The World of Erasthay – The Mermaid’s Courtship Chapter 3: The Mermaid’s Discipline


The World of Erasthay

The Mermaid’s Courtship

Chapter Three: The Mermaid’s Discipline

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Male/Female, Male/Females, Fantasy, Magic, Bondage, Mermaid, Oral Sex, Anal Sex

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Ayral – Bottom of Calthin Bay, Triton’s Kingdom

King Triton, my father, floated over me, his white beard waving before his muscular chest. His violet eyes were hard. I trembled on the floor of his house, my violet hair waving in the slight current swirling through the room.

“Please, Father,” I begged. “The humans aren’t bad like—”

“You filthy whore,” he snarled. “You are my daughter. You do not belong to the filthy humans.”

“But…but…” I shuddered. “They were so kind to me.”

“Of course they were.” He seized my shoulders, shaking me. My large breasts bobbed and my tail fluttered. “You were their whore. They used you. They shoved their filthy cocks into your body. They just wanted to fuck you.”

“That’s all you want to do with me,” I accused.

His face glowered. “I want to fertilize your egg.”

“They why do you fuck my ass or make me suck your cock?” I demanded. “Why do you ignore the older mermaids and only fuck the youngest?”

His hand struck me hard. “Do not question me, whore. You are mine. I am the King of the mermaids. I am the only merman. You all are my whores. I forbid you from ever seeing those humans.”

“You can’t.” I stared into his eyes, my desire for Kolin and Willa gave me bold strength to defy my father. “I will go and see them. I’m courting them. I think I may become their merwife.”

“Merwife?” His eyes were wild. “You are mine.”

I shook my head. “I’ll never fuck you, Father. I’ll never be your mermaid slut again. I’m tired of it. I’ve had a human man and woman now. I know how wonderful it is. I know it is what I’ve yearned for. What we all have yearned for.”

“Whore.” His fingers bit into my shoulders. His tail flapped, driving me down into the bed of his house.

I gasped as I hit the kelp floor. The water was forced from my lungs. I coughed as he stared into my eyes. He drew back my shoulders and slammed me down again. I gasped as my head smacked into the hard stone beneath the kelp.

“You’re hurting me,” I groaned.

“I’m punishing you. You are my mermaid. My slut. Not those humans.”

“I’m no one’s slut,” I groaned. “Not unless I choose to be. I’m especially not yours. Never yours, Father.”

“You will be mine.” He reached out and ripped up the kelp on the floor. “Until you agree to be my slut again, you will not leave my house.”

He seized my hands and wrapped the rubbery kelp about my wrists. He pulled it tight, the tough, fibrous plants biting into my flesh. I fought against the sharp pain. He jerked my hands over my head and then bound me to the coral of the wall. He grabbed more kelp and wrapped it about the end of my tail. I was stretched out across the middle of the room.

I struggled, but the kelp only bit into my scales and wrists, hurting me more. “Please,” I pleaded. “I need to see them again. It’s the way we’re supposed to live, Father.”

“No it is not. You will live my way. I changed things. I made it so mermaids didn’t have to be sluts for the fisherman.” His hand stroked my tail. I hated his touch. “Will you be mine again?” His fingers neared my pussy.

“No,” I hissed, turning my head away, my hair swirling about my face.

“Fine. Hang here forever.”

Father turned and swam out of the house. I sobbed as I strained. Kolin and Willa would be coming tomorrow. They’ll be waiting for me and I won’t appear. They’ll be so sad. I flipped my fins, struggling to break the bonds.

But the kelp was too strong. I kept trying, ignoring the pain as the kelp bound my fins tighter and tighter. I bit my lip and kept struggling. I would get free. I wouldn’t submit to Father any longer. I knew the truth—we were meant to love humans.

Father wasn’t natural. There weren’t supposed to be mermen.

Yrsla poked her head around the corner, her sapphire hair waving about her. My sister bit her lip. “Ayral…”
“This is all your fault,” I hissed at her, turning my face away.

“Are you—”

“Leave me alone,” I screeched.

Yrsla squeaked and fled.

I sobbed as I struggled. The bonds were too tight


Willa – Calthin Bay, Kingdom of Thlin

My husband and I tossed the nets over the side. The massive of woven twine sank into the blue depths of Calthin Bay. The sun was warm as we bobbed on the waters, out of sight of land or other vessels. I gazed down into the blue.

