourteen-year-old daughter popped up before me, her long, silky-black hair swaying about her shoulders, and planted a kiss on my lips. Now it wasn’t a normal mother/daughter kiss. Not with her tongue plunging into my mouth, her body pressed so tight against mine, her lips tasting of my spicy pussy.

After yesterday, when my daughter walked into a staff meeting at my cosmetic business, Mizzytique, and found an orgy in the conference room, we’d become lovers. We both embraced the delight of incest. It was so hot to fuck my daughter with my new futa-dick and flood her underage cunt with blast after blast of her mother’s hot jizz.

Last night, Yunjin and I had shared my bed. We had made love for hours, exploring each other’s petite bodies. Though I was pushing forty, I had a delicate build like her. Our Korean heritage gave us small breasts and thick, black bushes. We munched on each other’s cunts and sucked on each other’s nipples. We reveled in lesbian, incestuous passion.

The only thing that would have made last night better was if I had a futa-cock. But, sadly, my gift from B, the futa-fairy, only sprouted at dawn. My daughter new all about it. Her teacher at Washington High, Ms. Marcie, was also a futa. Plus there was a futa-cop, a futa-doctor, and a pair of futa-cheerleaders. Some futas had their cocks from sunup to sundown, like me, and others from sundown to sunup.

Weird, right?

Yunjin broke the kiss, licking her lips. “Ooh, I wish I could skip school and come to work with you, Mother.”

I cupped her delicate chin, staring into her slanted eyes. “No, you need to get your education. Besides, you can come in and help when you get off work.”

She beamed at me and gave me another hot kiss. Trembles raced down to my clit, my pussy clenching in my panties. Then she broke away and headed for the door to walk to her school. I shivered, grabbing my purse, and following her into the dark.

Cold wreathed the dark morning. In October, the sun didn’t rise for another twenty minutes. Normally, I didn’t go to work this early, office hours starting at nine. But now I wanted to maximize late fall’s dwindling sunlight, which determined how long I had my futa-dick. So my employees had all agreed to start work at sunrise. After my motivational meeting yesterday, the same one my daughter crashed, my employees were eager to get their reward for doing a great job:

My futa-dick fucking their bodies into orgasmic delight.

Already, a marked improvement had struck my company. While bankruptcy still loomed, if yesterday’s sales figures continued, we’d be back in the black in a month. The futa-fairy’s gift had saved my company.

And given me such pleasure.

The drive to my office didn’t take long. For cost reasons, I rented a warehouse nearby. It lay next to the runways of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and the roar of jet engines rattled the thin walls often. Still, I’d converted its interior into a fashionable office. From the outside, it didn’t look like much, just aluminum siding painted yellow-beige. A small sign proclaiming my company name hung over the door.

Florina already waited there, leaning against the doors, her breath fogging the air, lit by the artificial light shining on her. She glanced at the eastern horizon, glowing with impending dawn, Mount Rainier, a dark silhouette, rising high into the air.

“Someone’s eager for her reward,” I said, my pussy clenching. I smoothed my skirt as I walked up to her, keys in hand.”

“Very eager, Ms. Kim,” she said, her voice throaty.

I only had female employees, and they were all gorgeous in their own, unique ways. Florina’s Latina passion shone through her smoldering eyes and tented the front of her silk blouse. Two hard points thrust right at me as she shifted her hips, her wavy-brown hair falling about her lush face. My pussy clenched in my panties as I shoved the key into the lock.

“Well, we can get started on your reward before the sun comes up,” I purred, licking my lips as I opened the door, holding it open for her.

“Oh, I’d like that,” she said, hips swaying.

I followed that delicious rump’s sway to her cubicle, licking my lips. Before becoming a futa yesterday, I was a lesbian. It took me a few years of a horrible marriage to realize that fact, but it did give me Yunjin.

Florina reached her cubicle, taking off her jacket. She clearly wore no bra beneath. I licked my lips, pressing against her and kissing her on the mouth. My nipples poked at my own silk blouse, rubbing against her nubs as our tongues danced together, swirling, caressing each other.

My nipples ached, throbbed. The silk was nice, but feeling her hard nub directly would feel better. My hands slid up her body as we moaned and sighed into our hot kiss. My fingers worked on the buttons of her blouse.

Her fingers worked on mine.

“Mmm,” I purred, breaking our kiss for a moment. “Two horny minds thinking alike.”

“Yes,” she groaned. “You’ve turned me on to women in such a huge way.”

“Just doing my part to lead the office into productive directions.”

