The Bimbo Treatment Chapter Six: Bimbo Wife’s Interracial Gangbang


The Bimbo Treatment

Chapter Six: Bimbo Wife’s Interracial Gangbang

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

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I knelt in the back of the gray van, the shag carpeting lining the floor tickling my legs. I ran my fingers through the delightful fibers as the undercover cop, a handsome Black man with a huge cock tenting the front of his sweatpants, climbed in after me.

“You drive, Demarkus,” he said to his partner, another Black man who had dreadlocks.

I giggled. “Ooh, I love shag carpet. It’s so soft on my fingers.”

The sirens grew louder as a police car approached the mall. My heart raced. Everything happened so fast. Janet and I were handing out fliers, then we had to help all those poor men whose cocks we made hard, and then these two Black cops pulled me away and told me I had to help them.

People were supposed to obey cops. That was why I went with the two undercover cops. They needed my help. Probably because I made their cocks hard, and when a woman did that, it was her job to suck on those cocks and relieve the pressure.

I should do that right now, but the shag felt so ticklish on my hands. I giggled, my breasts jiggling in my tight, green dress. I loved green. It made my red hair stand out. The dress was so sexy. It clung to my gorgeous, curvy body. I used to be fat, but thanks to my super-smart, sciency husband, I had the most beautifulest body in the world.

“Damn,” the cop groaned as he stroked his cock. “Call the boys. Tell them to meet me at my place. We are going to fuck this slut hard.”

I giggled. “Are you going to make me be a naughty wife?” I purred. “Then my husband will have to spank me.” I loved it when Frank spanked me. So I loved being naughty. My pussy clenched as I reached out and squeezed the cop’s cock through his sweatpants. He was so thick. I had wanted to fuck a Black man ever since the UPS man showed me his hard cock a few days ago. My special package was in his dick.

I had to use my mouth to get his special package, which was his cum. He was delicious. I was so glad he delivered it to me.

“Slut, we are going to make you so naughty your ass will be red for a month.”

I groaned as he slammed shut the van door. The engine started as my hands dipped in and pulled out the cop’s thick cock. It was the biggest dick I had ever handled. I licked my lips. He was so hard. I had no choice but to lean over and suck his cock in between my lips and help the poor man out.

“Fuck, Jim, this is fucked up,” Demarkus groaned. “Are we really going to gangbang her?”

“The slut knows to obey the cops. And since we’re all cops, right, she’ll be more than happy to.”

“Right,” Demarkus laughed. “What a dumb bitch.”

Who was a dumb bitch? Me? I know I was a bimbo, but did that make me dumb? Thinking could be so hard. It took so much concentration. I couldn’t think right now. It was too hard to think and suck a dick. And I had throbbing dick stretching my mouth open. I had to suck and focus on relieving Officer Jim’s throbbing cock.

Not wonder if I was a dumb bitch.

I sucked and swirled my tongue around the crown. He groaned as my tongue slid across his sensitive tip. His salty precum leaked out. I shifted my knees, loving the shag tickling my legs while my pussy juices dribbled down my thighs.

I would make all the cops cum even if it meant I was a naughty wife. I sucked and bobbed my head, my hand finding his heavy balls. They were full of his jizz, and I had to get all of it out of him to relieve his pain. I massaged them as I sucked.

“That’s it, slut,” groaned the officer. “You’re a fucking slut. A badge bunny bimbo that will do anything to please a cop. Fuck, you are one sexy bitch. Gonna enjoy fucking that White snatch. Mmm, you are gorgeous. I’ll stretch your cunt out. You’ll never want that husband of yours to fuck you again.”

Now that was silly. I loved fucking Frank. How could I ever not love fucking him? He was my husband. It was a wife’s duty to love fucking her husband. And I was the chief wife. It was my duty to fuck him all the time.

I loved fucking him. I wish he was here, fucking me as I sucked Officer Jim’s cock.

I had a free hand. I slipped it between my thighs as I bobbed my head on his throbbing dick. He groaned, his dark hands gripping my red hair and forcing my mouth farther and father down his cock. I felt so helpless.

My fingers sank into my pussy. I groaned about his dick, loving the way his cock brushed the back of my throat. My mouth was so open. I couldn’t believe how much of his cock I took into his mouth. I moaned as my fingers stirred my pussy up.

