Incestuous Harem Chapter Six: Disciplining My Bratty Sis


Incestuous Harem

Chapter Six: Disciplining My Bratty Sis

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

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Clint Elliston

Melody’s blonde hair danced about her shoulder as she looked around the grocery store parking lot. We were between the family’s SUV and a large, green pickup truck. I wiggled the grape-flavored Popsicle in my hand, a long, slender tube of purple ice wrapped in plastic. My cock throbbed hard in my pants again despite just cumming on my little sister’s face. Alicia stood beside Melody, her eyes wide behind her glasses, her brown hair in pigtails.

“Someone’s going to see,” Melody complained as her hands went to her jeans’ fastener. My sixteen-year-old half-sister, best friend, lover, and sex slave unsnapped her jeans. The zipper rasped down, her blonde landing strip leading to her shaved pussy peeking out of the open fly. She wore no panties. Those were in my pocket. I took them from all three inside the store while we shopped.

“Maybe,” I told her. “And that makes you wet.”

“You know it does, asshole,” Melody said, though there was a playful catch to her words. She was a tomboy even if she was dressing so sexy the last few days. We had grown up together, best friends, only a month apart in age. I thought we were cousins, but it turned out our mothers, who were sisters, were my dad’s lovers. Melody and her sister Lee were actually my half-sisters.

And now that I was man of the house, I wanted to own them all.

“Do you like the shaved look, Sir?” my submissive mother asked, standing behind me as Melody wiggled her jeans off her hips.

“Do you, big brother?” Alicia asked, her fourteen-year-old voice so young and girlish. With her pigtails and pink, frilly dress, she looked even younger than she was.

“I do, Princess,” I told her. “I think you should have a bald cunt. That would make you such a good, little sister.”

She nodded her head.

Melody peeled her jeans down to her knees and held out her hand. “Okay, Clint. Let’s do this.”
I reached into my pocket and pulled out the pair of gray panties I had confiscated from her. “You need these to trap the juices in.”

“You just want to see me strip naked in the parking lot,” she accused. “Maybe I should just pop off my tank top and let everyone see my entire body.”

“What do you think, Princess?” I asked Alicia while my dick ached.

“I think big sister wants that.”

“I do, too.” I ginned at Melody, loving the way she shuddered. Her nipples were so hard, poking at the material. She wore no bra and her round breasts molded to the fabric. With a shudder, she ripped it off and held it out to me.

I arched an eyebrow at the proffered top, her breasts jiggling as she shivered, her dusky nipples thick nubs. Such a mix of submission and impertinence.

“Please,” she said.

I took her tank top from her. “You’re welcome.”

“Asshole,” she muttered then turned around, pointing her butt, still red from her spanking, at me. I could smell her sweet musk as she kicked off her shoes and wiggled her jeans down past her knees. Juices trickled down her thighs.

I shoved my hand between her thighs, rubbing at her hot flesh. She moaned, shuddering, frozen with her jeans on around her ankles. I pushed a finger inside her silky depths as I tore open the plastic tube of the Popsicle with my teeth.

“Mmm, you are so hot, Melody.”

“Because I’m naked and anyone can see me,” she moaned, her hips wiggling. She fucked back onto my fingers. “You know what this does to me, don’t you?”

“Of course. You love it. You want me to parade you around naked. Maybe wearing a collar and a dog tag reading, ‘Clint’s #1 Bitch.’ I bet you would love that.”

Her pussy clenched on my fingers. “Yes,” she moaned. Footsteps crunched on the asphalt A car door opened nearby. She shuddered. “Oh, yes, I would. Make me walk around school that way. Let everyone know I’m yours, Clint.”

Hearing her say that was intoxicating. I ripped my fingers from her pussy and pushed out the Popsicle from its sheath. I brought it to her pussy and shoved the frozen treat into the depths of her snatch. Her long, low moan made my dick throb.


Melody Samuels

“Oh, my god,” I moaned, long and low as the cold Popsicle slid into my pussy. It wasn’t thick, but I felt it. My pussy clenched about it. The chill almost hurt. I shivered, goose-pimples racing across my skin as it worked deeper and deeper into me. And bottomed out.

Then Clint broke off the end and dropped my panties on the ground. “Better hurry before it all melts in that molten cunt.”

“Yes,” I moaned, feeling the juices already trickling down my thighs. “Going to ruin my favorite panties.”

“You bought them for my pleasure,” Clint told me, his hand squeezing my ass. The flaring pain reminded me of his spanking. That he owned me. That I would let him ruin all my panties.

“Yes,” I moaned, quickly stepping out of my jeans and yanking up my panties.

My breasts jiggled as I straightened up. Behind Alicia, a guy walked by looking at his phone. He passed the gap between the two vehicles, and I heard his footsteps pause. I froze, wondering if he would come back, realizing he had just seen a topless, sixteen-year-old girl out of the corner of his eye. I trembled, my pussy clenching down on the melting Popsicle, my panties growing soaked.

I shivered again, waiting.

“You want him to see you,” Alicia whispered, staring up at me in awed shock. She pushed up her glasses.

