Becoming Daddy’s Good Girl Chapter Eight: Good Girl’s Naughty Task


Becoming Daddy’s Good Girl

Chapter Eight: Good Girl’s Naughty Task

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Male/Teen female, Teen female/Teen female, Incest, BDSM, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Public Sex, Rimming

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I wanted to scream and shout and moan as loud as I could as Daddy rammed his huge cock into my fourteen-year-old cunt. He had me pinned against the shower wall, the spray crashing into his back, a steamy mist wafting over me as I humped and wiggled and enjoyed every second of his dick slamming into my underage depths.

My daddy fucked me. I was his good girl. His sex slave. My choker lay on the bathroom counter. The only time I could take it off was in the shower. He gave it to me Saturday night while Mommy watched, proud that I was Daddy’s good girl.

So I should be able to scream my head off. I didn’t have to hide it from Mommy. Not when she was sitting on the bathroom counter, watching us, fingering her shaved cunt, her large tits heaving as she savored her impending orgasm—a gift from Daddy.

We could only cum when he commanded us.

Water was getting everywhere with the shower door open, but Mommy and I would clean it up later. Daddy wanted an audience as he fucked me this morning. My fingers scratched at his back as my pussy clenched down on his wonderful dick. His groin smacked into my clit each time, shooting sparks through me. My nipples rubbed on his wet, muscular, tattooed chest. He was a hunk. A gorgeous man.

I loved him so much.

And I wanted to scream it to the world.

But my fraternal twin sister Alice was in the house, sleeping in her bedroom. She wasn’t Daddy’s good girl—yet. She had to be worked into it. She was a…rebellious girl. A sarcastic, defiant, bratty girl who also yearned to be spanked over and over by her daddy until she exploded in orgasmic delight.

Like she had yesterday when Daddy spanked her with his belt for being bad on her trip to our grandparents with Mommy. It had embarrassed her to cum in front of the family and she fled to her room. I went there and comforted her.

And not in a normal, sisterly way. I seduced her.

My pussy clenched on Daddy’s cock remembering the sweet delight of fingering her pussy while she rubbed mine and then our passionate sixty-nine. Her pussy tasted so wonderful. We came so hard together.

“Yes, yes, Daddy,” I moaned as his balls slapped into me. “May I cum, Daddy? Please, please.”

“Yes, may the little slut cum on your huge cock, Sir?” moaned Mommy, plunging three fingers from both her hands into her pussy, stretching her shave cunt wide apart. Her tits heaved as she shuddered on the counter. “The little whore needs it. Our daughter is a cock-hungry slut, aching to cum. Will you let her, Sir? I know how much you love to feel her cunt spasm on your dick. Such a naughty Daddy.”

“Slave, you brought her into the bathroom for me to fuck,” he growled. “You’re fingering your whore-cunt as you watch your daughter writhe like a slut on my cock. What does that make you?”

“The naughtiest mother in the world.” She threw back her head, bit her lip, and came hard. Juices squirted out around her plunging fingers, adding more mess to the floor that had to be cleaned up.

“Yes, Daddy, she’s such a wicked mommy,” I moaned. “Oh, please, Daddy, let me cum on your big, thick, hard cock. Please, please, please. Your dick is the best, Daddy. I love it.”

“Isn’t that the sweetest thing to hear from your baby-slut, Sir?” moaned Mommy.

“Yes,” growled Daddy. “You may cum, slut. Cum on Daddy’s cock. You’re just a whore for my dick.”

“I am, Daddy.”

I bit my lip to keep from screaming my head off and wakening Alice. My cunt spasmed about his dick as the pleasure roared out of my nethers. The bliss flooded through me. My arms and thighs tightened about his body, clutching him with every ounce of my passion as he rammed his hard cock over and over into my pussy. The pleasure swelled, consuming my thoughts.

“Daddy, yes!” I screamed, forgetting that Alice’s bedroom butted against the Master Bedroom. She was sleeping on the other side of the wall—a bad girl for not waking early enough to wash Daddy in the shower and help him get ready for work. “Oh, Daddy, cum in me!”

Daddy slammed my depths. He growled my name and unloaded his incestuous seed into me. The same seed that fertilized Alice and me into Mommy’s womb. I groaned, trembling, my nipples rubbing on his chest as my spasming pussy milked out every drop.

