The World of Erasthay – The Knight and the Acolyte Bk 3, Chapter 6: Orcish Passion


The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Three: Barbaric Passion

Chapter 6: Orcish Passion

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

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Knight-Errant Angela – Red Eye Tribal Lands, Larg Federation

I dozed in a sex coma.

Thrak had fucked me so hard. I had cum so many times. That orc was virile. My pussy ached wonderfully from the force of his strokes. He lay next to me in the tangle of grass, his breathing a low rumble as he slept, his arm over my stomach.

I absently stroked his muscular, scarred, swarthy arm as sleep grew heavier and heavier. His cum stained my lips, leaked out of my pussy and my asshole, and more painted my body. I was thankful for the Blessing of the Warrior the priests of Gewin bestowed before I left Shesax, giving me far greater stamina.

Without it I would be exhausted tomorrow.

Just as I was about to fall into sleep, the cool touch of hands on my thighs woke me up. I sat up to see a Thosian woman rise out of the ground, her face studded with bone piercings, like Thrak, made all the more brutish and primal on her soft, feminine, human face.

“The wife?” I asked, glancing at Thrak.

“Yes. Serisia,” the spirit answered. Her hands, while cool, felt so real and soft as they slid up my thigh. Her body fully rose from the ground, lying down on the grass between my thighs, forcing them apart and revealing my well-fucked pussy. “You greatly pleased him today.”

“And…you’re happy about that?”

“Every wife wants her husband to be happy, particularly after she’s gone.” Serisia’s face grew sad. “I cannot stay with him forever. I have to move onto the Astral Realm. But I’ll be watching and waiting for him, hoping he’s happy until we’re reunited.”

I nodded my head as her hand slid higher. Her lips kissed at my inner thigh. A hot rush shot through me, banishing sleep. I groaned. I thought I was fucked out, but now I had a horny spirit eager to play with my body.

I responded.

“You made him very happy,” Serisia purred. “You two make a great match.”

“I guess,” I shuddered as her hand slid higher, nearing my pussy. My hole clenched, forcing out more of Thrak’s cum. “Wait, you don’t think I’m…taken with him?”

“Aren’t you?” Her hand reached my pussy. She played with the thick cum leaking out. “He’s so handsome and muscular. A warrior like you. I was impressed that you held your own. He was impressed, too. Mmm, how wet he made you, and how hard he fucked you…” Her smile grew. “I remember those wonderful nights, lying next to him while he slept, his cum oozing out of all my holes. I loved it.

“Just like you do, Angela.”

Her fingers penetrated my pussy.

“I enjoyed myself,” I panted, my hips undulating. I glanced down the hill to the fire where Sophia slept with Faoril. “But…there’s someone else I like.”

Serisia lifted her head. “The acolyte? Has she seduced you from men?”

“Just my heart,” I answered, my pussy clenching on the spirit’s probing fingers. “But my body still thoroughly enjoys them.”

Serisia giggled. She studied Sophia as she fingered me. “I guess she is the one then.”

“Yes,” I groaned, my heart beating faster as Sophia filled my thoughts. I did care greatly for the excitable, young woman. I wanted to hold her in my arms and protect her. And I wanted to tie her up and dominate her.

I loved Sophia. She was my one.

Serisia’s lips were warmer than her hands. I gasped as she kissed up my thigh, my toes curling. Her fingers moved faster through my pussy. I arched my back, my pillowy tits jiggling as she kissed near and near to my pussy.

“You don’t have to do this,” I groaned. “I’m not going to make your husband happy. Just content for a night.”

“But you’re full of his cum,” Serisia grinned. “And until tonight, it has been a long time since I’ve been with women. I’m making up for lost time before I move on.”

Her fingers slipped from my pussy, coated in my juices and Thrak’s cum. Serisia popped them into her mouth, her eyes squeezing shut as she let out a moan. Her cheeks hollowed. Her breasts jiggled beneath her.

“Mmm, that’s good,” Serisia gasped. “I haven’t tasted Thrak’s cum in another woman’s pussy since Allenoth.”

“That’s where you’re from?”

“That’s where we met.” Serisia lowered her lips and buried them into my pussy.

“Slata’s cunt,” I cursed at the sudden rush of excitement pouring through me. I bucked into the spirit’s hungry mouth. She moaned as she licked her husband’s cum out of my pussy. Her tongue swirled and explored, teasing all my folds.

Serisia moaned as she devoured her husband’s pussy. Her arms wrapped about my legs, her fingers stroking my belly as her tongue plundered me. My hips bucked into her mouth while my hands played with my heaving tits.

“That’s so good,” I groaned. “Oh, wow. Oh, yes. Keep…licking me right there. Oh, wow. Oh, yes. Mmm, that’s it. You’re so good at this.”

Her tongue slipped up to my clit. She swirled around the nub, then latched her lips on it. She sucked hard for a moment, shooting a hot jolt of pleasure through me. I arched my back and gasped, the bliss flooding my body.

Then she moved back down to my pussy. Her fingers replaced her mouth on my clit, slowly circling while her tongue thrust deep into my tunnel. She swirled it through my pussy, gathering more of Thrak’s cum while she caressed my pussy’s walls.

“Mmm, I think that’s all the cum in your pussy,” Serisia purred as her lips nuzzled down through my taint.