Was Ayral looking back at us?

“What are you thinking about?” Kolin asked as he pressed up behind me, his hands on my hips, brushing the tops of my fish-leather wrap. It was tied on my right hip. My right leg, foot planted on the boots edge, slipped out of the stitched cloth. My nipples ached in my vest.

“What do you think?” I purred as I pressed back into his hard cock.

We had only been married a few months—I was so happy when I landed Kolin even with my small tits—and I enjoyed our time working our boat together. I wasn’t like many of the other girls back on land. I enjoyed the sun and the salt.

I didn’t mind that my skin had a deep-red tan. I wasn’t a dusky-pink beauty hiding her flesh indoors.

Kolin brushed my white hair off my shoulder and nuzzled at my neck. I wiggled, my pussy growing wet as his hands stroked around to hold onto my bare stomach. His calloused fingers dipped into my wrap, brushing the top of the line of pubic hair leading to my pussy.

I was freshly shaved, hoping Ayral would make an appearance. We were the first human couple in a hundred years to court a mermaid on Calthin Bay. It was believed that all the mermaids had left or died out. They were still common in the rest of the Myrt Sea and beyond.

It turned out a merman had a appeared and claimed all the mermaids for himself, denying the fisherman and fisherwives of joining in a triune marriage with a merwife. It was such a travesty. I was so glad we met Ayral.

“How long until she arrives?” Kolin asked.

“Well, we have to chum the waters first,” I purred. “There are a lot of boats plying the bay. How will she know which one is ours?”

Kolin pressed his dick harder against me. “And how do we do that?”

“Well,” I purred, reaching behind. I pressed my hand between us and squeezed his cock through his fish-leather trousers. “Why, you will have to churn out a big batch inside me with your tool.”

“My big tool?” he asked, his lips nibbling at my ear.

“So big,” I purred, a shudder running through my body. “So big and thick.” I turned in his arms, pressing against him. “You’ll stir up such a big batch with your thick cock.”

His lips captured mine. I moaned into the kiss, my hips undulating against him. His dick pressed into my groin. My clit throbbed at the contact. His hands slid down and found the knot holding my wrap closed.

He pulled it.

The wrap slid off my hips and fell to the deck of our boat. Kolin’s hands found my naked ass. He squeezed my cheeks, prying them apart as he pulled me against his body. My pussy clenched as he kneaded me, his fingers dipping in to brush my sphincter.

“Not that hole,” I purred, breaking the kiss.

Kolin grinned as his hand reached between my thighs and brushed at the lips of my pussy. “How about this one?”

“Yes,” I gasped as he pressed two thick fingers into my pussy. My flesh clenched around him as he pumped in and out, stirring me up. I groaned and shuddered, my fingers digging into his bare shoulders.

“Good,” he grinned, shoving his fingers in even deeper.

I rose on my tip-toes as he probed me, my head leaning back. Kolin’s yellow eyes glinted as he leaned into suck at my neck. His free hand slid up my body and pressed between us. He unknotted my vest.

It fell open and my naked breasts pressed against him.

My nipples were hard on his muscular chest. I groaned, loving the way he sucked on my neck and fingered my twat. My hips undulated, grinding against his hard cock as his fingers probed so deep inside of me, brushing all the exciting parts.

I pressed my clit into his trousers, rubbing my clit into the seams between the sewn together patches of fish leather. My clit throbbed on the stitching. I groaned louder, my nipples aching as they rubbed against Kolin’s hard chest.

“I think you’re going to cum,” Kolin whispered after licking up to my ear. “Are you, wife?”

“Yes,” I panted. I bit my lip as a shudder ran through my body. “Oh, you are stirring me up and getting me ready for that big tool.”

“Good,” Kolin growled and nipped my ear.

My ears fluttered as the pleasure built inside of me. I ground harder on his trousers. I burned to cum, savoring the delicious rasp of my clit on the stitching. My nub throbbed and my pussy clenched down on his fingers.

“Kolin,” I groaned as my eyes squeezed shut.

