World of Erasthay – Gods

The World of Erasthay


Out of the Chaos of the Waters was formed Pater and Matar. The two united and tamed the Waters and formed land. To populate the world, Pater and Matar had Sex and she birthed the twin daughters, Slata and Saphique. Pater lusted after his daughter Slata and set aside Matar for her. Slata birthed many gods for her husband-father and all the dual Sex Races. Matar, wishing to create, fashioned a penis for herself and fucked herself and gave birth to hermaphroditic goddess and Races.

Sex: Male
Title: Holy Father
Sphere of Influence: Fatherhood, Leadership
Spouse: Matar (divorced), Slata
Lovers: Lagu, Firmare, Biaute, Rithi, Throwia, Vedr
Children (/w Matar): Slata and Saphique
Children (/w Slata): Gewin, Firmare, Krab, Luben, Biaute, Cnawen
Children (w/ Lagu): Cernere
Children (/w Firmare): Vedr
Children (/w Biaute): Rithi
Demigods (w/ Biaute): The Angels
Demigods (/w Throwia): The Demons
Demigods (/w Vedr): The Rain Maidens, the Lightning Born
Demigods (/w Rithi): The Muses
Races (/w Slata): All duel Sex Races.
Religion: All male priesthood, the Order of the Holy Father. Worshiped by men, primarily.

Sex: Hermaphrodite
Title: Mother Nature
Sphere of Influence: Nature, Rebellion
Spouse: Pater (divorced)
Lovers: Self, Firmare, Henta
Children (/w Pater): Slata and Saphique
Children (/w Self): Henta
Children (/w Firmare): Illth
Demigods (/w Henta): Amazon
Races (/w Self): All hermaphroditic Races
Religion: All hermaphrodite priesthood. Worshiped primarily by the hermaphroditic Races. There are four organized priesthoods, the Order of the Forest Mother, the Order of the River Mother, Order of the Sky Mother, and the Order of the Earth Mother.

Sex: Female
Title: Holy Mother
Sphere of Influence: Motherhood, Hearth, Family
Parents: Pater, Matar
Spouse: Pater
Lovers: Gewin, Henta, Cernere
Children (/w Pater): Gewin, Firmare, Krab, Luben, Biaute, Cnawen
Children (/w Gewin): Dauthaz
Demigods (/w Las): Erinyes
Demigods (/w Henta): The Norns
Races (/w Pater): All duel Sex Races
Religion: All female priesthood, the Order of the Holy Mother. Worshiped primarily by women.

Sex: Female
Title: Holy Virgin
Sphere of Influence: Youth, Women, Purity
Parents: Pater, Matar
Lovers: Biaute, Lagu, Vedr, Rithi, Throwia
Religion: All lesbian priesthood, the Order of the Holy Virgin. Worshiped primarily most lesbians and even many heteroSexual women.

Sex: Hermaphrodite
Title: Huntress
Sphere of Influence: Hunting, Moon
Parent: Matar
Lovers: Biaute, Slata, Matar
Demigods (/w Matar): Amazon
Demigods (/w Slata): The Norns
Demigods (/w Biaute): Devas
Religion: No organized religion. Worshiped by elven hunters.

Sex: Male
Title: Champion of the Gods
Sphere of Influence: War, Strength, Men
Parents: Pater, Slata
Lover: Slata, Rithi, Biaute, Cernere
Children (w/ Slata): Dauthaz
Demigods (w/ Rithi): The Phoenix
Demigods (w/ Biaute): The Valkyrie
Demigods (w/ Cernere): The Minotaur
Religion: Worshiped by warriors of all Sexes. Mixed gender priesthood, the Order of the Brave Warrior.

Sex: Female
Title: The Bountiful Goddess
Sphere of Influence: Farming, Agriculture
Parents: Pater, Slata
Spouse: Krab
Lovers: Matar, Pater
Children (/w Krab): Lagu
Children (/w Matar): Illth
Children (/w Patar): Vedr
Religion: Worshiped by farmers. All female priesthood, the Order of the Green Spring.

Sex: Male
Title: The Smith
Sphere of Influence: Labor, Craftsmen
Parents: Pater, Slata
Spouse: Biaute (divorced), Firmare
Children (/w Farming): Lagu
Religion: Worshiped by craftsmen. No organized priesthood.

Sex: Male
Title: The Steadfast God
Sphere of Influence: Love, Marriage
Parents: Pater, Slata
Spouse: Biaute
Children (/w Biaute): Las
Religion: Worshiped by Lovers and married couples. Mixed gender priesthood, The Order of Fidelity.

