The World of Erasthay – Slata

The Holy Mother – Slata

Sex: Female
Title: Holy Mother
Sphere of Influence: Motherhood, Hearth, Family
Residence: The Adamant Palace
Spouse: Pater
Lovers: Gewin, Henta, Cernere
Children w/ Pater: Gewin, Firmare, Krab, Luben, Biaute, Cnawen, Angels, Avians, Dwarves, Goblins, Halflings, Humans, Orcs, and Rakhasas
Children w/ Gewin: Dauthaz
Children w/ Las: Erinyes
Children w/ Henta: The Norns
Religion: Worshiped by everyone, especially mothers and queens.
The Order of the Holy Mother: All female religious order.


Origins: Daughter of Pater and Matar and twin sister of Saphique.

The Adamant Palace: The residence of Pater and Slata, built upon the Adamant, the crystal dome that the sun, moon, stars and other celestial objects hang from. Pater rides down to the earth upon rainbows, and seeing a rainbow is a sure sign that Pater is dallying with his latest mortal lover.

The Daughter’s Lust: The two goddess, Slata and Saphique, were more beautiful then their mothers, and Pater lusted after the two girls. Saphique, disgusted by her father’s actions, refused him. Slata, however, inflamed his lust, making promises of her sex until he agreed to set aside Mater and take her for his wife. Pater divorced Mater and took his daughter for wife and she bore him more divine children: Gewin, Firmare, Krab, Luben, Biaute, and Cnawen. Lastly, she bore him the first mortal races: Avians, Dwarves, Goblins, Halflings, Humans, Orcs, and Rakhasas.

The Jealous Wife: Seeing her husband dally with every female he could wet his dick with, Slata turned her attention to her strapping son, Gewin, and took him to her bed. She conceived Dauthaz with her son. Whenever her husband would head to the earth on his rainbow, Slata would summon Gewin to her bed.

Manhood Restored: When Gewin‘s manhood was stolen, Slata was deeply dismayed. He was her favorite lover, her dutiful son that would please her while her husband Pater dallied with his mistresses. So she went to Cernere and offered to buy it back. Cernere agreed for a kiss, and then she stole so much more, ending up with Slata in her bed and gasping for joy. Slata discovered the delights and had a new lover to enjoy, one who delighted in creeping into her windows at night. Slata received Gewin‘s manhood and restored it to her son.

Lust’s Deception: One day, Las, wearing the Cloak of Deception, slept with Slata in the guise of Pater. Slata conceived and bore three daughters, the Erinyes. Seeing her daughters, Slata realized she had been deceived and confronted her husband who admitted lending the cloak to Las. Feeling betrayed, she set her Erinyes to punish Las. They also punish those who rape women on behalf of their mother.

Lost in the Woods: To get back at Slata for sicking her daughters the Erinyes on him, Las assumed the guise of Biaute, Slata’s favorite daughter. As Biaute, Las enflamed Slata’s desires with tales of a certain seed that grows from a tree only found in the heart of the Silver Forest—the Golden Pomegranate—claiming it is the secret of her [Biaute‘s] perfect beauty. When Slata steals into the woods, she is hunted by Henta. She is captured and seduces Henta to keep from being harmed. Slata enjoyed her tryst and occasionally steals into the woods to be with Henta. She never found the Golden Pomegranate, but she found a different sort of seed. Three demigoddess were born of their union: The Norns.

The Marriage of Lust: Slata, tired of Las‘s pranks, felt marriage would calm the lusty God down. She approached the three non-hermaphroditic, single Goddess. Saphique utterly refused, laughing in her twin sister’s face. Cernere inflamed Slata’s lust and it was only after their passionate tryst did Slata realize her lover had slipped away, leaving behind a note vowing to stay hidden until Las was married. That left Iustia, the blind Goddess of Justice. Slata approached the Goddess and found her to be obedient, following the will of society and thus married Las. It did little to control the God’s lustful behavior.

The Gift of Fate: Slata loved her three daughters, the Norns, and wished a role for them. With Henta‘s help, they stole Las‘s Ambrosia, the most potent alcohol in creation, and Slata gave it to her husband. Drunk, he agreed that the fate of the Mortal Races would rest in the hands of the Norns.

The High King’s Curse: Slata grew jealous of Pater‘s attention to his half-mortal son, High King Peter. She cursed the High King and made sure all his male heirs died childless and cursed his only daughter, Lily, and her descendants to only bear daughters. Without a male heir, the High King’s broke apart on his death and his dreams of a united peace were lost.

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