The World of Erasthay – The Knight and the Acolyte Bk 2, Chapter 3: Wicked Conjurings


The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Two: Magic’s Clash

Chapter 3: Wicked Conjurings

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Males/Female, Female/Female, Female/Females, Fantasy, Magic, Monster Sex, Ghost, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Lactation, Spanking, Bondage

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Journeyman Mage Faoril – Esh-Esh, The Magery of Thosi

I strolled through the docks of Esh-Esh, the cool breeze blowing in off Lake Esh. The blue waters sparkled as the wind rippled waves across the surface. The smaller boats of fisherman with their triangular, ribbed sails bobbed in the waves churned by the larger merchant boats that sailed up the Roytin River from the Free City of Raratha. Only one ship anchored at the docks was different. The Crystal Ship of the Magery Council.

My eyes went from the amethyst ship out to the lake. I tried to see the Island, but it was too far from shore to be visible, lost in the center of the large lake. I tried not to tremble. The test would be held out on the Island.

I turned away. My business was with the merchants, not on trying to see the Island. I needed chalk, and not just any chalk, but the black chalk found only in the Azi Wasteland. There would be at least one merchant that sold the rare rock. Black chalk was only useful to the Mages of Thosi.

The test to become a Master Mage was only a week away. Last night, in a pathetic attempt to sleep, it occurred to me that if I had a potent source of cum to power my magic during the test, my spells would be all the more powerful. For a female mage, cum powered our magic. It was such a vital energy. But not all cum was made equal. Some was far more potent and others were better suited for one element of magic.

I wanted to make sure I passed. Seven of us were taking the test and only three of us would become Master Mages. Failure would mean a year waiting again if I was even allowed to retake it. Often, a single failure was enough for the Council to deny you permission to retake the test in favor of the next class of journeyman mages.

That wouldn’t happen to me. I would achieve the rank of master mage. I had the skills. I just had to prove them.

My red robes marked me for a Journeyman Mage. The crowd parted for me. Even a journeyman was worthy of respect in the Magery of Thosi. In a country ruled by the council, even junior members were worth currying favor and cultivating business with. Merchants called to me, boasting of the exotic items they possessed, the perfect ingredients for various rituals and spells.

I ignored their words and examined their wares. Stall after stall was a disappointment. Surely someone had black chalk. I moved out from the docks, working through the aisle of stalls. The reek of garbage and rotting fish assaulted my nose. I missed the austerity of the Collegiate Tower.

The Tower rose like an ivory pillar reaching for the sky over the city of Esh-Esh. At its tip, the Beacon burned golden, sending protective spells across the city. At night, the beacon burned brighter than the full moon, painting even the roughest neighborhood of Esh-Esh in golden hues. It was a symbol of knowledge and progress for the world. Here, differences of race, gender, and nationalities were set aside. All were welcome to be enlightened by true knowledge and set free of the shackles of the past.

Thanks to my studies, the very powers of creation, the five elemental forces, were at my fingertip. The cum I swallowed from my simulacrum this morning blazed like a fire in my stomach, available to be used to manipulate the world around me. I could conjure flames, summon winds, precipitate water, move earth, and even enhance life. To me, the world was malleable and infinitely reshapable so long as I had the energy and the understanding.

Magic, unlike the divine powers of priests and paladins or witchcraft that cajoled or bound natural spirits, required the mage to provide the power. I didn’t have a god gifting me a part of his or hers divine essence or a primal spirit to manipulate the world around me, I had to provide the energy myself. And that was dangerous. If I used my own reserves, I would quickly grow fatigued.

That was why I carried vials of cum with me, each magically preserved to stay fresh. For male mages, they had to use female juices. But the results were the same—we had a vital power source we could burn instead of our own. And, thanks to our training, I doubt I could even use my life force after my conditioning.

Apprentice Mages were trained harshly to ignore their own life force.

I stopped before a stall and sighed in relief. Finally, a chalk merchant. I stepped up, my eyes scanning. A greasy-haired Atholosian man stood on the other side. I wrinkled my nose at the sour scent and tried not to stare at the tangled mess of silver hair caked with grime on his head.

“Mistress mage,” he bowed, his teeth crooked and yellow. “What can I interest you on this fine day?”

“Black chalk,” I said. “Do you have any?”

“I do indeed, Mistress, the finest black chalk from the Azian quarries.”

He turned around and pulled a felt lined tray covered in various chunks of black chalk. They were rough cut, not the precisely shaped sticks used in classrooms. I picked one up, squeezing it in my hand. The chalk didn’t crumble. My thumb ran across the black surface; I smiled at the dark smear left behind on my skin. I brought it to my mouth and tasted it.

My mouth grew dry as I licked the chalky dust. I spat to the side. “Very pure.”

“Of course. I wouldn’t bring any cheap chalk to Esh-Esh.” He rubbed his pale-red hands together. “A gold torch for one.”

“A gold torch?” I asked, arching my eyebrow. A torch was the largest coin. I could buy a week at the finest inn with the most extravagant meals for that amount. “This is only worth five silver waves.”

“You try to cheat me,” he gasped. “Five silver waves? Would you like to bleed me dry?”

Five silver waves was half the cost of a gold torch, and I thought the price more than fair for a piece of black chalk. I folded my arms. “Fine. Six silver waves.”

