Becoming Daddy’s Good Girl Chapter Nine: Bratty Sister Transformed


Becoming Daddy’s Good Girl

Chapter Nine: Bratty Sister Transformed

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Male/Female/Teen female, BDSM, Spanking, Domination/submission, Virgin, Oral Sex, Sadism/Masochism, Sex Toy, Incest

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Alice trembled before me while Daddy’s commands echoed through the hall: “Get in here and get across my lap. You need discipline, too, young Lady.”

Such powerful words. I lifted my face from between Alice’s butt-cheeks, the sour flavor of her ass lingering on my lips. My sister and I had just gotten home from spending the day with my friend Sun at the park. It was my task, given to me by Daddy, to get Alice so horny and excited she would be ready for the next phase in Daddy’s plan to transform Alice from my bratty sister into a good girl.

Like me and Mommy.

At the park, Sun helped out in with my task. She fucked a strange man in the open while Alice and I fingered each other’s cunts. It was so hot watching the strange man fuck my friend’s underage cunt while my fraternal twin sister fingered my pussy. All three of us came hard, though Sun exploded the loudest on the muscular hunk’s huge cock. Then Alice and I returned home and “caught” Daddy spanking Mommy for some made-up reason.

Alice, completely horny, was entranced by the sight. She wanted what Mommy was getting, a naked spanking on Daddy’s lap. My sister misbehaved so she would be spanked by Daddy. It was her deepest desire and one Daddy planned on harnessing. So while my sister watched, I rimmed her ass and fingered her pussy, getting her more and more wet.

And then Daddy revealed he knew we were there the whole time.

My pussy ached in my panties as I rose. Alice trembled, her shorts and panties bunched around her ankles. Daddy sat on the end of his bed, staring at Alice as Mommy slid naked off his lap. Daddy’s cock thrust hard up before him, so thick and huge.

“Well, Alice,” he snarled. “If I have to get up and march over there, you will regret it.”

“Sorry, Dad,” squeaked Alice. She rushed forward, stepping out of her shorts and panties, leaving them behind. She always made messes, but this time I forgave her.

I followed after, my body trembling with excitement as I peeled off my top and dropped it on the halfway floor. Why not? Alice already made the mess. Then I wiggled out of my skirt and panties. Alice reached the bedroom, glancing at our mother kneeling naked before Daddy, her dark hair gathered in a braid that matched my own.

Daddy liked his girls wearing braids. Alice would have to grow out her tawny hair to have a proper braid.

“I…I’m sorry, Daddy,” Alice said, swallowing. “But…but…you want me to stretch across your lap…with your…your…”

“Cock?” Mommy finished in her sweet voice. Her breasts jiggled as she looked up at Alice. “Isn’t that what you want? To feel his hard dick against your stomach as you squirm on his lap and enjoy every single one of his spankings.”

“Mom?” gasped Alice. She threw a look over her shoulder and blinked as I entered the room naked. “Melody? What is going—”

She squeaked as Daddy ripped off her shirt, seized her arm, and pulled her across his lap. His cock pressed into her stomach. Her fourteen-year-old body squirmed on Daddy’s lap, her ass jiggling. Juices glistened between her thighs.

I couldn’t resist and brought my fingers to my mouth, savoring my sister’s sweet musk staining my digits. Mommy flashed me a naughty smile, her gold choker glinting about her throat. I also wore a choker, mine adorned with a unicorn charm which read “Melody, Daddy’s Good Girl.” Mommy’s had a heart-shaped locket which had “My husband’s loving, submissive slave” inscribed on the inside next to a picture of them kissing during their wedding.

“What is going on?” Alice demanded as she squirmed. “Why is everyone naked?”

“I thought you were a bright girl,” Mommy said. “Isn’t it obvious?”

“We’re Daddy’s good girls,” I beamed. “Mommy and I are Daddy’s sex slaves.”

Alice goggled. “What?”

“When I came into your room yesterday, it was because Daddy told me to,” I beamed. “I massaged your ass and then your pussy and made you cum so hard because I am a good girl.”

“And I was sucking your father’s cock just outside your bedroom, listening to you two girls squeal.” Mommy smiled. “The sounds you two made, Alice.”

My sister’s cheeks went red. “I…I…”

“You have a choice, Alice,” Daddy said, his hand stroking her ass. He gave her cheek a firm squeeze, bringing a shudder. “You can keep being a defiant, rebellious brat, always defying your mother and causing problems, or you can be a good girl for Daddy. You will behave. You will follow instructions. And you will receive what you crave.”

“And what’s that, Daddy?”

“To be disciplined.” He raised his hand up and brought it down hard on her butt-cheek. The stinging smack echoed through the room. My sister gasped and bucked, squirming on his hard dick.

“Being disciplined is my reward?” Alice asked.

“For you,” Daddy said. “I know how much you love it. You are always a brat to your mother just so I will punish you.”

