The Vampire Kiss Chapter 8: Unholy Hungers


The Vampire’s Kiss

Chapter Eight: Unholy Hungers

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Female/Female, Male/Female, Vampire, Violence, Exhibition, Creampie, Oral Sex

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“Wow, I’m surprised at the talent at Walmart at 3 in the morning,” Mary said as she strolled in front of the shopping cart.

“Talent?” Britney Kingston asked her best friend and sort of mistress. Britney was only a thrall to Damien while Mary was one of his vampiresses.

“Look at him,” Mary purred, licking her red lips. “Wouldn’t you like to writhe beneath him and taste his blood.”

Britney cast her gaze in the direction Mary looked. A handsome man strolled by pushing a blue shopping cart. He was muscular and strong, his skin tanned bronze, his face chiseled. Britney shook her head. She felt nothing for the man. Yesterday, before Damien had drunk her blood and turned her into a thrall, she would have panted after the man.

“Master is all the man I need,” Britney answered. “He doesn’t want to share me. Or you.”

“Sire never told me that,” Mary shrugged as she strolled along. She was young, eighteen like Britney, and moved with a sensual grace. Britney and Mary had been friends for many years. “How do you know?”

“I just…know,” Britney shrugged. “I feel things, his wants and needs, you know that. Now we need to hurry. If we hadn’t gotten lost, we would have already been done. The sun rises in two hours.”

“Summer sucks,” Mary sighed, then she giggled. “I can’t believe I said that. I used to worship summer. It was my season. I could show all the flesh I wanted and it wasn’t too inappropriate. Mmm, wearing a bikini poolside, all the boys panting after me. I guess I’ll be pale for the rest of my life.”

“Well, you would get one amazing tan before the sun killed you. I, however, will get all the tanning you’ll miss.” Britney stuck out her tongue at her friend.

“I should bite your tongue off.”

Britney knew it was a serious threat. Mary could easily do it. “But then I wouldn’t be able to lick your pussy.”

Mary laughed and moved to her friend. “Oh, you little slut. You are right.” She grabbed Britney’s ass. “I should take you into the bathroom and make you eat my cunt. I’m getting so wet. You can eat my cunt, then I’ll suck your breast milk and drink your blood.”

“Sunrise,” Britney reminded the vampiress, though her pussy shuddered. “We need black paint, black curtains, and mattresses. Now move your cute, undead butt and help me get it.”

“Fine,” Mary said. “There’s the heavy curtains. I’ll go grab one.” She turned and streaked in a blur across the store, appearing in a heartbeat by the black curtains.

Britney’s eyes widened.

“Did I just do that?” Mary asked, turning around. She seized the curtain then moved back, leaving a motion blur behind. Britney yelped, realizing Mary stood before her. “Holy shit, I’m like the Flash.”

“I guess we’ve discovered your vampiric ability.” Britney gave Mary a quick kiss. “Master has telekinesis and you have super speed. I wonder what Rosa will get?”

Mary shuddered, looking around. The store was surprisingly busy given the hour. “I just want to race around in circles. I can move so fast. It’s awesome, Britney.”

“Well, don’t be seen getting the paint,” Britney grinned. “Master will not be happy if you draw attention.”

“I will be moving to fast to be seen,” laughed Mary.


Aurora the Corrupted Angel shuddered as Damien, her vampiric master, pulled his cock out of her. Her fall into sin had been swift and unexpected, a dagger plunging into the back. But it didn’t matter. She had found the instrument to rid the world of true evil—her owner.

What did it matter if her wings were stained crimson?

Below, the primal music of the dance club shuddered through the floor. The revelers of Risqué oozed sexuality. It brimmed in the air. Aurora’s red wings spasmed as their sexual energy wafted to her. She licked her lips, eager to feed. Not on blood, but the most primal energy of all—cum.

The vitality contained in a man’s seed. The ecstasy shed in a woman’s climax. Her body hungered for their sexual fluids. Her nostrils flared as she inhaled. There was so much sexual fluids aching to be unleashed amid the dancers and revelers below. An orgy of flesh that she wanted to imbibe.

But her master needed her for another task.

Damien, in the moment of his climax and her utter surrender, had caught a glimpse of Heaven’s omniscience in the final moments before Aurora was yanked free. He had witnessed where his wife had been taken, and he would free her.

“We’ll save your wife and then kill Faust, Sir,” Aurora purred as she rose to her feet. Her pussy clenched tight, keeping Damien’s cum inside of her. She absorbed it and fed upon the vitality of the vampire who stood before her.

He was still hard, anticipating the upcoming violence. Her blood stained his lips. The muscles of his body gleamed. She wanted to fall to her knees and worship him. Aurora had always admired Damien and Abigail. She had watched over and nurtured them. She had feared she failed them.

Now Aurora knew the truth.

They have been transformed like I have. We are free of Heaven’s rules. We can save the world. Her eyes cast over to the two women undergoing their own changes, one into a vampiress the other into a thrall. A few women sacrificed to Damien’s appetites is a small price to pay to see Faust and his demonic bitch fail.

“Faust,” growled Damien. Such anger and passion filled his voice.

