The Rogue’s Harem Book One, Chapter Twenty-Four: Princess’s Wanton Surrender


The World of Erasthay

The Rogue’s Harem Book One: Rogue’s Sultry Women

Chapter Twenty-Four: Princess’s Wanton Surrender

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

Story Codes: Male/Female, Fantasy, Magic, Incest, Anal Sex, Rimming, Violence

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Princess Ava – Echur, The Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

“Daddy!” I whimpered as my father buried his face into my snatch. His tongue licked through my folds. His pale-blue eyes stared up at me, the normal glacier melting into passion. “Oh, Daddy, yes!”

His hands rubbed up and down my bare thighs, my nightgown shoved up past my waist. His whiskered cheeks rubbed on my clit. I let him feast, let him indulge in his incestuous desires for me as his tongue dove through my folds, whipping such delight through my body.

My eyes rolled back into my head. My hips writhed, grinding my pussy against his mouth. Pleasure shuddered through me. I craved this taboo pleasure. Just like Kora and Sven. Father’s tongue jammed into my adulterous cunt’s depths, swirling around.

Tasting my passion for our incest.

“My sweetling,” he groaned between licks. “So horny to be bred by Daddy.”

“Yes, yes, yes, breed me!” I moaned, grateful again for the contraceptive enchantment on my body. I may lust for my father, but only Sven would ever breed me.

His tongue licked lower, his hands shoving my thighs, folding them across my stomach. I gasped, his face pressing into my butt-cheeks. His tongue danced across my asshole. I whimpered, humping against him as he rimmed my sphincter, his whiskers so amazing.

My pussy clenched, envying my asshole. I gasped, his tongue pressing into my bowels, delving into my velvety delight. Wicked pleasure rippled to my boiling cunt. I clutched at my knees, holding my legs folded to my chest, my nipples throbbing in my thin nightgown.

“Oh, what a naughty Daddy,” I groaned. “That’s my asshole!”

“Your last virgin hole,” he groaned, not realizing that Sven had enjoyed every inch of my body years ago.

How I came hard that night Sven had buggered me for the first time, my head sticking out the window of his room at the University of Az, staring out at the manicured grounds, letting my royal passions moan into the darkness as he reamed my asshole.

I shuddered, Father’s tongue probing into the depths of my asshole. He shifted his head, his gold crown rubbing on my thigh, so cold. I flinched from it even as another wave of delight rippled out of my bowels, making my entire body twitch.

My toes curled.

“Such a wicked Daddy,” I gasped. “Ooh, playing with your daughter’s asshole.”

“Such a dirty, yummy hole, my sweetling,” he groaned between licks. “But perfect. Just like your mother’s. You are her reborn.”

I shuddered at that, wanting to shout out I wasn’t Mother. That he couldn’t do this. But I didn’t. Not when my treasonous pussy craved his cock so much. When my whorish asshole craved the incestuous contact of his tongue rimming me.

And he didn’t disappoint. He jammed his tongue into the depths of my asshole again, reaching as far as he could. He swirled against my bowels, making my pussy hotter and hotter. My snatch tightened, aching to be filled.

“Oh, Daddy, just fuck me!” I howled. “Give me that dick again.”

“You just can’t get enough of Daddy’s dick, can you, sweetling?”

“Yes! I need it more! I need your cum in me always. Breeding me! Soiling me, Daddy!”

He licked my asshole once more. “But Daddy needs to plunder a different hole tonight.”

“You can fuck my asshole, too, Daddy!” I moaned. “I don’t care where you dump your cum.” It was the truth. I didn’t. I just needed his cock in me, giving me the relief that I need.

“My sweetling!” he moaned.

Then he pulled away from my asshole. I let go of my thighs as he gazed down at me. Feeling whorish, I pulled off my nightgown, exposing my breasts. He cupped them, feeling my small mounds. I shuddered, his thumbs sweeping across my nipples.

He grabbed my pillow and placed it beside me. Before I could question him, I gasped as he rolled me over onto my belly, the bolster beneath my stomach, elevating my ass. I gasped, his legs forcing my thighs apart as he knelt between them, his cock nudging my strawberry muff.

Then he rammed his cock into my pussy.

My back arched. “Daddy!” I whimpered. “That’s not my asshole.”

“Just need to lube my cock with your juices. I don’t want to hurt my sweetling.”

Then you never should have fucked me! You never should have killed Sven’s family! You should have let me marry him!

My pussy clenched down hard on his dick as the anger surged through my lust. He groaned, pumping through my tight snatch. The friction rippled through me, making me groan, blunting my fury, dulling it with passion.

Then he ripped his cock out of my snatch, the wet tip sliding past my taint and in between my butt-cheeks. I gasped as he rubbed it on my sphincter. I didn’t fight as he pressed forward, pushing into my bowels.

“You’ll love having my cock up your ass, my sweetling,” he groaned, his pussy-lubed cock sliding deeper and deeper into my bowels. “Just like your mother.”

“I just want to love you like she did!” I lied, his cock burying into my anal depths. He was as big as my Sven’s.