Florina laughed and kissed me back, nibbling on my lower lip. I shuddered, our blouses falling open at almost the same moment. Our bodies pressed tight, our nipples kissing like our mouths. Trembles raced down my brown nub, shooting for my hungry pussy.

She growled, her hands squeezing my ass through my gray skirt. She pulled me so tight, our bodies writhing, humping together. My nipples throbbed against hers, loving the contact of our bodies, the feel of her round tits pressing on my smaller breasts.

Voices echoed through the office. Other women eager to start their day. I shuddered, feeling eyes watching us. I kissed Florina harder, wiggling my hips, so glad my women were all here, all eager to work hard and have fun.

“I see you’re administering Florina’s reward,” June, my busty head of human resources, purred. “Good. When you finish, you have Casey to take care of.”

Florina giggled, breaking our kiss. “A futa-boss’s work is never done.”

I grinned at her. “I’m not the futa-boss, yet.”

“You are always the futa-boss, Ms. Kim, whether your clit-dick has sprouted or not. You are just so sexy.”

I grinned at her. “I am so licking your pussy.”

“Who’s that a reward for? Me or you?”

I laughed, “Both!”

I fell to my knees before her, pushing up her short skirt. She had toned, golden-brown legs. I glanced at the picture on her desk, her and her daughter, both in bikinis, smiling on the beach, arms around each other’s waists. Every mother deserved to have an incestuous time with her daughter.

A wicked thrill went through me as I shoved up her skirt. The maroon fabric rose up her sleek thighs. I stared at the promising shadow between her sleek legs, waiting for her treasure to be unveiled, wondering what sort of panties she wore today.

Answer: none.

“I see you just wanted to be prepared,” I purred, running my finger through her shaved pussy, her spicy musk filling my nose. Arousal plumped her vulva, her labia dark and throbbing, peeking through her slit. I parted them, unveiling pink delights.

“Didn’t see the point of any barriers depriving the boss from what she craves, Ms. Kim,” Florina purred.

“You are a treasure,” I groaned and pressed my face into her pussy.

She gasped as I licked through her folds. Her spice coated my tongue. I moaned into her snatch, licking as fast as I could. She tasted so good. It was heavenly. After the last five years working myself ragged for my company, forsaking any sort of intimate relationships, it was wonderful to enjoy myself again.

And eating pussy was a great way to have fun.

My fingers gripped her thighs as I licked and tongued her snatch, making her moan and gasp. She shuddered, grinding her fat pussy lips on my mouth. My nose brushed her clit, making her tremble and gasp, her moans echoing through the room.

“Ms. Kim, yes, eat my pussy!”

“Go, boss, go,” purred Miley, one of my sales representatives.

I could feel all the eyes watching us as I tongued Florina’s pussy, all eager to see the reward getting handed out. It spurred my tongue to lick faster and faster. I stared up at the Latina beauty as I feasted on her cunt, her hands squeezing her round breasts, her face twisting in pleasure.

She shuddered, her clit rubbing on my lips. I latched onto the fat nub, sucking on hit so hard. My dick tingled, eager to become a futa-dick. It wouldn’t be long now.

“Oh, Ms. Kim, yes!” moaned my employee. “You just spoil us.”

“She’s such a generous boss,” agreed June.

“Ooh, June, those tits are lovely,” moaned Florina. “Just squeeze those big titties.”

“Mmm, what cute nipples,” Miley purred.

June gasped while wet, suckling sounds echoed.

My pussy clenched harder. I sucked and nibbled on Florian’s clit, growing so hot knowing my employees were fooling around behind me. I sucked so hard, my tongue swirling around the nub, making her gasp and moan.

And then Florina shuddered. Hot, spicy cream flooded my mouth. Her body quivered as her orgasm burst through her. She cried out in ecstasy as she savored the first part of her reward. I did, too, licking up her delight.

“A minute until sunrise, Ms. Kim,” June moaned, Miley still suckling on her nipples.

“Yes!” Florina groaned, her body quivering. “I want that so badly. I need my futa-reward!”

“Yes,” I panted, ripping my mouth from her pussy.

I spun Florina around as I hiked up my skirt. Like her, I forwent any panties. I pressed my thick, black bush against her shaved pussy, my hot clit brushing her pussy’s folds. I moved into position, shuddering, eager for the moment to hit me.

I really, really hoped my daughter was right.

“It’s coming in ten. Nine. Eight. Seven,” June counted down.

“Yes!” groaned Florina.

“Six. Five. Four.”

The world tingled in anticipation of my futa-dick.

“Three. Two. One.”