Aurora went to him, pressing her lush body into his back, her arms slipping around his waist. She licked up to his ear. “Yes. We’ll kill him and protect the world. We can be the agents that defend mankind.” Her hand found his cock, stroking it, reveling in her absolute freedom. “Do you still remember your purpose, Sir?”

“The hunt.”

“We kill the monsters that feast on mankind and take our reward, Sir.” She rubbed her thumb across the tip of his cock. Precum beaded on the pad of her thumb. Her skin absorbed the tiny morsel. “A lamb plucked here and there from the flock will not matter.”

“And when the other hunters come?” Damien growled. “What do we do when your fellow angels and my former allies attack ?”

“Why, we cull them, too, if they try to interfere in our righteous purpose. If Heaven had only listened and let me act without their petty restrictions, none of us would have fallen so low.” She shuddered. “But we have, Sir, and we can still hunt the predators. Like Faust and his bitch mistress Jezebel.”

“Jezebel?” Damien turned, his hard shaft rubbed on her stomach, her flesh drinking in his precum. “Who is she?”

“A demon. A lithesome, corrupt bitch.” Anger boiled in Aurora. “She has perverted many. She protects Faust from Heaven. We could not intervene directly because of her pernicious deals. We had to wait for Faust to act and seek his vengeance upon you and your wife.

“But now we are free, Sir. Let’s kill them both.”

“Yes.” Damien’s eyes narrowed. “After we free my wife.”

“Of course, Sir.”


Damien D’Angelo broke away from his pet angel. Her transformation was remarkable. Red fit her wings better than ash. Her silver hair had tarnished black, but her eyes remained golden, but hunger lurked in them. They were a lionesses eyes.

Blood filled Damien’s nose. Vickie whimpered. Rosa had awakened to her true nature, her body strong and agile as a vampiress. The Latina beauty had her jaws latched onto the coffee-brown skin of Vickie, drinking her blood.

“You cannot kill her,” Damien said as he stared at his newest vampiress. “She is mine, like you.”

Rosa lifted her lips. “Yes, Sire.” She licked the blood from them. “I feel so…enhanced. I can hear every heartbeat in the club below. I can smell their blood.” She licked her lips. “May I go and feed, Sire, not just drink. You promised me true power. Death’s power.”

“Bloodthirsty,” Aurora purred.

“Feed off of Vickie. You need your strength.” Damien stared into Rosa’s eyes. “You will have your glut of death soon enough.”

An orgasmic shudder ran through the woman. Damien could not wait to see her bathed in blood. She leaned back over and latched onto Vickie’s neck, draining the virgin thrall. Her eyes met Damien. They fluttered in delight.

“Master,” Vickie moaned. “Do you need to feed, too?”

“I need to find my phone.” The sun would be up soon. He had to move and his SUV was not here. He snatched up his pants and pulled out his phone. He dialed Britney.

“Master,” the perky voice of Britney answered. “We have the supplies. We’re heading back to the loft.”

“Speed,” growled Damien. He hung up. His heart raced. The urge to rush out and kill burned inside of him. But he needed to prepare. To be methodical. He was a Hunter still. Nothing would change that.

Aurora was right. He would still hunt the predator and protect the flock. Like the shepherd. And like the shepherd, he would cull the herd from time to time, plucking the ripest sheep to feed, enjoy, and even turn.

It was a small price for mankind to pay.

He dressed in black, combat fatigues—his hunting garb. He loaded a sawed off shotgun with rock salt shells and grabbed a small crossbow, fitting a white oak quarrel. He had to wear gloves to handle the wooden shafts. Their purity would burn him.

“What are these, Sire?” Rosa asked. Blood ran down her chin and neck to her round breast. The red sheen contrasted with her golden-brown skin. She picked up a glass ampoule.

“Holy water.”

“Are they dangerous to us?”

Damien nodded. “Everything in here can harm or kill you.”

“What are we doing?” she asked. She picked up a handgun. It had silver bullets inside. She pulled back the slide and chambered a round.

“Do you know how to use that?” Damien asked.

“I have a conceal/carry permit,” she purred. “There’s a .357 snub nose magnum in my purse. In case you turned out to be dangerous.” She laughed and licked her lips. “Mmm, so dangerous, Sire. But what are we doing?”

“Rescuing my wife.”

Rosa cocked her head. “And you care about her? You’re willing to risk your life for her?”

“Your life, too.” Damien stood up, pocketing the ampoules then strapping a silver-plated machete to his belt. “I love her.”

“I didn’t think a creature like you, like us, could love.”

“You had to be capable of loving as a human to still love as a vampire.” His ears twitched. Blocks away, the familiar roar of his SUV’s engine drew nearer.

“Well, that is true,” Rosa laughed. “Love is just another collar people try to snap around your neck to manipulate you. A collar I am more than happy to be freed from, Sire.”

“And what do you feel about my collar?”

“I love it, Sire. It’s worth the payment for what you gave me.” She gave another wicked laugh as she stood up naked, the handgun in her hand. “I’m ready to go.”


“Why get my clothes stained?”

Vickie giggled nearby. She sat cross-legged and naked, her blood staining her neck. She stretched her back, her breasts jiggling. “Am I coming? I don’t know how to use a gun or fight.”

