The Rogue’s Harem Book One, Chapter Twenty-Three: Rogue’s Hot Pursuit


The World of Erasthay

The Rogue’s Harem Book One: Rogue’s Sultry Women

Chapter Twenty-Three: Rogue’s Hot Pursuit

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

Story Codes: Female Masturbation, Fantasy, Magic, Violence

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Sven Falk – Princedom of Kivoneth, Strifelands of Zeutch

Horns sounded.

“Las’s blighted cock!” I swore, throwing a look over my shoulder at the foggy fields. “Another patrol?”

“Closing fast by the sounds of it,” Kora said, heeling her new mount to a cantor.

I gripped my short sword in one hand, blood dripping from the weapon’s point, and the reins of my purloined horse in the other. We took the mounts of the patrol we slew. Kora and Zanyia both rode new steeds, each holding the long leads for our remounts. Beside my stallion Night and Kora’s mare Rainbow, we had another three horses for us to ride after our first battle.

“Faster!” I snarled, heeling my horse. With remounts, we could push our horses, switching them when the grew tired.

Zanyia, her body scratched and bloodied, leaned low over her gelding, her lithe legs holding on, flexing as she bounced, her small breasts jiggling. I didn’t suspect she had any skill at riding. She looked lean and dangerous now. On my other side, Kora rode, her pink robes billowing, her twin braids bouncing down her back.

On the horizon, a green blur loomed, the Forest of Lhes. But it was far, across miles and miles of farmland. Cleared land with no places to hide. And with bloodhounds tracking us, we had no escape from the soldiers. I leaned low over my warhorse. He snorted, lather frothing his brown coat. Hooves drummed on the hard pack dirt of the framing road.

More horns sounded.

“From the west,” Zanyia cried.

“They’re closing in on us!” Kora shouted.

“So we have to ride faster!” I spurred my mount again. He neighed, hooves thudding on the ground.

“We’ll kill the horses!” Kora shouted.

“We have remounts.” My heart thudded. I threw a look over my shoulder. The fog behind us swirled, revealing a patrol galloping in full armor. “And they can’t ride as fast. Not in the armor. We have to keep pushing. No stop. No rest.”

“Right, brother mine!” Kora said, voice tight.


Princess Ava – Echur, The Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

My pussy burned and itched. It was hours before I escaped my father’s study with three more loads of cum deposited in my pussy, my father hoping to breed me. Now, in the darkness of my bower, I squirmed on my bed in my thin nightgown. Such shame and lust burned through me, keeping me from sleep.

My agitation was so great, I sent Greta away, not wanting her to witness how depraved my father made me. She pouted, but I was firm with my bedmaid.

I couldn’t resist that hot hole between my snatch. I shoved my hands between my thighs, rubbing at my heated flesh. I stroked through my strawberry bush, caressing my labia. I slid my fingers up and down my slit, squirming, delight tingling through me.

My eyes squeezed shut. My father’s hated face floated before me. His words that he made my mother his whore burned through me. She loved him. She wasn’t a wanton slattern panting after his dick. She was better than me.

I should think of Sven. My love. My betrothed. My heart. He was the man I should yearn for.

I forced away the image of my father’s face and pictured Sven. That cocky grin, his thick, blonde hair so perfect for running my hands through, his bold chin that I loved to nibble on, his lean and muscular body, not brawny like a warrior, but dangerous. He had a grace about his movements, fingers dexterous.

So dexterous.

He knew how to play with my pussy. How to touch me, stroke me.

I mimicked the naughty things he’d done to my cunt. The way he would dance his fingers across my snatch. I shivered, caressing my clit in his teasing manner. Delight shivered through my throat as I imagined him beside me, stroking me.

And then Kora appeared. Mmm, brother mine, I need you, she moaned through my imagination. I need that cock in me.

I shuddered, my cheeks burning, imagining brother and sister coming together in incestuous passion. His strong hands cupped her breasts, the left tattooed with flowering vines. He squeezed them while I frigged, watching them.

This is how Sven loves a woman, Kora moaned. He touches me the way he touches you. He makes me quiver.

“It’s wrong,” I groaned, the image of Sven kneading his little sister’s tits searing through my mind. He squeezed those round breasts, bigger than my small mounds. His lips descended.

Sucking on a pink nipple.

Kora’s wanton moans echoed through my imagination, her dancer-lithe body shifting beneath him. She writhed, enjoying the taboo pleasure of her brother’s mouth sucking on her nipple. His tongue swirled around her nub the way he’d love mine.

My left hand found my small breast, finger dancing around my nipple. My pussy clenched, aching to be filled. I slipped two fingers into my sopping depths, my back arching on my bed. The pleasure surged through me.

“You’re freaks!” I groaned. “Depraved freaks for loving each other.”

We are, Kora moaned as her brother sucked so hard on her nipple, his naked body shifting on hers, his dick so hard for his sister’s flesh. Just like you.

“Yes!” I hissed, my pussy clenching on my two digits, aching for my father’s cock to penetrate me instead. “I am!”

So why do you despise Sven for loving me? Kora asked while Sven kissed down her body in my imagination. For indulging in the same passion that burns in you. At least Sven loves me. He doesn’t hate me.

“I hate him so much, Kora!” I whimpered, my body shuddering. “I don’t understand why his dick makes me so wet. He’s my father!”

It’s so wrong, Sven groaned, his blue eyes swallowing my imagination.

I shivered, pinching my nipple, frigging my pussy, drowning in the memory of his eyes. I wanted to see Sven so badly. To be held by him. My fantasy lover pushed his sister’s thighs apart. He leaned down, taking a lick through her incestuous snatch.

