New Release: White-Feathered Angel (My Fallen Angel 2)

White-Feathered Angel

My Angel 2


The second chapter of the supernatural, erotic thriller ‘My Fallen Angel’ is out! Can Daevia be stopped? Can Cynthia be wrested from her grasp? White-Feathered Angel can be picked up for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, and Amazon DE, and for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, you can borrow White-Feathered Angel for free!

MyFallenAngel2_blueA Succuba’s corruption darkens a college campus!

Everything changed when Bill’s dreams started coming true. When one of the women he loves, Cynthia, is captured by the Succuba Daevia, Bill vows to save her. He recruits the sexy and submissive Rochelle, another girl from his dreams, and tames her to his will.

With Rochelle’s visions help, Bill tries to rescue Cynthia from Daevia’s grasp and foil the Succuba’s dark scheme. He fails. The Succuba fatally wounds him as Rochelle helplessly looks on.

As his life spills out, his only hope lies with Sophia, the young Seraph that chose Bill to be her champion. But can the white-feathered Angel stand up to the power the older and more cunning Daevia wields?

Meanwhile, feisty Juanita is sent on a mission by the Archangel Uriel to help the man she will marry. And buxom and demure Hikaru flees the campus in fear of Daevia, while her soul yearns to return and aide the man who set her free from the Succuba’s bondage—Bill.

Can Bill and the girls of his dreams rally and turn the tide against the darkness and depravity descending on to Parkland Lutheran University?

White-Feathered Angel is the exciting sequel to the supernatural, erotic thriller The Girls of My Dreams! This tale of sex, lust, depravity, and polygamist love is not for the faint at heart!

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