“You are staying here with Britney.” Damien looked around the room. The loft had large windows with no coverings. Sunrise would kill all but the thralls and maybe Aurora. He wasn’t sure what the angel had become. She leaned against the wall, a sword dripping with blood gripped in hand, the point resting on the floor.

He had never heard of an angel that had been feasted and turned by a vampire. She may be unique. Something unexpected. Damien liked that. Faust would not expect anything like her.

The SUV pulled up in the alley. Doors slammed. Dozens of footsteps echoed almost as the same time. The door burst open. With his enhanced senses, he could track Mary streaking across the room to his side. She moved so fast. Damien felt sluggish as he watched her stride.

Rosa gasped in shock when Mary stopped before Damien. “Guess what, Sire, I can run super fast.”

“Grab a machete,” Damien told her. “We’re going to kill.”

Mary’s schoolgirl face lit up. She snagged the spare machete and hefted it. “Wonderful, Sire. Who?”


I will break free. Then we shall avenge our husband’s murder. Dream-Abigail’s words screamed through the real Abigail’s mind.

Abigail shuddered into her doppelganger’s kiss. Their naked bodies pressed tight together, identical lips writhing together, matching tits pressing tight, and twin sets of nipples caressed. Only the chains binding the real Abigail differentiated the two redheads.

It was all a fantasy buried in the depths of Abigail’s chained soul. She had retreated from the humiliation afflicted on her body. The vampiress yearned to kill the rich humans that debased her for their amusements.

But she had to let them fuck her, spank her, and even shove her face into a bowl full of men’s cum. Her Sire, the vampire Faust, had given her a command.

And Abigail had to obey.

But there was a part of her that resisted—Dream-Abigail. She fought against the steel chains binding Abigail to Faust. Abigail thought it was a useless endeavor. Faust sired her. She had to obey him even if that meant enduring a slew of humiliation before Faust finally saw fit to have her killed.

And Abigail would walk to her execution, lay her head on the block, and wait for the headsman’s ax to fall because Faust commanded it.

But kissing her rebellious part was nice. She didn’t have to pay attention to the men fucking her ass and cunt while the woman with the stiletto heels kept her head pinned in the bowl of cum. She couldn’t drown. Abigail was already dead.

In her soul, her ardor grew. It was intoxicating kissing herself. It was like making love to her reflection. Only her reflection could caress and touch her. They moved in harmony, both knowing where they needed to be touched.

Together, their hands stroked each other’s backs as they stretched out. Their legs parted. Their hot cunts pressed against each other’s thighs. Chains rattled around Abigail as she and Dream-Abigail humped and slid their wet pussies on each other’s thighs. Their tart musk filled their noses, spurring their hips to rub faster.

Their hands reached each other’s asses at the same time. They squeezed them, fingers digging into the other’s flesh. They both cooed together and smiled, breaking their kiss, the same spot popping into each other’s heads.

“Your fingers are almost as nice as Damien’s,” Dream-Abigail moaned.

“So are yours,” Abigail answered. They licked their lips together. “At least Faust spared him this level of humiliation.”

“He was humiliated,” hissed Dream-Abigail. Their faces twisted with different emotions, shattering their symmetry. “Before Faust killed our husband, he made Damien watch as Faust fucked us. He cuckolded our husband before leaving him to die by the sun.” Dream-Abigail’s fingers dug hard into Abigail’s asscheeks.

The pain made her hips undulate faster, grinding harder on Dream-Abigail’s thighs. “Damien is dead, and Faust will kill us soon. When he grows bored of us. There’s nothing that can be done but enjoy ourselves.”

Abigail kissed Dream-Abigail. Their tongues dueled, their bodies almost returning into sync, but Dream-Abigail seized the chains and tried to rip them from Abigail’s body. She growled into their kiss as she strained.

She failed.

“This isn’t enough,” Dream-Abigail moaned.

Abigail smiled at her doppelganger. It made the vampiress happy that a small part of her still cared. She hadn’t surrendered fully to her fate. She rebelled in small ways. But it wouldn’t be enough. It may only be days or perhaps weeks, but Faust would demand her death.

“Enough,” Abigail said, pulling Dream-Abigail’s fingers away. “Let’s savor pleasure. Let’s eat each other’s pussies. I know we taste delicious, but I’ve never licked my juices right from the source.”

A sly smile crossed Dream-Abigail’s lips and her green eyes twinkled.

She is up to something.

“Yes, let’s sixty-nine.” Dream-Abigail shuddered. “I know Damien would love to see that.”

“Two of us licking and sucking his body.” The vampiress shuddered. “Nipping his cock, sucking cum and blood together. Delicious.”

“Yes,” groaned Dream-Abigail.

The pair spun in the dark void. They seized each other’s asses. Their fingers dug into each other’s flesh. Their thighs parted as they pulled each other closer. Their nipples touched the same spot on each other’s stomachs and they both pressed their lips into each other’s red curls.

Once again in unison, the pair licked.

Abigail shuddered as her tongue slid through Dream-Abigail’s folds while her own pussy was equally caressed. To Abigail, it was like she licked her own pussy. Their tongues and lips moved as one, exploring each other’s folds and devouring each other’s tart juices.

They sighed together and undulated. Their fingers clenched on each other’s buts. Abigail savored devouring her doppelganger’s pussy. The pleasure built inside of her, teased by the identical movements of Dream-Abigail.