“Let’s see if the slut can deep-throat my dick,” groaned Officer Jim. “I bet you know how.”

I did. I relaxed my throat, frigging my pussy faster and faster as his cock forced down my throat. I shuddered in delight. My hips undulated as the pleurae built faster and faster inside of me. I groaned about his cock as my throat stretched open.

I could barely breathe. It was so exciting. My vision fuzzed as my pussy clenched on my fingers. I swallowed, massaging his dick with my throat as the heel of my hand ground on my clit. I massaged his balls, the pleasure mounting inside of me.

My lips brushed his curly pubic hair. Every time I breathed in through my nose, I smelled his manly musk.

“Fuck, she did it,” groaned Officer Jim. “I got to snatch of pic of this White slut deep-throating my cock.”

I tried to smile as he pulled out his camera. I was modeling again. My pussy spasmed on my fingers as the flash on his camera went off. I moaned as my orgasm burst through me. I hoped it would end up on the internet and everyone could see how beautiful I was modeling with a big, Black dick buried down my throat.

“You are one amazing slut,” groaned Jim as I shuddered. “Are you cumming?”

I moaned a “yes” about his dick. I squeezed my eyes shut as the pleasure burst through me. I groaned and spasmed, the heat rushing through my body. My pussy spasmed about my fingers as I dug through my juicy hole. I gasped for joy around his cock, my moans muffled the thick shaft.

“Shit,” he groaned, sliding my face up his cock, then he pushed me down it. His fingers were so strong as they gripped me. He fucked me on his dick, groaning and gasping every time his tip buried into my mouth. “That’s it, slut. Shit, I’m going to blow my load down your throat.”

Good. I was helping him feel better. I sucked and moaned, making sure I gave him the bestest blowjob ever. I kept fingering my pussy, stirring more pleasure through me and building myself to another orgasm.

I loved cumming. It was the bestest thing in the world.

“Shit, you slut,” he groaned, his balls tightening in my hand. “Oh, yes. That’s it. Get ready to drink down every drop. I want you to savor my cum, whore.”

I would.

He slid my head up until only the tip of his dick rested in my mouth. I massaged his balls, eager for his cum. He grunted as I sucked, my cheeks hollowing. I was so enthusiastic to have his cum. I couldn’t wait for it.

“You goddamn whore!”

Cum splashed into my mouth. Thick and salty. My pussy clenched on my thrusting fingers as I swallowed the first blast, the creamy treat coating my throat and soothing the ache his large cock had left. A second blast splashed into my mouth.

“Goddamn, slut, drink it! You are such a fucking White whore.”

I was a fucking White whore. I loved it. I swallowed his third blast, his cum warming my belly. Another orgasm brewed inside of me. It was so exciting kneeling on the shag carpet in the back of a van, those ticklish fibers rubbing on my legs, while sucking a Black man’s dick.

I was such a naughty wife.

“Shit!” he grunted as the final blast of cum squirted into my mouth.

As I swallowed his salty seed, my second orgasm rippled through my body. It wasn’t as intense as the first, but it still felt wonderful as it flowed through my body. I moaned and shivered as his cock popped out of my mouth.

“Do you feel better, Officer Jim?” I asked, a big grin on my face.

“For now,” he panted. “But I’m sure that sexy body will make me hard again.” He leered at my tits almost falling out of my dress. “Oh, yes, that body will make me hard.”

“Then I’ll make sure I help you out by giving you my bestest blowjob!”

“I think I’ll need your pussy or asshole next time,” he told me. “Remember, I’m a cop. You have to obey.”

“Absolutely, sir,” I beamed. “I have the bestest pussy and the bestest asshole, sir.”

“Damn,” Officer Demarkus groaned from the front. “What a slut.”

“Amen, brother,” Officer Jim smiled.



The meeting with the department store manager was a bust. Jordan Mitchel turned out to be an dried-up, old woman who could definitely benefit from the bimbo serum, but I only had enough left for one more treatment, and I was saving it for now.

Bringing Becca, the youngest of my three wives, to use as enticement wouldn’t work on Jordan. She wasn’t even a lesbian. She just sneered at the idea that Becca had been an overweight, ugly girl before my bimbo formula transformed her into the blonde bombshell sitting beside me.