“I do, Cupcake,” I whispered back. I trembled, waiting. But then the man kept walking. I could hear everyone sigh. Was Clint disappointed? I know I was.

I pulled up my jeans, fastening and zipping, my shivers growing worse. My poor pussy grew numb from the cold. It was…something I had to endure, for Clint. And that made it even more wonderful. Special. I was putting up with this freezing shaft shoved into my cunt for him. Submitting.

It made me want to frig my clit.

I snagged my tank top from him, pulling it on. I turned around, glancing at my half-brother. He had such a grin on his handsome face. Behind him, my busty Aunt Cheryl flashed me a supportive smile, her eyes full of maternal pride.

Clint pulled out a second Popsicle, red. He held it and a pair of pink, frilly, girlish panties. Alicia let out a startled yelp. “Me? But, but… It’s so cold.”

“You want to be a good, little sister, right?” Clint asked her, his voice stern. “I can pull you over my lap and spank you for the entire parking lot to see and hear if you don’t.”

She shook her head, pigtails dancing. “No, big brother.”

“Then lift that skirt.” He ripped open the plastic.

I giggled, still shivering from the cold. “He chose cherry for you, Cupcake. I think Clint wants to relive enjoying your virgin delight.”

“Maybe, big sister,” Alicia said. She glanced at me, biting her lip. She had only just found out about our true relationship.

I took her hand, squeezing it, loving the way she smiled at me. I was Clint’s first sex slave, the one he loved the most, but Alicia was clearly coming in as a close second. I couldn’t blame him. She was so cute. So innocent. She just was made to be pampered and loved, her very mannerism begging such naughty acts to be performed on her body.

She lifted her skirt with her free hand, exposing the wispy, brown pubic hair adorning her tight slit. She gasped, hazel eyes widening as Clint shoved the cherry Popsicle into our little sister’s pussy. She squirmed her hips. He broke off the end then held her panties for her to step into. He pulled them up her slim legs slowly while Alicia’s teeth chattered, a red bead of juice trickling down her pale, inner thigh, meeting her girlish panties.

“I’m so numb down there,” she moaned as Clint adjusted her panties about her hips and pussy. He leaned in, giving her a quick kiss on her pubic mound.

“I know,” I told her, squirming. My thighs pressed tight as more of the grape Popsicle melted in me. But it was still so cold. I shivered again.

Clint pulled out the third one, orange flavor, and grinned at his mother. She was already lifting her skirt. “Shove it in, Sir. Mommy needs her hot cunt cooled.”

She had no hesitation. No questions. She was wholly given over to being dominated by her son. It was what she needed. She didn’t need him to love her as anything more than a son loves his mother or a master cares for his slave. She didn’t need the true affection Clint gave me. And Alicia.

I wish I could react without any hesitation, to swallow all my fears and just give myself fully to Clint’s commands. I wanted to. I trusted him, but there was a tiny part of me that made me mouth off. If I kept it up, he would spank me again.

Did I want that?

“It’s so cold,” Alicia moaned. “Big brother, please, it’s numbing me.”

He lifted her chin. “And you’re naughty pussy is hot enough to take it, little sister. Trust your big brother.”

“Okay,” she said, tears brimming in her eyes. “I will.”

“Come on, Cupcake,” I told her. “We can suffer together while our brother’s dick stays rock hard. He’s a jerk that way.”

Clint laughed, and I gave him a light punch on the arm. That only made him smile more.

“Ladies, back seat. All crowded together, shivering, brewing up a delight for me to feast on when we get home.” He licked his lips. “I am looking forward to a little dessert before lunch.”

“Yes, Mommy’s brewing up just the yummiest treat for her big boy.”

The drive home was excruciating. Even Aunt Cheryl squirmed, her face clenching at the cold, numbing mess in her pussy. And yet it was strangely exciting. My clit ached, and my nipples were so hard. And, slowly, the closer we got home, the more and more feeling returned to my pussy.

The more and more my pussy needed stimulation.

I squirmed and groaned, my hands rubbing at my jeans. A large, wet spot had soaked through my panties and the denim, spreading the cool liquid down my legs. Alicia bit her lip beside me, rocking back and forth.

And Clint watched us in the rearview mirror, such a pleased grin on his face. We did this for him. Three women suffering for his pleasure. And that only made me hornier. Made me squirm between Alicia and Aunt Cheryl more and more.

“Drive faster, Clint,” I moaned. “I need you to lick this out of me. Oh, god, so badly.”

“Because you need to cum? Or because you can’t stand the cold?”

“Both,” I moaned, my pussy clenching. The Popsicle was in pieces now, melting faster and faster. My pussy spasmed. “Oh, my god. Please, Clint.”

“Yes, big brother,” moaned Alicia, tears falling down her cheeks, making her look so cute. I put an arm around her. “I need to cum so badly. Oh, please, please. I don’t get it. The cold has me so hot. It almost burns.”

“You’re just happy to submit to him,” Aunt Cheryl moaned. “That’s what makes you hot. Your body needs this, Alicia. You need him to make you do things you would never do on your own. You need to make him happy. It brings you such joy.”

