The Battered Lamp 26: The Passion of the Concubines


The Battered Lamp

Chapter Twenty-Six: The Passion of the Concubines

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2014, 2015

Story Codes: Teen male/Teen female, Teen female/Teen female, Teen hermaphrodite/teen female, Magic, Incest, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Orgy, Domination/Submission

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Cast of Characters

Main Characters

Kyle Unmei Jr.: Half-Japanese/Half-Kurdish owner of Aaliyah and wielder of Earthbones. Poisoned by Burke as they fought.

Aaliyah Unmei: A Jann sent to marry the prophesied savior of the Djinn. Kyle’s First Wife. Kidnapped by Zaritha and taken to the Hidden Realm.

Fatima Unmei : Kyle’s younger sister and wife, wielder of Fireheart.

Christy Unmei nee Leonardson: Kyle’s long-time girlfriend turned third wife.

Fumi Unmei nee Nakamura: Kyle’s fourth wife. A succubus-like Yuki-onna and wielder of Windfeather. She is blind.

Britney Kingston: Kyle’s best friend since elementary school. She is a Rakshasa and has sworn to defend Kyle. She is a hermaphrodite and has claimed Phillipa as her mate. Wielder of Waterclaw.


Sultan Rashid ibn al-Marid: The despotic ruler of the Djinn and leader of the Marid clan. Wants Aaliyah dead to thwart the prophecy.

Hecate: The Dark Goddess that both Ms. Franklin and Burke served. Sent a familiar to seize Faiza’s soul when she died.

Zaritha: An Ifrit serving the despotic ruler of the Djinn and sent to kill Aaliyah. Joined Kyle’s harem to cement her alliance to attack Burke. When Burke was killed, she kidnapped Aaliyah and took her to the Unseen Realm. Confused by her conflicting oaths to Kyle and Rashid.

Makerah: An Unbound Marid, a Djinn that has violated the Laws of his people and escaped punishment through a dark ritual. A servant of Sultan Rashid and his son. Ordered to hunt down Aaliyah and Zaritha and kill them.

Aljihm: An Unbound Ifrit and servant of Sultan Rashid. Ordered to hunt down Aaliyah and Zaritha and kill them.

Aalizunah: An Unbound Si’lat and servant of Sultan Rashid. Ordered to hunt down Aaliyah and Zaritha and kill them.

An Unbound Ghul and servant of Sultan Rashid. Ordered to hunt down Aaliyah and Zaritha and kill them.

Khiana: An Unbound Jann. Once a bitter rival to Sultan Rashid but now a servant of the Sultan. Ordered to hunt down Aaliyah and Zaritha and kill them.

Ms. Franklin: The deceased servant of Burke and leader of the coven. Also known as Celestite.

Principal Burke: The identity assumed by Alphonse of Toulouse, a nine-hundred-year-old knight. A warlock serving Hecate. Killed by Kyle.


Chyna Unmei nee Coel: Kyle’s first concubine. Ms. Franklin cast a spell on Kyle and Chyna, forcing them into a slave/master relationship.

Shannon Unmei nee Coel: Chyna’s hot mom and Kyle’s second concubine.

Alexina Unmei nee Kendrick: Blonde concubine.

Carla Unmei nee Tyler: Redhead concubine.

Antonette “Toni” Unmei nee Buckley: Cheerleader concubine.

Daniella “Ms. Capello” Unmei nee Capello: Kyle’s English teacher and concubine.

Lois Unmei nee Smilingfox: A lesbian Domme that serves Kyle as a concubine.

Ann Unmei nee Weaver: Fatima’s friend and strawberry-blonde hair.

Kayleah Unmei nee Peterson: Fatima’s bleached blonde concubine and former rival.

Teleisia Unmei nee Otis: Aaliyah’s African American concubine.

Phillipa Kingston nee Stoddard: Former member of Ms. Franklin’s coven where she was known as Jade. Captured by Britney, Phillipa submitted to Britney and became her mate, discovering that she is a masochist.

Mindy Unmei nee Stoneking: A nurse at the hospital where Fatima is sick and Kyle’s newest concubine.

Sable Unmei nee Purcell: Also known as Tourmaline, she was a member of Ms. Franklin’s witch coven. While fighting with Christy, she was hit by a Love Elemental’s attack and now completely loves Christy.

Other Characters

Shiekh Umar ibn al-Jann: Aaliyah’s father. Rules the Jann from Khoshilat Maqandeli.

Faiza Unmei: Kyle and Fatima’s widowed mother. Killed by Burke. Her soul was stolen by a familiar of Hecate.

Ishtar: The Goddess of Magic Christy, Sable, and Phillipa now serve.

Iris: The daughter of Ishtar and the spiritual guide of Christy on her path of redemption through the Spirit Realm.