Alice lowered her head. “Sorry, Daddy. I just…I just love it. I know it’s fu…messed up and wrong to want this.”

“Oh, no, honey,” Mommy said. She leaned out and cupped Alice’s face. She lifted my sister up to look her in the eyes. “There is nothing wrong with those desires. All girls want their Daddies to love them. You just have a kinky way of expressing it.”

Daddy cracked his hand down again on her ass. Alice gasped, her face contorting with pain while a wanton moan escaped her lips.

“If you want the spankings to continue, you have to commit yourself to being my good girl.” Daddy squeezed her reddened ass. “If not…well, there are other ways to punish you.”


“Taking away your phone. Grounding you to your room. No internet. No spankings.”

“And if I…become your good girl?”

I trembled, staring at my sister’s face cupped in Mommy’s hands. I wanted Alice to say yes so badly, but I could see the fear in her eyes. She glanced at me. I gave her a smile and nodded my head, my nipples so hard, my pussy so wet. I wanted to masturbate.

But I didn’t have Daddy’s permission.

“Then you will serve me like your mother and sister,” Daddy said. “You will obey me and stop being a brat to you mother. She deserves your respect. And you will service me with your body, submitting to me, just like you crave.”

“We’ll…have sex?” Her voice was so tiny, so girlish.

“Yes. I will fuck your cunt, your ass, your mouth. I will own every hole on your body. I will use you, cum in you, and give you such pleasures that you’ll scream for more.” He smacked his hand down on her ass. “I will give you what you crave. I will make you into my slut. My slave. I will mold you like I did your sister.”

“Say yes, baby girl,” Mommy said, leaning closer. “Trust me, you will find such joy in submission. Far more satisfaction than your petty rebellion. Love your daddy. Be his good girl.”

“Please, Alice,” I nodded. “You will truly love it.”

Alice bit her lip then she nodded her head.

“Say it,” growled Daddy.

“I…” She swallowed and took a deep breath, her red ass wiggling. “I want to be Daddy’s good girl.”

Daddy groaned in delight. He smacked his hand down hard on Alice’s ass. My sister bucked and moaned as Mommy leaned in and kissed her on the lips. I smiled, loving the sight of Mommy kissing my sister, her daughter. It was so wicked and taboo. Alice squeezed her eyes shut, lips working as she kissed Mommy.


Daddy’s hand smacked down on her ass again. Then he pulled my sister closer to his stomach. The tip of his dick popped out from her side, throbbing hard and purple as he drew back his hand and smacked it down on her ass.

“Slut,” Daddy growled, staring at me, “suck my dick while I spank your sister’s ass red.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I moaned in delight, my pussy clenching between my thighs.

Mommy broke the kiss and Alice glanced at me, eyes wide as I crawled towards them. Daddy cracked his hand down. Alice bucked and moaned in bliss, her body shifting, Daddy’s cock sliding along her skin. A big drop of precum beaded at the tip.

I licked it up. Daddy groaned.

“Yes, yes, suck Daddy’s cock, Melody,” Alice said, her eyes wide as my cheeks hollowed about Daddy’s cock. “Holy shit, he took your cherry. That’s why you changed while I was gone. Holy shit.”


“He did,” I grinned as she moaned and bucked again.

I sucked the tip of Daddy’s cock into my lips. I could only engulf the crown. My lips pressed into Alice’s side. I swirled my tongue, caressing his cock, gathering more and more precum as I sucked. I wanted to bob, to take more of his dick, but that was impossible.

So I enjoyed what I had, grateful my sister was so skinny.

Daddy grunted and groaned, his face twisting with pleasure as he cracked his hand down on Alice’s ass again and again. The sounds echoed through the room. Alice’s screams grew louder, her face turning red, tears falling down her cheeks.

But her moans were full of passion. She loved the pain. She loved the pleasure.

“And remember,” Mommy purred to Alice as I sucked hard on Daddy’s cock, “good girls only cum with their Daddy’s permission.”

“What?” gasped Alice.

“You heard your mother, slut,” Daddy growled and smacked his hand down on Alice’s ass.

“But I’m getting all juicy,” she moaned, a whining catch to her voice. “My pussy’s so hot. I need to cum, Daddy.”

“I know what you need, slut,” he growled and smacked his hand down on my sister’s ass. “If you want to be my good girl, you have to trust that I’ll give it to you. That I won’t harm you but will provide what you long for.”

“Y-yes, Daddy.”

“Ask permission, sweetie,” Mommy purred, always so loving and supportive.

I know I wanted to cum. My pussy was on fire, but my mouth was too busy sucking Daddy’s cock to ask. My juices dripped out of my snatch. I pressed my thighs together, squirming as the excitement tingled my cunt. It was like little ants crawling over my pussy, each one exciting me more and more. I so wanted to cum. To thrust my fingers between my thighs and frig myself to the world’s largest orgasm.