“Nine. I have seven children to feed back in Athlos. You wouldn’t make beggars of my children by impoverishing their father.”

I licked my lips. Could I afford to part with nine silver waves? I wouldn’t have much left of my stipend. “Eight,” I answered. “No more. If you don’t like it, I can find another merchant. And then your children wouldn’t get any money.”

“So cruel,” he groaned. “Eight. For my poor children.”

I smiled. I highly doubted there was a woman in the world that would touch this man if he hadn’t paid her first. I reached into my robes and pulled out a purse stitched with arcane symbols. Not too many pickpockets would risk stealing from a mage, but if one did, they would regret it. I opened it up and pulled out a golden flame, the coin glinting in the sunlight.

I took my chalk, wrapped in cloth, and my change, then hurried back to the Collegiate Tower. I was eager to cast my summoning and gather the cum I needed. The farther I made it from the docks, the nicer Esh-Esh grew. The revolting smells of the docks gave way to the scents of fresh bed, spices, and flowers as the streets grew more respectable. I passed through fountained squares, the water enchanted into exciting colors or intoxicating scents.

I strolled into the Collegiate Tower and began to climb the stairs that spiraled up the center, passing young students in their blue robes and the occasional master in his black. On the twenty-ninth floor, I found an empty summoning room. It was a plain room made of the same white granite as the rest of the tower. The floor was bare and the door was very sturdy.

Before I closed the door, my friend and roommate Saoria strolled in. “What are you up to?” she asked, her blue eyes glinting. “Showing off before the test.”

“Getting the most potent cum I can,” I answered. “Are you staying? I’m about to seal the room.”

“Oh, I’ll stay,” she smiled.

Like me, she was a journeyman mage about to take the test. A silver ring glinted on her eyebrow as I conjured a yellow orb and hung it on the ceiling to shed light. Her heavy breasts rose beneath her robes—she was far more endowed then me. We were both Thosians, though her brown hair was darker and longer than mine. I preferred to keep mine short. Saoria had the sort of body that men, and more than a few women, found irresistible.

Even I enjoyed playing with her charms.

With earth magic, I sealed the door. The granite stone that formed the walls flowed like water and covered up the door. No summonings were allowed to happen in the Collegiate Tower without this precaution. It kept anyone from blundering in and an inopportune moment as well as trapping anything in here in case the summoning was botched.

For a mage of my skill, it was more of a formality. I was no apprentice about to summon her first spirit or elemental. I had done this a hundred times. From my pocket, I produced the black chalk and unwrapped it.

“What are you summoning?” gasped Saoria.

“Lemures,” I answered.

Saoria’s eyebrows furrowed. “Oh, you are really trying to overachieve if you plan on using their cum in the test.”

A lemure, an angry spirit of a dead mortal, had potent, supernatural cum. It was easily four times the potency of a human’s. Very few other types of cum were more powerful, and those usually involved strong monsters that you would have to expend more energy on subduing then you would receive from their cum.

“I plan on passing,” I told her as I inscribed the summoning circle.

The circle had to be nearly perfect. I drew a large circle across the smooth floor. Saoria leaned against the wall, her arms folded beneath her breasts as she watched. She would let me know if I made any mistakes—I wouldn’t. After I had drawn the circle, I formed the five-pointed star in the area circumscribed by the black, the tip pointing south. In each triangular arm of the star, I wrote the arcane name for the five elements.

“Are you sure you can handle them?” Saoria asked.

“Yes,” I said, waving a dismissive hand at her. “Lemures aren’t that bad. You just need to be firm with them. And once I manipulate their cocks, well, they’ll be much less angry.”

A grin crossed Saoria’s face. “Well, you may have a point there. Even the spirit of a dead man likes cumming.”

I finished the circle and stepped back. I wrapped up the black chalk and slipped it into my pocket. From another, I pulled out three glass vials with leather stoppers and set them carefully on the ground. I wanted more than enough for the test. I produced a vial full of simulacrum seed and swallowed the salty cum. It was still warm, preserved by the enchantments on the vial. I swirled it through my mouth before swallowing, a hot flush shooting through me.

Every time I swallowed cum it excited me. You had to be a cumslut to be a female mage.

Power churned inside me. I sent the energy out into the magic circle. A black light glowed from it, sucking in shadows instead of producing them. It was anti-light. The room chilled as the circle reached into the Astral Realm.

My heart thudded in my chest. A wrong move here could cause me to summon a far more dangerous spirit, like a banshee or a nightshade. There were dangerous things that prowled through the Astral Realm, the domain of the dead, spirits, and the Gods.

I chanted in the arcane tongue, the strange words rolling off my lips with ease. Unlike manipulating the elements, summing required words to reach out into the Astral Realm and beckon the entities I desired. The room shook. The unlight grew brighter. My shadow seemed to fall towards the inverse glow. The Realm pulled at me. I stood firm, fighting against being drawn into the circle.

Saoria shivered as a mournful wail echoed through the room. Mist swirled in the circle, black as midnight. Eyes appeared, glowing red. I chanted louder, directing my words at the eyes. Power lashed out of me and into the circle. The unlight burned dark. My shadow tugged at the soles of my feet as it. I fought against the pull.