“Come on,” I sighed. There would be other stores to sell the serum at.

I hoped Alice and Janet, my other two wives, were having better luck getting men to sign their women up for a “bimbo party.” It was like a Tupperware party except the women would be getting the bimbo injection and joining in on an orgy.

“I’m sorry,” Becca pouted. “I wasn’t hot enough.”

I put my arm around my youngest wife. It was so weird having three wives. But it was all Alice’s idea. She had taken the intelligent shot when she came up with the entire plan for the party, and the idea to make Janet, her best friend, and Becca, who I recruited to be our bang-secretary, as my wives.

Three wives were all I was allowed. Sure I could fuck other women, but Alice put her foot down on me having a larger harem.

That was fine with me. I loved Alice, and it was exciting knowing it was just the bimbo serum talking when she was eager to have kinky sex. It was the repressed Alice finally free to have fun thanks to her lowered IQ.

Sure it meant Alice would cheat on me. Any guy could talk Alice into having sex with him. She was so gullible, a side-effect of the process, that she would believe anything. But it was hot knowing my wife was so attractive other man had to have her.

I put my arm around the pouting Becca’s shoulders. “You are so hot. That’s why I married you. So cheer up. I love you.”

Becca did cheer up. A big smile crossed her youthful face. She snuggled closer to me, looking hot in her light-blue dress. The material was stretchy, clinging to her ample bosom and curvy hips. My dick ached in my pants.

“Let’s see how our other wives are doing handing out the fliers.”

Becca nodded, a big grin on her face. “I bet they have found so many people to sign up. Like six.”

I chuckled. “Six isn’t a lot. We need ten.” With the money we made selling sex tapes to porn sites, we could afford to make another ten treatments. We would sell those ten treatments for $1000 a piece and then we would be able to expand.

“That’s almost all my fingers though,” Becca said, holding them out. “See. Six is more than half. I can count.”

“Yes, you can,” I snorted and kissed her head.

A police siren echoed from outside. I groaned. I had a bad feeling about that sound. A lot of people were walking quickly from the entrance where I left Alice and Janet. Most were men sporting hard-ons. I shouldn’t be surprised my two wives put on a show that resulted in the cops being called.

I hope they weren’t being arrested. I did not have the money to bail them out.

“It was a mistake to let Ryan watch them,” I growled, walking faster. Ryan used to be a confident jock, and technically was Janet’s husband. He was a prick and I had enjoyed cuckolding him. When he found out that I, a scientist nerd, was screwing his bimbofied wife, he had grown violent.

And then Alice, thanks to the intelligence serum, chemically neutered him. Now he was a wimp that did what we told him to do.

I burst out of the mall entrance to find a dumpy, female cop handcuffing Janet, one her boobs still hanging out of her tight, red dress. Ryan stood nearby, shifting his shoulders uncomfortably, clearly not sure what to do.

And where was Alice? Had she already been arrested?

There were no other cops. I guess they didn’t feel the need to dispatch a second unit. That was something. The woman glanced at me as I approached, her face butch, her hair cut shorter than most men.

“Can I help you, sir?” she asked.

“You’re arresting my wife,” I said.

“Your wife was committing lewd acts in public,” she answered with a bitch sneer. She turned her attention back to Janet. “See, her tit’s out. What a skank.”

“I was just helping the men out, honey,” Janet pleaded. Cum stained her face. “Alice and I made them hard. They were in pain, so we helped them.”

I almost smiled.

“And where is Alice?” I asked, glancing around for my real wife.

“The Black cops took her away.”

“What other cops?” the bulldog woman asked. “I’m the only unit that responded.”

“They were undercover cops,” Janet said.

“Two Black guys lured Alice off,” muttered Ryan. “Told her they needed her help. They left in a gray van.”

“And you let them take her?” I demanded, my stomach curdling.

Ryan flinched. “Sorry, sir.”

“What’s this about some guys pretending to be cops,” the bulldog cop asked.

Alice had been taken? My palms went sweaty. I had to find her. I pulled out her phone as the cop went to Ryan, dragging Janet along with her. I called Alice’s cell phone. Her ringtone came from nearby. I spotted my wife’s purse by Ryan.