Wednesday, January 27th – Paradise, Mount Rainier, WA


Majlis al Jinn…

“That’s where we need to go?” Kyle demanded, his entire body trembling. He tired to ignore the burning cold as Niqualmie, the Native American spirit, spoke to him and his harem. Kyle, his three wives, and their concubines all lay naked in the cold, risking death to summon the spirit and find the way to reach Aaliyah.

The spirit didn’t answer.

“Where is that?” he shouted. It sounded Arabic.


“What do we do when we get there?”

“I think she’s gone, Master,” gasped Alexina. “I’m so cold. I can’t move. I just want to sleep.”

“Fatima, fire!” Kyle gasped. “Warm us up.”

“Yeah,” she moaned.

A boiling heat crashed down on them. Snow melted into billows of steam that wafted about Kyle and his women. Fatima’s spear burned with fire. Fumi was on her feet, helping a shivering Toni stand up, his Cheerleader concubine’s skin turning blue as she clung to his Japanese wife.

“We need to get to the SUV,” Fumi gasped. “We need to warm up as fast as possible.”

“Right,” Kyle groaned, forcing himself to stand up. Other concubines were staggering up. Fatima held her spear, an arm around both of her concubines shoulders, her frail body trembling hard. “Get her to the SUV,” he ordered Ann and Kayleah.

“We will,” Ann promised, her strawberry-blonde hair matted with snow.

Kyle found Alexina still lying in the snow. Her blonde hair, streaked with pink highlights, was plastered about her naked form. He scooped her up in his arms, holding her tight. “I got you.”

She sighed, a smile on her lips.

Christy held the staff she retrieved from Burke’s dead servant. She bent over Chyna and Carla, both concubines clutching each other as they shivered in the melting snow. Christy touched them, then darkness engulfed the trio and they appeared by the vehicle. Kyle had reservations about that staff—it had belonged to the Vicar, one of Burke’s minions—but it seemed to be useful. Christy, with Britney and Phillipa’s help, hauled the freezing concubines into the SUV.

“Get out of the cold!” Britney yelled at him. She was fully dressed. Neither her or Phillipa had joined them out in the snowy field.

Kyle walked to the SUV, his feet sinking into the cold snow. His toes were so numb. He couldn’t feel anything. Alexina trembled in his arm. Christy warped back into the field, grabbing her own concubine, Sable, and Ms. Capello, warping them back to the vehicle. She was amazing. Naked and cold, she was helping everyone get back to the car faster than he was.

His feet slipped and he almost fell. Alexina clung to him. His muscles burned and his toes felt like they were on fire as he stomped through the snow. He shook. He wanted to just lie down and let the cold steal through him.

He forced that impulse down.

When he was halfway across the field, struggling to keep walking, Christy appeared at his side, warmth rolling off of her. She must have cast some spell on herself, warming the air like Fatima had with her spear.

“Not me. Get someone else,” he told her.

She smiled at him, pressing her body against his side. She was so warm and lovely. “You’re the last two out here. Now hold tight to Alexina.”

Darkness engulfed them. Their bodies were fold in half and turned inside out. There were no sensations except the feel of Alexina in his arms and Christy pressing against his side. Then their bodies unfolded.

He staggered as the cold crashed into him, almost dropping Alexina before he caught himself on the SUV. Shannon and Missy seized Alexina from his arms, pulling her inside the warmth. Christy went in, then Kyle.

It was warm and humid inside. So blessedly warm. Kyle’s body was still trembling, his limbs burning with the cold. Hands seized him, his loving concubines and wives, pulling him into the mass of squirming flesh.

“We need to warm up,” Alexina chattered in his arms, pressing her body against his. Her lips were on his.

“Hold and touch each other,” Missy, a former nurse, explained. He saw her pulling Shannon into a tight embrace, their lips meeting in a kiss.

Kyle’s cock swelled, no longer shrunken and tiny by the cold, but thawing out. Alexina felt so wonderful in his arms, her breasts pressing into his strong chest. Women gasped and moaned around him, the SUV rocking as they shifted about. Flesh pressed into his back, small breasts, wiry pubic hair, the scent of lilac—Fumi.

“Warm yourself up,” Fumi whispered in his ear as Alexina’s hands seized his cock, guiding him to her warmth.

Kyle groaned as he buried into Alexina’s pussy. His hips moved, sliding his cock in and out of her. He rolled Alexina on to her back, holding her tight as he made love to his concubine. Her hands rubbed up and down on his back, the warmth restoring to her fingers as the passion built inside her.

“Oh, Master,” she purred beneath him. “Warm me up hard!”

He stroked her face, the snow melting out of her blonde hair, and slammed into her. They had all survived the ordeal and he wanted to revel in all their flesh. He looked around and loved the sight. Shannon and Mindy had slipped into a sixty-nine, Chyna, Lois, Carla, and Ann were locked in a daisy chain, and Toni and Ms. Capello were tribbing hard. Kayleah licked Christy’s pussy as Fatima straddled Christy’s face, sliding her pussy about. Fumi feasted on Teleisia while Sable rimmed her ass.

