The World of Erasthay – The Triad and the Kidnapped Virgins Chapter 2: Fucked by the Warg


The World of Erasthay

The Triad and the Kidnapped Virgins

Chapter Two: Fucked by the Warg

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2015

Story Codes: Male/Female, Female/Female, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Monster, Creampie, Oral Sex, Incest, Fantasy, Magic, Violence

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Fiona – Lesh-Ke Foothills, The Kingdom of Haz

My spouses both gave me sour looks as we rode through the foothills of the Lesh-Ke Mountains, leaving behind the village of Min-Kei and all its nubile women and virile men. Seamus and Aoifa had both been eager to break our marriage vows and fuck anyone that was willing.

We had rescued the village from a marauding band of kobolds riding wargs. While I attended to the injured with my magic, Seamus and Aoifa enjoyed the locals. I found Seamus with a woman’s tits wrapped around his cock while Aoifa was being fucked hard by a man, and he wasn’t even the first.

Did our marriage vows mean nothing?

A month ago, I had chosen Seamus to be our husband. He was one of the Paladins of Gewin, trained to be a holy warrior so he could join a Triad and fight evil. Since I was a twinborn witch, our people’s customs decried I had to fight evil and protect the peoples of the Lesh-Ke Mountains with my twin sister and our husband. Aoifa and I had married Seamus beneath the poplar tree, and I had been so happy.

And at the first village we save they both want to have fun. Neither seemed to understand the sacred bond of our marriage they violated.

“You could have loosened up,” Aoifa whispered. “You have always been so prudish. Sex is something to be enjoyed.”

“And what about our love?” I demanded of my twin sister. Though we were twins, we didn’t look much alike. We looked as alike as any sisters and she was often mistaken for being older by a few years. She was more mature, more vivacious. She had been spreading her thighs for any boy as long as I had known her while I had been the only virgin in our marriage bed. Aoifa had short, black hair and a full figure. I was lithe and slim, my dark-red hair falling in a braid down my back.

“Love and sex aren’t the same,” Seamus answered. “I can love you both and fuck another woman. It doesn’t change that.”

Aoifa nodded her head.

Seamus rode before us on his warhorse Strider. He was clad in a chainmail coat with bracers on his arms and greaves strapped to his leather pants. A longsword hung from his waist. He was a handsome, strong man with wild, red hair and an excited smile.

“I disagree,” I huffed.

“I saw how hard you came with Dinah’s tongue wormed into your ass,” Aoifa grinned.

My cheeks burned and my pussy grew wet. I couldn’t deny that when Seamus and I made love in the tavern, it had been excited when Dinah, the very woman that had her tits wrapped around Seamus’s cock when I walked in, had licked my pussy as I rode my husband.

“I didn’t ask her to do it.”

“But you love it,” laughed Seamus. “I could tell.”

I hunched my shoulders. “That’s not important. What is important is stopping this dark warlock that has inhabited the Tower of Kov-Thi. We have to put a stop to him and rescue his virgin prisoners.”

“Virgins?” Seamus asked, his voice eager. “Why didn’t you say there were virgins in trouble?”

I glared at his back. “We’re not saving them so you can take their innocence away.”

“They’ll be eager to thank us,” Seamus shrugged. “It would be wrong not to accept their sweet gifts.”

“Very rude,” Aoifa grinned, licking her lips. She was just as bad.

“So Kov-Thi, that sounds familiar,” Seamus said.

“It should. It was the abode of the Necromancer.”

A shudder passed through Aoifa’s body. She was clad all in black leathers, many throwing knives strapped to her body. “How horrible.”

“And virgins have been taken from five of the six villages where the champions hailed from that defeated the Necromancer,” I continued. “This dark warlock can only be after one thing.”

“Which is?” Seamus asked.

“To sacrifice the virgins as part of a ritual to bring the Necromancer back to life.”

“Gods, no,” gasped Aoifa.



I woke the morning after the kobold fight with both my wife’s naked bodies pressed against me. My cock was hard, but not because of their nubile flesh. I had to piss. I wanted nothing more than to enjoy both my women before we set out on the road, but I needed to attend to my bladder first.

I slipped out of the tent. Our horses were still hobbled nearby. I stumbled through the small grove to the trees, ignoring the twigs beneath my feet. I stumbled, still waking up. I found a gnarled oak tree to lean against and groaned as I peed.