“Fuck, now how am I supposed to find her?” I groaned, my stomach twisting.

“Will she be okay?” Becca asked, her face pale.

My heart beat faster. Who had taken her? What if they never brought her back? She would go along with anything. I needed a way to help her. I had the syringe in my pocket. I stared at the squat, toad-like, female cop.

She could definitely use the bimbo serum.

I pulled out the syringe, used my teeth to remove the plastic covering over the needle, then plunged it right into the cop’s ass. She gasped and turned around, her eyes angry. Her hand went down to her belt and she pulled her gun.

“What the fuck did…?” Her eyes widened. “Oh, my, it’s getting warm.” She shook her head as the bimbo chemical pumped through her body. “What did you…oh, my, oh my, it is getting so warm. I mean…you need to keep your…your…um…why is it so warm?

She took her left hand away from the grip of her gun to fan her face, though she still kept her gun pointed at me. She shifted her hips, her eyes growing a little unfocused. And then she giggled and stared at her gun for a moment.

“Why am I angry at you?” she asked as her butch-short, brown hair began sprouting. It fell into long, luxurious waves about her face. Her squat appearance vanished, the pudginess retreating, leaving behind soft, feminine features. She actually grew several inches while her waist shrunk. Her tits grew bigger. For a big woman, she didn’t seem to have much tits before. Her shoulders narrowed, the bulldog profile completely gone. Her shirt stayed tight, her boobs swelling up to replace the mass lost in the rest of her body.

“Oh, my it is hot,” she breathed, and then giggled. “My, oh, my. What am I doing here? Am I arresting you? Is that why I got my gun out.”

“I am a doctor,” I told her. “And, as you know, doctors have to be obeyed by their patients.”

“Am I your patient, Doctor?”

“He’s Doctor Frank,” Becca giggled. “Ooh, you are so pretty now.”

“Am I?” She glanced down and gasped. “Oh, Lord, I have huge titties now.” She bounced on her feet and giggled. “Look at them. Oh, my. They seem huge. I’m glad I skipped out on the bra today. I never had such big titties. Would you like to see them?”

“Yes,” Becca nodded.

“Not know,” I said. “Officer…” I glanced at her nametag. “Tyson, you have to help me find my wife. And since I just gave you a medical treatment to make you beautiful, I am your doctor, and you have to obey me and find my wife.”

“Right, I’m a cop. I have to help people. And my doctor.” She giggled again. “I protect and serve.”

“That’s right. So, how do we find my wife?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she giggled. “Shouldn’t you know? She’s your wife.”

“But you’re a cop. How do you investigate?”

“Hmm, I am a cop,” Officer Tyson nodded. “And…we should look at the footage. The surveilly footage.” She giggled again. “Why’s it called footage? No foots are involved.”

“Right, the mall security cameras.” I seized her arm. “Come on.” Then I glanced at Janet in handcuffs. “First, release Janet. You can’t arrest her. She’s my wife. And doctor’s wives can’t be arrested.”

“Wow, I never knew that,” Officer Tyson smiled. “Seven years as a cop, and I’m learning so much. Thank you, Dr. Frank.”



“This is where I’m helping you and the other cops at?” I asked, my forehead frowning. It wasn’t a very nice place. The van was parked before a rundown house, the lawn overgrown, several rusting cars, one resting on cinder blocks, scattered through the jungle of grass. “I thought we were going to a…a…cop place.”

“We’re undercover,” Officer Jim laughed, his arm going around my waist. His large hand gave my ass a squeeze and a hot thrill shot through me. My pussy clenched. “Now you got a lot of satisfying to do.”

“Yes, siree, officer,” I nodded my head, my boobs jiggling.

“Damn, I can’t believe this,” Officer Demarkus groaned, rubbing at the front of his jeans. He looked like he had an equally large cock in there. I licked my lips, eager to experience them both. I was such a naughty bimbo wife. I made these men hard then had to cheat on my husband to fix them.

I let out a naughty giggle as we walked up to the front of the house. Officer Jim unlocked the door and ushered me in. The house was pretty empty. Not much furniture, only a recliner and a small TV. The rest of the living room was covered in green-and-orange shag carpet.

“You like shag,” I giggled as my toes curled into it the ticklish carpet.