Kyle loved his harem and only wished Aaliyah was here to join in on the debauchery.

“Cum in me, Master!” moaned Alexina. “Please. I need it. Make me warm!”

“Yes!” gasped Fatima. “Cum in the little slut.”

His sister-wife ground her face harder on Christy’s tongue, her budding breasts jiggling as she worked her hips. He loved watching his sister and he fucked the concubine beneath him harder. Alexina gasped, her body shuddering and her pussy milking his cock, eager for his load of hot cum.

Kyle groaned and erupted into her pussy, the cold all forgotten in the bliss of Alexina’s cunt.

He needed more. His concubines had risked so much for Aaliyah. They deserved this indulgence. He crawled over to the daisy chain, pressing his body behind Lois’s cinnamon skin, his hard cock rubbing on her ass. He could see her face buried into Ann’s tight slit, licking hard. Lois loved pussy.

“I’m going to fuck your ass,” he whispered into Lois’s ear, pressing his cock between her butt-cheeks.

“Yes, Master,” she moaned, the grinned, pussy juices smeared on her lips. “You’re the only man I would ever fuck.”

Kyle wrapped an arm around her, squeezing a round tit and thumbing her nipple. She shuddered as he forced his cock into her ass. She moaned into Ann’s pussy, pressing her hips back. Kyle was glad Lois had submitted to him. She was a lesbian Domme and it was so hot that he had purchased her with the promise of pussy.

“Shit!” she gasped. “Lick me harder, Carla. Master’s fucking my ass, so you need to eat my pussy out, whore! Oh, yes! I’m going to cum!”

“Yes, you are,” Carla purred, her tongue licking harder, sliding up to brush at Kyle’s balls as he reamed the Native American’s tight ass.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Ann gasped, her body shuddering and Kyle could smell her sweet musk as she creamed Lois’s lips.

Fatima seized Ann, pulling her concubine from Lois’s lips and breaking the daisy chain. His sister scissored her legs with Ann, the two teens, the youngest in the vehicle, worked their maturing bodies together, grinding pussies.

“Fuck, that’s hot!” gasped Lois, humping her hips into Kyle’s thrust.

“Hump your pussy against mine, slut!” Fatima moaned, her arms reaching out and catching Ms. Capello’s hand and pulling the teacher to her. Fatima sucked a nipple into her lip as Ms. Capello knelt. Fumi slid behind the teacher, burying her face in Ms. Capello’s snatch and feasting.

The sight of his teacher kneeling, one wife sucking on her heavy, swinging tit and the other feasting on her pussy sent Kyle’s cock boiling. He buried into Lois’s ass, flooding her with his cum. Lois groaned and gasped, shuddering as he pulled out of her. Carla’s licking mouth brought her off as Kyle looked around for someone else to fuck.

“Your cock’s all dirty, Master,” purred Chyna, her mouth sucking his cock into her lips, licking Lois’s ass from his cock. “Umm, that’s better.”

Christy stepped over the orgy, her perky tits glistening with sweat, and hugged him, pulling him down to the floor. “Want to eat my pussy while that slut gives you a titty fuck?” Christy asked.

Kyle grinned at his wife, licking his lips.

Christy straddled him as Chyna’s heavy breasts engulfed his cock, sliding up and down with her pillowy softness. Christy’s neatly trimmed pussy reached his lips and he dug his tongue through his wife’s tangy flesh. She moaned over him, then leaned down, licking the tip of his cock whenever it emerged from between Chyna’s tits.

“Do you like my tits, Master?” Chyna purred.

Kyle groaned into Christy’s pussy, working his tongue deep into her twat. “Oh, yes he does,” Christy purred, her hips twitching as he pleasured her. “You’re doing such a good job, slut.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” she grinned. “This is how we met. My tits wrapped around his cock.”

Christy giggled. “That seemed so long ago.” Her tongue licked Kyle’s cock then Chyna’s tits slid up again.

“I’m glad you came back. He missed you so much.”

Christy popped the tip of Kyle’s dick into her lips, sucking hard, then let go. “I’m so glad I came back. I…I just wish I hadn’t been such a jealous bitch.”

So did Kyle.

But she was back and soon they would rescue Aaliyah. His tongue worked harder and harder into Christy’s pussy, then he moved his lips down to her aching nub, sucking her clit between his lips. She squealed on his lips, her tangy juices splashing on his face.

“You are amazing at eating pussy,” Christy sighed, rolling off of him.

“You taste delicious,” Kyle smiled.

Sable’s spray-tanned hands seized Christy, pulling her back and the pair fell into a writhing embrace. Fumi pressed against him, her bow transformed into a pair of glasses about her head, allowing her blind eyes to “see.”

“You’re close to cumming,” she purred. “I need your cum in me.”

Chyna pulled her tits away, holding his cock. “I insist, Mistress. Feed your pussy.”

Kyle groaned as Fumi straddled him. It was so wonderful to be buried in her pussy. She worked her lithe body up and down on him, her pussy squeezing and milking him. She leaned down, their lips meeting in a kiss, her hips rocking, sliding his cock in and out of her silky embrace.