“Daddy, Daddy,” I sighed over and over as the pleasure retreated. “Oh, Daddy, what a wonderful shower.”

“And now we get to wash him clean,” grinned Mommy, hopping off the counter.

The master bath’s shower was big enough for three—I had a feeling that Daddy knew what he was doing when he redesigned it a few years ago. It was cozy. I bet we could even fit Alice in here and have a family shower orgy.

Since making love to Alice yesterday, my outlook on her changed. She didn’t annoy me. I mean, I always loved her—she was my sister—but she got on my nerves. She was messy and disobedient and defiant. But now I was helping Daddy tame her and transform her. It was exciting. I felt so close to her.

When we finished showering, Mommy and I presented our chokers to Daddy. He put them back on us. It felt so wonderful feeling the gold chain tight about my throat, proof that I was owned by my Daddy—his sex slave. “Melody, Daddy’s Good Girl,” was inscribed on the back unicorn charm that dangled in the hollow of my throat.

Mommy wore a heart-shaped locket.

Then Mommy and I combed and braided our hair. Daddy liked braided hair. Alice would have to grow her hair out to make a proper one. While we did that, Daddy shaved and readied himself for work. He dressed into his suit, the long-sleeves of his shirt hiding his tattoos. He still looked strong, though, the shirt stretching over his muscles.

In some ways, he was even sexier in suit and tie then blue jeans and a tight t-shirt. Still rugged, but cleaned up, ready to dominate the office like he dominated at home. Mommy cooked breakfast while I sat out the plates and made coffee. We attended Daddy like his servants, Mommy wearing her conservative, fifty-housewife garb while I wore one of the short skirts, naughty panties, and low-cut blouses Daddy picked out when we went shopping.

I was pouring his coffee when Alice stumbled in, bleary-eyed, her tawny hair a bushy mess in need of combing, wearing a pair of booty shorts and a baby-doll T-shirt, her stand sleep garb. She winced when she sat down at the table, her cheeks reddening as the pain reminded her of her embarrassing orgasm—well, it was embarrassing to her, the rest of us loved watching her cum—in front of Daddy and Mommy yesterday.

“Morning,” she mumbled, not looking anyone in the eye. Even after I comforted her, she had stayed in her room last night, too embarrassed to face our parents—particularly Daddy—after revealing her true desires.

I finished pouring Daddy’s coffee and sat down while Mommy fixed up Alice with a plate. Alice looked enough like me that people could tell we were sisters, taller than I was and slimmer, her breasts smaller, not round like mine but little mounds. Her hair was lighter than mine and Mommy’s brown, but our faces were very similar—we had a lot of Mommy in our looks, though we had Daddy’s ears.

“And you are going to do your chores, right, Alice?” Daddy said after sipping his coffee. “You won’t leave it all for your mother and Melody.”

The threat hovered in the air. Obey or be disciplined. Alice squirmed on her seat, a flash of defiance crossing her head. Then she glanced at me and sighed, “Yeah, Dad, I’ll do my chores.”

“Then we could go hang out at the park,” I told her. “With Sun.”

Alice’s eyes flicked to me. “Oh, I thought me and you could hang out in my room. I have a few new teen magazines we could look out.”

“What’s this?” Mommy said, arching an eyebrow. “Are my two munchkins getting along? What changed?”

Alice blushed and I grinned, “Oh, we talked last night. After the spanking. It was very—”

“Nice,” spluttered Alice, giving me a look. “Nice. That’s all. It was a nice conversation. Right, Melody? Nice. I wouldn’t mind continuing it today.”

“But it’s such a nice day,” I grinned. “And we don’t want to annoy Mommy all day. The park will be lots of fun.”

My sister glanced at me, her eyes widening and color spotted her cheek. “You mean…we could talk at the park? With Sun?”

I nodded my head. I had orders to follow. I called Sun last night and she was eager to help us out.

“Okay,” Alice said, a huge grin on her face. Then she grabbed a piece of bacon and took a large, crunchy bite.

I glanced at Daddy and he gave me the slightest of nods. He finished his coffee. “Excellent breakfast as always, June. You did good.”

“Thank you, dear,” Mommy answered. She said dear in the same breathy way as Sir. Before the last few days I never noticed it. Around outsiders, and Alice was still an outsider to our lifestyle, she used dear in place of Sir.