“Yes, I do,” he grinned as he pulled up my dress, exposing my curvy body. “Mmm, and you look just delicious. I think I need to get a taste of that pussy before it gets wrecked.”

The cop’s dark hands roamed my body as he pushed me down onto the floor. I loved how their ebony hands caressed my pale, creamy flesh. I shuddered, savoring the shag on my back and ass as I spread my legs wide for the men.

Officer Demarkus seized my large tit, squeezing it until it almost hurt. He let out a hungry growl and sucked my fat nipple between his lips. I gasped, my toes curling at the wonderful feel of his lips on my rubbery nipple.

“Damn, this whore has great titties. I got to fuck them.”

“Knock yourself out, son,” Officer Jim grinned as he kissed down my belly. “Gonna devour me some sweet cunt.”

“Fuck that,” snorted Officer Demarkus. He must be the junior partner. He was younger. “Only wimps lick snatch.”

“Boy, if you know how to eat pussy, you’ll get a girl to do anything.”

“Don’t need to eat this whore’s pussy to shove my dick between her big, White titties,” laughed Officer Demarkus as he pulled off his jeans.

“She’s an airhead,” Officer Jim.

“No,” I groaned. “I’m a marshmallow head. There’s so much marshmallowy goodness on my brain smothering out all the bad thoughts.”

Officer Jim laughed as Officer Demarkus straddled my stomach and plopped his big, Black cock between my ivory tits. He squeezed them around his warm shaft and pumped his hips, his dick popping in and out between my tits.

My eyes widened as Officer Jim dove his lips into my pussy. He licked and tongued me while Demarkus fucked his cock in and out of my big boobs. I groaned, my body undulating against Officer Jim’s wonderful lips.

“Oh, that’s so good,” I gasped as I watched the dark head of Demarkus’s dick pop in and out of my titties. It throbbed, the tip glistening with precum. “Officer Jim, yes, you’re making my pussy feel so good.”

“I’m going fuck your cunt hard, slut,” the older cop growled between licks.

My pussy clenched, eager to feel that thick cock inside of me. I gasped for joy, my eyes squeezing shut as I reveled in his mouth licking and sucking. I groaned and gasped while Officer Demarkus panted, savoring every last moment of fucking my titties.

“Don’t just moan with that pretty mouth, slut,” groaned Demarkus. “Lick the tip.”

“Oh, my gosh, I’m so sorry, Officer,” I gasped.

When the tip of his cock emerged, my tongue flicked out, gathering up his salty precum. Shivers of delight shot through my body, racing down to my pussy. It was so naughty. His cock felt so warm between my tits, and I loved licking his big, Black dick.

“That’s it, breezy,” grunted Officer Demarkus. “I’m going to shower your face in my cum. It’ll be dripping off of you.”

“Oh, goodie,” I moaned, my hips humping. “Oh, yes. Cum on my face.”

“Holy shit,” a new voice gasped. “Damn, who is this slut?”

“Don’t matter,” Demarkus grunted. “She’s going to fuck us all, right? She loves helping cops.”
“I do,” I panted between licks of his cock. Three new Black men had entered, their pants tenting with their painful erections. “I love pleasing cops. Mmm, big, strong, Black cops. I want to help you all.”

“What a slut,” groaned Demarkus. His cock throbbed between my tits. “Shit.”

Cum erupted. I gasped in shock as the first blast splashed across my face. His salty jizz stained my lips. I moaned, my pussy clenching on Officer Jim’s tongue as I the second blast of cum landed on my chin, the hot jizz running down my neck.

“Oh, yes,” I gasped, opening wide as the final blast shot into my mouth. I savored the salty taste. The men watching me groaned as they rubbed their dicks. Two of them had pulled their out. Thick and throbbing.

I came.

My pussy spasmed on Jim’s licking mouth. I gasped and shuddered. I writhed in bliss as my pleasure shot through me. There were so many thick cocks that needed my help. More men entered, all hung, Black men, their eyes burning at the sight of my cum-stained face and heaving body. A second orgasm crashed through me while Officer Jim kept licking my pussy.

“I’m going to help you all,” I gasped. “Each and every one of you will be satisfied. I promise. Oh, yes. I’ll make all your cocks feel better.”