The arcane words chained the eyes and pulled them into our world. The mist grew dense, swirling and forming into three bodies. They were gangly, long arms and ending in sharp claws that seemed far more solid than the rest of their foggy bodies. They hissed and chittered, slamming at the edge of the circle.

My chants died down. The unlight vanished. The connection with the Astral Realm severed. Three Lemures swirled in the circle, bound by its perimeter. They howled their fury, slamming into the boundary circumscribed by my careful preparation.

“How are you getting the cum?” Saoria asked.

“By letting them enjoy my body,” I smiled as I slipped off my robe and carefully folded it on the floor. I stood naked before the circle, my pink nipples hard atop my round breasts. My spicy excitement filled my nose. I had been looking forward to this all day.

“That’s kinky,” laughed Saoria. “No fear of them tearing you apart instead of fucking you?”

“Not with a little life magic,” I answered, pouring the energy into my flesh. My pussy throbbed harder. My juices flooded down my thighs as the life magic affected my lubrications production. My spicy musk grew stronger.

“Mmm, I love that scent,” Saoria purred.

“Once they’re ready to cum, will you hand me the vials?” I asked.

Saoria glanced where I set down the three vials. She nodded and walked around the circle and picked them up. “I will.” Her blue eyes studied the vials. “You enchanted them yourself?”

“I want to make sure my cum maintains its potency,” I said, my heart thudding faster. The lemures swirled around the circle, their cocks already swelling hard. My spell worked.

“Always so smart,” Saoria laughed.

I stepped into the circle, my pussy on fire. The spirits hissed and swarmed at me. Their ethereal hands seized my body. I shivered at their electric touch. My hand reached out, passing through a lemure’s incorporeal body until I found his cock. That suddenly became real and solid in my hand. I squeezed and stroked it.

The spirit cooed in delight, his red eyes widening.

“Yes, you’ve missed that, haven’t you,” I grinned. “None of you’ve had pussy in a while, huh? You give me what I want, and you’ll have my delicious snatch.”

“…what do you want…?” hissed the lemure, his voice a rasping caress.

“Your cum. Fuck my holes, but do not cum in me,” I smiled, stroking his cock.

A lemure passed through my body. I shuddered as electricity engulfed my flesh. My body tingled and my pussy convulsed. His hands seized my breasts, squeezing and kneading them. “…want to fuck you…”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, shifting my hips.

The third lemure pushed his hand through the front of my stomach, phasing through my flesh and into my pussy. I groaned as his spectral flesh sent tingling pleasure rippling through my pussy as his fingers worked inside me.

“…such delicious flesh…we fuck…give you cum…”

“Agreed,” I groaned as my toes curled.

My flesh erupted in blissful tingles every time their incorporeal bodies passed through me. I shuddered and fell to my knees as the three lemures swarmed around me. Their hands and lips tasted my skin while their bodies phased through me. I let out delightful moans as I savored the sensations of their incorporeal flesh. My pussy clenched and ached, eager to be filled by a spirit’s cock.

“…delicious…” a lemure hissed as his body phased through my pussy and ass.

I spasmed and moaned in delight. A spectral tongue licked at my pussy and a hungry mouth latched onto my nipple. Fingers sank into the flesh of my breasts, swirling through my tits and shooting more wonderful bliss through me.

“Enjoy my body,” I gasped. “Let go of your anger for awhile and remember the pleasures of the flesh.”

“…so tasty…so warm…”

Fingers parted my asscheeks. The third lemure licked at my sphincter. All three of their mouths pleasured me. My juices dripped down my thighs as my clit was caressed by one of the specters numbing mouths. Their every touch was ecstasy.

My pussy convulsed as I came.

“Sweet Pater’s cock!” I screamed, my voice echoing through the sealed chamber as the pleasure roared through my body.

“…yes…yes…so alive…” chittered a lemure as he drank down my juices.

I tossed my head and arched my back. The pleasure rushed to my mind, mixed with the buzzing excitement of their incorporeal bodies passing through me as they writhed and floated about me. My orgasm kept rolling through me. Their every touch prolonged it.

“…must fuck…”

“…yes…must know her sweet flesh…”

“…such sweet flesh…”

“Fuck me!” I begged, barely caring about collecting cum. I wanted to feel their cocks ream me. I waned my living flesh joined with their spiritual essence. “Take me hard! Please!”


“Oh, yes! Such a slut! I love being fucked! I love cum!” No woman could survive as a mage if she didn’t love cum. It was the best substance in the world. It never failed to excite me while collecting it.

A spectral cock rubbed at the entrance of my pussy, sparking electricity through my labia. I groaned, pushing back. The shaft pressed into my folds, thick and corporeal but buzzing with spiritual energy.

My pussy spasmed about the shaft as another orgasm screamed through me. “Oh, fuck! Gods, yes! Fuck my cunt!”

“…hot…tight…wet…life…” hissed the lemure as he pounded his cock through me.

My pussy spasmed about his shaft. Pleasure rippled through me. I moaned and shuddered. It was so intense. His cock lit up my pussy’s nerves. He shoved deep into my cunt. My hips pushed back, meeting his passionate thrusts.

“…must fuck…” another moaned as it licked my ass.

“Oh, yes! Use my ass! You can stick your cock wherever you like!”