Daddy nodded his head, noticing, and Mommy had a happy smile on her lips. She stood up with him and walked him to the door, snagging his briefcase like she did every morning. I turned my head, watching them. They kissed in the entrance way and Daddy whispered something, like he always did.

I now knew he whispered his instructions for his slave to carry out.

Mommy came back, a sway to her hips, and she sat down. She finished off her orange juice and glanced at Alice. “You look like a haystack. After breakfast, take a shower and tame it. I don’t want my daughter looking like a vagabond.”

“It’s the latest look, Mom,” Alice said. “No effort. Just bushy hair. All the boys love it.”

“Boys your age love anything a girls does in the hopes of getting into her panties. You’re combing your hair not to impress boys but to not to embarrass your father and me.”

Alice stiffened at father. “Fine, Mom. I was going to anyways. You don’t have to nag.”

“Do I need to talk to your father when he gets home tonight?”

“Maybe.” Alice took another bite of her bacon.

“Fine,” Mommy said, voice tight. “Wash your plate when your done, too. It’s one of your chores, Alice.”

Before, I would have been annoyed with my sister, but I could see it in her eyes. She wanted another spanking, maybe another orgasm. She was a pain slut, taking after our mother. I grinned, my pussy growing hot. Today would be so exciting.

Chores were done. The women were in charge of the inside of the house and tending to the flowers outside the house. Daddy was in charge of the lawn. He looked so sexy pushing the lawnmower, muscles bulging.

Alice dawdled on her chores. Mom kept catching Alice fooling around on her phone instead of working. Mom would arch an eyebrow and say, “Another thing to talk to your father about when he gets home,” and Alice would pretend to be frightened, but I could see that naughty glint in her eye.

How did I miss it?

After lunch, we were cut free and I sent Sun the text. It would have been earlier, Mom made Alice clean the bathroom three times until it was up to standards. Alice had a scowl on her face when we stepped out into the summer sun. She threw a look over her shoulder, “Bitch.”

“Alice, that’s our mother,” I gasped.

“She’s a nagging bitch. I don’t know how Daddy puts up with her.”

“Oh, you do,” I said as we reached the sidewalk. “I think you know just what Daddy wants from Mommy.”

Alice frowned, glancing at me and the braid then to my choker. “Did Dad give you that?”

“He did. My reward.”

“For doing all of Mom’s work.” Alice gave a wicked giggle. “I bet you were so eager. Huh? Bet you were hoping he would call you to his bedroom, pin you down, and fuck you as hard as he fucks Mom.”

“You’ve seen them fuck?”

“Once. Their bedroom door was cracked open. Mom was on her stomach, gasping and grunting, while Dad fucked her from behind, his ass pumping, his muscular body glistening.”

“He is sexy,” I agreed. “And, yes, that thought crossed my mind.”

Alice arched an eyebrow. “Would you have fucked him?”

“Wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, you are such a naughty slut,” my sister laughed. “How did I miss it? All that pretending to be a good girl. You’re just a randy little thing. I bet you would have let him fuck you just as hard.” She sighed. “But Dad never would.”

“Why not?”

“We’re his daughters.” She looked around. “Incest is illegal. And we’re underage. He would never touch us.”

“And if he would…?”

She bit her lip, her flip flops smacking against her feet. She shifted, her combed hair bouncing about her shoulders. She wore a pink tank top and a pair of jean shorts. They weren’t as tight as they could be nor as short. She didn’t wear a bra, proven by the dimples made by her nipples as they hardened.

“It wouldn’t happen,” she repeated, a stubborn cast to her face.

“I didn’t say it would. Just asked if you would do it?” I leaned in, my hand taking hers. “It’s not like you were shy with me last night.”

“But incest?” she asked, her voice strangled. “With Dad?”

“It was incest between us. Yummy, delicious, sisterly incest.”

“Damn, Melody, you are wild. How do you have that sweet, innocent face when you’re such a pervert?”

I laughed and squeezed her hand.

We reached the park ten minutes later, the day growing warmer. Sun lounged on a bench, legs spread wide in a pair of daisy dukes that hugged her crotch, creating a delicious camel toe, a bikini top covering her small breasts, leaving her tanned-olive skin exposed. She looked up, her short, black hair swinging around her delicate face.

“Hey, sluts,” Sun greeted, hopping off the bench and racing over. She threw her arms around my neck and gave me a hot kiss right on the lips.