A seagull cried overhead as my orgasm exploded through it. I moaned into the air, gasping in delight as my orgasm burst through me. I bucked and moaned. The pleasure swelled and swelled, washing into my mind like the waves on a sandy beach.

“Gods, you are so hot and wet,” Kolin groaned as I shuddered against him. “I need to be in you.”
“Oh, yes,” I nodded. “Pater’s cock, but I need to be fucked hard.”

I broke away from my husband and fell to my knees before him. He pressed his two fingers, covered in my tangy juices, into my lips. I sucked them as I unlaced his trousers and pulled them down his muscular thighs, freeing his cock.

It was wonderful being out on the water. I could be naked and unafraid of being seen. I was tan all over now. I grasped his dick and took a long lick up his shaft and flicked the tip. I swirled around, savoring the salt of his precum.

“If you’re not careful,” groaned Kolin, “we won’t make the chum.”

“Oh, we will,” I purred between kisses.

I worked my mouth back down his shaft to his balls. I sucked them into my mouth, his blond curls tickling my lips. His seed filled his nuts. I sucked each into my mouth, loving his musk while he groaned above me.

Then I turned around, still on my hands and knees, and wiggled my ass. “Come and churn a big load of in me,” I moaned. “Let’s attract our mermaid’s attention.”

“What a woman I married,” Kolin groaned as he fell to his knees behind me.

I groaned as he slowly filled me. His cock pushed into the wet depths of my pussy. Pleasure rippled out. My toes curled as I shifted, savoring the feel of his girth in me. He bottomed out and drew back, still going slow, teasing my pussy still buzzing from my orgasm.

I purred as he drove in again. My small tits jiggled beneath me. I gripped the edge of the boat and peered into the dark depths, hoping to see our mermaid. Kolin groaned and slammed in harder, his balls smacking my clit.

“Damn, you are dripping wet,” groaned Kolin.

“I’m so eager to see her,” I panted. “You’re not the only one eager to have a merwife.”

Kolin smacked my ass. “That’s why I married you.”

I groaned, “No, you married me because I made you chase me.”

“What a chase.” His strokes grew harder. “You drove me so wild. I had to possess you. I dreamed of you and mermaids all the time.”

“And now it’s all coming true,” I gasped, savoring his fast strokes. I undulated my hips, meeting his thrusts. “Cum in me. Ayral needs to taste your seed mixed with my dew in the water.”

“Yes,” he panted. His hands tightened on my hips.

I gasped as his slammed hard into me. I clenched and relaxed my pussy on his thrusting cock. The pleasure built inside of me. I rocked back into him, loving his powerful strokes. My pussy ached with the vigor of his strokes.

His hands tightened. He grunted every time he buried into me. I loved the way his balls smacked my clit. Sharp pleasure rippled from my sensitive nub through my body. I groaned and looked over my shoulder at his muscular body.

“Cum in me,” I gasped. “Flood my cunt. Hurry, Kolin. I need it.”

“Yes, yes,” Kolin panted. “By the gods, I married a woman with a tight cunt.”

I clenched down on his dick. “A tight cunt in need of cum.”

Kolin slammed into my depths. He grunted. His hot seed shot into me. I moaned, on the verge of cumming, but I held it off. Not yet. His body shuddered as he filled me with his seed. He groaned and then pulled his cock out.

I clamped my fingers over my pussy and moved to the railing. I sat on the edge, my feet dangling in the water, my legs spread. “Make me cum, Kolin.”

“Yes,” He panted.

Kolin reached around me, his fingers finding my clit. I shuddered, clamping my pussy shut to keep his cum trapped in me. His calloused fingers rubbed and pinched my slit as he kissed me over my shoulder.

I groaned, my pussy full of cum clenching. My toes curled in the cool salt water. A tremble ran through my body. The pressure built and built. My feet kicked out as I shuddered. I moaned into the kiss.

I came.

My pussy spasmed. Kolin’s cum and my pussy juices gushed out of me, splashing into the bay, scenting the waters for our mermaid. I groaned and undulated, the pleasure burning hot through me. I wanted Ayral to cum to us.

I leaned back into my husband’s chest and waited.

And waited.

The sun climbed hi and sank low. Ayral never came.