Oh, Ava, I envied you so much, Kora moaned. I wanted my brother so badly. We can share him.

You can join us, Sven groaned. Share in our depravity, In our taboo love.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped, my body quivering. “I want that so much, Sven!”

We understand, Kora moaned. Your attraction to your horrid father. It’s the taboo nature of incest. Of crossing that forbidden line. That’s what compels you to fuck him. It’s not love like we share. Me and you, Ava, we’re the same.

We love Sven.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I howled, my pussy clenching so hard on my fingers. “I love him so much! He makes me so wet! He makes me so horny!”

My fingers frigged my pussy, Kora pulling Sven up to her. They kissed, his lips coated in her pussy juices. Her hands guided his cock to her taboo hole. Brother and sister united in my fantasy, his cock ramming into her cunt.

“That’s so beautiful!” I gasped. “So wrong and beautiful! I want that! I want to revel in incest! In the forbidden, carnal love!”

You can, Sven groaned, pumping hard, ramming his cock into his sister’s cunt. Just come and visit us.

Join us! moaned Kora. Share in our forbidden love!

“Yes!” I howled, my body bucking, the rapture shooting through me. My fantasy carried me into the heights of rapture.

I came.

My pussy spasmed about my fingers. I groaned and whimpered. My bed creaked. I undulated on my linen sheets, juices gushing around my plunging digits. The air perfumed with my fresh musk. I whimpered, pinching my nipple so hard. Sven groaned, cumming in his sister’s snatch, pumping his wonderful seed into her.

Ecstasy burned through my mind. I had to join them. Tonight, I would lie with brother and sister, share in their incestuous love. The three of us—no, four with Zanyia—would savor such rapture tonight.

“I love you!” I moaned to them as they quivered in the same rapture I felt.

“Thinking of me, sweetling?” the voice of my father said.

I gasped, eyes opening to see his pale form in my bedchamber, his hands rubbing at his gray hose, his cock bulging it. My body convulsed a final time, my pussy clenching on my digits. Such lusts surged through me at the sight of his hated face.

“Yes,” I lied, ripping my fingers out of my snatch. I brought them to my mouth, sucking on my fresh cream. “Yes, I was, Daddy.”

He grinned, pulling out his cock as he approached me.


Kora Falk – Princedom of Kivoneth, Strifelands of Zeutch

The ruby amulet bounced between my breasts as I galloped on my third mount of the day. He flagged, snorting, his pace slowing. I hated riding the poor beast so hard. One had already died because of how hard we pushed.

“I need to change mounts,” I gasped to Sven, my entire body aching, sore from bouncing on my horse.

“They’re close,” Sven snarled, hauling up his mount, the flanks lathered in sweat. “But fine.”

Zanyia whimpered. She tottered off her mount. Her naked thighs rubbed raw. She scurried bow-legged to a fresh horse. My own thighs, protected by the soft cloth of my robes, felt like leather. My ass ached, my thighs jelly.

I groaned, climbing off my horse. I had no idea what time it was. The clouds hid the moon. An entire day spent riding, and now we pressed into the night. But torches burned in the dark. Another patrol approached.

We’d killed two more today, using our magic and skill, utilizing the weakness of their armor. But we were growing more and more weak. It was so hard to think, to remember the formula for the prayers to my goddess.

“Sweet Rithi’s gaze,” I groaned, climbing up onto my new mount, captured from the last patrol we killed.

“Hurry up,” Sven snarled, already on his fresh mount, his left arm cradled in a sling, a blood bandage staining it. He took a sword stroke that cut him almost to the bone. We all needed my healing magic, but I had no time to cast it. “Move, sister dear!”

“I’m ready, brother mine,” I panted, swaying.

“Master!” Zanyia gasped, her tail growing rigid on her horse, head whipping through the darkness.

Sven cursed. He jerked up his hand crossbow from his belt, aimed, and fired. A bolt hissed into the darkness. A horse screamed in pain. I winced. These poor, wonderful creatures did not deserve the misery we put them through. They should gallop free, not being ridden to their deaths.

Then something tugged at my sleeve. I gasped, my robe pulling against me. I felt a weight dragging at me. I fumbled, finding a wooden dowel shoved through clothing and something triangular and metal at the tip…

“Arrows!” I shouted, something hissing down and clattering on the road.

One of our remounts screamed, bucked, then ripped from of the lead I gripped in my left hand. It staggered into the night, an arrow buried in its flank. I heeled my horse, heart beating in terror as the missiles rained out of the darkness.

“Go, go, go!” Sven shouted, ducking low.

My spine itched. I pressed myself into the mane of my new horse, the pain in my thighs and ass forgotten as death hissed from above. Dark streaks flashed past my vision, falling around us as the patrol fired blind. I felt so exposed. So vulnerable. At any moment, death would find me.

Or Sven or Zanyia.

My heart clenched in terror for my brother and the lamia. I didn’t want to lose either of them. My brother owned my heart, and Zanyia had nestled in there with him, cuddling about my feelings for Sven, interwoven with them. I didn’t want to lose either of them.

“Rithi, please!” I groaned. “Don’t let their arrows find our flesh.”

“I think we’re out of range!” Sven shouted. “Zanyia?”

“They’re chasing after us and not firing, Master,” the lamia said. “They’re close though. They must be on fresh mounts, too.”

My horse’s next galloping step didn’t hit level ground. I felt my horse sink forward, stepping in some hole. Bone snapped. My horse squealed. And then the world tumbled. I screamed before crashing into the ground.

Pain exploded in my arm. My face burned. My horse screamed.


Horns sounded so close. The world spun around me. My stomach felt queasy. I struggled to rise and…

Darkness seized me.

To be continued…

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