“Yes,” I moaned. “Fuck, Clint.” I humped the air, the seatbelt fighting to keep me down. “Faster. Speed. Jesus, drive like you do when you play Grand Theft Auto.”

“Running over pedestrians on the sidewalk?” Clint asked. “Hitting every car in sight? That won’t get us there faster.”

My toes curled in my shoes. The last bit of the Popsicle melted. The last bit of ice gone, leaving a wet mess slowly heating up by my desires. I threw back my head, groaning again as the SUV turned onto our street.

And then we were in the driveway. Clint put the SUV into park. He turned off the ignition. He looked at us, squirming on the bench seat behind his. All of us moaning. Aunt Chery’s bleached-blonde tresses brushed my natural blonde locks.

“Clint,” I moaned. “Don’t just watch us. Please, please, lick us. Eat your desserts.”

“Please. Mommy needs her big, strong son to eat her out first.”

“I need it, big brother.”

I tightened my arm on Alicia. “Look at her, Clint. She needs it badly.”

“So I should eat her cunt out first?” Clint asked, staring at our little sister with hungry eyes.

“Yes!” I trembled, squirming more, ripping off my seatbelt.

“You choose, Sir.” Aunt Cheryl squeezed her large breasts stretching out her conservative dress.

Clint moved into the back, climbing over the central console with athletic ease. There was enough room for him to kneel before he scooted to Alicia and pushed up her skirt. Her pink panties were a red mess, the juices soaked through the crotch and reaching up to her waistband. More juices coated her thighs with smears of red. The scent of artificial cherry and fresh pussy filled my nose.

“Damn, that looks good,” Clint groaned. “What do you say, Princess?”

“P-please eat the cherry delight I made for you, big brother,” she moaned, her back arching. “Please.”

Clint yanked down her panties. The juices matted her brown hair. Bits of still melting slush clung to her tight pussy lower lip. Clint leaned down and licked, moaning in delight as he lapped at her vulva. I squirmed, pressing my thighs together as he cleaned her up.

His tongue probed into her pussy, diving deep. He swirled it around, his fingers spreading her open. Then he sealed her mouth on her hole and sucked. Alicia gasped, her hips bucking and rising from the the seat.

“Big brother,” she moaned, her head tossing, glasses slipping on her face.

My pussy clenched in sympathy I wanted that very same treatment. I wanted to have my pussy licked out. I bit my lips, my sex still numb, still needing to be touched and played with. I clenched my fists as Alicia gasped and shuddered.

She humped her pussy against his face. Her hands found her nipples through her cute top, pinching and rolling them. Her lip quivered. She was rushing towards her orgasm. I couldn’t believe how fast it was coming on her.

“Big brother,” she screamed out, her thighs clamped about his head.

“Cum on his mouth, cupcake,” I moaned, biting my lip.

“Oh, you’re so beautiful, sweetie,” Aunt Cheryl groaned.

“Thanks, Mommy,” howled Alicia, the SUV rocking as her small body thrashed. “Big brother! Yes! I love you! Thank you!” She slumped in her seat, gasping for breath, her face flushed.

“That was hot,” I groaned. “Cupcake, you were so sexy.”

“Uh-huh,” Clint said, his lips smeared with red-dyed pussy juices. He cupped Alicia’s face as he leaned up and planted a hot kiss on her lips. She shuddered, eyes fluttering closed, her body trembling. She got almost as much pleasure from the kiss as the pussy licking.

And then Clint released her and glanced at me. “Let’s see what grape delight tastes like.”

“Yes,” I hissed, unsnapping my jeans. I lifted my ass off the seat and pushed jeans and sodden panties down in one go as Clint scooted sideways on his knees before me. “Eat me. I need it. God, this was so fucking hot. I’m numb and aching to cum.”

Clint yanked my jeans and panties down to my ankles and spread me apart. The grape juices leaked out of my pussy. We were ruining the upholstery, and I didn’t care. I clenched my numb sheath, trying to hold in his treat as he nuzzled forward to my shaved lips.

And then he licked.

His tongue caressed my shaved vulva. It was so hot against my cold flesh, almost burning. I spasmed from the intensity. It was such a contrast. He licked again, this time up to my clit before diving into my cold folds, gathering the grape-infused pussy juices. He groaned while I shuddered.

“Clint,” I moaned as he licked again. And again.

My numb flesh came alive beneath his tongue. The shock of shooting sensation made me thrash and shuddered. My head leaned back on the seat as his tongue thrust into the depths of my pussy, caressing my frozen fresh, returning warmth to my cunt while sucking out the liquid sloshing inside of me. It poured into his mouth. I could hear him swallow.

“Yes, yes, enjoy your dessert,” I moaned, humping into his face. My clit throbbed. The pleasure swelled through me.

My pussy felt like I was overstimulated, drinking in far more pleasure than I normally would from being licked and touched. The jolts made my body thrash. My head tossed back and forth, Alicia and Aunt Cheryl smiling at me.

“Cum on his face, big sister.” Alicia snuggled closer, lips stained red from Clint’s kiss.

“I will, Cupcake,” I moaned. Her hand touched my thigh, stroking me while Clint’s tongue reamed into the depths of my pussy. He swirled it around in me. Making me shudder and gasp. I fucked my cunt against his tongue, the pressure building in my depths. Every stroke of his tongue made me shudder. “Oh, yes, I will.”

