The World of Erasthay – The Knight and the Acolyte Bk 4, Chapter 5: The Bard’s Performance


The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Four: Passion’s Song

Chapter 5: The Bard’s Performance

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Male/Females, Fantasy, Magic, Violence, Lactation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Rimming

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The Erinyes Incessae – Lor-Khev, The Magery of Thosi

The howls of the rampaging barguest filled the night over the small town of Lor-Khev in southern Thosi. The Lesh-Ke Mountains loomed to the south, a wall of black that occulted the brilliant, starry sky I flew through.

My eyes scanned the town. My prey lay in here. The target of Mother’s vengeance. I glided over the town on black-feathered wings, gripping my spear of fire in my hand. Already Angela of the Knights Deute, bastard descendant of the despicable High King Peter, had defeated my sister Injuriae, forcing her to submit and pleasure the bitch.

I hissed through my teeth. We were the three erinyes, the avenging daughters of Slata.

My eyes scanned the chaos. The barguest, hideous shapechangers who shifted from coal-black humans to coal-black hounds, surged through the streets, converging on an inn. Their baying howls filled the sky with excitement. The pack had scented their prey.

We hunted the same creature. I had no idea what fortuity led me to this moment, but I would seize it and deliver upon the knight all of Mother’s fury.


Knight-Errant Angela

The next wave of barguests burst into the common room of the Merchant’s Rest. I set my kite shield as I stood beside Thrak, braced to take the flood of attackers. Behind us, Sophia healed the badly wounded Faoril and Xera fired her arrows into the mob. The barguests’ hairless, black bodies surged at us, yellow eyes burning.

They howled and snarled.

More answered from outside.

There attack could not be a coincidence. Someone wanted me dead. They had sent the warlock Fireeyes to kill me, and now they had sent a pack of barguest. I had no idea why. I was a knight, the daughter of a minor baron and his second wife. I was no one important.

A barguest slammed into my shield. The force of his body pushed me back, my bare feet sliding across the rough, wooden floorboards. I ignored the pain of a splinter shoved into the sole of my foot. I threw my shield to the side, my naked breasts heaving, and swung my sword, cutting through the barguest neck and slamming the dying beast to the ground.

Beside me, Thrak fought without weapon, slamming his thick fists into the barguests and breaking their bones. I was lucky to be in our rooms upstairs with the bard Chaun when the attack happened, able to grab my shield and sword. My pussy still burned from the lust his song had stirred in me and the excitement of a fight sent more juices trickling down my thighs.

I recovered from my swing. A barguest leaped away me from in fright. I pivoted. Pain flared up my leg. That damned splinter. I stumbled, my body flinching from the pain. I was unable to stand properly. The barguest, sensing my weakness, found its spine and crashed into the edge of my shield. I went down, the beast on top of me.

“You smell delicious,” snarled the barguest, his voice far too human to come out of the toothy muzzle. His claws scratched at my naked thighs. “I don’t know whether to eat you or fuck you.”

A red cock emerged from beneath him, glistening and hard. I tried to heave him off of me, but his weight crushed my shield to my breasts. His saliva dripped down onto my face. There was a primal attractiveness about him. If I hadn’t been suffering from the bard’s lusty song, I doubt I would have let out that wanton moan.

“I think you want to be fucked.” The barguest words were surprisingly intelligible through his bestial jaw. “Yes, I can smell it. Just spread those thighs.”

“Go fuck Illth’s poisoned cunt,” I spat and struggled to move my sword arm and swing.

A strumming lyre echoed through the room and a beautiful tenor sang. There were no words. It was a pure melody that reached through the room. The barguest atop me froze. A shudder ran through his body. His triangular, dog-like ears rose from his head. He twitched and let out a whine. His gaze shot across the room to Chaun.

The ebony-skinned changeling stood naked, his body lithe and graceful, his face beautiful, with silvery hair and long, pointed ears like Xera’s. He held a wooden lyre, a red stained impregnated the body and delicate gold inlays formed beautiful patterns. His dark fingers danced across the strings as he sang, striding boldly towards the barguest.

They all faced him, their tongues lolling, enraptured by his song.

“The seducing bard,” Sophia said, her cheeks crimson as she gazed at Chaun.

A flush of heat went through me. Chaun was beyond handsome. He was beautiful, his face delicate, though not feminine, and his body moved with an agile grace as he strode through the room, the barguest turning to face him. He moved like Xera did, innately perfect.

“Damn,” I muttered. I had been close to fucking him before the barguest acted. Sophia was right. He was the seducing bard. He was trained at the Bardic College of Az. They were supposed to affect peoples emotions.

Like making them horny.

“Pater’s cock,” I groaned. “No wonder everyone got horny.”

“I will lead them to the edge of town and then set them on each other,” Chaun said. “I cannot handle more.”

Barguests howled outside, the rest of the pack racing to the tavern.

“We’ll take care of the rest,” I nodded to him. “Thank you.”