I returned it, savoring the feel of her nubile body rubbing against mine. Alice gripped my hand tight. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her jaw drop. She knew I had a relationship with Sun, but the reality shocked her. It made my pussy even hotter as Sun shoved her tongue into my mouth and gripped my ass through my skirt.

“Mmm, it’s good to see you, Sun,” I smiled, blinking my eyes.

Sun gave a wicked laugh and lifted my skirt. “Ooh, love the panty choice, Melody.”

I wore a pair of gray, lacy, French cut panties. They were delicate, my flesh showing through the pattern. You could easily tell I was shaved. Sun lifted my skirt higher so Alice could see. My sister glanced and her eyes widened.

“Melody, when did you get panties like that?”

“When I went clothes shopping with Daddy the first Sunday you and Mommy went to grandma and grandpa’s.”

“And Dad let you buy those?”

I winked at my sister. “He approved everything I chose. I modeled these for him, too. He loved me in them.”

My sister’s eyes bugged. “You’re fucking with me. He wouldn’t do that.”

I just laughed and put my arm around Sun’s shoulders. “So, what are we doing today?”

“Being naughty,” laughed Sun. “I need to get laid. I think there are a few guys around here that fit the bill. Want to watch?”

“Yes,” I nodded, glancing at my sister. “You up for that?”

“Watching Sun pick up a guy and fuck him?” she asked, her eyes widening. “I thought we were…going to…talk. Just talk.”

“Is that code for licking your sister’s pussy?” Sun asked.

Alice’s cheeks went crimson.

Sun laughed. “Wow, Alice, you are so cute when you get embarrassed. All that confidence and bravado just evaporates. Mmm, I masturbated so hard last night when Melody told me all about the two of you. I wish I saw it. A little sister-on-sister action. Hot.”

And then Sun broke from me, threw her arms around my sister’s neck, and kissed her hard. Alice went rigid for a moment, her eyes glancing at me. I grinned at her. She relaxed, eyes closing, and kissed Sun back. Their tongued danced for a moment and then they broke away.

“Wow, you’re a good kisser,” Sun grinned. Then she seized both our hands. “Come on, I need to get plowed.”

“Here?” Alice said. “At the park?”

“Public sex is the best sex,” Sun nodded her head.

“Didn’t you fuck a guy at the zoo?” I asked. “You mentioned that.”

“Yep. In a little alcove in the reptile hall. It’s so dark in there. He slipped into me from behind and fucked me hard. Ooh, I came. We finished right before this family walked by and caught us. Damn, it was the best.”

Alice shook her head.

“I’m an exhibitionist. Having an audience really gets me off.” She clapped her hands. “And two sisters watching is quite the audience.”

We walked through the park, Sun on the look out for the right man to fuck. The park was large. It had a playground at one end, then plenty of trails that wound round the edge, passing several ponds, before ending at the baseball diamond at the far end. I saw Sun glance at the pitcher’s mound and I knew what she was imagining—Daddy fucking her right there.

“He looks cute,” I said, nudging Sun and nodding to a man jogging by. “Muscular, rugged.”

“Almost like your Dad,” grinned Sun.

Alice rolled her eyes. All our friends had a crush on Daddy. They had good taste in men.

“How are you going to get him?” I asked as he jogged away.

“Charm,” Sun answered. “We just have to be ready for him to come back around. I bet one lap isn’t enough exercise from him. The trail’s not that long.”

It was a Monday, so not as many people were in this part of the park. The children were all at the playground and the adults were mostly at work. Sun moved us down the trail and smiled. She pointed to a little bench off a side trail beside a pond. “You two watch from there. And don’t be afraid to have your own fun.”

“And what are you going to do?” I asked.

She winked at me as she headed to her position on the trail. She leaned against a tree just out of sight and peeled off her top. I blinked in shock. She was definitely being bold. Alice and I took our position on the chairs as Sun leaned against the tree, cupping her small mounds, her nipples dark and hard.

“Holy shit,” Alice said, squirming on the bench.

“Uh-huh,” I said as I watched Sun shimmy out of her jean shorts. Then she threw them onto the trail, baiting her trap. She was completely naked, her right hand sliding between her thighs and fingering her pussy.

“What if someone else sees her?” gasped Alice.

“I don’t think anyone else is jogging,” I said, twisting my head on the bench. I could see the trail wrapping around this section of the garden, glimpsing it through the gaps in the trees and flowering foliage. Through a gap, I saw the jogger. He still had three-quarters of the trail to jog before getting to Sun.

