The Rogue’s Harem Book One, Chapter Twenty: Princess’s Taboo Discovery


The World of Erasthay

The Rogue’s Harem Book One: Rogue’s Sultry Women

Chapter Twenty: Princess’s Taboo Discovery

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

Story Codes: Female/Teen female, Fantasy, Magic, Cremapie, Oral Sex, Incest

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Princess Ava – Echur, The Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

My awareness sprang back into my body, still flushed and trembling from having sex with my father for the first time, his incestuous seed leaking out of my pussy. Confusion whirled through my thoughts, my heart clenching in pain. The vision of Sven feeding his cock to his sister burned in my mind, the lust thick in his voice.

Suck your juices off, sister dear. I’m going to fuck you so hard again.

“He’s just like my father,” I muttered, tears stinging my eyes. And Kora… She looked so enthusiastic, encouraging his lusts.

Like me with my father.

I closed my eyes, squeezing out a tear. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed having sex with my father, crossing that taboo line. I hated the man. I despised him for what he did to Sven’s family and his own people. I wanted him deposed. I wanted him to pay for murdering Sven’s family, his angelic sister Katriana. I wanted my father’s mad war to end. For there to be peace.

And yet… Yet I enjoyed his touch. I came so hard as we transgressed, uniting our bodies. He was my father! I grew from his seed planted in my mother’s womb. How could I enjoy it? How could my Sven lust for his sister and enjoy being in her? Fucking her?

What was wrong with him?

“Princess?” Greta, my bedmaid asked. The sixteen-year-old girl touched my hip.

My eyes sprang up, staring into her blue eyes, her large breasts swelling the low-cut nightgown she wore, her golden-blonde hair falling loose about her face instead of her usual pigtails. She had such a round face and plump lips.

“Lick me clean!” I hissed, hating my father’s seed leaking out of me. The bastard wanted to breed me. How disgusting was he.

And me… I came so hard begging for him to breed me. Never had I been so grateful for the blessing the Priestess of Slata gave me, preventing me from conceiving a child until next year. The moment I realized my father wanted to bed me, I visited the temple in the city of Echur which lay just outside my father’s castle.

“I’ll get you all clean, Princess,” Greta purred, slipping between my thighs. “But… Is something wrong? I thought you were going to Sven for comfort.”

“He was… sleeping.” I swallowed, the image of him feeding his sister his cock burned into my mind, superimposing over the waking world. “Just lick me clean! Get that cum out of me!”


She buried her face between my thighs, her golden hair spilling over my thighs. I groaned, her tongue sliding through my hot folds. Her tongue gathered the jizz spilling out of me, gathering it on her tongue with her hunger. Her blue eyes shone over my pubic mound as she darted deeper, scooping up more of the incestuous mix.

A father’s cum should never be in his daughter’s pussy. A brother should never fuck his sister.

I groaned, pleasure fluttering through my body as Greta feasted. My head shifted on the pillows, my hips undulating, smearing my messy cunt on her face. Her tongue darted through my folds, exploring, searching, cleaning up every forbidden drop of seed.

My small breasts jiggled. I whimpered, hands squeezing my tits. My thumbs rubbed over my nipples, zapping tingles down to my snatch. I whimpered then gasped, Greta’s tongue fluttering deep into my snatch, swirling around.

New images, conjured by my perverse mind, flashed through my head. Sven parting Kora’s thighs, the left tattooed with a flowering vine. He nuzzled at her pussy, licking her the way Greta feasted on me. Kora moaned in my imagination, her lithe body wiggling, her round breasts, bigger than mine, jiggling.

“Oh, yes, brother mine,” she moaned in my thoughts. “I love it when you feast on my pussy.”

I hissed, trying not to think about them writhing in incestuous passion, Sven licking her snatch, his strong hands reaching up her body to cup those bigger breasts. He always liked them large. I squeezed my small handfuls while humping my pussy against Greta’s face.

I tried to focus on my bedmaid’s licking, concentrating on her tongue cleansing me. She fluttered through my folds, her nose nudging my clit. She purred her delight, lapping and sucking, drinking my father’s jizz out of me.

“Ram that big cock in me, brother mine,” moaned Kora through my thoughts. “I need your cum in me. I need my brother to plant a babe in my belly.”

I hissed again, squeezing my eyes shut, forcing all my concentration on Greta’s amazing tongue. She slid it up through my folds, brushing my clit. Sparks shot through me. My entire body spasmed. My thighs clenched on her head, holding her in place while my fingers pinched my nipples.

“Such a hot, tight cunt,” groaned Sven, his blue eyes burning as he stared down at his sister’s azure depths. “I’m going to pump so much cum into you, sister dear!”

“Do it!” she moaned in my thoughts.

I whimpered, biting my lip. I wanted these images out of my head, but my orgasm grew even faster, feeding on the humiliating, shameful twist in my stomach. My bed creaked. My moans echoed through my chambers. I bucked harder against Greta’s tongue, the pressure swelling in my depths.