Sex: Female
Title: The Rose of the Gods
Sphere of Influence: Beauty
Parents: Pater, Slata
Spouse: Luben
Lovers: Pater, Cnawen, Henta, Gewin, Saphique
Children (/w Luben): Las
Children (/w Pater): Rithi
Children (/w Cnawen): Seljan
Demigods (/w Pater): The Angels
Demigods (/w Gewin): The Valkyrie
Demigods (/w Henta): The Devas
Religion: Usually worshiped by young maids. All female priesthood, the Order of Beautiful Maiden.

Sex: Male
Title: The Revealer
Sphere of Influence: Knowledge, Scholars
Parents: Pater, Slata
Lovers: Biaute, Rithi
Children (/w Biaute): Seljan
Demigods (/w Rithi): The Oracles
Religion: Worshiped by scholars. No organized religion.

Sex: Male
Title: The Shrouded God
Sphere of Influence: Death
Parents: Slata, Gewin
Spouse: Lagu
Children (/w Lagu): Iustia
Religion: Worshiped by all to keep death at bay. No organized religion

Sex: Hermaphrodite
Title: The Cruel Goddess
Sphere of Influence: Sickness, Pestilence
Parents: Mater, Firmare
Lovers: Lagu
Demigods (/w Lagu): The Oni
Religion: Worshiped by all to keep sickness at bay. No organized religion.

Sex: Female
Title: Patron of Order
Sphere of Influence: Law, Civilization, Government
Parents: Firmare, Krab
Spouse: Dauthaz
Lovers: Pater, Illth, Slata
Children (/w Dauthaz): Iustia
Children (/w Pater): Cernere
Demigods (/w Illth): The Oni
Religion: Worshiped by politicians and rulers. No organized religion.

Sex: Male
Title: The Virile God
Sphere of Influence: Lust, Hedonism, Alcohol, Trickery
Parents: Luben, Biaute
Spouse: Iustia
Lovers: Throwia, Cernere, Slata
Children (/w Iustia): Throwia
Demigods (/w Throwia): The Incubi, The Succubi
Demigods (/w Cernere): Fairy
Demigods (/w Slata): Erinyes
Races (from masturbation): All single Sex Races
Race (from Fabrilina): The Clockworks
Religion: Worshiped by single Sex Races. No organized religion.

Sex: Female
Title: The Blind Goddess
Sphere of Influence: Justice
Parents: Dauthaz, Lagu
Spouse: Las
Lovers: Cernere
Children (/w Las): Throwia
Religion: Worshiped by city watches, magistrates. No organized religion.

Sex: Female
Title: The Nimble Goddess
Sphere of Influence: Crime, Criminals, Night
Parents: Pater, Lagu
Lovers: Iustia, Las, Gewin, Slata
Demigods (w/ Las): Fairy
Demigods (w/ Gewin): The Minotaur
Religion: Worshiped by thieves, no organized religion.

Sex: Female
Title: Scourge of the Gods
Sphere of Influence: Suffering, Punishment
Parents: Iustia, Las
Spouse: Vedr
Lover: Pater, Las, Saphique
Demigods (w/ Pater): The Demons
Demigods (w/ Las): The Incubi, The Succubi
Religion: Worshiped by none. No organized religion.

Sex: Female
Title: The Capricious Goddess
Sphere of Influence: Weather, Sailing
Parents: Pater, Firmare
Spouse: Throwia
Lovers: Pater, Seljan, Saphique
Demigods (/w Pater): The Rain Maidens, the Lighting Born
Demigods (/w Seljan): The Jinn, the Efreet
Religion: Worshiped by sailors. All female priesthood, the Order of the Calm.

Sex: Female
Title: The Muse
Sphere of Influence: The Arts
Parents: Pater, Biaute
Spouse: Seljan
Lover: Cnawen, Saphique, Pater, Gewin
Demigods (w/ Seljan): The Moon Maidens
Demigods (w/ Cnawen): The Oracles
Demigods (/w Pater): The Muses
Demigods (w/ Gewin): The Phoenix
Religion: Worshiped by artist, no organized religion.

Sex: Male
Title: The Frugal God
Sphere of Influence: Commerce, Money
Parents: Biaute, Cnawen
Spouse: Rithi
Lover: Vedr
Demigods (/w Rithi): The Moon Maidens
Demigods (/w Vedr): The Jinn, the Efreet
Religion: Worshiped by merchants, no organized religion.

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    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      The Gods are roughly based off Greek mythology in broad strokes, mainly based off their behavior with a few nods to the myths, though I put my own spin on them. The cultures are all over the world. We have Medieval culture where the story starts, there’s tribal cultures, Arabian cultures, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and more. It’s an entire world, though the story takes place in a roughly area that is equivalent to Europe, the Mediterranean, and North Africa


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