The lemure moved. His cock phased through my thigh sending a ripple of ecstasy up to my pussy. I shuddered as another small cum burst in my depths. My mind was assaulted with bliss. The cock slid up to my ass and became corporeal right before plunging into my tight sphincter.

I was stuffed full of spiritual cocks. The lemures hissed and moaned as they fucked me. Both their shafts reamed me. The pleasure swelled through me. I squeezed my eyes shut and just enjoyed their hard thrusts.

“…suck cock…” the last lemure hissed.

“Gods, yes,” I gasped, licking my lip. “Slam that delicious cock down my throat.”

The lemure’s misty body spun before me, bringing his hard cock to my lips. I opened wide and swallowed his dick. The spirit’s body contorted and he latched his mouth onto my aching nipples. I groaned around his thrusting dick as he sucked on my nipple.

Pleasure filled me. My body writhed as these three spirits ravaged my body. They fucked me with an eager intensity. My ass and pussy clenched down on two of the cocks as the third slammed down my throat.

I loved it. Servicing three cocks was always so exciting, and no mortal cock’s touch could send tingling electricity shooting through my body. My toes curled as I rocked my body. I moaned and bucked, eager to make my spirit lovers cum.

“…so good to fuck whore…”

“…yes…hot…wet…so good…”

“…sweet flesh…”

“…fuck harder…good…”

It was good. Another orgasm burst inside me. I had lost count of the number. The pleasure assaulted my body. I sucked on the cock in my mouth, savoring the strange, misty taste of a spectral entity thrusting deep into my mouth.

“…cum…must cum…”

The lemure fucking my pussy sped up his thrusts. He hammered them in far faster than any human male could. My cunt was assaulted by the thrusts, my flesh savoring every inch of his cock reaming my hole.


I lifted my hand, reaching out to Saoria. My friend, her robe undone and one hand playing with her pussy, laughed and seized one of the vials with fingers sticky with her juices. She stepped forward and reached across the circle’s boundaries to place it in my hand.

“…hot…cum…” moaned the lemure in my cunt. He ripped his dick out of my spasming pussy and floated around, pressing his dick against the vial. “…yes…”

Misty cum squirted out of his cock into my vial. He hissed with each blast, depositing more and more of the incorporeal seed into the specially prepared glass. With a final moan, the lemure floated away, his red eyes closed, looking satiated.

Saoria took back the vial and stoppered it. “There. All ready for the test.”

I moaned in delight, my ass clenching on the cock reaming it. I shuddered as another orgasm rippled through me. The lemure fucking my ass hissed in delight as he neared his orgasm. He ripped his cock out my ass as Saoria handed me the next vial.

I was exhausted when the final lemure ripped his cock from my mouth and positioned his cock at the glass vial. I licked my lips, eager to taste lemure cum when I drank the jizz during the test. His dick erupted and the spirit filled the vial with milky, misty sperm.

“…yes…good…fuck…” the lemure lazily hissed as he drifted away, joining the other pair.

I took the leather stopper from Saoria and capped it. “Mmm, that was fun.”

Saoria nodded her head. “Yeah, it looked like it.”

I climbed out of the circle, my legs weak. I had enough energy remaining in my body to channel it into the circle and send the Lemures back to the Astral Realm. They swirled apart into black mist and then were swallowed into unlight.

“I think I’ll miss them,” I sighed as I pulled on my robe.

“Oh?” Saoria asked.

“I was cumming the entire time.”

Saoria laughed as I unsealed the chamber.


Xerathalasia – Easter Deorc Forest, The Federation of Deoraciynae

I paused at the edge of the forest, staring out at the human farmlands of the Magery of Thosi. My stomach clenched. Already, Sophia and Angela had mounted their horses, both glad to be out of the woods and stop walking.

My mouth was dry. I had never left the woods before. They were my home. It was the wild of nature. But that ended. From here on out I would be traveling through the human’s lands, witnessing nature sculpted and shaped by tools, not through communicating with the trees and shrubs. Elves asked nature to change and transform herself; humans violated her.

“Xera?” Sophia asked, looking over her shoulder. The human priestess wore a white robe and beige cloak, her light-brown hair swirling about her shoulders. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I said.

When we left Khalesithan yesterday morning, I knew I would have to leave the forest. I just wish I knew it would be so hard.” I looked over my shoulder at the dense woods wishing I could see all the way back to the towering tree where my pregnant wife sat waiting for me to return.

I had to return. I would see my daughter.

There was no room for doubts. I had set myself on this course, and I had to follow where the trail led me. My hand gripped my unstrung bow. The arrows in my quiver rattled as I stepped through the brush onto the grassy field. In the distance, a house stood made of sod, dirt rising from its chimney. Sad animals moved in dirt pens and startled humans watched us from fields sprouting with green shoots.

“It’ll be okay,” Sophia smiled. “I’m a little scared, too. I’ve never been out of Secare before. But the Magery is supposed to be a safe place.”

“Very civilized,” Angela nodded. “I see a road ahead. That should lead us to the highway and onto the city of Norv.”

I sighed and nodded. My long legs took me up beside their horses. That was nice. Ever since I met the humans three weeks ago, I had to move so slowly through the woods. Now that they were mounted and out of the rough terrain, I could stretch my legs and really walk.

