Incestuous Harem Chapter Five: Mom & Sis Drop Their Panties


Incestuous Harem

Chapter Five: Mom & Sis Drop Their Panties

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

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Vicky Samuels

“…and that is why the colonial forces of Belgium ultimately failed in their occupation of the Congo,” Pam Hiragawa said as she stood on the lectern, her debate cards clutched in her hands. They were blue index cards, her slim fingers holding on to them tightly. The girl spoke with a stilted cadence. Her facts were good, but she still was shy about speaking in public.

I squirmed in the seat of the hard, metal folding chair, watching as my debate team took on our rivals. All our practice the last four Saturdays, starting even before term began, was leading up to our first match of the season.

And my team was not ready. Why did I volunteer to lead my high school’s debate club? It was more work on top of teaching History, and with no extra pay.

My phone buzzed inside my purse. I opened it up and pulled out my iPhone. My sister had sent me a text. I guess she woke up and crawled out of my bed. She drank so much wine last night, so I wasn’t shocked she was just waking up. I hated seeing her drowning in the cheap wine. I missed Clinton, too. God, did I miss my man, but we still had our family. Our children. But she didn’t seem to care about anything but drinking and crawling into my bed.

“Guess what I’m watching,” was my sister’s text, complete with a winky emoji.

“What?” I typed, my eyes flicking up to Pam.

She was a lovely girl, petite, her face round and skin a lovely shade of pale olive, not much darker than mine but tinged with something exotic. Her hair was pulled back into a French braid, a pair of pink barrettes above her ears. She was cute. Exactly the type of girl Clinton enjoyed.

Our man loved Asian women. It always made him so happy when Cheryl or I procured him a cutie, bringing a new friend, a coworker, or even one of my students into our bed for a night of shared passion.

It was something of a competition between my sister and I.

“I’m watching something naughty,” answered my sister. I could almost hear her naughty laugher, picturing her face, framed by her bleached-blonde hair, twisting into naughty mirth, her thighs squeezed together, pussy wet.


“Of a sort. It’s live action.”

That had me blinking. I shifted. “Live action? Are you on a cam site paying some girl to strip off her clothes? What about the money?” It was all so tight now. Clinton’s life insurance was running out. It was a good thing Zoey started working. She promised to give some of her paycheck to us.

She must be doing good at Dairy Queen to afford her new car.

“No, no. This is even naughtier. It’s happening in my house.”

My eyes widened. My pussy clenched. “Clint and my daughter? Have they finally done it?”

A big thumbs up appeared. “Clint’s streaming it to my phone. Him. Melody. Alicia.”

“Holy shit!” I gasped aloud.

People glanced at me. Pam faltered on stage, her head snapping around to look at me. I winced and gave her a supportive nod. Clint and two of his sisters. Not that he knew Melody was actually his half-sister. And he was sleeping with both of them? Melody wasn’t shocking. The two had been inseparable since they could crawl. Only a month a part in age, my sixteen-year-old daughter and Clint had run around our houses and the neighborhood. It was clear they were in love. And since I routinely slept with my sister, who was I to judge?

But Clint and Alicia? The fourteen-year-old was such a quiet girl, a mouse always in her room reading.

My pussy was on fire. I stared at my phone and then my eyes widened. Streaming? Why would he stream himself having sex with our daughters to my sister’s phone unless… “Are you fucking your son?”

“I am, baby sis,” Cheryl typed almost immediately. “He’s just like Clinton. Just as strong. Oh, Vicky, it was wonderful.”

Like Clinton… I trembled. I was a submissive. I learned that the day Cheryl brought me into her boyfriend’s bed. Clinton and her had only been sixteen while I was fourteen. A trembling virgin with braces. I submitted to him—I did anything he asked—and I loved him for it. As much as I missed my man, I also missed being taken in hand. Dominated. Cheryl needed it even more. She was always closer to Clinton. I had tried to be dominant for her, but I just didn’t have it in me. I could spank her ass and put nipple clamps on her nubs, but my heart wasn’t in it. I couldn’t give it my all.

And she knew it.

“And here I am stuck at school all day,” I typed adding a frowny face.

“Sorry.” She put a laughing face. She always was the brat. Sometimes, I thought I should be the older sister. “Well, they’re wrapping up. I have a daughter’s creampie to devour.”

“Fuck,” I muttered under my breath, squirming. I glanced up at Pam Hiragawa, wincing at her stilted speech, and really, really wished I could masturbate. My poor panties were soaked as I pictured my nephew. He was so strong, a younger version of his father, muscular, fit, dark hair, serious jawline.

Damn my sister.