My orgasm hurtled closer and closer as Sven plowed his sister so hard in my imagination. Their bodies wedded in incestuous rapture, pressed so tight together, becoming one flesh. Like I had with my father.

“Pater’s big cock!” I howled. “And Slata’s juicy cunt!”

My body bucked, my orgasm hitting me hard. My pussy spasmed, juices squirting out to splash on Greta’s face. Heat swept out of me, full of euphoria. I gasped, stars bursting across my dark vision. My back arched, fingers pinching my nipples.

Rapture burned across my mind.

“Yes, yes, flood me, brother mine!” howled Kora in my thoughts.

“You’re going to have my son, sister dear!” growled Sven, his face twisted in rapture. Kora ran her hand through his short, blond hair as he flooded her snatch with his forbidden seed.

Then he became father, on top of me, pumping his jizz into my snatch. I gasped, spasming harder, my orgasm burning through me. I quivered and bucked, my tits jiggling in my pinching hands. Greta’s tongue flew across my cumming pussy, lapping up the juices flooding out of me.

Shameful pleasure drowned me. Ecstasy smothered my thoughts. I gasped and groaned, writhing on sweat-stained sheets. My entire body convulsed. The pleasure carried me higher and higher into taboo fantasies, my pussy aching for my father’s cock to fill me again.

Then I collapsed back into my pillows, panting from the power of my orgasms.

“Wow, Princess,” Greta said in awe. “You squirted. That was amazing.”

I didn’t answer, the shame swallowing the pleasure. I stared up at the dark ceiling, still aching for more. For something Greta couldn’t give me. Or even Sven. We were both disgusting people. He lusted for his sister.

And me… I wanted to feel my father in me again.

I hated him and wanted that incestuous dick in me, filling me with forbidden rapture.

What was wrong with me?


Kora Falk – Princedom of Kivoneth, Strifelands of Zeutch

I loved waking up my brother this way. I bobbed my mouth on his hard cock in the darkness of our tent. I sucked and slurped on his cock, his salty precum staining my lips, lingering traces of Zanyia’s sour ass adorning his shaft.

Which made my blowjob even wickeder. I shivered, my pussy clenching as I sucked so hard. My tongue danced across his cock. I stared up his chest, a dark shadow. Zanyia’s head rested on him, her eyes open, reflecting what little moonlight penetrated the canvas.

She let out a purr, her eyes twinkling.

I shivered, my pussy clenching. I rubbed it with my fingers, dancing my digits on my clit before sliding them through my folds. Stimulation trembled through me. I moaned louder about my brother’s cock, humming and vibrating his tip with my excitement.

“Gods,” he groaned, voice still slick. “Ava, that’s… No, Kora… Mmm, morning, sister dear.”

My mouth popped off his dick. “Wishing it was Ava sucking your cock instead of your nubile sister, brother mine?”

“Wishing it was both of you,” he said. “With Zanyia licking my balls.”

The lamia purred, rubbing her cheek into his chest.

I smiled, wishing we could have that. But Ava could never learn of our affair. Besides the fact we needed her support to avenge our family, Sven loved her. They would marry once we killed Prince Meinard. I wouldn’t destroy that. My brother didn’t love easily. Or, he loved too easy, but it was shallow. Any woman could wade into his heart, but few found those deep parts and bathed in his rapture.

Me. Ava. Maybe Zanyia.

So I would just enjoy waking him up with blowjobs for as long as possible.

He groaned, his dick throbbing in my mouth. I sucked harder, massaging my clit. My pussy juices trickled down my wrist as the pleasure swelled through me. My mouth bobbed again, my tongue sliding about his dick. I put every bit of my sexy knowledge I learned back at the Temple of Rithi in Az. There I’d mastered the art of sex.

My brother wouldn’t last long.

“Gods, Kora,” he groaned.

“Just so eager for her breakfast,” purred Zanyia. “Such a naughty sister you have, Master.”

“So naughty.”

I rubbed harder at my clit, smiling about his dick.

I savored the flavor of his precum staining my tongue. I bobbed faster, sucked harder, moaned louder. Pleasure rippled out of my pussy. I whimpered, the rapture building in me, driving me to please my brother.

Then he let out a mighty groan. His cock throbbed in my mouth. Then the first wonderful spurt of cum splashed against the back of my throat. Creamy jizz washed through my mouth. I gulped it down, his spunk warming down to my belly.

I came.

I shivered, sucking hard as rapture shot through my body. I loved giving my brother pleasure. I swallowed his cum, my eyes fluttering. The ecstasy reached my mind, bathing across my thoughts. I shivered, my juices flooding down my wrist, my pussy spasming, aching to be filled by his cock.

Aching to be bred by his brother.

Maybe, I should break the contraceptive spell on my body and allow myself to have his baby…

“Gods, Kora, what a wonderful sister you are.”

“So wonderful,” purred Zanyia.

“I know,” I groaned, popping my mouth off his dick. I gave my clit a last rub before I sat up. “And we need to get going. We have to keep riding. We’re close to Echur.”