“Yes,” they moaned. “So good.”


“Yes, yes, yes. Make me cum.”

“I will. I’ll drown you in juices.”

“Good. Flood my mouth.”

Their moans echoed through their shared soul. Chains clinked as Alison and Dream-Alison undulated. Their bodies moved faster and faster. Their tongues licked faster and faster. They thrust into each other’s holes while their fingers crept into each other’s butt-cracks.

Abigail and Dream-Abigail caressed each other’s sphincters. Tingles ran through Abigail’s body to her pussy. They moaned and shuddered. They found each other’s clits. Abigail sucked on Dream-Abigail’s pink clit and pleasure exploded from Abigail’s sensitive nub engulfed by Dream-Abigail’s hungry mouth.

Their fingers thrust into each other’s assholes. Their bowels clenched. They fingered each other as they sucked and nibbled on their clits. The pleasure swelled through Abigail. Her skin drank in every place they touched, her nipples aching as they rubbed on Dream-Abigail’s stomach.

“I’m going to cum,” both women screamed together. “Oh, yes. Finger my ass. I love it up the ass.”

“We are. Oh, yes. Sluts. Suck on my clit.”

Their lips latched on to each other’s clits. Both women let out violent groans. Their bodies undulated and squirmed. Abigail’s every inhalation filled with Dream-Abigail’s tart juices. Their fingers wiggled deep into each other’s assholes.

They came in unison.

The pleasure burst through their pussies. Juices flooded their mouths. The pleasure crashed through Abigail’s mind. She was so close to Dream-Abigail. They were in perfect sync, their assholes contracting together, their pleasure rippling out of their cunts together.

Their flesh merged, becoming malleable. Her face sank into Dream-Abigail’s cunt. Their bodies sank together to become one, united by their shared pleasure. Abigail’s tits sank into Dream-Abigail’s stomach.

Rebellion flooded Abigail’s mind. The desire to disobey Faust’s orders and kill the bitch keeping her head pinned into the bowl of cum grew strong. She would tear out the woman’s throat and drink her hot blood before she—

The chains binding Abigail’s soul ripped them apart. Abigail shuddered as they became two separate beings, both panting. Then Dream-Abigail let out a cry of pure hatred. She shrieked in their soul, raging against Faust.

“I will kill you! I will be free! You cannot keep me chained! You should have killed me with my husband! I will make you pay, Faust!”

Abigail sighed. She didn’t return to her body. She didn’t want to experience the fat man rutting in her cunt. She found it more pleasant to listen to her dreamself rant and take pride in that small part of her rebelling against their fate.


“Please save her,” Britney said before throwing her arms around her Master’s neck. “Abagail’s such a wonderful woman. She doesn’t deserve to suffer.

“I will,” Damien growled. He savored the sent of his thrall. Her breasts were filled with her sweet milk and her blood flowed with vitality beneath her skin. His teeth bit into her neck. She shuddered as he drank an mouthful.

“Yes, yes, you need your strength.”

He released her. She staggered back and was caught by Vickie. Damien licked his lips and left the loft behind. He was on the hunt again. His heart beat with excitement, but now there was no fear. He was beyond that weakness. Behind him, his women followed, naked Rosa, nubile Mary, and corrupted Aurora.

The image of his wife’s humiliation burned in his head. He would kill everyone that had degraded her. Starting with Faust. He would rip his head off and free his wife from her Sire’s control. Then he would have his partner back.

They were the best hunters in life. In undeath, they would make the monsters of the world fear.

He yanked open the driver door and climbed into the SUV. Mary beat the others to the passenger seat. She climbed in, cradling the silver machete on her lap. Rosa and Aurora piled into the back. They all smelled excited and ready, particularly Rosa.

Her cunt dripped.

Mary put the radio on a rock station as he roared out of the alley. A pair of stumbling drunks from the club dived out of the way. The tires squealed as he took the turn hard onto surface streets. He knew Chicago’s layout. He could see the city in his mind. His wife was out at the Gold Coast, the wealthy neighborhood of the city. She was in one of the mansions.

The engine roared as he raced through the seats.

“Yeah,” Mary whooped. She rolled her window down and stuck her head out. Her black hair streamed behind her as she screamed into the dark city.

Rosa sat cross-legged in the back, gripping the gun in one hand. She sat refined, like she wasn’t naked and half-smeared in Vickie’s blood. Aurora had a different pose. Her body relaxed yet ready to spring into action, her sword clutched point down in her hands, her naked legs spread wide.

“We are going to kick some ass tonight,” yelled Mary as she hung out the window.

“Did you glimpse any of the defenses of the mansion in your vision, Sir?” Aurora asked.

“Nope,” Damien growled. “I hate it, too. Normally, I would never be so sloppy, but it’s Abigail. I will not let her be humiliated a moment longer.”

“I understand, Sir.”

“When I tell you to, stop making a racket,” Damien growled at Mary. “We’ll go in quiet. If there are guards, Mary, your speed will let you take care of them fast.”

“That’s why I have this,” she grinned, holding up the machete. Then she licked the silver and screamed. “Fwuckwing hwell,” she lisped, smoke rising from her tongue. “What dwa fwuck is dwis mwade out of?”