Cheryl Elliston

I giggled, knowing my baby sister was squirming while stuck at school. I stood up, my body buzzing from my orgasm. I closed messenger, the window shrinking to a little circle in the corner of my phone showing Vicky’s profile pic. On the screen, Clint fucked Alicia hard, my fourteen-year-old daughter trembling beneath him. Melody was stretched on her side beside them, kissing and nuzzling, sharing the moment with her lover and master.

He was my master, too. I was his Mommy-slave.

I stood up, stretching, my breasts jiggling before me. I walked naked out of the master bedroom. Our children had no idea the naughty games Vicky and I got up to with their father in this room. It was soundproofed, the walls lined with cork beneath the wallpaper. One of the first upgrades Clinton did to both our houses after we bought them. They were side-by-side. That took a lot of work to find two houses both for sale, but we knew early on we wanted to all be close. To raise our children together even if they didn’t know they were brother and sisters yet.

My feet padded across the hardwood floors, another gift to me from my loving husband. There were so many touches in the house that Clinton had installed for me. I was his slave, his submissive, I would do anything for him, and he rewarded me in every way he could.

Tears beaded in my eyes. I swallowed, thirsty. I hesitated for a moment, glancing at the stairs leading to the first floor. There was a box of wine in the cabinet. I could pop down there real quick and…

No, no. Clint was almost done. And there would be something delicious to drink in his room.

I headed to the stairs to the attic. The moans were coming from my phone and from upstairs. They weren’t synced. The groans came from my phone just a fraction of a second later. I smiled, stalking up to Clint’s. I reached his door, opening it.

“I’m your slut!” Alicia shouted. “Cum in me!”

And groaned as I watched my son’s muscular ass flex as he drove his cock into my youngest child’s pussy. Alicia’s pigtails of light-brown hair were spread across Clint’s bed. Her small breasts were budding mounds topped by pink nipples.

“Yes, cum in her, Sir!” I gasped, pussy melting.

“Mom!” Alicia gasped, her eyes widening in fright as Clint rammed his dick into her. He grunted. My son was cumming into my daughter. His little sister. My pussy clenched. A drunk wave of lust washed through me.

Alicia stared at me, her glasses hanging on the edge of her cute nose, her brown eyes wide. First with fear and then with confusion as she stared at my large breasts and naked body. I stroked my hand down to my black bush, running fingers through it as I walked into the room.

“What’s going on?” Alicia gasped.

“I came to check in on how Clint was disciplining you,” I smiled. “Mmm, and that is a novel approach.”

“She needed it,” Clint groaned, staring down at her. “Right, Princess?”

“Princess?” whispered Alicia, her voice trembling.

“I think you’re my cute, little princess,” grinned Clint. “My submissive, little sister, right?”

“Yes,” she whispered as Clint rolled off of her.

“And Melody’s my queen,” Clint grinned, his dick shining wetly. He was on the edge of the bed. It was so narrow for the three of them. “And Mom is my slave.”

“Slave?” gasped Alicia.

“She is, Cupcake,” whispered Melody. “Of course, so are we. His queen-slave and his princess-slave.” Melody nuzzled at my daughter’s lips. The pair kissed as I licked my lips, moving into the room.

Clint stood up, stretching his muscles. His hand cracked down on my ass, pushing me to the bed. I yelped. “You know what to do, slave.”

“Yes, Sir,” I moaned. “Mommy knows just what to do.”

Melody broke the kiss with her half-sister, a bright smile on her lips, a gleam in her eye. “You are going to love this, Cupcake. I know I did when I ate Clint’s cum out of your mom’s pussy.”

Alicia’s eyes widened. She pushed up her glasses with a finger. “Mommy, are you…?”

“I’m going to lick all of our Master’s cum out of your snatch because your Mommy is a depraved slave. Mommy will do anything to keep her big, strong son happy. And this will make him so happy.”

“Yes,” Melody moaned, squirming.

“Melody, get that bruised ass over here,” Clint growled as I sank on the bed. “You’re fidgeting a lot. I know you have a hot cunt.”

“So hot,” Melody moaned. “As hot as my ass.” She shifted and winced. “I should make you rub aloe vera onto my ass, dick. It hurts.”

“Make?” Clint asked, his voice strong. “You can’t make me do anything. If I rub aloe vera on your ass, it’s because I choose to. Because I want you happy.”

“Right, Clint,” Melody giggled as she climbed off the bed. She moved to him. She was quite the smart-aleck. She put her arms around his neck. “I’m sorry, Clint. Will you put aloe vera on my ass? It hurts so much. You spanked me too hard.”

“And you loved it,” Clint said. And then his hand smacked down on her burning ass. She yelped, jumping against his naked body.

