The Rogue’s Harem Book One, Chapter Twenty-Two: Humiliating Lust


The World of Erasthay

The Rogue’s Harem Book One: Rogue’s Sultry Women

Chapter Chapter Twenty-Two: Humiliating Lust

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

Story Codes: Male/Female, Fantasy, Magic, Violence, Incest, Humiliation

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“Master!” screamed from my throat as I rolled my body. Heat burned across my back, dog claws scratching as the beast scrambled to stay on me.
My fingernails sprouted claws. Fury hissed from me as jaws snapped down at my face, green eyes reflecting death. I struck the dog’s muzzle with a slashing blow. Its head jerked before its snapping jaw bit by my ear, almost tearing into the sensitive spot. My ear twitched back as my lithe body squirmed beneath the beast.

Around me, dogs snarled. Master shouted, blocking snapping jaws with his arm, blood spurting. His dagger flashed. The dog whimpered, staggering away in a spurt of crimson, the mangy beast collapsing on the ground. Mistress screamed something. Rainbow light flared as she scrambled from a snarling beast.

It bayed in terror. Its claws tore at the underbrush before bursting out and dashing through the regrouping soldiers. Horses neighed in shock, rearing. One soldier cursed, landing on his back in a crumple of metal.

Then the hound attacking me lounged again, blood matting the fur on the side of his face. His claws scratched below my breasts, saliva dripping. My hands hands grabbed at his furry neck, loose skin sliding over strong muscles as it snapped jaws shut an inch from my nose. I hissed, tail twitching. My legs curled, planted on his belly, thrust.

The dog snarled, tumbling off my body. The pair of us scrambled to our feet, brush rustling. I went into a low crouch, spitting fury, blood welling from scratches across my torso, each line burning pain.

“I need to be pretty for Master!” I yowled as the dog lunged.

Metal fleshed.

A throwing dagger took the hound in the side of the neck. It crashed into a twitching heap before me. Master’s short sword rasped as he ripped it out of its sheath. He whirled to face the regrouped soldiers. They charged in at the brush.

I turned to fight them armed with only my claws.


Princess Ava – Echur, The Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

I trembled beneath my father’s desk, his cock throbbing before me, soaked in my incestuous cream. The sight of his glistening shaft, my pussy dribbling with his seed, sent more lust through me. What was wrong with me? Why did this cock obsess me so?

I hated him!

He just fucked me! His daughter! He was like Sven. He fucked his sister, crossing forbidden lines. I hungered for my father’s dick, too. Just as filthy as them. As the door opened, the steps of Master Mage Shevoin entering my father’s study, I licked my lips.

And then I licked my father’s cock.

The fresh flavor of my pussy juices coated my tongue as I drew up his shaft. I reached the tip, flicking the pink crown. What moments before softened now hardened. My tongue swirled around the crown before I kissed down his dick again to his balls swaddled in pale-gold pubic hair. I savored my juices, lapping them off his nuts, sucking them into my mouth.

So full of the seed that wanted to breed me. His own daughter!

The humiliation of doing this, of being driven by my weak body, shamed me. I loved Sven, even if he transgressed into incest, so it made me feel so bad to enjoy another man. My father! But my desire so strong, they compelled me to do this when another man was in the room. My lusts drove me to be such a whore for my father.

Tears fell down my cheeks even as my tongue licked back up his fully erect shaft. A chair scraped on stone then creaked, Shevoin sitting. My lips engulfed the tip of my father’s cock, bringing a slight groan from his lips.

“There were fluctuations with the lodestone,” Shevoin rasped. I pictured the older Thosian man, his hair gray. Tall and lean, with a rasp brought about by his pipe smoking.

“Is this a problem?” asked my father as I slid more and more of his cock into my mouth. My tongue danced around the tip, reveling in the taste of my fresh juices. “It shouldn’t have anything to do with the overdue shipment.”

“No, no, I corrected it. The connection to your army remains strong,” Shevoin said. “I fear this is caused by the chaotic nature of Faerie. The cattle have no effect on the efficacy of the lodestone. You know that, your Highness.”

