Twin Sister Delights Chapter One: The Slut Coaches the Twin Sisters


Twin Sister Delights

An Incestuous Harem Story

Chapter One: The Slut Coaches the Twin Sisters

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

Story Codes: Teen male/Teen female, Teen female/Teen females, Incest, Voyeurism, Oral Sex, Domination/submission, Sex Toy, Anal

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“I think we should put our beds here, onee-chan,” my twin sister Kimiko said, her round face pointing at the right side of the room. She pursed her delicate lips, the same delicate lips that I had. Looking at my sister was like looking into the mirror. She had the same sleek, silky-black hair and pale-olive skin. We both possessed the same slender and petite build. We only dressed differently, my sister in a pair of jeans and a ruffled blouse while I wore leggings and a dress. “And then we can have our desks along this wall.”

“Minako thinks that’s a good idea, onee-san,” I said, nodding my head in agreement. Kimiko was older than me by ten minutes, so it just felt right to let her take the lead. Though we were identical in appearance, she had a more out-going personality than me. It was why she called me “onee-chan,” sister, but with the cute honorific “-chan” at the end usually used when addressing younger sisters. I used “onee-san,” a more polite way to address her.

She nodded her head in agreement then switched over to English to talk to the mover, “Over here, please.”

The burly man—his skin a rich, swarthy brown—grunted. He carried the heavy futon through the doorway with another Hispanic man. His arms were bare, wearing a tank top despite the fact it was mid-October. But then California wasn’t as cold this time of year as it was back in Japan. He said something in Spanish, the words sounding coarse, making me squirm.

They were both so big and strong. I shrank closer to my twin sister as they set down the futon and unfolded it on the floor. The movers were working through the house, setting everything up. Others followed them in with more of our furniture.

“It’ll be fine, onee-chan,” Kimiko said. She took my hand, giving me a squeeze as I trembled.

“Thank you, onee-san.” I gave her a tight smile. This was all so much. I never thought we’d live in America, but then our mother’s job transferred her to their subsidiary in California because of her language skills. We had to pack up all our belongings, box them up, and then move to the states. We spent the last two weeks living in a hotel while waiting for our belongings to be shipped over from Japan.

The movers worked quickly and soon had our bedroom set up, our desks reassembled where Kimiko directed, and our bookshelves against the walls. The room was bigger than our bedroom at our old home. The house was huge. It had multiple bathrooms and they were so different. They were one room, the toilet in the same room as the bathtub, and there was no washing seat outside the tub. You had to clean your body in the tub instead of washing and then slipping in to soak. And it had a shower.

So different.

I missed Japan so much.

“Well, let’s get unpacking, onee-chan.”

I nodded my head as the builders retreated to move in the rest of the house. Our boxes with our possessions were piled in the center of the room. We went to work, ripping open the boxes and pulling out our belongings. We put up our posters of our favorite JPop boy bands, my heart fluttering at the cute boys singing on the posters. I couldn’t help but stare at my favorite for a moment, such a handsome boy with his hair spiked up, his shirt half off, his slim body looking so sexy.

That itch built in between my thighs. I squirmed my hips, wrenching my gaze away. I didn’t want to be horny. I couldn’t masturbate with my twin sister in the room. Since I discovered self-pleasure two years ago, I had fallen in love with touching myself. I savored caressing my fifteen-year-old breasts and plunging my fingers between my thighs.

But only when I had some privacy.

I threw myself back into the work of unpacking. Sweat beaded my brow as I followed my sister’s directions. She would say things like, “I think that would go great over there, onee-chan. Don’t you think?” And I’d nodded my head in agreement, seeing how it would look perfectly over there. We worked fast, unpacking our books and manga, filling up our shelves with them just the way they were back home.

I stretched my back and fanned my face. “It’s looking good, onee-san.”

Kimiko nodded her head. “Yes, it is.” She rubbed at her lower back, stretching her blouse tight about her little breasts. She had forgone wearing a bra today, and it was looking obvious. “I need a break, you?”

“Minako could use a break,” I answered with a smile. “Do you think there’s any food in the house?”

“I don’t think so. Has okaasan had a chance to go shopping? She sounds busy.”

I frowned. I could hear our mother, okaasan, moving through the house. “No, Minako doubt she has.”

Kimiko rolled her eyes. She never approved of the childish way that I still referred to myself by my name instead of using a personal pronoun. I just never felt comfortable doing that. “Well, why don’t we take a walk?” my sister suggested. “I think I saw a convenience store a few blocks away. We can go see what they have.”

I sighed. “Just so long as we don’t try that red drink again.” My nose twitched. “That Code Red was ghastly.”

She nodded her head and took my hand, giving it a squeeze.