“I did,” she breathed, her voice thick and throaty.

“Oh, wow,” Alicia gasped as my niece kissed my son, their tongues dancing. “Oh, that’s so beautiful.”

“Almost as beautiful as this,” I told my youngest daughter, spreading her legs apart, staring at her tight pussy, so red, her slit gaping open from Clint’s cock. Pinkish cum leaked out. He had popped her cherry, despoiled her. “This is a beautiful sight, too.”

I ran my finger through my daughter’s wispy, brown pubic hair, sliding down to her pussy. I stroked it, her flesh so hot and juicy. She groaned, her body shuddering, her small nipples jiggling atop her breasts.

I leaned over and, unable to resist her juicy depths, licked. I gathered my daughter’s fresh juices mixed with my son’s salty cum. An incestuous creampie for me to devour. I was such a bad Mommy. I licked harder, loving the cooing sounds Alicia made.

“Mommy,” she gasped, her cute nose twitching.

“Just enjoy, Princess,” I smiled, loving the nickname for her.

“Yes, just enjoy, Cupcake,” Melody moaned, leaning against Clint’s dresser. She yelped. Both his hands squeezing her spanked ass as he buried his face into her pussy and licked.

Clinton, my husband, had always told my son to keep his woman happy. “A happy woman will do anything for you if you do,” he had promised. “Anything.”

Clint took that lesson to heart as he devoured Melody’s cunt. I could tell he loved the flavor of her sweet snatch. I took another lick of my daughter’s cunt as my son devoured my niece. Alicia and Melody made different sounds, Alicia’s so cute and innocent, little gasps and sighs, while Melody groaned and moaned, so throaty and husky.

“Yes, yes, just like that, Clint,” panted Melody. “Oh, damn, you know what to do. Thank you, Clint. Thank you. I love it when you devour my pussy.”

“I love it when you devour mine, Mommy,” Alicia moaned as my tongue probed into her pussy, touching the depths plundered by my son. “It’s so different. You’re so much softer. Not as aggressive.”

“Mmm, Clint devours you,” Melody agreed, her round, naked tits jiggling, the dresser rocking behind her as she swayed.

I latched my lips about my daughter’s pussy, sucking hard, drawing out Clint’s cum. She gasped and bucked, her tiny breasts jiggling. Her mouth opened into a wide O as she gasped and moaned, her glasses slipping on her face. She tossed her head back and forth, little hips humping her pussy into me as she savored my mouth.

I probed my tongue into her hole, my hands grabbing her ass, that sweet, youthful tush. I gave both cheeks a squeezed, my tongue swirling, teasing. She shuddered again, squeaking out her pleasure. My head moved back and forth as I explored her snatch, searching for any last traces of my son’s cum in her depth.

I had such a hunger for it. I wanted to devour every last drop of his jizz out of my daughter.

“Mommy,” she moaned. Her fingers found her small nipples, pinching and twisting them. Her pigtails danced as her head tossed back and forth. “Mommy, yes, yes, yes.”

My fingers dug into her ass, pulling her pussy tight against my lips. My tongue flailed through her folds. I found her clit, caressing it. She bucked again, her thighs pressing on my cheeks. She trapped my face, holding my lips against her clit.

I sucked.

She shuddered, spasming. Her pleasure built in her depths as I licked and nuzzled at her clit. I kept her gasping and shuddering. I sucked hard, my cheeks hollowing. Her body bucked. Her fresh juices flowed.

“Mommy!” she screeched as she came. “Mommy, yes, yes! I’m cumming! Oh, Mommy! I love it!”

“She’s quite addicted to having her pussy licked,” moaned Melody, her face twisting with delight as she humped on my son’s mouth. He made her gasp, squeezing her ass, mixing pain with the pleasure.

Lucky girl.

“Mmm,” I smiled, crawling up my daughter. “You tasted delicious.”

My pussy dripped as my large tits pressed into my daughter’s small mounds. I leaned in, kissing her on the lips. Her tongue fluttered against mine. It was so wrong, so taboo. My hips wiggled, my thighs pressed tight. My clit ached so badly. I had to take the pressure off of it. I wanted to cum so badly.

Melody screamed out Clint’s name, cumming loudly on my son’s mouth. I broke the kiss with my daughter, looking at my niece. Her round breasts bounced, her blonde hair danced about her shoulders. Melody was the only natural blonde in the family.

“Wow,” Alicia whispered. “Is that what I look like when I climax?”

“You look cuter,” I purred, nuzzling my cheek against her as we watched Melody’s face twist. “But just as beautiful.”

Alicia shivered beneath me.

