New Release: Battered Lamp 2 and Devil’s Pact Update

The edited version of the Battered Lamp is up on Amazon. Retitled Servant of Desire because using the word slave in a title on erotica is sure to get me in trouble with Amazon. It’s a little more cleaned up in a few spots, a brief addition with Aaliyah at the beginning that is like a paragraph, and some heavy rewrites of Fatima and Aaliyah’s dialogue to remove all reference that she and Kyle are related.

batteredlamp2coverIf you’re still interested, it is available for $2.99 from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, and Amazon AU. For Kindle Unlimited members, you can borrow it for free!

I will probably release the published version of the Devil’s Pact this month or maybe november. In late August, I had been flirting with the idea of publsihing it on Amazon and that meant taking out the incest. I was trying to figure out how to keep the story intact with removing such a vital component. I had it mostly figured out when Amazon began banning Dubious consent stories and banning the authors that published them. This includes Mind Control stories, and that’s all the Devil’s Pact is. So I abandoned those plans and lost some of the steam on working on it. When Amazon temp-bans your KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account, you have to promise never to post those kinds of stoies again or they will perma-ban you. And you only ever get one KDP account because it’s tied to your SSN (Social Security Number) or EIN (Employer Identification Number, for foreign authors). So I want to leave open the option of self-publishing my non-erotic works, so I cannot afford to be permanently barred from self-publishing on Amazon. The Battered Lamp is very light on the dubconsent and I don’t advertise it in the blurb or keywords so it should fly under the radar. But if they do catch on, well, I’d pull the entire series off Amazon and stick to my safer erotica.

So Devil’s Pact will be published in short chunks at $.99. Smashword as a more favorable royalty payment option for works under $2.99. They pay a flat 70% Royalty rate, whereas Amazon only pays 70% for $2.99 or more. Under $2.99 they pay 35%. So a book at $.99 has to sell 6 copies to equal one book sold at $2.99. That’s why the bulk of my works are at $2.99.

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2 thoughts on “New Release: Battered Lamp 2 and Devil’s Pact Update

  1. Astaroth

    Hi, I bought this book when it came out and read the whole book. I was wondering if you can release other chapters of the battered lamp, it is really annoying when you post chapters every 2 weeks. I am willing to pay money for all the chapter you have so far for the battered lamp. Most of your stories are good but I liked it when you use to post stories every 2/3 days now it’s just annoying. I know it takes a lot of time write the stories but if you already have written many stories about battered lamp why can’t you already post them.

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      Thank you for buying them. While I have more written, they have to have rewrites and edits. My rough drafts are rough. With my dayjob going away, I’ll be able to release faster. Now for releasing the Battered Lamp on Amazon, I have to do an additional rewrite and edits to make the changes to fit Amazon’s content rules.


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