“And she’s masturbating.” Alice squirmed again, pressing her thighs together.

I put an arm around her shoulders. “Getting a hot cunt?”

“Yes,” she moaned. “Look at her. She’s fearless.”

“She gets what she wants. If you’re afraid, how can you experience your desires?” I leaned into her and nuzzled at her neck. “How will you get to be with Daddy if you’re scared he won’t want your hot body?”

“Melody,” she groaned. “People can see us.”

“I know. Sun’s right, this is hot.” Then I kissed my sister on the bench. I slid my hand up her tank top and cupped her small breast, rubbing on her hard nipple through the cloth. It poked at the fabric and against my palm. It felt so wicked.

She shuddered and writhed on the bench. She sounded so naughty as she sighed into the kiss. My tongue brushed her lips then entered her mouth. Our lips moved together as Sun’s moans echoed through the woods.

She was watching us first.

I slid my hand down her tank top to the hem and shoved beneath it, lifting up the cloth. I brushed her firm mound as I broke the kiss. Alice’s licked her lips, her dark eyes wild as I leaned down and sucked on an exposed nipple.

“That’s it,” Sun shouted. “Ooh, Melody, you wild slut.”

Alice stiffened as I nibbled and sucked on her nipple. The bench creaked as she squirmed. She let out a plaintiff moan. Her hands pushed on my shoulders. But not hard. It was more reflexive, her fear fighting with her desire.

So I sucked harder.

She gasped, her moans so sweet. I sucked and nibbled on her nipple while my hand stroked down her smooth stomach. Birds chirped in the air around us and a breeze brought the scent of the nearby roses. I breathed it in, mixed with the smell of my sister’s lavender body wash.

Her stomach tensed beneath my fingers as I moved lower and lower. She moaned my name and then gasped as my fingers reached the snap of her jean shorts. I popped it and her hands pushed hard enough on my shoulders to move my mouth from her tit.

“Melody, stop,” she gasped, her fly undone, the zipper rasping down exposing her pink panties. “What are you doing?”

“You have a hot pussy,” I grinned. “Look at Sun masturbating. Doesn’t that make you hot? Don’t you want to have your cunt fingered?” I slipped my fingertips beneath the elastic waistband of her panties, feeling her warmth. “Huh?”

“But…” She glanced around. “There’s the jogger. He’ll see us.”

“He’ll be distracted by Sun,” I purred, pushing my fingers in deeper and deeper, caressing her shaved pudenda on my way to her pussy. “Relax.”

I turned my head. The jogger approached, so handsome in his tight, blue tank top and shorts. He was younger than Daddy, rugged and handsome. His arms pumped with an effortless motion as he jogged.

Then he froze. He spot the jean shorts on the trail. He glanced around as he moved to them. Sun let out a huge moan of pleasure, fingering her cunt faster and faster. The jogger heard her, his head snapping through the trees, cocking to the side as he spotted her.

“Miss?” he said, his voice half-strangled. “Miss, what are you doing?”

“Masturbating,” Sun answered. “Want to watch me?”

The jogger picked up her jean shorts and turned towards her, his back to my sister and me. I shoved my hand deeper into my sister’s panties and brushed the wet folds of her pussy. She gasped and shuddered as my fingers brushed her clit peeking out of her folds.

“See, isn’t that nice?” I purred. “Now we can watch and have fun.”

“Melody,” she protested while the guy stood rooted to the spot watching Sun. I couldn’t see my friend, but I could hear her.

“Oh, yes, keep watching me,” Sun moaned as my finger stroked up and down my sister’s wet slit. “Ooh, I love a handsome stud watching. I’m going to cum so hard for you. Oh, yes.”

“Fuck,” the guy groaned, his head snapping around again. “You really shouldn’t be doing that.”

“Yes, I should,” Sun moaned, her voice throaty. “You love it. You love watching my fingers plunge in and out of my hot cunt. I bet you wish it was your cock.”

“Holy shit,” he said then let out an amused, disbelieving, shocked laugh. He looked around again. “I’m being punked. How old are you?”

“Old enough,” Sun moaned. “Oh, yes, you are a hunk. I love a guy with muscles.”

“Shit,” Alice whispered beside me. “She’s a complete slut.”