“Do it,” Aunt Cheryl moaned, her hand cupping my breast through my tank top. She pinched my nipple. “Cum.”

I bucked and shuddered. This was so wonderful. I couldn’t wait until Zoey, my mom, and even bratty Lee were all Clint’s. An orgy of the family, all serving the man of the house, loving him and each other, doing all the nasty things he wanted us to do.

Making me parade naked through the school, showing off my body to everyone, all the guys staring at my flesh with lust, wishing they owned me. My cheeks red with the humiliation as all the girls whispered, “Slut.”

My thighs clamped about Clint’s mouth. I came.

My aching pussy spasmed, forcing the grape juices deep in my cunt into Clint’s hungry mouth. He drank the flood of sweet pussy cream and grape juice as I bucked, The pleasure rushed through my mind. I embraced it, loved it. Clint gave me this pleasure. This treat. This experience. He gave it to me because I trusted him. I submitted to him.

His dark eyes looked up at me from between my thighs. I felt the commanding love. I stared back at him and moaned, “Yours!”

It was the most loving thing I could say to him.

Clint rose as my body shuddered, the ripples of pleasure growing softer, lapping at my mind instead of crashing into it. He cupped my cheek and leaned in. “I love you, slut.”

“Love you, asshole,” I breathed. My arms went around him, pulling him tight. He kissed me so hard. The world faded around me in that moment as my brother, master, and boyfriend loved me. His tongue danced with mine. I savored the grape flavor of my pussy.

And then he broke the kiss, his forehead resting on mine. “I’m going to spank you tonight for being such a smart mouth.”

“Good,” I moaned. “Don’t let me get away with it. Then you really would be an asshole.”

He kissed me one more time and then slid down to his mother.


Clint Elliston

“What have you got for me, Mommy-slut?” I asked as I pushed up her skirt. Her panties were soaked orange. The tart, citrus aroma mixed with her spicy cunt. I licked my lips, hungry for one more dessert. Cherry and grape were wonderful. I hoped orange was just as good.

“Mommy whipped up an orange jubilee,” she moaned, her fingers hooking her panties’ waistband. “Just for her big, strong son.”

I loved hearing her say those words. My mother was my slut. She would do anything I told her.

“Pull them down so I can feast.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Mom’s trimmed, black bush—her true hair color, the blonde coming from a bottle—was a mess of orange slush. Her thick pussy lips were coated in it. I groaned, leaning in and licking at the orange, savoring the tart flavor. I licked harder, diving into her pussy folds, finding the spicy musk mixed with her tart passion.

I sealed my mouth on her pussy, sucking so hard. She groaned, gasping and shuddering as I drew out the orange-infused cunt cream. It poured into my mouth. I gulped it down, my hands seizing her ass, gripping it. Her large breasts jiggled in her dress.

My mom was a MILF.

My cock ached so hard in my jeans. It took all my self-control not to fuck any one of my women. But I was strong. I was in control. I would give my women the pleasure they needed. The dominance they all craved. I could see it in their eyes. It made them happy when I took charge. It was a gift they gave me.

And one I couldn’t abuse by being a selfish asshole. If I made them happy, they would make me happy. It was a two-way exchange.

“Oh, yes, my big, strong son is eating Mommy’s pussy,” she moaned, her eyes squeezing shut. “Eat every drop. Mommy needs to feed her son.”

“Yes, you do, Aunt Cheryl,” groaned Melody. “Right, Cupcake?”

“Yeah,” Alicia said, her words soft, subdued.

“I bet it’s making your little pussy hot, Cupcake.” Melody pulled our little sister onto her lap, her hand sliding up beneath Alicia’s skirt. “Hmm, Cupcake?”

“I guess,” Alicia said.

“Oh, it is,” Melody purred.

Alicia shuddered beside me, her body shivering as I heard Melody’s fingers sink into hot, wet cunt. I groaned, my dick throbbing harder, my tongue licking faster, gathering all the orange juice out of my mom’s cunt I could.

She groaned louder, humping against my face while Alicia panted and Melody nibbled on her neck. I squeezed my mom’s ass, pulling her tight, sucking at her cunt. Her juices flowed into my mouth, the orange flavor diminishing, the spicy musk rising.

“Yes, yes, Mommy’s son is strong. He has three women all panting after him.”

“Soon to be six,” groaned Melody.

“Yes, my sister is aching for it. She’s so mad she’s stuck at school coaching debate.”

Melody gave a wicked giggle while I pictured Aunt Vicky. She was two years my mom’s junior, just as beautiful and almost as busty. Tonight, she would join the harem. She was like mom, a submissive slut in need of a master.

“I’m going to fuck your sister tonight,” I growled at Mom between licks. “I’m going to ram my cock into her cunt. And you’re going to be there watching.”

“Yes,” Mom moaned. “Oh, make her a slut. She needs it.” Mom ground her pussy on my face. “Yes, yes, Mommy wants to watch her big, strong son fuck her sister and her daughters and her nieces. Mommy wants you to fuck them all.”

