The Rogue’s Harem Book One, Chapter Nineteen: Catgirls Need Cock Too


The World of Erasthay

The Rogue’s Harem Book One: Rogue’s Sultry Women

Chapter Nineteen: Catgirls Need Cock Too

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

Story Codes: Male/Females, Fantasy, Magic, Incest, Oral Sex, Creampie, Voyeurism, Anal Sex

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Sven Falk – Princedom of Kivoneth, Strifelands of Zeutch

I grinned, loving the sight of my sister writhing on her back, Zanyia running her tongue through Kora’s sloppy pussy, licking up the incestuous combination of my cum and my sister’s cream. My dick throbbed, still slick with Kora’s juices. My sister shivered, her round breasts quivering, the ruby amulet glittering between those lush mounds.

“Oh, Zanyia, yes,” gasped Kora, her fingers digging into the bedding, her moans echoing through the tent. “I so need this after the day we had.”

“Yeah, I bet you do, sister dear,” I grinned, kneeling by her face, my cock thrusting at her. “All that stress of the chase needs relieving.”

“So much stress,” she moaned. She licked her lips, blue eyes focusing on my hard cock.

“Hungry for something?”

“Always, brother mine,” she whimpered.

I brought my cock close to her mouth, feeding it to her. She opened wide, engulfing my dick and sucking her juices off. I savored the incestuous love, her tongue dancing over my cock’s crown, leaning her cream off my shaft. Tasting our mixed passion.

“Suck your juices off, sister dear,” I groaned. “I’m going to fuck you so hard again.”

She sucked harder as movement fluttered out of the corner of my eyes. I groaned, head turning, scanning across our belongings. I passed over Ava’s proxy leaning against my pack, the statuette rigid and beautiful. Nothing moved by our belongings.

Kora stopped nursing at my dick, pulling her mouth off my cock. “What?”

“Nothing, sister dear.” I grinned at her. “Just keep sucking me clean while you enjoy Zanyia’s tongue.”

“She tastes so good full of your yummy cum, Master,” purred Zanyia, her tawny tail swishing back and forth, her cute rump wiggling. She buried her face back into my sister’s snatch.

Kora moaned, her mouth opening wide. I slipped my dick in.

She sucked, eyes twinkling. I groaned, stroking my sister’s blonde hair, still gathered in her twin braids. I felt the entwined strands wrapped about each other, loving their silky feel as pleasure radiated up my cock. My sister’s cheeks hollowed, moaning as she worked to please me.

I loved Kora, Ava, and Zanyia. Could a man truly love three women? Why not when they were as hot as them. Shame Ava would never understand the taboo love I shared for my sister. She’d be disgusted about it. But it would be hot to watch the pair writhing, licking my cum out of the other’s snatch.

My dick ached in my sister’s sweet mouth. I groaned, hands tightening on her hair. “That’s it, sister dear. You’re just so eager for your own taste of my jizz.”

“Mistress’s loves your cum!” purred Zanyia.

My sister shivered, humping against the lamia’s licking mouth, savoring that rough tongue sliding on her delicate flesh.

I groaned, watching my lamia slave feasted, her ears twitching, thrust out of her tawny hair. Zanyia’s purrs rumbled out of her throat. She pressed her face tighter against my sisters snatch. Kora bucked, her breasts jiggling, the pendant sliding between them.

I grasped my sister’s left breast, my thumb stroking across her tattoo, following the flowering vine up to her nipple. She moaned louder, my thumb massaging her pink nipple. Her passion hummed around my dick, my balls aching.

Her hand cupped my nuts, massaging them with care. Strange twinges shivered through my body. I groaned, squeezing her pliant tit harder. I massaged her nipple with faster strokes, sliding my thumb around the nub, caressing her areola.

“Gods, sister dear,” I groaned. “Such a hungry glutton for my cum.”

“Such good cum,” yowled Zanyia.

My sister squeezed my balls in agreement, her eyes staring up at me.

I stared back, groaning, the pressure building and building, surging through me. My hips pumped, thrusting my dick to the back of my sister’s mouth before drawing back. She sucked so hard, forming a tight seal with her lips.