She led me out of the room into the narrow hallway, our sock-clad feet whisking across the beige carpet. We headed down the stairs and found our mother bustling through the kitchen, unpacking her utensils from boxes. She had a blue handkerchief wrapped about her head, holding back her black hair. She was a little taller than us, her face round and glistening with sweat.

“We’re going for a walk, okaasan,” Kimiko said.

She just gave us a bright smile. “Okay. Don’t get lost.”

Kimiko rolled her eyes. “We’ll be fine, okaasan.”

We left our mother to her unpacking, humming beneath her voice as she worked. We stepped out into the overcast, Californian day. It was a cool day, not hot or warm but comfortable. A slight breeze blew, rustling falling leaves across the lawn. It was so big. I couldn’t believe how much grass we had or the size of the huge, broad-leaf tree growing in the front yard. And the back yard was so big. I couldn’t wait for spring. We could plant so many beautiful flowers here.

My sister and I reached the sidewalk, walking down it, looking around at the other houses on our street. Every house had a driveway with cars in them. Everyone seemed to have more than one car. Almost no one had a car back in Tokyo. It was so expensive parking them, and there was so much transportation.

It was so quiet out here. And though people were walking around, there was such space. Everything felt so open. I kept a tight grip on my sister’s hand as we reached the main street that our little residential street ran off of. Traffic flowed down it and people bicycled in a special lane along the sidewalk.

“This way,” Kimiko said in that confident way she had when she was hiding that she didn’t know the answer at all.

I shrugged and let her walk. I really did not care if it would take us to the convenience store or not. It was just wonderful to stretch my legs. The air was fresher than I thought. Though there was a constant haze that lurked on the horizon in every direction, making the distance look fuzzy, including Sierra Nevada mountains to the east.

We found the convenient store and browsed it. Nothing was the same as in Japan. The drinks were different. The snacks. The shop was narrow and didn’t feel as clean as I would like. I felt nervous as my sister led us through the narrow aisles to the drinks. We ended up grabbing tea drinks and sipped them on the walk back home.

They were okay.

“I think this will be a nice place to live,” Kimiko said when we reached our street again. “It’s quiet here.”

I nodded my head. “What do you think school will be like?”

She shrugged her shoulder. “I don’t know. It won’t be as hard. And no school on Saturday.”

I smiled at that. “That does sound nice. And no cram schools, either.”

Kimiko nodded her head. “Well, we’ll find out on Monday.”

“I hope we make some friends. Do you think they’ll like us? Minako doesn’t want to be teased.”

“Who would tease you.” Kimiko put her arm around my shoulder. “You’re so cute. Just like me.” She gave me a grin. “We’ll find you a nice gaijin boy to date and make a woman out of you.”

I squirmed, my cheeks burning and my pussy… itched. I didn’t want to think about that. I didn’t know when I would get any privacy this weekend. “You’re not a woman either, onee-san. Maybe you should find yourself a gaijin boyfriend first.”

“Maybe I will,” she said, giving me a big grin. “We’re in America now. We need to adapt. Be more… open.”

My cheeks burned worse. My thighs pressed tight together as I walked, my leggings brushing each other beneath my swaying skirt. I stared straight ahead as we walked down our new street, passing the tall houses.

When we past a blue house next to a reddish-brown house with a gray trim, an American girl spotted us. She set down a rake and darted towards us, her black hair swaying about her pixyish face. She looked our age, her body bouncing with energy. She had the pale-beige skin of a European, a short skirt swaying about her lean legs and her round breasts bounced unconstrained by a bra in a belly shirt that molded to her.

It was such a blatant thing to wear in public. It made my cheeks warm just seeing her.

“Hi, I’m Lee!” she said in English as she popped out before us. Her eyes flicked up and down our body with bold scrutiny. A smile grew on her lips, something both mischievous and playful that made me squirm and grow uncomfortable. “Did you two just move down the street?”

“We did,” Kimiko said. “I’m Kimiko, and this is my twin sister, Minako.”

“Kimiko and Minako,” Lee said slowly, almost like she was savoring our names. “And you’re Japanese twins. That is so awesome.”

I blinked at her enthusiasm. Then I bowed to her and said, “Minako is happy to meet you, Lee.” I left off an honorific from her name since we didn’t know her and gaijin didn’t use them.

“Minako, huh?” Lee asked. “You know we use ‘I’ in English.”

“Minako is aware,” I said, my cheeks burning.

“My sister’s just being cute,” Kimiko said. “She’s hoping guys will think she’s their little sister and find that sexy.”

“Ooh, that’s kinky. Little sister play, huh? Do you have a big brother to play with?”

“No, no, we don’t have any other siblings,” Kimiko said while my cheeks burned more.