“Oh, yes, lick my ass, slut,” I gasped. “Slata’s cunt, you’re a whorish wife.”

“I’m Thosian,” she laughed as I planted my feet and lifted my hips up, giving her easier access to my asshole.

Her fingers rubbed harder at my clit as her face pressed between my asscheeks. I gasped as her tongue licked at my sphincter. She swirled around the puckered opening, gathering Thrak’s cum leaking out of my well-fucked ass.

Her tongue penetrated my sphincter. She moaned as she reamed me. The spirit devoured Thrak’s cum. It was so nasty. My pussy clenched. I stared up at the stars burning over my head as I humped against her mouth.

My fingers squeezed my nipples. “I’m going to cum. Oh, you fucking whore. Make me cum. Yes, yes, yes.”

My pussy convulsed as my orgasm burst through me. Her fingers rubbed at my clit, shooting hot pleasure through my body. I bucked on the grass. The stars wheeled above me as the pleasure crashed into my brain. The spirit moaned, sucking at my asshole, gathering her husband’s cum.

“So good!” I screamed into the night.

My back arched. And then I crashed back on the ground, panting in exhaustion.

Serisia lifted her head and winked at me, then she was gone.

“Pater’s cock,” I moaned and rolled on my side. I rested my head on my arm and sleep crashed over me.


Acolyte Sophia

“You were very…vigorous last night,” I said to Angela as we set out the next morning. Angela rode beside me, dressed in her armor.

“Sparing was…invigorating,” she smiled, then shot me a look. “I hope you weren’t…”

“Hurt?” I shook my head. “I just wanted to sleep. It was hard hearing you cum so much.”

Angela’s cheeks grew as red as her hair. When she blushed, it was so prettily, like a maiden. “Well, tonight I’ll make you scream that loud.”

It was my turn to blush. “Yes, Mistress.”

I shifted on my saddle, my pussy growing hot as Angela’s grin grew. “Mmm, I think I definitely have to make you scream that loud.”

I nodded my head, then glanced forward. Thrak led the way, Xera at his side. The orc moved as swiftly across the rolling grass as the elf. Serisia popped into existence for a moment, leaning on her husband and whispering in his ear.

He laughed.

She vanished.

The spirit…worried me. Phantoms were supposed to be dangerous, and yet she seemed like a normal woman, loving her husband, playing around with her friends. Only she could pop in and out of existence.

I should prepare an ampoule of Holy Milk. Just in case I needed to defend myself from the spirit. Holy Milk was a marvelous substance. It could reverse curses or drive back evil spirits. I had left Shesax with one ampoule which I used to restore an elf petrified by a basilisk. I never made another.

I should have.

As the day dragged on, the sun rose hotter and hotter. Summer seized this world, and it was felt even this far north in the lands that were locked in snow and cold during the winter. I was surprised just how warm it grew. And it was featureless. There was only grass as far as I could see covering the folded land.

How did Thrak know where we’re going?

At noon, when we took our midday break, I slipped off my horse and walked away from the group.

“Where are you going?” Angela asked, walking to catch up.

“A ritual,” I answered. I gave her a smile. “You want to watch?”

“Will it make me wet?”

I nodded.


“Let’s go down this hill. I don’t want Thrak watching,” I said. “It’s a women’s only thing.”

“What are you doing?”

“Oh, just making Holy Milk. Just in case I need it.”

Angela shrugged. “And how do you do that?”

I glanced at the hill. Thrak, and Serisia, were out of sight. I smiled and opened my white robe, letting it slide off my shoulders and revealing my petite body. Angela smiled at the sight, then reached out to cup my small breast and rub my hard nipple.

“Mmm, that’s helpful,” I purred. Then I bent down to my pouch and pulled out the glass ampoule. I had a few spares in there. I had picked them up in Esh-Esh and then never did anything with them.

I pulled the cork stopper out of the glass ampoule, a bottle with a round bottom, before bringing its narrow mouth to my pussy. I held it in place with my left hand, then my right finger rubbed hard at my clit, shooting pleasure through me.

“You’re masturbating into a jar?” Angela asked, her fingers playing with my nipple.

“Tell me how you’re going to make me scream tonight,” I purred, the delight of her fingers playing with my nipple mixing with the pleasure radiating from my clit, all meeting in my pussy.

Angela smiled. “Well, I’m going to bind your wrists together over your head and stake them into the ground, keeping you in place.”

“Oh, yes,” I moaned, rubbing harder at my clit. My pussy clenched. My tart juices scented the air. “I love it when you do that.”

“Then,” Angela reached down and snapped off a stalk of grass that ended in fuzzy seeds, “I would take a piece of grass and tickle your tits.”

I groaned as Angela rubbed the fuzzy end of the grass along my tits. It was ticklish and delicious. I squirmed, rubbing harder at my clit. My ass clenched and my hips undulated as she slid the stalk across my small breast to my pink areola. My tongue piercing clicked against the back of my teeth as I moaned as she circled my areola.

“I would drive you slowly wild,” Angela purred, slowly dragging the grass around my nipple.

The teasing pleasure shot down to my pussy. I groaned at the sensations. It was a wonderful delight. The fuzzy ends of the grass lightly brushed my sensitive nipple. I bit my lip, fighting off a loud moan as a ripple of pleasure rushed through my body.

