The World of Erasthay – Luben

The God of Love – Luben

Sex: Male
Title: The Steadfast God
Sphere of Influence: Love, Marriage
Residence: The Cloud Palace
Spouse: Biaute
Children w/ Biaute: Las
Religion: Worshiped by lovers and married couples.
The Order of Fidelity: Mixed gender religious order.


The Cloudy Palace: Luben built his home atop a permanent cloud so he could forever watch the Mortals he loved. With the Heartstring, he fired arrows into their hearts, causing love to flourish.

The Claiming of Beauty’s Heart: After Gewin rejected her and she dissolved her marriage to Krab, she became listless. She had no idea how to defeat Gewin. She grew close with her half-brother, the handsome god of lust, and often joined him in his cloud palace, watching the primitive mortals love below. She found it to be wonderful and affection blossomed in her heart. She realized Luben had always been there for her and he had claimed her heart. They married, but her desires burned hot and she often strayed from his bed.

The Birth of Lust: Biaute only concieved one child by Luben, the impish and lusty being Las. Due to her wanton behavior, Las was fixated too much on the physical aspects of sex and became a god much devoted to hedonism.

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