“Pity,” Lee said, pressing her hands to her flat stomach, stretching her shirt tighter about her breasts. Like my sister, she wasn’t wearing a bra. “I love having an older brother. It’s such a treat.”

I swallowed. My sister shifted beside me. I didn’t know what to say to that. Her tone was at once wanton and yet teasing. Was she playing a joke with us, or was she actually implying she had a… sexual relationship with her brother?

It had to be a joke. Americans could be brash and bold.

“So, let’s see your new house,” Lee said. She grabbed both of our hands and walked backward down the sidewalk, leading us. “I’ve been sooooooo curious about who was moving in. And Japanese twins! Oh, my god, I feel like I’ve won the lottery.”

I gave my sister a look and whispered in Japanese, “Is this girl crazy?”

My sister shrugged.

Lee just grinned at me. “Ooh, yes, yes, Clint’s going to be so happy that you moved in down the street. My big brother has such a thing for Japanese girls. I don’t know why. But you do have such beautiful skin. And that hair…” She sighed. “We both have black hair, but yours is just so much silkier than mine. Ooh, I wish I had hair like you.”

My cheeks burned more. I glanced at my sister.

Her cheeks had darkened with her blush. She squeezed my hand as we let Lee drag us down the sidewalk. She walked backwards with such a relentless pace, pulling us along with ease. I just followed after, off-balanced by the words that just spilled out of her mouth.

“And maybe it’s the skin. I mean… It’s such an exotic hue.” Lee shook her head. “Or maybe his attraction for you is genetic. I mean, our dad had a thing for Japanese girls. I’m not sure how many half-Japanese siblings we might have out there. We have at least one. Pam is cute, too. Like you too.”

I blinked.

“Ooh, Clint would pay so much attention to me if I had your looks. But he’ll be so happy with me.” She gave a big smile as she bounced as she kept walking. “Yes, yes, he’s going to give me a huge reward.”

“I think she is crazy,” Kimiko said in Japanese. “There is definitely something off about her.”

“What do we do, onee-san?”

My sister gave me a helpless look as Lee turned and dragged us down the cement walkway crossing our front yard to our light-gray house. She finally let go of our hands when she reached the porch, whirling around and jumping up the two steps to land on the cement porch.

“Come on, I want to see your bedroom.”

I glanced at my sister. She nodded her head. “Okay.”

Lee opened the door and stepped in, her head whipping around, staring at all the boxes in the living room, our furniture already arranged by the builders, but the little knickknacks and decorations still needing to be set out. Our mother still busied herself in the kitchen.

“Upstairs?” Lee asked, glancing at the stairs, already walking that way.

We followed. I squeezed my twin sisters hand. Lee tromped up the stairs, her black hair swaying about her shoulders. She reached the top, spun around, and beckoned us on. Her entire body trembled with delight, her skirt swaying and—

My eyes widened. I gasped and looked down. Lee had forgotten her panties. I saw her pussy, bare of any hair, the pink petals of her inner folds peeking out of her plump vulva. My cheeks burned as I squeezed my sister’s hand.

“What, onee-chan?” she asked.

“She’s not wearing any panties, onee-san,” I whispered.

My sister looked up and squeezed my hand. Lee stood there, leg spread wide, hands on hips, grinning at us. “I know that word. Pantsu. That’s panties.” She grabbed her skirt, lifting it higher. “I’m not allowed to wear them.” Then she glanced over her shoulder. “So which door is your bedroom?”

“Not allowed to wear them?” I asked my sister.

She just squeezed my hand, her face tight. “Um, Lee, it is the second door on the right.”

“Kay.” Lee darted down the hallway to our bedroom door, threw it open, and darted inside.

My stomach twisted. This girl… She didn’t care that we saw her pussy. She had utterly no shame. She said such words that put an itch inside of me. I swallowed as we walked down the hallway after her, my sister’s hand feeling so warm against mine. I pressed on her.

Lee was bouncing on our futon, kneeling on it, her skirt flaring up and down, flashing her naked rump at us. She grinned at us over her shoulder and then hopped to her feet on it. “So, you share a bed. Nice.”

The way she said that made me gasp. Was she implying that my sister and I…

My cheeks flared with heat. I thought I’d melt.

“I love sharing a bed with one of my sisters,” Lee said. “It’s so… intimate. We have so much fun. And when our brother joins us…” She shuddered.

This couldn’t be real. This had to be a game to her. She just said something so taboo like it was so normal. I trembled as Lee darted from our futon and ripped open one of our boxes still needing to be unpacked. She dug through it, rummaging through our stuff. Didn’t this girl have any shame or propriety? Then she darted to our desk, ripping open the drawers.

I just stood there with my sister, both of us so off-balanced we just watched her ransack our room. She opened our dresser, picking up our panties, grinning at them. Then she grabbed a bra.