“A half-day ride from Ava,” he groaned, looking to her statuette resting on his pack. “And her father.”

“And they’re far too well guarded for any thoughts of heroics,” I reminded him. “We have our mission. We need to keep going.” The patrol we killed would be found soon if they hadn’t already. The garrison in Echur would send out search parties to hunt us down.

“It’s not even dawn yet,” groaned Sven.

“I’ll have Zanyia bite your cock if you go back to sleep, brother mine,” I told him. “No being lazy just because you made me breakfast.”

“She wouldn’t do that,” Sven groaned.

“Oh, really?” I asked. “I bet she would I if I told her.”

“Maybe,” giggled Zanyia. “We have a faerie to find. We need to get to the woods.”

“We’re still two days from the forest at least,” Sven groaned.

I yanked the blanket away. “So no point in wasting the day since we’re on the back roads.”

Sven blinked then nodded his head. His muscular body flexed as he rolled to his feet and gained them. “You’re right. We have to move.”

Grit coated my eyes an hour later as we rode from our camp. I nibbled on a cold sausage, we didn’t have time to cook anything, and groaned. The sun rose behind us, the world turning into gray, the sky overcast. A damp fog wreathed the hills in the distance, farmhouse ghostly shapes in them. Everything felt damp. I shivered, pulling my cloak about my pink clerical robes.

“Don’t you ever get cold?” I asked Zanyia after an hour riding through the foggy morning, her pale skin glistening with drops of dew, condensation gathering on her.

“No,” she smiled. “Unless it’s real cold. Like in winter, I might need a light cloak. I can lie in snow and love it.”

“Lucky you,” I muttered.

Sven just grunted, sitting straight in his saddle, Zanyia’s arms around his waist. Though she wasn’t playing with his cock today. But I saw the naughty glint in her golden, cat-slitted eyes. Her tail swished behind her, her hands sliding lower.

I gave her a slight shake of my head.

Her forehead furrowed in question, but she didn’t object. She slid her hands back up to his stomach. Unease slowly crept over me. My shoulder blades itched. I felt eyes on us. I glanced over my shoulder at the road behind us, searching for any watchers.


I kept squirming, my stomach churning, as the morning grew marginally brighter. The sun’s light shone diffused through the blanket of gray above, the fog stubbornly clinging around certain fields. I bit my lips, wanting to heel my horse and have her gallop me to the woods.

“I feel so exposed,” I muttered to my brother.

He nodded his head. He opened his mouth to say something.

A dog bayed in the distance.

Zanyia’s ears pricked. Her head whipped behind us, ears swiveling as another dog bayed. Then a third. She let out a whimpering sound, clutching my brother tighter. “I know those howls. Hunting dogs.”

“Las’s putrid cum,” snarled my brother. “Bloodhounds. They must have got our scent at the patrol.”

“How far away?” I asked Zanyia.

“Several miles,” she answered. “But… I think there are horses with them, too. They’re moving fast.”

Another excited bay howled through the morning air.

Sven heeled his horse from a trot to cantor, hooves beating on the farm road, his eyes scanning ahead. Rainbow matched his stallion’s cantor, my heart thudding in my chest. Fields passed us, wet dirt with shoots of green poking threw in orderly rows.

Every time the dog’s howled, my shoulders hunched. I wanted to spur Rainbow into a gallop, but they could only run for so long at that speed before they needed rests. If we pushed them too hard, they could injure themselves or die.

Then we’d be on foot and really vulnerable.

But that applied to their pursuers. If they were pushing their horses hard, they’d be tired when the caught up to us. So we had to conserve our mounts’ endurance. Then we could gallop fast, maybe escape for a time.

But what to do about bloodhounds?

They bayed closer.

“I can see them,” Zanyia said. “They’re cresting the hill a mile behind us.”

“They’re moving fast,” Sven said.

I looked over my shoulder, spotting movement in the distance, but I couldn’t make out much details. I didn’t have Zanyia’s keen eyes. I bit my lip. “How many?”

“Five riders plus three dogs,” Zanyia reported. “And they have spare mounts.”

“Las’s putrid cum and Illth’s foul jizz!” spat Sven. “We can’t outrun them.”

The patrol could just change mounts when their horses grew tired. We didn’t have that option. “We need a place to hide. Brush. Something natural.”


I nodded my head.

“There!” He pointed to a copse of trees across a field.

“That’ll work.”

Night neighed as my brother spurred him. The black stallion charged off the road, leaping over the rickety fence and landing in the field, hooves kicking up mud and trampling fresh shoots. I followed, my cloak flapping behind me. I leaned low over Rainbow as she approached the fence.

She jumped.

For a moment, we soared, the ground rushing beneath us. I rose up on my legs, my legs bent, feet planted in the stirrups. We hit, my bent knees absorbing the impact. Rainbow whinnied, her legs stretching out, racing across the field with all speed for the copse.

A horn sounded behind us. The dogs bayed louder.

To be continued…

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