“Just this light touch,” Angela purred, “driving you wild. Making you beg me to rub harder and harder.” She leaned in and whispered, “But I won’t. I will keep playing with you, moving the grass around your body.”

Angela moved it down to my stomach. I gasped, my abdomen contracting as the fuzzy grass tickled my bellybutton. My toes curled in my shoes. I tossed back my head, grinding my finger hard on my clit.

“So good,” I groaned. “Please, go back to my breasts.”


She circled the grass, moving lower, threatening to touch my pussy before sliding back up along my side. The ticklish pleasure shot down to my pussy. The orgasm swelled. My eyes squeezed shut and my pussy contracted.

“Angela,” I groaned.

“Are you going to cum, slut?” Angela purred.

“Yes,” I gasped.

The fuzzy grass slid up between my breasts, so close to my nipples, before caressing the sweep of my neck. She brought it to my chin. The soft end kissed me on the lips. I moaned as a flutter of delight washed through me.

My pussy clenched. I came hard.

Juices squirted from my cunt as the pleasure rippled through me. I moaned into the grass, flicking my tongue against it and tasting the bitter flavor. My body shook as the pleasure rushed through my body and into my mind.

“That’s it, slut,” hissed Angela. “Cum like the whore you are.”

“Yes! Your whore, Mistress.”

My toes curled. My juices squirted again, splashing into the bottle and coating my fingers. I gripped the round ampoule in my sticky fingers as my body quake. I sucked in a deep breath and then relaxed.

“Thanks for the help, Mistress,” I beamed.

Angela shuddered, her hips shifting. “Hurry up with the rest of your ritual.”

I nodded my head. “Saphique, anoint my breast milk with your blessed touch. Let it drive away curses.”

My breast milk filled my tits. I shuddered as they were warmed by my Goddess’s touch. My nipple beaded. “Milk me, Angela,” I gasped as I brought the ampoule, half-full of my pussy juices, up to my nipple. “Please.”

“Slut,” purred Angela. She grasped my breast and milked me. I groaned as her fingers squeezed. A stream of anointed milk squirted into the ampoule, mixing into the pussy juices, transforming the liquid into cloudy delight.


Angela grinned and her fingers dug into my nipple. The tingling rush made me groan as more of my milk flooded into the ampoule and swirled around. She squeezed one last time, milking me while I swayed, and filled the ampoule.

I corked it and carefully set it down.

Angela licked the milk from her hand that had dribbled out of my nipple while I gazed up at her. Then she pulled her chainmail loincloth to the side, revealing her shaved pussy. My Mistress didn’t have to command me.

I knew what she wanted.

“Slut,” hissed Angela as I buried my tongue into her tangy depths. I licked and swirled through her folds, eager for her delight.

Angela’s hands gripped my light-brown hair. She held me fast, her hips undulating. Her chainmail brushed my cheek, cold and rough as I devoured my Mistress’s pussy. I loved her so much. I loved making her cum.

My tongue, pierced by a silver stud, slid through her pussy lips. I knew where to lick her and caress her. I had mastered the art of cunnilingus. My thighs squeezed together as I savored worshiping my Mistress’s pussy.

“That’s it, slut,” hissed Angela. “Work that tongue in and out of me. Make me cream your mouth. You’re a fucking whore.”

I moaned in delight. I was. I loved this. I shoved my tongue deep into her pussy, letting the hard stud caress her walls as I swirled around my tongue. Angela moaned, her hips undulating faster, her pleasure swelling.

I could feel it grow in her. It had excited Angela to tease me with the grass. Her anticipation of my mouth had built while she watched me masturbate and then milked me. She was on fire. She was eager to erupt.

And I was eager to drink it all down.

Her tangy juices poured into my hungry mouth. Pussy juices were the greatest gift of the gods, of Saphique. She made sure all women could enjoy this wonderful delight of drinking another woman’s cream.

My tongue swirled deep while my nose deliberately caressed Angela’s clit. Angela’s gasps grew louder. I could make her scream just as loud as Thrak. I slid my tongue up her folds to her clit, letting the piercing’s round end brush her nub.

“Sophia, you fucking slut!” gasped Angela as her orgasm burst through her. “Oh, yes. My slut.”

“Your slut,” I agreed between licks. I drank down her juices while my Mistress shuddered in orgasmic delight.


Xerathalasia – Ghost Wolves Tribal Lands, Larg Federation

After our midday break, we left the Red Eye lands behind and entered the Ghost Wolves’ territory.

Thrak grew more cautious as he walked. “No more sneaking off for midday delights,” he growled. “The danger begins here.”

“They were Ghost Wolves you killed?” I asked him as we walked.

He nodded his head. “They raped and killed my wife. I killed many in return. It is a blood feud between me and them.”

I limbered my bow.

My eyes scanned the rolling hills. Each one was different. The texture of the grass shifted subtly as we walked, growing more golden, the stalks longer. The species changed, the greener grass giving way to the new until we were only walking through gold. Small rodents scurried beneath us in fear, disappearing into their holes.

An eagle or falcon, I had never seen the type before, ghosted over head, its sharp eyes searching for prey. It was white and spotted with black dots. It drifted through the blue sky, circling as it hunted. It must feast off the many small rodents.

A harsh, woman’s voice whispered on the wind.