“Sorry,” Father said, voice tight as my cheeks hollowed. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to love this cock. “I have other… concerns drawing my attention at the moment.”

My cheeks burned in humiliation. I was such a whore.

“I have applied a new mathematical model to the conduit,” Shevoin said. “One that should properly deal with the fluctuations of—”

“I do not need the details, Master Mage,” Father said, his hand reaching down, stroking through my strawberry-blonde hair. His hand tightened, pushing my mouth farther and farther down his cock.

It hit the back of my throat.

“Of course, your Highness. Just rest assured, your army will put into the field. And I am sure Zizthithana will provide more cattle soon.”

“That naga cunt better,” growled Father, his hand pushing down the back of my head, forcing his cock down my throat.

I relaxed it, so eager to please the man I loathed. Hearing the naga’s name, the foul creature who ruled the province of Hizzithya on the other side of the Despeir Mountains, gave context to “cattle.” The captured slaves Sven and Kora freed. My father needed them for his foul plans. How were they necessary for the control of his imbued army?

It was so hard to focus on those questions as his cock slid farther and farther down my throat. My lips pressed into his pubic hair. I sucked breaths through my nose, my pussy growing hotter. More incestuous cum leaked out of me. It ran thick down my thighs. I shoved my hand between them, sliding up the stick my mess to my weeping cunt.

Rubbed it.

I let out a soft sight about my father’s cock, swallowing, massaging it with my throat. He gripped my hair but didn’t fuck my mouth up and down his cock. Not with Shevoin in the room. But I could tell he wanted to use me as his whore.

His own daughter!

Such an evil man. My fingers plunged faster, diving through my sloppy depths. Rapture surged through me. Cum and pussy juices dribbled down my hand. My small breasts jiggled, a tremble racing through my body.

I pressed the heel of my hand against my clit, massaging it. Pleasure surged through me.

“And your trip, your Majesty. Was it successful?”

“Very,” Father said. “You were correct about her. She was exactly what I needed. The results have been… wonderful.”

Father’s cock throbbed in my throat. I plunged my fingers faster and faster into my cunt. Who was this women he spoke of? Where had he gone on his trip? I stirred my snatch to a froth, questions and shame swirling through me, crashing into the pleasure, the naughty thrill of blowing my father with someone else in the room.

Of being his whore.

“Well, your Highness, if there is anything else you need of me?” Shevoin asked.

“No, no. You are dismissed. I have… work to catch up on.”

The chair creaked as Shevoin rose. I shuddered, glad he was gone. What if he discovered me being my father’s whore. The shame would kill me. And though I wanted him to stay, to learn more, I needed him to leave before I came like the slut I’d become.

My pussy sucked at my fingers. The pleasure built and built in me. His footsteps retreated. I moaned louder about my father’s cock, whimpering like the little princess-whore I was. My eyes squeezed shut. Just as disgusting as Sven and his sister.

I enjoyed incest just as much as they did.

The door opened. “Your highness, what is that sound. It’s so… wet.”

“What sound?” Father asked. “You are dismissed, Shevoin.”

“Yes, yes, you’re right.” The door closed.

I came.

My orgasm exploded through me. I couldn’t hold it back a moment longer. I screamed about my father’s cock, my voice muffled by the shaft buried in my throat. He groaned, his hand tightening in my hair.

Then he fucked my head up and down his cock. His other hand gripped me as he pumped my mouth faster. I shuddered, his dick burying over and over down my throat, using me like his little slut-princess.

“My sweetling, yes,” he groaned. “Such a whore for my cock.”

I was. I came harder.

My pussy convulsed about my fingers. Hot juices flooded out of my cunt and dribbled down my arm and thighs. I moaned and gasped, sucking on his dick, my throat becoming so wonderfully raw as the bastard used me.

His fingers tightened in my hair. He groaned, his chair creaking. Then his salty cum flooded my mouth. So thick and creamy. I shivered, gulping it down with the hunger of a female mage, just a slut for jizz.

My father’s incestuous seed warmed my belly as he gasped, “Yes, my sweetling! Such a good daughter!”

I shuddered in disgust. Sven couldn’t kill my father fast enough. He had to reach the lodestone and destroy it!

To be continued…

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