Chaun returned to his singing, but he gave me a beautiful, pussy-melting smile, his eyes soft and passionate, then he strode into the night, leading the ten barguest after him. They followed like puppies, stumpy tails wagging with excitement.

“Jolly good song,” one said.

“Yes, yes, I have not heard its like in decades.”

“Thrak,” Faoril groaned as she stood up, the mage naked, her body smeared with blood. She had been badly savaged.

Thrak let out a relieved sigh as she crossed the room to him.

“I will take the roof and provide cover for you, Angela,” Xera said. “I advise we take this to the street so the innocent in this inn can be spared further harm.”


Journeyman Mage Faoril

My blood was sticky. I smeared at it with my hand, trying to wipe it off, as I followed Thrak out into the night. It only made the mess worse. Anger boiled into me. The damned barguest had almost killed me. And they had hurt my Thrak. He had fought barehanded while I lay dying, and scratches adorned his swarthy, muscular body. He moved without complaint, his fists clenched.

“You didn’t rage,” Faoril said as the cool, night air washed over them. It was summer, but the temperature dropped here when the sun fell and a breeze blew off the Lesh-Ke Mountains to the south.

“Then you would have died,” Thrak answered. “After I killed them, I wouldn’t have stopped. But I wanted to embrace it. The rage was there, begging to be used. But we are in a town. You would have died. And how many others?”

There had to be a way to help him channel his rage so it wouldn’t be such a threat. As it stood now, if he lost the fight and berserked only three ways would end it: exhaustion, sex, or death. Until one of those three happened, he would be consumed by rage and kill everything he came across. At first it would be those that angered him, but once they were dead, he would turn on friends and allies. The innocent people of this town would be imperiled.

Perhaps a spell. I should research—

A barguest leaped out of the shadows into Thrak. My orc barbarian pivoted and raised his left arm. The barguest bit into his flesh. Thrak barely grunted at the pain of those teeth savaging his flesh. I touched my blood-smeared side, the memory of agony flaring through me. Only a memory. Sophia’s healing was total.

“Las-damned cur,” snarled Thrak and he punched the barguest in the head.

A second barguest snarled and leaped at Thrak’s back. I reached into the magical reserves—Thrak’s cum from when he fucked me before the barguest attack—and sent out fire. I smiled as the barguest burst into flames and howled. I seized the burning corpse with wind, preventing it from hitting Thrak, and threw it to the ground.

The first barguest who savaged Thrak’s arm fell sprawling to the ground. It struggled to get upright. Thrak’s punch had caved in the beast’s eye socket. It whimpered in pain. I sent my magic out into the cobblestones of the road, shaping the rock with earth. A paving stone became a spike plunging up into the beast’s side.

“No,” the creature moaned, its voice far too human and feminine. It blurred and a naked, coal-skinned woman whimpered and died.

“Do you need Sophia?” I asked as blood dripped from Thrak’s arm.

“I’m fine,” he growled, anger boiling in his dark-red eyes. His thick eyebrows, dotted with bone piercings, furrowed. “There are more to kill.”

I formed a bandage for Thrak out of nearby grass, weaving the plants into a spongy cloth with life magic and using air to bind it about his wound. Then I strode past the dead barguest. More howls filled the night.



I walked through the bedroom on the third floor. Several humans huddled in the room, their eyes wide with fear. I ignored them and reached the window. I opened the glass panes and climbed out, twisting around and nimbly climbing up onto the steep slope of the room. Slate tiles covered it, cool on my bare feet as I scampered up to the roof’s peak.

The Merchant’s Rest was the larges building in town. I climbed up a brick chimney and perched atop it, my nose wrinkling at the scent of soot. I peered around the inn, commanding a sweeping view of the battlefield.

Thrak and Faoril stood on the inn’s south side, the mage forming a bandage out of grass for Thrak before the pair continued their hunt for more of the beasts. Both walked with angry steps. Faoril casually burned another barguest, leaving the beast panting and gasping.

She had changed. She had been almost in a panic the first time we were attacked.

On the north side, Angela stabbed a barguest in the throat and kicked the beast off her sword. Sophia padded behind Angela, the acolyte clutching her enchanted dagger that glowed bright pink. My eyes scanned for more dangers. The barguest streamed in through the streets.

Chaun’s music dwindled. He seemed already near the edge of town. His song shifted and the barguests in his direction snarled and roared at each other. He was useful. And gorgeous. He was the first man with a cock which had stirred my passions. Human men were so hairy and burly. And though Chaun lacked any breasts, his delicate features reminded me of a black-skinned elf.

I shook my head. Lingering lusts from his music still clutched at me. I had to focus.

A barguest lunged for Sophia as Angela fought another. My arrow hissed through the air and took the beast in the side. It howled in pain and landed at Sophia’s feet. The acolyte let out a frightened squeak then turned and stabbed her pink-glowing dagger into the beast’s throat.