“Uh-huh,” I nodded. Sun liked to play with Daddy, but she could never live the life of a sex slave. She could never be Daddy’s good girl for longer than a few hours. She wasn’t submissive enough. It was a game for her.

Not a passion, a need.

I rubbed harder at my sister’s pussy, grinding the heel of my hand on her clit as my fingers brushed her hymen. I was careful not to break it—Daddy would get that joy. My sister shuddered and then her hand shot between my thighs and rubbed at the crotch of my lacy panties.

I smiled, shuddering. Daddy gave me permission to cum today with Melody. My sister rubbed fast, hard, but almost without thought. Her attention was entirely focused on the bemused man running his hand through his buzzed-short, blond hair, the muscles in his arm rippling.

“He’s as ripped as Dad,” whispered Alice, her fingers digging my panties into my pussy.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, pleasure rippling through me. My panties stretched tight over my clit. The deeper my sister worked them into my pussy, the harder it pressed on my nub. I squirmed, my toes curling in my open-toed sandals while my fingers danced up and down her slit.

Pleasure spread out of my pussy, propelled by my sister’s fingers. It was so hot to finger each other in the park. Someone could see us. We weren’t as daring as Sun, but it was just as exciting. I bit my lip, stifling my moan.

And then Alice shoved my panties to the side and buried her fingers into my cunt. I moaned, leaning back on the bench as two digits plunged into my dripping depths. My sheath clenched down on them as she pumped them in and out of me.

I loved my sister’s delicate fingers in my cunt.

“Damn,” the guy said again. “You are wild, girl.”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned. “Oh, yes, keep watching. I…I’m fucking cumming. Yes, yes, yes. Holy shit, watch me. You’re making me cum so hard.”

“Jesus, you’re squirting,” groaned the guy.

“That’s how hot you make me. Oh, yes. Keep watching. I’m…I’m…fuck!”

Sun’s final shout startled the birds overhead. They took to the air, winging through the trees to find new perches away from the crazy, masturbating Korean slut. Sun’s moans grew softer as her orgasm passed through her.

“Oh, that was a delicious appetizer,” she groaned.

“Damn, she’s a slut,” Alice hissed, fingering my pussy hard and fast. Her fingers dug so deep into my flesh.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, grinding the heel of my hand on my sister’s clit, my fingers rubbing harder at her pussy lips. “Just the biggest. You should have seen her cum on a vibrator in the middle of the mall. Right at the fountain.”

“What?” gasped Alice. “Fuck.”

And then my sister came as Sun purred, “Come fuck me. I need that cock in me. I know you’re hard. I can see it. You look huge. Just what my pussy needs.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Alice groaned, her fingers twitching in my cunt as her face contorted.

I planted a hot kiss on my sister’s lips, keeping her from screaming out her bliss and startling the guy. She moaned into the kiss as her juices flooded around my fingers, soaking into her panties. Her tongue thrust into my mouth, her free hand wrapping around my neck, pinning me in place.

“How old are you?” the guy asked again.

“What do you care?” Sun laughed. “You just want to get that dick wet. And my cunt is dripping. Come and fuck me.”

Alice spasmed harder, her orgasm intensifying. Her fingernails dug into the back of my neck, her tongue buried into my mouth. Her fingers spasmed in my pussy. Her thumb swiped my clit as she twitched. She exhaled through her nose, almost snorting as the pleasure roared through her.

And then she groaned and fell back, breaking our kiss. “Oh, my god, that was amazing.”

I grinned at her and purred, “Now make me cum, sis.”

“Yes,” she gasped and her fingers rammed deep into my cunt.

The guy, looking down the trail a final time, moved to Sun, still holding her jean shorts in one hand. My friend let out a throaty moan. Her hands yanked down his shorts and boxers in one go and then she gasped in delight.

“Oh, yes, this is a cock,” she moaned.

“I wish I could see it,” I panted as Alice’s fingers worked in and out my cunt.

“Uh-huh,” my sister nodded, squirming as my fingers kept dancing up and down her pussy.

“Mmm, I want that cock,” moaned Alice. “I need a cock. It’s not fair that you lost your virginity first.”

“Just rub my clit and we’ll find you a man later. But not here. The park isn’t special enough.”

“Yes,” she hissed, her thumb sweeping across my clit.

