The Devil’s Pact Ghost of Paris Chapter 11: Lazy Saturday Morning



The Devil’s Pact

The Ghost of Paris Chapter Eleven: Lazy Saturday Morning

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2014

Story Codes: Male/Teen female, Male/Female, Males/Female, Mind Control, Magic, Anal Sex, Cuckold, Oral Sex, Wife

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Saturday, September 28th, 2013 – Paris, Texas

My pecker was like a slab of cement, poking into the soft ass of my bedmate, when I was wakened by the rising sun. It was Saturday, and I was feeling lazy. But the sun was too damned bright and my pecker was too damned insistent. And the girl’s ass felt too damn amazing.

Her name was Mindy Taylor. The first girl I fucked after making my Pact and becoming the Ghost. This was the third night I spent in her bedroom this week. On Monday, I saw her walking home from Boone High and followed her. She’d been happy to see me again, or at least to feel my pecker reaming her tight cooch.

She was a pretty, young thing with honey-blonde hair and vibrant, green eyes. Her ass was great, and she had a nice pair of tits topped with dark-red nipples. I wrapped my hand around the teen, finding her perky mound, and pinched her nipple. It hardened like a muffin rising in the oven.

Mindy shifted, sighing as her ass rubbed against my pecker. I slid my hand down her body, stroking her sleek thigh, and parted her legs. I moved my hips, letting my cock slide through her ass crack, then my pecker popped between those sweet thighs. The warmth of her cooch pressed against my shaft. I pumped between her thighs, rubbing against her cunt; she moistened.

She sighed, then murmured, “Mr. Gho…” Her words broke into a loud gasp as I rammed my pecker deep into her cooch. “Umm, Mr. Ghost. I love your…ohhhh yes….cock!”

Her cooch was hot and tight, and the little slut wiggled her ass back into me. I gripped her tit, slamming into her over and over like a rod pistoning a car’s engine. I loved fucking teens and their tight cunts. Hell, I loved fucking more mature beauties, too. There ain’t a cooch I wouldn’t fuck if the owner looked even half-way decent.

“You love my pecker fuckin’ your tight cooch?”

“Yes!” she moaned. “Harder, Mr. Ghost! Oh, yes! Like that! You’re drivin’ my pussy wild!”

Her bed creaked as I fucked her. I hooked my arm around her right leg, lifting up her thigh so I could really go to town on her cooch. Mindy buried her face into her pillow, muffling her cries of passion. The slut was a screamer.

“Cum!” I grunted. “I wanna feel your cooch milkin’ my pecker. Then I’m gonna flood your purtee cunt with a big batch of my cream.”

“Oh, fuck yes!” She looked over her shoulder, honey-blonde hair plastered to her flushed cheeks. “Cum in me! Oh fuck! I wanna feel your jizz squirtin’ inside me! I reckon that’ll be absolutely amazin’!”

My thrusts became hard and deep, stabbing violently inside her delightful sheath. She pressed the pillow to her face, muffled moans filling the air. Her body spasmed back into my chest, and her cunt massaged my cock.

“That’s it, slut!” I grunted. “Cum on my pecker like the dirty, li’l whore you are!”

Mindy arched and shuddered, and her cooch did the most fantastic things to his pecker. Her dirty snatch burned for his cum, and his balls wanted to flood her cunt like a fire hose dousing a five-alarm blaze. I wanted to spray her womb with my jizz, and knock the little whore up.

“Take it!” he grunted, his balls tightening and his release nearing. “Take all my cum.”

I couldn’t wait to fuck petite Mindy with her belly swollen with my kid. I’d fuck her like a bitch, on her hands and knees, whooping and hollering as I tore her pregnant cooch up. My balls unloaded, and I slammed into her cunt, my pecker cumming hard, dousing her blaze.

“Yes!” she gasped. “Yes, yes! Fill me up! Oh Lord, yes!”

I rolled onto my back, and was out like a lamp; my balls emptied and my pecker satisfied. For now. I knew it wouldn’t remain that way for long thanks to Astarte’s gift. I had wished for increased stamina, and the demon left me with a pecker that was always craving some sweet, young thing or hot-assed MILF to fuck.