Melody shuddered her final time. Clint rose, his lips stained with pussy juices. He pinned Melody to the dresser and kissed her hard, his dick throbbing before him. He held Melody, loving her, his hands still squeezing her ass, reminding her who her Master was.

The man who loved her and owned her.

My eyes misted with tears. “They’re so beautiful together.”

“Yeah,” Alicia said, her voice wistful.

Clint broke the kiss. “Okay, ladies, quick showers. We’re going shopping.”

“Shopping?” Melody panted, her eyes unfocused, still riding her orgasm high.

“We’re out of groceries,” Clint’s dark eyes lanced to me. “Someone forgot to go shopping this week.”

“Sorry, Sir,” I flushed.


Clint Elliston

I pulled the SUV into the parking spot before the grocery store my family always shopped at. My dad taught me to drive in this vehicle. I had been so scared at first. It was such a huge, intimidating car. But then I got used to it, Dad encouraging me. I put the car into park and turned the key in the ignition.

“Okay, let’s go,” I said, my dick half-hard. I was eager to have some fun on our shopping trip, a few naughty ideas percolating in the back of my mind.

“I know that grin,” Melody said, sitting in the passenger seat. She had called shotgun. “What are we up to?”

“Shopping,” I winked at her. She was wearing her tight jeans and the delicious tank top that molded to her breasts. Her nipples hardened, two dimples pointing at me.

I climbed out and opened the passenger door behind me. Alicia wore a pink dress, the skirt frilly and girlish. Her pigtails made her seem even younger than fourteen. I held out my hand to her. “Princess.”

“Thank you, big brother,” Alicia said, her cheeks spotting with red as she took my hand. She held it tight and stepped out of the SUV.

She didn’t let go of my hand, but gripped it like a little girl with her father. My dick throbbed harder at the thought. Not just my little sister, my submissive princess, but my little girl who needed someone stern and fatherly to love and protect her. And to discipline her when she was naughty.

“Oh, you’re becoming her Daddy Dom,” Mom gushed as she walked around the SUV.

“Daddy Dom?” Melody and I asked at the same moment.

“Jinx,” she shot at me, her eyes bright.

I gave her a glare, my lips sealed tight. She beamed at me, slipping into my other side. I put my arm around her waist then slid my hand down to her ass, gripping it possessively. She shuddered at the pain from her spanking, but that didn’t wipe her smirk away.

“A Daddy Dom’s a type of Master in BDSM,” Mom explained, walking alongside us. Alicia kept a tight grip on my hand while Melody kept snuggled against me, my hand on her ass. “It’s a Master/slave relationship, but with a twist where the Dominant is a father, or a mother, to the submissive. Treating her like a little girl, spoiling her, loving her, and, of course, disciplining her. He provides for her, especially when her little pussy gets hot and she needs to cum.”

Alicia squeezed my hand tight, her eyes downcast, her cheeks bright red.

“Is your little pussy getting hot, Princess?” I asked her.

She nodded her head.

“You want me to be your Daddy, huh?”

“My big brother,” she said. “My big, strong brother.”

I opened my mouth to speak, but Melody cleared her throat. “I jinxed you, Clint. Remember?”

I squeezed her ass hard, giving her a look.

“But, I guess, I can unjinx you.” She leaned in, whispering, “It is so hot listening to you talk to your little sister that way. She wants you to love her, protect her, and satiate her naughty pussy. Mmm, lucky you.”

My dick ached in my pants. Lucky me indeed.

I led my little princess and mouthy submissive into the grocery store. I was beginning to suspect Melody really liked being spanked. She was really pushing me with her teasing, testing me, seeing where the line was, how far she could step over it. It was a game to her.

And one I was ready to play.

Mom walked before us pushing the grocery cart. Her ass swayed in the fairly conservative dress she wore. It was a light yellow, tight at the waist then the skirt falling loose over hips and ass to end a few inches above her knees. It was sleeveless and high in the back, but had enough cleavage to show off her large breast. The push-up bra she wore made her tits them absolutely delicious.

“You keep staring at your mom’s ass,” Melody giggled.

“You do, big brother,” Alicia said in her girlish voice. I liked her calling me that.

I gave her hand a squeeze. “Well, Princess, Mom’s got a great ass.”

Alicia giggled and nodded her head.

We attracted looks as we shopped. You don’t often see a teenage boy with his hand on his girlfriend’s ass while holding another girl’s hand. But I didn’t care. No one would know we were related.

Mom had her shopping list on the phone, and she knew her way around the store. She started on the right, working our way through it. I waited for the perfect moment. We found it on the cereal aisle with no one else browsing it at the moment.