Strider neighed and the mares whinnied.

“Huh?” I asked, glancing over at the mounts. Strider’s ears were laid back. He sensed danger.

I came awake, my eyes peering around. Something rustled in the woods, approaching us. I studied the trees and caught flashes of green skin—kobolds. They were almost to the camp, heading straight for me.

I froze, holding my breath. My sword was back in the tent.

A warg growled close by. The kobolds charged through the brush.

“Wake up!” I shouted. “Kobold raid!”

A kobold burst out of the brush before me, a long spear leveled at me. The tip was made of rusted steel, the haft of a dark, hard wood. I jumped back, the point missing my skin. The kobold snarled, his long ear twitching. The spear kept jabbing at me, forcing me back. I held my hands apart, looking for my opening.

Another kobold with a sword burst out of the brush, charging at me as his companion thrust his spear at me. It was a hard thrust. He left himself overextended. A foolish mistake. I grabbed the haft and wrenched it from his hand. I didn’t have time to turn the spear point around so I thrust the butt into the throat of the charging kobold. It gurgled and dropped its sword, falling to the ground as it choked to death.

More kobolds appeared and a warg charged at the horses.

One kobold fell to the ground, his legs wrapped up by invisible ropes while a dagger took another in the eye. My wives had joined the fight. Fiona rushed up, her body wrapped up in blankets to hide her nakedness. Aoifa had no such modesty, she rushed the kobolds, her large, naked breasts heaving as she fought.



I danced through the attacking kobolds. They were distracted by naked flesh, grabbing their hard cocks bulging their filthy pants. I killed them and laughed. My nipples were hard and my pussy was wet with excitement.

Seamus and Fiona fought side-by-side. He looked so powerful as he stood naked and thrust with his stolen spear, his muscles rippling. I did have a gorgeous husband. Fiona held the blankets about her naked body with one had while the other directed her spirits.

A low growl caught my attention. I spun about just as a warg slammed into me. My knife went flying as I landed on the ground. The huge beast’s paws pinned my shoulders to the ground. His blood-red eyes stared into mine. They burned with lust. Shamanistic magic had combined a kobold with a wolf. This monster had intelligence and desires.

“You want me, big boy,” I purred, writhing beneath him. I had heard stories among the bolder Tuathan women about the prowess of a warg’s cock.

The warg’s dick was hard, shiny, and red. It throbbed between his legs. My pussy grew hotter. I wanted to feel that cock inside me. The warg’s hot, rough tongue licked across my face, dipping into my mouth. I kissed the monster, my body burning with lust.

“Mmm, yes. Take me,” I purred, stroking the yellow fur of his muzzle. “I’m hot and ripe.”

The warg’s snout moved lower, wet, black nose brushing my flesh. His tongue licked out, sliding across my hard nipples. I bucked as the hot pleasure shot down between my thighs. My nipple tingled beneath the tongue. It was rough, like coarse wool, and electrified my body. My pussy was drenched.

“You just want to devour me,” I groaned as he licked at my nipples. I stroked his fur up to his long, pointed ears. The warg growled when I stroked his ears, his furry tail wagging. The monster liked that.

The beast’s tongue licked lower, caressing across my stomach. I groaned, my pussy clenching. I couldn’t wait for that wonderful tongue to lick and nuzzle at my flesh. My skin felt alive everywhere the warg licked me.

I bucked and squirmed. My spouses were fighting, but I couldn’t care about that. I was dealing with the warg, giving it my body. He snarled and growled with excitement as he went lower. He inhaled, sniffing my arousal. I was so wet.

His paws pushed my thighs together. No normal beast could have done that, but this was a warg. His fur caressed my thighs as he lowered his muzzle. I gasped as his tongue licked from the bottom of my pussy to the top. His tongue covered so much of my flesh at once. A warg’s tongue was bigger than a humans.

“By the gods!” I gasped as the rough tongue licked through my folds again and caressed my clit. My body bucked. “Slata’s horny cunt! Yes! Eat me! Make me cum so hard!”

The warg devoured my pussy. His tongue fucked into my hole was thick as an average human’s cock. He fucked in and out of me. My body spasmed in delight. His tongue swirled through my flesh. I screamed and gasped. My hips undulated. I tore at the grass as my body was consumed with passion.