“Silver. It’s purity is deadly to us. Salt, white oak, silver, sunlight, and holy water will all hurt or even kill us.”

“Oh,” Mary said, fanning at her tongue. “Damn, that hurt.”

“How can we be killed?” Rosa asked.

“Decapitation, exposure to sunlight unless your vampiric gift is daywalking, immersion in holy water. White oak through the core of your body will paralyze you. Silver will really hurt. So will salt. Enough of any will kill you.”

“Like table salt?” asked Mary.

Damien nodded.

“Then why doesn’t blood kill us. It’s salty.”

“The salt is not in a pure form,” Aurora answered. “And there is another weapon that can kill you, an angel’s pure light manifested as her sword.”

“Well, your sword don’t look that pure,” Mary said.

“No.” Aurora smiled. “Not anymore.”

“So, I should just decapitate any vampires at this party.” Mary grinned. “And any humans.”

“No turning. If you feed, I don’t care. But these bastards soiled my wife. They don’t deserve this gift.”

“No, they don’t,” Rosa said, heat in her voice, her excitement perfuming the vehicle.

“We’re getting close,” Damien said.

The houses grew fancier, the yards bigger. Mansions appeared as he drove down the street. He slowed, instincts telling him he was here. Guards stood at a wrought iron gate, the yard hidden a high wall covered in ivory. Cameras perched on the wall and there was a security shack half-hidden next to the gate.

“Mary, you see that security hut. It’ll be open from the other side. Kill the guard in their first, then hit the two outside.”

“Yes, Sire,” Mary smiled. “Are they vampires?”

Damien shook his head. He had hunted enough vampires to recognize the bastards by sight. They were human. “Be swift and silent.”

Mary winked as she climbed out. Even with Damien’s enhanced senses, her speed was hard to trace. She blurred across the street and jumped, clearing the high hedge in a single bound. Three seconds later, she leaped over the wrought iron fence and both security guards fell dead, their heads bouncing out into the road. Mary stood between them, a huge smile on her face, her bloody machete resting on her shoulder.

“Follow,” Damien growled, mostly for Rosa’s benefit. Aurora would know how to assault a stronghold.”

Damien burst out of the car, his shotgun in hand, and raced across the street to the gate. Mary stood proud over her kills. Through the thick, bulletproof window of the card shack, the third guard lay gutted on the ground.

Mary put her foot on one of the heads like a conquering hero. “How was that, Sire?”

“Stop posing, this is serious.” Damien peered through the wrought iron fence. The house was distant. The yard before it dotted with gazebos and sculpted bushes. Guards stood at the mansions large doors and several more patrolled the exterior. Party goers moved in the darkness, the scent of their fucking thick in the air. From the house, he could smell more debauchery despite the classical music playing inside.

“The guards by the doors are vampires. Mary, you take them out. Aurora, there are three guards patrolling the yard. They’re yours. Rosa, follow me.” Damien licked his lips. He was so hard. The scent of blood thickened in the air. “Now, the guards at the door wills cent the blood if the wind changes.”

“Yes, Sire.” Mary vaulted the gate and zoomed across the yard, barely more than a blur.

Aurora wings flapped as Damien and Rosa leaped the gate. The angel took to the air. The vampires at the house reacted to Mary. One raised an automatic weapon and fired a burst before her machete took his head. The second vampire punched, but Mary dodged with her speed and he fell dead a moment later.

Damien rushed across the ground. Mary stood on the porch, staring down at the bullet holes in her stomach, her eyes wide. She touched her wounded flesh. The bullets were normal lead with coper jackets. Mary already healed. She licked her blood and grinned at Damien.

The door burst open behind her. Another pair of vampires in suits were there. One slammed his fist into Mary’s face, sending the vampiress sprawling. Damien’s shotgun fired, the rock salt shredding the front of the vampire’s suit.

He screamed in pain as he fell smoking to the ground.

“Fuck,” the second vampire cursed.

Rosa fired her handgun twice. Two bullets slammed into the vampire’s head. The silver burned and he fell to the ground screaming. Damien drew his machete by instinct and loped off both vampires’ heads as he strolled into the mansion.

The music stopped. The human musicians who had been playing froze, their eyes wide in fear. Damien ignored them. Rosa did not. The vampiress through herself with abandon at the musicians. More blood scented the air as Damien inhaled, searching for his wife’s aroma over the scent of sex and humans.

“Damn,” Mary gasped. “That fucker hit me.”

Damien caught his wife’s scent. “Go, make the motherfuckers pay for touching my wife.”

Mary smiled at the carnage Rosa created. The naked vampiress had painted herself red. She looked stunning in the glistening crimson sheeting her naked, athletic body. Mary went left and rammed her machete into the guts of a fat man in an expensive suit, his martini glass falling from his hand and smashing on the floor.

Aurora landed. “The guards are all dead, Sir.”


Damien strode to the right into the midst of the party. It had degenerated into an orgy. The rich and powerful of Chicago indulged in all manner of vice. Lines of cocaine stained silver trays and pills lay scattered amid half-drunk glasses of wine and other liquors. Naked men and women heaved in all manner of combinations while others watched.

Rosa slipped into the room with a snarl, throwing herself at a half-naked woman kept young looking by dozens of plastic surgeons. Damien strode through the orgy, his machete hacking at any human who crossed his path. He stepped over their corpses, Aurora at his side. She left her own dead in their wake.