“Okay, women,” I said, breaking away from my sisters. “Panties off.”

“Yes, Sir,” Mom said, smoothly placing a box of cereal into the cart then reaching beneath her skirt. She didn’t hesitate to pull her panties down her legs in the middle of the store.

“Clint?” Alicia squeaked, her eyes wide.

“Yes, Princess?” I asked. I loomed over her, cupping her cheek and lifting her gaze. “You want to be my good, little sister, right? Good little sisters get sweet rewards. You want that, don’t you? Something sweet?”

“Yes, big brother,” she said, her voice so soft.

“Then be a good, little sister and take off your panties.”

She swallowed and nodded her head. My thumb stroked her cheek once before I let go. She reached beneath her skirt as I took the panties from Mom. Hers were frilly and gray, a bow on the front, the crotch soaked. I couldn’t help but inhale her spicy musk as Alicia worked down her panties. They were pink, matching her dress, and cute, the kind a little girl would wear. She stepped out of them, her panties momentarily catching on her black Mary Janes. Then she held them up.

“Here, big brother,” she breathed, shivering. I brought them to my nose and inhaled her fresh musk.

Then I turned to Melody, a big grin on my lips. “Well, slut?”

“You asshole,” Melody muttered, looking around. “I’m wearing jeans.”

I arched an eyebrow. “And?”


Melody Samuels

My pussy clenched as Clint stared at me. He was loving this. The asshole. The wonderful man. A flood of juices escaped my snatch as I kicked off my tennis shoes. I unsnapped my jeans, my heart thudding a mile a minute. I looked back and forth. A woman pushed a cart by the aisle, not even looking at us. But she could have.

Clint’s grin grew as I wiggled my jeans down my hips. They were so tight, the material stretchy. I shuddered, my eyes falling on his crotch. He was so hard. My cheeks burned with humiliation as I stepped out of my jeans, almost naked in the store.

I hooked my fingers into the waistband of my panties. Anyone could catch me. Aunt Cheryl and Alicia moved, helping to block me as they stood on either side of me. I looked Clint in the eyes.

He was so damned sexy.

I pushed my panties down.

The cool air of the grocery store wafted around my wet pussy. I groaned, feeling the caress of the air on my shaved pussy lips. I was so wet. I worked them down, my ass pressing into the cereal boxes, knocking them over, making noise.

Someone might here. Someone might see.

I groaned as I stepped out of my panties and held them up to Clint. He took them and inhaled, breathing in my musk, groaning in delight. His eyes were locked on the landing strip of hair leading down to my pussy.

I stood there, exposed, letting him stare at me. My cheeks burned. Fear hammered in my heart. I could get caught. Someone could see me like this. They might be someone I know. Someone from school. A friend. A teacher.

I felt the bead of juices trickling down my thigh.

“You can pull up your jeans, Melody,” Clint said, his eyes so hot as he stared at my cunt.

“Thank you,” I groaned. I bent down, snagging my jeans. Then, turning around, I bent over, letting Clint stare at my red, bruised ass. I pulled up my jeans so slowly, fighting my fear and embarrassment. I could feel his eyes drinking in the sight of my pussy peeking between my thighs.

And then my jeans were up. I was covered. My fingers shook as I fastened and zipped up. I turned, swallowing.

“Beautiful,” Clint said, pocketing our panties.

My pussy clenched. A surge of lust ran through me, and I groaned. It was almost orgasmic. It was so wonderful. “Do you…need relief?” I had promised him. I would suck his cock whenever he wanted, even in the middle of our school. “Do you?”

Clint smiled. “Not yet.” He took my hand, pulling me to him, and kissed me on the mouth.

I groaned into his kiss, shivering, my pussy on fire. He was such a sexy man. I loved him so much. God, I wish he had told me to suck his cock, to let the world see that I was his woman, his submissive. I would do it right here in the cereal aisle.


Clint Elliston

I broke the kiss with Melody, savoring her lips.

“I think someone’s an exhibitionist,” Mom laughed. “You almost came, sweetie.”

“You did,” Alicia said, her voice in awe. “I can’t believe it. I feel like everyone is watching me. Like they know I’m not wearing panties. It makes me all tingly down there.”

“Good,” I grinned. “You are an exhibitionist, Melody. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

She nodded her head, pressing close to me. Her hand brushed my hard cock, stroking me briefly through my jeans. I groaned. I really, really wanted to cum. And I was so tempted to have her fall to her knees and suck my cock in the middle of the store.

But we had taken enough risks.

“Come on,” I groaned, pulling her close and grabbing Alicia’s hand. “We have shopping to do.”