But I didn’t. I fought my urges and pleasured my daddy.

“Please, Daddy, may I—”

Crack! Alice’s words became a moan of pain and pleasure.

“May I cum, Daddy?”




“B-but I’m so excited. I’m so close… Please, Daddy. My pussy is so wet. Melody licked my ass and rubbed my cunt while I watched you discipline Mom, and now I’m dripping.”

“I can feel your juices on my thigh,” Daddy growled, “and your clit rubbing against me as you squirm. You will cum when I tell you, slut, and not a minute earlier.”

“It can be so hard to resist,” Mommy purred, “but the pleasure, sweetie, the pleasure is so intense when he finally lets you cum. Fight it. Submit to him. Prove you’re his good girl.”


Alice squirmed. “I…I will, Mommy. I…I want to be. I want to be spanked and loved and fucked by Daddy. I want it so much. It’s why I’m so wet. So horny. I want to cum so badly.”


“But I’ll be good.”

“Yes, you will,” Daddy growled. “My little slut. My daughter-whore.”


I sucked so hard on Daddy’s cock. I put all my effort into it, focusing on his dick and not my aching pussy. Out of the corner of my eye, Mommy squirmed beside me, hands on her knees, gripping them, her eyes locked on Alice’s ass, watching her husband spank their daughter.

What a wicked Mommy.











“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!” Alice moaned, bucking, her voice strained, thick with resisting her climax. She gasped and groaned, coming closer and closer to her orgasm, but fighting it. “I am! I’m your good girl. Please, please, let me cum!”



“Yes, Daddy!”

Hearing Alice say those words, with all her submissive passion, set Daddy off. He growled as his dick erupted into my mouth. Hot, salty cum. I savored it, swallowing the load, letting it wash through my mouth. More and more squirts flooded me. His balls emptied. His cream slid down my body and warmed my belly.

“Share with your mother,” Daddy groaned as the final blast shot into my mouth. “And your sister.”

I held the last squirt in my mouth as I popped my dick off Daddy’s cock. Then I turned and planted a hot kiss on Mommy’s lips. She sighed into it. I couldn’t resist seizing her large breasts, squeezing and kneading them as we snowballed his cum back and forth between us, our tongues caressing.

Daddy said something, and then Alice slipped off his lap and knelt beside us. She leaned in, rubbing her tear-stained cheeks against mine as her lips joined the kiss. A three-way, messy, sloppy, jizz-filled, incestuous kiss. We passed Daddy’s cum back and forth, Mommy sharing her husband’s seed with her two daughters.

It was so taboo. So forbidden. Daddy stood over us, arms folded, watching us, so strong, so sexy. His cock half-hard, a smile on his lips. All three of his good girls swapped his cum back and forth, moaning, sighing.

Alice’s hands joined mine on Mommy’s breasts. Hers were hesitant. But Mommy moaned her encouragement and I guided her, showing her how to love her large breasts. They were so big and soft. Mine were round and nice, and Alice’s were only tiny mounds. We must have boobs from Daddy’s side of the family.

“Wow,” Alice said, breaking the kiss, her cheeks flushed. Her nipples hard.

“Uh-huh,” I said.

Mommy smiled at Alice. “Mmm, you have such cute titties. And look at these nipples. Sir, doesn’t she have the cutest nipples?”

“Yes, she does, June,” Daddy said. When he called her June, he was at his most loving. He seized Mommy’s braid, holding it like a leash as she leaned down and sucked on Alice’s small, pink nipples.

“Oh, Mom,” Alice groaned, leaning back on her hands.

She had a spare nipple. Grinning, I leaned over and sucked it into my mouth. I nibbled and teased it while Alice gasped and groaned. She squirmed, her thighs spreading as we teased her with our mouths, giving her such naughty delights.

Her nipple felt wonderful in my mouth. So tiny and delicious. I nipped it with my teeth. Daddy watched us, drinking in our incestuous, lesbian threesome. Mommy and I pushed Alice down on her back, attacking her nipples, our hands stroking her body, driving her wild. I found her pussy, hot and wet, dripping and ready for Daddy’s cock.

“Sluts,” Daddy growled. “Enough. None of you have permission to cum. Downstairs, now. It’s time to play.”

“Yes, Sir,” moaned Mommy, her eyes glossy with lust.

“Play?” mouthed Alice.

“In the dungeon,” I grinned.


“The secret room in the basement we’re not allowed in.” I beamed. “I’ve been in there, and it is naughty.”

Daddy had played with Sun and me in that room when she slept over. I lost my anal cherry in there. Oh, that was so hot.

“Come along, sluts,” Mommy purred, “your father and I have waited fourteen years to play with you both.”