In the next room, Damien found his wife.

A snarl escaped his throat. A fat man fucked Abigail from behind while a thin, bony woman forced Abigail’s face into a bowl of cum. The woman laughed, grinding her stiletto heel into the crimson of Abigail’s hair.

Rage filled Damien. His telekinesis, unrefined and only capable of the brute strength, grasped the head of the man fucking Abigail and twisted. The man stiffened as his bones snapped. He died in moments, his head facing backwards. Damien released his telekinesis, and the man’s body collapsed on the ground. The bony woman shrieked. She managed to take two steps before Damien seized her.

“That’s my wife, cunt,” growled Damien as he gripped her by the throat. Her heart fluttered in her chest.

Mary strode in from a side room, blood splattering her body and dripping from her machete. The men and women who watched Abigail’s humiliations screamed as they fled her hacking machete. Their panicked flight took them right into Rosa’s path.

“Abigail,” Damien growled.

She did not lift her head. She kept it in the cum. That motherfucking Faust. He commanded her to submit to these filthy human’s humiliation.

Damien savored every human’s scream. They had all participated and witnessed Abigail’s humiliation. They took pleasure in degrading his wife. None of these parasitic allies of Faust deserved to live. Mary and Rosa butchered them.

Aurora did something else. She fell to her knees behind Abigail and touched her. The vampiress shuddered and Aurora let out a moan of pure pleasure, her crimson wings sweeping wide. The angel leaned her head down and buried her lips into Abigail’s cum-filled pussy.

“What are you doing?” demanded Damien.

“Cleaning her, Sir,” the angel answered. “She has been deeply soiled by Faust. But I shall cleanse her.”


Aurora the corrupted angel devoured the cum in Abigail’s well-fucked cunt.

Her tongue slid through the folds, pressing deep. There was so much of the sexual fluids, cum and cunt cream, dripping out of the vampiress’s pussy. She feasted on them. Her pussy clenched. Pleasure rippled through her body as she more and more cum spilled onto her tongue mixed with the tart pussy of the vampiress.

Damien kicked away the bowel. Abigail’s face fell limp on the carpet. Aurora could feel the cum covering Abigail’s. The angel’s nose flared. So much cum. Dozens of men had filled the bowel. Her mouth hungered for all of it.

“What is wrong with her?” snarled Damien.

The human woman whimpered in his grip.

“She needs to be cleaned,” Aurora repeated. She took another long lick, gathering all the juicy, delicious cum that dripped out of Abigail’s cunt. “Let me fix her, Sir.”

The screams of the dying echoed around Aurora as her wings fluttered. Her tongue wiggled deeper into Abigail’s cunt, rooting out more jizz. Aurora’s own pussy clenched and throbbed. Every swallow sent a flutter of pleasure through her body.

Her hands squeezed Abigail’s asscheeks. More cum leaked out of her bowels, running in a white rivulet through her butt crack, across her taint, and to Aurora’s lips. She feasted on the sour-flavored spunk, letting it coat her mouth.

She loved it. It invigorated her. And she needed more.

Her power rippled across Abigail’s body. The vampiress let out a moan and twitched as the crackling, red light engulfed her. The light searched for any thing that polluted the vampiress. All the cum that drenched her face and matted her hair.

The light devoured it, feeding the energy to the corrupted angel. Aurora moaned louder. Her lips latched onto Abigail’s clit. Aurora sucked on the bud. Her teeth nipped it. Another moan escaped Abigail as she was cleansed of the cum.

Aurora came hard.

So much sexual energy flooded her body. Her pussy spasmed without being stimulated. Her juices flowed down her thighs. Damien growled, smelling the angel’s sweet musk. Aurora’s eyes locked on her owner as she savored her orgasm.

“Clean my wife, cunt,” Damien snarled. “They defiled her.”

The human woman squeaked in fear as Damien’s fingers tightened about her throat.

Aurora’s pleasure swelled as her owner watched her. She dug her fingers into Abigail’s butt-cheeks. Aurora nipped again at the vampiress’s clit. Abigail spasm. She shuddered as Aurora’s light devoured the final drops of cum.

Then they found something else to consume. Cum was not the only thing that soiled the vampiress.


Abigail trembled in her dream. Her body quaked with unseen pleasure. Teeth nipped at her clit, pleasuring her while the filth that polluted her body vanished. She moaned and threw back her head as her orgasm built.

“Has that bastard found another way to humiliate you?” Dream-Abigail hissed. “Now he forces you to receive pleasure while you lie writhing before his humans.”

“Maybe he’s rewarding me,” moaned Abigail. “I can smell so much blood around us.”

Dream-Abigail shuddered. “Yes. He’s killing all who defiled us. We should wake and join the feast.”

“Yes,” moaned Abigail. “I…”

Her orgasm burst through her body. The lips sucking at her clit unleashed a flood of bliss through the vampiress. The chains on her body shook and clinked. Abigail drank in the pleasure, gasping and moaning her bliss.

“It’s so wonderful. Do you feel it?” Abigail stared at Dream-Abigail. Her doppelganger also writhed in bliss. “Mmm, come here and kiss me. Let’s cum together.”