Ayral – Bottom of Calthin Bay, Triton’s Kingdom

I drifted as much as my bonds would allow. My wrists and tail had grown numb days ago. All I did was float back and forth while staring at the ceiling.

Father would come, trying to convince me to relent. I always said no.

I would never be his. No matter how long he kept me tied up. I would be free and find Kolin and Willa. I would court them and love them and be their merwife all to spite my evil father.

He had to be evil to hurt me like this. He couldn’t love me like he claimed. If he loved me, he would have never tied me up. He would never keep me from the humans I loved. He would set me free. He would want me to be happy.

I tasted the faint salt and dew of my humans on the current. They had returned. Was it the third or fourth day since I was imprisoned? They still yearned for me to come. They still mixed their cum and pussy juices into the water, calling me.

I wanted to go to them.

“Ayral,” a voice whispered.

I turned my head as Yrsla swam in.

“I have your breakfast, Ayral,” my terrible sister whispered.

“I don’t want it,” I hissed, keeping my head turned.

She swam over me, floating there, her disgusting, violet hair waving about her head. “You broke the rules.”

“We shouldn’t have rules,” I hissed. “I found them. They were amazing and you took it away from me.”

Yrsla flinched. “I had to. He’s our king. We have to obey him.”

“Why? Because he’s a human that figured out how to turn into one of us? He tricked us and enslaved us. He’s evil.”

“Human? What are you talking about?”

“He bathed in the Merpool,” I said. “Kolin and Willa told me about it.”

“Those are your…humans?”

“My lovers.” I stared into her face, putting all the anger I could must into my glare. “They were wonderful. They made me feel complete. All the times Father fucked me, I never felt as satisfied as they made me. We were meant to love humans, not a merman.”

Yrsla bit her lip.

“They miss me,” I moaned. “I can taste their cum and pussy juices. They’ve anointed the sea. They’re far away. I can barely taste them, but they’re waiting for me and wondering why I haven’t appeared.

“The probably think I’ve abandoned them.” I squeezed my eyes shut. A shudder ran through my body. A sob escaped my lips. “They don’t know that I want to come to them.”

“Ayral,” whispered Yrsla. “I…”

“Just go away,” I shrieked. “You ruined everything. I hate you.”

Yrsla swam away. I cried, missing my humans. What if I was never freed? What if Father never let me go?


Kolin – Calthin Bay, Kingdom of Thlin

“Why do we keep doing this?” I asked as Willa shook my cock. The last drop of my cum splashed into the water. “Seven days. She doesn’t want us.”

Willa’s face fell. “I guess.”

She slumped into the boat, staring up at the sky. “What did we do wrong? She seemed so happy when we left.”

I couldn’t hold my breath that long.

“I don’t know,” Willa sighed. “I doubt we’ll ever know.”

A form rose out of the depths. I blinked in shock. “Willa.”

“What?” she asked, her tone grumpy.

“I think—”

A mermaid burst out of the water, her violet hair plastered about her naked shoulders. She looked similar to Ayral, but it wasn’t her. I sighed. For a moment, my heart had beat with hope, and then it was stolen away.

Willa peaked over. “You’re not Ayral.”

“You’re them? Kolin and Willa?” the mermaid asked.

“Yeah. Did Ayral send you?” Anger seized me. “Are you here to tell us she doesn’t want to see us?”

The mermaid flinched. She sank down into the water until it covered her nose, her hair fanning out across the waves. Her violet eyes trembled as she stared up at me.

“You scared her, Kolin,” Willa snapped. “It’s okay. We won’t harm you. We just miss Ayral. What’s your name?”

“Yrsla.” The mermaid rose above the water. “Ayral misses you, too.”

“Then why hasn’t she come?” I growled.

“King Triton, our father, has imprisoned her.” Yrsla licked her lips. “I…he found out that she had seen you, and he was very angry. But Ayral wouldn’t obey him. She wanted to see you, so he’s had her tied up all week. She’s so sad.”

“No,” I growled, clenching my fist. “That monster.”

Willa covered her mouth with her hands. “That’s so horrible. We have to help her.”

Yrsla nodded. “That’s why I’m here. It took me so long to gather the courage. I’m disobeying King Triton. I’m being so bad. I’m so scared.”

“There has to be away. Can you free her?” I demanded.