I really had to piss when I woke up, and I stumbled to their bathroom. After pissing like a horse that just won the Kentucky derby, I wandered invisible through the house. I found the family in the kitchen around a small table. Mindy was toying with a piece of grapefruit, while her dad—a tall man named Ernest, in his mid-thirties, sitting in a blue bathrobe tight against his pronounced beer belly—watched Fox News, cursing at the latest thing the Democrats in the Senate had done to, “Fuckin’ America right into poverty, they is!”

“Ernest!” his wife, a hot MILF named Tara, snapped. “You mind your mouth in front of Mindy!”

“Sorry, cupcake,” he muttered, not taking his eyes off the small TV perched on the counter. “Just those damned Democrats causin’ problems.”

Tara was smoking hot. Her daughter had a lot of good years in front of her. Tara was taller than her daughter, as tall as her husband, with platinum-blonde hair, bobbed short at the shoulders. She wore a pink bathrobe, very short, something she had purchased this week at my request. Her gorgeous ass peaked out as she washed the breakfast dishes, and her heavy tits jiggled as the robe struggled to contain them.

Since I started fucking Mindy at night, I’d been sampling her mother in the morning. The first time I fucked her, standing at the sink, she’d been wearing this long robe that just got in the way. The second night I stayed over, she’d picked this sexy number up and didn’t bother with the panties. Of course, the last two times I fucked Tara, her husband had already left for work. But it was Saturday.

Her ass looked damn fine beneath that robe. I glanced at her husband; fat chance he’d leave anytime soon. I needed to get a piece of her sweet pie. Well, her husband was absorbed by Fox News, cursing the evils of the Democrats, the false god Mark Glassner, and the power-hungry UN trying to steal America out from under everyone’s noses. Tara was humming, shaking that round ass, her flesh flashing beneath the hem of her rob. It was just too inviting to pass up; my pecker rising at attention like a soldier before his general.

I pressed up behind her. She stiffened for a moment, then shuddered. “Not now,” she whispered. “Ernest is over there.”

“He’s watching the news,” I whispered back. “And I need to fuck your cooch so bad. You are so damned purtee, I just can’t resist.”

Mindy looked up from her fruit, a knowing smile on her face. “I’m gonna go for walk.” She stood up, gave her pa a kiss on the cheek, then walked over and kissed her ma. Then she whispered, “Have fun, mamma.”

“She will.” I gave Mindy’s ass a squeeze as she walked away giggling, then I wormed my pecker between her mother’s thighs, they were nice and toned, and enjoyed the silk of her cunt hairs tickling my cock. “Spread dem thighs, MILF.”

“Please,” she begged, even as her thighs parted for me. Thanks to my Pact, no woman could resist my molestation. “Let’s go upstairs. Ernest is right there.”

“You knows you want it right now.” I licked her neck, my hand reaching around and slipping into her robe. Her tit was heavy, and squeezed like dough beneath my fingers. “Reach down and stick me in, and I’ll give you a nice cum.” I pinched her hard nipple. She had the same, dark-red nubs as her daughter, though hers were far fatter. “Do it, slut.”

“Those damned Dems are just tryin’ to take our freedoms away,” snorted her husband as her hand reached down, fingers trembling on my pecker. She pushed me through her groove until my tip slipped into her slippery cooch. “They probably workin’ with that false bastard, Mark Glassner, and his hussy wife!”

“Shit!” Tara gasped as I thrust my pecker deep into her sweet cooch.

“Exactly,” her husband nodded. “They always talk ’bout civil rights, but they’re the ones takin’ our religion and our guns away. That shits protected in the Bill o’ Rights!”

“Yes!” Tara moaned, pushing her hips against me as slowly fucked her.

Her oblivious husband kept on his rant about them Democrats as I kept plowing his wife just feet away. Every time she’d moan, “Fuck!” or “Goddamn!” he’d think she was agreeing with him. But she was thoroughly enjoying my pecker. Every woman did.

I used slow, deep thrusts. Not wanting to make much noise. The water pouring into the sink masked the noise, but I don’t know how he didn’t smell that sweet, tart scent of his wife’s pussy slowly filling the kitchen up.

“Those damned Dems would walk into your house and fuck your wife right in front of you if they could!” Ernest declared.

“Oh, yes!” Tara gasped.

My balls were tightening. Taking a woman while her husband sat just feet away was sending my nuts to churning, and they were almost ready to unleash another flood of jizz. I was stealing his cunt, and the idiot was too fixated with that dumb box to realize it.