My ears twitched. “I hear magic.”

“You can hear magic?” Thrak asked.

“Faoril,” I called, turning back to the rest of the party. “There is magic on the air.”

“Doing what?” Faoril asked, lifting her gaze from Fireeyes’s foul journal.

“I know not.” My eyes kept scanning, searching for the danger.

“Has Fireeyes’s employer hired another rogue mage to come after us?” Angela demanded, drawing her sword.

“The voice sounds…orcish,” I admitted. “Guttural and harsh, but still feminine.”

“A shaman,” Thrak growled. “Kill the eagle.”

His words were authoritative. I drew an arrow, knocked, aimed, and loosed. My arrow streaked through the air and caught the eagle. It screech in pain, then fell to the earth in a swoosh of feathers before crashing to the ground.

“The spell has stopped,” I answered.

“Then the eagle was a familiar,” Faoril answered. “A mage was watching us threw it.”

“A shaman,” Thrak answered. “One of the Ghost Wolves’ whores. She was searching for something and found us.”

“Great,” Angela muttered.

“Is she hunting for us?” Sophia answered.

Thrak shrugged. “We are on the border. The Burning Demons lie to the east. She may have been keeping a watch for a raiding party.”

“We camp with a guard,” Angela said. “Let’s keep moving. We need to put distance between us and the eagle now that the shaman’s blind.”

Thrak nodded.

We increased our pace across the plains as the sun sank towards the horizon. The days lasted longer, giving us lots of light to travel by. Sophia and Faoril both looked exhausted by the time we camped in a depression.

“No sex tonight,” Angela said. “Who wants first watch?”

“I will take it,” I volunteered. “From the hilltop should give us a commanding view of the terrain.”

Angela nodded.

The night passed without event. Angela replaced me past midnight and when I awoke at dawn, Thrak had taken the final watch, his ghostly wife at his side. Sophia and Faoril were both nervous, glancing around as we gathered up our camp.

We ate a simple breakfast—the humans and Thrak chewed hard trail rations while I nibbled on the grass, discovering it to be quite tart and delicious. The humans mounted their horses, and Thrak and I blazed a trail across the plain.

By midmorning, a snow eagle ghosted along our path.

“The shaman has found us,” I announced, throwing a look over my shoulder. The eagle flew high and distant, but I knew its keen eyes let it see far.

“Shoot it,” Sophia urged.

I shook my head. “The familiar is not in bow range.”

“Nothing to do but keep moving,” Thrak said. “Swiftly. We need to reach the fens and pass into Bloody Wyvern territory.”

“When will that be?” asked Angela.


“Let’s go. We’ll push our horses. Sophia, you have healing potions?”

The acolyte nodded, her face pale, her green eyes wide.

“If the horses falter, you will heal them,” Angela said. “It’ll let us push them harder.”

“Great,” muttered Faoril. She gripped a vial of cum in hand, ready to down it and unleash her magic.

I moved at a light jog, the horses cantering behind me. Their hooves thudded in the grass, their bridles jingling and saddles creaking. The horses neighed, complaining about the pace but still steadfast and obedient to their owners.

The eagle ghosted above us. The shaman knew not to close the distance. I occasionally caught snatches of her magic on the wind when it shifted directions. The sun climbed as we kept up the pace. I frequently glanced behind us, searching for pursuers.

So far, only the eagle followed.

“It’s noon,” complained Sophia. “Can we take a break?”

“No,” Angela growled. “Eat while you ride.”

Thrak nodded, his swarthy chest glistening with sweat, but he bore the exertion without complaint. I nibbled on grass as we moved. My ears twitching and my nose alert for any new scents carried on the wind.

We passed by a larger hill, the top covered in greener grass and a few stunted trees grew on the ground. A brook trickled down the hill, fed by an underground spring. The ground grew muddy and the rich scent of loam filled my nose.

And something orcish.

I froze, looking up at the hill. The grass moved. “Attackers!” I shouted as the orcs rose and fired their bows.


Journeyman Mage Faoril

I dropped my vial in shock as the orcs rose on the hill and fired at us. Black arrows buzzed as they streaked down at us. Sophia screamed and fell from her saddle, clutching her stomach. An arrow buried in her flesh. She writhed on the ground in pain.

An arrow tugged at my sleeve, ripping my robe before burying in the grass behind me. I stared in horror at the torn sleeve. My arm throbbed. A bloody crease marred my skin. My heart hammered. I had almost been hit by an arrow.

Angela and Thrak were already charging the hill, Angela’s sword raised high, her kite shield held up before her to block arrows. Thrak was fearless, wielding his greataxe in both hands as he barreled through the grass in the wake of Angela’s charger. Xera’s fired her arrows, and the first orcs fell dead.

But others drew back for another volley.

I slipped off my horse. I needed the vial of cum I dropped. Sophia moaned nearby as arrows hissed down around us. My horse screamed and took off running, an arrow embedded in her flank. I knelt on the ground, another arrow slamming in the grass by my face, the bone shaft quivering.

I grabbed the vial and downed the salty cum. It was still warm, my magic preserving the man’s seed. My body absorbed it, fueling my magic. Power tingled through me. The five elements were at my command.