Mom grabbed more and more food as we meandered through the store. Some would go to Melody’s house. Our families had always shared groceries since we lived next door. Mom would buy for both. I bet she and Aunt Cheryl even had a shared bank account, pooling their money.

When we reached the wine aisle, my mom reached out to snag the cheap boxes of wine she drank. I snatched it out of her hand and put it back. “Nope.”

“But…” She blinked at me, her eyes trembling.

I shook my head. “No more wine for you for a while.”

“Yes, Sir,” she swallowed, her hands trembling. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something else, but I fixed her with a stern gaze. She had spent enough time drinking wine since dad died.

“You’re cooking dinners again, too,” I said. “No more saying you’re too tired.” More like too drunk.

“Yes, Sir,” she said, pushing the cart ahead.

As we reached the other end of the store by the bakery, and I spotted the restrooms, the ache in my cock grew too much to ignore. I gave Alicia’s hand a squeeze. “Do you need to use the bathroom, Princess?”

“No, big brother,” she said, giving me a smile. Damn, she was so cute.

“I think you do,” I told her, turning and leading her and Melody towards the restroom. “Mom, keep shopping.” Then, as an afterthought, I added, “And buy some Popsicles”

“What are we doing, big brother?” Alicia asked. “I really don’t have to pee.”

“Maybe Clint does, and he wants to pee in your pretty mouth, cupcake.” Melody had a teasing grin on her lips.

“What?” Alicia gasped, a look of revulsion crossing her face.

“It’s Melody who wants me to do that,” I grinned. “She has such a fetish for watersports.”

Alicia’s eyes were so wide, her lower limp trembling. Damn, she was cute. She looked at Melody. “Really? You want my big brother…to do that.”

“Of course not,” Melody said, revulsion crossing her face. “I’m just joking around. It’s so gross.”

“Yeah,” I nodded, my dick tingling. It would be such a humiliating thing to do to a girl, to piss in her mouth, to splash urine all over her body.

Lee, Melody’s younger sister, flashed in my mind. She was such a brat, always causing trouble. Maybe…

I pushed through the doors to the bathroom. Like I remembered, they were single use. I locked the door behind us, my dick aching. Melody fell to her knees immediately, unzipping me, and pulling out my cock. She didn’t hesitate to suck the crown of my shaft into her mouth.

“Wow,” Alicia moaned as she watched. “She’s really sucking it.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, savoring Melody’s hot tongue dancing about my shaft, swirling, licking, making me tremble. Her tongue flicked at the tip. I groaned, clenching my fists as my balls wanted to unload right away.

Melody popped her mouth off. “Okay, your turn, Cupcake.”

Alicia glanced at me and I nodded at her. I hadn’t intended for Alicia to learn to suck my cock right now, but I wasn’t about to pass up her sweet mouth on my dick. My little sister fell to her knees, her pigtails bouncing and swaying, and leaned towards my dick.

“It’s so big,” she whispered, her trembling fingers touching my dick. “I can’t believe this fit in me.”

“You were so tight, Princess. I loved fucking your hot, little cunt.”

She blushed. “I loved it, too, big brother.”

“Now, Cupcake, first lick it like it’s the sweetest ice cream cone,” Melody whispered, my half-sister nuzzling at my little sister’s ear. “Let your tongue swirl around his cock. Then suck on it. But mind your teeth. Guys don’t like that.”

“How do you know so much?” I asked her.

She gave me a smile that wanted to be innocent, but wasn’t. “You aren’t the only one who watches porn.”

“So blowjobs and watersports is what you’re into,” I grinned back at her.

“Eww,” she said and punched me on the thigh. “You’re so gross, Clint. I don’t know why I love you.”

I stroked her blonde hair. “Because I own your heart.”

She shuddered as Alicia’s tongue licked at my cock. I groaned, my little sister’s tongue stroking me, swirling, making my dick throb. I stared into Melody’s hazel eyes as I gripped her hair. I mouthed, “I love you.”

She mouthed it back.

Alicia opened her mouth, sucking on my dick’s tip, mouth open so wide. My little princess looked up at me through her dainty glasses, pleading for my love and approval. I let go of Melody’s hair and seized both of Alicia’s pigtails, holding them.

“That’s it, Princess,” I groaned as she nursed at my cock with quick, hard sucks, her cheeks hollowing each time. “That’s how you love your big brother’s cock.”

Delight shone in her eyes. She sucked harder. Her tongue fluttered around my cock’s head, shooting pleasure through my body. My balls groaned. Melody leaned into Alicia, nuzzling at the girl’s ear, her hands stroking our little sister’s pink dress.