“Yes.” Dream-Abigail lunged at Abigail. Her doppelganger seized her. They hugged, their breasts touching, their nipples kissing. Then they merged.

Abigail’s eyes widened. Metal clinked. A link of chain fell off of her. Then another. Abigail gasped and pulled her doppelganger tight. Dream-Abigail merged into the real Abigail. A fierce, loathing hatred burst through Abigail.

“Faust!” she raged as more and more of the chains dropped free. Her fingers clenched as she remembered her murder. And then Damien. “You bastard. I’ll rip your throat out. I’ll stake to the ground with white, cover you in salt, and leave you for the fucking sun to rise. You killed him.”

Abigail opened her eyes.

“You fucking killed him Faust!”

Blood assault her nose. So many scents. So many human’s seasoned the air. Screams drifted through the house, a symphony of righteous vengeance. Her mouth salivated as she gained her feet. A woman shrieked.

Abigail knew that voice. Stiletto heels. The vampiress whirled to face the woman. “You’re the cunt…” Her words trailed off. Damien stood behind the woman, his hands about her throat, keeping the panic human in place. Abigail inhaled deeply, savoring the woman’s fear and her husband’s musk.

“Damien.” Her eyes widened. “You escaped. How did you get the key off the nightstand?”

“You didn’t know?” Damien demanded. “I thought you knew I had telekinesis.”

Abigail shook her head. She stared in awe at him, barely cognizant of the two female vampiresses as they feasted on the blooded of the butchered humans around her, both their bodies painted in crimson. She stared at the face of her husband. “It was an impulse. I just…had to do it.”

“My doing,” a woman purred.

Abigail spun, falling into a defensive stance, and faced the angel. She knelt on the ground, her face smeared with pussy juices. Abigail’s eyes opened as she caught her own scent on the angel’s lips. “You freed me.”

“And nudged you to save your husband.” The angel looked at Damien, worship in her eyes. “I devoured Faust’s stain on her. She’s free.”

Abigail turned to face her husband. He stood strong. She glanced at the two vampiresses. Their killing over. They both kissed, licking the blood from each other’s lips. One was naked, Hispanic, her body splattered red. The other vampiress licked down to blood-painted breasts.

“You have been busy,” Abigail moaned. She sauntered to her husband. “Recruiting?”

“Yes,” he said, no embarrassment or guilt at clearly breaking their marriage vows. She could faintly smell his musk coming from both women and the angel. Other scents lingered on him. Two other women.

“Did you save her for me?” Abigail asked, stopping before her husband and staring at stiletto heels.

“The bitch thought she could humiliate my wife.”

“Please,” the woman moaned. “I was just doing what Faust wanted. We all were. He wanted you soiled. Humiliated. I…I was just following orders.”

“What do you think, honey?” Abigail asked, staring into her husband’s eyes. We had both changed so much. What will his answer be?

“She had a choice,” Damien grinned. Fangs flashed between his lips. “She could have said no and not participated.”

“Yes, she could have,” Abigail agreed.

“Please. I’m sorry. Don’t kill me.”

Damien slid his hand up to cup the woman’s chin. He forced back her head, exposing her neck. The woman’s arteries and veins fluttered just beneath the skin. Her life was just inches away. The old Abigail would have spared the woman’s life.

Abigail sank her teeth into the woman’s throat. Coppery, rich blood flooded Abigail’s mouth. Her pussy clenched at the intoxicating substance. Damien’s fangs joined her. They sank into the woman. She let out an orgasmic sigh as she was fed upon.

Abigail drank and feasted. Every pulse of the woman’s heart drew her closer to death. It was such an intoxicating rush. Blood spilled down Abigail’s face to her naked breasts. Her skin tingled where the blood touched.

Damien growled as he drank. His free hand seized Abigail’s ass, squeezing. She moaned as she drank, savoring the familiar touch of her husband’s hand. He puled her close, her hip touching his black fatigues. His dick was hard beneath.

“Yes,” sighed the woman, her body trembling as the ecstasy of being fed upon flooded her body. Her heart beat weaker and weaker.

The final mouthful of warm, salty blood flooded Abigail’s mouth. She held it as she ripped her fangs free. The woman’s corpse hit the ground. Abigail didn’t care. She turned to face her husband, blood matting his lips, his dark eyes boring into hers.

He’s even stronger now. She had loved Damien so much the night they had walked into their high school to kill a vampire. He had been her warrior that night, and she had been his shieldmaiden. Abigail had known he was her man.

They had learned who they were in the cafeteria killing their first vampire. At their cores, nothing had changed. She could see her husband in the vampire’s eyes.

Abigail kissed Damien, thrusting the woman’s blood into his mouth.

He growled and shuddered as they shared the salty blood. Her hands ripped open the front of his trousers. She found his cock hard and throbbing. She stroked him to his full girth. He throbbed in her hand and shuddered as she ran her thumb over the top of his cock.

They had always made love after a hunt. The thrill and exhilaration of combat, the need to prove they had survived again, always drove them to fuck hard. No foreplay. Just his cock thrusting into her cunt until they both found their release.

Abigail needed that release now.