“Cute!” she declared before continuing her search.

“Are you… looking for something?” my twin sister asked as Lee ripped open the next drawer.

“Uh-huh,” she said as she bent over farther, her skirt sliding up over her naked rump and…

She had something between her butt-cheeks. I hadn’t noticed it during the brief flashes caused by a flaring skirt. But now she didn’t move much, allowing me to study her pale, firm rear. I could clearly see the red, glass gem between her butt-cheeks like she had…

My sphincter tightened.

“She has something in her butt, onee-chan,” I whined. “Why are you letting her do this?”

“I…” Kimiko just shivered as Lee straightened up. The girl whirled around, shaking her head at us.

“I am so disappointed in you both,” Lee said and sighed. “You don’t have a single sex toy?”

“Toy?” I frowned. “We’re fifteen, Lee. Do girls our age in America still have toys?”

“No toy,” she said, emphasizing the word. “What do you masturbate with? Just your fingers?”

I truly wanted to melt this time. “Onee-san , we have to tell her to leave. She’s so vulgar.”

“Hush, onee-chan,” she said. “She’s just foreign. Maybe all American teenagers are like her. She wants to be our friends. So what if she’s a little…?”


I nodded my head. “Crazy.”

I bit my lip as Lee glanced at us. Then she bounced right up to me. “You don’t want me to be here, do you?”

“O-of course not,” I said, her round, brown eyes boring into mine. I squirmed beneath her gaze, feeling the pressure on me. “Minako is just… just shocked by your words. You are saying such… such… vulgar things.”

onee-chan,” Kimiko admonished. “I am sorry, Lee-chan, my twin’s just shy. And your… jokes are putting her off-balanced.”

“What jokes?” Lee blinked. “You totally need to have toys to play with. I mean, I love wearing my butt plug. My brother put it up my ass this morning. It makes me feel so wet. I’m practically dripping. See.”

She lifted her skirt again, showing off her pussy and… I didn’t mean to look, but she was so blatant. I saw that her shaved flesh had a… gleam about it. I breathed in and smelled a tangy musk. A similar scent that my own pussy produced when I masturbated.

“Onee-san,” I whined after wrenching my gaze away. “Minako isn’t comfortable at all with this.”

“It’s okay. She’s just… playing with us. She’s enjoying how she’s embarrassing you.”

“It doesn’t embarrass you, onee-san?”

“You’re the dominant twin, right, Kimiko?” Lee said. “You keep telling Minako stuff. She wants me to leave, and you’re overruling her.”

Kimiko swallowed. “Well… She’s just not used to your… uh…”

“Wanton teasing?” Lee asked. “She doesn’t like me flashing my dirty, filthy cunt, does she? Well, I’m just such a slut I can’t help myself. It’s why I need to have my brother dominate me. Now if you want to really control your sister, you need to have a firmer voice. I mean, you’re sounding almost as scared as she is.”

Kimiko swallowed. She did have a pale face.

“Because if you want that then you are doing it all wrong,” Lee continued. “If you really want to take charge and be your twin sister’s mistress, you got to take charge of her.”

“Onee-san,” I whimpered. This girl was so crazy. Take charge?

“Listen, this is how you dominate someone.” Lee grabbed my sister and hauled her to her chair before her desk. Kimiko gasped as Lee shoved her down. The gaijin girl fell to her knees, her skirt flaring up and flashing that rump. She seized my sister’s calf, lifted her leg, and ripped off her sock, exposing her delicate toes. “Now you, Minako, get your butt down here.”

I swallowed, her tone so commanding. It snapped through the air. I quivered and… found myself kneeling before my sister beside her. Lee gave me a toothy grin, nodding her head in complete delight. Then she seized my black hair and yanked my head down to my sister’s foot.

“Kimiko, order Minako to lick your toe,” Lee said. “If you want to be the dominant sister, you have to really seize control. Make her worship your foot with her mouth. Really give her a command!”

“I…” Kimiko shivered. “Lee-chan, this is… Why are you doing this?”

“Because it will be hot.” Lee leaned down and licked my sister’s big toe. Her pink tongue swirled around it, bathing it in saliva. My sister gasped. Her eyes widened, showing off almost all of her whites. Her nipples suddenly tented her blouse. A wicked shudder ran through her body.

I gasped at the reaction flicking across my twin sister’s face. She whimpered, her chair creaking. A strange heat formed in the depths of my cunt, something similar to what I felt when masturbating but… but deeper in me. It flowed down through my pussy, a wet passion that had my entire body tingling.

“See,” Lee said. “Now order your sister to do it, Kimiko. Dominate her!”