“So good!” I screamed. “Yes, yes!”

His tongue licked faster. My pussy ached. He was so energetic. He devoured me with long slurps. I moaned in delight. I wanted to explode beneath him. My breasts shook and jiggled as my hips bucked into his hungry tongue.

I exploded.

Pleasure shot through my body. I screamed out in wordless delight. My warg lover’s tongue feasted on my pussy. He drank down the juices squirting out of my cumming cunt. The pleasure surged through my body like a tidal wave, crashing into my mind. The sky spun above me as I was consumed with forbidden rapture.

And the warg’s cock throbbed red between his legs. I locked on it. I needed to feel that monster inside me. “You ready to fuck me, boy?” I panted as my pleasure receded.

The warg growled. My pussy tingled. I flipped over onto my hands and knees.



The last kobold fell dead or lay bound by my spirits. Aoifa screamed out. I whipped my head around and saw her writhing before a warg, the monster’s tongue feasting on her pussy. I gasped in shock. My wife was in trouble.

Seamus grabbed my arm. “No, wait,” he grinned. “She’s fine. She’s handling the beast.”

My cheeks blushed when I realized she was screaming out in bliss and not pain. “She’s…cumming?”

“Aoifa’s so nasty,” Seamus groaned, his face twisting in delight. His cock was hard against my hip.

Aoifa flipped over, presenting her ass. My eyes widened at the sight of the warg’s bright, red cock.

“She’s going to fuck it?”

“Yes!” My husband had a look of expectant bliss. The pervert wanted to watch?

“Aoifa! That’s disgusting!” I shouted.

“So disgusting,” she moaned as she waggled her hips. “I can’t wait for him to fuck me!”

The warg mounted my twin, his fur rubbing on her body.

“Damn,” Seamus groaned. “That is so hot, Aoifa. Fuck the warg!”

“Watch me, husband of mine!” Aoifa moaned. “Watch me get fucked hard by this monster!”

My pussy grew wet. It was so disgusting, so lewd, so forbidden. Aoifa’s head arched as the thick, red cock plunged into her pussy. I wanted to stop her. I wanted to summon my spirits to bind the warg. But I couldn’t take my eyes away. I didn’t resist as Seamus pulled away my blankets, pushed me down onto my hands and knees, and fucked me from behind as we both watched Aoifa’s bliss.



The warg’s cock entered me as my spouses watched. That just made it hotter.

Fiona was on her knees, her eyes locked on my pussy as the warg’s thick dick slammed into my depths. Lust burned on Seamus’s face as he watched me. My husband loved to watch. And I loved to fuck.

“Aoifa!” Fiona moaned as Seamus took her hard from behind. He tried to match the ferocity that the monster plowed into my cunt. But he couldn’t. The warg fucked me with a frenetic fervor I had never experienced.

It was exhilarating.

The warg’s heavy body was atop me, his forepaws gripping my side as his fur caressed my back. Soft and coarse, tickling and itching me. I savored the sensations. His hips were powerful, driving his thick cock so deep into me. The monster’s dick was different than a human’s. Thicker with a bulbous base that hammered at the lip of my pussy, trying to force its way into my depths. The monster panted as it fucked me, its breath hot on my cheek.

My fingers dug into the soil as I moaned in delight. “Fuck me! Ram that thick cock into me! By the Gods, you know how to fuck, monster!”

The warg snarled. It almost sounded like he growled, “Slut!”

“Yes, yes! I’m such a slut!” My pussy convulsed around his monstrous dick. The thick knot at its base pressed harder and harder, trying to drive into my already spread-open pussy. “Harder! Fuck me harder!”

“Slut, slut, slut!” the warg snarled as I came on his wonderful cock.

“Slata’s gaping cunt!” Seamus cursed. “Look at her! She’s taking his cock!”

“A warg’s cock!” my sister moaned.

“I know!” I screamed for joy. “It’s awesome! I love it! Fuck me! Pound me! Make me explode!”

The bulbous knot at the base of its cock popped into my pussy. I stretched open. My pussy clenched on it. I screamed in bliss. The pleasure rushed hot through me. It hammered into my mind. I couldn’t believe how spectacular this monster was.

“I’m cumming again and again!”