“I love you,” she moaned. “My man. Cum in me, please! Give me your seed.”

He grunted, feeding her succubus pussy the life force she needed. His cum squirted out of him in powerful pulses. She went wild on top of him, her pussy drinking in his cum. She shuddered and gasped, her small breasts rubbing into his muscular chest.

“Fuck me next, Master,” Toni called out.

Fumi rested on his chest, nuzzling at her ear. “Go get her stud,” she purred.


The orgy was dying down in the back of the SUV. Britney and Phillipa had retreated to the front seats, letting Kyle and his harem warm themselves up. As much as Britney wanted to move away from this spot, she let them indulge in their passion. They had all risked their lives and they needed the release.

And so did she.

“Are you hard again, my love?” Phillipa purred, pressing against Britney and reaching down to stroke her cock swelling in her sweatpants.

“I am,” Britney shuddered. “You always excite me. It is a shame I do not have any of our toys here.”

Her mate shuddered, reaching into her sweatpants to pull out her turgid cock. Britney, like all Rakshasa, was a hermaphrodite. Luckily, her species could breed with a human female, mating with the woman for life. When Britney had seen Phillipa naked and afraid at the cabin, she had known this was the woman she would love all her life.

And after I broke her to my will, she’ll be my obedient and loving mate.

“Let’s have some fun anyways,” Phillipa purred. “You can bite me and claw me. It’s almost like having nipple clamps and whips.”

Phillipa was such a pain slut. And Britney loved to hurt her and see her pale skin redden with welts. Phillipa pulled off her sweater, exposing her creamy breasts. They were pale, slightly olive from her Korean heritage. Britney engulfed her dark nipple, pierced by the iron slave ring, nibbling hard, letting her teeth bite in like a nipple clamp, the iron ring hard against her teeth. She seized the ring between her teeth, pulling hard and stretching out her breast.

“Oh, yes!” Phillipa gasped in pain. “Harder. You don’t have to be gentle with me.”

“My mate,” Britney moaned, her hands pressing beneath Phillipa’s jeans, her sharp fingernails clawing at her asscheeks, leaving red lines that brought sweet gasps to Phillipa’s lips.

Britney chewed harder on her breast, letting her mouth wander around, leaving red bite marks, every nip bringing such shuddering pleasure from Phillipa’s mouth. Britney could smell her tart excitement over all the other scents permeating the vehicle.

She worked lower, pushing Phillipa’s jeans down and exposing her black, bushy pussy. Britney inhaled that wonderful sent of her arousal, then bit her clitoris, clamping down. Phillipa bucked into her lips, shudders wracking through her.

“That’s it! I’m cumming, Britney! Hurt me more! Make me scream!”

Britney nipped and bit her mate’s pussy, tugging on her thick labia before she wormed her tongue into Phillipa’s tunnel, digging as deep as she could, eager to please her wonderful mate as much as possible. She jabbed a finger inside, letting her nail scrap along the sensitive flesh of her pussy walls, loving the way Phillipa squeezed down on her.

“You know what I need! Thank you!” Phillipa moaned. “More! Make me cum again!”

“Gladly,” purred Britney, nipping her labia as her finger scraped through her pussy to Phillipa’s G-spot.

She scratched the bundle of nerves hard.

“Yes, Britney!” her mate screeched, her hips writhing in pleasure.

Britney lapped up her pussy juices as they flooded out, reveling in the sweet flood. She loved pleasuring her mate, pressing her face as deep as she could into the wonderful pussy juices rushing out. Her cock throbbed and as she licked her lips clean, it was time to fuck her mate.

Phillipa wrapped her arms around Britney, pulling her down and kissing her hard. Britney guided her throbbing cock to Phillipa’s tight opening, jamming into her wet depths. Britney loved burying into her mate, joining with her.

“Phillipa!” she moaned, humping her hips. “That’s it! Take my thick cock!”

“Harder! Fuck me harder! Make it hurt!” Phillipa shuddered beneath Britney, her hips rising to meet the Rakshasa’s thrusts.

The seat creaked beneath them as they made love, their bodies moving together. Britney nipped and nibbled at her neck and cheek, moving up to capture her sweet lips, biting and chewing on them. Her fingers found Phillipa’s nipples, pinching as hard as a nipple clamp.

Phillipa’s pussy squeezed down on her cock, her hips bucking up to meet Britney’s thrust.

The passion swelled inside Britney, moving down her cock to itch at the tip. Her thrust grew faster as she burned to cum in Phillipa’s sweet depths. Her mate’s hand slid down, squeezing her ass, then dipped lower.

“Phillipa!” Britney gasped as her mate’s fingers penetrated her pussy, wiggling into Britney’s wet depths. “You wonderful woman. Oh, yes!”

“Cum in me! Breed me!” Phillipa’s fingers curled in her pussy, brushing Britney’s own G-spot.