We reached the road. It was a man-made trail far wider than any I seen in the woods. This one was made of packed dirt with a pair of strange, narrow ruts running parallel down it. I had never seen such tracks before. The ground was hard beneath my feet. I missed the soft loam of the forest, but I was a huntress—I would not complain.

As night fell, we reached a village. Smoke was thick in the air. I wrinkled my nose as it drifted in a pall from the village. The buildings were made of more stone ripped from the earth and cut crudely into blocks. Everyone stared at me. Like Sophia and Angela, the humans of Thosi went clothed. They were fair-skin and brown-haired.

“Why are they staring at me?” I whispered.

“You’re naked,” Sophia grinned at me. “And very lovely. No one goes around naked outside in human lands.”

I flushed. I had never been self-conscious of being naked before. Elves did not wear clothes, only jewelry and belts to hang tools and pouches from. Clothes were unnecessary. We were in tune with nature, weathering the cold winters and hot summers with equal ease.

The streets of the village were made of cold mud that squished beneath my feet. The stench grew more and more foul. I wrinkled my nose as Sophia and Angela led us to a larger building. Music came from inside, my ears twitching in rhythm to a pounding drum and reedy pipe.

“What is this place?” I asked.

“Inn,” Angela answered as she climbed off her warhorse, her metal armor clinking. “We’ll stay the night here.”

“Ah, so the Inn people are allowing us to stay in their home?”

Angela smiled and Sophia giggled. “No, Xera. We’ll rent a room. Inns are places that provide lodging for travelers.”

“Rent? That means…to pay?”

“It’s not like your world,” Angela shrugged. “Things cost money out here. Nothing’s free.”

I found that very sad. I could walk to any village or city in the forest and find a welcome bed and wonderful food. No one had to buy anything. Everything we needed was found in the woods around us. It was so strange how the humans seemed to put a specific value on everything.

I drew more attention when we stepped into what Angela called the common room. Men drinking fermented, sour beverages glanced at me with hungry eyes. A hot flush rippled through my body. Human males had cocks. Cocks I could fuck without risk of pregnancies. But they were so…ugly. Sophia and Angela, with their strange skin and hair color, had seemed like exotic beauties even with their round ears, but these men…I shuddered. They were big and hairy. There were no soft curves, no swelling breasts.

“How do you lie with these men, Angela?” I asked, grimacing as one leered at me.

“Oh, it’s not hard,” Angela pured, smiling at the same man that leered at me. “Mmm, he’s got a strong jaw.”

“You should see what I can do with it,” he laughed, licking his lips. His chin was covered in a dark shadow of stubble. “I’ll lick your pussy until you scream.”

“Maybe,” Angela laughed as she sat down at a table.

“Don’t worry,” Sophia whispered to me. “I don’t get it either.”

I smiled at the priestess as we sat down. “I thought I would like human men, but where are their breasts?”

Sophia giggled. “Only women have breasts,” she purred, then nodded to a buxom woman in a low-cut dress moving through the crowd carrying three large tankards of the foamy drink. Her breasts jiggled and bounced, on the verge of spilling out entirely. “Now that is a delicious sight.”

“Uh-huh,” I agreed.

The woman set the drinks down at a table, laughed as the men squeezed her ass and fondled her breasts before she scooped up metallic coins and slipped them into a pocket of her skirt. She flounced away and swayed over to us.

“Ooh, travelers,” she purred, her eyes falling on my naked body. “An elf?”

My cheeks warmed as she stared at my naked body. Her eyes were appreciative. She touched my shoulder. Her skin was as pale as mine, but lacked the greenish tone that infused an elf. Her eyes flicked down to my crotch.

“No cock? I thought you elves all had cocks.”

“Not always,” I answered.

A wicked smile crossed her lips. “Ooh, do I have to coax her out. I’m very good at that.”

My pussy grew wet and I squirmed. “Well, it doesn’t work that way.”

“Oh, what a shame. I would love to boast that I fucked an elf’s cock.” Then she leaned in to my ear. “But, maybe we can fib a bit, so long as I fuck you.”

I shuddered as her hot breath washed over my sensitive ear. It twitched and I moaned, “They’ll never hear the truth from me.”

Sophia winked at me as the woman straightened. “I’m Vioria, so what can I get you excitin’ women?”

“Beer,” Angela said, licking her lips, “and your finest dinner.”

“We got no fine dinner here,” laughed Vioria, “but we have a hearty stew and bread that’s not too hard.”

“Perfect,” sighed Angela. “Oh, and if you can bring some fresh vegetables for Xera.”

Vioria’s eyes flicked to me. “Xera?”

I nodded. “I don’t eat meat.”

“But she does eat pussy,” Sophia giggled.

“Good,” winked Vioria. “I’ll be right back.”

“You’re going to have fun tonight,” Sophia grinned. “I’m not surprised, you are so sexy with those pointed ears. Right, Angela?”

“Huh?” Angela said, drawing her eyes away from the man.

Sophia arched an eyebrow. “I know it’s been forever since you’ve seen a man, but you don’t have to drool over them at the table.”

“But he’s so yummy,” Angela purred, her eyes glancing back at the man. “Look at how rough those hands are. Mmm, that’s a man that knows how to treat a woman.”

Sophia shook her head. “Fine. You have your fun tonight. Get it out of your system.”

