The World of Erasthay – Gewin

The God of War – Gewin

Sex: Male
Title: Champion of the Gods
Sphere of Influence: War, Strength, Men
Residence: The Halls of Glory
Parents: Pater, Slata
Lovers: Slata, Rithi, Biaute, Cernere
Children w/ Slata: Dauthaz
Children w/ Rithi: The Phoenix
Children w/ Biaute: The Valkyrie
Children w/ Cernere: The Minotaur
Religion: Worshiped by warriors of all Sexes.
The Order of the Brave Warrior: A mixed-sex religious order.


The Halls of Glory: A hall were great warriors can come to train and spar with the God of War. Only the greatest of warriors can find the hall by undertaking a quest. Gewin accepts all who are worthy, reveling in the challenge of the fight.

Beauty’s Desire: Biaute desired the most perfect, handsome husband. And known were more handsome than brawny and dashing Gewin. She seduced him and bore him the Valkyrie, warrior-women of outstanding beauty. But Gewin denied her. Each time she tried great feats of sexual delights to win his heart, but his true desire was the fight. Only martial combat truly excited Gewin, so he left her every time. Biaute‘s heart turned bitter and she spurned her brother and their daughters.

The Jealous Wife: Seeing her husband dally with every female he could wet his dick with, Slata turned her attention to her strapping son, Gewin, and took him to her bed. She conceived Dauthaz with her son. Whenever her husband would head to the earth on his rainbow, Slata would summon Gewin to her bed.

The Stone Cock: After Rithi had been awakened to true sexual pleasues by Pater, her gaze turne dot the handsome Gewin. She asked him to model nude while she sculpted him in stone. When she reached his cock, she could not get it perfectly. She asked him to lie with her so she may fully feel it’s girth inside her. Gewin took her hard and then left her for the battlefield. She birthed the Phoenix and finished her statue. She never lay with Gewin again, but the state was anatomically correct, and she often took her pleasure with it.

Beauty and the Smith: Biaute, bitter at Gewin for his rejection, approached Krab, asking if he could build a construct that could defeat Gewin. Krab agreed, but only if she would marry him. Despite his hideous form, her need for revenge was greater. She married Krab but refused to consummate their marriage until he’s constructs defeated Gewin. Krab built the first of many collusi, giant automatons, to fight Gewin, each stronger than the Last. All were defeated. In disgust, Biaute had their marriage dissolved.

The Theft of Manhood: Biaute‘s final act of revenge was performed by Cernere. She challenged the Goddess of Thieves to steal Gewin’s manhood. Cernere reveled in the challenge, stealing into the Halls of Glory and mounting the God while he slept. When he came inside her, she stole his virility. Never again did Gewin lie with a woman, throwing himself fully into war. Cernere conceived the Minotaur, a foul Demigod that she spurned and locked in a maze to keep from seeing her foul son.

Manhood Restored: When Gewin’s manhood was stolen, Slata was deeply dismayed. He was her favorite lover, her dutiful son that would please her while her husband Pater dallied with his mistresses. So she went to Cernere and offered to buy it back. Cernere agreed for a kiss, and then she stole so much more, ending up with Slata in her bed and gasping for joy. Slata discovered the delights and had a new lover to enjoy, one who delighted in creeping into her windows at night. Slata received Gewin’s manhood and restored it to her son.

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