The World of Erasthay – Demigods

The World of Erasthay

The Demigods

The demigods are races and individuals born of the unions of the various gods. Some are immortal while others live, reproduce, and die.

Amazon: The Amazon’s are beautiful, statuesque hunters. They are the hermaphroditic daughters of Henta and Matar. As demigoddesses, they roam from the Silver Forest to hunt in the wilds of the world. They enjoy “hunting” females for sexual sport, and they can be cruel and brutal to any men that intrudes on their fun.

Angels: A race of all female demigods. Beautiful, wear diaphanous white gowns and have white wings and golden halo. Have swords of fire and are sent by Pater to aid holy warriors and other worthy, devout followers of the gods. They are divine messengers and bring divine rewards (often with their bodies). They are the daughters of Pater and Biaute.

Demons: A race of all female demigods. They appear as seductive women in tight leather and thigh high bots. Bat wings and little horns on their heads. They like to lead people into debauchery and evil, very into S&M. Often opposed by their half-sisters, the Angels. Daughters of Pater and Throwia.

Devas: A race of hermaphroditic demigods. They appear similar to angels, but glow with a radiant light. They always have their cocks and pussies. They are winged, though their wings are yellow, and are breathtakingly beautiful. They are the daughters of Biaute and Henta, and often aide the hermaphroditic races as angelic allies.

Efreet: Are a race of all male demigods. They can only reproduce with the all female Jinn. They are beings of fire and the desert and keep harems of captured Jinn. They are the sons of Seljan and Vedr.

Erinyes: Three female demigoddesses Incessae, Injuriae, and Ultionae. They are the daughters of Slata and Las. Slata was tricked into sleeping with Las by her husband and she gave birth to three daughters with black feathered wings and eyes of burning coal. They serve their mother, who sent them to punish Las for his deception. Now they go after Slata‘s enemies and those who prey on women.

Faerie: Faeries are a race duel sex demigods, the children of Las and Cernere. Females have butterfly wings, males dragonfly wings. Love sex, have illusion magic, and pull pranks. They often live in woods and they can reproduce with any species. They are ruled by Fairy Queens. Faerie can be trapped by a circle of iron runes and forced to perform the bidding of someone. Fairy cum or dew can heal anything.

Incubi: An all male race of demigods, sons of Throwia and Las. They are spirit beings that come upon women while they sleep, fucking them in their dreams. They reproduce after raping enough women and splitting into two.

Jinn: An all female race of demigods (single sex). Jinn can perform 3 request (they can’t create more than a chest size of anything, can’t kill anyone, and can’t grant titles). A woman (no male) must enter their lamp or bottle and force the Jinn to submit with D/S bondage. They are the daughters of Seljan and Vedr and can only reproduce with Efreet. They are often captured and made part of an Efeet’s harem.

Lightning Born: An all male race of demigods, and are sons of Pater and Vedr. Commonly called Raiju. Like Rain Maidens, more common in the Shogunate and Oppain. They are brothers to Rain Maidens. They ride lighting bolts down to the earth and hunt their sisters. When they catch them, they make love. If the Rain Maiden already has a paramour, the Lighting Born joins them. If he can’t find a Rain Maiden, he searches for a mortal female. Any mortal woman he spills his seed in will be cursed with bad luck, her hair turning platinum blonde. They only way for the woman to get her luck back is to then make love to a Rain Maiden.

The Minotaur: A unique demigod, son of Gewin and Cenere. His mother was horrified by her son and locked him in a maze to keep from seeing him. The city of Grahata has grown up around the labyrinth. Every 10 years, the citizens of Grahata sacrifice a woman to keep the minotaur placated.

Moon Maidens: An all female race of demigoddess that dwells on the moon. They can descend on moonbeans to the earth during the full moon. They are the daughters of the Gods Rithi and Seljan. The Goddess Cernere likes to steal their moonlight. Moon Maidens are shy creatures, but a bold mortal who chases after a Moon Maiden can find a pleasurable night in their arms if they capture the fleeing Maiden.

Muses: The muses are six unique, female demigods, the daughters of Rithi and Pater. They become lovers of artists, inspiring them to create their great works. There is a muse for Prose (Librae), Poetry (Canticae), Painting (Pingerae), Sculpting (Lapae), Music (Canerae), and Oration (Loquae).

Oni: An all male race of demigods, sons of Illth and Lagu. They are large, horned humanoids that dwell in the Underdeeps below the Oppain Empire. They serve the Emperor of Oppain in exchange for female consorts. Lottery taken every 5 years of maidens between 14 and 19 yrs old, as needed by the Oni. Girls cannot marry until they are 20 years old. Peasant maidens go to low rank oni, noble daughters to high ranking. The Oni King gets a daughter from the Emperor himself. The Emperor has a large harem of concubines and many children. Oni can open holes in the earth and appear anywhere in the Empire. Used to keep the population in line. Women taken as wives are treated well.

Oracles: Oracles are a race of all female demigods. They are the daughters of Cnawen and Rithi. They specialize on different subjects. They appear as 16 year old girls, hair color varies. The most famous oracles are the Oracle of Sekar who advises the Kings of Secare. Others are the Oracle of the Sands in the Halani Desert, the Oracle of Whispers on the Dead Isle, and the Oracle of Lesbius, who only helps women and dwells in the Deorc Forest.

The Phoenix: A unique demogoddess, originally a daughter of Gewin and Rithi. Every time she dies, she will be reborn as the twin sister to a destined great warrior. She stays be his/her side as his/her lover, to support her twin with his/her destiny. The phoenix’s tears heal, her song soothes, and she possess powerful fire magic. When her mate dies, she is consumed in flames, to be reborn with another warrior. It is rare for a phoenix pair to die of natural causes, most burn out young, doing something heroic with her mate.

Rain Maidens: An all female race of demigods, daughters of Pater and Vedr. Commonly called Ameonna. The appear during heavy rain, frolicking in blue dresses that cling wetly to their nubile bodies and become sheer. They enjoy seducing mortals caught in downpour. More common in Oppain and Shogunnate than other lands. They are sisters to the Lightning Born and enjoy hiding from their brothers who hunt them.

Succubi: An all female race demigoddess, daughters of Throwia and Las. They prey on men in their dreams, molesting them. When they’ve raped enough men, they split into two, birthing a new succubus.

The Norns: Three unique Demigoddess, triplets, born out of the union of Slata and Henta. They are hemphroditic. They were given the role as fates by their mother, Slata. They are Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld.

Valkyries: An all female race demigoddesses, born of Gewin and Biaute. They live in Skellmok, and are Bbonde, blue eyed warriors. They search the world for worthy warriors to take as mates (male/female/hermaphrodite) to fight with and take as lovers. When there chosen warrior is slain in battle, the Valkyrie swallows his soul and becomes pregnant. She returns to Skellmok and gives birth to a new Valkyrie and the warrior reincarnated as an Einherjar and together the Valkyrie and Einherjar war against the ever-spawning ice giants. Valkyrie can see when someone is about to die.

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