The World of Erasthay – Illth

The Goddess of Pestilence – Illth

Sex: Hermaphrodite
Title: The Cruel Goddess
Sphere of Influence: Sickness, Pestilence
Residence: None
Parents: Mater, Firmare
Spouse: Krab
Lovers: Lagu
Children w/ Lagu: The Oni
Religion: Worshiped by all to keep sickness at bay. No organized religion.


The Mother’s Stolen Power: After Pater stole the Green Heart, Matar, desiring her power, went to the fields and seduced Firmare. Firmare had trouble controlling the Green Heart and Matar promised to teach her in exchange for sex. Firmare agreed, but what Matar did was still back half the power back from Firmare womb. Matar has the power over wild plants, while Firmare has the power over cultivated plants, able to control the power know. Firmare conceived a hermaphroditic daughter, and because of the betrayal of Matar, the Goddess of Illness was born, Illth.

The Reviled Goddess: None love the Goddess of Pestilence, not even her mothers. She wanders the world, inflicting sickness wherever she travels. She is particularly hated by Dauthaz who often follows in her wake and collects her victim’s souls.

The Whoring of Law: When Illth inflicted a pestilence upon the earlier cities, Lagu was horrified. The Goddess of Law and Civilization wept for the dead. She came to Illth, begging her to relent. Illth would, but only if Lagu would lie with the hermaphroditic goddess. Lagu agreed, willing to whore herself out to save the Mortals. The Oni were born of this union. Every time a city is ravaged by pLague or pestilence, Lagu spread her legs to appease Illth’s petulance, birthing more foul Oni.

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