“Slut!” howled the warg. “Slut!”

“Yes!” I screamed as I joined him.

His cock erupted into my depths. Hot and thick. A monster’s cum. It was depraved. The final orgasm exploded through me. My body was consumed by it. My vision went dark. My head spun. I fell to the ground in the throes of bliss.



Seamus flooded my pussy. To my complete shame, I came while my sister was pounded by the monster. She collapsed, popping off the monster’s cock and falling to the ground in a heap. The warg howled, “Slut.”

“She is a slut!” I gasped as my pleasure shuddered through me.

And so was I. It was hot watching my sister get fucked. There was a terrible part of me that envied her. That wanted to be in her place getting fucked from behind. I almost pretended my husband was the warg, taking me hard.

“Damn!” Seamus grinned. “That was hot.”

The warg turned and growled, its ears laid back. Seamus grabbed his spear and stood strong. I smiled, admiring the way he threatened the warg. The monster let out one final snarl before disappearing off into the forest.

I crawled to my feet and rushed to my sister. She still lay on the ground. Had the monster hurt her. I reached her and pushed her onto her back. A smile crossed her lips. Her blue eyes fluttered open.

“Hey, sweet sister,” she smiled. “Mmm, that was the best.”

“That was disgusting,” I gasped.

Aoifa pulled me down for a hot kiss. I fought my sister for a moment, but her soft lips were hard to resist. My tongue caressed hers. I sighed into the kiss, my wet pussy growing hot again. Why did I have to be so weak? Why couldn’t I keep my spouses lusts in line?

Why did I give in so easily?

Aoifa broke the kiss, pushing me onto my back. “You have a pussy full of Seamus’s cum?”

I nodded.

“Good. I’m hungry.”

“Haven’t you had enough?” I asked as she dived for my pussy.

I gasped as she licked me. I shuddered at the joy of her soft tongue licking through my folds. Lost to the bliss, I didn’t notice her leg throwing over mine and her hot pussy, full of the monster’s cum, descending to my face.

“Aoifa!” I gasped. “Stop!”

“Eat me, sweet sister,” moaned Aoifa as her tongue lashed through my pussy.

The monster’s gamy, salty cum dripped down into my lips. It had a stronger flavor than Seamus’s seed. My pussy clenched as a naughty, filthy thrill washed through me. I tried to fight the urge to bury my mouth into her pussy and tonguing her, but the desire was so hard to resist.

I was so weak.

Aoifa writhed atop me, moaning into my pussy as my tongue dug through hers. The pleasure was just so wonderful. My sister knew where to lick me. I dug my tongue through all her folds, savoring all the delicious folds dripping with the warg’s cum.

My body trembled. I was so hot. Aoifa’s tongue dug through my pussy, searching for our husband’s cum. Pleasure shot through me. My thighs spasmed about her soft cheeks. My hips undulated as my toes curled.

I came on my twin sister’s mouth.

I gasped and shuddered. I moaned into her pussy. My lips sucked on her clit as I undulated and writhed. The pleasure burned hot through me, leaving behind a wonderful, fuzzy feeling. Aoifa’s thighs tightened about my head and her juices poured into my lips as she joined me in bliss.

“Damn, you are a good pussy licker, sweet sister,” Aoifa sighed.

“I think your lover’s run off,” Seamus laughed, slapping Aoifa’s ass.

“Mmm, what a shame. He was a wild ride, husband of mine.”

“I have a sexy pair of wives.” Seamus smacked Aoifa’s ass again. “Don’t spend all morning eating pussy, Fiona. We need to go rescue those virgins.”

Aoifa laughed and hopped to her feet. She reached down and pulled me up. She gave me a hot kiss. “Come on, sweet sister, we have a dark warlock to defeat and all those nubile, helpless virgins to rescue.”

“You’re just as bad as Seamus,” I accused.

Aoifa’s eyes found our husband and she let out a fond sigh. “I know. We’re perfect for each other.”

“Yeah, now if I only could keep you two in line,” I said, hands on my hips.

“Sweet sister, your matronly act is ruined by being naked,” Aoifa grinned, arching her eyebrows. “Though you do look sexy doing it.”

“Yes, she does,” Seamus grinned and gave me a smack on the ass. “We have one sexy wife.”

I groaned in frustration.