I felt the sunrise through the walls of my building. That first moment of golden light peeking over the cascade mountains and falling upon me. Energy rippled through the universe and struck my body. Electricity coursed through my body, a lightning rod guiding it to my clit. I gasped as my nub tingled.
And then expanded.

“Ms. Kim!” groaned Florina as my cock grew into her pussy.

I shivered as my swelling clit-dick expanded into the silky paradise of the sexy Latina’s hot cunt. She arched her back as I filled more and more of her snatch. My expanding cock reached deeper and deeper into her, brushing all her hot folds.

My eyes rolled back into my head. I groaned, savoring this amazing moment. Rapture poured through me as I swelled to my full girth. Her pussy clenched about my cock. She trembled, stirring hot silk around my throbbing futa-cock.

“Fuck me, Ms. Kim!” she howled. “Give me my reward!”

“Absolutely!” I growled, my hips pulling back. My cock slid through Latina paradise.

Her hot, silky depths caressed my futa-cock as I pumped it in and out of her silky depths. I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. My hips thrust so hard, reaming her pussy with my girl-dick. I pumped away, my small tits jiggling, my crotch smacking hers.

The woman behind me all groaned their lusty desire for my futa-dick. They saw what their reward would be if they worked hard. They heard it gasping from Florina’s mouth as I reamed over and over into her pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck my pussy, Ms. Kim!” she howled, her cunt clenching down so hard on my fuck. “Mierda, this is amazing. Just ream me!”

“So hard,” I groaned, my dick pumping away. “You’re my office-slut, aren’t you!”

“We all are, Ji-Woo,” my secretary, Natti, moaned. Only she called me by my first name.

“Yes,” June groaned. “Oh, Miley, finger my pussy, you wonderful girl.”

I threw a look over my shoulder, grinning at the sight of my employees, in various state of undress, groping each other, kissing, sucking on nipples. Some were even on their knees eating cunt. I loved how we started the day.

I turned back to Florina, pumping away at her hot pussy. My eyes rolled back into my head as I plowed her. My crotch smacked over and over into her ass. Florina groaned, wiggling back into my thrusts, loving my dick penetrating her snatch.

“That’s so hot, Ms. Kim,” Casey moaned. She appeared beside us, fully naked, her slim, tall body trembling, her round breasts jiggling. “I can’t wait for my reward, Ms. Kim!”

I grabbed her, pulling her to me, and kissed her hard while I fucked Florina. I had to crane my head to kiss the taller woman—every woman here was taller than me. My tongue plunged into her mouth while she trembled. I cupped her ass, massaging it, my dick pumping harder and harder into Florina’s hot cunt.

My fingers drifted into her butt-crack. She groaned and squirmed as I caressed her asshole. Her hand cupped my breast, squeezing my small tit, thumb swiping across my nub. She kissed me harder, groaning as my finger penetrated her asshole.

Hot, velvety bowels engulfed my finger. My dick throbbed in Florina’s cunt.

And then I came.

I groaned, the orgasm bursting suddenly through my body. I moaned into my kiss with Casey. Her fingers pinched my nipple as I jabbed my finger deep into her bowels. My hips thrust forward, burying my cock into Florina’s pussy, cum pumping over and over from my dick.

“Ms. Kim,” Florina squealed in delight. “Oh, yes, my reward!”

I broke the kiss with Casey, to gasp, “Your thick, creamy futa-reward!”

Florina’s pussy convulsed about my dick. Her spasming flesh milked my cock. I groaned, a dizzy wave of delight rippling through me. My cock spurted and pulsed into her cunt, flooding her with every drop of passion I could.

Casey shuddered beside me, her hot pussy finding my thigh. She rubbed her sandy-blonde bush on my leg, smearing juices on my skin. Her asshole clenched on my finger, her face shining with such envy.

“I want my futa-reward, Ms. Kim!” she moaned.

“Of course you do,” I groaned, savoring the pure ecstasy of Florina’s cunt massaging my dick. My orgasm peaked, but the Latina slut still gasped and moaned, shuddering on my dick. “And where do you want it?”

I dug my finger deeper into her bowels.

“Could I…?” She licked her lips. “Could I have it up my asshole?”

“Yes!” I hissed, ripping my cock out of Florina’s pussy. “Good thing that I just lubed my dick in Florina’s cunt.”

“Good thing,” Casey agreed.

“Oh, yes, it was all my pleasure to ready you, Ms. Kim,” purred the Latina, my cum dribbling out of her shaved cunt.