Alice’s eyes widened and I winked at her. I would explain later, but Mommy was raised to be her daddy’s sex slave, and then she met our daddy, fell in love, and grandpa sold her as part of the wedding ceremony. When she gave birth to twin girls, she was eager for our daddy to have the same experience.

She was such a wicked Mommy.

The three of us trailed after Daddy. He held Mommy’s braid like a leash, pulling her along while Alice and I walked behind her holding hands. My sister beamed. The stairs were two narrow for us to walk side-by-side. I let her go first.

I wanted to stare at her red ass. Ooh, Daddy spanked her hard.

Alice gasped when we entered the dungeon. The walls were black cork—to muffle sound, though that wasn’t needed any longer since we all were Daddy’s slaves now—and there was a spanking bench, a St. Anthony’s cross, hooks in the ceiling for suspension play, shelfs full of sex toys and BDSM delights, an assortment of paddles, whips, and canes on the walls, a chest full of rope.

“Wow,” Alice said, turning around in the room, her toes digging into the soft, black carpet. “I can’t believe this is in our house.”

I pulled her down so we knelt before Daddy, both of us staring up at him, trembling. He was so handsome, especially with the barbwire tattoos crossing his muscular torso and fire sleeve-tattoos. He stared at us, eyes intense.

“Believe it, dear,” Mommy said, kneeling beside Daddy. “Sir, how do you want your daughters prepared?”

“Nipples and clits clamped,” Daddy ordered. “And butt plugs.”

“Yes, sir,” Mommy said. She rose swiftly and moved to the cabinets.

Alice swallowed but didn’t look away.

Mommy returned swiftly, knowing just where to go, her hands full of supplies. She knelt beside Daddy. “Sir, do you want to apply them or shall I?”

“I think their mother should do it,” Daddy said, his dick thrusting hard before him.

“Yes, Sir,” purred Mommy. I saw the twinkle in her eye—Daddy rewarded her for birthing him two submissive daughters.

She crawled forward, kneeling before us. “Melody first,” she said, “since she’s such a good slut for Daddy.”

“Thank you, Mommy,” I smiled.

Mommy winked at me. I knew why I went first. I had to be an example for Alice. I kept my back straight, my round breasts thrust before me. My nipples were so hard. But that didn’t stop Mommy from leaning over and sucking on my right nipple. I gasped, the pleasure shooting right down to my pussy. I squirmed, my hands behind my back aching to clasp together.

Then Mommy’s lips popped off my nipple and she replaced it with the clamp in a heartbeat. I sucked in a breath at the sharp pain flaring in my nipple. The alligator clamp bit into my nipple. The weight pulled it down. In moments, my nipple throbbed with a painful ache.

Daddy’s eyes smiled as he watched, pleased.

“Wow, Melody,” Alice said, staring at my clamped nipple in awe. “Does that hurt?”

“Uh-huh,” I said, my voice strained by the pain. “But that’s what makes it wonderful.”

“You’re not the only pain-slut in the family, Alice,” Mommy purred before she sucked on my other nipple.

I groaned. The duel sensations of pleasurable nursing and painful clamping shuddered though me. The conflicting inputs from my two nipples made me squirm and moan. I groaned as Mommy sucked so hard on my nipple. It made the other one throb even harder, the pleasure reminding me of the pain.

Then Mommy’s lip popped off and the clamp snapped on. I groaned, shuddering. The pain was exquisite. Agony throbbed along both my nipples while Mommy kissed down my stomach. I rose up on my knees, giving her access to my pussy.

“Mommy,” I moaned as her fingers parted my silt and her lips sucked on my clit. “Oh, Mommy, yes.”

Alice’s eyes were wide with awe as she stared at both my clamped nipples. As my breasts jiggled, the nipple clamps waved, stretching and pulling on my nipples. Pleasure rippled through my body, crashing into the agony. I grit my teeth, the two sensations so wonderful. Her lips so soft, the clamps so hard.

And then true agony shot through me.

I screamed and threw back my head as she clamped my clit. My pussy convulsed. I came so close to cumming as my poor, aching clitoris throbbed in the padded grip of the smaller clamp. Even with the felt padding on the clamp, it hurt so badly.

So wonderfully.

“That’s my good girl,” Daddy growled, watching us submit to him.

“T-thank you, Daddy,” I answered, squirming. Every movement made the clit clamp pull on my nub.

“Mmm, you are such a good girl for Daddy,” Mommy moaned. “You make me so proud.”

“Thank you, Mommy,” I said, tears beading in the corners of my eyes.

I hardly felt her insert the lubed butt-plug. It wasn’t the largest I had taken. I groaned, shuddering and twisting as it settled into my bowels. The intrusion paled compared to the agony throbbing my clit and nipples.

I took deep breaths, controlling the pain and the excitement it generated. I fought against my wet pussy’s desire to be frigged as Mommy moved onto Alice. I looked at my sister, and gave her a tight, encouraging smile. She nodded back, resolved to submit.