Sophia pulled out her blade and kept moving, staying behind Angela, ready to help if the knight if she grew overwhelmed. Angela dispatched her barguest and scanned the darkness, shield ready for the next. Sophia pressed back-to-back with Angela, her knife held out before her. Even though she was naked, very little fear showed in her stance.

I shot a barguest slinking through an alley and checked on Thrak and Faoril. They were doing just fine. Another two barguest burned and Thrak ripped a third in half with a mighty heave and a bellow that half the town must have heard.

I knocked, drew back, and fired. My arrow took the barguest slinking out of the darkness to attack Angela in the yellow eye. It fell dead, twitching on the ground. Thrak and Faoril circled around the inn, heading towards Angela’s position as they dispatched the dwindling pack.

A barguest slinked beneath a wagon, lying in wait to pounced as Angela and Sophia moved up the street. I drew back my bow, aiming at the wagon, waiting for the barguest to emerge. The muscles in my arm burned as I held the draw.

“What are you waiting for?” I whispered.

My ears twitched. Wings flapped above me. The bird sounded large. Too large to be natural. I pivoted around. A flaming spear gripped by a flying, naked woman stabbed into my stomach. I gasped in shock, the force of the blow throwing me off the chimney and then from the point of her spear.

My stomach burned in pain. I let out a startled scream and then hit the tiles of the roof, rolling and tumbling. My bow slid down beside me and arrows clattered as they fell out of my quiver. I hurtled towards the edge while the erinyes that stabbed me launched herself into the air.

“Angela!” I screamed right as I reached the edge of the roof.

My fingers scrambled for the edge. I gasped as I flew out over the side, the ground far below me. My fingers slipped off the roof and I fell. I reached out for the windowsill beneath me. My fingers grabbed it.

“Matar’s cock!” I screamed as I gripped the lip of wood hard. My shoulders ached as I arrested my fall. Pain flared in my joints. My stomach burned as I forced my legs to move. Agony shot through my body. My right arm didn’t want to move, my shoulder dislocated. My feet scrabbled on the siding, my toes trying to find purchase so I could climb back onto the roof.

“Please, please,” I gasped, fighting the pain in my stomach as I moved my legs. My fingers slipped.

I fell again.

I screamed as I hurtled towards the cobblestones below. I was too high. The fall would kill me. I closed my eyes. Atharilesia, holding our daughter, flashed through my mind. They were both so beautiful and I would never see them because I fell to my death from…

Why wasn’t I dead?

I opened my eyes. I floated a foot off the ground, wrapped up in air. Faoril, standing farther down the street, shouted, “I’ll send Sophia to you.”

I groaned as she set me carefully on the ground. I clutched my belly. Abdomen wounds were terrible, but they killed you slowly. I opened my mouth, struggling to warn Faoril that another erinyes lurked in the darkness, but only a painful moan escaped my lips. I shuddered, my body curling into a ball on my side and I sobbed in agony.


Acolyte Sophia

Xera’s scream echoed through the night. I turned around and gasped at spotting the elf hanging from the third story window. She struggled to get up, but her grip slipped and she fell out of sight, behind a house.

“I have to help Xera,” I shouted to Angela.

Angela turned to me, barguest blood splattered across her shield and more dripped from her sword. “Okay. I’m fine here. Be careful.”

Angela pivoted and slashed at a barguest that burst out from beneath a wagon. Her sword slammed into the monster’s skull. It flopped dead on the ground. I shuddered at the grayish tissue that oozed out of its wound.

I ran back to the inn, my bare feet slapping on the cobblestone. I shoved a pair of fingers into my pussy. “Saphique, bless the font of my womanhood with your loving power,” I prayed, the first step to healing magic. I had to bless my pussy. A small orgasm shuddered through me, my pussy writhing about my fingers.

I grit my teeth and kept running as the pleasure rippled through me.

I ripped my fingers out of my pussy and smeared my juices onto my hard nipples and areolas. I rounded the corner and sighed in relief. Xera was still alive. She lay on her side, clutching her belly, blood pouring from a wound.

How did she get a stab wound from a fall?

That didn’t matter. As I darted to her, I prayed, “Saphique, transform my virgin milk with your love. Let my milk heal the sick and infirmed.”

Heat flowed into my breasts as my breast milk, enchanted to heal, filled my tits. White beaded at my nipples. I reached Angela and fell to my knees, ignoring the bruising pain. I cradled the elf’s head as she shuddered and moaned in pain, brushing a lock of green hair off her cheek.

“It’s okay,” I told her as I leaned over. “Nurse and you’ll be all better.”

Xera’s lips latched onto my nipple and she suckled. I shuddered, my eyes squeezing shut as my milk flowed out of me. I stroked her forehead while her long, pointed ears twitched and her body shuddered.

“Drink Saphique’s blessing and be healed,” I purred.

Overhead, wings flapped and something burned.


Knight-Errant Angela

I turned around in the knight. Footsteps pounded towards me. Down a side-street raced Thrak and Faoril. There were only a few barguest howling in the night. They sounded confused. They probably expected more to answer.