Her cock buried into Phillipa’s tight depths. The cum erupted out of her. She shuddered and collapsed on her mate. Pleasure pulsed out of her and into her love. She captured Phillipa’s lips, kissing her as the pleasure slowly bled out of her.

“That’s was good,” Phillipa sighed, nuzzling at Britney’s neck.

Then Britney noticed what was happening outside. A winter storm howled and all she could see was white snow obscuring everything. She glanced back at the orgy. If Kyle had learned where to go, they wouldn’t be leaving any time soon.


The Sapphine Caves, The Hidden Realm
Aaliyah stared at Zaritha, trying to peer into the Ifrit’s mind and figure out her thoughts. It was clear to the Jann that Zaritha was conflicted on some level. The Ifrit had been ordered to kill her, but hadn’t. And instead of taking Aaliyah straight to the Marid, she had instead dropped them in the Sapphine Caves.

And this was, perhaps, the greatest hiding spot in the entirety of the Hidden Realm.

Of course, so long as she was in here, Aaliyah couldn’t communicate with Kyle through the bond they had. She couldn’t let her husband know where she was. She couldn’t even answer his wishes. She had no idea what was happening to her family.

“Are we just going to sit in here forever?” Aaliyah asked. Twice more she had tried to escape, but the Ifrit was too quick.

“I’m thinking,” she muttered. The Ifrit was probably trying to work out a way to alert the Marid’s where they were without letting Aaliyah communicate with Kyle.

“What you need to do is let me go. I am your Sultana and head of the Harem you belong to.”

Zaritha scowled. “I serve Rashid, not you. You cannot be the Sultana without deposing the rightful ruler.”

“But you can’t deny you belong to Kyle. You swore the oaths. You are his.”

“I didn’t mean it,” she muttered.

“That doesn’t matter. You swore an oath. You cannot violate that oath.”

“And what about the oath I swore to Rashid?”

“Marriage oaths supersede oaths of fidelity,” Aaliyah reminded her.

“Marriage oath,” Zaritha sneered. “A concubine barely swears that.”

“It still comes first. You serve Kyle.”

“Fine,” she spat. “But I don’t see him here.”

“And I’m his first wife. You shall obey me.”

Zaritha gave Aaliyah a considering look. “Kyle never clarified the structure of his harem.” She smiled like a hungry cat. “So I’m not sure if I have to obey you.”

Aaliyah narrowed her eyes. She needed to convince Zaritha to obey her or she was never getting out of these caves. She knew she couldn’t defeat the Ifrit. Jann powers did not run to the martial like an Ifrit and her powers were bound by her father’s edict. Until he released her, she could only use her powers to aide Kyle with hearth and harem.

“There is a pool of water over there,” Aaliyah said. “I would like to bathe.”

“Fine,” Zaritha sighed. “Why not.”

Aaliyah walked over, tugging on the chain and forcing her captor to follow her to the pool of water glinting in the sapphire floor. It was quite beautiful down here, all the crystal facets catching the light Zaritha had conjured, the gemstone walls sparkling with brilliance. The entirety of the cave was made of sapphire, blue as the ocean depths.

Aaliyah dismissed her clothes, one of the few, minor powers still available to her. She didn’t even have to bathe herself, she could just make herself clean. Being presentable to her husband was an innate part of her duties.

But she had a plan.

A bottle of her favorite body wash and a pink loofah appeared on the floor. She didn’t have to make herself clean, she could summon the items she needed to keep up her appearances. She stepped into the water, sinking down, shivering at the cold touch, her nipples hardening.

“Warm my bath, Ifrit,” she said in her most imperious tone.

“What?” Zaritha demanded.

“As a concubine, you should know that attending to a wife in the bath is one of your duties regardless if Kyle told you to obey me.”

Zaritha scowled, then sighed and touched the water. It warmed around her, the surface steaming. It was good that she was getting the Ifrit to obey her commands. If Aaliyah could train Zaritha into the habit of obeying her in small matters, she could work up to larger commands.

“Now attend me.”

“You mean I have to bathe you?”

Aaliyah looked at her. “Of course. Use the body wash and the loofah and wash me, concubine.”

“Fine.” In a flash of fire, the Ifrit’s clothes vanished.

She was quite lovely, with skin darker than Aaliyah and breasts that were large and round, nipples dark points. Aaliyah let her eyes drift down to Zaritha’s sleek stomach and the dark bush that adorned her pussy.

“I’m going to enjoy watching your execution,” muttered Zaritha as she squirted the lavender-scented body wash onto the loofah, rubbing it to produce a film of suds. She pressed the loofah hard against Aaliyah’s skin, trying to make the experience as uncomfortable as possible.

Aaliyah didn’t flinch. I need to be strong. I am one of Kyle’s Sultanas. One day I shall sit by his side as he rules. I need to have the dignity and poise that befits my eventual station. I will not let this Ifrit get to me. I will master her.