I swiped up my finger and popped my jizz into my mouth. Then I kissed Casey again, forcing her back. My tongue shoved the spunk into her mouth, letting her taste the salty cream mixed with Florina’s spicy pussy. Casey moaned, shuddering at the naughty flavor as her ass sat down on the desk. My cock rubbed at her pussy.

But that wasn’t the hole she wanted.

My hands guided my dick lower as she leaned back on Florina’s desk, knocking askew the computer monitor before resting her back against the cubicle wall. My juicy dick dipped between her butt-cheeks and found her puckered asshole again.

“Is this where you want your futa-reward, slut?” I asked, seizing a bright-red nipple and pulling hard.

“Yes, Ms. Kim!” squealed Casey. “I want your girl-dick to ream my asshole! I want it so badly! I spent all last night fingering my butt just thinking about it. I couldn’t sleep. I was so eager for this!”

“Naughty slut!” Miley laughed from the crowd.

“Fuck her ass, Ms. Kim!”

“Ream her!”

“Give the little puta what she want,” grinned Florina, fingering her cunt as she watched. She brought cum-coated fingers to her mouth, sucking on her tasty reward.

I threw a look over my shoulder, my employees writhing. “Once I’m done fucking this slut, everyone has to get to work! Understand!”

“Yes, Ms. Kim!” they all moaned.

“Make it last!” Vivian from research shouted.

“Yes, make it last!” grinned Casey, wiggling her hips, rubbing her puckered asshole around my cock. “I want to cum and cum and cum on this dick.”

I grinned at her and thrust. Not hard. I wanted her to savor every heartbeat of my cock sliding into her tight asshole. She’d earned this.

Her sphincter stretched and stretched and stretched, fighting my futa-dick. But lubed with Florina’s pussy juices, her asshole couldn’t hold out against my passion. The tip popped into her bowels. Her velvety flesh clenched around it.

“This is what you want,” I purred, my hand stroking her silky pubic hair, feeling her pussy lips quivering as I sank deeper and deeper into her bowels.

“Yes, Ms. Kim!” Casey moaned, sandy-blonde hair swaying about her shoulders, her aquiline nose twitching.

I jammed two fingers into her hot snatch as I slid deeper and deeper into her bowels. Her pussy clenched on my dick while her bowels tightened on my asshole. That velvety grip clutched at my girl-cock. Pleasure rippled up my dick as I diddled her pussy and rubbed her clit.

She twitched and moaned, her thighs clenching so tight about my waist. She pulled me deeper until my busy pressed at her asscheeks. She let out a throaty moan of celebration, my dick lodged to the hilt in her bowels.

“Ms. Kim,” she groaned. “Oh, god, this is good.”

“Good,” I purred, my thumb rubbing slow circles on her clit, my fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. “I want you to explode. Savor your reward, slut!”

“Yes, Ms. Kim!”

I drew back my cock, dragging it through the tight friction of her bowels. Her asshole’s velvety delight clenched about my dick. Her hole sucked at me, trying to drag me back into those depths. She squirmed and groaned, her eyes rolling back into her head.

Then, when only the tip of my cock remained in her bowels, I rammed back into her. A hard thrust that impaled her fully on my dick. She gasped, bucking, both her holes clenching on my shaft and my fingers. Her pussy grew so hot.

I rubbed her clit faster.

I drew back, so slow, teasing the both of us. She whimpered, squirming, her voice so throaty as I pulled back farther and farther. Her bowels clenched so wonderfully hard about my futa-dick. I shuddered, loving every moment of the slow withdrawal.

And then the fast, hot plunge.

“Ms. Kim!” she squealed, my thumb dancing on her clit, my fingers pumping in and out of her dripping cunt. “Your cock! Oh, my god!”

“Just enjoy your reward for all your hard work,” I groaned.

“I think there’s something else hard,” a woman giggled from the watchers.

“Yes!” Casey squealed, her bowels clenching on my dick. “Oh, Ms. Kim!”

My hips pumped so hard, my speed picking up. No longer could I endure the slow withdrawal. I yearned for the hot plunge too much. Our flesh slapped together as I reamed into her bowels. I felt my cock through the wall of her pussy as my fingers ravished her cunt.

The desk creaked and rocked as I pounded her. The cubicle wall groaned, flexing as she leaned back against it. It wobbled more, threatening to fall over. I didn’t care if the entire office collapsed. Not with my dick buried into the heaven of her velvety bowels.

Juices flooded down my thighs as I enjoyed every moment of pumping away at her hot bowels. The heat burning in her ass radiated down my futa-dick and into my pussy. My ovaries approached a boil, my cum frothing to explode out of me.