The SUV rocked as Mom spasmed. Her orgasm surged through her. Juices squirted into my mouth. I gulped them down. They flowed over my chin and spilled down my neck. I was such a sticky mess, and I loved it. I made all my women cum.

“Fuck,” I growled, lifting my face from Mom’s pussy, watching her spasm. “Lets get the groceries put away so I can fuck each and every one of you!”

“Yes,” moaned my Mom. “Mommy needs something bigger than a Popsicle.”


Leann “Lee” Samuels

I bit into my sandwich, the lettuce so crispy, the turkey had a hint of smoky delight, and the cheese… Provolone. The mustard was spicy and the bread was a rich, whole grain. I moaned as I sat at the island counter in Aunt Cheryl’s kitchen. I was so famished after my ten mile run at the park. I took another bite, groaning in delight.

A mess surrounded me. Lettuce and bread crumbs, and somehow I had gotten a large splotch of mayonnaise on the counter. My legs kicked as I took another bite, feet thudding against the island. The front door rattled, and I tensed. Someone was coming home.

Was it Clint? He would be so mad when he saw the mess. He was soooo uptight about keeping the house clean. I didn’t much see the point in doing any of that. Clint liked cleaning up, and I hated it. So why should I do it when he would just do it anyways?

I took another bite as the footsteps echoed. More than one person was home. I heard Clint say, “I’m going to enjoy…” His words trailed off as he stepped into the kitchen, holding a pair of brown, paper grocery bags wrapped up in his, admittedly, strong arms. His eyes narrowed. He was a tall guy, handsome, I suppose, like Uncle Clinton. He looked a lot like his dead dad, same dark hair, same serious face.

“I see you’ve made a mess, Lee,” he said, words stern.

“Uh-huh, Lint,” I said and took another bite of my sandwich. I chewed loudly. I called him Lint because that was how annoying he was. Behind him came my annoying sister Melody. She did anything Clint wanted because she soooo wanted to jump his bones. I grinned at her through a mouthful of food.

Aunt Cheryl and Alicia followed, both holding more groceries. Aunt Cheryl froze. “Lee, what did you do to my kitchen?”

“Made lunch,” I said as I chewed. “Starving.”

“You are gong to clean up this mess,” Clint said, setting the grocery bags on the far end of the counter, “by the time I finish getting the groceries.”

“And if I don’t, what are you going to do, Lint?”

His face twitched. “I’m going to bend you over my knee, rip down your shorts and panties, and spank your ass while my mom, your sister, and Alicia watch.”

I snorted in laughter. “Right, like Aunt Cheryl would let you do that.”

“He’s the man of the house now, dear,” Aunt Cheryl said. “Just like your Uncle Clinton was before him.”

I blinked at that and took another bite of my sandwich. Uncle Clinton absolutely would have spanked my ass for making a mess and not cleaning it up. But he was dead six months. No one did anything to me now. I could do what I want.

I chewed on my sandwich as Clint headed outside to get more groceries while my cousin, aunt, and sister put away what had already been brought in. They kept looking at me, Melody with an eager smile on her lips, Alicia’s doe eyes wide behind her glasses like she was shock I wasn’t following his orders, and Aunt Cheryl with a mysterious smile. It was like she knew something that I didn’t.

I knew Clint. He didn’t have the balls to follow through on his threats.

He walked in with the next load. I gave him a big grin and took the last bite of my sandwich. His eyes were hard, commanding. A shiver ran through me. When had he gotten such a spine? I could almost believe that he could spank me.

Which was ridiculous. He was only a year older than me.

On his next trip, I was sucking my fingers clean of a few drops of mustard. I gave him another smirking smile. He wouldn’t do anything. I squirmed on the stool, eager for him to finish bringing in the groceries.

“One more trip,” he told me.

“Good,” I nodded. “Got to get all the groceries in. Don’t want them to go bad.”

“I’m going to enjoy spanking your ass, Lee.”

“Aunt Cheryl won’t let you, Lint,” I said and stuck out my tongue at him.

“I will,” she said, pulling cans of soup out of a bag and sticking them in the cupboard. “And if you keep calling him Lint, he’ll really spank you.”

I blinked at that. I frowned, looking at Melody. She had such a huge grin on her face. And she was dressed so strange. Like a normal teenager instead of her tomboy garb. Tight clothing instead of baggy. And she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra. I breathed in and…

“Does it smell like Kool-Aid?” I blinked.

“Oh, we ate some Popsicles in the car,” Melody said, turning to me.

I blinked, the entire crotch of her jeans was dark. “Did you piss yourself?”

“Clint just made me very wet.”

Alicia giggled, nodding her head.

“He’s good at that,” Aunt Cheryl said, a husky tone to her voice.

What was going on? None of them were acting normal. I mean, I know my sister was wet for Clint, but she and the idiot tried to hide it from the family instead of flaunting it. They thought they were being sneaky when they made out. I had watched them a few times, rubbing my crotch. Clint was hot without a shirt on. Even if he was an uptight jerk. But what was up with Alicia and Aunt Cheryl?