“Cum on my pecker, whore!” I hissed. “Cum like a goddamn hussy in front of your husband!”

“Oh, fuck!” she moaned.

“Exactly, cupcake. Thank God the Republicans control Texas.”

Her body shuddered in my arms; her cunt spasming on my cock. She tossed her head back, hand clamped over her mouth. Her tit bounced free of her robe, my hand massaging the heavy melon. I thrust into her, letting her cooch suck the cum right out of my balls in three, mighty blasts.

“Damn!” she panted as I pulled out. I gave her ass a slap. “Goddamn!”

Ernest glanced at his wife, smiling. “Eh, cupcake. Your tit’s hanging out.”

She smiled at him, and tucked her tit away.

“I love that robe, cupcake. But don’t you think it’s a li’l…revealin’ to wear in front of Mindy?”

“She’s a big girl now,” Tara answered. “I like this robe. It makes me feel all sexy!”

“You look sexy,” he smiled. “You know, Mindy’s gonna be gone awhile.”

“What are you suggestin’, Ernest Taylor?”

“We haven’t messed ’round in the kitchen in coons age.”

An idea popped into my head. I touched her ass, and whispered. “Go suck his pecker.”

“Want me to give you a hummer?” Tara asked, untying the belt of her robe.

“You read my mind, cupcake.”

Her robe slipped to the floor, her thighs sticky with her pussy cream. Lust burned in Ernest’s green eyes as she knelt on the linoleum floor, her ass wiggling at me. My pecker hardened faster than you could yell flash. She untied his robe and pulled his squat dick out his boxers. She licked up him like a cat, purring as she swirled her tongue around his tip.

I knelt behind her, lifted her hips up so her ass was a little higher, than spread her cheeks. Her husband had his head thrown back, his fingers stroking her white-gold hair. She engulfed him; he grunted. I shoved my pecker into her cornhole.

“Jesus Christ!” Ernest moaned. “You ain’t never suck so hard! I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I love it!”

Just a little Ghost pecker up her ass!

She moaned like a weed whacker around her husband’s pecker. I pounded her ass, her cheeks jiggling as I buried inside her. Ernest had his eyes closed, oblivious to how much of a whore his wife was. I could tell how much she loved being my slut. Her ass kept shoving back, and she squeezed her cornhole down hard. She was hot, wonderfully tight, and felt like rough velvet on my cock.

“Keep sucking, cupcake!” he groaned. “I love your mouth! Keep doing that!”

She popped her mouth off his pecker, threw a smile over her shoulder, then purred, “I love your cock!”

I pounded her harder, and she gave a moan of appreciation. I knew whose pecker she loved. She slurped her husband’s back into her mouth. I reveled in the depravity of it. This was even more exciting. He had no idea his wife was enjoying another pecker up her ass. She was as tight as a virgin, and I reckon I’m the first to cornhole her.

My heavy balls slapped into her cunt, churning the cum inside. I clenched my teeth, fighting off my own grunts and pants. I snorted through my nose, gripped her hips, and plunged faster and faster into her virgin sheath.

“Oh cupcake, I love you,” he moaned.

Her mouth popped up; she looked up at her husband, while my pecker fucked her ass, and answered, “I love you, too, honey!”

My balls erupted. She may love him, but it was my pecker she burned for. My cum basted her asshole, and she purred around his cock. Her body shuddered, her ass clamped down on my pecker like boa constrictor, squeezing every last drop of my jizz out as she came.

I pulled out, and plopped down onto a chair, panting. She rose up, mounted her husband. He buried his face into her impressive tits as she bounced on his pecker. She moaned and screamed his name. Her ass writhed as she fucked him, and it was a shame my cum was invisible, because I would love to see it leaking out of her dirty asshole.

I stood up, stole a beer from the fridge. I had enough fun at the Taylors, and set off to find some new cooches to empty my balls in. There was a park not to far away, and it was a warm, September day. There’d be plenty of sweet, young things showing their stuff off.

“Breaking news out of Tacoma, Washington,” the TV blared as I walked out. “Reports of an attack at a gun buyback program…”

I downed the beer by the time I reached the front door, and tossed the crumpled can onto their front lawn. Whistling, I sauntered off to have some fun at the park.

To be continued…

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