And felt so amazing.

He groaned, savoring my tight asshole. Then he drew back his hips. I quivered, loving the feel of his dick thrusting in and out of me. He reamed my bowels over and over. He pumped them into my depths, his crotch smacking over and over into my butt-cheeks.

I shuddered, clenching my bowels on his girth every time he buried into me. He grunted his pleasure, leaning over me as he reamed my bowels. He sodomized me hard, my nipples rasping into my linen sheets, the bed creaking, headboard smacking the stone walls of my bower.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!” I gasped. “Fuck my asshole. Ooh, you’re reaming me so hard. So good. You’re driving me wild.”

“Nothing brings me more joy, my sweetling, than to give you pleasure,” he panted. “I am so glad you understand. That you love me.”

“Always, Daddy!” I gasped, clenching my bowels hard. Once, claiming I loved him was true.

Fire destroyed my love, leaving only angry cinders behind.

I gasped and moaned, my orgasm swelling in my pussy. I savored every hard plunge of his dick into my bowels. They made me quiver and groan. My eyes fluttered, the rapture building faster and faster in me, leaving me trembling, groaning.

Aching to be flooded with his cum.

My bowels squeezed down on his dick over and over, increasing the friction, my pleasure. His balls smacked into my body, so full of his incestuous cum. I whimpered, bucking back into his thrusts, so eager to explode on his dick.

“Daddy!”I squealed, voice so tight, my orgasm on the verge of detonation. “Just a little more!”

“Then you’ll cum on my dick, sweetling?” he asked.

“So hard! I… Yes!”

His cock driving into my bowels set me off. My asshole convulsed about his dick. He groaned, burying his shaft into my writhing depths. Then his cum flooded me. I shuddered, drinking in the warmth of his forbidden jizz.

My pussy spasmed. Juices flooded out of my snatch while he groaned above me. I whimpered and trembled, the humiliating, shameful pleasure burning through my mind. My entire body convulsed. My thoughts quivered.

Rapture. Ecstasy.

Why did I have to feel this with him?

“My sweetling!” he groaned, hugging me, holding me tight, rolling us onto our sides as his cock softened in my asshole. “I love you so much.”

“Mmm, Daddy, yes,” I moaned, stroking his hands clasped over my belly. “Daddy?”

“Yes, sweetling,” he asked, nuzzling at my neck, kissing, sucking, smooching.

My stomach twisted. “What’s the lodestone?”

“Hmm?” he sighed. His hand slid up my body to my breast, cupping it.

“Master Mage Shevoin mentioned it,” I said. “It’s in Faerie?”

“Nothing you need worry about, my sweetling.” His right hand squeezed my breast, his left rubbing my belly. “You just need to quicken my heir. He’ll be a powerful man. A High King. He’ll inherit Peter’s empire after I re-create it.”

I shivered. For two hundred years, war ravaged not just Zeutch, but all the lands of men. My father was mad. The world needed peace, not war.

But I also knew my father. He would never speak tonight. But I would find out.

“I must go,” he said. “You need your sleep.”

I turned my head, fighting my shudder as he kissed me with possessive lips. Then his soft cock slipped out of my bowels, followed by a flood of cum. My bed creaked as he rolled out of it. He gathered his clothing, dressing as I knelt in the growing puddle of his seed, biting my lip.

“Good night, my sweetling,” he said.

“Night, Daddy,” I purred, closing my eyes.

I waited for him to leave my bower then listened for the door of my sitting room closing. I counted a hundred heartbeats, ensuring he wouldn’t return, and then sank my thoughts into my proxy with Sven. I had to talk to him, tell him that the Lodestone was the key. And about the cattle.

I hoped he and his sister reveled in their taboo passion. I wanted to join in them.


Zanyia – Princedom of Kivoneth, Strifelands of Zeutch

I leaped onto the shoulder of the soldier, tearing at the gap between his chainmail armor and his helmet. Claws bit into flesh. His arterial blood spurted hot. He staggered, gurgling before he sank to the ground in a clatter.

Chaos raged around me in the dark. Dogs howled, men shouted, horses neighed. When Kora’s mount collapsed and threw her, the enemy fell upon us before we could get her unconscious form on a new horse. I whipped my head around, ears twitching, a cacophony of sounds surged through me. Even with my keen eyes, everything was dim shadows, shapes.

I leaped over a charging dog, landing behind him. The dog’s claws scratched at the ground, throwing up a furrow of dirt. He whirled around, growling, foam flecking his muzzles, his green eyes sparkling, reflecting what moonlight bled through the clouds.

He charged. I hissed.

We crashed together. Hot teeth snapped for my flesh. I wiggled, hissing as fresh scratches raked my naked body and—

“That hurt!” I yowled, my abused nipple screaming in pain, my left tit throbbing. My teeth found the dog’s throat, my claws tearing at his belly as we rolled on the ground.

The dog whimpered, blood splashing my body. I rolled to my feet in a snarling crouch, tears pouring down my cheeks. I touched my nub, winced at the pain flaring. My ears twitched, tail swishing in agitation.