Yrsla shook her head. “I would get caught. It’s too dangerous.”

“Then how can we help her?” Willa asked.

“The Merpool,” whispered Yrsla. “It’s beneath us. Ayral said King Triton became a merman in the pool.”

Willa nodded. “Yes, the Merpool is said to transform anyone into a mermaid or merman that enters it. So long as they stay beneath the waves.”

“Take me to it,” I growled, stripping off my vest and shimming out of my trousers. “Then I’ll deal with Triton.”

“We’ll deal with Triton,” Willa answered as she unlaced her vest and exposed her breasts. “Yrsla, you can swim us down, right.”

“I can,” Yrsla nodded. “But…I would get in so much trouble if I was caught.”

“If we deal with King Triton, that won’t matter,” I declared and dived into the water.

The cool sea embraced me. I surfaced next to Yrsla and grasped the mermaids hand. She trembled in my grip. She was as timid as Ayral was the first time. Willa dived in a moment later and came up naked on the other side of Yrsla, taking her hand.

“You can do this,” Willa smiled. “Once we reach the pool, we’ll be merpeople and we can deal with Triton.”

“Okay,” she whispered. “I…I owe Ayral.”

“You told on her,” Willa whispered.

I blinked in surprise as Yrsla nodded. “I…I was jealous that she had the courage to do what I was always afraid of. All of us down there want to go to the surface. We all know the truth—we belong with humans. But King Triton is so strong. He’s the only merman. We have to listen to him.”

“No longer,” I told her. “Once we free Ayral, you’ll be able to court your own fisherman and fisherwife.”

A smile crossed Yrsla’s lips. “Okay, let’s go.”

We held onto Yrsla’s hands as she swam us down into the depths. The blues grew darker as we sank down. Like with Ayral last week, we could breathe in the water so long as we touched her. We descended down to the bottom of the bay.

Long strands of kelp appeared, waving in the lazy current. Fish I had never seen darted between them. The bottom appeared, covered in sand. Crabs and flounders moved around the bottom amid shellfish and starfish. Strange seaflowers swayed in the current, covering mounds of twisting coral that dotted the floor.

“The pool is this way,” Yrsla said, her voice deeper underwater.

“Okay,” I nodded.

I kicked as she flipped her fin, propelling us along the bottom of the water. Willa smiled at me from the other side, excited to be on the bottom of the bay. I looked up. I couldn’t see the surface. Only light blue above.

This was Ayral’s world.

Yrsla led us across the seafloor to a kelp forest. We pressed into the kelp fronds, the leathery plants caressed against my skin. We pushed through the strange underwater world. The water grew warmer. A blue glow suffused the water, shining through the waving kelp.

“Is that the…Merpool?” Willa asked.

Yrsla nodded.

We broke out of the kelp forest. On the seafloor crowded with life was a pool of glowing liquid. The top undulated like waves, a boundary between water and magic. I stared at it in awe. There were waves beneath the sea. I didn’t think that was possible.

“Will this work?” Willa asked, clutching to Yrsla’s hand.

“It has to.” I reached out and seized my wife’s hand. “Let go and we’ll enter it together.”

Willa bit her lip, then she nodded. We let go of Yrsla.

Everything change. The weight of the water surrounded me, pressing on me. I wanted to breathe, but I couldn’t. Water filled my lungs. I coughed and kicked. Willa convulsed, screaming, her words muffled.

I kicked hard, pulling myself on my wife towards the glowing pool. My vision fuzzed. My heart labored. I kept kicking. The darkness closed in around me. I kept a tight grip on my wife as we drew nearer and nearer to the glowing pool. It filled my vision.

I pulled us into the water.

I could breathe again. I sucked in the liquid. I gasped as my body burned. I gripped Willa’s hand as she thrashed beside me. My flesh changed. My legs melded together. Red scales raced up my body. My feet elongated into fins.

“We’re merfolk,” Willa gasped, shooting out of the pool on powerful swishes of her tail. She had a silver body, her hair fanning around her while her scales flashed in the light of the pool.

“You’re beautiful,” I laughed as I swam out after her, effortlessly flicking my tail. I caught my temporary merwife and pulled her close. Her tail wrapped around mine as she kissed me hard.