“Just like that, Cupcake,” Melody purred. “Love your big brother. You’re such a good, little sister. It makes me so happy that you’re taking care of my man.”

Alicia shuddered, sucking harder, as Melody’s hand disappeared beneath my little sister’s skirt. Alicia’s eyes widened. I could just hear the wet slide of fingers through hot pussy over her sucks. My dick throbbed.

“Oh, you have such a wet pussy for your big brother, Cupcake. You want his cock so badly, don’t you? It was so hot walking around without panties. I bet I’ve soaked through my jeans. I’m dripping.”

“Fuck,” I groaned, pulling on my little sister’s pigtails. Her mouth was so hot as it slid farther down my dick. My balls ached, boiling, wanting to cum in her pretty mouth.

But I wasn’t ready for that. Not yet. I wanted to enjoy my little sister in other ways. I wanted another chance to savor her tight, wet cunt. With a groan, I pulled my dick out of her mouth, panting as Alicia licked her lips.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, a fearful catch to her voice.

“Nothing,” I groaned. “You were doing so good, Princess. So damned good. But I want to fuck your cunt. I need to be in my little princess’s pussy.”

“Yes, big brother,” she squealed in absolute delight.

Still holding her pigtails, I stared into her eyes. “It’s also time for you to learn to lick pussy. Melody’s got a hot cunt that needs to be devoured.”

“Oh, god, yes,” Melody moaned, her hand ripping out from beneath Alicia’s skirt. Wet fingers went to her jeans, snapping open the fastener. She stood up, ripping her jeans off, unveiling her shaved pussy and blonde landing strip. Her jeans bunched around her legs as she sat down on the toilet, spreading her thighs and knees wide, ankles bound together.

Her pussy dripped.

“Go on,” I told Alicia. “Just do what me and Mom did to you, Princess.”

“Yes, big brother,” she whispered.

My sister crawled to Melody, her ass wiggling in her cute, frilly skirt. I fell to my knees behind her, hiking up her dress as Melody seized Alicia’s pigtails and yanked her face forward. Melody moaned as she pressed our little sister’s face into her pussy.

“That’s it, Cupcake. Just like licking an ice cream sundae.”

“Get all her sweet cream,” I groaned, squeezing my sister’s ass. I couldn’t resist smacking her pale cheek hard. She moaned, her face pressing harder into Melody’s snatch. I grinned at the red print left behind.

Marking her.

“You’re mine, Princess,” I groaned. “Mine and Melody’s. We own you. You’re our cute, little princess. And we’ll love you and fuck you.”

“We will, Cupcake,” Melody moaned. “Because I’m your big sister.”

“What?” Alicia gasped, lifting her head.

My dick slammed into her hot, tight pussy. She shuddered, clenching down on my dick as her head snapped around to look at me. “What is she talking about, Clint?”

“Our dad fucked Aunt Cheryl,” I groaned. “A lot. Her and Mom were Dad’s women. Melody and Lee are our half-sisters not our cousins.”

“Oh, wow,” Alicia groaned. “No wonder Mom’s so cool with this.”

“That’s right, Cupcake,” Melody groaned. “Now keep licking. I need to cum so badly!”

Melody pulled Alicia’s head down by her pigtails. Melody’s firm tits bounced beneath her tight tank top as Alicia licked and nuzzled. Her hips wiggled, her pussy clenching on my cock, as she devoured Melody’s cunt.

I groaned, drawing my cock back out and then slamming inside Alicia’s pussy. She was so damned tight and hot. The friction rippled down my cock. I groaned, savoring the tight delight as I pumped away. I wanted to keep fucking her forever. She had a pussy which sucked at my dick, wanting to devour all my cum.

“Your pussy is so hot, Princess. Mmm, I love fucking my baby sister’s cunt. Oh, yes, I do.”

“Fuck her, Clint,” gasped Melody. “Pound our baby sister’s cunt. Fuck her! Make her lick my pussy harder.” Melody trembled, the toilet creaking. “Just like that, Cupcake. Yes, yes, explore my pussy. You’re making me feel so good.”

Alicia moaned her delight, her hips wiggling as my balls smacked into her flesh. My cum boiled in them. My grunts echoed through the bathroom. I savored my little sister’s pussy tight on my cock. Her flesh was so hot, so wet about my dick. I grit my teeth, fucking her cunt harder and harder.

Melody humped against Alicia’s licking mouth, holding on tight to her pigtails. Melody’s blonde hair danced as she leaned back, groaning, pleasure crossing her face as Alicia devoured her pussy. I could hear my little sister’s enthusiasm.

“That’s it, Princess,” I grunted, her butt-cheeks rippling as I slammed into her. “Devour Melody’s cunt. She’s your queen. You have to worship her like a good princess.”