Wings flapped above. I looked up, gasped, and moved my shield to block the erinyes diving down, a burning spear gripped in her hand. The Spear slammed into my shield, the sharp point bursting through the wood right above my arm. The force of her diving impact made my shield arm go numb as I was thrown off my feet and landed hard on the ground.

I coughed as the erinyes landed before me. She was busty compared to Injuriae, her heaving tits swaying as she folded up her wings. Gold rings pierced her hard nipples. She lowered her spear and stabbed at me.

I raised my shield as I lay on my back. I winced as the spear thunked against the wood.

“I can’t wait to feel you eating my pussy,” I hissed at the erinyes. “You’ll love it. Your sister did. She wanted to drown in my pussy juices.”

“I’m not weak like Injuriae,” the erinyes hissed, stabbing her spear again as I scrambled back. I had to get to my feet. “I am Incessae. Remember my name when your soul is thrown into the Astral Realm.”

Thrak bellowed and threw himself at the erinyes. She swung her spear around, aiming it right at his chest. The big orc pivoted and dodged out of the way of her lunging spear. His momentum carried him around, his fist slamming at her face.

The erinyes flapped her wings and she raised the burning haft of her spear to block. Thrak slammed into the it. Fire flared. Incessae stumbled back from the force of the blow. Thrak grunted, shaking his fist, smoke rising from his knuckles.

Faoril slid to a halt. The mage stared at Incessae. The wind suddenly swirled around the erinyes and lunged at her. Faoril sought to bind the erinyes. If we forced the erinyes to pleasure us, then Incessae would abandon her quest for vengeance like her sister Injuriae had.

Fire flared around the erinyes and swallowed the wind.

Faoril gaped. “Las’s cum, how did she do that?”

More fire flared around the erinyes, swallowing sudden balls of water, spikes of stone shooting up from the ground, and even other flares of fire. All the magic Faoril sent at the erinyes failed to reach Incessae.

“How are you doing that?” Faoril gasped again. “Are you enchanted? I did not know erinyes could nullify magic.”

Incessae ignored her. She attacked me again, her spear lunging at me. It moved in fast blurs, forcing me back. Thrak circled her, but she was nimble, taking to the air and flying over Thrak, her spear stabbing to find his flesh.

“We need a plan,” I said to Thrak as he came up beside me, a strange bandage of grass on his arm soaked red with blood.

He nodded. “She is skilled and nimble. We need to deny her the air.”

“Indoors?” I suggested as Incessae advanced on us, her spear held in a grip. She could lunge it forward with surprising speed. I kept my shield up.

“That building,” Thrak pointed. “She’s trying to kill you. She’ll be forced to follow.”


Incessae smiled at us as we plotted. She could hear every word. No helping that. But could she stop me from reaching the house? Thrak lunged at the erinyes. Her spear flicked out at his flesh. He had no weapon. He was forced to dance away. I circled around the erinyes, heading for the house.

She was faster. She lunged at Thrak, forcing him away again, then her wings flapped and she launched herself the twenty feet across the street to land before the open door, her spear brandished at me.

But that wasn’t the only building on the street. I turned directions and raced towards a door closer to me, my bare feet slapping. Wings flapped. I raised my shield to protect my left side as I ran. She hurtled across the street, her spear flashing across my face and slamming into the door. I stopped running, turning my shield in time to catch her spear lunging for my stomach.

“Las’s cock,” I snarled in frustration.

Music swept through the street. Chaun had returned. The changeling strolled down the street, naked and nonchalant. His fingers played a drowsy song. The erinyes flinched, shaking her head. Her eyes flared like burning coals at the bard.

“What are you…” Her eyelids closed for a moment, then she shook her head.

Chaun’s singing grew softer, a lullaby wrapped about the erinyes. Her shoulders slumped and then she shook her head and hissed. Her wings flapped hard and she took to the sky. Her howl of rage echoed across the town as she soared off.

An arrow buzzed up at her. Xera had been healed. The arrow took the erinyes in the side. She screamed in rage and kept flying north, fleeing from the bard.

“Well, I always did think I had amazing timing,” Chaun said, a confident, almost roguish smile on his lips. He stopped naked before me, his cock hard.

The lust that the battle’s excitement had only masked flared through me. I seized Chaun’s dick. “You are a talented man. It was naughty of you to make all my friends and me horny then not do anything about it.”

“Well, I tried to do something about your horniness,” Chaun laughed, his cock throbbing in my hand. “But we were so rudely interrupted by those curs and then an erinyes?” He frowned. “Why is an erinyes after you, Lady Knight?”

“Well, that is a story,” I told him as I lead him down the street. My arm throbbed, but it did little to fight against the torrent of lust surging through me.

“I do like stories,” Chaun laughed. “I have a feeling you are in the middle of quite the epic.”

“Are you about to offer to travel with us to record it and make a masterpiece?”