Air swirled around me, forming a dome over Sophia, Xera, and myself, catching the third flight of arrows and whipping them away before they hit us. Xera fired another arrow. I guided the wind to let it past. Her arrow soared and killed an orc archer. A heartbeat later, Angela made it to the top of the hill and crashed into the enemy, Thrak on her heels.

I moved to Sophia.

“Don’t move,” I told her as her bloody hands tried to pull the arrow out. “Don’t do that.”

“It hurts,” Sophia moaned, her body thrashing. Her white robes absorbed the blood.

“I know,” I said, my stomach clenching.

“I need to pull it out,” she gasped. “Then I can heal myself.”


Her left hand clutched a vial. She had a healing potion. Normally, it was a mistake to pull out an arrow. It would help to stop the bleeding until a surgeon or a priest could get to the wounded person. But Sophia was a priest.

I sent out my magic along the arrow, a mixture of earth and life. The arrow head was barbed. It had twisted inside of her. It wouldn’t pull out cleanly. If she tried, the arrowhead would remain lodged in her gut.

So I molded the flint tip. It shrank and became smooth, then I ripped the arrow from her gut. More blood poured out. Sophia shuddered.

“Drink the potion,” I told her.

My screen of wind swirling over head was attacked. Raw, untrained gusts struck into my dome of air. I gasped, stumbling back as the magic disrupted my shield. Arrows fell among us as I fought to restore it. The Orc shaman knew magic.

She was untrained, unrefined, but she had power.

“Pater’s cock,” I cursed as I struggled to put my shield back in place before we were hit with more arrows.


Knight-Errant Angela

There were a lot more orcs on the far side of the hill then I expected.

I had cut through three archers when I reached the crest and gasped. They scrambled up the hill, their swarthy bodies covered in the cloaks of shaggy wolves. They howled in their guttural languages, brandishing crude, iron weapons, many rusted and pitted with age, scrounged from battlefields hundreds or more years old.

I caught the first sword on my shield then stabbed with my sword, punching through the orc’s swarthy chest. He growled and gurgled as he fell back. My sword slashed at the large brutes as they swarmed up at us.

Thrak appeared at my side. “They do not learn,” he snarled as his ax swung. “They always make me fight.”

Thrak’s loathing of battle almost drew my attention to him. But I couldn’t be distracted. Not when I was fighting for my life. Midnight, my charger, bit and kicked as the orc weapons crashed off my mount’s steel barding in loud, dull rings.

My sword cut while Thrak’s ax cleaved. He moved with all the skill he displayed when we sparred two nights passed, hacking orc limbs and torsos. Every movement was smooth, deliberate. We separated as we cleaved through the enemy.

I was thankful of Gewin’s blessing in my body, guiding my sword and shield.

“Do they want me to exterminate their tribe?” Thrak demanded, his swarthy body splashed in blood. I knew it wasn’t his.

At the bottom of the hill was a large orc, his face shadowed by the pelt of a wolf’s muzzle, the beast’s teeth still attached. He held a thick hammer, the end made of stone lashed to a stout pole. He was important. A leader.

If I could kill him, maybe I would rout the others. Orcs fought with passion, not discipline.

I charged down the hill, cutting through the orcs and leaving a swath of dead. My sword pointed at the orc. I shouted loudly, issuing my challenge as barreled down the hill, Midnight’s hooves trampling orcs and breaking bones.

I vaulted off my horse and landed before the chieftain.

“Cunt,” he spat. “I will fuck you, cunt.”

I stabbed my sword at his filthy kilt, aiming for his cock. His hammer swept my blade aside. “You can’t fuck me if I cut it off first.”

I slashed and lunged again, every blow aiming at his cock.

Anger swelled in the orcs eyes. He bellowed loudly, the hood of his wolf pelt falling away to reveal a scarred face. His pupils widened, swallowing his irises until only black shown. Spittle flew from his mouth as he bellowed and swung his sword in a mighty blow.

“Pater’s cock,” I groaned as I staggered back, barely blocking his swing with my shield. My arm ached. The orc was raging.


Acolyte Sophia

The healing magic of the potion made of breast milk surged through me. The pain in my stomach was washed away by the warmth. I smiled and shuddered, a mini-orgasm rolling through me as I stared up at the sky.

Then I heard Faoril shouting.

Air whipped around us, the grass bending. I stood up and gasped as a wall of air struck me and sent me tumbling along the ground. Above, the air rippled and danced while Faoril stood beneath it, her arms outstretched, her teeth clenched.

“What’s going on?” I gasped.

“They have a mage,” Faoril gasped. “Their orc shaman’s strong. She’s hammering my attacks.”

I stood up again and gasped as a whirling vortex of air swept before me, ripping up the grass and tossing it in the air. Blades rained down from the sky like green-gold snow. Faoril staggered back as wind exploded before her.

“Stay down,” Xera shouted, rushing up to me and pushing me to my feet.

I nodded eagerly as another wind staggered the elf, whipping her green hair back. Xera spun around, searching the hills. Thrak was atop the nearby hill, killing the archers who shot me. I couldn’t see Angela at all.

“She’s burning through my energy,” Faoril gasped, shoving her hand into her robe to produce another vial of cum.

A wind ripped it out of her hand. The glass shattered at my feet, the disgusting, white seed almost touching my shoes. Faoril cursed and pulled out another vial, quickly downing it before the enemy mage could send another wind ripping through the plains.