“I… I…” Kimiko looked at me then looked away, her cheeks so dark. She squeezed her thighs shut, her jeans rasping together. I shuddered, pressing my own thighs together, my pussy aching in my panties. I rubbed my hands on my white leggings, my palms so sweaty.

What was going on here?

“Okay, okay, you’re not ready to make your sister lick your toes. Yet.” Lee grinned. “Let me give you some inspiration.” She flung herself at our futon, landing on it with the grace of a gymnast, her skirt bouncing about her hips. She spun around, fell to her knees, and then pulled her phone out of her skirt pocket. “Come on, both of you, get your butts over here. You have to see how my big brother treats me.”

Kimiko swallowed then she stood up and headed to our futon. She sat down beside Lee, her legs folded up beneath her.

“Onee-san?” I asked. “Why are you doing this? Do you want Minako to…?” No, no, she couldn’t want me to lick her toes or anything. This was so insane. “Minako doesn’t like this. Lee is making Minako nervous.”

“We can’t be rude, onee-chan. Now come over here and see her movie.”

I swallowed and… found myself obeying. I’d always listened to my older sister. It was proper thing for a younger sister to do. Maybe that was why our personalities had diverged. I let her take the lead in everything when we were so young and now it had become a habit for us both. I slunk to the bed and sat down beside Lee, my legs stretched out before me. My toes curled in my leggings, flexing and straightening.

Lee hit play on the video, holding her phone sideways so we could watch.

“Bend over and touch your toes, slave,” a deep voice growled, clearly the person holding the phone.

“Yes, Master,” a girl said. Lee. She was wearing a different skirt, this one red and clinging tight to her rump. She spread her legs apart, then bent over to touch her toes. The skirt rode up her thighs and then clung to her rear for a moment.

Then, like a rubber band stretched and released, the skirt popped over her rear and exposed her rump. She didn’t wear a butt plug today, her brown sphincter appearing between her cheeks. Her pussy was equally shaved, already getting juicy. Clear beads of liquid formed on her plump vulva and her pink labia. One rivulet ran down her thighs.

She wiggled her hips.

“Damn, Clint,” a guy said. “How do you get her to do that?”

“She’s a slut that needs a strong hand to control her.”

The real Lee shivered between us. “And my big brother is so strong. See. That’s our school’s bathroom. The boy’s restroom. He’s going to fuck me while all his friends watch, showing them that I’m his pregnant slut. It’s our newest game we play.”

I couldn’t look away from the screen. I gasped as I heard a belt rustle. Her brother, this Clint, fumbled at something and… His cock appeared, beige-pink and thrusting out of his open fly at the bottom of the screen. A wave of heat washed through me as I stared at my first cock. My eyes widened at how huge it looked.

My pussy clenched. That heat awakened inside of me swelled. My pussy seemed to pulse with an aching need. I whimpered, squirming beside Lee as her brother just brought his cock right to her pussy and rammed into her.

“Damn!” a different guy groaned. “I wish I had a girl who would just do that.”

“You have to be strong!” the Lee in the video grunted as her brother pounded her. Her butt-cheeks rippled as he buried his dick over and over into her cunt. “Oh, yes, Master, yes, fuck me! Use me!”

“See,” the real Lee said, watching her past self getting fucked. “My big brother knows how to dominate a little sister. Did you see how effortlessly he got me to bend over. He conditioned me to obey him. He broke me in and made me his whore.”

I licked my lips, enraptured by the sight of Clint’s dick plunging over and over into her cunt. His shaft emerged gleaming from her snatch before he rammed it back into her depths. My hands squeezed at my legging-clad thighs. My pussy boiled hotter and hotter. The room smoldered around me. My heart drummed beneath my breasts, my nipples so hard.

On the other side of Lee, Kimiko licked her lips. She shifted, her nipples so hard. She wiggled back and forth as she watched the naughty, incestuous video of an older brother fucking his little sister while the guys cheered.

They celebrated and applauded this debauchery. How could this be happening? What strange land had we moved to? I whimpered, licking my lips, my blood burning through my veins. I wanted to masturbate so badly. I wanted to rub my fingers against my pussy. I gripped my thighs to stop my hands from climbing any closer to my sex.

“Oh, my god, Master,” moaned Lee on the phone, her voice shriller than in real life. “May I cum? I want to cum on your cock!”

“No!” Clint groaned. “You’re going to just take it! You’re just a hole for me to use. A cunt for me to dump my cum into.”

“Oh, yes, I was so bad this day,” the real Lee moaned. “I didn’t do one of my chores, so he punished me by not letting me have an orgasm. That’s how much he controls me. I wanted to cum so badly. You know, because it’s incredibly shameful getting fucked that hard while all those guys are watching. And that’s so hot.”