My cock hardened and slipped from a sheath, rubbing against her sleek scales. Willa giggled and broke the kiss, shaking her head. “We have to rescue Ayral first. Remember?”

I turned to Yrsla. Her sapphire eyes were wide as she stared at me. “It’s true. Father lied to us. He kept us all to himself. We could have found our own humans to join with.”

“I’m afraid so,” Willa said, her eyes sad.

Yrsla clenched her fist. “The village is this way. Let’s free Ayral and stop Father.”


Ayral – Bottom of Calthin Bay, Triton’s Kingdom

“Ayral,” a male voice rumbled.

I blinked, lifting my head up and gasped as Kolin swam into the house, his red tail flipping majestically. “You’re a merman?”

“That’s all you can say?” Willa asked as she glided in. She grasped the kelp binding my tail and pried at the knot.

“How?” I gasped.

“Yrsla brought us down to the pool,” Kolin answered as he worked on the knots binding my wrists. “Damn, these are tough.”

“I just…” My eyes fell on Yrsla peeking into the room. “You did this?”

Yrsla nodded. “I…I’m so sorry, Ayral.”

My hands came undone. I gasped and flexed my fingers.

Kolin growled when he saw the raw bands of irritated skin around my wrists. “Where is he?”

“I don’t know,” I whispered.

“You’re free,” Willa said, unwrapping the bonds from my tail. She winced, staring at the torn scales. “He hurt you.”

“That doesn’t matter,” I smiled. “You came for me.”

“Of course,” Kolin growled.

“What’s going on, Yrsla?” Father barked. “Why are you looking in there? Who’s in there with Ayral?”

Yrsla’s face disappeared in a frightened squeak. A moment later, Father’s bearded face appeared, his violet eyes hard. He had only a moment to take in the situation before Kolin swam into him with all the speed of a dashing shark.

“What—” Father gasped as Kolin crashed into him.

“Beat him up,” Willa cheered.

I swam out of the cave, gasping as Kolin grappled with Father. They both had red tails and muscular body’s. They spun about, their tails swishing as they growled and grunted. They wrestled each other, throwing punches and twisting arms, tails slapping together with mighty claps.

My sister mermaids appeared. The older ones looked stunned and the young womans watched in frightened awe as the two merman fought. It was hard to say who had the advantage. They spun about each other.

“You can beat him, Kolin,” I cheered.

Willa joined me. “Show them the truth.”

“The truth,” Myrabela asked, her emerald hair swirling about her wide face. “What is going on Ayral?”

“Father isn’t really one of us,” I declared. “He’s a human. He went to the Merpool and was change. Just like Kolin who fights him.”


“My human lover,” I said proudly. I put my arm around Willa, pulling her close. “This is his fisherwife.”

“No, he has to be a merman,” Veylana, an older mermaid, said, her violet hair silvering with her age. Horror burned in her eyes. “We gave up looking for humans. We imprisoned all the mermaids who refused to break off contact with their mates. He has to be telling the truth.”

“He’s not,” roared Kolin. He slammed Father’s face into the seabed. Blood drifted from Father’s nose, then wafted away on the current. “I can prove it.”

“Don’t listen to him, my merwives,” growled Father. He twisted and slammed his elbow hard into Kolin’s eye. Kolin grunted and lost his grip, his eye swelling shut. “I am the king of the sea. I am the only merman. He’s a fraud.”

“How?” Veylana asked.

“I became like this in the Merpool,” Kolin growled and swam back in. “So did he.”

“Lies.” Father threw a hard punch.

Kolin ducked around it then wrapped his arms around Father’s torso. His arms slid up, locking around Father’s arms, his hands behind his neck. It was a hold and kept father’s arms apart. Then, with a powerful swish of his tail, Kolin swam upwards.

We all followed as Father fought and thrashed, struggling to break free as Kolin bore them to the surface.

“No. I’m your king. Stop him. Pull him off of me.”

None of the mermaids listened. They swam up faster. We all knew the legends. If Father transformed himself in the pool, then air would break the spell. He would become a regular human.

With a mighty heave, Father broke free, twisted around, and swam hard for the bottom. Willa was ready. She flicked her silver tail and grabbed Father, spinning him around and delaying him long enough for Kolin to seize Father and bear him to the surface.

