The World of Erasthay – Biaute

Goddess of Beauty – Biaute

Sex: Female
Title: The Rose of the Gods
Sphere of Influence: Beauty
Residence: The Cloudy Palace
Parents: Pater, Slata
Spouse: Krab (divorced), Luben
Lovers: Pater, Cnawen, Henta, Gewin, Saphique
Children w/ Luben: Las
Children w/ Pater: Rithi, the Angels
Children w/ Cnawen: Seljan
Children w/ Gewin: Valkyrie
Children w/ Henta: Devas
Religion: Usually worshiped by young maids.
The Order of the Beautiful Maiden: All female religious order.


The Cloudy Palace: Biaute lives with her husband Luben atop his palace floating in the skies. She often watches the beautiful mortals of the world, sometimes suggesting to her husband which he should cause to fall in love.

The Lesbian Goddess’s Affections: Saphique lusted after all her half-sisters and would try to seduce them while they were young maids. She successful seduced Biaute, Lagu, and Rithi, but all abandoned her when they became adults in favor of men. With Throwia and Vedr, she was more successful. Both girls stayed her lovers into adulthood. She introduced the girls to each other, and to her delight, the pair fell in love and eventually married. They still found time to have threesomes with their favorite sister.

Beauty’s Desire: Biaute desired the most perfect, handsome husband. And known were more handsome than brawny and dashing Gewin. She seduced him and bore him the Valkyrie, warrior-women of outstanding beauty. But Gewin denied her. Each time she tried great feats of sexual delights to win his heart, but his true desire was the fight. Only martial combat truly excited Gewin, so he left her every time. Biaute’s heart turned bitter and she spurned her brother and their daughters.

Beauty and the Smith: Biaute, bitter at Gewin for his rejection, approached Krab, asking if he could build a construct that could defeat Gewin. Krab agreed, but only if she would marry him. Despite his hideous form, her need for revenge was greater. She married Krab but refused to consummate their marriage until he’s constructs defeated Gewin. Krab built the first of many collusi, giant automatons, to fight Gewin, each stronger than the Last. All were defeated. In disgust, Biaute had their marriage dissolved.

The Birth of Lust: Biaute only conceived one child by Luben, the impish and lusty being Las. Due to her wanton behavior, Las was fixated too much on the physical aspects of sex and became a god much devoted to hedonism.

Beauty’s Seduction: Biaute was even more beautiful than her mother Slata, and Pater came to desire her. Every time Pater came to her, she would demand a gift, each more lavish than the Last. Each time she bore him an angelic daughter, who would serve Pater. Pater gave her the Mirror of Dreams, the Garden of the Gods, the Coral Palace, and the Moon. After Pater gave her the moon, she bore him the goddess Rithi.

The Hunting of Beauty: When Henta glimpsed the most beautiful Goddess in creation, Biaute, Henta had to posses her. The Goddess of the Hunt approached Biaute, but beauty wanted noting to do with the wild, hermaphrodite goddess and she fled across the earth. Henta pursued Biaute through mountains, valleys, forests, deserts, across oceans and ice. Eventually, she caught up to Biaute. Impressed by her devotion and aroused by the pursuit, Biaute submitted and discovered the delights of a lover with both female and male anatomy. Each time they have their tryst, more Devas are born.

The Seduction of Knowledge: Despite finding love with Luben, Biaute still burned to have her revenge on Gewin for spurning her. She turned to her scholarly brother Cnawen for any secret that might be his undoing. He did not want to waste time on her petty squabble. So she seduced her brother to get it. When he finished, he told her the truth. There was no way to beat his martial prowess, but marital prowess isn’t the only prowess he possesses. Biaute realized he meant Gewin‘s virile manhood, whom all the goddesses lusted for and which Biaute had wanted to possess for herself. Seljan was born of their union.

The Theft of Manhood: Biaute’s final act of revenge was performed by Cernere. She challenged the Goddess of Thieves to steal Gewin‘s manhood. Cernere reveled in the challenge, stealing into the Halls of Glory and mounting the God while he slept. When he came inside her, she stole his virility. Never again did Gewin lie with a woman, throwing himself fully into war. Cernere conceived the Minotaur, a foul Demigod that she spurned and locked in a maze to keep from seeing her foul son.

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