The men cheered and called me slut and whore. Music thudded through the house, rap music full of naughty words. I didn’t understand most of what they said, but the beat thudded through my body as Officer Jim lifted his mouth.

“Slut, it’s time to go for a ride on my big nightstick,” he grinned, stroking his hard cock.

“Yes,” I moaned, eager to finally fuck a Black man. The old me, lurking in the corners of my happy thoughts, had always wanted to try out a Black man.

Officer Jim stretched out on his back, that thick, wonderful, ebony cock rising up hard before him. I licked my salty lips as I crawled to him. Cum rain down to my dangling tits as I reached him, my pussy eager to be stuffed.

“Did I make you so hard?” I purred as I grasped his dick.

“So hard, slut.”

My pussy clenched. “Mmm, I’m such a bad, naughty bimbo. But don’t worry, my pussy will make it all better.”

“Your married pussy?”

“Yes,” I groaned as I straddled his waist. “I’ve been such a bad wife today.”

“Damn,” one of the gathering Black man said. The men were stripping naked, their hard cocks thrusting before them.

I made so many cops hard. I was so terrible.

I buried Officer Jim’s dick to my pussy, smearing it through my labia. I groaned, the pleasure shooting through me. I bit my lip as I guided his shaft to my pussy lips. I swirled agaisnt my snatch before I sank down. His cock pushed into my depths. I groaned as I swallowed more and more of his cock.

“Fuck,” he growled, so obviously in pain.

“I’ll make you feel all better,” I moaned as his deck spread open my pussy.

His cock was so thick. I had never had such a large cock in me. I groaned, my back arching and thrusting my tits forward as I took more and more of his cock. I gasped when I bottomed out inside of him. His dick was so deep in me. It was amazing. My pussy almost ached with pleasure.

“I’m fucking a Black man,” I moaned. “Look at me. I’m fucking a Black man. Oh, yes! I love it!”

“Goddamn,” someone groaned.

“Look at that slut. She took him all.”

“What a fucking whore.”

“I want to get me a piece of her White cunt.”

Their words washed over me as I rose and fell on Officer Jim’s dick feel better. I moaned through clenched teeth. My pussy was so tight. It gripped to his cock as I slid up. The pleasure roared through my body. My hips swiveled as my cunt stretched wider and wider, my juices flowing. I could ride him faster and faster.

The pleasure filled me. I had to fuck him. I had to relieve my own ache as I helped the cop’s dick. My tits bounced before me as the pleasure rippled through my body. I moaned and gasped, sliding faster and faster on his cock.

“It’s so good. Mmm, what a wonderful cock. I’ll make you feel all better.” I looked around the room at all the thick, ebony cocks. “I have so many I need to help.”

“Fuck, I can’t wait. Her ass is mine.”

A Black cop came up behind me, rubbing vaseline on his dick. He shoved it right into my ass. I gasped in shock. My eyes widened as my ass burned with pain. His dick stretched me open. I shuddered as his thrust forced my pussy down on Officer Jim’s cock.

“Oh, my god, I have two cocks in me. Oh, yes.” I gasped. A hot thrill shot through me. There were cameras out. I was being filmed. I was modeling. Everyone would see me fuck two Black men. My pussy and asshole clenched on their thick cocks. “Yes, yes, yes.”

My orgasm burst through me as both men fucked me. I writhed between them, impaled on both their cocks. I couldn’t believe how wonderful it was. Their dicks sawed in and out of my cumming holes. The pleasure swirled throughout my body as I helped soothe the ache from both their dicks.

Their thrusting cocks prolonged my orgasm. My holes were stretched so open. I was stuffed with delicious cock. I squirmed and writhed in bliss. Such wonderful delights rippled through me. I screamed Frank’s name.

“Yes, yes, film me. Yes, I love modeling. Let everyone see me. Especially Frank.”

“This bitch needs to learn how to use her mouth,” a Black man groaned.

A cock thrust into my mouth as I was fucked by Officer Jim and the other cop. I had a dick in every hole, helping three men at once. I sucked hard, bobbing my head as another orgasm burst through my body.

My flesh was so sensitive. My pussy and asshole writhed about the two cocks, savoring every inch of their dicks. The men both groaned, loving the feel of my holes as I spasmed between them. The pleasure crashed through my mind.