“Alice,” Daddy said. “If at any point this is too much for you, say red light and it stops. I’m not here to harm you, only hurt you.” He smiled. “Give you the pain you crave. Don’t be afraid to say it.”

That was the safe word. Well, Mommy and I didn’t need the safe word. We were Daddy’s true slaves, but Alice hadn’t gotten there, yet. She would.

“I won’t, Daddy,” Alice said. “I’ll be your good girl.”

“I know you will.” His smile faded, growing stern, the dominating Master again. “June, clamp our daughter-slut.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Mommy leaned down and sucked on Alice’s nipple. Mine throbbed again, in remembrance of the pleasure my sore nubs had forgotten. Alice’s face twisted. Her eyes fluttered. A low moan escaped her lips that choked off into a gasp as Mommy clamped her small nipple. She used the padded clamps, not the alligator teeth.

But Alice still winced and grit her teeth. She squirmed as Mommy kissed over to her other nipple. I stared at the pink nipple clamped, loving how the teeth squeezed it and how she squirmed, experiencing the duel delights.

“You love it, don’t you, slut?” I smiled.

“I do. I really…doooo!” Mommy clamped her other nipple, transforming her words into a pain-filled moan. “Oh, thank you, Daddy, for showing me this.”

“You’re welcome, slave.”

“And you’re…going to take my cherry, Daddy?” she asked while Mommy kissed and nuzzled her way down to my sister’s cunt.

“What do you think, whore?” answered Daddy, staring at Alice.

“That my pussy will satisfy my daddy’s cock tonight. Because I’m your good girl.”

Daddy grinned again, joy in his eyes.

My own heart fluttered with the emotion. For a moment, the pain in my nipples and clit faded. I didn’t feel the discomfort of the butt plug lodged in my asshole. There was only the delight that our entire family was here, sharing this moment.

“Fuck,” Alice gasps as Mommy clamps her clit. My sister shivers, her face contorting as she fought to control the new pain shooting through her body. “Fuck.”

“Language, young lady,” Mommy said, a smile on her lips, wet with Alice’s juices. But there was no heat in her admonishment as there would be outside of the dungeon. “You are such a naughty girl, Alice. Letting your wicked mommy attached clamps on your hard nipples and cute clit. All while Daddy watches you. Look at how hard you make him, slut.”

Alice’s eyes fell on Daddy’s cock.

“He’s going to pop your cherry with that huge dick,” Mommy purred. “And you’re going to experience such pleasure. You’re going to gasp and buck. You’ll be his whore. You’ll love your daddy’s hard cock fucking your underage cunt.” She rubbed Alice’s pussy. “You are dripping wet for your daddy’s cock, aren’t you, slut?”

“So wet, Mommy,” Alice moaned.

I shuddered. My pussy ached. I wanted to rub it. My sweaty palms clutched my knees. I held on tight, fearing I would be a bad girl if I let go. My bowels clenched on the butt plug. I shifted, trying to ignore its presence in me, the way it stimulated my sphincter, mixing a splash of pleasure into the throbbing agony of the clamps.

Then Mommy lifted up a butt plug. “And you know what this is, don’t you, slut?”

“A butt plug, Mommy.” Alice swallowed. “I’ve seen it in porn before.”

“Like nipple clamps?”

Alice nodded. “I like watching BDSM porn. Especially the spanking and whipping ones.”

Mommy laughed and moved behind her. She picked up the lube and applied a generous amount onto the butt plug. She pressed her large breasts into Alice’s back, nuzzling at her neck as she slid the toy between my sister’s butt-cheeks.

My bowels clenched on my butt plug as Mommy pressed forward with the red toy. My sister’s eyes widened. She moaned, arching her back, thrusting her firm titties forward, the nipple clamps waving and bobbing.

“That’s it, slut,” Daddy growled as Mommy worked more and more of the butt plug into Alice’s ass. “Take it. I can tell how much you love it, whore.”

“I do, Daddy,” Alice moaned. “Oh, yes, Mommy. That’s…oh, fuck!”

The butt plug popped all the way in, the handle sticking out. My sister squirmed. I grinned at her. “Thicker than my finger?”

“So much thicker,” she moaned.

“Wait until Daddy fucks you back there. You’ll really explode.”

Alice nodded her head. “I can’t wait. Oh, I know it’ll be wicked. Mmm, yes, Daddy. I want to use every hole of my body to satiate that huge cock. Please, please, fuck me now. I need your cock in me. I need it so badly.”

“When I am ready, slut,” he growled. “June, put the spanking bench before me. Melody, help your mother like a good slut.”

“Yes, Sir,” Mommy said as I moaned, “Yes, Daddy.”

We both rose. My nipple and clit clamps swayed. Fresh agony lanced through me as I walked, so aware of the butt plug filling my ass. I reached the spanking bench, a padded bench, curved so a woman could bend over it, and with built in adjustable leather cuffs to bind the naughty slut in place.