And then something grew out of the side of a horse. From master’s stallion. I frowned and then blinked, witnessing the rose quartz statue of Princess Ava climb out and drop to the ground. The figure swelled to her full height, the unliving, naked body moving like real flesh despite made of stone.

“Sven?” she asked in hesitation. “What’s going on?”

A soldier appeared out of the darkness, swinging at the princess. She screamed in shock, throwing up her arms to ward herself. The metal blade crashed into her statue and rebounded, not leaving a mark on her. The soldier cursed, staggering back.

“You tried to kill me!” the princess gasped in indignation. Then she slapped the man like any courtly woman would.

Only her hand was made of stone.

The soldier’s head snapped around. His helmet rang like a bell stuck. He staggered two steps then collapsed in a rattling heap, his weapon tumbling from his hand. Ava stood over him, her small breasts heaving with exertion.

“What is going on? Sven!”

I darted to her, kneeling before her. “It’s me, Princess, Zanyia. More men found us.”

“Oh, no,” the princess groaned. “Is Sven hurt?”

“Kora might be.” I whimpered, a mix of my throbbing nipple and fear. “I don’t know where Master and Mistress are. It’s so chaotic.”

“Sven!” Ava shouted again.

Another soldier rushed up to us. I hissed, jumping to the side, his swing missing me. He staggered from the blow. Ava squeaked in shock, staggering back like the blade could actually hurt the stone proxy she inhabited.

And then a blade thunked into the side of the man’s head. A throwing dagger.

My head whipped around. I smiled as Master staggered out of the darkness. He had Kora slung over his left shoulder. My joy vanished, seeing how limp Kora swayed in his grip. Was she unconscious or…

I swallowed.

“Oh, no, is she…?” gasped Ava.

“Ava?” Sven gasped as he threw his sister over the back of Night. “Kora’s unconscious. She’ll be fine. But what are you doing here? No, never mind. Strap her in.”

“Okay,” Ava said as Sven drew his short sword.

“They’re over here!” someone shouted.

I hissed, crouching beside Master as the princess worked to secure Kora. Boots thudded after us while more horns sounded in the distant, reinforcements bearing down on us. My stomach squirmed, twisting in fear.

“Get ready,” Master said.

Then he ducked low and darted to the right, his dark leathers blending him with the shadows. I darted to the left, seeing the soldiers approach. Master sprang out one from the side, ramming his short sword through the gaps of their armor at the armpits. The man grunted, fresh blood scenting the air.

I ducked low then dove at the legs of soldier in chainmail. My claws raked across the stout leather pants. I hooked his calf, jerking, He grunted, stumbling. His foot lashed out at me, catching me in my side. My ribs creaked.

Then I lunged up, teeth ripping into his groin, chewing on his balls through the thick pants. He howled in pain, dropping his weapon. Sharp fangs tore through the leather. It had grown softer in the crotch from wear.

His screams turned into howls as I made him into a eunuch. He pitched forward onto his face, trembling on the ground. I spat flesh from my mouth, his blood hot and sticky. I looked up and gasped, ducking as sword strike.

“She’s strapped in!” Ava shouted. “I think her right arm’s broken.”

“Fine,” Sven shouted, blades parrying. “Zanyia, find a horse!”

I darted past my new enemy, racing in a low crouch on all fours, my tail swishing behind me. Then I leaped at a mount, landing on Rainbow. I clutched to Mistress’s ebony mare, wheeling her around to see Master’s shadow break off from a dying soldier.

An arrow hissed by my ear. I flinched and heeled my horse. Master scooped up Princess Ava who was shrinking into a smaller statue. He shoved the now diminutive figure on his shoulder before mounting an enemy stallion. He snagged Night’s reins in his good hand and heeled his mount.

We charged off into the night.


Sven Falk

The world grew light. Dawn rose behind us. Somehow, night had passed. When. My left arm throbbed. My mount panted, snorting from exertion. Ava gripped my hair, perched on my shoulder. She stayed with me the entire night.

“The forest!” Ava squeaked, pointing ahead.

A dark wall of trees materialized out of the gray. The world grew lighter and lighter with every step. The land around the woods cut by farmers for wood, leading to the primeval depths untouched by humans. The road we charged down, a woodcutter’s trail, ended at a field of stumps.

“Sven,” Kora groaned.

My sister clung to her saddle. She came awake enough some time ago. But she swayed in the saddle, the side of her head swollen from her fall, blue eyes unfocused. Only her years of riding kept her in the saddle. She needed to heal herself with her magic. We all needed to be healed, but we had no time. Zanyia slumped over her, a bandage over her left breast, her nipple almost torn off by a dog’s claw.

“You can loose them in the trees!” Ava squealed. “Hurry, hurry!”

I threw a look over my shoulder. Another patrol followed, gaining us. “We better,” I growled as the edge of the woods hurtled closer. “Pater, please.”

And then I galloped past the first towering spruce and entered the darkness of Forest of Lhes.

To be continued…

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