Melody sucked at her fingers like she was cleaning something off them, her eyes staring at Alicia. She blushed and pushed up her glasses. What was Alicia even doing out of her room socializing with the family? She was such a nerd, always reading her dumb books. And Aunt Cheryl… She clearly knew about Melody and Clint and…approved?

“What is going on?” I demanded. “Why are you three acting so strange?”

“Clint’s finally become the man of the house,” Aunt Cheryl said with a smile that could only be described as…horny.

Clint walked in with the last two sacks of groceries, set them down on the counter, and fixed his eyes on me. “I see you didn’t clean up your mess.”

“Nope,” I said, hopping off the stool. “Have fun cleaning it up for me, Lint.” He wouldn’t spank me.

I sauntered past my sister and Alicia, walking to the end of the island. I fixed Clint with a big grin as I went to walk past him. He wouldn’t spank me. He couldn’t.

And then his hand grabbed my hair and yanked. I gasped at the sharp pain in my scalp, stumbling back into him. He forced me to look up at him, his eyes so strong, so commanding. “Lee, I am tried of you being a brat. It’s time you understood that you are a part of this family, and you will respect the others in it. No more will we clean up your messes or do your chores.”

“Make me,” I said, defiance surging through me. “You don’t—”

He yanked on my hair. I gasped, stumbling after him as he marched me out of the kitchen and into the living room. I spluttered and kicked at him, my hands scratching at his wrists. I spit like a furious cat.

“Let me go, dick! Aunt Cheryl! Help! Clint’s picking on me!”

“You brought this on yourself, dear,” Aunt Cheryl purred. “And don’t pretend you don’t want this. That you haven’t been pushing Clint to see if he would bend you over his knee and spank you. I know how much you liked it when my husband would do it.”

I gasped, shuddering. How could she know? I didn’t understand why my pussy got so hot and wet whenever Uncle Clinton spanked me. It started a few years back. It didn’t matter if it was bare bottom, through my panties, or my jeans, my pussy grew hot from behind forced over his knee, my cheeks burning with humiliation for being treated like a little girl, and then the sharp pain which warmed my ass and bled to my cunt.

And as Clint dragged me to the couch, everyone watching, that warm itch began in my pussy. This was even more humiliating than Uncle Clinton punishing me. At least he had spanked me since I was a little girl. But this was my cousin Clint.

He was only a year older than me.

“Please, Clint,” I gasped. “I’ll clean it up. I will. You don’t have to do this.” My hips squirmed. My pussy grew wetter as I begged.

“Nope,” Clint said. “You need to understand your place.”

“Yep,” Melody nodded, marching right behind us. “Spank her ass hard, Clint. She needs discipline.”

“Oh, you bitch,” I hissed at my sister.

“Hey,” Clint snarled, anger crossing his face for the first time. “You don’t talk to your sister like that. You respect her and love her. Like you respect and love the rest of your family. But if you want to be a brat, we’ll treat you like one.”

He yanked down my jogging shorts, the stretchy material bunching around my knees. I trembled as his hands seized my plain panties. And then he yanked them down, too. His eyes stared at my trimmed, black bush adorning my pudenda.

My cheeks went crimson. He was staring at my pussy. My cousin. Oh, god, this was embarrassing.

Then he sat down and yanked me over his lap like I was a little girl. My cheeks burned with shame. “Stop this, Clint,” I said, bucking on his lap. “I’m not a child.”

“Then why do you act like one?” His left hand pinned my back down across his lap while his right stroked my naked ass.

My virgin pussy clenched at his touched. A wave of shameful heat shot through me. My body liked his touch. Melody sat beside him and pulled my legs over her lap. Her hand stroked my thigh up to my ass, rubbing at my other cheek.

What was going on here? My pussy clenched again. I felt hot juices leak out. I squirmed, so aware that they could see my pussy between my thighs. I kicked and bucked, grinding on his lap, my stomach rising and falling and…

Clint was hard.

My cousin had a throbbing erection. He squeezed my butt-cheeks, and I moaned. He was hard…for me. He wanted to spank me. What was going on? He was molesting me, and Aunt Cheryl wasn’t do anything to stop it.

She was watching, standing next to Alicia, their eyes both on me.

“Spank her naughty ass,” Aunt Cheryl moaned, her voice so husky. “Do it. Show her how strong you are.”

Alicia nodded her head, her voice a low whisper, “Yes, big brother.”

“Spank her ass,” hissed Melody, her hand squeezing my other cheek. They were all in on this.

“Just get this over with,” I hissed, my stomach twisting with humiliation. They all wanted to see me treated like a little girl. I wanted to melt into a puddle of shame. My pussy was growing so wet.

“First, Melody gets to spank you five times for calling her a bitch,” Clint said, pinching my ass and making me squirm, my pussy growing hotter. “Then I will spank you ten times for making a mess. You will count them out and thank us for each one.”

“What?” I gasped, my cheeks burning. Now my sister would spank me? My older, bitch of a sister?

“Oh, thank you,” cooed Melody, pressing closer to Clint. The way she said it, the way she cuddled with him, made my eyes widened.

“You’re fucking him!” I accused.

“Yep,” she said and slammed her hand down hard on my ass.

