The Rogue’s Harem Book One, Chapter Eighteen: Hard Ride


The World of Erasthay

The Rogue’s Harem Book One: Rogue’s Sultry Women

Chapter Eighteen: Hard Ride

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

Story Codes: Male/Females, Fantasy, Magic, Oral Sex, Incest

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Kora Falk – Princedom of Kivoneth, Strifelands of Zeutch

“Brother mine,” I groaned when I burst into the tent, his cock thrusting hard from his stomach. Naked, my lithe body fell on his, my pussy rubbing on his hard cock. “Is everything okay?”

“The princess just had to leave early,” Sven groaned. “She has to be careful.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I hissed, glad she had to leave. It was so hard hiding my frustration as the princess monopolized my brother every night we camped. But I could thoroughly enjoy him tonight.

I kissed my brother on the mouth, my pussy sliding up his hard dick. I didn’t need foreplay. Not listening to him with Ava while masturbating myself. My sticky fingers stroked his whiskered cheeks, smearing my musk on him.

I groaned, feeling his cock nudging at the entrance to my pussy. I grinned, wiggling back and sliding my pussy down his cock. I loved the incestuous union of our body. He grunted into our kiss, his strong hands grabbing my ass.

“Sister dear,” he groaned as I rose on him, impaling my pussy down his cock. His eyes stared at my round breasts, making me so aware of the amulet hanging between them.

I shivered, tracing the flowering vine tattooed about my left breast as I squirmed on his dick. He licked his lips, staring up at me with those blue, hungry eyes. I reached my hard nipple, stroking it, my pussy clenching on his dick.

“Ride me, sister dear.”

“Yes!” I howled, my back arching.

And I rode my brother’s cock. Hard.

I slid my pussy up and down his dick. I clenched my hot snatch on him, sliding up and down as the pleasure surged through me. My eyes fluttered, my breasts jiggling before me, the ruby pendant moving with them. My snatch clung to his shaft, the friction burning between our flesh.

Zanyia nuzzled against my brother’s whiskered cheek. She licked up the juices I smeared on his face, purring loudly. Her ears twitched. I grasped her ass, squeezing her cute rump as I worked my hips, pleasure racing through my body.

“You need to ride my brother, too,” I groaned.

Zanyia purred louder in answer. Then she moved with the nimble grace of a cat. Her naked skin glistening in the lamplight, her small breasts jiggling. She planted her pussy on my brother’s face, her tawny thatch damp with her excitement. Yowls of delight rose from her throat, her ears twitching and tail swishing.

I grinned at her, both of us undulating our hips, dancing on my brother as we experienced the pleasure of his body. My pussy worked up and down his cock while his tongue lapped through her hot pussy.

I cupped her small breasts, leaning forward. I groaned, changing how my brother’s cock rubbed against my pussy, the tip rubbing on the top of my sheath. I trembled, my tongue flicking out to brush her nipple. The ruby amulet swung between us, the chain rubbing on the back of my neck.

“Oh, Mistress, yes,” yowled Zanyia. Her fingers stroked through my blonde locks. “Mmm, such a sweet sister you have, Master.”

“So sweet,” he groaned. “Just like your pussy.”

“You do have a sweet pussy,” I groaned as I switched nipples. I engulfed her other dusky nub.

Zanyia’s purrs rumbled happily from her throat.

My brother’s hands squeezed my ass, guiding my hips. My pussy drank in the friction as I rode his cock. I savored his thick shaft filling me. I moaned about Zanyia’s nipples, my orgasm building so swiftly.

Watching my brother fight today had been…exhilarating. Such a strong man, taking on so many at once.

My pussy squeezed harder, my snatch approaching a boil. His cock warmed me, bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm. My clit ached and throbbed, rubbing into his wiry thatch of pubic hair on the downstroke. My tongue fluttered around Zanyia’s nipple, my hands squeezing her hips. Pleasure built and built.

“Mistress is about to cum,” Zanyia yowled. “I can smell it.”

“And what about you?” my brother groaned.

The lamia squealed, her back arching. “It won’t take long with you sucking on my clit, Master!”

I shuddered, my pussy squeezing hard on my brother’s dick as I impaled my cunt down his shaft. My clit reached his wiry hair, drinking in the sensation. My pussy boiled. Heat burst through me. My flesh spasmed on his cock as I convulsed.

My head snapped up from Zanyia’s small breast. “Brother mine!”

My orgasm washed through me, my hips bouncing my spasming pussy on my brother’s big cock. He groaned into Zanyia’s pussy. My eyes rolled back into my head, stars dancing before me as I loved the incestuous rapture racing through my body.

“Mistress!” squeaked the lamia. “Master!”

She joined me in rapture. She gripped my shoulders, fingernails biting into my flesh as she spasmed on my brother’s face. Her sweet pussy cream filled my nose. She drenched his face. I heard him drink in her delight.

And then he grunted. Incestuous seed flooded my pussy. I gasped, my cunt spasming about his dick, milking his cock as I bounced and shuddered on his shaft. The pleasure shot through me. Making me whimper and groan.




The three of us shared our love and passion. I held Zanyia, leaned forward, and kissed her as my brother pleasured us both. His cum filled me. Where it belonged. I groaned, shivering, Zanyia’s rough tongue brushing mine.

I treasured this moment. Every time I made love to my brother was special. One day, we’d have to stop. One day, he’d marry Ava. And the princess could never learn about our forbidden love.


Princess Ava

I needed Sven so badly. My proxy’s eyes opened. I lay to the side of the bed. I blinked, staring at Kora’s naked body. No, that couldn’t be right. I shook my head. It was her, the vines tattooed about her body proclaimed who it was. Zanyia lay between her thighs, lapping her pussy and Sven…

My eyes widened. Sven fed his cock to his sister’s mouth. “Suck your juices off, sister dear. I’m going to fuck you so hard again.”

He was a pervert just like my father. He lusted for his sister. Crossing the line into the shameful pleasure. Anger surged through me, my heart clenching in pain. I couldn’t believe this. My Sven… and Kora.

If my proxy could produce tears, I’d flood the tent.

To be continued…

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