I groaned as we lifted, my bowels clenching on the butt plug and my breasts jiggling. It was heavier than it looked. We maneuvered it into the center of the dungeon and set it before Daddy. Then we knelt beside him while his hands rested on our head. Daddy stared at Alice as she knelt, squirming, undulating.

Daddy moved. He seized Alice by the air and yanked her to the spanking bench. She gasped in pain as he threw her down on it, her nipple clamps pressing into the padding and digging into her tits. I winced in sympathy as she gaped in pain.

“Daddy,” she moaned. “That hurt so much.”

“And you love it, slut,” he growled. “But if this is too much, say the words and it all ends. You can leave the dungeon.”

“No!” Her words were loud, defiant. “No, Daddy. I am your good girl.”

Mommy let out a soft, tear-filled sigh, the type only a mother can make when one of her children has done something so sweet and loving. I reached out and took her hand, giving her a smile as she wiped at her eyes with the other.

Daddy seized Alice’s hands and quickly manacled her to the spanking bench. He adjusted the length of the chain, pulling her ams taught. Then he did the same to feet, binding them spread apart. He turned the bench so her cunt face us, dripping wet, the clamp soaked and a puddle forming on the leather.

“Sir, how would you like me prepared, sir?” Mommy asked. “Unless only our daughters get to play.”

“Careful, slut,” Daddy growled. “I will cane your ass so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week if you keep up that tone.”

Mommy shuddered in orgasmic delight.

“Fetch the clothespins, slut.”

“Yes, Sir,” Mommy groaned and scurried off to grab the large, plastic Ziploc bag—the type she used in the kitchen for freezing chicken breasts or steaks or pork chops after shopping. She came back and handed them to Daddy before stretching out on her back, her hands behind her head, her legs spread wide.

My eyes widened as Daddy knelt and smacked her breast with his hand hard. She groaned, shuddered, and writhed. He smiled and pulled out the first clothespin and clamped it on the edge of her breast, pinching her skin. Mommy winced and grit her teeth, her eyes glossy with enjoyment as Daddy worked fast. He attached more and more clothespins, following her large breast around, encircling the right one before clamping her nipple.

Mommy groaned at that.

“Wow,” I said, my eyes wide. There were twenty clothespins circling her right breast and Daddy added more to her left.

She winced with every one, sometimes groaning. Daddy would pause, flicking one, bringing a squeal of pain from Mommy. It was so obvious they had done this many times before. Daddy’s dick throbbed so hard. He enjoyed the pain he caused Mommy as much as she loved it.

Daddy looked up at me as he finished her left breast, a fatherly smile on his lips. “You want one, don’t you, slut?”

I nodded my head.

Daddy reached over Mommy’s body and pinched a clothespin at the bottom of my right breast, indulging me like any doting father. I gasped. It bit harder than the nipple clamp, pinching my skin. I groaned, fighting the pain, my clit and nipple throbbing again. The had grown numb and I almost forgot about them.

“You may cum, Slut,” Daddy said as he pulled out the last four clothespins from the bag.

“Thank you, sir,” Mommy nodded.

He didn’t attach them to her breast but to her engorged labia. Mommy had thick lips that peeked out of her vulva. Daddy clamped on two per labia, and I winced. Mommy bucked each time. She gasped and moaned and then Daddy slapped her right on the clit.

Mommy came. “Yes, yes, yes, thank you, sir. Oh, yes. Oh, wow, that’s amazing. Oh, my god. Oh, yes.”

I watched her heave in ecstasy, her breasts jiggling and bouncing, the clothespins waving. It had to hurt so much. The pleasure crossed her face as she bucked and gasped. I was so envious. I wanted that orgasm. I wanted to cum that hard right now. My pussy was on fire.

“Oh, my god, Mom,” Alice gasped. “Holy shit, you are such a pain-slut.”

“I am,” Mommy moaned. “Oh, god, I am. I love it. Thank you, Sir. Thank you. You are the most wonderful master a slave could ever want. I love you.”

“I love you, June,” Daddy said, stroking her cheek.

Then he bent down and kissed her hard. Mommy shuddered, moaning in pain and pleasure as she kissed Daddy, her hands still over her head. He flicked the clothespin pinching her right nipple as they kissed, bringing out another squeal.

And then he pulled away and turned to Alice. His eyes were hungry for his daughter’s underage, cherry cunt.

“Are you going to fuck me, now, Daddy?” Alice asked, squirming, shaved cunt gleaming.

“My dick needs to be lubed first,” Daddy growled then glanced at me. “Kneel, slut, let me use that cunt.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I gasped, quickly kneeling. The nipple clamps pulled on my tits as I knelt and the clothespin pinched. They swayed back and forth, weighted by the clamps. I winced at the pain. It was exquisite. I sucked in deep breaths against the waves of pain, trying to control—

Daddy thrust his cock into my cunt.