The Tower of Kov-Thi loomed ahead, perched on a crag over looking a canyon. The Lesh-Ke Mountains loomed behind it, their peaks capped with snow. A torn up path, muddied by kobold feet and warg paws. The tower was made of a dark rock, rising like a spike to pierce the pale-blue sky.

Fiona rode stiffly at the lead. She was still angry about Aoifa fucking the warg.

Aoifa, on the other hand, still had a big grin on her face.

I bet most men would be offended that his woman fucked another man, let alone a vicious monster, but I knew Aoifa. She was wild. She had appetites, and I was more than happy to watch her indulge in them. I would even love to see Fiona loosen her hair and have fun.

Fiona’s braid seemed even tighter than usual, swinging behind her as she rode on her mare, her back stiff. Aoifa straighten in her saddle as we neared the tower, half-way up the ridge. She had sharp eyes.

“What do you see?” I asked her.

“No kobolds. Though there’s plenty of evidence of their camp around the base.”

“With their losses, I’m not surprised. Nothing is more cowardly than a kobold,” I observed.

“There is something odd about the doors. The air ripples.” Aoifa furrowed her brows. “Sweet sister, this may be your expertise.”

Fiona nodded her head, though she didn’t answer.

Aoifa shook her head. “She was like this as a child. Always disapproving of fun.”

“Because your fun is disgusting. You fucked a warg!”

Aoifa shuddered. “I did. And you wanted to join me. I could see it in your eyes.”

Fiona’s back bristled.

“Yeah,” I laughed. “You came so hard when I fucked you as we watched, Fiona. You gasped and moaned like your sister.”

Fiona let out a growl.

The tower loomed larger and larger as we neared. The air was distorted right before the towers only entrance. Something blue glinted on the door. We passed through the kobold’s camp, a disgusting collection of moldy tents and a muddy pen where the wargs had been kept. They were long gone.

“There is a spirit guarding the door,” Fiona said. “An air elemental, I suspect.”

“Can you dispel it?” I asked as we reined our horses a good hundred yards away.

Fiona concentrated, reaching out with her senses. She could see the world in ways Aoifa and I could not. I waited, studying the tower. It was as wide as the tavern in the village Min-Kei. I had to crane my neck to see its top. Magic must have built the tower. No structure of men could be built so high.

Fiona came out of her trance and shook her head. “The spell is outside of my power to affect, husband. But it is bound to the gem, which is a focus for a device. If it is broken, the device can be neutralized.”

“Guess I’m up,” Aoifa smiled. “How big is the spirit’s leash?”

“Big enough to include the entrance to the tower,” Fiona added.

“So I’ll need a distraction.”

I drew my sword. “You shall have it,” I grinned, eager to try my mettle against an elemental.

Aoifa laughed. “You can’t fight an elemental, husband of mine.”

“I fought the earth elemental without much problem,” I objected.

“Fiona helped.”

“She can help again.”

“No, Aoifa is right. It is an air elemental. There is no substance for your blade to cut or my magic to bind.” Fiona frowned. “I have no idea how to distract it.”

“I do,” grinned Aoifa. “Husband of mine, would you help our dear wife undress. I need to adorn her sweet flesh with an unguent.”

“Undress?” Fiona gasped.

I sheathed my sword and grinned. I walked to her mount and grabbed the reins. “Dear wife, would you dismount and allow me to disrobe your lovely figure?”

“Do I get a choice?” Fiona asked.

“Not unless you want to save those five virgins?” Aoifa grinned as she dismounted. “They’re all scared at the top of the tower, just aching for a big, strong hero and two sexy, sultry heroines to rescue them from their innocence.”

Fiona groaned, her dark-red braid swung along the back of her pure, white robe. “You may undress me, husband.”

I grinned, my armor clinking as I reached out and undid her belt holding up her pouches. Her robe opened, exposing her creamy flesh. She was pale, like all Tuathan women, and my eyes fell on her landing strip of bright fire leading to her pussy. I pulled the robe off her shoulders and then groped one of her small breasts.

“I don’t think this is the time,” Fiona moaned, her nipple hardening.

“It’s always the time,” I grinned at my wife before giving her a hard kiss.

“Good, get her horny,” Aoifa smiled. “This works so much better when she’s horny.”

“What does?” Fiona asked, eyeing the bottle.