My body shuddered. My balls tightened in her massaging grip. The ache surged to the tip of my dick, begging for a release. Her tongue danced around my crown, massaging the sensitive flesh. Pleasure zapped down my cocks, striking my nuts.

“Pater’s mighty cock!” I snarled.

My jizz erupted into my sister’s mouth.

Kora squeezed her vibrant eyes shut. She shuddered, breasts jiggling, as she swallowed my cum. Zanyia’s purrs swelled in volume, her tongue lapping faster as my sister joined me in rapture. My cock pumped blast after blast of incestuous passion into her sucking mouth. She gulped it down, moaning her joy.

The pleasure surged through me. My eyes rolled back into my head. I groaned, trembling, loving every minute of the rapture. I swayed, the heat boiling out of me. My eyes rolled back into my head. I sucked in deep breaths.

“Gods, your mouth, sister dear!” I panted as she nursed out the last drops of cum, the pleasure leaving me trembling in delight.

Kora popped her mouth off my dick, a big smile playing on her lips. “Yum.”

“So yummy!” Zanyia moaned, her head popping up from my sister’s snatch, pussy cream smeared across her cheeks and dribbling down her throat. “Ooh, I love you both!”

My sister stroked my cock, her tongue flicking at the slit, gathering a final glob of pearly jizz. She popped it into her mouth, shuddering as she savored it.

“Ready to get plowed?” I asked. “Ava’s been monopolizing my cock, hasn’t she?”

“Princesses are so spoiled,” Kora answered, stretching her arms over her head, thrusting her tits up into the air. “But poor Zanyia needs your cock, too.”

“I do, Mistress,” the lamia yowled, her ears twitching, tail swishing back and forth.

“You sure?” I asked.

My sister gave me a languorous nod of her head. “I want you to fuck her ass, brother mine.”

“Any reason?” I asked, arching an eyebrow even as Zanyia spun around, presenting her rump, her tail thrust high up into the air from the base of her spine, hair bristling.

“So I can lick her pussy,” grinned Kora. “Zanyia has a lovely tasting quim.”

“Thank you, Mistress!” squealed Zanyia, wiggling her rear, her face resting on the blanket. She reached her hands behind her and parted her butt-cheeks, exposing her puckered sphincter. “Just fuck my asshole, Master! Ream me!”

“Now how can I say no to that, sister dear?” I groaned.

“No man could,” she laughed. “Even one not as horny as you.” She smacked my ass. “Go get her, brother mine.”

I moved on my knees to Zanyia, guiding my cock between her butt-cheeks. Her swishing tail caressed across my chest, her bristling hairs ticklish. I grasped her tail with my left hand, gripping it near the base.

Her tail stiffened. She let out a yowl as I pushed my cock into her asshole. She squeezed down on my cock, the friction incredible as my spit-lubed dick slid into her velvety embrace. I groaned, the pleasure racing through me.

“Master,” Zanyia groaned, her voice strained. “Master… my tail.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked, my left hand stroking her tail as I buried into her asshole.

“I just…” She shivered. “It feels weird to have my tail gripped. I…”

“Don’t you like it?” I asked, savoring the feel of it stroking between my hand.

Her bowels clenched hard on my dick. “I…” Her ears twitched. “I’m your slave. I’ll let you do it. It’s just…” Her tail twitched violently in my hand, trying to pull out of my grip. “Lamia don’t like having our tails restrained.”

I let go.

Her tail spasmed, whisking furs across my chest as she let out a yowl of relief.

“There,” I groaned, drawing back my hips, savoring the ticklish feel of her hairs caressing me. I slammed back into her bowels, my crotch slapping her butt-cheeks. “All better.”

“So much better, Master,” she purred, her face still resting on the bedding, her fingers now kneading the blankets. “Ooh, you’re so deep in my asshole. Pound me, Master. Dump your cum in my asshole.”

I drew back my cock and did just that. I rammed into her hard, my balls thwacking into her taint. I loved the sound, my dick drinking in the hot friction. Heat rippled through my cock as her velvety flesh caressed my dick. Every thrust sent pleasure washing through my body.