“She’s taken cum of creature of air to enhance her magic,” Faoril gasped. “Unless she is this powerful. Xera, you have to find her.”

Xera nodded, then spun around, her eyes searching. I huddled at her feet, gasping as another vortex rushed towards us. Faoril did something, and the wind burst ten paces away, flattening all the grass before the vortex. A strong wing whipped at my hair and rob.

“There,” Xera shouted and knocked her arrow. She fired.

The wind caught her arrow, spun it around, and sent it hurtling back at Xera. The elf dived to the side. I squeaked as the arrow embedded in the ground an inch from my hand. Xera came up from her dive, an arrow knocked and firing at the orc lurking in the brush.

Xera had to dodge her arrow returned by magic.

“Can you do anything?” Xera asked.

Faoril grunted as she pushed out her hands. Winds crashed together before us, rippling the air and tearing up the ground. I gasped in fright as a massive vortex swirled, ripping up grass and dirt, filling the air with debris that hurtled at us.

“I’m trying,” Faoril growled.


Angela’s screams rose over the din of battle. The knight was at the base of the hill, fighting Raketh, the chief of the Ghost Wolves—a berserker.

My heart clenched. Angela was a valiant warrior, but none could fight a berserker. Raketh battered her shield. She staggered back, her arm sagging. She dropped her sword and huddled behind her shield, using both arms to block the brutal blows of his massive stone hammer.

An angry snarl escaped my lips. I had known Angela’s body. I had sparred with her. She was part of my new tribe. Spittle spat from my mouth as I roared a challenge. It echoed across the slopes. The nearest Ghost Wolves faltered before me.

I seized the anger. The world became red.

My ax whipped before me as the anger compelled me to charge down the slope. My emotions ruled. The most primal rage burned through me. My rage craved blood. It wanted to feast on the Ghost Wolves.

They were hewn by my might blows. My ax cut through bodies with ease. Skin, sinew, and bone fell like chafe before weapon. The rage bellowed out of me as I raced down the hill. Raketh answered, raising his hammer while Angela retreated up the slope, clutching her shield arm.

My rage snarled at the weak woman.

Raketh and I crashed together, our weapons swinging. There was no defending. We attacked to kill. We both swung our mighty weapons. My ax hissed through the air while my anger bellowed. Raketh roared in answer, trying to frighten me.

Nothing could scare rage. A berserker was beyond weak emotions like fear, terror, pity, remorse, guilt, or grief.

Only the small awareness in the back of my mind watched in horror as the blunted end of the hammer raced for my chest with the force to break ribs and pulverize organs. My rage didn’t care. It wanted the kill.

My ax severed through Raketh’s left arm and cut deep into the orc’s side. Rage was immune to a lot, but not that sudden burst of pain my ax created. Raketh’s body was hewn almost in two. His strength faltered, the force of his hammer’s blow against my chest mitigated.

Ribs cracked as Raketh’s weapon landed, but they didn’t cave in. My rage ignored the pain as Raketh fell dead at my feet.

I grabbed his hammer in my other hand and turned. There were ghost wolves still left alive. I bellowed as I surged into them, cutting and battering. They all had to die. Everything had to die. My rage savored their dying screams as my ax rose and fell, hacking and hewing.

And then there was only one left, standing on the hill, clutching her arm and watching in stunned horror—Angela.

My rage bellowed. It had not fed enough. There was never enough violence to satiate my rage.

I charged up the hill. I had raged to save Angela, and now it would kill her.



“Give me cover,” I called to Faoril. “Make a wall of debris to hide me. I’ll stalk the shaman and fell her.”

“Okay,” Faoril nodded, her pale face strained.

Sophia whimpered on her side as the ground rumbled before us. Dirt and rocks exploded into the air where the winds clashed. The brown grit was whipped into the sky, clouding the winds.

The shaman vanished from my sight.

“Hurry,” groaned Faoril. “How can she have so much power? Who could have trained her?”

I did not care right now. I dashed low, skirting the edge of the cloud. Rocks hurtled out, thrown by the enemy shaman. Sophia screamed in fright as the rocks thudded to the ground. I dived behind a patch of thick grass so far untouched and crawled on my belly.

The whispers of the orc’s magic grew louder as Faoril’s grew softer. The orc’s words spoke to the wind, commanding it to attack us. I slithered on my belly, not caring that my naked breasts dragged through the ground.

The haze of dust in the sky lessened as I skirted forward. I was an elvish hunter. None could detect me when I stalked.

The orc’s magic pounded at my ears. I was drawing closer. I changed the angle of my crawls while I pulled my knife from my belt. The air howled behind me and the earth continued to rumble as I slowed my pace.

The scent of the orc woman, thick with earthen ocher, led me closer. Her breathing was rapid. Through breaks in the grass, I spotted the orc, her face festooned in bone piercings, stretching out her ears and studding her lips. Her breasts were naked, her fat, black nipples pierced by thick slivers of bone. She held a staff topped with an orc’s skull.

I crawled to the side, moving slowly. I was so close now. If she wasn’t focused on her duel with Faoril, she might have spotted me at this distance. I wasn’t wearing any camouflage body paint. My pale-greenish skin would stand out against the golden-green of the grass.

I made it behind her. I came up in a crouch. My body tense.