Despite Zaritha’s rough touch, Aaliyah’s blood pumped warm through her body, racing down to her aching pussy and hard nipples. She was making this Ifrit clean her. She was beginning to dominate her. Just like when she had taken Teleisia as her own in Math class, Aaliyah was slowly exerting her power over this beauty.

She let out a little sigh as Zaritha worked on her ass, the loofah dipping between her crack to brush at her asshole. Aaliyah did so enjoy having her ass licked by a beautiful woman. Then Zaritha worked down her thighs, soaping her sleek legs, sliding up and down, the loofah tickling her shaved pussy.

“You’re enjoying this,” accused the Ifrit.

“Of course I am,” Aaliyah purred. “It is always pleasurable when a bathing attendant washes you, teasing your body. It makes the orgasm that much more intense.”


Aaliyah nodded, looking over her shoulder at the Ifrit. “After you finish washing me, you get to have the honor of satisfying me.”

“I won’t.”

“It’s your duty, concubine.” Aaliyah turned, her breasts jiggling, and stared down at the kneeling Ifrit. She ran her fingers through Zaritha’s black hair. “Now be more gentle on my front. And make sure you thoroughly wash my nipples and breasts.”

Zaritha grounded her teeth as she worked the loofah up Aaliyah’s body. Aaliyah smiled, loving the defiance smoldering in the woman. She burned hot, but Aaliyah was going to channel that fire to consume what Aaliyah wanted, not Zaritha.

The loofah was soft and spongy on her breasts, brushing her aching nipples and sending more pleasure shooting down to her pussy and aching clitoris. Zaritha worked longer on Aaliyah breasts, teasing her, and Aaliyah did not hide the sighs that escaped her lips.

“Now lower,” she commanded.

Zaritha took a deep breath, a tremble running through her body. She knew what was coming up. The Ifrit soaped down her stomach, the anticipation growing in Aaliyah’s body as the sponge worked in circles closer and closer to her pussy.

She shuddered as Zaritha ran the loofah between her thighs, pressing it into the soft folds of Aaliyah’s twat. The Jann grasped Zaritha’s shoulders as her body trembled, the pleasure burning through her. Zaritha worked faster, pressing the spongy material into her lips, caressing the bud of her clitoris. Wonderful shudders shivered through her every time the loofah touched her clit.

But she wanted more.

“Use your mouth. Clean my pussy. Lick up every drop of my passion.”

“Yes, Mistr…Aaliyah.”

Aaliyah smiled at the Ifrit’s slip as the dark woman buried her face between Aaliyah’s thighs. The Ifrit must have grown aroused at washing Aaliyah’s lithe body, and now her tongue flailed through Aaliyah’s pussy with passion.

“That’s it. Lick your Mistress’s pussy, concubine.” Aaliyah shuddered, smearing her pussy about Zaritha’s eager lips. “You’re doing so good.”

Both her hands held onto Zaritha’s shoulders and the Ifrit wrapped her arms around Aaliyah’s body, squeezing her ass and keeping Aaliyah from falling over as more and more pleasure burned through her. The Ifrit’s tongue felt amazing, the pleasure intense and burning through Aaliyah.

“That’s it! Lick me! Drink my cream! Worship your Sultana’s snatch, slut!”

Zaritha’s fingers dug into her ass, pulling the Ifrit’s face deeper into Aaliyah’s pussy. Her orgasm swelled, churned by Zaritha’s tongue. Aaliyah squeezed her shoulders as her body tensed, eager for the cum to roll over her.

“Yes! So good! Drink it all, whore!” She shuddered, delight burning through her. Her back arched and her dark hair flew about her dusky shoulders.

She fell back into the water, still convulsing, loving the warmth engulfing her, washing away the soap. When she broke the surface, Zaritha stared at Aaliyah, her dark eyes wide and her face smeared with Aaliyah’s cream.

“Do you want to cum?” Aaliyah asked.

“Yes,” she moaned. “Would you…?”

“Your pussy is so hairy. Kyle doesn’t like that.”

“Of course,” she moaned and fire burned beneath the water, consuming her pubic hair and leaving her so clean. “Please.”

“Please, Sultana,” Aaliyah corrected.

Zaritha bit her lip. “No. You’re not my Sultana.”

Aaliyah shrugged, climbing out of the water and willing her body dry. “Comb my hair now, concubine.”

“But I need to cum.”

“So. You can cum when you call me Sultana.”

“I won’t,” she spat, climbing out of the water. She knelt behind Aaliyah, almost spitting with outrage.

Aaliyah conjured a comb, handing it to the Ifrit. She smiled and hummed as Zaritha carefully combed her hair, working out the snarls like a good concubine. It was a beginning. If she went slow, she just might bring the Ifrit to her side and then the pair of them would return to Kyle. Then the Ifrit could begin to make amends for daring to kidnap her Mistress.

I will spank her ass with a hairbrush for being so bad, Aaliyah decided.