I groaned, grabbing her hips, stroking her sides as I plowed her. Her tail wiggled and swayed across my chest, brushing my nipples, sending little tingles racing down to my swinging balls. I groaned, another load of cum building and building.

“Zanyia,” I groaned. “Gods, you have such a sweet ass.”

She purred louder in pleasure. Then she gasped, “Mistress!”

A hot tongue brushed my balls. Kora’s hands grasped my thighs, kneading them as I plowed the lamia’s asshole. My sister’s tongue brushed my balls again then Zanyia squealed, her bowels clenching on my dick. Clearly, Kora tongued the lamia’s pussy.

I shivered, picturing Kora’s tongue sliding through Zanyia’s muff to lap at the folds of her pussy. My dick throbbed, my strokes growing faster and faster, hammering my cock into my sex slave bowels. Her asshole clenched over and over, her tail twitching with violence, flicking across my chest.

“Oh, Mistress,” panted Zanyia. “Oooh, yes.”

“Is she playing with your clit?” I asked, my hands sliding higher up Zanyia’s side. I dipped below her, finding her small breasts, cupping them in my hand, feeling her hard nipples.

“Mmm-hmm,” she purred, twitching. “Batting it with her tongue and… Yes!”

Zanyia’s bowels clamped down hard on my plunging cock. I groaned, the friction burning hot around my dick. I squeezed her little titties, her ears twitching. I fucked her harder, the pleasure swelling in me. My eyes rolled back into my head, stars dancing across my vision as the ache built and built in my balls.

They smacked heavily into her taint, full of my cum aching to burst out of them.

Kora’s fingers slid up and down my thighs, sending hot shivers racing up to my dick. I groaned, drinking in all the sensations: Zanyia’s swishing tail, her tight bowels, the feel of her breasts beneath my hands, nipples hard on my palms, Kora’s caresses. Dizzy pleasure surged through me. I grunted, plowing my sex slave’s asshole.

“I want to feel you cumming,” I growled. “Flood Kora’s mouth and spasm about my cock. I know you want to. You want to explode.”

“I do, Master!” yowled Zanyia. Her purring rumbled through the tent. “So badly and… Mistress!”

I heard sucking sounds and pictured Kora’s lips sealed about Zanyia’s clit, the lamia’s tawny bush tickling my sister’s cheeks. I shivered, Zanyia’s body trembling, her bowels writhing about my cock. Her tail went stiff for a moment, then swept back and forth across my chest, the end brushing my chin.

Her purrs rumbled. Excited yowls and moans burst from her lips as her cumming asshole massaged my dick, driving me wild. My eyes rolled back into my head. I groaned, squeezing her tits, savoring the passion of her orgasm.

“Gods, sister dear, you made her cum hard.”

“So hard!” whimpered Zanyia. “Naga’s slimy scales, yes! Yes! Cum in me, Master! Give me more yummy delight!”

“Pater’s cock, yes!” I snarled, slamming my dick deep into her bowels. Her velvety flesh massaged my cock. My crotch smacked into her butt. I drew back, her asshole spasming about my shaft, sucking at my balls.

My cum exploded.

I grunted, my balls twitching, my cum firing. Lips suddenly engulfed my right nut, my sister sucking as I flooded Zanyia’s asshole. The lamia yowled her pleasure, her back arching, her bowels milking my cock.

“Pater’s cock and Slata’s hairy cunt!” I groaned, hands squeezing the lamia’s tits.

“Did I please you, Master?” Zanyia asked, her voice small. “Even though I… I was naughty and objected to you holding my tail?”

“Gods, yes,” I groaned, leaning over her. I kissed her cheek down to her lips. Her tongue flicked mine. I tasted my sister’s tangy musk on them. “And you weren’t naughty. I want you to enjoy sex. And you can’t enjoy it if I’m grabbing your tail.”

She let out a happy purr.

My sister hugged me from behind, draping her body over me, her breasts rubbing in my back. Her hot lips nuzzled at my ear. “Such a sweetie, brother mine.”

“Don’t tell anyone. I have a reputation to uphold.”

She nipped my ear then laughed.

To be continued…

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