I sprang, clapping a hand over her mouth as I thrust my dagger into the small of her back, aiming for her kidneys. She stiffened as I stabbed over and over, plunging in and ripping out my dagger, my hand growing sticky with blood.

Wind struck me, throwing me back. I tumbled on the ground as the orc spun around. She stumbled as she tried to focus on me. She snarled something in her harsh language. The wind struck me again. I screamed as I was thrown and crashed hard into the grass.

I rose in a crouch. She should be dead after all those stabs. She wasn’t. I was in trouble. I couldn’t fight her magic. I braced for the next attack to throw me.

The orc shaman collapsed onto the ground, gurgling as she died.

I groaned, my body aching, and limped towards Faoril and Sophia. On the hilltop, Angela screamed as Thrak appeared before her, swinging a might ax and stone hammer at her. Angela raised her shield and caught the blow.

The force threw her back and she tumbled down the hill.

Sophia screamed in fear.


Journeyman Mage Faoril

Exhaustion weighed me down as I let out a sigh of relief. Xera had killed the shaman. The wind stopped howling.

How had she been so strong? Not even a master mage could have that strength. Who had taught a primitive orc such magic? It wasn’t skilled or subtle, but that hardly mattered when she had such strength and the willingness to throw around her power, crashing it like a battering ram upon a castle’s gate.

“Angela!” screamed Sophia.

I turned to the hill. Angela tumbled down it. I blinked in shock. Thrak stood atop the hill, wielding his ax and a stone hammer. He bellowed in rage. My heart contracted in absolute shock at the terrible sight.

Sophia rushed forward, her robes flapping about her legs as she reached the battered Angela, pulling the wounded knight’s head into her lap. Thrak bellowed again, his eyes sweeping across the valley.

He wanted to kill us.

I groaned and gathered my magic, raising a wall of earth before him. I staggered at the effort, my magic burning through the cum I had swallowed. Thrak crashed into the wall. The earthen rampart shook and cracked. He was attacking it, struggling to batter through it.

“You’ll have to fuck him,” Serisia said, rising from the earth beside me.

“What?” I said a strange excitement rushing through me as I remembered how hard Thrak fucked Angela two nights past.

“It’s the only way to end the berserk,” Serisia said. “He’s consumed by his most primal emotions—rage and lust. Rage can never be satiated, but lust can.”

“I’ll just bind him with air,” I said.

“It won’t stop his rage. He’ll die.” Tears shone in the ghost eyes. “Please. You have to do it. No one else can. Angela is battered, Sophia is sworn to Saphique, and Xera is injured.”

Xera limped towards us, somehow hurt by the shaman.

“There has to be another way,” I said, fighting the rising excitement in my nether.

“There is not.” Serisia touched my hand. “He won’t hurt you. You are strong enough to take it, and you will find such pleasure in his power. I always did.”

I swallowed. The wall cracked. He was getting closer to breaking through.

“Every woman yearns for a strong male to take her hard,” Serisia purred. “I know I did. I’ve soothed his rages before. I remember every one of those times. I was so helpless beneath his strength. So aroused as he took me. I came over and over.”

The spirit’s words whispered to my desires. Thrak was so strong. I hadn’t had a real man in days, just Sophia’s magical dildo.

Sophia undid her robe, bearing her breasts. She shoved a hand beneath her thighs to masturbate. It was part of her ritual to enchant her breast milk with healing properties to aid Angela. The pair were defenseless. My hands reached for the knot on my robe. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. It was so stupid. The orc was dangerous.

He should die.

My robes slipped off my shoulders. Naked, I raced towards Angela and Sophia. The acolyte nursed the knight as I raced by naked, ignoring Xera’s cries. I stood before Angela and Sophia, facing the earthen wall as it crumbled.

Thrak burst out, his eyes pure black. He snarled as he raced down the slope at me. Fear seized me. This was so stupid, I could wrap him up in air and hang him in the sky. We could leave him behind to die.

“Mmm, aren’t you a big one,” I purred, rubbing at my hard nipples and undulating my body.

I felt so stupid. I was going to die. Why did I listen to that spirit?

Why did I want to save this stupid barbarian?

His eyes fell on my flesh. A loud snarl growled from his lips. He kept barreling down at me. I swallowed, wanting to flee before his strength. It was too late now. He was on me. I reached out to the air and—

Serisia touched my hand. “He won’t hurt you.”

Thrak threw down his weapons as he bellowed in pure, primal passion. I gasped as his strong arms seized me and slung me over his shoulder. His hands were rough on my thighs as they held me. My nipples rubbed into his broad back. I gasped as he leaped over Angela and Sophia, carrying me off.

Serisia smiled as she watched him bear me away.

He ran so fast, leaving everyone behind while his strong hands clutched my legs. It was so possessive. I shouldn’t like this. I shouldn’t find this…enjoyable. It was stupid. I enjoyed men, but not being manhandled by one.

But I didn’t fight it. My pussy grew wetter and wetter, my nipples harder. I squirmed, savoring his growls. He was strong. He was bigger than any human male, and he had made Angela moan so loudly when he took her.

I gasped as he threw me down on to the grass, my excitement blunting the pain.

He stood over me, staring down at me with such hunger in his eyes. His cock tented the front of his kilt, thick and hard. He ripped away his clothing baring his naked body. His red-brown skin rippled as his muscles flexed.