Angela smiled then leaned over and gave Sophia a quick kiss on the cheek. “I’m glad you understand.”

Sophia nodded and patted Angela’s thigh. “Please, just bathe afterward.”

“Ooh, will you join me?” Angela asked.

“I’m not washing a man’s cum off you,” Sophia shuddered. “I have sworn sacred oaths.”

“Will you wash me after I’m done with Vioria?” I asked.

“Oh, I might join you and the maid,” Sophia winked. “I don’t see any other women here.”

“You can join me?” laughed a burly guy at the next table, a thick tangle of hair growing from his face. That was called a beard, I think.

“I’m a priestess of Saphique,” Sophia sweetly smiled. “I’m sure you know what that means.”

“That you know how to fuck,” laughed the man.

“That’s Slata, not Saphique,” Sophia said. “Saphique has cursed me. Any cock that enters my body shrivels up tinier than a worm.”

The man’s face fell. “What?”

“My goddess is very jealous,” Sophia purred. “But I’m sure the price is something you’re willing to pay to fuck me.”

The man turned away and Sophia gave a wicked giggle.

Vioria returned with a platter, setting steaming bowls before Angela and Sophia, a plate covered in raw vegetables. One, orange and skinny, glistened with a strange juice. Last, Vioria sat flagons of the foamy, fermented drink before us. She leaned down and whispered, “I put a special sauce on your carrot. A little taste of tonight.”

My pussy clenched as I stared at the long, orange vegetable. “Thank you.”

I grabbed the carrot first. I had never seen one before. Her pussy juices were spicy and delicious. I bit into the carrot and experienced the hard texture, pleasant flavor, and her spicy sauce. I savored the carrot, enjoying her marinade and licked my fingers clean of all her sauce.

“Delicious,” I smiled.

“I bet,” Sophia grinned before spooning up a bite of her stew. There were carrots in there, mixed with stringy, brown meat.

I didn’t understand how humans could eat flesh.

Angela didn’t comment on my specially prepared carrot. She was too busy staring at the guy while drinking deeply of her flagon. I picked mine up. It had a sour flavor, like yeast. I brought it to my lips and drank it down. A warm buzz flowed through me. It was terrible and bitter. I grimaced and set it down.

“I know, it took me a little getting used to,” Sophia nodded. “I prefer wine. It’s similar to the blackberry drink your people made.”

Not long after, Angela slipped off with the stud, her chainmail loin swinging about her shapely ass as they hurried upstairs. Sophia shook her head and stood up with a yawn. “Good thing I have my toy. You have fun with Vioria.”

I nodded my head, looking around for the maid.

She came around from my other side and plopped into my lap. Her arm slipped around my shoulders. “So, do elves always go around naked, or where you just hoping to get laid by a sexy maid tonight?”

“Naked,” I answered.

“Ooh, I really need to come visit your forest.”

I grinned. “We normally keep humans out, but your females do have nice advantages.”

“Oh?” she leaned in, her breasts pressed against mine. I wished they were naked. “Like what?”

“Our cocks can’t get you pregnant. We could fuck you all the time.”

Her body shuddered. “Sounds like paradise.” She wiggled her hips. “Damn, I was hoping you would sprout.”

“Sorry. I’m about ten days off from that.”

“And I can’t convince you to stay?”

“Sorry, our Quest is too important.”

Vioria’s eyes widened. “I knew it. She’s a knight, right? The one in armor?”

I nodded my head.

“Oh, now I am really wet. Come on. I’m off. Let’s go have some fun, elf.”


“Oh, so pretty.” Then her mouth was on mine. I savored her hot kiss. My nipples hardened against her dress. The men in the common room grew excited. Had they never seen women kiss before? I ignored them, savoring her soft lips as our tongues played around in her mouth.

She had such a sweet mouth.

My hand squeezed her breast. Her tit was firm beneath her dress. My fingers moved to the lacings of her bodice. They were held closed by a knot. It seemed like a simple pull and it would come undone and I could enjoy those beauties.

I tugged.

“Oh, you’re wicked, Xera,” purred Vioria. “But I’m not an elf. I don’t show my tits around the common room.”

“You should,” a man roared.

“Then why don’t we go to our room so I can see them and touch them.”

“Are all elves as bewitching as you?” she asked as she slid off my lap.

“Maybe,” I grinned, licking my lips. “My wife is enchanting.”

“Lucky elf to have you,” purred Vioria as she helped me stand. Her hand went around my waist to squeeze my naked ass.

We reached the stairs and headed up, leaving the disappointed men behind. Her hand on my ass was exciting. She squeezed me every few heartbeats and her fingers moved closer and closer to dipping between my soft cheeks. We burst in the door and found Sophia already beneath her covers on the only bed.

“Ooh, you brought her here,” smiled Sophia. She sat up and the cover slipped down to show off her naked breasts. “Get her naked, Xera, I want to see her body.”

“What a wicked priestess,” moaned Vioria as I opened up her bodice. My hand slid inside. It was warm and her breasts felt wonderful in my grip. I drew one out and bent down to suckle on her nipple She squealed and groaned, her hands running through my green hair. “I have an elf suckling on my tit.”

