The World of Erasthay – Matar

The Mother Nature – Matar

Sex: Hermaphrodite
Title: Mother Nature
Sphere of Influence: Nature, Rebellion
Residence: The Silver Forest
Spouse: Pater (divorced)
Lovers: Self, Firmare, Henta
Children w/ Pater: Slata, Saphique
Children w/ Self: Henta, Dragon, Elf, Gnome, Nixie, Sylph
Children w/ Firmare: Illth
Children w/ Henta: Amazon
Religion: Worshiped primarily by the hermaphroditic Races.
The Order of the Forest Mother: All Elf religious order.
The Order of the River Mother: All Nixie religious order.
The Order of the Sky Mother: All Sylph religious order.
The Order of the Earth Mother: All Gnome religious order.


Origins: Out of the Chaos of the Waters was formed Pater and Matar, united in sex, and the world was birthed from their union. After the world, the sky, the stars, the sun and moon, and all the plants and animals were birthed, two goddess were born: Slata and Saphique.

The Silver Forest: The Silver Forest lies outside the Adamant Palace. Made up of beautiful, silver oaks and tall, graceful silver lindens. Matar wanders the groves, admiring their beauty. Here also, Henta hunts the woods with cadre of her Amazon daughters.

The Mother’s Desire: The two goddess, Slata and Saphique, were more beautiful then their mothers, and Pater lusted after the two girls. Saphique, disgusted by her father’s actions, refused him. Slata, however, inflamed his lust, making promises of her sex until he agreed to set aside Matar and take her for his wife. Pater divorced Matar and took his daughter for wife. Matar, hurt by her husband’s actions, was consoled by her daughter Saphique, who expressed a desire for women to breed without the need of disgusting men. Matar fashioned a penis for herself and showed it to Saphique, desire to breed with her. Saphique, horrified at the idea of penis entering her, refused her mother. Matar fucked herself and gave birth to the Goddess Henta and hermaphroditic races: Dragons, Elves, Gnomes, Nixies, and Sylphs.

The Mother’s Stolen Power: Pater‘s lust were insatiable, and he lusted after all his daughters. He went to Firmare, promising her anything to sleep with her. Firmare desired the Green Heart, belonging to Matar. Pater stole into the Silver Forest, where Matar dwelt, and stole the heart from the Great Oak, which contained the power to control plants, and presented it to Firmare who ate it and then spread her legs in the field and fucked her father. Matar, desiring her power, went to the fields and seduced Firmare, telling her she did not know all about her powers. She fucked Firmare on the field and stole half the power back from her womb. Matar has the power over wild plants, while Firmare has the power over cultivated plants. Firmare conceived a hermaphroditic daughter, and because of the betrayal of Matar, the Goddess of Illness was born, Illth.

The Hunting Game: From time to time, Matar enjoys playing a hunting game with her daughter Henta. Henta hunts her mother, who hides, and has one moon to find her mother. If Henta wins, she gets to fuck her mother. If Matar wins, she gets to fuck Henta. No matter which one fucks the other, another Amazon is born.

Silvery Moss: Prized by the Elves of Deorc Forest. They believe it is created by the cum of Matar as she wonders their woods. They collected it and use it in their marriage ceremonies.

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