“Unguent of damiana,” Aoifa answered.

Fiona’s eyes widened. “An aphrodisiac?”

“To capture the spirit’s lusts with your delicious body.”



“No!” I gasped as Aoifa poured the thick unguent into her gloved hands, a spicy scent perfuming the air. “I’m not going to fuck the air elemental!”

“I need a distraction,” Aoifa grinned as she rubbed the ointment into my breasts.

My body flushed with heat. My pussy instantly flooded my thighs. I groaned and swayed as my nipples throbbed. Her hands worked lower, working the unguent into my skin until she reached my pubic mound.

“Hold her, husband of mine,” Aoifa grinned.

Seamus grabbed my shoulders as Aoifa rubbed the unguent into my pussy.

“Oh, my Gods!” I screamed as my orgasm burned hot through my body.

I shuddered and quivered. My pussy throbbed as it drank in the unguent made from the leaves of a damiana plant. My ass clenched and my toes dug into the soft soil. Such bliss consumed me. I humped my hips, rubbing my hot pussy against her soft hands.

I threw my arms around Seamus’s neck. “Take me!” I moaned. “Fuck me! Love me, my husband!”
I kissed him hard, thrusting my tongue into his body as my pussy burned to be ravished. I humped against his chainmail, the metal cool on my body. My nipples ached as they scraped across the metal links.

I needed to be fucked.

Aoifa smacked my ass. “Not him. The air elemental.”

I didn’t care about the air elemental. I needed to be taken by a man.

Aoifa grabbed my hair and yanked me from Seamus. “No!” I gasped, reaching out for him.

“Fuck,” Seamus groaned. “Bring her back, Aoifa. I’ll fuck her.”

“Remember,” Aoifa shouted, “the air elemental.”

“Right,” Seamus nodded.

“No, please!” I begged. Seamus was so handsome and strong. And his cock was wonderful. He would fuck me so hard. “I need to be fucked.”

“And that’s where I’m taking you, sweet sister.”

My eyes widened. “Really?”

Aoifa nodded and I hugged her and kissed her, squirming in her arms as she pulled me up the road. “You’re the best sister,” I panted between hot kisses. “Just the sweetest.”

“I know,” Aoifa grinned. “Shame I had to drug you to get you to admit it.” She stopped. “Now, you keep walking towards that tower, and you’ll find a lover that will make you scream with passion.”

“Yes!” I gasped and raced forward, my bare feet slapping on the dirty road.

The wind whipped around me, tugging at my braid. I gasped as unseen hands caressed my flesh. The touches were cool breezes swirling about my thighs and stomach. They reached my breasts, playing with my nipples while other currents flowed between my thighs, brushing my hot pussy.

“Yes!” I moaned, barely remembering about the air elemental.

The wind caught me and lifted me up. I moaned in delight as it held me. Its caresses cooled my burning flesh as I shuddered. The winds blew harder around me while unseen hands kneaded my ass and pulled my thighs apart.

I shuddered as the air blew across my pussy lips. My clit ached as it was caressed. The air swirled through the folds of my pussy like many invisible tongues. My toes curled as the world spun about me. The wind kissed my lips and sucked at my breasts.

“Yes! Take me! Fuck me!” I gasped as I squirmed in the air. I was so free in the embrace of my airy lover.

The wind licking at my pussy caressed all the wonderful spots. A small cyclone of air spun about my clit and nipples, sucking on them. Pleasure shot through my hot body. It gathered in the core of my body, building like a growing tempest.

A new breeze slipped through my asscheeks and caressed my sphincter. My toes curled at the sheer delight the air elemental gave my body. The breeze pressed at my sphincter, playing and caressing the sensitive spot, adding more tingles to my body.

And then the wind penetrated into my ass, feeling me up as it gusted over and over.

“Yes, yes!” I gasped, savoring my ass fucking. It was so different than a regular cock. The air whirled and eddied inside me, little cyclones that caressed the walls of my ass. “But don’t forget my pussy! Double fuck me! Please!”

The air elemental obeyed.

I came as a hard gust of wind pushed into my pussy, filling up my sheath. I stretched, my nerves shrieking in bliss as my juices squirted into the air. My sweet tang caressed my body as a light mist. I bucked and groaned, cumming hard as the air elemental fucked my ass and pussy. The winds swirled through my cunt, caressing every spot.