My pussy clamped down on my sister’s plunging fingers. My groaned, my breasts jiggling in my top. The guy pinned Sun to the tree and her thighs wrapped about his legs. He held her ass as he thrust into her pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Sun moaned. She was too short for her head to appear over his shoulder. “Fuck me. Fuck my underage cunt!”

“Shit,” groaned the guy, his muscular ass flexing as he rammed his cock over and over into my friend’s cunt. “Damn, I can’t believe it.”

“Believe it,” moaned Sun. “Now fuck me. Ram that dick into me. Oh, yes. I want that cum flooding my snatch.”

“Are you on the pill?” groaned the guy.

“Maybe,” she laughed. “You might be breeding me.”

“Shit,” the guy and Alice said at the same time.

He fucked her faster, pounding her as Alice’s thumb pressed harder on my clit. I groaned, my legs spasming as the pleasure built in the depths of my core. Every time her thumb rubbed, sparks flared and my pussy clenched.

I stared at the guy’s ass as it thrust forward, slamming his dick over and over into Sun’s cunt. Her legs were wrapped tight. I knew she was thrusting up into him, eager for his cock to carry her to another screaming orgasm.

“Yes, yes, fuck my cunt,” hissed Sun. “Oh, you fucking stud, yes. I’m going to cum so hard on your dick.”

“Yes, you are,” I moaned, my pussy churning, my orgasm trembling through me.

Alice pressed her lips to my ear. “Are you going to cum, slut? Your pussy is so hot. Ooh, my sister has a hot cunt.”

“I am going to cum,” I hissed. “Keep doing it. Oh, yes, Alice. Keep fingering me. I love it. I never want us to stop this.”

“No,” she moaned, her thighs clamping about my fingers rubbing on her pussy. A shudder ran through her. “You are such a slut, Melody. Love you.”

Those words sent me over. My eyes widened. My pussy spasmed on my sister’s fingers. I bucked on the bench, clamping my jaw shut to keep from screaming out my pleasure. The trees above me spun over my head. The birds sang in joy at my sisterly orgasm. I groaned, drunk on this moment, humping into my sister’s fingers. My clit exploded beneath her thumb.

The bliss crashed into my mind. I loved it. I moaned through my clenched teeth. Alice nibbled on my ear. Her lips so hot. She tugged on my earing, purring and moaning. She was such a wonderful sister.

“Oh, Alice, love you,” I gasped as my orgasm peaked.

And then I crashed down onto the bench.

“Oh, you have such a hot cunt,” Alice purred, pulling her fingers out of my pussy and up to her lips. She sucked on them.

I grinned at her and pulled my hand out of her shorts. I brought my sticky fingers to my lips, licking them as I watched the finale of Sun’s sex act. I savored my sister’s sweet musk, licking up each digit as Sun howled her bliss.

The guy’s ass flexed. He drove his cock into Sun’s depths. They grunted. My sister and I giggled as he flooded Sun’s cunt with his cum. He thrust two more times while Sun kept gasping and moaning in wordless delight.

And then he was done. He pulled out of her, stepping back and pulling up his shorts and boxers. He looked around, shoulders hunched, then he dropped her shorts and just bolted, which made my sister and I laugh.

We raced down to Sun as she bent down, her legs shaking, his cum pouring down her thighs, and snagged her jean shorts. She pulled them on, wiggling them up her ass. “Wow, that was hot. Who wants ice cream?”

“You are such a slut,” Alice laughed. “And didn’t you get enough cream when he came in you?”

“You can never have too much cream,” Sun winked. She bent down, swiping her fingers up a line of cum smeared on her thigh and popped it into her mouth.


We hung out with Sun for another two hours, just laughing and talking about typical teenage girl things—boys, clothes, music, boys, gossip—before I leaned over to Alice and whispered, “I think Mommy’s had to go grocery shopping. The house should be empty. We could go talk.”

Sun giggled and winked at us. Then she mouthed “call me” behind my sister’s back. I nodded my head. She deserved to know how the next part of the plan went.

Alice and I raced home, giggling and holding hands, a rosy flush to our cheeks. We copped feels whenever we thought we could get away with it, squeezing tits, smacking asses, and rubbing crotches. We were both soaking wet when we got home.

We burst into the house. Mommy wasn’t on the couch watching one of her afternoon soaps—she often relaxed to those once the housework was finished. Alice grinned at me and we raced upstairs. Only when we got to the top, did we both pause as a loud smack echoed down the hallway.