“Fuck the slut!” a guy cheered from off-screen.

“Nail that little whore.”

“Fuck her hard!”

“Dump your cum in her!”

“I’ll pay you a $100 to fuck her!”

“She’s all mine, Pete!” Clint grunted, hammering her so hard.

“Oh, god, I wanted to cum so badly,” the real Lee breathed. “I was just quivering on the edge of my orgasm, fighting it off. But he gave me an order. And I had to obey him. I had to deny myself the orgasm I wanted. I don’t own my pleasure. My big brother does.” She glanced at Kimiko. “You could have that same thing with Minako. You can truly dominate your little sister. You just have to let me help you.”

“Dominate Minako?” I whimpered, shaking my head. My blood boiled. “Minako’s sister wouldn’t do that.”

Lee gave a naughty giggle. “Look at your twin. See that lust in her face. She’s dying for it.”

“No, no, that’s just the video,” I said. “She would never do that to Minako.”

Lee shot me a wild grin. Then she dropped her phone onto the futon and pounced at my sister. Kimiko gasped in shock as Lee pushed her down on the bed. My sister squirmed as Lee attacked her jeans. I trembled, frozen in shock as a fastener popped and a zipper rasped. Then the gaijin girl with skill that shocked me, hauled my sister’s jeans down her thighs.

“You can’t do that,” I finally managed to say.

“Quiet!” Lee hissed with such authority in her voice.

My mouth snapped shut. I trembled, my entire body burning with rapture. Emotions buffeted me as I watched Lee strip my sister naked. She ripped off Kimiko’s blouse next, exposing my twin’s small breasts topped by dusky-brown nipples. They puckered as hard as my own. My tits felt swollen in my tight bra. My pussy clenched, the heat melting through my panties and leggings.

Lee cupped my sister’s breasts, giving them both a squeeze before she shot her hands down and seized my twin’s panties. Kimiko didn’t fight. She just laid there, her cheeks burning, whimpering as Lee dragged off her underwear. The gaijin flung the panties to the side. They landed in a disorderly pile on the floor.

“Ooh, look at how wet she is, Minako,” Lee said, rubbing her fingers up my twin’s pale-olive thighs. “Look at that soaked bush.”

I leaned closer and gasped. My sister did have a soaked bush. Juices beaded on her silky, black hairs. Then Lee reached into the thick strands and found my sister’s pussy. She parted slick folds, revealing glistening, pink depths.

“Look at her, Minako,” Lee groaned, her voice thick with passion. “Look at how juicy your sister is. Your twin wants to dominant you so badly.”

“No, no, it’s the video,” I whined. “Right, onee-san? It’s the video that has made you so… so… aroused.”

“Nope.” Lee shot me a grin. “She wants you to get in there and eat her pussy.”

I stared at my sister. Why wasn’t she saying anything? Why wasn’t she denying Lee’s vulgar words. “Onee-san? Please, please you’re scaring Minako. Tell her she is crazy. Tell her to leave, onee-san.”

Kimiko wouldn’t look at me. She just quivered there, breathing heavily as Lee’s fingers kept playing with her pussy, stroking up and down her pussy lips. My stomach churned as the heat from my pussy swept up through me. Why couldn’t I look away? Why did these strange flutters ripple out of my snatch as I stared at my own sister?

“Now give her the command, Kimiko!” snapped Lee. “Stop being afraid of what you want. Dominate your twin sister. Make her eat that cunt!” Then Lee leaned down and licked at my sister’s pussy. Kimiko gasped and whimpered. “Imagine this is Minako’s tongue.”

Lee licked again. I swallowed, watching her pink tongue slide through my sister’s black bush, caressing her virgin flesh. Kimiko whimpered and moaned, her small breasts jiggling. Her hands clenched into fists as pleasure rippled across her round face. She licked her delicate lips, her eyes finding mine.

They smoldered.

“Onee-chan…” she said, her voice hoarse.

“Yes, yes, order her,” Lee groaned. She took another lick. “You want her to do this.”

“Please, onee-san,” I whined, my voice tight, my body shuddering. But what was I begging my sister for? For her to tell Lee no or…? Or for her to give me the command?

“Onee-chan…” She squeezed her eyes shut. “Onee-chan, lick my pussy!”

I gasped. A ripple of heat shot through me. I didn’t know what to do. I sat their rigid staring her in the eyes. She gave me a command. Such a blatant, strong command. But it was so wrong. She was my twin sister. We shared a womb together. We came from the same flesh. The same mother. I couldn’t do this. She couldn’t want this.


I leaned forward, licking my lips.

“Do it, onee-chan!” my sister whimpered. “Lick my pussy! Please, please, do it! I’m so wet and hot.”