“You ready for your reward?” I hissed, my thumb rubbing hard into her clit, mashing the nub into her pussy folds. “Huh, slut?”

“So ready, Ms. Kim!” Her body shuddered, her eyes rolling back into her head. “Oh, my god, this is amazing!”

Her pussy and bowels writhed about my fingers and dick. Her spasming flesh caressed my plunging appendages. My futa-dick drank in the friction, the burning heat. Velvety passion engulfed my plunging shaft.

And brought my ovaries to their full, frothy boil.

I groaned, slamming my futa-dick into the tight, hot envelop of her bowels. My pussy clenched, juices flooding down my thighs as I felt the frothy cum spurt down my fallopian tubes, rewired to connect to my cock. The futa-jizz spurted up my cock and exploded out of the tip in a mighty explosion of rapture.

“Yes!” I howled as my dick throbbed with each eruption of girl-spunk.

“Ms. Kim!” the slut squealed, her bowels milking my cock, thankful for her creamy reward. “Yes, yes, yes!”

I plunged my fingers into the depths of her spasming as the rapture boiled my brain. I shuddered and convulsed. Mighty spasms of ecstasy wracked my body. I grunted every time I erupted. And then panted as I fired the last of my girl-cum into her bowels.

“Keep up the hard work, slut,” I groaned, pulling my dick out of her asshole.

“Yes, Ms. Kim,” she mewled, eyes closed, a dreamy smile on her lips. My cum leaked out of her asshole and onto Florina’s desk.

I turned around, hard dick slicked with Casey’s asshole, bobbing before me. I planted hands on hips, my small tits heaving as I sucked in breaths, and faced my women as they writhed in lesbian passion.

“Ladies, back to work!” I snapped. “Now, now. Anyone who is still fingering twats or sucking cunts or nibbling on clits when I reach the count of five will be in a lot of trouble.” I took a deep breath as they gasped. “One!”

Women broke apart.


Fingers ripped out of horny cunts.


Tits bounced as women scurried to their cubicles.

I didn’t even bother continuing. All that was left of the orgy was a pile of discarded clothing, lots of panties and bras, some blouses and skirts. I just shuddered, loving my powers. Casey wiggled past me, her naked ass, smeared with my cum, flashing down the aisle towards her own cubicle.

I loved being the futa-boss.

I strode out of Florina’s cubicle, walking with back-straight, pride bursting inside of me. Already, the sounds of work began. Fingers typed at keyboards, phones were dialed. Every cubicle I peered into had women hard at work.

Except one.

Britney Rakes’s cubicle lay empty.

I frowned. The head of my sales department had long been a thorn in my side. She was the first employee I hired, and at first had supported my vision. But when things started going bad, especially during her spat with June over a man, she’d been the source of most of the disgruntled mutters. I spanked her hard last night before the office, showing the bitch her place.

And now she wasn’t here.

I marched to June’s cubicle, my dick bouncing before me, sticky with Casey’s asshole. My busty HR director sat at her chair, her naked tits swaying before her as she worked at her computer, typing something.

“Did Britney call in?” I demanded.

“No, I thought I saw her.” June frowned. “Maybe she’s in the restroom.”

“This early?” My hand clenched. I’d have to spank her hard for shirking her work.

“Ji-Woo,” my secretary’s voice called.

I turned. Natti stood nearby, her blouse open, her small, firm tits exposed to my hunger gaze. My Korean secretary was such a yummy thing. So cute, so desirable, resembling my daughter. I hired her for that resemblance, wanting to seduce Natti and act out my growing, incestuous desires for Yunjin.


“Britney Rakes is waiting in your office,” she reported. “She said it’s very urgent. That you’d want to see her right away.”

“Did she say what?” I frowned.

Natti shook her head. “She was already in your office when I arrived at my desk. But she sounded like you’d enjoy it.”

“If she thinks offering up her cunt will buy her back into my good graces,” I muttered, “she’s about to learn differently.”

“Well, she can suck your cock clean of Casey’s ass,” giggled Natti, glancing down at my futa-dick.

I shivered. When my cock shrank last night, Britney had been about to swallow my futa-dick and do just that. I had just fucked Miley in the ass, giving her her reward and thought to punish Britney by making her suck my dirty dick.

“You are right,” I purred, giving her nipple a tweak. She shuddered. “I’ll go handle Britney.”

“Yes, Ji-Woo.”

I marched through the cubicles. My office lay at the back. I swept past my secretary’s desk and burst through my office door, drawing in a deep breath, prepared to castigate Britney for daring to enter my office.