Paradise, Mount Rainier, WA
Christy tried to sleep, but she couldn’t stop thinking about the staff—Shadowedge. It called to her, itching at her mind. Everyone else was sleeping. After freezing in the snow and the orgy, everyone was wiped out. They couldn’t go anywhere, the blizzard had descended upon them.

They certainly couldn’t go to Oman where Majlis al Jinn was located. According to Google, it was a cave on the Arabian Peninsula. The second largest cave in the world and, according to local superstition, was the meeting place of the Djinn.

Christy pulled away from the pile of female flesh around her, breaking out of Sable’s embrace. Her concubine sighed in her sleep, shifting about. Fatima’s arms wrapped around Sable, pulling her close without waking up. Christy moved to the back seat, sitting on it. She reached out to the darkness, remembering how Shadowedge felt in her hand—polished, hard wood. It appeared in her hand, coalescing out of the darkness.

Like Kyle’s katana or Fatima’s yari, she discovered she could summon and dismiss it. As she held it in her hand, the ever present darkness of the world communicated to her. She wondered just how powerful this was, her mind delving into the staff.

How much can I transport with you? she mused, letting her aura examine the artifact.

*As much as you like…* the staff whispered back.

She frowned. You’re intelligent? Kyle never reported his weapon talked back to him.

*You are intelligent…*

Christy blinked, wondering what that meant.

But you talk.

*No. You interpret…*

So my mind is just turning what you share with me into words I can understand?


So I can transport this entire SUV?

*If you can imagine transporting this entire SUV…* answered Shadowedge. *Darkness is everywhere… Light only hides it…*

Christy looked around. She could sense darkness everywhere even with the SUV’s dome light on, shining weak light about the cabin. Darkness was elemental. Like light. It was one of the four abstracts. Power came as either the four elements, the four abstracts, or the four emotions. Darkness could be summoned at any time just like the rest.

So, could I transport this entire SUV across the world?

*If you can imagine it…*

“Where’s my phone?” Christy muttered, her heart beating faster. Could this staff be the solution to their biggest dilemma?

“What’s that?” a sleepy Toni asked, brushing her auburn hair off from her face.

“Do you know where my cell phone is, Toni?” Christy asked.

“In your jacket pocket?” she muttered. “Do you need it right now?”


“Go to sleep,” Chyna muttered, hugging Toni.

“Christy needs her cell phone,” Toni admonished.

“Why?” Fatima asked, sitting up and staring at Christy, her eyes narrowing. “And why do you have that staff out?”

“I think I can transport us to Majlis al Jinn,” Christy answered.

“Really?” a groggy Kyle asked.

“Is it safe?” Fatima demanded.

“I transported you out of the snow.”

Fatima worked her lips. “I guess.”

“Here’s your phone,” Alexina said, holding up her coat in one hand and her cell phone in the other.

“Why do you need it?” Kyle asked, standing up. Christy admired his muscular, naked form as he crossed over to her, sitting down on the seat.

“I need to visualize it.”

“That makes sense,” Fumi nodded, slipping onto the seat on the other side of Kyle, leaning her head against his shoulder.

“You’re going to take all of us?” Kyle asked, glancing at the concubines.

“Well, yeah,” Christy nodded.

“But what about the concubines?” he asked. “I’m not taking them with us into the Hidden Realm.”

“Why not?” Chyna demanded, then flushed. “Why not, Master?” She sounded more demure the second time.

“You wouldn’t be safe. It’s going to be dangerous. I’m only taking my wives, Britney, and the witches because they have power. Everyone else has to stay.”

“We can’t stay here. It’s a blizzard out there,” Shannon pointed out. “Without your powers, we’ll die up here.”

“Then we’ll find someplace safe,” Kyle decided.

“We’re wanted by the police,” Shannon objected. “They got my license plate, Master. You saw the news reports.”

“We want to go with you and help you save Aaliyah,” Teleisia said. The Black teen was Aaliyah’s personal concubine. “Please, sir.”

Alexina placed her hand on his knee, gazing up at Kyle with pleading eyes.

“No. It’s not safe. I don’t want you hurt.”

“What if you had the witches enhance us,” Mindy suggested. “Like what Burke did to those boys. You know, Braiden and the other.”

“You want me to turn you into monsters?” Kyle gaped.

“We wouldn’t have to be monsters,” Shannon said. “Sable was telling us about it. We could be made to be faster, stronger, to instinctively know how to fight. It’s up to the witches on how they…enhances us.”

“Then we’ll be with you. Your army to help you defeat the Marid!” Carla declared.

“Yes!” Toni agreed.

“They could go back and forth between their forms,” Fatima mused. “I saw Frankie transform into that monster in our house before I roasted him. Is that how it works?”

“It does,” Christy nodded, her mind working through the problem. “We’d need spirits though. Where we would get those?”

“Mount Rainier is lousy with them,” Sable smiled. “Can’t you feel them flitting around.”

“No,” Christy said.