“Well.” Chaun shrugged. “Perhaps if your tail contains enough heroics and daring dos, its renown will polish my name clean of the tarnish afflicting me.”

“Good thing we need you,” I said, “and not just your gorgeous body. It’s not chance that we met each other.”

“I never believe in chance,” smiled Chaun. “Fate has always led me to the most beautiful of women.”



“Pater’s cock,” Faoril whispered as she stared at Angela leading the changeling off by his cock.

“Is he making your pussy wet?” I asked, amusement tinging my voice.

“What?” Faoril said, her eyes wide. “Of course not. He’s so skinny. No muscles. So weak.”

“But with a beautiful face that just makes you wet.”

Faoril blushed. “Are you teasing me?”

I put my right arm around her, ignoring the throbbing in my left, and laughed, “A little. Do you want to join Angela and her new lover for the night?”

“I think I’ll have time to enjoy the changeling,” Faoril said. “Sophia called him the seductive bard. He’s one of us.”

“How will he lose his heart?”

“Angela?” Faoril shrugged. “There are still three others spoken of in the prophecy. The silent thief, the nameless shaman, and the flaming woman.”

“I hope the flaming woman isn’t an erinyes,” I growled, glancing up at the sky. “My knuckles burn.”

Faoril wiggled out of my arm and turned, seizing my right hand. She stared at the burn across my knuckles and kissed me. “Does that make it feel better?”

I winced. “No, actually, that didn’t.”

Her face paled. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine. I’ll heal.”

“Or we can ask Sophia.” Faoril nodded down the road where Sophia and Xera joined Angela and Chaun. Angela leaned over and suckled from Sophia’s breast, a shudder running through the knight as her injuries were healed. She stood up straight and shook her red hair off her shoulders, then she kept walking, leading the changeling by the cock.

Oddly, Xera joined her.

“Is he really that beautiful?” I asked, surprised at the elf. She only seemed to like women, though she did lament more than once about missing a real cock in her.

“Oh, yes,” Faoril nodded, her tone wistful, then she pressed against me. “But I need my big orc warrior after a night like that.” She shuddered. “I almost died.”

Sophia joined us. “Don’t look at my body, Thrak,” she admonished as I eyed her petite charms. She covered her tits and pussy with her hands and arms. “I mean it.”

“I have seen you naked before,” I grinned. “But I shall ogle my mage.”

“Are either of you hurt?” Sophia asked as she stopped before us. Then she glanced over her shoulder. “He’s not that pretty.”

“Oh, he is,” Faoril sighed.

Sophia’s cheeks blushed. “Yeah, he is. Put a dress on him and I’d think he was a woman. Ooh, he made me so horny tonight with his music. I’m having terrible thoughts. I need to find that dancer again.”

“Thrak is hurt,” Faoril said, pulling her eyes away. “Badly.”

Sophia sighed. “Okay, kneel, Thrak, and open your eyes. No touching my nipples or breasts.”

“I will not make you break your vows,” I promised as I knelt before her.

She moved her arms and exposed herself, her cheeks going even redder. “Why did those barguest have to attack while we were having sex? I bet there are a dozen men watching us from the windows.”

“Yeah,” Faoril nodded.

“Oh, well,” Sophia sighed and cupped her right breast. She aimed her nipple at my face. Her concern for me was touching. “Open wide.”

Sophia squeezed, milking her own tit. Two small streams of milk squirted from her breast right into my mouth. Her milk had a sweet flavor, almost like a cantaloupe, the flavor bursting on my tongue. I kept my mouth open as she squirted more and more milk into my mouth. I swallowed, the magic warming through my body. More milk splashed my lips as she kept squeezing.

Faoril leaned over and suckled on Sophia’s free nipple, bringing a squeal from the priestess.

“Stop that,” Sophia moaned. “Let’s not have our audience get any ideas.”

People were stepping out of homes, watching the three of them. I smiled as more milk was squirted into my mouth. The pain in my arm and the burning from a dozen scratches faded. The tender welt seared across my knuckles vanished. I flexed my arm and smiled.

“Thank you, Sophia.”

“You’re welcome, Thrak.” She looked around. “Let’s get out of here. I need to find my robes and my dancer. I’m still so horny. The bard’s song was intense.”

“Yes,” Faoril frowned. “Why did he do it?”



My pussy itched as I stroked Chaun’s cock with Angela. He was such a sexy man. Since leaving the forest, I had been disappointed by human, and orc, males. When I met Angela, I imagined their men were like her but with cocks.

I was so wrong. They were so alien. Bigger, stronger, no soft breasts, and covered in so much hair. It adorned their faces. Even those men that shaved still had stubble my keen eyes could see. Their jaws were square, hands thick. They were rough and crude.

But Chaun only lacked breasts. His body was so lithe. My hand reached around, squeezing his ass. From behind, with his narrow shoulders, you wouldn’t realize he was male. He groaned, his ears twitching just like an elf’s.