“No,” roared Father as the waves appeared.

They broached the surface. Their tails vanished. Legs appeared, Kolin’s strong with youth, Father’s aged and wizened. His powerful strength became infirmed with age. He was over a hundred years old. Not old for a mermaid, but for a human, that was ancient.

“No,” he croaked as he kicked. Kolin let him go, swimming back away. “Please. Take me down.”

Veylana and Nerusya, another older mermaid, seized Father. “We’ll take him to shore. He’ll never pollute our waters again.”

Willa swam up to me, a big smile on her face, and embraced me. Our breasts pressed together and our lips met in a wonderful kiss. I held my future fisherwife, savoring our tails rubbing together as the other mermaids cheered around us.

“I have to go find my couple,” Yrsla grinned and swam off.

I hoped she found them. I already had mine. I broke the kiss with Willa. “So, you’re a mermaid until you broach the surface?”

Willa nodded.

“I’ll go get Kolin. It’s his chance to enjoy a pair of mermaids.”

Willa laughed as I swam up to the surface and my future fisherman.



It was so interesting having a tail. I flicked it through the water, spinning me around while Ayral swam up to the surface to fetch my husband. A hot itch filled my pussy. Watching Kolin fight Triton had been…stirring.

My hand slid down my slick scales to the slit. The scales parted, revealing my itching flesh. I stroked it, shuddering as I dug my fingers into my cunt. My pussy felt the same, but instead of my toes curling, my fins twitched, twirling me around the in the water.

“Enjoying yourself,” Ayral asked.

“I think she’s getting horny,” Kolin laughed.

Ayral clutched tight to Kolin, her heavy breasts pressing into his chest as she swam them down. I smiled at them, stroking my pussy faster. My hot flesh clung to my fingers. My thumb brushed my clit and my tail fluttered again, shooting me up to them.

Ayral, moving with far more grace than I had, swished her tail and spun her and Kolin around and stopped their motion right before I crashed into them. I gasped as Kolin’s arm snagged me and pulled me close, his hand slipping down to my scales.

He brushed my pussy.

“Kolin,” I purred, shuddering against him as his fingers pressed into my depth.

“Yes, she was stirring up her hot, wet hole,” Kolin laughed. “She’s so wet and sticky.”

Ayral had a naughty grin on her face. Her slim hand reached across Kolin’s stomach and joined my husband’s fingers probing into my pussy. My fin fluttered, twisting us in the water as they both probed my excited cunt, sending pleasure through my body.

“Ooh, that is nice,” I groaned, nuzzling against Kolin’s neck, my white hair swirling around us.
Ayral’s lips latched onto my nipple. The mermaid sucked hard while her flowing hair caressed my neck and face. I groaned, letting the pleasure race through my body as my mermaid and husband loved my body.

Kolin slid down me. His lips nipped my other nipple on his way lower. His fingers pulled out of my pussy, his hands wrapping around my tail and gripping my scales. His lips kissed down my stomach and reached the part where scales met skin.

“Kolin,” I gasped as he sucked and nuzzled where my bellybutton would be if I was a human right now. “Go lower.”

“Don’t tease her,” Ayral giggled. “She has a hot pussy that needs taken care of.”

“Yes,” groaned Kolin. “Such a hot, little cunt. You got wet watching me fight.”

“I did.”

I bucked as Kolin’s lips latched onto my pussy. He probed in with his tongue, swirling through my folds. My tail fluttered again. I groaned as the water stirred around us. His hands gripped my tail, brushing the slit that hid my asshole.

His fingers stroked the slit as his tongue licked my pussy. I groaned. Ayral’s sucked my nipple back into her mouth as Kolin’s fingers teased up the slit and probed in against my asshole. I gasped as his finger sank into the knuckle while his tongue thrust into my depths.

“Oh, you are such a wicked fisherman,” I gasped as he slipped a second finger into my asshole. My tail kicked again, swirling us through the water. “Oh, yes.”

“What’s he doing?” Ayral asked, her lips moving up to mine, her heavy breasts rubbing against my tits.

“Fingering my ass,” I gasped.

“Wicked,” grinned Ayral. “Mmm, he’s such a wonderful lover.”