Warm milk squirted into my mouth. I shuddered in delight, swirling the creamy treat around before swallowing. My pussy clenched as the warm milk filled my mouth. She cooed and giggled as she kept stroking my hair.

“Drink Mommy’s milk,” she laughed. “Oh, yes. Such a hungry elf.”

“You’re lactating?” Sophia asked in obvious delight.

“I work as a wet nurse from time to time now that I’ve weaned my son.”

Sophia slipped naked from the bed, her small breasts jiggling. She licked her lips, her pink tongued pierced by a metal stud. Vioria gasped as Sophia latched onto her other nipple and suckled. My cheek rubbed against Sophia’s as we nursed.

The milk was so exciting. I drank it down. It warmed my belly. My hips shook and swayed. My hands reached behind her and kneaded Vioria’s ass as we suckled. My finger wormed between her butt-cheeks and fingered her tight hole.

“Oh, you naughty elf,” she gasped. “You’re fingering Mommy’s ass. I should spank you for that.”

“Ooh, spank her,” Sophia laughed. “Or me. You can tie me up and spank me.”

Ever since the dryad, Sophia loved to be tied up and molested.

Vioria walked away from us and flounced on the bed. She patted her lap and arched an eyebrow. “Well, naughty elf?”

I grinned and licked my milk-stained lips. It was such a sweet, delicious flavor. I hoped Atharilesia was still lactating when I returned. I wanted to taste my wife’s delicious milk. I crossed the room and climbed onto the bed, draping my body across her lap.

“What a gorgeous bum,” Vioria purred, her hands rubbing it.

“Oh, yes,” Sophia smiled and sat before me, her legs spread, her pussy inches from my face. She pulled my hair and I didn’t fight. My lips nuzzled at her labia. I licked, savoring the exciting taste of her tart passion.


I moaned as Vioria’s hand spanked my ass. Not hard, but enough to make me squirm. The heat shot right to my pussy. I hadn’t been spanked since I was an elf-child. It was exciting. I felt so helpless as she disciplined me. She was so strong, keeping me in line. Her hand cracked down over and over as I licked and nuzzled at Sophia’s pussy.

“Such a bad elf,” cooed Vioria. “You fingered Mommy’s bum.”


“Ooh, yes, such a naughty elf,” gasped Sophia. “She’s licking my pussy.”

“How terrible,” giggled Vioria. Her hand cracked down again.

My pussy clenched. I squirmed on her lap as my cunt grew hotter and hotter. My juices flooded out, coating my thighs. I moaned and groaned into Sophia’s pussy as my tongue licked and nuzzled. I was eager for every drop of her pussy I could drink.

Sophia grabbed my hair and humped her pussy into my face. She gasped and shuddered, her green eyes squeezing shut. My tongue flailed through her folds as her excitement mounted. Her tongue piercing flashed as she licked her lips.

“Oh, yes! So good! Keep spanking her while I cum on her face.”

“Oh, yes,” Vioria agreed and spanked me again. My ass was on fire. “I think she likes it.”

“That naughty, elvish slut!” Sophia gasped. Her hips bucked. Her juices flooded my mouth as she came hard. She swayed and groaned. My lips devoured her passion. They flooded my mouth. I drank them all down, so eager for every last drop. Humans had such exciting flavors to their pussies.

Vioria’s finger probed between my legs and rubbed at the bare lips of my pussy, my snatch dewy with my excitement. She swirled her fingers through my lips, moving down to nudge my clit before she stroked back up.

“Wow, she is wet,” groaned Vioria. Her fingers moved away and she sucked them clean. “Oh, wow. Elves taste like flowers.”

“Uh-huh,” groaned Sophia as she fell back on the bed. “Oh, Xera, you gave me a good cum.”

“I need more of her pussy,” gasped Vioria. “She tastes so good.”

“Lick her,” giggled Sophia.

“You took your punishment like a good girl,” Vioria moaned. “Now let Mommy kiss your pussy and take away the pain.”

“Yes,” I gasped as she pushed me off her lap. I sprawled across the bed, my legs spread wide open. My pussy clenched, eager to be touched and pleasured.

Vioria leaned over, her light-brown hair falling across my skin, hiding her face. Her fingers spread my pussy open. “She has three labia.”

“Elves are fun to play with,” giggled Sophia. “So many exciting folds to explore.”

Vioria buried her lips into my pussy. I shuddered, my ass burning on the mattress as I squirmed. Her tongue swirled through all my folds, excited to drink all my juices down. She ate me with an eager desire. Her lips and tongues explored me everywhere.

“Yes, yes, eat my pussy,” I gasped. “Oh, wow. You’re so amazing, Vioria.”

“And you taste like marigolds,” panted the maid. “This is the best pussy I’ve ever eaten.”

Her fingers shoved into my hole as her tongue swirled up my folds to my clit. Sophia grinned, leaned over, and sucked on the tip of my ear. Her tongue was wet and delicious. Pleasure roared through my body right down to my pussy. I shuddered as the two women licked and sucked my sensitive flesh.

“Matar’s cock,” I gasped as I humped my hips into Vioria’s lips. “Oh, wow. That’s so good!”

Her fingers pumped faster and faster in my pussy as her lips sucked on my clit. The pleasure rushed through me. The excitement of my spanking mixed with the bliss radiating from my ear and pussy. They built and built within me. A crescendo of passion swelled.