It. Was. Awesome.

I loved cumming with three cocks in me. I moaned around the dick in my mouth as my asshole and pussy spasmed. My nerves drank in the friction of their thrusting dicks, carrying the bliss through my body and smothering my mind.

“Fucking slut,” Officer Jim grunted.

Hot cum flooded my pussy. I moaned in delight, my pussy clenching and relaxing, drinking in how delicious it was. I shuddered and moaned, bucking my hips up and down. I loved his cum flooding me. I had helped him, relieving his ache.

“Shit,” the cop fucking my ass moaned. “What a slut. She came twice on our cocks. Oh, fuck.”

“Flood that slut’s ass,” growled another cop. “I need my turn.”

The cock in my ass erupted, squirting more cum into my body. I loved it. I sucked so hard on the cock in my mouth as the cop fucking my ass ripped his dick free and another cop took his place, slamming his shaft into my bowels. He slid smoothly into me, my asshole already stretched open and lube. I groaned, loving his dick burying over and over into my bowels.

Officer Jim crawled out from underneath me. I rocked between the two Black cops as cum dribbled out of my pussy. Several cops couldn’t wait and came hard as they jerked their cocks, painting my body in swaths of their cum.

I loved the feel of the cum bathing my body. It ran in hot lines as it dribbled down my sides to my stomach and tits. One line trickled down my swaying breast and gathered on my nipple before it fell to the shag carpet.

My pussy clenched and spasmed, my juices flooding out of me another orgasm burst inside of me. I moaned about the cock fucking my mouth. He grunted, and joined me, giving me yummy cum to fill my mouth.

I savored the salty treat as he pulled out. “Mmm, come on, Officers, let me satisfy you.”

The Cops cheered. They all seemed so hard. Poor men. I would have to fuck them all. So many hunky, Black men to help.

I took their cocks in every way possible. They stretched out my holes and came in me or on my body. I dribbled in cum. I loved it. I was helping these men and cumming over and over. It was so wonderful. There were so many man, there was always someone ready to help me cum again.

I was the wickedest wife ever. I had no idea how many times Frank would have to spank me. I didn’t have enough fingers and toes to count.

My body burned with orgasms. I felt like I should grow tired, my pussy, mouth, and asshole sore, but I didn’t. The super smart sciency part of me used big words as speculated that it was the bimbo serum.

It had changed me. Turned me into a fuck bunny.

I loved it.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped, my cum-stained tits jiggling as another cop used my pussy to heal his dick. “Cum in me. Let me make you feel so much better.”

“You goddamn slut,” he groaned as his cum flooded into my aching pussy.

Another orgasm burst through me. I had lost count of how many explosions of rapture I had. It was more orgasms than I had fingers and toes. My pussy spasmed about his cock, milking out all his delicious cum. I groaned as I shuddered on the floor. I savored every second of it.

I looked around the room. They were still hard. “Wow, I’m that hot that I keep making you hard?”

“Yes, you are, slut,” a Black cop said right before thrusting his dick into my mouth.

It was sour with my asshole. I loved the naughty flavor. I sucked hard when a loud siren echoed outside. The men all cursed, including the guy fucking my mouth. He ripped his dick out as he raced to find his clothing.

“No, I wasn’t done helping you,” I moaned as I lay on the floor.

The siren was so loud. There must have been a cop emergency. They were all fleeing, some out the back door, others racing out the front, barely taking the time to put on their pants. They were so brave to run off and fight crime with hard, aching cocks that needed to be satisfied.

I was so proud I helped them as much as I could. I loved helping the boys in blue. Though none of them wore blue.

“Shit,” Officer Jim groaned as he sat on his recliner.

A busty, sexy cop entered the room wearing a uniform, though her outfit wasn’t blue either. It was beige. Her hand was on her gun as she had a big smile on her sexy face. “I finally found you, Alice.”

Frank came in after the hot cop. “Alice,” he said, rushing to me, relief on his face. He pushed up his glasses as he fell to the floor beside me. He almost embraced me then flinched.

“What’s wrong, Frank?” I asked.

“Well, you’re covered in how many guys’ cum.”

“I don’t know,” I giggled. “I don’t have enough finger or toes to count.”