I licked one.

“Las’s cock, Xera,” he groaned. “I’ve never been with a hermaphrodite before. You’re…different than any woman.”

“In what way?” I asked. “I’m not in heat. No cock to threaten your manhood.” Another concept I had learned.

“It’s not that. When I look at Angela, I can see the man she loves, or had loved before her pact with the Oracle. I could become him. But you…I see nothing. Even Sophia, a lesbian, there is a stable boy she once found attractive as a girl. In lurks in every woman. But not you.”

“Well, I love an elf,” she smiled.


“Does it matter?” Angela purred as we entered the common room.

The serving girls, including delicious Resiame, whom I had thoroughly enjoyed before the barguest attack, glanced at us. The innkeeper glowered as he surveyed the cleaning of his common room. He clearly blamed Angela.

The knight hadn’t noticed. She was focused on the cock in her hand, still wet from the song.

So was I.

“It does not,” I moaned. It would be wonderful to feel a cock inside of me. And he could fuck my pussy. I couldn’t remember the last time my wife had fucked my pussy. Years? I always seemed to be on the hunt when she came into heat.

I needed his cock in me.

I kissed Chaun. His lips were soft. My large breasts pressed against his smooth chest. He was muscular, but not overly so like Thrak or other warriors. He was fit and lean. My nipples rubbed against him as we walked, led by Angela to the stairs.

We had to break the kiss to climb. I grabbed his ass with my freehand, my other holding my bow, and I followed them up the stairs. I squeezed and groped him, loving how he felt in my hands and wishing he had breasts.

“I need to fuck him so bad,” Angela moaned. “You don’t mind if I go first.”

“So long as he has the energy to fuck me second,” I smiled.

“Trust me, ladies,” Chaun grinned. “I’m a changeling. I know how to please women. I can keep up.”

“Good,” moaned Angela.

We reached the second floor, passing patrons who were milling in the hallway, gossiping about the attack. They saw us and melted away. They had seen us fight. It must have been a sight for them, so many naked women running around fighting monsters.

“There’ll be a few ribald songs sung about tonight,” Chaun said, almost as if he read my thoughts.

Could he?

“An elf, a knight, and a changeling clearly hot to fuck,” laughed Chaun. “it almost writes itself.”

“You can compose later,” Angela said, pushing into my room.

The three of us fell on the bed after discarding our weapons, and Chaun his lyre. Angela and I attacked him. He lay on his back, his skin so dark compared to our pale flesh. My skin was greener than Angela’s, but still fair.

We stroked him, our hands caressing his muscles. It wasn’t so bad, and Angela was here, her breasts rubbing on Chaun’s right as mine caressed his left. Angela’s lips found his, kissing him hard, her red hair spilling about his chest.

That left me free to roam.

I kissed down his body to his throbbing cock. Other than his silver hair, his body was smooth and unadorned. No curly mound surrounded his shaft rising up above his balls. I had seen Thrak with those. His seed was in those three orbs, not in his ovaries like an elf.

I cupped his balls in my hand. He moaned into Angela’s kiss as I massaged them. I leaned down, his musk filling my nose. I sucked the first dark orb into my mouth, my tongue playing with his three balls while my left hand seized his thick cock.

He maybe smaller than other men in most areas, but not his cock.

I stroked him as I nuzzled at his balls. His precum leaked out, salty and exciting to my nose. My ears twitched as I nuzzled back and forth between his three balls contained in his sack. I sucked each one into my mouth, savoring how spongy and hard they were at the same time.

“Las’s cock,” gasped Chaun.

“Ooh, are you trying to monopolize his cock,” purred Angela.

She shifted around, straddling Chaun’s face and draping her body across his. She gasped as Chaun clearly licked her pussy. His dark fingers massaged her pale asscheeks as Angela brought her lips down and kissed the tip of his cock.

“I thought about it,” I purred, my pussy so on fire.

“Ooh, he’s good at pussy licking,” groaned Angela. “I think he could give Sophia a few pointers.”

“I wouldn’t tell her that,” I smiled.

“No,” Angela gasped. “Oh, yes, right there, Chaun. Mmm, I like that.”

“A woman is a fine instrument,” Chaun said, his voice so smooth, like silk on my ears. “I was trained to be a master at playing all instruments and making them sing.”

“You studied well,” purred Angela.

Her pink tongue swirled about the midnight-black tip of his cock. I licked up his shaft, my tongue brushing her lips. I tasted his salty precum, sighing in delight as our lips met in a kiss about the tip of his cock.

We both sucked as Angela groaned and shuddered on Chaun’s lips. The human’s blue eyes squeezed shut as she moaned. Her cheeks hollowed with the enthusiasm of her blowjob. Our lips kept brushing as we both sucked his cock.

I swallowed the entire end. Angela’s lips nibbled down his shaft as she moaned again. Her hips moved, grinding her pussy on his face as I sucked on his cock. It was delicious to have a cock in my mouth. I think Xiloniasa may have been the last cock I sucked. She had been in heat on the hunt for the basilisk.