“Uh-huh,” I gasped, my hands cupping Ayral’s pillowy tits. My finger sank into her flesh. Her nipples, pierced by blue-green coral, were so hard and inviting. I pushed her up and sucked a hard nub into my mouth, moaning as I suckled, my own pussy on fire. My tongue played with her nub. She shuddered as I flicked it.

“Ooh, that’s so nice,” groaned Ayral as I nursed. “Oh, Willa, that’s just delicious.”

I sucked and nibbled on her rubbery nub and hard piercing while Kolin stirred up my asshole and pussy. Pleasure rushed out of both holes, meeting in the middle. They swelled through me. His tongue found my clit, swirling around the nub.

I nibbled on Ayral’s nipple as a hot swell of bliss washed through me.

My body trembled. Kolin’s teasing fingers and lips sent me closer and closer to my delight. My fingers tightened in his hair. I gasped as his tongue slipped deep inside of me before flicking back up to my clit.

I sucked so hard on Ayral as my orgasm burst through me.

My tail swished, slapping Kolin’s stomach as the pleasure rushed out of me. Ayral moaned in delight as I sucked at her nipple and tugged on her piercing. The pleasure tingled every bit of my body. My asshole clenched on his fingers as the delight reached its peak.

“Yes, Kolin, yes,” I panted, hugging Willa tight to me, my face pressed between her breasts. “That’s so good.”

“Oh, you should fuck her,” moaned Ayral, her tail brushing my stomach as she wiggled higher. “Fuck her while she eats my pussy.”

“Gladly,” I moaned as I pressed my lips into her soft folds. Her salty musk clung to my lips as my tongue probed her depths.

Kolin slid up my body, his arms wrapping around the both of us as his hard cock slid up my scales. His tip brushed my hot folds. I gasped into Ayral’s pussy as his hard cock slammed into my snatch’s depths.

My tail flicked in delight.

“Oh, yes,” Ayral gasped. “Eat my ass and pussy.”

Kolin pumped his hips, working his hard cock in and out of my pussy as he must be devouring Ayral’s asshole. His legs clung to my tail as he fucked, hammering hard. We twisted in the water as the three of us writhed in bliss.

I loved it. I was so close to these three. My pussy gripped his plunging shaft as we made love beneath the ocean. My pussy ached. His every thrust sent pleasure rushing through me. My tail flipped faster and faster as my pleasure built.

I moaned into Ayral’s pussy. Her hands gripped my silver hair as her tail undulated between us. Her flippers caressed my stomach and my nipples rubbed on her slick scales. I fucked my tongue into her depths, matching Kolin’s rhythm for a moment as I shuddered.

“So good,” moaned Ayral. “You’re mine. I want to be your merwife.”

“Yes,” growled Kolin, his balls slapping against my scales.

“You’re ours,” I moaned between licks. “Our wonderful merwife.”

Ayral spasmed between us. Her salty juices flooded my mouth as she came. I drank them down, my pussy gripping Kolin’s cock. His groin brushed my clit. I grew closer and closer to erupting inside of her.

My body tensed. Kolin’s cock slammed into my depths. His shaft fucked me so wonderfully hard. I ached. My pussy clenched on his cock, drinking in all the pleasure. It swelled through me. I quivered and came hard.

“My wives,” Kolin groaned as he slammed his dick into my depth. His cum flooded me.



I broached the surface. The stars flickered over head. Kolin and Willa sat on the edge of their boat wearing strange anemones in their hair. No, they were flowers. Willa had a garland of white flowers in her hand.

“Will you be our merwife?” Willa asked. “To love us always.”

“I will,” I smiled as she set the flowers on my head.

The full moon blazed overhead. I shuddered in delight as I was pulled into the boat and into the arms of my fisherman and fisherwife. Their hands roamed my wet body as they loved me upon Calthin bay.

Everything was how it should be. Yrsla had already begun courting her own fisherman and fisherwife.

But I had found the best. Their lips sucked at my nipples. I grinned, eager for my husband to fuck me. I loved them so much. Everyday, when they came out to fish, I would meet them and be with them.

“You are the most beautiful mermaid ever,” Willa whispered in my ear as Kolin nuzzled at my pussy. “Thank you for being ours.”

Tears burned in my eyes. “No, thank you for setting me free.”


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