“The bitch came willingly,” Officer Jim said. “It was consensual. We didn’t rape her.”

“Of course it was,” I smiled. “I wanted to help the cops, Frank. Their cocks were hard. I made them hard, honey, I had to help them.”

“You’re a good woman,” Frank smiled, shaking his head. He glanced at the man. “Did you record it?”

“Yeah,” he muttered.

“I want copies,” Frank said. He pulled out a business card. “Email them here and I won’t press any charges.”

Officer Frank glanced at the busty cop, his eyes narrowing. “Is she a real cop?”

“Of course I am,” the cop giggled and drew her gun. “See. It’s a real gun. I’m a real cop. I shoot bad guys with it.”

Officer Frank swallowed. “Yeah, man, I’ll do that.”

“Come on, Alice,” Frank said. “Let’s get you home. You’ve been a naughty wife.”

“I have,” I nodded. “I’m sorry. I just had to help them.” My smile grew. “How many times do you have to spank me?”

“Lots,” Frank said.

I tried not to be too excited. It was supposed to be a punishment.


Ms. Beigh

My phone rang. I picked it up, my expensive chair creaking as my bulk shifted. “Yes?”

“Ms. Beigh,” the sexy tones of my male executive assistant said. “Donna Wilson from research needs to speak to you.”

“Does she have an appointment?” I demanded icily. I was the President of Beigh-Taylor Chemicals. My time was too valuable to be wasted by unexpected visitors.

“No, but she says it’s real important.” Carmanjelo’s voice sounded so sexy. The moment I laid eyes on the handsome, Black man I knew he would be my executive assistant no matter how unqualified he was.

Now if only I could entice him to fuck me. I thought Black man loved big, White girls.

“Fine, send her in,” I growled.

The door opened a moment later and Donna Wilson walked in, a stout woman in a lab coat. She ran the testing department. She had a smile on her pudgy face, her fat fingers grasping a tablet. She marched to my desk.

“What?” My eyes narrowed. If she wasted my time…

“Do you remember that ridiculous project Frank Jackman was working on?” she asked.

“The beauty serum?” I asked, rolling my eyes. I had fired the man for wasting $15 million on research, then I fired his wife only a few days ago for helping his new company. It was a satisfying moment. She was denied her severance package. “What.”

“I think he cracked the formula and figured out how to make it. I just found this ad online.” She opened her tablet’s cover and swiped the screen. A video was frozen. A beautiful woman with flowing red hair was on the screen. I watched the video, my eyes widening at the comparison photos. “That woman cannot be Alice Jackman. She was a whale like you. She must have lost over a 150 pounds in a few days.”

Donna grimaced. I could see it in her eyes she wanted to point out my own girth, but she was smart enough to swallow her words.

“I think he figured out the beauty serum,” Donna said. “This is based on work he did while employed for the company.”

“So it should be ours?” I asked. If this was true, a serum that could make anyone beautiful, it would revolutionize the world. But I didn’t let my excitement consume me. “He’s looking for investors. And this video doesn’t prove anything.”

“What if I was one of those investors?” Donna asked. “I could find out more.”

“They won’t trust you,” I snorted.

“Frank and Alice are not the brightest people,” Donna dismissed. “They’re brilliant chemists, but completely clueless. Alice kept working here after we fired her husband. How smart could she really be? This will work.”

“All you need is a thousand dollars?” The company wasted more than that on far less profitable ventures then a single serum that could do what normally took millions of dollars and hundreds of plastic surgeries. “Do it.”



I lounged in the bath as Ryan washed the cum off my body. Frank wanted me nice and clean before the punishment. Ryan didn’t look at me as he bathed me. He was so cute and kittenish, completely harmless. He was such a wimpy, harmless man now. I didn’t even feel excitement when he touched me.

And that included when he dug his fingers into my pussy to get out all the cum. There was so much of it. I had helped a lot of cops.

The door opened to the bathroom. Frank and Officer Nicole Tyson stood in the doorway. The officer had a big, happy grin on her beautiful face. She was so sexy. I wondered if she would be my wife now.

I frowned. How many wife was Frank allowed to have? Polgummy was so complicated.

“Is it time for my punishment?” I asked, trying not to sound too excited.

Frank lifted a syringe. “We need to talk first, Alice.”

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 7.

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