I gasped, bucking as the pain and humiliation shot through me. My sister just spanked my ass on Clint’s command. My thighs squeezed tight, my clit aching. The smack reverberated through the living room. Alicia bit her lip. Aunt Cheryl let out a moan.

A moan. What the fuck?

“You’re supposed to say something, Lee,” Melody said, not hiding the glee in her voice.







They came fast, hard, her hand smacking over and over on my ass as I bucked and moaned, the heat burning across my flesh. I felt five of them. Which made six in total. I glared at her over my shoulder, my butt-cheeks on fire, my pussy dripping juices.

“Clint said five. That was six.” I swallowed the bitch I wanted to add.

“You didn’t count,” she grinned. “So they didn’t count.”


“Oh, god,” I shuddered, the heat flaring through my ass. I clenched my burning butt-cheeks, shuddering. “Please, don’t make me say this, Clint.”

“It’s part of your punishment,” he growled, my squirming body rubbing on his hard cock. He felt so big beneath his jeans. Uncle Clinton was never hard when he spanked me. I never excited him.

But I excited Clint.

“Fine,” I huffed. “One, thank you, Melody.” I put all my derision into saying the words.


I yelped in pain again, both my butt-cheeks burning. Alicia let out a whimpering moan, her body shifting, her cheeks red. Everyone stared at my ass, watching my sister spank me. This was so degrading. Why did that make my pussy even wetter?

“Two,” I moaned, hating the words, my pussy clenching. “Thank you, Melody.” God, it sucked saying those words.


“Damn, not so hard,” I moaned, tears burning my eyes.

“It’s your punishment,” she cooed. “And what do you say?”

“Three, thank you, Melody.” Tears trickled down my cheeks. Juices leaked out of my pussy. Why was I so turned on?


“Four, thank you, Melody.


“Five, thank you, Melody,” I said, breathing out relief. I wanted to bury my face into the my hands and hide from everyone’s watching eyes.

“You’re welcome, Lee,” she said, stroking my ass. “Now what do you say?”

“I…” I didn’t know what to say.

“Why did I spank you?” Her hand squeezed my aching ass.

I gasped, bucked. “I’m sorry for calling you a bitch.”

“You’re forgiven.” She slid her hand down my thigh. “Now the real fun begins.”



My eyes widened. Pain exploded in my ass. Clint’s hand was bigger and struck harder. My poor flesh stung. I bucked and squirmed on him, crying out in pain, the tears flowing faster. My virgin pussy clenched so hard.

Why did it feel so good?

“One, thank you, Clint,” I moaned, shuddering. Saying those words, feeling his cock, was so demeaning and yet… They felt right.


His hand fell even harder, landing on my other butt-cheek. I clenched them both, squirming, my pussy brimming with pain. Melody’s hand shifted on my thigh, pushing between them, her touch so soothing.

“Two, thank you, Clint,” I sobbed, tears pouring down my cheeks.


“Three, thank you, Clint!” My clit tingled. The heat gathered in my pussy, the pain transforming into something different.


“Four, thank you, Clint!” The pain rushed into my mind. Shivers ran through my body. It felt…good. Like the high I reached while jogging, my legs burning, my sides aching, my heart beating.


“Five!” I screamed out, the pain and pleasure washing through my mind. They were linked, flipping from one to the other.

Melody’s hand crept up my thighs.


“Six!” I moaned, grinding on his hard dick. He was throbbing for me. He wanted me.

Melody’s fingers brushed the wet curls of my pussy.

“Thank you, Clint!”


My bucking body rubbed my hot cunt on my sister’s digits. Pleasure rippled out of my cunt, meeting the stinging pain from my ass at the same moment. I moaned, my head tossing back. Why did this feel so good?

“Seven, thank you, Clint!”

My sister stroked my pussy. “Oh, she’s dripping wet, Clint. The little slut is getting off on this.”

Her words were so humiliating. My sister was touching me while my cousin spanked me. Aunt Cheryl and Alicia watched, their eyes so hungry. They licked their lips. I was just a thing. An object for their pleasures.

My cunt clenched.

“Eight!” I screamed, Melody rubbing harder at my pussy. “Thank you, Clint!”

She found my clit, massaging it as my ass ached. My thoughts drifted higher from my body. The pleasure built in me. A humiliating orgasm. I would cum in front of everyone. They would all watch. They would all know I was a slut.


“Nine!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, my back arching. Melody rubbed harder at my clit. The sensations rushed through me. “Thank you, Clint!”

I trembled. I was on the cusp of something amazing. Something I had never experienced Something truly special.

I heard the air whoosh as Clint’s hand crashed down for the final spanking. I tensed, eager. The loud crack echoed through the room. The pain shot through my bruised ass, slamming straight to my virgin pussy. Melody’s fingers rubbed at my clit, the sparks from her fingers crashing into the pain.

“Ten!” I screamed as my orgasm exploded in the depths of my pussy. “Thank you, Clint!”

Such humiliating pleasure shot through me. They all saw me cum. They all watched me thrash on my cousin’s lap, my sister’s fingers stroking my pussy. They all heard the screams of pleasure exploding from my mouth. Not pain.