Only my castigation died. Another person stood in my office. A girl, maybe sixteen, a nose piercing glinting in her nostril, lounged against my desk. She had short, red hair, an insolent cast about her green eyes. She stood arms folded, a slouch to her posture, her skinny jeans hugging tight hips, her purple halter top cupping a pair of firm, young tits.

Her eyes widened. “Why the fuck is your boss naked, Mom? And…” Her jaw dropped. “Is that a cock?”

“A futa-cock,” I purred, staring at the girl then flicked eyes to Britney.

“This is my daughter, Izzy,” Britney said, grabbing the teenager’s arm and pulling her towards me. “I thought…if you saw me and my daughter together…it would help make up for what I’ve done.”

“What is going on, Mom?” Izzy demanded. “What do you mean by ‘together’?”

“Your mom is offering to have sex with you for my pleasure,” I grinned. “What a naughty mother you have.”

Izzy’s jaw dropped. Her freckled cheeks grew crimson. She glanced down at my dick, then her eyes flicked up to my naked tits. “And what about you…? Are you going to just watch?”

I seized Britney’s brassy hair, pulling the woman to her knees. She didn’t fight me. “Of course not,” I told the girl. “You sixty-nine your mother, and I’ll fuck your teenage cunt with my big, throbbing futa-dick.”

A shudder went through her body as I jammed my cock into Britney’s mouth. My employee didn’t resist. She just sucked. Hard. Her cheeks hollowed, cleaning off Casey’s ass from my dick. She didn’t flinch at the sour musk.

“Gosh, your mother is such a whore,” I groaned, Britney’s tongue slobbering over my dick while her daughter watched. “Isn’t she?”

“Clearly,” Izzy purred, a smile curling the corner of her lips. “She’s taking your huge prick with ease.”

“Why don’t you get naked while your mother cleans my dick. It’s just fucked another girl’s ass.”

“Oh, that’s nasty,” chortled Izzy. “And you’re still sucking her cock, Mom, after it’s been in someone’s butt? Jesus, you are a fucking whore!”

Britney shuddered, sucking harder on my dick. Pleasure rippled down my shaft to my pussy. My snatch clenched, juices running down my thighs. I loved it. I gripped her brassy hair, fucking her face, driving my dirty shaft into her hot, sucking mouth.

Izzy peeled off her halter top. She wore a strapless bra beneath, bright red and cupping her youthful tits. She didn’t bother to unclasped it, just yanked it off over her head, her tits spilling out. Clearly eager to be fucked by my cock. Or maybe to lick her mother’s pussy. Pink nipples thrust hard from her small tits, firm flesh jiggling. She kicked off her shoes and unsnapped her jeans.

“You’re just as much a slut as your mother,” I purred. “Look at you, stripping naked for my pleasure.”

Izzy shivered. “What are you?”

Clearly, she didn’t go to my daughter’s high school. “A futanari. A chick with a clit-dick. And your mother is loving it.”

“I don’t know what is going on,” moaned Izzy as she wiggled out of her skinny jeans, revealing a bikini-cut pair of red panties. “But this is hot. I’ll be your slut, futanari.”

“Ms. Kim,” I groaned, her mother sucking so hard on my dick, tongue swirling to clean up all of Casey’s sour musk.

“Ms. Kim,” Izzy said, her lips so lush, almost making love to my name as she spoke it. She snapped the waistband of her panties. “I’m your slut. I’ll lick my mom’s pussy so hard if you’ll fuck me.”

My pussy clenched. My dick throbbed. I loved incest.

Her panties came off, revealing a red landing strip leading down to a pierced clit. A silver ring glinted between her pink flesh. Juices glistened on a flushed vulva. She spun around, pointing her ass at me as she bent over to drag her panties lower, her slim butt-cheeks parting, flashing a puckered asshole. Her pussy, labia parting as she worked off her panties, dripped more cream, her pink depths inviting my cock.

“Damn, your daughter is a whore, Britney,” I groaned. “I’m going to fuck her cunt so hard after you make her cum.”

Britney only moaned about my dick, so eager for her illicit delight with her daughter. She sucked so hard, bobbing her head so fast. Her lips slid up and down my shaft while her tongue danced on my cock. My pussy clenched, the pleasure building inside of me.

I gripped her brassy hair so hard, thrusting forward. My dick rammed into the back of her throat. She coughed and gagged, which only made this part so sweet as I forced my futa-cock down her throat.

“Oh, fuck, she deep-throated your dick,” Izzy groaned, leaning against my desk. Her slim fingers pulling at her clit piercing, stretching out her pink nub. Other digits danced on the shaved folds of her cunt. “You are amazing, Ms. Kim.”