That had been almost three months ago.

I sucked and bobbed, my cheeks hollowing as I worshiped his cock. Angela kissed up and down the shaft, her lips nibbling on mine when she reached the top before she worked her way back down again.

“Oh, yes, Chaun, play my pussy,” moaned Angela. She licked her lips, her eyes squeezing shut again. “Mmm, make me cum.”

“I’ll make you scream,” he promised.

Angela gasped. “Oh, you want to play with that hole, too. I love a pair of fingers up my ass. Work them faster, ooh, just like that. Tongue my pussy and finger my ass.”

The excitement built in my own pussy. I squeezed my thighs, resisting the urge to pleasure myself. I wanted Chaun to give me my orgasms tonight. I sucked harder on his cock as Angela thrashed and moaned, her hips undulating and rocking the bed.

I stared into her eyes. Her blue depths boiled over. She bit her lip as another moan escaped her throat. She rocked faster and faster. Chaun’s lickings grew louder. He devoured her pussy, sending Angela’s voice into higher and higher registers.

“Yes, that’s it, Chaun!” she gasped. “Oh, gods, yes. Pater’s cock, keep eating my pussy. Oh, yes. Oh, yes.”

She grew louder and louder. Her back arched and her breasts slid across Chaun’s stomach as her orgasm burst through her. The scent of Angela’s tangy pussy perfumed the air as her juices squirted into Chaun’s mouth.”

“Yes, Chaun, yes!” Angela screamed at the top of her lungs.

Chaun groaned, his voice as musical as hers, and thrust his hips up. His cum suddenly burst into my mouth. I savored the salty treat, letting it feel my mouth. I held, savoring his salty cum. It was a richer taste than an elf’s cum, not as sweet. I savored it. A second and third blast spilled into my mouth, forcing me to swallow sum.

“Xera knows how to play a man’s instrument.”

“She’s older than the both of us combined,” Angela purred, still humping her hips against Chaun. “I’m sure she’s had lots of practice playing cocks.”

I had.

I popped my mouth off Chaun’s cock and kissed Angela hard on the mouth. Her tongue thrust deep, gathering up Chaun’s cum. I sighed in delight as we passed his cum back and forth between us. Our tongues caressed each other as we shared his salty delight.

“Mmm,” Angela purred, her hand stroking Chaun’s cock. “Delicious.”

I nodded my head in agreement. “It’s your turn. Take him for a ride.”

“While you sit on his face?”

I grinned. “I need to find out if he’s a master at playing a woman’s pussy.”

Angela giggled. She slid her pussy down Chaun’s body, leaving a wet smear behind. Then she rose and mounted his cock, facing away from him. I moved along the bed, staring at the knight’s gorgeous ass as she sank down on the shaft of midnight.

“Gods, that’s wonderful,” purred Angela as she sank lower and lower on Chaun’s cock. “Mmm, you’re going to love him.”

“I know I will,” I smiled as I draped my wet pussy over Chaun’s mouth.

“Time for me to make you scream, too,” Chaun smiled. His fingers parted my pussy lips. “Well, well, well, there are some differences. Multiple labia.”

“I guess you’ll need more skill to play me,” I purred as I settled my weight on his mouth.

His tongue licked through my pussy. I shuddered at his fluttering touch. His hands stroked my thighs before reaching around and squeezing my ass. I stayed upright, like Angela, undulating my hips and grinding across his lips and mouth.

Angela’s ass clenched as she rose then relaxed as she slammed down on his shaft. Her red hair cascaded down her lithe back. She writhed her hips, savoring his girth and moaning. My sighs joined hers, the both of us filling the room with our sweet music.

“Yes, yes, your cock is wonderful, Chaun. You’re almost as thick as Thrak. Oh, yes.”

Her pussy left juices staining Chaun’s cock. I licked my lips as I ground on Chaun’s licking tongue. He flicked my clit before burying deep into my pussy. My hips shifted, the pleasure shooting through my body as I stretched out on him.

My large breasts pillowed into his stomach as my tongue licked at the base of his shaft, savoring Angela’s tangy juices. I licked every time she slammed down his cock while my nose pressed between her butt-cheeks, savoring her sour aroma.

Elf ears were so sensitive.

My nipples ached and my pussy clenched every time my ears were caressed. I groaned as the pleasure swelled in my pussy. I nuzzled up between Angela’s butt-cheeks, tonguing her asshole as she road Chaun’s cock.

“You wicked elf,” gasped Angela. “oh, that’s so wild. Lick my ass.”

I savored her sour flavor as I shifted and writhed on Chaun’s hungry mouth. My nipples caressed his skin. Tingle shot down to my pussy where his tongue worked its magic. He played my pussy, bringing more moans to my lips.

“Yes,” I gasped in Elvish as my orgasm rippled through me. “Matar’s cock, yes.”