“So good!” I moaned as the winds gusted harder and harder through me. “You know how to please a woman.”

My airy lover kissed me. I opened my mouth, letting his cool breezes caress my tongue. The cyclones whirled faster around my nipples and clit, sucking harder. My breasts stretched. Pain mixed with the pleasure. I clenched my pussy about the swirling winds as I shuddered again. The pleasure never wanted to stop.

A blue light flared. A part of me realized that the trap was disarmed. The distraction wasn’t needed, but I didn’t care. I was being fucked by this amazing lover. My body spasmed and shuddered as pleasure washed over and over through me.

“So good! Fuck me! I love it! Make me cum over and over!”



“Looks like she’s enjoying herself, husband of mine,” I purred as Seamus lounged against the tower door watching our wife as she tumbled through the air, her body spasming as the unseen air elemental pleasured her.

“How long until it grows bored with her?” Seamus asked, his hand beneath his chainmail skirt rubbing at his hard cock.

“Not much longer. The unguent doesn’t last too long.”

“Though you waited to disarm the trap until she had a few orgasms?” Seamus laughed.

“I wanted my sweet sister to enjoy herself.” I licked my lips, squeezing my thighs together. “Do you need some relief, husband of mine?”

“Some. Our wife is a ravishing beauty.”

I nodded my head. “Yes, she is.”

“So good!” Fiona moaned, her pussy spread open by the unseen winds. Her juices squirted into the air, swirled into a mist by the body of the elemental.

I fell to my knees and pushed up my husband’s chainmail, exposing his leather pants. I unlaced his trousers and fetched out his large dick rising from the fiery curls of his pubic hair. I loved this man as much as my sister, and I did so love pleasuring him.

I was a generous woman.

“Aoifa!” he groaned as I swallowed his cock.

I sucked him as Fiona moaned and gasped behind us. My right hand unlaced my own leather trousers, dipping in to rub at the hot flesh of my pussy. I shoved a pair of fingers deep into my cunt. My sheath clamped down on them. I shuddered and moaned around my husband’s cock as I ground my thumb on my clit.

“She is so amazing,” Seamus groaned. “What a pair of women I married.”

His salty precum leaked into my mouth as I swirled my tongue about the base. I sucked hard. The spicy scent of damiana was in the air, exciting the both of us. I bobbed my mouth up and down his shaft, sucking hard, eager for his cum.

My fingers worked faster and faster into my pussy. I started with two digits, but now I had all four stretching my hole. I shuddered, my pussy clamping down on my fingers. I bobbed my mouth just as fast, matching the rhyme as I worked more and more of my husband’s cock into my mouth.

“Pater’s thick cock!” he groaned as I deep-throated him. “That’s it, Aoifa. Suck my cock!”

I sucked and slurped, sliding his mouth over and over down my throat as Fiona moaned in the background. My sister’s excitement and the damiana sent my lusts into overdrive. I came hard, my pussy spasming about my fingers. I moaned about my husbands cock, sucking for all I could.

I wanted that cum.

“Such women!” Seamus moaned. “Slata’s cunt! I’m a lucky man.”

I massaged his hairy balls with my sticky fingers. My orgasm past, I concentrated on pleasuring him. Seamus groaned and his balls tightened. I loved this moment. I drew my mouth up until only the tip remained.

“Aoifa! You wonderful slut! Drink my cum!”

His salty cum shot into my mouth as he groaned. I drank it down, loving every moment of his salty seed coating my mouth. I gently squeezed his balls, making sure I coaxed every single last drop of his jizz out.

“Having fun while I distracted the elemental?” Fiona hissed behind me.

“I am, sweet sister,” I purred as I stood, my mouth full of cum.

Fiona stalked naked towards me. The damiana had worn off both her and the elemental. Her thighs were gleaming with her juices. She must have cum a lot.

“You didn’t even disable the gem right away,” she snapped when she reached me.

“Nope,” I grinned. “You deserved to have some fun.”

Then I kissed her and shoved our husband’s cum into her mouth. The tower’s defenses were clear. All that was left was to mount its summit, kill the dark warlock, and liberate those nubile virgins just aching to be saved. I knew we would enjoy their sweet offerings of thanks.

Well, Seamus and I would.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 3.

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