“You’re so strong,” I found myself purring.

Thrak fell on me. He pushed my thighs wide apart. His mouth buried into my pussy. When Serisia said he would take me, I thought he would just fuck me, not eat my pussy. My back arched against his hungry mouth while his thick tongue devoured me.

“Pater’s cock,” I moaned as my hips undulated. “Oh, yes. Eat me. Devour me. You’ve earned it for fighting. That’s it. Take your reward, warrior.”

The words seemed to rise unbidden to my lips. I didn’t know why I was praising him. He was a big, dumb warrior. I shouldn’t be this turned on by him. But the way his hand squeezed my ass as he devoured me, pulling me against his mouth…

It was like he owned my pussy. It was like I was his reward.

My pussy clenched at the wild thought. I bucked into his hungry mouth. My eyes fluttered as he devoured me. I humped against him, moaning my delight. My hands seized tufts of grass, pulling them up as the passion built.

His fingers pried my asscheeks father apart. His fat fingers pushed into them as his tongue fucked my pussy. I moaned as he penetrated my asshole. His finger was as thick as some men’s cocks. I gasped, my bowels squeezing about him.

“Yes, yes,” I screamed, delirious with lust. It was like his feverish state infected me with his primal passion. “Eat me. Make me cum. Then you can fuck me. Then you can stick that thick cock into my cunt and pound me!”

I wanted that. My body shuddered again. I wanted him to ravish me. I wanted to be fucked so hard by him. My toes curled in my shoes. My hips humped against his mouth. His tongue swiped through my folds, driving me wild with his passions.

“Yes, yes. Eat me, Thrak. Show me how mighty and strong you are. Make me cum!”

He growled into my pussy. His finger fucked faster in and out of my ass. I clenched and relaxed on him as I bucked into his hungry maw. My body trembled. My nipples ached. I bit my lip as the pleasure built and built.

“Yes! Pater’s cock, yes! This is amazing!”

His strong lips pressed into my pussy. He mastered me. He devoured me. My orgasm burst through me.

I thrashed on the grass as my mind was inundated with bliss. I squirmed and screamed wordless praise to the mighty orc devouring my pussy. My juices squirted out of me as my cunt contracted and my bowels massaged his fingers.

“Fuck me, Thrak!” I screamed, my pussy needing more.

Thrak rose, his cock jutting so long before him. He was thicker than Xera or any other cock I had. My pussy clenched in anticipation. I even wanted to feel the bone ring pierced through the tip of his cock slide through my sheath.

“Take me!” I shouted. “I’m your prize. Fuck me!”

“Mine!” he bellowed as he fell on me. His body was heavy, solid, and wonderful atop me. “Mine.”

“Yes! Yours. Fuck me! Fuck your prize!”

My nipples rubbed against his scarred chest as his cock slammed into my depths. My eyes widened. Pain and pleasure mixed as my pussy stretched. He was so wonderfully thick. His girth stretched me open. I shuddered in delight as I was filled.

My hips bucked into his powerful thrusts. The bone ring was a hard, caressing the walls of my pussy as his girth slammed into me. My pussy clenched on his cock as he pounded me hard. His balls slapped into my body with a wonderful, meaty thwack.

His bellows were so strong. He growled as he fucked me like a beast.

“Yes!” I hissed, my fingernails clawing his back as the pleasure built inside of me.

Another orgasm burst through me. I writhed beneath him, my pussy spasming about his slamming cock. The pleasure burned hot through me. My toes curled. He grunted as my fingernails slid across his back.

“Yes! Keep fucking me!” I growled. “Gods, yes.”

Another orgasm followed on the heels of the first. My pussy was alive with pleasure. I heaved and shuddered beneath his bulk. I bucked up into the primal strength of the orc as I shuddered beneath him. My pussy convulsed and milked his cock.

“Cum in me!” I moaned. “You’ve earned it.”

“My…reward…” he snarled between brutish grunts.”


His cock slammed into me. The hot, powerful blasts of his cum filled me. My body drank in the magical energy of orc cum. My eyes widened as another orgasm rushed through me. I spasmed beneath him as he growled. His hips thrust over and over, his cock erupting so much cum into me.

“Yes,” I panted. “Oh, yes, Thrak.”

His dilated pupils retreated. His face twisted as he stared down into my eyes. “You…saved me, Faoril.”

I smiled at him. “I guess I did.”

His lips crushed mine in a kiss. I sighed into their strength. A cool hand touched mine. Serisia knelt beside us, a happy smile on her face as she gripped my hand.


Fireeyes – Red Eye Tribal Lands, Larg Federation

“What an amazing slaughter,” I smiled as I strode around the hill. “So much dead. Most butchered by the same weapon.”

“You can tell that, Master?” the simulacrum asked, her voice flat. She had no real interest other than providing me with conversation.

“I can,” I grinned, stepping over one dead orc, his body bloated after days of sitting in the sun. “A very sharp, heavy weapon. An ax. The weapon of Thrak.”

“He is dangerous, Master, if he did all this.”

“Yes, he is,” I smiled. “But he’s also so courteous to leave us these fine resources.”

“Are you going to animate them, Master?”

I smiled. If Thrak wanted to leave a carpet of dead in his wake, I would put them to use.

To be continued…

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