I winked at her as her mother’s lips nuzzled against the folds of my cunt wrapped about my cock’s base. I shuddered, Izzy’s mother moaning about my girl-dick. Pleasure hummed down my shaft, reaching into the depths of my pussy.

“I’m going to pump cum down her throat,” I groaned.

“Do it!” Izzy hissed, twisting her clit piercing, her fingers plunging into her cunt. “Cum down my slutty mom’s throat!”

“Yes!” I moaned, my pussy clenching.

Britney didn’t deserve to taste a drop of my cum. I held onto her hair, keeping her lips nuzzling into my pussy, and pumped my futa-jizz straight into her stomach. I shuddered, my entire body spasming as my orgasm burned so hot through me.

I grunted with each blast, convulsing. My pussy writhed. Juices spilled hot down my thighs. I trembled, staring at the teenage girl, loving her slim, sexy body, her naughty piercings, and the lust burning in her green eyes as I used her mother as my cum-dump.

“Yes, you nasty bitch,” I hissed. “Just take all my jizz right into your stomach. You don’t deserve to taste it for all the crap you pulled.”

“Punish my mom,” moaned Izzy, her body trembling.

Was she cumming? Already?

“Degrade her!” the girl howled, her tits heaving. She was. She was cumming so hard, getting off on her mother’s humiliation. She tugged hard on her clit piercing, squeaking out her pleasure as she squirmed against my desk.

I shivered, my dick erupting a final time into Britney’s stomach. Then I ripped my cock out of her mouth. Britney fell back on the ground, coughing, gasping, her face beat red. She shuddered, green eyes glossy.

“Get naked and sixty-nine your daughter,” I moaned. “Get her pussy so wet and ready to fuck me!”

“Yes, Ms. Kim!” she howled.

The woman ripped out of her blouse and pencil skirt. She wore nothing beneath, exposing her large tits and brassy bush, soaked with her pussy juices. She hopped to her feet, her pillowy breasts swaying, and lunged at her daughter, kissing her hard, frantic.

I loved the incestuous passion of a mother and her daughter kissing. Their tongues danced. Large, mature breasts pressed into firm, young titties. Mother and daughter moaned into their taboo kiss, Britney pulling them down to the floor.

I stroked my dick, my pussy clenching in awe at how hot it was. I knew the thrill of making love to my daughter, and knew Britney savored that delight right now.

“Devour each other’s cunts!” I moaned as they rolled on the floor, bodies writhing. “Sixty-nine like the sluts you both are!”

Britney ended up on her back. Her daughter’s lithe figure turned around, straddling her mother’s head. Briney seized her daughter’s ass, pulling Izzy’s pussy to hungry lips. The teenager groaned, receiving her first taste of incest as her mother devoured her cunt.

I fingered my pussy and stroked my dick, watching as mother and daughter sixty-nine. Izzy buried her face into her mother’s cunt, licking and devouring hot pussy. Britney moaned her delight into her daughter’s shaved snatch, her pink tongue licking.

“That’s it, you nasty sluts,” I groaned, my pussy clenching on my fingers.

They both moaned and bucked, smearing their pussies on the other’s mouths. Britney gripped her daughter’s slim ass, squeezing it as she tongue through Izzy’s snatch. She feasted with a perverse, motherly hunger.

I loved it.

My pussy grew hotter and hotter about my plunging fingers. My dick ached and throbbed in my hand. Their moans grew louder and louder, their incestuous passion filling the air of my office with a beautiful perfume.

Hot pussy.

The intoxicating scent filled my nose. I groaned, watching them writhe. Mother and daughter feasted on each other’s cunts for my pleasure. They moaned and gasped, licked and sucked. Britney’s fingers dug so hard into her daughter’s cunt.

“Oh, my god, baby!” she squealed. “Oh, my fucking god!”

“Yes,” I groaned, stroking my dick so hard, kneeling before Britney’s head, my cock aimed at her daughter’s ass. “Cum on your daughter’s pretty mouth.”

“I am!” Britney moaned, bucking. Then her lips sucked on Izzy’s clit, piercing and all.

The girl squealed. Her ass clenched. Juices squirted out of her pussy, splashing across her mother’s face. Both mother and daughter writhed in shared climaxes, loving each other. I groaned, my pussy molten about my fingers, my dick aching for underage snatch.

I rammed my cock into Izzy’s cunt, thrusting over her mother’s face. The girl’s pussy spasmed about my futa-dick, still convulsing in incestuous rapture. I groaned, sinking so deep into the daughter’s snatch, savoring her spasming flesh.