It slammed into my mind. Such joy I had never experienced while masturbating. Such rapture that had my head swaying back and forth. I bucked and moaned, stars exploding across my body. I drifted in a new space, a place of pleasure and pain, a place of wonder and delight.

I felt my body move, but I was separate from it. Like it was not my body at all, my thoughts flying through rapture. I was on the couch, my burning butt-cheeks pressed into the cushions. Clint was over me, holding my thighs apart. Melody unzipped his pants.

His dick flopped out, hard and erect. He was going to fuck me.

“Yes,” I heard myself scream. “Fuck me, Clint. I was such a brat. Punish me.”

His hand went to my chin, lifting my dazed head. He stared into my eyes, into my soul. There was such commanding power in him. He pinned me with his gaze as I felt his cock rub at my pussy, Melody guiding him to my hymen. The touch of his dick on my virgin cunt yanked my thoughts back into my flesh.

“You are my slut, aren’t you?” he snarled.

“Yes,” I howled, not thinking, only reacting, only doing what my body needed. “Your slut.”

He thrust into me. I hardly felt the pain of my hymen tearing over the burning agony raging across my disciplined ass. His cock slammed into my virgin depths. The friction sent a new wave of rapture slamming into my mind.

I clenched down on his girth. He was in me so deep. He filled me up. My thighs wrapped about his waist as he drew back and fucked into me again. Hard, fast strokes. He didn’t care if he hurt me. If my pussy ached each time he slammed into me. He just had to cum in my cunt.

Use me.

I was his slut.

“Fuck me,” I howled as my mind drifted on rapture and pain. My entire body was a sponge, drinking in sensations. “Slam your cock in me. Cum in me. Use me.”

“Yes, use the fucking brat,” Melody hissed beside him. Her fingers shoved up beneath my tank top and pushed aside my sports bra. She found my nipples, pinching and twisting them hard.

My pussy clenched so hard on Clint’s dick as my sister twisted my nipples. I howled and moaned, humping against my cousin as he slammed his dick into my spasming pussy. So much sensations shot through me.

He pounded me hard, driving my burning ass into the couch. It creaked as he plowed me. His groin smacked into my clit. The nub ached. He bruised my pussy with the force of his fucks. He growled in anger, still punishing me with his wonderful cock. I savored it. Everyone watched me, everyone knew I was his shameful slut.

“Your slut!” I howled at the top of my lungs as another orgasm spilled through me at saying those shameful, degrading words. “Use me. Fuck me!”

“Dump your cum in the slut’s cunt,” Melody hissed, twisting my nipples hard, the pain flaring, crashing into the rapture rippling out of my pussy.

“Yes,” Clint growled. “You’ve been such a brat, slut. Such a pain in the ass. It’s time you made up for it, Lee. I own this cunt. I own your body. I can do anything to you!”

“Anything!” I howled, tossing my head back and forth. “Oh, yes, just keep fucking me. Using me. Spank me when I’m a brat. Fuck me when I tease you. Oh, god, this cock!”

“Little slut,” Melody hissed, her fingers twisting my nipple hard. “I bet you would love to be pissed on.”

“Yes,” Clint growled, driving his dick into me. “Covered in piss.”

My legs squeezed about his hips. My pussy exploded on his dick at the humiliating thought. Covered in piss… Filthy. Another orgasm rippled through me on the heels of the last. I howled out wordless pleasure as his dick kept hammering into me. My cousin’s huge cock.

“Fuck her, big brother,” Alicia shouted. “Fuck our sister.”

“Yes, that’s your brother fucking you,” moaned Melody right before she captured my lips with a possessive kiss.

My brother? The thought danced through my mind. A moment of clarity, a memory of Uncle Clinton kissing my mother, shot through me. Was that I why didn’t know my father? Because Uncle Clinton was my dad all along?

My brother was fucking me? My big, sexy, commanding brother?

I moaned into my sister’s kiss, the pleasure rippling over and over through my body. His cock hammered so deep into me. My pussy spasmed on his dick. I milked him. I needed him to cum in me. To fully use me. I was his slut.

I broke the kiss. “Cum in me! Cum in your slut-sister’s cunt, Clint! Dump it in me!”

“Give the bratty slut what she needs!” Melody howled. Clint’s hand was buried in her jeans, rubbing her pussy to an orgasm.

Clint groaned, slamming into me. He kissed me hard, claiming my lips. I tasted orange juice and something else. A spicy musk I didn’t recognize. His cock buried into the depths of my formerly virgin cunt.

And unloaded.

My brother came in me.

A final orgasm shuddered through me. I heaved beneath Clint, my ass burning from his discipline, my pussy spasming from his dominance. I milked out every drop of his cum. I was his slut. His bratty whore.

“Damn,” Clint groaned, breaking the kiss. “You are something else, little slut. You cum hard.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, my eyes fluttering. “Did you mean that?”

“Mean what?” he groaned, his dick softening in me.

“That you would…piss on me.” My pussy clenched hard. It would be so humiliating. “I…I…”

“The little slut wants it,” Melody chortled. She twisted my nipples hard.


To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 7.

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