“I know that word,” Lee said. “Omanko! Pussy! Eat your sister’s pussy!” Then she grabbed my silky hair and hauled my head down. “Your sister gave you an order, slut. Now eat her pussy!”

I gasped as Lee forced my face into my twin’s thick bush. I felt the wet silk of her hair and then… Then my lips found her hot, dripping pussy. I smelled her tangy musk. I breathed it in as the flavor pervaded my lips and filled my mouth.

“Eat me, onee-chan!”

“Yes, onee-sama!” I howled, changing the honorific in which I addressed my twin sister from -san to -sama… It meant lady or… Mistress…


My tongue lapped through her hot folds. I shuddered as I dragged across her virgin flesh, brushing her hymen at the entrance of her pussy. Her tangy flavor filled my mouth, melting on my tongue. Then I flicked her hard nub, her clit. She bucked, her tits jiggling above me.

She cried out in bliss. Such a sweet, radiant sound. I made my sister feel pleasure. I gave her what she needed. She had a horny pussy that I was… I was satiating it. I licked her again and again, her pubic hair tickling my cheeks and nose as my tongue lapped over and over up and down her pussy.

“Mmm, just like that,” Lee moaned. “Ooh, twincest! This is so hot!”

She slid down the bed as I ignored her. I focused on licking my twin sister’s pussy. I devoured my onee-sama’s cunt. I shuddered, reveling in the incestuous delight surging through my body. My panties soaked up my juices as I wiggled my hips, bent over in the air.

Then I gasped as Lee grabbed my rump through my skirt. She squeezed and kneaded me as I feasted on my sister’s snatch. I wanted to object, to tell her to stop, but I had to eat my twin’s pussy. I had to keep licking and lapping and caressing her with my tongue.

She tasted so good. Felt so good. So hot. So sticky. So wet. So tangy. So silky.

“Just keep licking your twin’s cunt while I play with your own pussy, Minako,” Lee said. “Mmm, I bet you taste delicious. The moment I laid eyes on you two, I knew I had to enjoy your twats.”

“You are such a dirty girl, Lee-chan,” Kimiko groaned.

“Says the slut making her twin sister eat out her pussy,” Lee answered then laughed. “Lee-chan… I like that. It’s the cute honorific, right. Because I’m just so adorable.”

“Yes!” my twin moaned while her hips hump, grinding her silky bush against my face as my tongue lapped at her folds. “Oh, yes, onee-chan, that feels so good.”

“Yes, yes, use words on her,” Lee moaned. “Call her filthy things. Like slut and whore. Call her your little slave. Your sister-slut. That’ll really make her wet. Submissives love being useful. Compliment her licking, call her your naughty slut, and she’ll love you.”

I blushed at those words, amazed to feel such shame even now. I shivered, realizing that though I was eating my twin sister’s cunt, Lee could still make me blush. I just stared up my sister’s body as I lapped at her tangy, virgin pussy, running my tongue up and down her folds, drinking her cream.

“Y-you’re my slut, onee-chan,” moaned Kimiko. “You’re my little pussy-licking whore. Oh, yes, yes, yes. You’re so wicked, onee-chan. So wanton. Ooh, you’re making my pussy feel so good with that tongue. You’re giving me pleasure.”

I shuddered. Lee was right. Those words did make me feel so wonderful. I was my twin sister’s pussy licking slut. I was her whore. I lapped faster and faster at her pussy. My tongue flew over her sex, making her quiver and gasp in delight. The sounds echoed through the room. I loved it. I drank them in, my own cunt getting so wet.

And then Lee flipped up my skirt and ripped down my leggings and panties in a single go. She let out a mischievous moan before she pressed her face into my pussy. I gasped at the feel of a girl’s mouth nuzzling at my pussy.

Then her tongue licked me.

“Onee-sama, she’s eating Minako’s pussy, too!” I moaned.

“Because Lee-chan is a slut like you!” my sister moaned in English. “Oh, yes, yes, eat my naughty sister’s pussy, Lee-chan. Make her feel good, too. She’s making me feel such goodness.”

“Oh, it’s my pleasure. I love eating virgin cunt!” She quivered. “My big brother is going to love me so hard for this!”

I gasped as Lee’s tongue pressed against my hymen then fluttered down to bat my clit. I squirmed and wiggled, smearing my cunt across her face as her tongue danced across my folds. I tried to copy what her dexterous tongue did to my cunt. How she teased and pleased me. She made me moan and gasp, the pleasure spilling around me.

I channeled all my passion into my sister’s pussy. I darted my tongue up and down it, licking up her incestuous cream. She groaned, squirming on the futon. Her hands seized her small breasts. She squeezed them and kneaded them. Her fingers found her nipples, pinching them and rolling them between her fingers.