“You’ve were such a bad girl,” the strong voice of Daddy said.


“I’m sorry, Sir,” Mommy moaned, her voice breathless.

Alice froze on the stairs. Our parent’s bedroom door was open. You could see the foot of their bed. Daddy sat on it, naked, his body muscular. An equally naked Mom lay across his lap, her ass bright red from his spankings, her shaved pussy on display, drenched with her juices.

“Holy shit,” squeaked Alice. “Why’s Daddy home?”


“I had to come all the way home from work to deal with this mess,” Daddy growled.

“I’m so sorry, Sir,” moaned Mommy, squirming more.


“You better be sorry, slut. I had a meeting I had to miss out on.”


Alice’s eyes were riveted on the scene. Her small breasts rose and fell in her tank top. She squirmed her hips, her thighs rubbing together. One hand clutched the top of the stair’s railing as she stood transfixed.

“You wish that was you?” I whispered in her ear.

She nodded her head slowly, unable to pull her gaze away.


“I’m so sorry, Sir,” moaned Mommy, her ass bright red. She squirmed more. “Spank me. I was such a bad girl!”

“Jesus,” whispered Alice. “Jesus, she loves it.”

I didn’t say a word. I knelt behind my sister, my hands reaching around her waist. I unsnapped her jean shorts. She didn’t resist as I drew them down her hip, exposing her pink panties. The crotch darkened by her juices. I smelled her sweet musk.

I pulled off her panties next. I stared up at the swell of her ass, still faint welts from her spanking yesterday crisscrossing her pale cheeks. Her pussy was a tight slit, her vulva plumped and flushed, juices beading.


“You will be a good girl, slave. Even if I have to spank you all night.”


“Yes, sir! Spank me as much as I need.”

“Yes,” whispered Alice.

I grasped my sister’s butt-cheeks, pulling them apart and exposing her sphincter. I leaned in, licking at her backdoor, savoring the sour flavor of her ass while Daddy’s hand cracked over and over on Mommy’s ass. Alice’s hips wiggled, pressing back into my licking tongue while my right hand slid down her butt cheeks and between her thighs.

I rubbed at her dripping pussy.

My fingers slid through her plump vulva, nudging her clit and rubbing on her hymen guarding the entrance to her pussy. I tongued her sphincter harder, loving the sour flavor of my sister’s ass. She moaned again, butt-cheeks clenching and relaxing.


“Yes, yes, spank me, sir,” moaned Mommy. “Oh, yes. I’m so close. May I cum, sir.”


“She’s asking him…?” whispered Alice.

“Have you learned your lesson, slut?” growled Daddy.


“I have, sir. Please, let me cum.”

“Yes, let her cum, Dad.” Alice wiggled more. Her sphincter clenched against my tongue.

I loved it. I rubbed at her clit, sending flutters through her body as my tongue pressed into her asshole. It resisted, fighting my tongue. She would need butt plugs to get her ready for Daddy’s big cock. And then my tongue forced into her bowels.

Oh, she tasted delicious.


“Please, sir,” begged Mommy.

“Please, Dad,” echoed Alice.


“You may cum, slut,” growled Daddy.


Mommy screamed as her pleasure exploded through her. Punishmentgasms were intense. My pussy clenched in envy. I tongued my sister ass and rubbed her pussy, keeping her hot and excited as she watched our mommy cum like a pain-slut on Daddy’s lap.

“Shit,” groaned Alice. “Shit, shit, shit. She’s cumming. She’s cumming.”

“Just like you did,” I whispered between licking rims.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes,” moaned Mommy. “Thank you, Sir. Thank you for letting me cum, Sir. I love you, Sir.”

“I love you, June,” Daddy said. “Now Alice.”

My sister squeaked, her asscheeks clenching hard about my face. I couldn’t see, but I knew Daddy was staring right at my sister. She trembled, a whimper of half-lust and half-fear escaped her lips. “Y-yes, Dad.”

“Your mother told me you back-talked her this morning, shirked your chores to play with your phone, and had to clean the bathroom three times to get it correct.”

“I…I did, Daddy.”

“Get in here and get across my lap. You need disciplined, too, young Lady.”

A wave of lust went through me. It was time for Alice to become Daddy’s good girl. Would she submit and discover all her fantasies? Or would she rebel? I trembled, waiting for my sister to react.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 9.

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