I squirmed and bucked on Chaun’s lips as he kept licking me. I moaned between Angela’s butt-cheeks as the sweet pleasure rushed through my body. My marigold-scented pussy juices filled my nose as they flooded into Chaun’s mouth.

He drank them down. “Such a sweet flower. The nectar of en elf. Perfuming my mouth. Gifting me with the sweetest of gifts.”

His tongue buried back into my spasming pussy. I groaned and shuddered. He kept licking me. I bucked on him as another orgasm rippled through me. My eyes squeezed shut, my body so alive. My ears twitched, drinking in the erotic sounds of Angela’s pussy sliding up and down on Chaun’s cock while his tongue stirred through my folds, prolonging my bliss.

I sang his praise in elvish. The pleasure kept coursing through me. Angela’s moans joined mine as she spasmed on his cock. Chaun’s tongue worked sweet poetry through my pussy. My body shuddered and then a new scent filled my nose.

Salty cum mixed with Angela’s pussy.

“Oh, yes, Chaun,” groaned Angela, her voice thick with pleasure. “Oh, that’s so good.”

I opened my eyes, my body still trembling with my orgasms, and smiled. Angela’s pussy slid off Chaun’s still hard cock. His cum leaked out of her flesh as she flopped onto the bed. I licked his still-hard cock, savoring Angela’s tangy pussy.

It was my turn. “I need you in me, Chaun,” I moaned. “I need more orgasms.”

“Of course,” Chaun smiled. “Time to really make your pussy sing.”

I rolled onto my back. He turned around and mounted me. My legs spread. His lithe body draped over mine. His lips kissed me, sharing the marigold nectar of my pussy. I groaned as he penetrated my snatch while his tongue shoved into my mouth.

I shuddered beneath him. His cock slammed into my still cumming pussy. He churned more pleasure through me as he pumped in and out of me. My fingernails scratched at his back. It was wonderful to have a cock in me again.

I broke the kiss. “Fuck me,” I hissed. “I need to cum hard.”

“Fuck her,” Angela panted, her voice drowsy with sleep. “She needs it. She’s been without a cock for months.”

“I have,” I moaned, my hips bucking up into Chaun’s hard thrusts. My clit pressed into his groin, sparking pleasure through me while my nipples rubbed on his hard chest. “Oh, yes. Keep slamming into me.”

It was wonderful to be filled again. I had Sophia’s dildo in my pussy and asshole many times, but it wasn’t the same as a warm, living cock eager to squirt cum into me. I kissed him as my hands slid up and stroked his ears.

“Xera,” he groaned, his back arching and his cock thrusting into my depths as I caressed his ears. “Las’s cock. You know how to play an instrument, too.”

I smiled, savoring his girth hammering my pussy. My pussy clenched and relaxed on his cock as I bucked into his thrusts. His face twisted into beauty as the passion swelled in him while his balls smacked over and over into my taint.

That was a new experience.

“You bewitching elf,” he panted. His fingers found my ears.

Pleasures shuddered through me as he caressed my ears. They were so sensitive. The pleasure hit my pussy. I exploded. I bucked and moaned, my fingers still stroking his ears while my pussy spasmed about his cock. I groaned and gasped.

“Matar, yes.”

My vision fuzzed. He groaned atop me. His cock slammed into my cumming depths. I bucked and writhed. The pleasure consumed me. It was so wonderful to cum with a real cock in my pussy. My flesh constricted about his cock.

His seed spilled into me.

“Yes, yes,” I moaned.

“Such a sweet instrument,” he groaned. “Las’s cock.”

I shuddered and smiled as my body shook, my orgasm reaching its peak. His seed pooled inside of me, warming my pussy. I savored it as he collapsed on my large breasts. His lips were tender as they kissed me, his hands stroking me.

“Thank you,” I whispered into his ear.

“It was my greatest pleasure to play you and make such sweet music with you.”

Our lips met again. I closed my eyes and held him on me. What a wonderful way to end such a horrible night.



Xera and Angela cuddled up to me as they slept. I stared at Angela’s red hair, lightly stroking her curls. I had finished the first part of the task Lady Delilah had given me. I had won Angela’s trust. I had expected to seduce her and masquerade as Kevin.

That had been a foolish plan.

Thanks to the barguest, and, I guess, a prophecy, I had earned Angela’s confidence. She wanted me to travel with her. Fear clutched in my belly. She did not tell me I would face barguest. But the reward was so great. If I succeeded at Lady Delilah’s task, I would have the tarnish polished from my past. No longer would I have to lurk in the taverns and common rooms. I would once again become a court bard and play for those that appreciated true talent. My task was dangerous.


But if I survived, I would have it all back. I would do anything to regain the fame and adoration. Maybe I even could have my sweet Adelaide back in my arms. My heart ached for my blonde princess stolen from me by her vindictive husband.

I would have it all back.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 6.

I have released a part 26 of the revamped Devil’s Pact on Smashwords. Read this post for more information if you’re interested!

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