My own nubs throbbed in my bra.

I whimpered, licking my tongue up to my sister’s clit. I fluttered against it, bating it over and over with my tongue. My sister bucked. She whimpered and moaned, her pleasure exploding from her voice. Her fingers pulled on her nipples, stretching out her small tits.

She liked having her clit licked.

And so did I. Lee’s mouth felt amazing on mine. Her tongue swirled around it. I copied her, loving my sister’s bud the same way Lee loved mine. I whimpered and moaned, wiggling my hips as her tongue sent sparks bursting inside of my virgin cunt.

“Onee-chan!” my sister groaned. “Oh, yes, yes, you’re going to make me cum. You’re going to make me cum so hard!”

“Yes!” I moaned. “Let Minako give you such pleasure, onee-sama!”

“Onee-sama! I love that. You’re my slut! You’re my slave. My onee-chan is my slave!” She squeezed her nipples hard, pulling on them.

And then she erupted.

Her tangy juices flooded my mouth. I moaned, lapping them up, my body wiggling. Lee’s lips sucked on my clit, sending such rapture through me as my sister thrashed on our futon. My twin howled in rapture, bucking and spasming, her breasts jiggling.

It was so amazing. Never in our fifteen years of life had I ever witnessed my twin sister’s climax. I knew she’d had them while masturbating. But to witness it… Awe shuddered though me, my entire body squirming, my own orgasm building and building in me.

“Yes, yes, yes, you are so amazing, slut! My slave! You’re my slave, onee-chan! Oh, wow, keep doing that, onee-chan. Keep licking my pussy. It feels amazing!”

I did. I couldn’t stop myself. I kept giving her bliss. She kept moaning and gasping. She kept bucking and smearing her thick, silky bush against my pussy lips. Her tangy juices dripped down my chin as I loved her.

And Lee loved me. Her tongue fluttered against my clit as her fingers seized my rump again. I copied her, thrusting my hands beneath my sister’s ass and cupping her butt-cheeks. I squeezed them as she thrashed, kneading them like Lee groped mine.

My eyes widened when Lee thrust fingers into my butt-crack. Her lips sucked hard on my clit as her exploring digits found my puckered asshole. She stroked it, sending such a wicked thrill through my body. I trembled, my heart pounding in my chest as she penetrated my bowels. Her finger wiggled deep into me, stirring such velvety delight that melted down to my virgin pussy.

“Onee-chan!” my sister howled as I copied Lee. My twin’s asshole squeezed down hard about my digits. “That’s such a filthy thing to do. You are such a slut, onee-chan!”

“Minako is your slut, onee-sama!” I howled, my orgasm swelling through me as Lee pumped her finger in and out of my asshole. She wiggled it through me. “Minako loves licking your pussy and fingering your asshole!”

“You’re going to make me cum again!” Her bowels clenched down so hard on my probing finger. “Onee-chan!”

A fresh flood of incestuous cream filled my mouth. I drank it down. Her juices warmed my belly. The heat swelled down to my cunt bathed by sparks from my clit. Lee’s tongue flicked and fluttered about it. Her finger pumped so fast in and out of my asshole.

My orgasm rippled through my body.

I moaned into my twin sister’s pussy as the rapture fluttered through my flesh. I groaned, drinking in the excitement of submitting to my sister. Of licking her pussy. I sucked hard on her clit and jammed my finger deep into her spasming bowels. The pleasure washed through my mind.

Ecstasy bathed me. Stars danced across my vision as I drifted through euphoria. It was so much better than masturbation. I whimpered as I sucked on her clit, nursing on it as Lee stimulated such bliss through my body.

“Oh, yes onee-chan!” my sister whimpered. “Oh, what a wondrous treat. Oh, wow. Oh, you are amazing! My slut! Onee-chan is my slut!”

“Yes!” I moaned, staring up at her as my orgasm peaked through her.

“Kiss her!” Lee moaned. “Oh, you two are so cute together.

I threw myself up my sister’s body. I settled on my twin and experienced my first ever kiss. I pressed my pussy-coated lips to hers. She hugged me tight, my nipples throbbing in my bra as we shared this deep, incestuous bond. We were one flesh once. We split apart in our mother’s womb and, for this brief moment, we were united in rapturous delight.

A tingle raced through my virgin pussy.

“Ooh, Clint is going to love popping both your cherries!” Lee moaned. “Ooh, my big brother is going to love me. Twins! Japanese twins! Oh, my god, yes!”

My eyes snapped open. I gasped, “What?”

Lee smacked my naked rump and gave a wicked giggle. I squirmed, remembering the image of Clint’s cock ramming into her pussy. A hot shiver ran through my body while my sister whimpered beneath me.

To be continued…

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