His huge, thick cock filled me. I gasped, my back arching as he hammered me. His balls smacked into my clamped clit. Agony knifed into the rapture his dick churned. I gasped and moaned, humping back into him.

“Use my cunt to lube your cock, Daddy,” I screamed at the sudden pleasure.

Intense bliss rushed through me. I clawed at the carpet as I fought against my orgasm. It was so hard. I was so excited. The pain and agony throbbing my clit and nipples, the butt plug filling my ass, the thrill of watching my mom and sister built my orgasm. I needed my release. I should ask for it, beg for it, but I could only scream and gasp.

Daddy grunted, pounding me with such force. I felt Mommy and Alice’s eyes on me. I caught my twin’s gaze. Such envy. She wanted it. She squirmed on the spanking bench as Daddy rammed his huge cock into my tight cunt.

“Fuck, Melody,” Daddy grunted. “Such a tight, hot cunt. You are Daddy’s good girl. His slut.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I moaned, finding words again. “I love your cock, Daddy. I…I…” A shudder ran through me. I clenched harder at the carpet. I was so close to cumming. I strained and fought against it, my pussy and asshole clenching down, increasing the friction of Daddy’s pounding cock.

A mistake.

My eyes squeezed shut as I clenched my teeth. I groaned so loud. Daddy’s cock stabbed so deep into me. I couldn’t control myself. I needed my release. My breasts swayed with his thrusts, the clamps pulling hard on my nubs. My clit and nipples throbbed with agony. Pain and pleasure, agony and ecstasy. Merging. Mixing. Driving me wild.

And then Daddy said the words, “You may cum, slut!”

I exploded.

My pussy writhed about Daddy’s cock. My juices flooded out of my cunt. Mommy called out her praised while Daddy grunted. My spasming pussy marinated his dick. I coated him with so much of my juices while the ecstasy boiled through my body. He grunted, groaned, and then ripped his dick out of me without erupting.

Daddy had self-control. He was a man.

But I missed it. I wanted his cum in me. I half-collapsed, rubbing my cheek into the carpet as my orgasm burned through my body. I gasped and sighed. It was wonderful. My release let me dizzy, stars dancing through my vision.

“Thank you, Daddy,” I panted.

“Fuck, Melody, that was awesome,” Alice groaned.

“You came hard,” Mommy purred. She grasped my shoulders and lifted me up. The clothespins attached to her tits brushed my side. “Mommy’s so proud of the both of you.”

“And now it’s time for Alice to lose her cherry,” I said.

Daddy knelt, ready to fuck her. He looked at us. “Sluts, get your asses over here. I want you two to guide my dick right to my newsiest slave’s cherry and then lick us as I pound Alice into rapture.”

Mommy and I moaned together and crawled to him. We nestled behind him, nuzzling between his legs, our cheeks pressed tight. His heavy balls swung over us. We reached up, grasping his dick dripping with my juices, and guided him right to Alice’s virgin cunt.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” the slut moaned. “Please, please, pop my cherry. Let my cunt satiate your cock. I was such a bad girl for so many years. Such a brat. And now I’m ready to be your good girl, Daddy. Please, let my pussy love you.”

“Fuck your daughter, Sir.”

“She’s such a whore, Daddy. Just like you raised her. Me. Us.”

Daddy thrust.

I had a front row seat to my sister’s cherry popping. Daddy’s cock pressed on her hymen for a second and then he slammed through it. Alice gasped in pain as Daddy’s dick slammed into her depths. A pink froth churned about his cock as he drew back—her virgin blood.

Then Daddy slammed in again, balls slapping into her clit clamp. Alice gasped and moaned, her body straining to buck against her restraints. Her moans were full of pleasure as she loved Daddy’s cock fucking her virgin, teenage cunt.

Mommy and I licked nuzzled as we pressed against each other. Our tongues grazed Daddy’s balls and licked up the sweet musk dripping out of my sister’s cunt. Daddy stirred her to a froth with his powerful thrusts.

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy,” she moaned. “Your cock is amazing. You feel so wonderful in my cunt. Oh, yes, Daddy. I love being your good, little girl! Do you love my cunt?”

“Such an amazing cunt,” Daddy said, his voice thick with pride. “You’re mine, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy, yours. Oh, I love it. Keep fucking me. Keep pounding me. Oh, yes. Oh, wow. May I cum, Daddy?”

“You may cum as much as you want right now,” he said. “Your reward for being such a good girl.”

Mommy let out a soft sob as we lapped at the incestuous meeting of their genitals. Her tears warmed my cheek as we licked and nuzzled. Hearing Alice’s words were so beautiful. We were both Daddy’s good girls now.

