The World of Erasthay – Krab

The God of Crafting – Krab

Sex: Male
Title: The Smith
Sphere of Influence: Labor, Craftsmen
Residence: The Flaming Mount
Parents: Pater, Slata
Spouse: Biaute (Divorced) Firmare
Children w/ Firmare: Lagu
Religion: Worshiped by craftsmen. No organized priesthood.


The Flaming Mount: A towering mountain surrounded by the Verdant Fields. Here Krab’s forges are found in sulfurous cracks. The mountain contains mines were every gem, metal, and mineral can be mined or quarried while every type of tree and fibrous plant grows on its slope.

Beauty and the Smith: Biaute, bitter at Gewin for his rejection, approached Krab, asking if he could build a construct that could defeat Gewin. Krab agreed, but only if she would marry him. Despite his hideous form, her need for revenge was greater. She married Krab but refused to consummate their marriage until he’s constructs defeated Gewin. Krab built the first of many collusi, giant automatons, to fight Gewin, each stronger than the Last. All were defeated. In disgust, Biaute had their marriage dissolved.

The Grieving God: Firmare went to Krab on his fiery mountain to see if he could build a device to allow the earth to be easier tilled. Krab was grieving the disulution of his marriage to Biaute. Firmare took pity on the ugly god. She saw how much he cared and found her heart quicken for him. They married and Krab invented many wonderful tools of agriculture for her. Together, they had a daughter, Lagu who taught laws and civilzation to the mortal races.

The Clockwork Woman: Las had turned his lusts to Saphique, but the Virgin Goddess would allow no man to lie with her. But she knew Las was crafty and tricksome. So she approached her half-brother Krab and boasted that he couldn’t construct a woman as realistic as a living goddess. Krab fashioned Fabrilina, the clockwork woman. Saphique placed the clockwork woman in her bed when Las came. He slept with her and his sperm was so potent, the Clockworks were born, a race of female automatons.

Forging of the High King’s Sword: Pater wanted to give his son, the future High King Peter, an appropriate gift at his eighteenth birthday. So he went to his son Krab and asked for the finest sword. Krab forged the sword out of the rarest and strongest metal—adamantium. Krab labored day and night to forge his finest creation.

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