The World of Erasthay – Las

The God of Lust – Las

Sex: Male
Title: The Virile God
Sphere of Influence: Lust, Hedonism, Alcohol, Trickery
Residence: None
Parents: Luben, Biaute
Spouse: Iustia
Lovers: Throwia, Cernere, Slata
Children w/ Iustia: Throwia
Children w/ Throwia: The Incubi, the Succubi
Children w/ Cernere: Fairy
Children w/ Slata: Erinyes
Children w/ Fabrilina: The Clockworks
Children w/ Self (Masturbation): All single sex races
Religion: Worshiped by single Sex Races. No organized religion.


The Birth of Lust: Biaute only conceived one child by Luben, the impish and lusty being Las. Due to her wanton behavior, Las was fixated too much on the physical aspects of sex and became a god much devoted to hedonism.

The Love of Storm and Suffering: The goddess Throwia and Vedr fell in love and desired to be married, but Pater refused to allow two women to marry. Vedr approached her father and inflamed his lust and made him promise to allow her to marry Throwia. Pater lied and said he would. Afterwards, he refused, and Vedr bore ten sons and ten daughters, the Lightning Born and Rain Maidens. Throwia went to her father, Las, for help and he agreed to help her in exchange for sleeping with her. Throwia fucked her father and bore ten sons and ten daughters, the Incubi and Succubi. Las told her, she would need the Chains of the Earth to hold Pater and that they were in the procession of Seljan. Seljan had always lusted after Vedr, so she went to him and slept with him for the chains and bore 10 Efreet and 10 Jinn. With the chains, Throwia seduced Pater and bound him with the chains as part of their sex. Once bound, she tortured him. For a year she tortured him, each day her lust at causing suffering would overwhelm her and she would mount Pater and ride him to orgasm and then bear 10 demon daughters. After a year, Pater finally relented, and Throwia and Vedr were married.

The Cloak of Deception: Pater began to lust after his granddaughter, Rithi, but she rebuffed all his advances, desiring to be faithful to her husband, Seljan. Pater turned to Las, who told him of one of his daughters, Kumo, a werespider who was the most skilled at weaving silk. Kumo wove the cloak and seduced Pater when he came to collect it. She then tried to kill him, but Pater, knowing the nature of werespiders, slew her first and took the Cloak of Deception which has the power to transform the wears appearance. Pater appeared to Rithi as her husband Seljan and made passionate love to her. Rithi had the best experience in her life, asking where Seljan had learned to please her so, and Pater took off the cloak. Rithi, awakened to true sexual pleasure, continued to be Pater‘s lover, as well as take others as lovers. She bore Pater six daughters, the Muses.

Lust’s Deception: One day, Las, wearing the Cloak of Deception, slept with Slata in the guise of Pater. Slata conceived and bore three daughters, the Erinyes. Seeing her daughters, Slata realized she had been deceived and confronted her husband who admitted lending the cloak to Las. Feeling betrayed, she set her Erinyes to punish Las. They also punish those who rape women on behalf of their mother.

Lost in the Woods: To get back at Slata for sicking her daughters the Erinyes on him, Las assumed the guise of Biaute, Slata‘s favorite daughter. As Biaute, Las enflamed Slata‘s desires with tales of a certain seed that grows from a tree only found in the heart of the Silver Forest—the Golden Pomegranate—claiming it is the secret of her [Biaute‘s] perfect beauty. When Slata steals into the woods, she is hunted by Henta. She is captured and seduces Henta to keep from being harmed. Slata enjoyed her tryst and occasionally steals into the woods to be with Henta. She never found the Golden Pomegranate, but she found a different sort of seed.

The Marriage of Lust: Slata, tired of Las’s pranks, felt marriage would calm the lusty God down. She approached the three non-hermaphroditic, single Goddess. Saphique utterly refused, laughing in her twin sister’s face. Cernere inflamed Slata‘s lust and it was only after their passionate tryst did Slata realize her lover had slipped away, leaving behind a note vowing to stay hidden until Las was married. That left Iustia, the blind Goddess of Justice. Slata approached the Goddess and found her to be obedient, following the will of society and thus married Las. It did little to control the God’s lustful behavior. Iustia bore a single daughter, Throwia the goddess of suffering, manifesting the unhappiness of her mother in her marriage and Lashing out the way the obedient Iustia never could.

The Clockwork Woman: Las had turned his lusts to Saphique, but the Virgin Goddess would allow no man to lie with her. But she knew Las was crafty and tricksome. So she approached her half-brother Krab and boasted that he couldn’t construct a woman as realistic as a living goddess. Krab fashioned Fabrilina, the clockwork woman. Saphique placed the clockwork woman in her bed when Las came. He slept with her and his sperm was so potent, the Clockworks were born, a race of female automatons.

The Thief’s Capture: Las desired Cernere, but the Goddess of Crime was a slippery beauty. So Las boasted of a great vault full of all the treasures he had found. He built the vault in the city of Rartha. Cernere, unable to resist, slipped into the vault. But it was a trap. All she found was a bed and Las, closing the door behind her. Impressed by being caught, Cernere became his lover and birthed the mischievous race of Fairies.

The Beautiful Flower: Lily, daughter of the King of Sekar, was said to be the most beautiful woman alive. She was engaged to the Crown Prince of Hazzim. Pater, seeing her beauty, began to lust after her. He went to Las and got from him the Perfume of Ardor in exchange he would lend Las the Cloak of Deception so he could appear as Pater and sleep with Slata. With his perfume, Pater went to the bridal chamber where the bride, her mother, and two bridesmaids were getting her ready for her wedding. Pater sprayed all four of the women with the Perfume and the succumb to lust. He had the mother and one bridesmaid pleasure Lily and get her ready for him, while the second bridesmaid first blow him then mounted Pater and rode him to orgasm. Once Lily had been brought to orgasm by her mother, Pater mounted while the mother and two bridesmaids pleasured each other and fucked Lily. Lily conceived a son and then married to the Prince of Hazzim that same day, who never knew the true identity of his son’s father. When Peter assumed the throne of Hazzim at the age of 16, his mother Lily told him his true father. Peter, with gifts from the gods, conquered a huge empire and declared himself the High King.

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