Alice came a moment later. Her voice was thick and throaty as her sweet juices squirted around Daddy’s cock, spraying our faces as we licked up the wonderful mess. I savored it, our tongues lashing at my sister’s spread-open pussy lips while she screamed out her pleasure.

Daddy fucked her so hard. And she came again before he finished. She bucked at her restraints, pulling hard on them as she groaned, so lost to the pleasure and pain she was incoherent with her moans and pants.

“My good girl,” Daddy groaned as he slammed his cock into her pussy and unloaded.

I sucked on his balls as they spurted taboo seed into my sister’s deflowered cunt. Daddy grunted with each blast. And then, after the final spurt, he pulled his cock out. Mommy and I were ready, our lips nuzzling into Alice’s cunt and lapping up the salty cum that poured out, mixed with sweet pussy juices.

It was the filthiest, most taboo thing I had ever done as I drank Daddy’s cum out of my sister’s cunt, my tongue brushing Mommy’s, our lips nuzzling until we were kissing and snowballing the incestuous mix back and forth.

“All my good girls,” Daddy groaned, smiling at us.

Mommy and I broke our kiss, staring up at him. She moaned, “Yes, Sir,” while Alice and I breathed, “Yes, Daddy.” Then together, we said, “Always.”


Five years later…

But it wasn’t always for Alice. Today, she was getting married, nineteen and beautiful. She appeared as the pianist struck up the traditional wedding march. She looked radiant in her white dress, her arm entwined with Daddy’s. Around her neck was the gold choker Daddy gave her a two weeks after she lost her cherry and proved herself at the private dungeon before all the other Masters.

Most of them were here in attendance along with their slaves.

It was at the dungeon Alice met Brian a year ago, a handsome man despite his glasses. He stood back straight, with all the poise of an army soldier. He was back from Ranger training, his hair buzzed short, looking even hunkier than normal in his dress uniform as he stood at the altar.

I stood at the altar, too, since I was my sister’s maid-of-honor—though we all joked I was her sister-slut-of-honor. Sun was beside me, my sister’s bridesmaid as well as my girlfriend—her parents were not happy when they found out we were dating. Sun didn’t care about her parents closed-minded attitude.

But just because we were dating didn’t mean I wasn’t first and foremost Daddy’s good girl.

I had my choker tight about my neck, the unicorn engraved with: “Melody, Daddy’s Good Girl.”

Sun understood. She liked to play with us, and she didn’t mind when I left our bed early in the morning to give Daddy his wake-up blowjob when it was my turn or when Daddy would interrupt our date to fuck me in the restaurant’s or movie theater’s restroom before sending me back to Sun with a pussy full of his cum.

And she had her fun, too. I loved watching her fuck random guys in public, my pussy getting all juicy while I was denied my orgasm. If Daddy didn’t give me permission, I couldn’t cum no matter how much my girlfriend teased me.

Daddy reached the altar with Alice. I took her bouquet, tears burning in my eyes. Daddy reached beneath her veil and pulled off the choker about her neck. He slipped it into his jacket pocket and produced a collar, chosen by Brian, and handed it to him. They shook hands, sealing their agreement.

Alice was no longer Daddy’s good girl, but Brian’s slave. He put the choker about her neck before the ceremony continued in a more traditional fashion. Tears fell down her eyes. I hear Mommy let out a sob as she sat in the front row, looking prim and proper in her conservative dress. I knew the truth. She had a remote-control vibrator buried in her cunt.

Sun and I had matching ones.

Daddy sat down beside Mommy, his hand slipping into his jacket pocket. The vibrator hummed to life inside me at its lowest setting, and I smiled as I shivered. Sun made a murmur beside me, hips shifting while Mommy squirmed beside Dad.

Brian took Alice’s hands, staring at her with such love. He was a good Master. She would be so happy with him. But I knew I never would find a man I loved more than my Daddy. I was so glad Sun understood. If she made me choose, well, it would be a simple choice.

I was Daddy’s good girl for life.

And she was also one-hundred percent supportive of another thing I did for Daddy.

I rubbed my stomach with my free hand, the other clutching the bouquet. I wasn’t showing, yet. But it wouldn’t be too much longer. After five years of wheedling, Daddy had finally accepted that I would always be his good girl. That like Mommy, I was his permanent sex slave. Unlike Alice, I wouldn’t choose a new Master. So he had his vasectomy reversed.

His daughter grew in my belly. As my sister and her new Master kissed, sealing their new life together, I knew my daughter would be Daddy’s good girl, too.


I have released a part 28 of the revamped Devil’s Pact on Smashwords. Read this post for more information if you’re interested!

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    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      I do like mind control stories. The Devil’s Pacts was my first one I published, and it’s all about the mind control mostly from the male perspective. I could write it. I was thinking about a mom with out of control daughters who gets it somehow and uses it to put her daughters in their places through sexy fun. But a male getting them would be fun, too.


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