“Yes, big brother,” she moaned, her hips rocking back into my thrusts.

“Oh, damn, Clint,” groaned Melody. “Oh, damn, she’s got a mouth on her. A fucking wonderful mouth.”

“Yes,” I growled. “Oh, yes, that’s what I want to hear. Mmm, yes. Eat that hot snatch, Princess. Eat it while I pound you.”

“Clint,” Alicia moaned. Her pussy fluttered around my dick. She moaned so sweetly into Melody’s cunt.

“Yes, yes, cum hard, Princess,” I moaned, savoring her spasming snatch.

I thrust hard and deep, pleasure spilling through my body. My balls ached as Alicia’s tight pussy spasmed about it. I buried into my fourteen-year-old sister’s cunt, savoring how hot and tight she was. How she made me groan and shudder. My head lolled as the pleasure built in my balls.

Melody spasmed on the toilet. Her body shuddered. Her mouth opened wide as she moaned out her pleasure, pulling Alicia’s face tight into her pussy. Melody’s hands white-knuckled as they gripped our little sister’s pigtails.

“So good, Alicia,” groaned Melody, her voice throaty. “You’re doing so damned good. Oh, yes. I’m cumming soooo hard!”

“Yes,” I growled and rammed my dick into my baby sister’s cunt. “Cum all over her face. Drench my little princess.”

Alicia’s pussy spasmed harder. She gasped and bucked, cumming a second time as she drank the flood of Melody’s cream. Melody shuddered, slouching back into the toilet seat, her eyes fluttering as she groaned in relief.

“So good, Cupcake.”

Alicia raised her head, looking over her shoulders at me. Her glasses were askew and pussy cream dripped from her chin. She licked her lips, her cunt clenching hard on my dick, and moaned, “Please, cum in me, big brother. Cum in my naughty pussy. I need it. I loved it earlier, big brother.”

“Oh, do it, Clint,” groaned Melody. “Cum in our little princess’s cunt. She’s been soooo good. She made me cum so hard.”

“Fuck,” I groaned. Then I ripped my dick out of her pussy. I seized her pigtails, ripping them out of Melody’s slack grip, and hauled my little sister’s head around to face my dick. “Jerk my cock off on your face, Princess.”

“Yes, big brother,” she moaned, seizing my dick coated in her fresh juices. She stroked me with both hands, sliding them up and down my dick, pumping faster.

I erupted.

I grunted as each blast of my spunk spurted out, splashing across her face, coating her with dripping jizz. Lines covered her glasses. Globs ran down to her cute mouth. Her eyes were so wide as the cum dripped down to her neck.

“He gave you a pearl necklace, Cupcake,” clapped Melody. “Mmm, what a wonderful big brother.”

“Yes,” Alicia moaned, cum dripping from her lower lip. “Thank you, big brother.”

“You’re welcome, Princess,” I said and then groaned as Melody leaned down and licked up a line of my jizz from Alicia’s cheeks. The pair pressed their lips together and shared my cum in a naughty kiss.

Damn, it was great being the man of the house.


Melody Samuels

The flavor of Clint’s cum lingered in my mouth as we walked out of the store. There were still jizz decorating Alicia’s face, her bangs matted and sticky. Aunt Cheryl had already finished paying and was loading the groceries in the SUV when we emerged.

“Someone had fun,” Aunt Cheryl smiled, noticing the pearly smears on Alicia’s face. “Your first facial, huh?”

“Big brother gave me a pearl necklace,” she said in her cute voice, beaming. She still held Clint’s hand like a little girl.

“Did you buy the Popsicles?” Clint asked.

“I did, Sir,” Aunt Cheryl said, pulling them out of brown paper bag sitting in the back of the SUV. They were a pack of assorted flavors, each sealed in their own plastic tube. “Why did you want them?”

Clint took the box and opened it. “I think you all deserve a delicious treat. Melody, you’ll need to drop those pants again.”

Clint pulled out a grape-flavored Popsicle. My eyes widened. My pussy clenched. The drive home would be interesting.


Leann “Lee” Samuels

I was breathing hard from my ten-mile run at the park when I jogged up the front door to Aunt Cheryl’s house. I pulled out my key—the same one worked on both our houses doors—and stepped inside. “Hello,” I called, my voice echoing through the empty house. “Anyone home?”

No one answered.

My stomach rumbled. I was famished. I headed for the kitchen, ripping open the refrigerator door and began pulling out food, looking for something to eat. Aunt Cheryl always seemed to have better food than we did.

I made a mess, and I didn’t care. It would make Clint so mad.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 6.

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