My toes curled.

“Sweet Matar’s love!” I gasped in Elvish as my orgasm burst through me. “Thank you for this wonderful gift of pleasure. Oh, yes!”

My body quivered and quaked. I shuddered on the bed as the pleasure raced through my body. My toes curled and the ceiling spun above me. Vioria moaned her delight as she drank down all the juices flooding out of my pussy.

“Wow,” Vioria grinned, pulling her two fingers out of my pussy. “I think I can say I fucked an elf.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted, licking my lips. Let me return the favor.”


Knight-Errant Angela – Breven, The Magery of Thosi

I had a smile on my face as we rode out of Breven the next morning. That stud had been amazing. My pussy still ached from his cock. Elf cocks were nice, but they still felt like a woman when they were on top of you. I had missed a muscular, strong man pounding me, my tits crushed by a hard chest.

I wasn’t the only one smiling. Sophia and Xera both beamed. I had found them this morning in the tangle of blankets with Vioria, the room reeking of hot pussy. Sophia hadn’t wanted to get up, but Xera rose and dragged her out of bed.

It was nice being out of the oppressive forest and back into civilized lands. We rode past farms that almost looked the same as the ones back in Secare. The people were a little fairer in skin and hair, and they grew different crops, but they still felt the same.

Close cousins.

It took two days of riding after Breven to reach our first city, Norv, lying on the banks of the Tingul, the great river that divided the Magery of Thosi from the Princedoms of Zeutch. The Princedoms was a collection of twelve smaller countries closely allied and united under an elected government. Across the river was Nevtoth, a minor Princedom sandwiched between Thosi and the wild orc lands of the northern tundra.

Xera was overwhelmed by the city. She had thought Breven and the other villages we passed were large. Khalesithan was a large city for the elves, but it was tiny compared to Norv. The buildings crowded each other and the streets were narrow. I had no idea how she would react to a large city. Shesax, the capital of Secare, was easily three times as big as Norv.

We stayed the night and headed southwest the next day, following the road to Allenoth, the city famed for its university. There were few places of knowledge as prestigious as the University of Allenoth. Only the Collegiate Tower in Esh-Esh and the Bardic College of Az had more renown. From Allenoth, we would head southwest to Esh-Esh. There, hopefully, we would find the “grieving mage” the prophecy spoke of.

The rain started early on our march. Sophia huddled in her cloak, glaring up at the dark clouds storming over head. I grit my teeth and ignored the chill settling into my body. Xera, on the other hand, danced the spring shower as we marched.

“Such a wonderful life,” she smiled as she danced.

The roads grew mired and the horses slowed by midday. Huge puddles dominated the road. Xera walked across the mud as easily as she did firm dirt, her feet barely even sinking in. As night fell, the rain finally stopped and the sun appeared to the west, shining on us.

We didn’t reach a village or town, so we found a small field to camp in. Sophia stripped naked and draped her clothes by the fire so they would dry. I followed suit, taking off my armor and checking it for any rust.

“I’m bored,” Sophia purred as she nibbled on her trail ration. A naughty glint appeared in her eyes. We hadn’t made love since we left the forest. She had allowed me to indulge my desire for masculine cocks the last three nights. “Want to play a game?”

My pussy grew hot. “Sure,” I answered. “What?”


Acolyte Sophia

“Oh, no,” I moaned in mock protest as Angela seized me and carried me down to the ground, her naked breasts rubbing on mine.

“You naughty, little priestess,” she purred. “You’re my prisoner. I’ll do whatever I like to you.”

“Won’t someone help me?” I gasped as a rope went around my wrist. The other end was tied about a fence post.

Xera watched from the fire with amusement as I pretended to struggle. My pussy was so hot as the second rope bound my left wrist. The rough fibers bit in, then Angela easily pulled my arm out and tied it to the fence.

“Mmm, and now you are completely at my mercy,” purred Angela, her hand caressing down my stomach to my aching pussy.

I loved this. Bondage was so exciting. I don’t know why the temple never taught it. I would change that when I returned. It was so sexy being helpless. When the giganraneae captured me, I had loved being trapped in the cocoon, and then the dryad and her wonderful tree had shown me such delicious delights.

“No, don’t touch me there,” I moaned as Angela’s fingers played with my pussy. My toes curled. “You wicked woman.”

“So wicked,” Angela laughed.

Wings flapped. I frowned. Something dived out of the dark sky. “Angela!”

“Protesting won’t—”

The winged creature grabbed Angela’s shoulders. With a powerful flap of wings, my lover was yanked into the air by a thing that looked like a dragon, with wide, leathery wings an a hissing mouth. A tail waved behind it sharp and bristling.

“No!” I screamed as the wyvern lifted Angela into the air.


Fireeyes – Southern Edge of the Deorc Forest, The Kingdom of Valya

Through my campfire, I smiled as my wyverns spotted their prey. They dived down and snatched up Angela.

If they succeeded in killing the knight, I wouldn’t have to keep riding around the Deorc Forest and enter the Magery. That was a dangerous place for me. The Council had issued a warrant for my arrest and trial. They wanted to execute me for my research.

I watched the fires as Angela struggled in the wyvern’s grasp as it soared through the sky. King Edward would reward me greatly for the knight’s death.

To be continued…

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