“Well, I can. I do have the most powerful aura in the car.” She glanced at Kyle. “Okay, the most powerful aura belonging to a witch.”

“I don’t know,” Kyle muttered.

“It wouldn’t hurt them,” Christy assured him. “So long as Sable, Phillipa, and I decide not to. And we wouldn’t.”

“I think it is a good idea,” Britney said from the front seat. “Kyle, we are setting off into the unknown. Sultan Rashid will have resources at his disposal that we cannot possibly imagine right now. Every bit of help would be good.”

“Yep,” Fatima chimed in. “I want my Ann and Kayleah turned into a pair of sexy, supernatural ninjas.”

“Sexy ninjas,” giggled Kayleah. “Like in Anime!”

“I agree,” Fumi whispered.

“I don’t want them harmed.”

“We’ll only enhance them,” Christy smiled, placing a reassuring hand on Kyle’s wrist.

“Then let’s do it and then head to Oman. Aaliyah can’t wait forever.”


The Spirit Realm
The woman opened her eyes, gasping and shuddering as she awakened in the darkness. She was sticky with the afterbirth, wiping it from her eyes and fully-matured form. She struggled to move, to force her limbs to work for the first time.

“That’s it, my darling daughter,” a voice hissed in the darkness. “Take your first breath.”

The woman looked around, trying to see. A form moved to her, strong arms wrapping around her and pulled her to the speaker. A heavy breast rubbed against her cheek and the woman opened her mouth, sucking in the hard nipple.

Wonderful, nourishing milk flooded her body.

As she nursed, the woman struggled to remember. Memories lurked just beyond her reach, snagged in the cobwebs of the past. She sucked harder as her surrogate mother rocked her mature body.

“That’s it. Drink, my daughter,” the voice groaned. “You need your strength after your rebirth.”

“Who am I?” the woman asked, releasing the milk-laden nipple.

“The instrument of my revenge,” the voice answered. “Don’t you remember anything?”

“No,” the woman answered. “It’s all so close to me. Just out of reach.”

“That’s okay.” Hands pulled the woman’s lips back to the milk-heavy tit. She latched on, sucking hard. “Good, drink deeply. You will need all your strength for the task ahead of you.”

Curiosity burned in the woman’s depths and she again released the nipple. “Task? What revenge am I supposed to help you with?”

“I have been grievously wronged. We both have.”

“By whom?”

“Kyle, Christy, and Britney,” the voice answered. “Kyle has slain my most powerful servant, a man I had plucked from death, just like I plucked you. Christy betrayed her oaths to me and caused the death an entire coven of my follower. And Britney has stolen and enslaved one of my devout servants. All three deserve to pay for what they’ve done.” Hands cupped the woman’s cheeks. “And you, Faiza, will see that all of them pay.”

“Who are you?”

“Hecate. Your Goddess.”


The Sapphine Caves, The Hidden Realm
Zaritha watched Aaliyah sleep, her insides twisted with her humiliation even as her pussy demanded satisfaction. She wanted to shove her hand between her thighs and stroke her aching hole. But she couldn’t—Aaliyah had commanded her.

Why am I obeying the little houri? she demanded of herself for the hundredth time since she had bathed the woman. I never believed I was really going to be his? How can she boss me around?

She wanted to strangle the houri in her sleep. All she had to do was reach out and squeeze her thin neck until she died. But she couldn’t. Zaritha was beginning to feel the oath she had sworn to Kyle when she became his concubine. It restricted her. She had to submit to his will and that left it’s mark on a Djinn.

But she had also to submit to Sultan Rashid’s will.

She was going to explode.

And she needed to cum so bad.

Zaritha thought about disobeying her…Mistress. No, she’s my prisoner. I will not submit to her!

If only she wasn’t so horny. Before she fell asleep, Aaliyah had forced her to finger the houri’s pussy until Aaliyah came again. “I need a nice cum before I can sleep,” she had proclaimed, seizing Zaritha’s hand and guiding it to her sopping depths. “And remember, no touching yourself.” Then she had smiled wickedly. “Unless you call me Sultana.”

Zaritha had managed to remain strong as she worked her fingers in and out of Aaliyah’s wet depths.

Now she didn’t see a way out of this mess. She had two oaths to serve, two masters, and she couldn’t serve one with out violating the other. “These oaths are going to rip me in half,” she muttered.

“Such a predicament,” a voice hissed.

Her skin crawled. She made her light burn brighter. A Ghul crawled down the tunnel, his skin black and twisted. He moved like a beast, his tongue lolling from a mouth full of sharp teeth. Zaritha gasped and her skin crawled.

The thing was Jowah, one of Rashid’s blasphemous servants.

“What are you doing here, beast?” she demanded, standing up.

“Rashid sent me,” it hissed, licking its chops. “To feast.”

“On Aaliyah?” Fear shivered through the Ifrit for her mistress.

“On both of you. Rashid is wroth with your failure.”

With a snarl, the Ghul pounced.

To be continued…

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