She jumped and wrapped her legs about his hip. Her pussy slammed down his cock. She groaned and clenched on his girth. He throbbed in her depth. She shuddered and undulated, sliding her hot pussy over and over on his dick.

Damien’s hands found her ass. They squeezed hard. Painfully hard. The vampiress moaned into their kiss, her cunt clenching down on his dick as she humped her hips. She fucked her pussy up and down his thick cock. Pleasure rippled out of her pussy, stirred by his hard cock.

“Abigail,” snarled Damien. His hands tightened on her ass. “That’s it. Fuck me. You always were so wild.”

Her red hair swirled about her head as she tossed it. She gripped her hands behind his neck and leaned back. Her tits heaved before him, glistening with blood. One of his hands slid up and squeezed her tit. He pinched her nipple, shooting bliss down to her cunt.

“Fuck me hard,” Abigail hissed. “Mmm, you were so sexy. You burst in here and rescued me. Oh, yes. Yes. You butchered them. I can smell all their blood. It’s such a sweet perfume.”

Her cunt rippled about his cock. An orgasm burst through her. She shuddered and writhed as she slammed her pussy down his shaft. His hand tightened on her ass while the other pinched her nipple, giving her more stimulation.

The pleasure crashed through the vampiress’s mind. She leaned back as she humped and fucked her hips. She slammed down his cock, drinking in every moment of her bliss. Her eyes rolled back in her head, the ecstasy filling her up.

Her cunt rippled and convulsed about his cock. She felt every inch of him stroking in and out of her. “Yes. Yes. You’re cock. Fuck, yes. I need you to pound me. Now. Fuck me. Keep making me cum then erupt into me.”

“Yes,” Damien growled. “You’re gorgeous. My blood-stained warrior woman.”

“Oh, yes,” Abigail moaned.

Damien moved across the room and slammed her against the wall. A picture shook off its hook and crashed to the floor. Damien kissed her hard, his teeth biting her lip. The coppery salt of her blood filled her mouth as he fucked her hard. Their flesh slapped together and his balls smacked her taint.

Every time Damien buried his cock into her, his groin smashed into her clit. The pleasure sparked through her body, prolonging her orgasm as her husband fucked her. He pounded her, ravished her. He didn’t hold back.

“Fuck your warrior woman,” groaned Abigail, tossing back her head, exposing her neck.

Damien seized the invitation.

Her pussy clenched down hard on his cock as his fangs sank into her neck. Abigail shuddered again on her husband, her pussy writhing about his cock. Her blood flowed into his mouth. Damien growled as he drank her unlife, his dick fucking her faster, harder.

Plaster cracked beneath her ass. He fucked her so hard, far harder than a normal human. She loved the pain and pleasure. She moaned and undulated. Her fingers clawed through his black fatigues and tore at his back, adding the scent of his blood to the air. He sucked harder, his teeth tearing through her flesh.

The pain was exquisite.

“Yes, drink my blood and fuck me,” Abigail howled. “Cum in my cunt. Have your release.”

Damien ripped his mouth away from neck and slammed his lips on hers. He kissed her hard. She tasted her blood and moaned in delight. She pulled his cock deep into her spasming pussy, her flesh milking him, desperate for his cum.

His jizz erupted. His cum flooded her pussy. Abigail howled into the kiss.


Damien came in his wife. Her spasming pussy milked his balls. He was drunk on her blood and cunt. Her fingernails dug so deep into his back. He had his woman back. They had fed together. His warrior woman was back.

The last blast of his cum flooded her. Damien broke the kiss and stared into her green eyes. “We are going to kill Faust together.”

“Yes,” she moaned, her body shuddering. “We’ll rip his head off and drink the blood that gushes out.”

Damien kissed her again, his dick still hard. His hips pumped.

“Sire,” Mary said. “I know you and your wife are having fun, but the sun rises soon.”

Damien froze. “Fuck.”

In the distance, sirens howled. The mortal authorities raced to the mansion. He could only imagine the sort of panic the cities elite being butchered would garner. He ripped his cock out of Abigail’s cunt and turned around.

“Mary, destroy the security tapes. No one can know who did this.”

“Sire,” Mary nodded then sprinted away.

“Was that Mary Daniels?” Abigail asked as she strode naked at Damien’s side. Behind them, Rosa and Aurora followed.

“So the little slut finally seduced you,” laughed Abigail. “Or did you seduce her?”

“Britney Lawson seduced her,” Damien answered. “She saved my life and I made her a thrall. She brought Mary over to feed me.”

Abigail grinned. “She’s another little slut that’s had her eyes on you.”

Mary joined them as they burst out of the house. The sirens grew louder. “Done, sir,” Mary said, holding several hard drives in her hand as they ran.

“Start the SUV,” Damien growled at her. He tossed her the keys.

She ran off in a blur as they raced across the grounds. The horizon lightened to the east. Dawn rapidly approached. Damien ran faster, his wife racing at his side. The SUV pulled up to the gates, Mary hopping out and diving into the back.

They cleared the gate without issue. Abigail took the passenger seat. Damien hopped into the driver seat and sped off. His heart raced. The hunt still wasn’t over. They had to escape back to their lair in the next thirty minutes or they would all die.

“Punch it,” laughed Abigail, her nipples hard with excitement.

Damien grinned at her. It was wonderful to have her back.

To be continued…

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