“That’s my futa-dick in you, whore,” I groaned. “And—”

A shudder ran through me as her mother licked from her pussy to mine. I groaned, Britney’s tongue swirling through my folds. I drew back my cock, her lips nuzzling at my shaft soaked in her daughter’s juices.

And then I thrust in.

“Oh, fuck,” Izzy moaned, squirming atop her mother. “Your cock is amazing, Ms. Kim!”

“Yes, yes, fuck my daughter’s cunt!” moaned Britney between licks.

“I will!” I groaned, thrusting so hard into the girl’s underage snatch. “Just keep licking us, and your daughter will cum and cum!”

“Good!” moaned Britney.

My tits bounced and jiggled. My cock hammered over and over into the daughter’s hot snatch while her mother’s tongue dragged through my pussy. The pleasure burned through my body. I reveled in this moment, sharing their incestuous passion. I knew they’d be lovers going forward.

How could they not?

I slammed over and over into Izzy’s spasming twat. She kept cumming, her flesh writhing about my futa-dick. I groaned, loving her silky embrace. I pounded her cunt so hard, reaming her pussy with every thrust of my cock while she moaned her pleasure into her mother’s pussy.

“Yes, yes, keep eating your mother’s snatch,” I groaned. “Love her, slut!”

“She tastes sooooo good!” Izzy groaned. “I love it!”

I smacked her pert ass. “Of course you do. Every daughter loves her mother’s cunt!”

“And every mother their daughter’s!” moaned Britney.

Izzy’s pussy spasmed harder on my girl-cock, her orgasm intensifying. I loved it, her silky flesh sucking at my futa-dick. My ovaries boiled, eager to shoot my cum into her. Then her mother would lick her clean.

Britney’s tongue danced across my pussy every time I buried into her daughter’s snatch, adding more delight to the rapture engulfing my cock. I groaned, pleasure detonating fireworks across my vision as I shared the incestuous rapture with my employee and her sexy daughter.

“Cum in my daughter’s cunt, Ms. Kim!” Britney howled. “Flood her! Plant so much jizz into her snatch!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Izzy, bucking into my thrusts. “My slutty mom wants to devour your cum out of my cunt!”

“So badly!” moaned Britney.

My pussy clenched. I rammed my dick into Izzy’s pussy and erupted.

My cum fired out of my cock. Jizz painted the spasming depths of her underage cunt. I shuddered, loving every powerful explosion. I swayed, the rapture flooding through my body. I shook, gripping her hips, drunk on the pleasure.

My breasts shook as my body convulsed. Powerful blasts of rapture fired from my cock and into my mind. I groaned, loving it. My dick twitched and throbbed. The slut’s hungry pussy sucked out every drop from my ovaries.

And let me groaning in satiated passion.

I shuddered as I slid my dick out of her spasming pussy. Immediately, Britney buried her face into her daughter’s cum-filled cunt, lapping up my futa-jizz as it spilled out. I smiled, standing up and stumbling to my desk.

I sat down on my chair. “Britney.”

“Yes, Ms. Kim?” she answered, her voice muffled by her daughter’s cunt.

“You’re not in trouble any longer,” I told her. “Everything is forgiven. Enjoy the creampie.”

“I will,” she moaned.

“She is,” squealed her daughter.

Things improved in my office. By the end of the week, my business was back in the black. The looming specter of bankruptcy erased. My daughter, Yunjin, stopped by after school every day to enjoy her mother’s futa-dick and pass out her encouragements to the workers.

Futa-rewards were earned on a daily basis. My women buzzed around the office, big grins on their faces, futa-cum dripping out of their holes. It was so freeing, especially when the office when clothing optional, though sexy lingerie and stockings were always appreciated.

Other employees had daughters, too. I loved watching new incest birthed between mothers and their daughters (Florina and her daughter made for one naughty threesome). I was so glad B answered my wish. I didn’t know what her favor would be, but I knew I’d pay it with a smile on my face.


Bean Sidhe, or B as her patrons called her, fluttered her wings in delight. Her cum splattered across the icy office, an exact replica of Ji-Woo Kim’s in the mortal world. Pleasure buzzed through the futa-fairy as her orgasm died in her body.

“How do you like that, summer slut?” demanded Bean Sidhe. “You think I’m intimidated by the stunt you pulled with the doctor? I’ll play where I want! And I want to play in Parkland.”

Summer’s warmth howled through the frozen office, ice weeping melt. Bean Sidhe laughed at the summer slut’s anger.

The END of Ms. Kim’s Tale

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